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Dex and the Twins at College Ch. 01


Dex and the Twins at College


{This story is a sequel to the “Sleepwalking Mom” series. Characters are the same and the story picks up after Mom and Dad move Dex, June and Julie into a rented home just off campus.}

It had been a few weeks since Mom and Dad dropped us off at this beautiful four-bedroom home just off campus. The house is close enough to walk to and from classes, which is perfect because the twins, as freshmen, aren’t allowed to have a car on campus. I have a car but, most days I walk too, to help get myself back in shape. During the summer, my work-outs had been replaced by nearly constant sex with June and Julie and Mom; not to mention Ginger, Sylvia, Reese and Fatima and the twin’s friends: Sarah, Jazmeen, Dianna, Amber and Sophie. I just didn’t have the energy left to work out. I hadn’t turned to flab but the hard cut of my muscles had softened.

While the sex had been plentiful, it was somewhat tempered my Mom and Dad. That regulation was gone when Mom and Dad left. Since then, we reveled in our freedom and there was no regulation. Free-for-all sex had ensued. June and Julie sleep most nights in my bed and no clothes are worn in the house. The sultry looks on the girls faces along with their erect nipples and glistening pussies reveal their interest. It’s not hard to figure out when I’m interested. We usually fuck ourselves to sleep and then often have a redo before the sun rises. I was sure that by the end of the semester I would be a dead man, but in the span of a few weeks, self-regulation has taken over and our sexual impulses settled down considerably, or at least it did with me. God only knows what the twins do with each other when I’m not there.

The freshman courses were a breeze for June and Julie but my junior year courses were not and I had to study hard. I always had to study while the twins seemed to get A’s without any effort at all. Everything was easy for them. They were smart, athletic, charming and above all that, they were uncommonly beautiful. They made friends easily, both guys and girls. They became very popular on campus in only a few weeks. As usual, I seemed to be invisible and for the most part, that was fine with me.

After classes, I started going to the gym to lift free-weights to get myself ripped again. Both men’s and women’s Lacrosse had already started and the sport was second only to basketball in the twins skill-set. They seemed to read each other’s minds to pass and score at will. After working out, I’d walk over to the field to watch them practice. It was amusing to watch their coaches’ face light up as they headed down-field on offense. Their coach was only a few years older than me and was not hard to look at and belief it or not, I had found a moment or two to masturbate to a fantasy of her sucking my dick. I wasn’t sure whether I came to watch the twins play or the Coach coach.

I was standing on the sidelines for their first live game against a neighboring college. The twins had just worked their magic to score the games first goal. I smiled to myself watching the coach cheering. I don’t know what set it off but I had a boner and I had just adjusted its position in my pants when I sensed movement to my right. I glanced quickly to see what it was and did a quick double-take. An attractive red-head in a cheerleader uniform had walked up beside me. She had a big red “C” on her sweater, indicating that she was the captain of the squad. I looked again at her face to make sure it wasn’t my former girlfriend from last year, who had also been a cheerleader. It wasn’t her.

We smiled at each other and then her attention went back to the game. Mine went back to the coach as I rolled my hips trying to find a better position for my cock without using my hands. It was of little help. The Cheerleader must have noticed because she chuckled and said, “She is beautiful, isn’t she?”

I looked over at her and said, “Who?”

She smiled at me and chin-nodded toward the coach. “Coach Mandy. She’s the one you have that hard-on for, isn’t it? Unless you’re here goofing on the blonde twins who seem to be single-handedly dismantling the other team.”

I could feel my face flush with embarrassment and I pulled my windbreaker down in front in an obvious attempt to hide my erection. I stammered out a weak objection. She giggled at my feeble attempts and said, “Coach Mandy played for this college two years ago. She was an ‘All-American’.” I glanced toward the coach as the Cheerleader rattled off Coach Mandy’s player statistics. Not being a big lacrosse fan, I had no idea whether her playing stats were impressive or not but the Cheerleader was obviously impressed, even star-struck. I looked closer at the Cheerleader and the look of lust on her face was palpable as she absent-mindedly nibbled on her lower lip. She stopped talking and just stared at the coach for several seconds until the coach turned to notice us watching her.

