20 Kasım 2023

Dinner-Dessert, No Reservations Ch. 02


Writers comment: This is a continuation of the story “Dinner-Dessert/Without Reservations” which was entirely a fictional sexual- fantasy piece for your enjoyment. It was my first submission, and was met with positive feedback from Lit readers. Thank you for your comments and criticisms. Please review it to fully comprehend the developments of this family relationship. The following story, and all of my writings, are fictional. All characters represented are at least 18 years of age. The content involves a variety of consensual sexual situations, including incest. While you may not entirely embrace the themes presented, I hope you enjoy it from the relational aspect.

Sometimes things… just happen.

Mike awoke early on a late December Saturday morning. His body still, his eyes closed, his mind fully engaged with the events of the previous evening. “Now is not the time for reservations” he thought. “Regrets? Perhaps. But, reservations are withheld for the moments prior to action. It’s too late for that now. The deed is done. And, what have I done?” he thought. Still oblivious to his immediate surroundings, Mike’s mind played back the night’s events, the talk, the teasing, the taunt and the act. He had sex with his daughter, with his wife in the same bed. “Maybe if I just lie here, I can go back to sleep, wake up and find out it was only a dream.” His thoughts continued, “A very good dream, but perhaps a very bad reality.”

Mike thoughts were interrupted by the gentle touch of fingertips lazily grazing across his face, his neck and settling down onto his chest. Mike kept his eyes closed and feigned sleep. For the first time in his married life, Mike had to wonder who was touching him. “Is it Mandy or his wife Julie?” he thought. Thinking back to last night, when he fell asleep, Mandy was on his right and Julie on his left. But now in the early stages of awakening, he was unaware who was still remained in the bed with him.

Mike’s mind kicked into gear, “You better face facts like a man” he told himself, and stirred, letting his senses come back to life. He opened his eyes and saw Julie to his left, lying on her side with an arm extended across his chest, fingers still toying with his short curly hairs. Mike looked into her eyes. “Good Morning” she offered, but no more.

Her familiar expression was that of soft sexiness, open and easy. “Good Morning to you” as he kissed her soft, but closed lips. “She’s asleep in her room now. We both got up and talked about an hour ago.” Julie said, more as a matter of fact. Mike looked behind Julie on the nightstand and saw two cups of steaming coffee, evidence of Julie’s earlier awakening and recent return. “She’s is fine with what happened, and would like to talk with you when the time is right. I’m fine too, in case you are concerned.” Julie offered again. Mike listened, letting Julie talk more. “You know,” she said as she moved in closer against Mike, “Neither you nor I planned it. Sure we talked, but it was always fantasy. We talk about fantasies all the time, and knowing that we are just talking is what makes it fun.”

Julie continued on as Mike’s conscience eased more, “It was her idea. Mandy told me this morning that you never tried anything with her before, not that she wouldn’t have objected, mind you. But last night, it was her fantasy that came to life, not ours. How bizarre.” Julie said with a puzzled expression, and added “but what a perfect night it was. Something that could never have been planned or pursued by us. Not in a million years.” Mike relaxed a little more with each word Julie spoke.

“Julie.” Mike finally spoke, “We’ve had our fun together as a couple, play-acting our fantasies, and the loving has been so good. And I’ve been faithful to you all these years, without any urge to wander. So, now what? And even more what does this mean to us, our family? I mean, things are obviously different now. I … I made love to Mandy. I can’t believe I said that, and even more, you don’t seem to be upset. Are you?”

Julie took a slow deep breath, and after a short silence replied, “To answer your last question first, no. No, Mike. I’m not upset. Even though it was something I never expected, it was beautiful, and we did it together. Mike, nobody tricked us or forced us to do this. We were all very willing, including Mandy… and me.” She took another deep breath as if the air was fuel for her thoughts and continued, “I believe you have been faithful to me all these years, as you have never given me reason to suspect otherwise. And yes, it means a lot to me. Even in view of the simple fact alone, that you made love to another woman, Mandy. But for some reason, it seems different, being there, being involved. I certainly don’t want this to be the catalyst to send you off on your quest to get laid by every willing beautiful woman, and hope you don’t feel that way.”

