20 Kasım 2023

Discovering my Step-son Pt. 02


Previously, I had shared with you how I came to discover my stepson, Jason – a very sexually assertive 18 year old with an amazing, huge cock. And in that experience, I became aware of how my husband, Jason’s father, had actually been behind the events that took place, although they hadn’t gone quite as he planned. At the end of that story, I had found out my husband’s plans, and instructed him to sit and watch as Jason and I continued our sexual escapade. This story begins where the previous one left off:

I cranked my neck around a bit further and leaned up and kissed Jason on the lips. He responded with an impassioned kiss while he ground his cock gently, but very deeply, into me, and squeezed my breast.

John responded to what he saw with a simple, “God damn…”

“Honey, it sounds like this is what you wanted… So you’re not regretting it, are you?” I asked as I wriggled my hips seductively grinding them against his son’s massive cock and letting out a little moan.

“Fuck no – this is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!” he replied.

“In that case,” I said, “go sit on that chair over there and see what you started, because we’re not done yet.”

John shuffled over to a chair not far from the bed – his pants still below his ass and his little cock wagging back and forth, stiff as a board, as he did so. It was comical to see. When he got to the chair, he slid off his pants and sat down, staring at us like a child watching his favorite television show. Jason and I were both watching him and when he was seated, we looked at each other and burst out laughing. As he laughed, his cock – still inside me – throbbed, and it felt so good. He was still slowly moving it in and out of my soaking wet pussy, and his hand was massaging my 36c breasts as he penetrated me from behind, laying beside me in his bed.

I leaned back and up and kissed him deeply, our tongues swirling together. After the kiss, I told him, “I want to taste you again.” He smiled and slowly withdrew that massive 11″ of young cock from my pussy, teasing me as he did with a wicked grin, until I felt the big head push past my lips and his cock drop heavily onto my wet thigh. I let out a moan as he left me, and felt so empty without him inside me. I turned over and pushed him onto his back and kissed him again. I left his lips and worked my mouth down his chin and neck, down to his muscular chest where I played and licked his hard nipples, down his stomach and rock hard abs, and it was there that I encountered his cock head – he was still mostly hard and his massive cock draped over his stomach.

I licked gingerly – the head, under the rim, down the long shaft to his big balls, paying special attention to lick them clean of our mixed cum juices that had flowed out onto them. I adjusted myself to be more comfortable and settled in to suck this beautiful beast. My head was swimming – like a dream – as I held him in two hands and worked that cock with my hands and mouth. He would throb every few seconds, and as I would move my tongue down to his balls, he grew harder. I looked up from that viewpoint and felt an electric thrill go through my body at the sight of that gigantic cock towering above me. I pushed his legs upward a bit and allowed my tongue to travel underneath his balls.

“Mmmmmmmm, oh fuck yes!” he moaned. I pressed my face closer to him and extended my tongue down the crack of his ass and lightly touched his asshole. He moaned louder. “Ohhh fuck yes, Mom!” And as he said that – “Mom” – I felt another jolt of electricity go through me and smiled. I pushed his thighs up more and pressed my face closer to him, allowing me to lick his asshole completely. “Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, that’s it. Lick my ass.”

I did as he asked – tonguing it gently, pressing into it. I loved hearing him moan under my tongue. After a few minutes, I felt a little claustrophobic, so I asked him, “Turn over and get up on your knees.” He did so – and as he turned, his cock hung down, still hard, between his legs as he held his ass up to me. I reached between his thighs and took hold of his big cock and squeezed and stroked it for him. Then I leaned in and placed my tongue on his asshole and penetrated it as I jerked his cock. He moaned again – and his cock stiffened. I let my tongue fuck his asshole, and then licked him down to his big hanging balls and back again. I kept this up for a while, bathing his asshole and balls in my saliva while stroking his beautiful dick.

“Un-fucking-real.” It was John. I literally forgot he was seated a mere 6 feet away. As I paused, I turned back and looked at him. He was on the edge of the seat, leaning forward, his little cock stiff as hell and glistening. görükle escort bayan As I looked more carefully, his fingers which were around his cock were glistening and a string of cum hung downward from the tip of his penis. The man had cum already. Not surprising, actually. He was a quick shot. What was surprising was that his cock was still hard afterwards.