A huge grin escort bayan bursa formed on the coach’s face and she hurried toward us. My face flushed again at the embarrassment of getting caught staring at her. She walked right into the outstretched arms of the cheerleader and their lips locked in a passionate embrace. When their lips parted, Coach Mandy said, “Molly! How have you been? I’ve missed you terribly.” Molly had a sad smile on her face as she pushed back in to initiate another passionate kiss. Coach Mandy accommodated her. It was obvious that these two had had a relationship.

Thankfully, by the time Coach Mandy turned her attention to me, my boner had mostly dissipated. She said to Molly, “Who is this?” There was more than a hint of jealousy in her voice. There was no reason why Molly could answer the question since we didn’t know each other, so I stuck out my right hand and said, “Hi, I’m Dex.” When our hands touched, it felt like an electric charge coursed through my body. My initial impulse was to explain that I was here to watch my sisters play for her, but I didn’t. For some reason I felt it was better if people on campus didn’t know the twins and I were related.

Molly pulled her attention from Coach Mandy and stared at me for several seconds. Her gaze scanned meI’ from head to toe. At that moment I had no clue why, but I would soon find out.

The coach’s attention was drawn back to the field as June was the recipient of a pass from Julie for a score. The small group of fans erupted. Coach Mandy released my hand and took Molly’s and squeezed it. She said to Molly, “Can we get together again for old times sake?” Molly grinned hard and her head bobbled up and down like a doll on the dashboard. Then the coach was back at the sidelines yelling out instructions.

I looked at Molly. She was breathing rapidly and now her face was flushed too, but not from embarrassment. The rise and fall of her ample bustline in her tight sweater covering her hardening nipples caused my erection to grow back to new heights. I didn’t try to hide it but an adjustment of position in my pants was necessary and I didn’t try to hide that either.

I reached out my right hand to her and said, “You must be Molly. It’s nice to meet you.”

She grinned and shook my hand and said, “You must be the infamous Dex. I’ve heard of you.” That set me back and I immediately released her hand. I had never been referred to as “infamous” and it threw me. She grinned at me again and said, “Would you like to get a coffee or something at the fieldhouse juice bar? I have to change. I’ll meet you there in ten minutes?”

I was still recovering and I could only nod an agreement. She laughed at my obvious discomfort and turned and walked back across the field toward the fieldhouse. I watched her go as I ran my hand down the front of my pants. Her hips swayed provocatively as she left and she turned a full 360 to see if I was watching. I turned back toward the game and noticed that Coach Mandy was not only watching me but she now had a sultry look on her face as she lashed her tongue around her artificially enhance lips and threw me an air kiss as her eyes scanned me from head to toe like a laser. Now I was embarrassed that she had caught me stroking my erection. I’d had enough embarrassment and I turned away and headed toward the fieldhouse.

On the way, I thought about Coach Mandy’s tongue on her lips and air kiss display. Last year I would have been certain that she was just fucking with me like girls always did in high school. This year, I recognized it for what it probably was, a come-on. I struggled to walk with my rejuvenated erection that was attributed to the possibility that I may have two things going. First things first, I headed for the field house juice bar.

The juice bar was a nice touch that was new this year. Nearly every athlete passed through for quick sugar or to replenish their electrolytes after practice or a game. It was mostly empty when Molly backed through the door to the locker rooms and headed across the fieldhouse. Her red hair, that had been bouncing in long waves past her shoulders was wet and hanging limply, framing her beautiful face. She smiled broadly when she saw me sitting at the bar. She put a little extra bounce in her step as she closed the gap. She was wearing a bronze colored semi-transparent silk blouse and super-tight jeans. They could have been sprayed on. Her figure was spectacular. My dick stirred in my pants and I tried to will it back down. She was carrying a backpack over one shoulder and it contained more than her cheerleader uniform based on the thump when she dropped it on the end of the bar.

She shook her head to fling her wet hair around and then grinned at the bartender and said, “Hi Jerry. How are you today?”

“Fine Molly. Your usual?” Molly smiled and nodded as she looked to see what I was drinking. I had no knowledge of the menu so I had ordered an orange juice. She hoisted herself up on barstool and it was a bit of a struggle because bursa sinirsiz eskort she stood maybe 5’4″. Once situated on the stool with her legs dangling in the air, she acknowledged that my feet were on the floor and my butt was on the stool.

