12 Temmuz 2021

Dinner Date


Dinner DateI met her at the gym, I noticed her when she first started working out there. I thought she was very attractive but a little too young to be interested in a guy my age. I thought it was my imagination or wishful thinking when I saw her glancing at me more and more. One day she got on the treadmill next to me and struck up a conversation. It seemed that we had a lot in common and a lot to talk about, so I asked her if she would like to go out some time. She said yes and then she said that there was a new restaurant in town that was getting a lot of buzz and she would like to go there. I said ok, let’s plan on that sometime when she said, “how about tonight, I’ve got a change of clothes in the car?” I said I didn’t and would need to go home first. I said she could follow me home and use the guestroom and bath to get ready while I showered and dressed. She said, “well let’s go.” When we got to my house I showed her the guestroom and gave her fresh towels and then headed to my room to get ready. To my surprise when I came out of my bathroom wrapped in a towel, there she was. Her tight beautiful naked body freshly showered and her laying on her back in my bed with her head tuzla escort hanging over the side of the bed looking right at the bathroom door. She said, “daddy, I hope you are not mad at me for coming into your room without asking”I said, ‘you know what you did isn’t right, you should always ask my permission, do you think you should be punished for what you did?’ He said, ‘Yes, daddy.’ I stepped closer to her, leaned over and pinched her nipples hard until she cried out. I then held her beautiful breasts tenderly in my hands and felt their warmth. I told her to reach out and take the towel from around me and she obeyed. I then said, ‘open your mouth for me.’ She immediately did without a word. I teased her lips with my hard cock at first. Then I slid the length deep in her mouth and throat, tears where welling in her eyes. I took my cock out and she said, ‘daddy please, fuck my mouth like that.’ And I continued until I was about to cum, but then pulled out. I didn’t want to cum in her mouth or on her face. While in her sweet mouth she was touching her beautiful tight pussy and now it was time for me to taste that pussy. I love the taste of a woman and could not wait any longer. I tuzla escort bayan told her not to move. I walked around to the other side of the bed and told her to spread her legs. I reached down and placed them over my shoulders pulling that sweet pussy to my lips. She tasted so good and fresh from her shower. I nibbled her clit and plunged my tongue deep inside her. I could tell by her moans she was loving this and much as I was. I continued, and her moans became louder and I could feel her getting ready to cum for me. I stopped and told her I wasn’t ready for her to cum just yet, she said, ‘I didn’t think you were punishing me, it felt so good, and now you just stop I guess that is my punishment, right?’ I said. ‘yes, part if it. I told her to turn over and she said, ‘I don’t like that.’ In a stronger voice I said it again, ‘turn over.’ She said it again, I don’t like that and then she silently obeyed me.I told her to reach back and spread her cheeks for me and she did but ever so slowly. I could hear her so quietly crying and she said, ‘I have never done this.’ And I said, ‘You were the one that choose to come into my room with out asking my permission.’ She said, ‘I am really escort tuzla sorry daddy, do we have to do this?’ I said, ‘yes, or how else are you ever going to learn.’ She just nodded yes. I moistened the head of my cock with the juices of her still wet pussy. I slid two fingers into her pussy pulling them out wet and covering her tight hole with her own wetness. I could not wait any longer I was so hard with anticipation. I pushed the head of my cock in her tight pink ass. She let out a scream and nearly bucked me off. She said, ‘it hurts, it hurts.’ I said, ‘rub your pussy and it will feel better, don’t worry princess I am going to make you love this.’ And as she rubbed her pussy I went deeper into her, slowly at first, little by little. I could tell she was realizing that this was really happening. Her screams of pain gave way to moans of pleasure and I pushed deeper into her, now moving in and out, slowly fucking her ass. The more I fucked her the more she cried in both pleasure and pain. I finally gave in and told her she could cum now, she screamed, ‘thank you daddy, I love the way you fuck me, make me cum.’ I fucked her ass hard and she cried out as she came. Her ass tightened down on me and I came inside her. After a few minutes we both became still and quiet. I heard her ask in a soft voice, ‘am I daddy’s good girl now?’ I said, ‘yes princess.’We never made it to dinner that night.

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