Julie stopped as if waiting for a confirming reply, but continued self-assuredly knowing in her heart that Mike was in complete agreement. “Mike, I’m fine, and Mandy is fine with this. görükle escort If anything, she felt like the one who had stepped over the boundary, as if she seduced you. Sure, you could have stopped her, but then again, I could have objected too. No, it’s very clear that once this got started, we all wanted to continue.”

Mike wanted to comment, but realized that Julie’s thought was not complete. He waited as she spoke “Mike, I don’t know if this will ever happen again, or if it should. But I don’t know. I don’t know if I want it to be a one single event. Sure I realize that what I’m saying may be of a surprise to you, but I really enjoyed it. I would even take it further… with Mandy… with you… and oh my god, possibly even with Jason.” Mike stirred and started to harden as she continued, “It was really exciting, really hot and I’m still very aroused by what happened and by what might possibly happen again. I’m not sure where I would hope this to go. But after last night, and after talking with Mandy this morning, I’m more than willing to see what happens, if you know what I mean, and if your thoughts are the same as mine.” Julie stopped, her hesitation inviting his reply.

Mike spoke “I’m not sure, Julie. Can we pass this off as a fluke, a one time thing that just happened? I agree, it was very hot and probably the ultimate fantasy for me.” He paused in thought to reflect, “You know, we’ve enjoyed our fantasies recognizing that there is sometimes a fine line, but nonetheless, a definite line between fantasy and reality. We have always been aware of that line and committed to never crossing it, for good reason. Sometimes it is because we really don’t want to do something, because it really isn’t our nature, and sometimes it is to protect us and those we love. I agree. This will definitely change the nature of my, and our, relationship with Mandy. And that doesn’t even bring Jason into the picture. Where does this end? I’m not upset, just curious now that we crossed.”

Julie toyed with his chest hairs some more, leaned closer and kissed him again on the lips, parting hers ever so slightly. Mike reacted favorably inviting another kiss, his lips apart and tongue extended to meet hers. Julie braced her arm against his chest and slid her body over stopping completely on top of him without breaking their kiss. “Somebody liked our discussion” she whispered as she spread her legs and pushed into his hardening penis. “Mm hmm” was all that Mike could reply as he was nuzzling her neck and capturing an earlobe in his teeth. Mikes kisses returned to her mouth, wet tongues exploring. The palms of his hands were moving across her nipples, barely making contact then moving to the swell of the sides of her breasts, his favorite playground.

Mikes hands moved down to her hips, and firmly but gently pushed, entering her completely. Julie held his penis inside her, savoring the fullness, then began rhythmic rocking motion. They broke their kiss and looked deeply into each others eyes, continuing the slow rhythm of their loving. “We are okay” Mike said. Julie nodded; her sultry bedroom eyes expressed the unspoken level of her passion for him.

Julie pulled up into a seated position and changed from a rocking to a circular movement of her hips. Mike was now actively touching her breasts, from time to time tugging on the nipples which Julie thoroughly enjoyed. She took her free hand and slid it between her legs, gathering her moistness from his shaft, and then returning it to her clit. She could feel the sensation of him deep inside her, which was enhanced even more by her seated position and the direct stimulation of her fingers on her clit. She was ready before they even started to make love, but enjoyed the extra sensations driving her over the edge. Julie closed her eyes, clenched her thighs together and arched her back letting the waves of pleasure wash over.

Julie, aware that Mike had not yet come, wanted to ensure that he fully enjoyed himself. She also wanted to offer assurance that recent events did not alter her feelings for him. She leaned forward and kissed him, raising her hips away from his. Julie could feel his cum combined with her wetness as the morning air cooled it slightly on the outer lips of her pussy. Gravity did its work allowing glimmering strands of moisture, like silk threads connecting their sex, to extend from her pussy to his cock. Mike was fully aware of her destination and intentions as Julie began the downward trek, kissing first his chest, lingering on his nipples. Then moved across his stomach, pausing only a breath away from his cock. She paused for a moment letting the warmth of her breath bathe the tip of his cock, the opened her lips taking in only the tip at first.

