20 Kasım 2023

Does Your Incest Crush Like You??

Public Sex

I just turned 21 and I feel like letting out some secrets, so here ya go.


It’s the easiest way to figure out if your incest crush is into you!

Wait till sleeping time or until the person your targeting falls asleep, then get a beer drink a gulp or two, spill some on yourself and rub it into your shirt and or shorts, or if you sleep in your boxers like me. Also try to practice snoring it helps.

Once that’s out of the way, pretend to crash out next to your selected target.

For me it was my cousin, she was already asleep and I could tell because she repeatedly tells me she doesn’t snore, and here she was snoring.

So I went near her laid down and sat still for about thirty minutes.

Then start stirring around and try waking them up, but in a way that they’ll think your asleep, once you wake them up and they notice your drunk and smell you, they’ll either go back to sleep or try something, here’s what happened to me…(Also during this time me and my cousin were both 19 years old).

So there I was my trap had been set, I was laying down next to my sleeping cousin for half an hour when I decided to make my move and slightly roll on top of her…nothing?

So I stayed there for a bit and studied her body as she laid under me.

I noticed her breathing was the same as before and the way she was laying was a bit awkward, with her legs spread open her arms were sprawled out with her head facing away from me.

She was taking up the entire king size mattress as I was nearly hanging of the edge.

I had been fantasizing about this moment for two months now, slowly planning my way through thoroughly.

As I took it all in I started my fake snore. deciding that I would make my move I started to move around a bit.

She woke up rather fast and with a jump. I could hear her say “what the hell” as she came to. A quick “phew-wee” then silence, a slight stir then nothing. 15 seconds pass, then the best thing in the world happened.

“Psst…rick…Psst” she slightly nudged me, then “Hey..Ricky!…with escort bayan a hard shove, I almost fell of the bed, I rolled off of her and back onto my back slightly hanging off and continued snoring.

She did nothing for almost a minute I thought she wasn’t interested so I planned to lay there for a few hours then leave, but all of a sudden she hugs me and wraps her leg around mine with her knee right on top of my dick. I know she knew where she put her knee because as soon as it touched my dick she slighted backed away then she put it right back.

She slowly started rubbing small circles with her knee. I was getting hard, fast. I tried to slow it down as much as possible but it wasn’t happening and soon I was at full capacity.

I thought for sure she would think I was awake because of how fast I got hard, but she just continued for a good minute an a half.

I guess she was working up courage because out of nowhere she pulled down my boxers a few inches and tried poking my dick through the hole, she kept moving it around trying to make it fit through, but to no avail.

All of a sudden she hooked her fingers around my waist band and pulled down my boxers, past my knees and straight off my left foot but they stayed hung to my right.

Now I was naked in the bed. And this is a good time to do what I think really matters, I turned away from her, and she stopped, this will make them think you are sleeping for sure. If they still pursue you, they’re either really horny or they want you.

But she stopped and started stirring around a lot, with my new position I had a clear view of the alarm clock near the bed with just a hint of light seeping through the curtains. 1:13am

After about 8 minutes my hard on was no more.

The whole time my mind was racing thinking about her, still pretending to snore. When suddenly I couldn’t bare it any longer, I turned over and snuggled into her, as soon as my body touched hers it hit me, she was naked and lying face up. My dick had landed on her leg and I had heard a slight Moan come altıparmak escort bayan from her.

I could feel her muscles twitching in her leg. I knew if I got hard it would most likely blow my cover so I started thinking of all sorts of nasty shit trying to stop my dick from growing, and it was working.

After an insanely long 30 seconds I could feel her hand slowly inching towards my prick soon she had her fingers wrapped around it and she started stroking me, there was no stopping my cock now. In no time I was harder than I ever thought possible.

She continued slowly stroking my dick for a good five minutes. She slightly shuffled a bit then reached between us, grabbed my dick and guided it straight to the entrance of her pussy.

She jerked it a couple more times then she started slowly pushing back on it, probing for a couple seconds.

She slowly inched her way back onto my cock. Her pussy was not as tight as I expected it to be, like the way my first fuck was.

I heard the cutest moan in the world part from her magnificent lips as she bottomed out, she the started gliding up and down slowly but perfectly.

At first I tried holding back and staying still but I couldn’t help bucking my hips in rhythm with hers, I even grabbed her hips unknowingly, and we continued for a good 4 minutes before I couldn’t hold it any longer, I started moving faster and faster I knew I was approaching my climax fast, and with a few last thrusts I held my cock deep inside her pussy as I emptied my seed, but she didn’t stop she kept humping my dick for what I presume was another 15 minutes until she finally came.

She laid there for a bit taking it all in I presume. Then she slid off me got out of bed and went to the bathroom, I sat up awe struck at what had just happened, I said to my self, “I fucked my cousin and she thinks I was asleep and have no clue about it”. I laid there thinking a bit, then I heard a flush so I faked sleep again.

She came out walked to her pants on the floor and started going nilüfer eskort through her pockets, soon she was getting back under the covers.

Then she did something crazy, she grabbed my dick and all of a sudden I saw a flash. And I thought no way, Is she taking pictures of my dick? She took 3 more pictures after stopping for a moment, then pure ecstasy, she was sucking my dick, and then, flash.. No way my cousins taking a selfie with my dick in her mouth.

I was so shocked, I pushed my hips forward and I heard a slight gag, I continued a slow steady movement fucking her mouth.

Soon she was giving me a full on blow-job sucking hard as fuck, and forgetting all about her camera.

She would go all the way down squeeze my balls a little then slide up faster and faster with every beat, and I don’t think she really cared if I woke up or not.

She stayed there for a good ten minutes until I instinctively put my hand on the back of her head and shoved it down as far as possible and shot my cum deep down my own cousins throat, she gave me a few more licks then she surfaced for air, leaving my cum a sticky mess under the blankets.

I was pretty disappointed in her for not taking all my cum.

She studied me for a bit as I feigned sleep, I heard her lick her lips then lean down and straight up mouth to mouth kiss me but it didn’t bother me like it usually would when a girl tries to sneak in a kiss after she gobbles your cock.

She then snuggled up to me as she drifted off to sleep, I laid there for a good 6 hours straight just enjoying my cock being against her naked ass.

She started to stir at about 7:40am, she stayed there a sec as she slowly came to reality, she wiggled her ass around and gasped, “oh shit” she got out of bed so softly but quickly and started looking for my boxers, she found them near the bed where I had kicked them off during the blowjob. She crawled back under the covers and started putting them back on.

Once they were on she opened the hole and kissed my dick through my boxers, seeming quite oblivious to the outside world.

She then resurfaced above the covers and laid back into her pillow, and as she breathed in a sigh of relief and closed her eyes i blurted out “did you just kiss my dick?” And her eyes shot open and she slowly gazed over to me. Uh…

More coming soon!

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