I smirked back at him and unconsciously gave him a wink before I turned over and slid under and between Jason’s muscular thighs to bring my face directly underneath his mammoth meat. I licked him from balls to tip as I slid under him, rousing another moan from him. He then leaned back so he was upright on his knees, looking down at me with his cock standing straight out over my face. He pressed it downward till it was touching my face – his balls at my chin, and the length of his cock running up my face past my forehead and above my hairline. The width of it was blocking my nose from view and making me look around it as I looked up at him.

He laughed a bit, “Hah! Hey Dad, check it out – it’s bigger than her head!” John just smiled and looked on in amazement. Jason started lifting his cock up and them slapping down on my face, the upper third slapping my forehead as he did. With each slap, my tongue would try and catch a lick of his shaft. He treated it like a game – ‘catch the cock’ – and with each slap, it got a little more forceful. Soon he was slapping my cheeks – first one, then the other. I just laid there, mouth open and smiling, seeing this huge cock over my face and feeling it’s weight and size with every strike. After another 30 seconds or so, he leaned forward and braced himself with his extended arms, tilting his cock at an angle so that he could put it in my mouth. I lifted my head slightly and allowed him in, first the head, then a few inches – and he began to pump-fuck my mouth gently. I caressed his cock with my mouth, sucking him lovingly, and giving that cock the respect and admiration it deserved.

I looked up and watched him – his eyes were closed and slowly swayed backward and forward, easing that cock out and into my mouth. He slowly fucked my mouth, obviously enjoying the attention his dick was getting. I turned my eyes to John and he was still there, leaning in, eyes wide and glazed over as he stared at his son’s huge cock fucking his wife’s mouth. His right hand was stroking his little cock, and as I sucked, I saw another shot of cum escape him – his eyes staring intently at my mouth on Jason’s monster. His mouth was hanging open like some degenerate in a strip club, and his load wasn’t huge – probably because he’d shot a big one the first time. Honestly, I was surprised to see him shoot another load at all, but the sight must have been too good for him not to.

After another few minutes of me slowly sucking his cock, Jason moved his body down and slid himself between my open legs. He leaned down and kissed me on the forehead gently, and then on my lips, and I could feel his cock being rubbed up and down my pussy lips as he did so, so I knew that he was preparing to enter me again. It dawned on me at that moment that this boy had never gotten soft. He’d lost a tiny bit of erection that I’d noticed, but he was still hard despite having pumped me full of his cum. Most men who can go more than once need recovery time. In this instance, Jason was giving ME recovery time. And realizing that just turned me on more.

I felt his oversized cock head pierce my pussy – pressing my lips apart – and then feeling the rim of it slide in and allow my lips to envelop it as it penetrated. I felt as though my senses were heightened 100 times over. I could feel every vein in his hefty dick as he slowly moved inside me. I was so soaking wet that he slid in rather easily – to my surprise – and when he got about 2/3 in he pulled back out and then slid in again. With each few strokes he pushed a bit further until – after just a few more moments – I felt his pelvis against mine, his balls against my ass, and his cock head pressing up against my cervix tightly. I looked up at him admiringly – this young sexual God – and marveled at how amazing he felt inside me.

“Mmmmmmm, God, where has this been all my life?” I purred as he stroked me slowly.

Jason smiled as he leaned in a bit to reply, “Kindergarten, grade school, and then high school…” he said softly.

I laughed out loud. “Okay – maybe not ALL my life – but maybe the last couple of years, at least!” I said as I arched my back up in pleasure.

I saw Jason turn towards his father, who looked back at him, and nodded with a smile. Then Jason turned back to me, looked me in the eyes while he continued slow fucking altıparmak eskort me, and said gently, “Fucking your daughter.” I looked carefully into his eyes, and saw that he wasn’t joking. But then he added, with a nod to his left, “…with him.”

It took me a few moments to register what he’d just said. He’d been fucking my daughter – his stepsister… but then he said, “with him” – indicating my husband? Did he really just say that???