Julie moved her head only slightly, leaving her lips sealed around him and swirling her tongue. Then ever so slightly, she pushed her lips over his shaft, stopping only when she had him fully in her mouth. Julie held him there and with her free hand caressed his balls. Her hand rode up the slickened shaft as she pulled eskort bayan her head back and forth much to Mike’s pleasure. Julie thought back, remembering that before Mike, she only gave head a couple of times and not really to her enjoyment. And, she never let anyone cum in her moth before Mike. Their loving was special, and Mike always treated her like his lover, returning the mutual physical pleasures. She enjoyed this, and the taste his cum, which she always swallowed. Julie kept the motion as she had the brief thought, then returned her attention to the task at “at hand” if you will.

She kept her mouth over the upper half and wrapped her hands completely around his shaft, steadily pumping him until she felt the initial surges. She slowed ever so slightly and took his cum, feeling the sweet juice throughout her mouth. She swallowed and opened her mouth allowing the last remnants to spill across him. Julie looked up at Mike and straddled him again, then lowered her face to his. She kissed his mouth allowing their combined wetness to spread across his face. Mike didn’t mind tasting his cum when she kissed him afterward, and she found that pleasing. “Some guys want the head, but have a thing about their own cum, but not Mike.” “Just another reason why I love this guy so much.” Then reflected “He was so tender and patient with Mandy last night. He is such a good lover. I want him again… and soon”

They both giggled like young lovers and kissed some more. Even though Mike’s cock had begun to soften, Julie still rubbed her pussy against him. She didn’t mind that he wasn’t hard, it still felt good, and continued her previous thought of last night. They laid there and enjoyed the afterglow for a few more minutes.

“I’m ready if you are” Mike finally announced, and grabbed his coffee and a robe before heading down the hall. Julie admired his confidence and ability to face this new adventure. She freshened up in the bathroom before joining Mike in the kitchen nook. It was still early to be up on a Saturday, only 7:30. Julie settled in next to Mike on the wicker loveseat in the kitchen. He appeared to be in thought, content, but obviously lost in his thoughts looking outside toward the morning light. Dust sparkled in the rays of light streaming though the kitchen window. Mike placed his hand on Julies lap, parted her robe only slightly so he could feel his skin against hers, in a sensitive and non-sexual sort of way.

He took a sip of coffee. The corners of his mouth wrinkled as he grinned accentuating the morning growth of whiskers. Still looking toward the window, Mike finally spoke again, “It’s peaceful isn’t it?” Julie nodded in agreement, and placed her hand over his on her thigh, both now looking off into the distance at something that wasn’t really there.

Perhaps it was their stirring in the kitchen that awoke Mandy. She awoke and lay motionless in bed, much as her father had only an hour earlier. Her body still, eyes closed and she too remembering the night’s events. She could hear the muffled voices of her mom and dad, but had no idea what was being said. She was relieved that it sounded like normal conversation, slow and steady as she usually heard. She reached down and felt the puffy moistness of her lips, and smiled. She did want it to happen, she too had not planned for it to happen, but when the opportunity was there and the moment was right, she REALLY wanted it to happen. She knew her mom had no idea of her yearning and attraction to her dad. She herself did not know it was to be more than a daughter’s fantasy.

Mandy was a virgin until last night . And was, in a strange sort of way, relieved that her father was her first, and with the encouragement of her mother . It was beautiful.

Mandy wasn’t quite sure what the morning would bring. But knew that she had to face it sooner or later, so she might as well do it boldly. “What the hell. What can I do? I mean, what do I have to hide now?” She pondered.

Mandy thought about what to wear, or not. “No” she thought, “I’ve had enough boldness for one day, brushed her hair and slipped on a long nightshirt before heading barefoot into the kitchen.

She walked up behind her parents, where they now sat quietly, still contentedly looking outside. Mandy leaned over the back of the loveseat, kissed her mom then her dad. Both reached up to lightly and lovingly caress her face. She moved around the loveseat then sat across from them in the big empty wicker peacock chair. The chair was white with a thick floral cushion. She always thought of it as her throne when she was younger, and would sit in every morning, dangling her feet, surveying her kingdom and everything in it. Now fully grown, her feet reached the floor as she sat fully in the chair. She placed her hands on the curved arms of the chair and looked toward her parents. She was please to see the tender look on their faces, and enjoyed the seemingly peaceful silence of the morning. That was a good sign.