She said, “It must be nice to be so tall. How tall are you?”

I don’t like to be asked constantly how tall I am and have developed a canned response to the question. “five-foot-eighteen”, I said. I watched her face as she began calculating my response in terms that she could understand and then her eyes lit up, and a broad grin formed.

“Six foot six? Wow, that’s tall.”

We chatted back and forth for several minutes. She was examining me while I did the same to her. Then she reached over and ran her fingers down my shirt over the peaks and valleys of my ripped abs. I was so surprised by her move that I didn’t react to stop her. She quickly pulled her hand back like she’d been stung. “Sorry. I had to check to see if you are the same Dex.”

“What does that mean?”, I said.

She took a sip off her juice concoction and said, “I have a good friend and team mate named Bethany.”

I knew then where this was going. Bethany had been my girlfriend at the end of last semester. We’d had hand and oral sex, if you could call it that. When things progressed toward intercourse, she broke it off. She was afraid of my dick. She was certain that it was too big to go anywhere in her body. Her one attempt at a blow-job wouldn’t be classified as a disaster because there’s no such thing as a bad blow-job, but she had only pushed her lips over the ridge of my knob and used both hands to jerk me off. She had a terrified look on her face like I was forcing her. She gave pretty good hand-jobs, as I recalled. The situation was not conducive to getting off and I didn’t. That was our last intimate moment together. After our breakup, I heard that she was warning all her friends about me and my ‘monster dick’. It was the first time my dick had ever been referred to as a ‘monster’, at that I knew off. Ironically, Bethany’s warnings only raised interest from her friends, but then the semester ended and I went home for the most glorious summer of my life, probably anyone’s life.

Molly completed her explanation just I had anticipated as my dick picked up on my thoughts about Bethany. It was now obvious that Molly was one of Bethany’s friends who was intrigued by the tale of “Dex and his monster cock”.

When the bartender was involved with another customer, Molly’s face turned sultry and she leaned toward me like she wanted to whisper something to me and ran her hand down the crotch of my pants. The air burst from my lungs and Molly giggled at my response. I quickly got myself back together and leaned in and kissed her passionately on the lips. She returned the kiss as she pulled her hand up to my belt and pushed it inside my pants in search of the monster cock that she had heard about from her friend.

When she found what she was looking for her fingers curled around the circumference. My heart hammered in my chest. I was sure Molly could hear it. My cock hardened further from her touch and she broke our embrace and pulled back a foot or so and the astonished look on her face was one I wish I had a photo of.

In the confines of my pants she struggled to get the full dimensions. She had a grip on the tip of my throbbing cock but she was trying to push her hand further down the shaft to find my balls. I adjusted my position to try to help her but it was no use.

Molly kissed me again and then pulled back and whispered, “Jesus, fucking, Christ, Dex. Bethany wasn’t even exaggerating. Holy shit.” She gripped the end of my cock and it expanded further to push back on her hand. “Oh my God, wait until my Mo…” She stopped in mid-sentence and with a slightly embarrassed look on her face, she leaned in and kissed me again.

Molly pulled her hand from my pants and pushed one finger at a time into her mouth and sucked each one. She leaned in close as she looked around to see if anyone was listening and whispered, “Do you have to be anywhere?” I didn’t and I shook my head. She gave a wicked grin and said, “My mother is at work until late. Can we continue this at my house?” Before I could answer she jammed her lips onto mine and forced her tongue between my lips. She was writhing on her stool and the bartender and one of his customers were attentively watching us.

When our embrace broke, I whispered that we should probably get out of here before the natives got restless. She glanced around and smiled at Jerry, the bartender and his customer. She slid off her stool and pulled me up off mine. As we headed for the front door of the fieldhouse she said, “Do you have a car to follow me or do you want to ride with me. I will drive you home after.” I had walked, so I agreed to ride with her.

In her car, she kept glancing over at my lap. My erection had diminished somewhat and I had no discomfort. I noticed escort bayan that as the sunrays came through the windows at just the right angle, I could see the outline of her breasts through her blouse. She wasn’t wearing a bra. She was driving with her right hand on the wheel and her left resting in her lap. Her fingers on her left hand were feverishly working to stroke her pussy through her jeans. I wondered if she got any sensation through her tight jeans. Regardless, her actions and my anticipation were having an effect on my dick.