“What?” I managed to say.

He leaned in close over me, never breaking stride with his long cock strokes, and whispered into my ear, “We’ve been fucking Katie. Both of us. Since before you and Dad got married.”

The news was wild, but with his big cock stroking me so well, it made the news seem less “bad”. Seriously, at this point, the way I was feeling, I was surprised – even shocked – but I couldn’t really care less. I just wanted more of this cock.

As I was thinking about what he just said, I felt movement on my right and looked to see John kneeling on the bed next to me – his little cock standing straight out towards me. Without a word, he moved it towards my face and put it in my mouth. I took him completely in my mouth and my first thought – comparing it to Jason’s that I had in my mouth mere moments before – was how ridiculously small he was in comparison. I mean, he’s got an average cock, around 6″, but comparatively, he was nothing compared to Jason. On the other hand, it made it easy to suck. I closed my eyes and did so hungrily. For the first time in my life, I had a cock in my pussy and one in my mouth. Both pumped away at me, first in an awkward rhythm, but after a few moments, we all found our pace and it worked perfectly. I moaned loudly as Jason’s big cock stretched my pussy and my husband’s cock fucked my mouth. I felt them both reach out and grope my tits and it felt amazing.

We moved ourselves around after a few minutes, with me getting into a doggy position, facing John between his legs and Jason behind me. He plunged deliberately into my pussy and made me groan from the feeling of being filled. I continued to suck John’s cock, tasting his cum that he’d already spilled on it before, and it made me feel even hornier. We continued this pace for several minutes and it felt incredible.

Then John took me by the hair and lifted my face up towards him with both hands. He just looked at my face as Jason’s big cock steadily fucked me. “You like my boy’s cock?”

“I do”, I said breathlessly – talking and fucking was not something I did too often.

“Tell me how it feels, baby,” he sneered with a smile.

“Fuh-uh-king hu-u-huge!” I managed to get out as Jason picked up the pace and kept plunging it deeply into my pussy.

“Say it again – tell me!” John urged. “Look me in the eyes and tell me how he feels, baby.”

I paused, breathing as deeply as I could, looked my husband in the eyes and said, “Your son’s cock is fucking huge!” it all blurted out in one breath as Jason’s cock filled me again. Jason pulled his cock back and filled me again. I continued looking at John’s eyes, “And it’s the best I’ve ever had!”

Without missing a beat, John asked, “Better than mine?” My first response was pure honesty. I laughed out loud. I felt bad for a moment – that was rude. But I saw that John wasn’t hurt by it. In fact, he eyes flared with a sexual passion when I laughed.

“Tell me – tell me he’s better. Tell me he’s bigger.” He pleaded.

I started spitting out my reply in gasped breaths as Jason continued to pick up the pace of his thrusts. “H-he’s SO much bi-g-g-ger tha-an y-you! I-I-I l-love f-fucking th-this bi-big fu-fucking dick of hi-his!”

Then Jason got in on the conversation. He grabbed my hair from behind and pulled hard as he fucked me. “Tell my dad he’s got a little dick!”

I did as he demanded – again in gasped words, “Y-y-you you’ve got a lit-li-little fu-fucking dick!” I spat out the words.

“Tell him it’s fucking worthless.” Jason ordered.

“It’s fuc-fucking WORTHLESS!” I yelled it at John as he lay there, stroking it in front of me in pure delight. And as I got out those words – I felt a spray of hot cum shoot up from his cock and his eyes widened. His hot load hit my tits from below and covered my neck and face, and I let out a cry of pleasure – feeling that cum hit me head on while taking Jason’s big cock at the same time.

“Now suck that little dick like a good whore – clean it up,” Jason directed as he continued to fuck me. I leaned down and began sucking John’s cock – licking up the cum all over it. I moaned loudly as I did so because Jason’s cock felt SOOOOO amazing. I’d become nilüfer escort wetter through all this so his cock was gliding in and out of me easily. I’d never been so wet in my life.