Mandy spoke first, “Dad… well, I know you are altıparmak escort my step-dad, but to me you’re my “dad” in the daily sense. Please don’t say a word yet, because there are some things I want to say to you. I love you. You are my dad first. I don’t really know what happened last night, but I am not ashamed, not even a little. Perhaps I should be, but I’m not. I thought it was beautiful, and would do it all over again. I had always wondered what my first time would be like, and have heard lots of stories about impatient and uncaring guys just wanting to get laid. I didn’t want that. I wanted it to be good, to be special. And it was. I see how much you love and care for mom, and how you treat her, like nobody ever has before. I have always wanted to be with a man like you, especially for my first time. I didn’t really plan for it to be with you, it just happened. I don’t know what else to say.”

Mike looked at Julie and sat back deeper into the loveseat, “Mandy, your mom and I talked about this already today, and we didn’t really come up with any thoughts of how to handle it, or what affect it will have on our relationship. But it isn’t something we can’t ignore, or pretend it didn’t happen.” Mike continued, “You’re right, it was very good, in more ways than just a physical sense. I mean, we already have a bond, a relationship that I value very much. And I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize that. I hope last nights events didn’t harm it. It was unexpected and certainly not something we want to be publicly announced. So I hope you can appreciate that.” Mandy nodded, and Julie picked up the conversation, “We did talk about this it this morning, and both agree that it was a beautiful thing, although not acceptable to most of the public, and certainly not something we would encourage in our house before today. However, it was good and that bring its own set of problems. We can’t undo what has been done, and my concern too is how it will affect our relationship here and now, and in the future.”

Mandy looked puzzled by the “future” comment, and Julie went on to elaborate, ” one of the reasons we always told you and your brother to wait until you knew in your heart that you were ready for a physical relationship is that sex is good, really good in many ways. I remember the first time I had sex, and knew how I wanted it again… soon. My boyfriend and I were at it every chance we had. This brings me to my next thought. Jeff is not your boyfriend; he is your (step) dad and my husband. I get the opportunity to claim him as my own. I know that what happened last night was good, and I encouraged and participated in the heat of the moment. I have some regrets this morning too for my own actions. However, it was really a very sexy experience…” Julie hesitated and added “and something I might like to do again… if we all agreed and the conditions were right.” Mike drew a quick breath at Julie’s suggestion and looked back and forth between Julie and Mandy.

Mandy looked wide-eyed at her mom and dad, and spoke after a deep breath. “Really? What do you mean?” Julie looked at Mike seeming to seek some kind of a comment or

objection, and went on to explain, “As I said, once I had my fist taste of sex, I wanted more. I’m not proposing that we repeat this again right here and now, but if I had my choice, I would rather do what we did to satisfy your need, than have you go out and just get laid for sex sake and use or get used by some body who doesn’t care about you.. Sex is good, but relationship is more important to me. Like I said, this is all new territory for me and I’m not sure how we are going to move ahead, if we do, but at least I want all of our cards on the table, agreed?” Mike and Mandy nodded in agreement. “And then there is the issue of Jason, which we’ll figure out how or if he will be made aware of what is going on. I don’t want any surprises. But that is another issue for another day.”

“I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by all of this, and it will take some time to digest.” Mike said, and then took a long thoughtful sip of his coffee. “As long as everybody is okay, I think we can reasonably expect to pick up the conversation at another time, after our thoughts have settled.” “I don’t know about you two, but I have worked up a tremendous hunger. Breakfast anyone?” and he headed to the cabinet, pulled out two skillets, then turned to open the refrigerator and began his rummaging.

It was now after 10:00. Julie and Mandy both said they would like a shower and headed to their respective bathrooms. Mike turned on the radio and started his usual Saturday farmer’s breakfast. The girls were both familiar with his Saturday routine, and knew that they would have plenty of time for a shower before breakfast.

Mike was busily cooking. A fresh pot of coffee was on, and bacon was dancing on the griddle when he heard footsteps headed toward the kitchen. “Too soon for the girls” he thought, and suspected it must be Jason, “oh well, here goes.” Typical guy greeting, “Hey Jason” “Hey” came Jason’s reply with only one eye open barely enough to negotiate the kitchen. Jason was wearing boxer shorts and a loose wrinkled T shirt. He leaned over the griddle, sniffed, raised his eyebrows and opened both eyes signaling a nerve actually fired in his brain, signally his awakening… kind of.

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