There could be no other reason for her to be taking me to her house other than to have sex before her mother got home from work. She glanced over at my face and then her eyes dropped to my crotch. My cock was throbbing in my pants and she grinned when she saw the movement. She said, “We’re almost there,” as she turned back to the road. Her chest was rising and falling more rapidly as we pulled into the driveway of a very large home of three floors and three garages and a portico very much like my parent’s home.

I looked up through the windshield and said, “Wow. Very nice.” Molly grinned her pleasure that I thought her home was nice. She opened her door and I did the same. She said, “Can you look through the garage windows to see if there are any cars in there. I can’t reach.” The windows on the garage doors were on the top of the doors but I had no trouble looking through them. All three bays were empty.

Molly was at the front door with her keys out. She was fumbling with them as she gasped for air. I figured she was nervous with anticipation as much as I was. I took the keys from her trembling hand and pushed the only key on the ring that looked like a house key into the lock. We stepped inside a huge tiled foyer and closed the door behind us.

Molly grabbed my left arm and hung on. Her face was flushed red as her chest heaved as though she couldn’t get any oxygen. She said, “Oh my God. I don’t think I’ve ever been this …”. She stopped again in mid-sentence.

I said, “Horny?”

What air she had in her lungs exploded out along with one word, “Yes!” She pushed me toward the second door on the left into an incredible kitchen. It was huge with amazing white and silver quartz countertops. The seemingly uncountable cabinets were white with silver handles and the numerous appliances were stainless steel. A second door led to what was apparently the dining room on the front of the house. Four stools lined the outside of the long bar and Molly pushed me into one of them.

She stepped back and without a single word made a big show out of removing her clothes. I had to unzip my pants to accommodate my raging hard-on. Molly’s attention was on my crotch as she struggled to pull down her jeans. She gave up and removed her blouse. Her nipples were on high-beams and she lifted each of her breasts cupped in her hands so she could kiss each nipple. She groaned hard from the contact. Her tits were round and big for the size of her and they sagged only slightly. My cock seemed to like them very much as it leaped up past my zipper. I leaned back against the back of the stool to give Molly a good look. She stopped what she was doing and said, “Fuck Dex. That’s huge. No wonder Bethany was afraid of it.”

I raised my butt off the stool and inched my pants to my thighs exposing my entire package. I said, “I hope you’re not afraid of it.”

Molly eyes seemed reluctant to leave my crotch but she glanced up at my face and said, “No fucking way. Holly shit. I’m going to cum right here in my jeans just looking at it. Does it always jump around on its own like that?”

I looked down and then back at her and nodded my head. I motioned for her to come closer and she did. I leaned in and wrapped my lips around one of her hard, protruding nipples. She grabbed the back of my head and began writhing in my arms mashing her tits on my face. Her tight jeans were half-way down her butt and I reach down over her firm butt-cheeks. She arched her back and pushed back against my hand.

While I was doing that, Molly wrapped her fingers around my bobbing cock and squeezed hard. My cock pushed back on her pressure. She groaned again and pulled back from me. “Help me get out of these jeans. I need you,” she whimpered. Her anxiousness was getting to me and I started rocking my hips to drive my cock through her hand.

She pulled back and released my cock and pushed herself up on the bar and lifted her hips. I moved in between her legs and reached under her butt and pulled and tugged on her jeans. I was getting there but fuck, they were tight. I couldn’t figure out how she’d got into them in the first place. Once the jeans and bikini panties came over her butt, the rest was easier.

Her fingers went to her sopping wet pussy and she let out a shrill “awwwhhh.. awwwhhh” as her fingers squished through her folds. Her prone position on the bar was slightly high for me to give her all of my cock and I pulled her ass close to the edge. She lifted her head and looked between her tits as they lolled toward her armpits. She watched as I lifted my cock up to insert it in her pussy. Surprisingly, she covered her pussy with her fingers and whimpered, “I don’t think I’m ready for that. Jesus, it looks bigger than before. Eat my pussy. It won’t take much to get me off. Okay?”

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