After I’d cleaned his cock of cum, Jason pulled my head back again. Then he commanded, “Now – you clean her off.” I wasn’t sure exactly what he meant at first, but then John leaned forward and began licking his own cum off my tits. I giggled at the realization of what was happening – but then just soaked in the feeling. His tongue cleaned off my breasts and moved up my neck and then my face – licking me like a dog. All the while, my tits swung back and forth rhythmically to the fucking Jason was continuing to give me. As John’s mouth was cleaning off my face, we kissed – lightly at first, then deeply. Upon seeing this, Jason fucked me deeper and I moaned as his father and I kissed hard.

We kissed for a long time – Jason’s cock in my pussy, John’s tongue in my mouth. Then John stopped kissing me and moved down my chest. He sucked my breasts for a while then went lower, positioning himself under me in a 69 position. I felt his tongue on my clit and it sent waves through my body. I enjoyed the feeling of a big cock in my pussy and a tongue on my clit for a while – soaking it all in. After a bit, I leaned down and took John’s cock in my mouth and began to suck it. A cock in my mouth, a big cock in my pussy, and a tongue on my clit – I was in heaven! As I sucked, John’s cock grew harder again. I gave him all I had – sucking on his dick harder and harder.

Suddenly, I felt Jason’s cock pull out of me. I continued to suck John’s dick, waiting to feel Jason reinsert himself into me. He didn’t. I looked backward between my breasts and saw why. Jason’s cock was in John’s mouth. I sucked John’s cock while watching him suck his own son’s massive hard on. And, the way John was sucking on it, it wasn’t the first time he’d had that big beast in his mouth. I watched and sucked, and then saw John take it out of his own mouth and guide it up into my pussy, and Jason pushed his hefty dick back inside me. When he did, John lifted his mouth upwards and licked Jason’s balls while he fucked me. The sight was too much for me and I felt myself beginning to orgasm. I came wildly – this experience was just so overwhelming. I felt my juices dropping down my leg, but they weren’t there long as I felt John lapping them up like a puppy and as he did, his cock throbbed in my mouth. Within a few more minutes, Jason increased his thrusts and I felt him grab my hips. He slammed his big cock into me harder and harder – making me cum again – and making me suck his father’s cock even harder. A few moments more and I felt a huge load of cum shoot into my pussy. I came again, and a moment later, so did John. The three of us all coming at once: Jason cumming in my pussy, me cumming on Jason’s cock, and John cumming in my mouth. It was nirvana, and my head was swirling in pleasure.

Afterwards, I collapsed on top of John and he gently and lovingly licked my swollen pussy, soothing it with his tongue. Jason pulled out and lay down next to me. I leaned over and kissed him deeply. He was covered in sweat, which glistened on his muscular body. For the first time since this had begun, I looked over and saw his cock at about half-hardness. It looked like a snake, and my pussy twitched thinking about how that big thing had been inside me (and how amazing it felt). I moved myself off of John and adjusted myself next to Jason so I could kiss and suckle that big cock. I began gently stroking him and kissing his cock lovingly. It deserved some worship after the way it treated me!

I closed my eyes and suckled it for a few minutes, licking, slurping, and kissing it.

“Mmmmmmm, that feels so good, Mom.” Hearing those words, while my stepson’s cock was in my mouth, sent warm feelings throughout my body. This was so crazy – it was insane – but my God it felt so good. I felt John’s arm around my shoulder, and he leaned in to kiss me. We kissed lightly at first, then passionately. Then he turned my head back to Jason’s cock and I didn’t need a cue to go back to sucking him. But then John’s face came in closer, and he leaned in and started licking the side of Jason’s dick. I was sucking the head, and John was licking the long shaft. Jason reached down and placed a hand on each of our heads and then leaned his own head back like an emperor being tended to. Perhaps that was appropriate, given the majestic cock he was blessed with. I looked at John’s eyes, and he looked into mine, as we both sucked on this beautiful cock. We smiled at one another.

Just then, a thought came into my head, and I wrinkled my brow. I looked at John and asked, “So tell me about this thing of you and this beast fucking my daughter…”

Jason pushed our heads closer together, up against his cock. “Later, Mom… later.” I looked at John for another few seconds, then at Jason’s cock, and we both went back to pleasuring “our son”.

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