20 Kasım 2023

Depravity Ch. 04

Big Dicks

Lawrence had lowered the camera and turned it off. I told him to change tapes and turn it back on. He did looking at me quizzically. The boys were starting to be boys. When I asked them to take a seat, they did so and I walked across the room for another drink. When I turned around, I removed by bra and dropped it to the floor and quickly massaged my tits. I walked over and put my arm around Lawrence as I started talking. “First, I want to thank you boys for being gentlemen and doing as I asked. I hope you enjoyed my sucking your cocks, as much as I did.” They all stated how they liked it. “We all need to thank cameraman Lawrence for setting this up.” The boys clapped and I gave him a kiss. Now came the bombshell. “Cameraman Lawrence is my son.” I took his hand and pressed it to my tit. The boys were looking back and forth at each other with their mouths open in astonishment. I squeezed his hand on my tit. “You may all leave now, if you wish. Or you may stay.” I paused briefly before continuing, to give them the chance to go if they wanted. No one moved, so I continued. Lawrence started to fidget, but I held on to him and moved his hand across my chest to the other tit. “You see, I made a deal with my son. If he got me six young black cocks to suck, he could fuck me.” They all gasped, including Lawrence. “This has turned me on so much, I’m not waiting to fuck my son. I want his cock now.” I moved his hand down to my pussy and I grabbed his cock. “I’m going to fuck my son, and you may stay and watch, if you like.” I turned and kissed my son passionately. “Well, stay or go!” They all sat silently.

I pointed at a boy and asked if he would be the cameraman, he agreed and I had my son show him the camera. I told the boy to get plenty of close-ups and different angles.

I didn’t wait for my son, I put my arms on his shoulders and hugged his head as I kissed him and wiggled my body into his. His hands went to my back and he ran them all over my tingling bare skin. I could feel the hard cock I wanted straining in his pants. I lay my head back and moaned as I pulled his face to my breast. His eager mouth began kissing and licking the valley between my tits bringing more moans from me. I felt his hands caress up my sides and cover my tits, he squeezed them together and went to work sucking my nipples. I began rolling my hips to rub my mound on his hard cock. Wanting him, I pushed him back and dropped to my knees, tearing at his pants. I was so frenzied that I almost ripped them open. I had his cock in my mouth as soon as his shorts allowed it to spring free, leaving his legs trapped in his pants at mid thigh. I took his cock in one hand and pulled on his balls with the other, he knew I wanted his cum in my mouth. Tickling his balls with my fingertips I squeezed his cock with my hand and mouth as I moved up and down his shaft. He was caressing my head and moaning as he started to thrust his hips. I increased the pressure of my mouth and hand and pulled down on his balls, he started cumming and I was light headed with pleasure. I barely finished milking him when he pulled me up and pushed me back onto the bed. Rubbing my legs and pussy, I watched as he hurriedly finished stripping and crawled between my legs. I wanted him to come on up and fuck me, but he kissed my covered pussy and pulled my panties off before burying his face between my legs. I was thrashing and moaning as he sucked, kissed, and licked my pussy. Sticking a finger in my pussy he increased his sucking and nibbling on my clit. I was gushing and he was lapping it all up. He didn’t stop until I had orgasmed to the point of lightly passing out. Grabbing his head I tried to pull him up, but he lingered licking my pussy like a puppy. “Please, Please.” I moaned and he slowly crawled up while I held his head.

When our faces met, I lustily said, “Fuck Me! Stick your cock in Mommies pussy and Fuck Me!” I started kissing his face tasting my pussy while trying to get my pussy to his cock. He pressed down on me, his balls on my wet pussy not letting me take him. I was moving around trying to get to his cockhead but he pressed hard against me allowing me to only rub his shaft and balls.

“Oh God, Please Lawrence, Baby, Fuck Me! Fuck Mommy! Please, Oh God, Fuck Me!” I wailed.

He moved and I thought, “At last, now I’m going escort bursa to have his cock inside me.” As he raised his hips up, I was anticipating the feel of his cock entering my pussy, but he stopped as the cockhead touched my clit and shifted up as he lowered his hips. His cock slid down my clit and between my lips but not in. I was frustrated and again tried to capture him as I squirmed around. I only succeeded in rubbing my clit and pussy on his shaft and pelvic bone and it was driving me crazy.

I grabbed his head and begged, “Lawrence, baby, please fuck me and stop teasing. I’ve waited so long to feel your cock inside me. Please baby, fuck your mommy.”

He kissed me and moved down, his cockhead parted my lips and I moaned hugging him tightly. He didn’t move as I tried in vane to pull him up and into me. I buried my face in his neck and once again begged, “Oh Baby Please Fuck Me, Please!”

Screaming into his neck I felt his cock slide into me to the hilt. It felt like a hot poker and my pussy was on fire. My hips bucking, my pussy squeezing his cock with a mind of its own as he started fucking with slow hard strokes. I sucked his neck and wrapped my legs around his waist as he drove into me. My orgasms built to a shaking crescendo. I marveled at the heat of his cock, taking my breath away. My son, my darling boy, was fucking me and it felt fantastic. I could feel my inner lips gripping his cock as it slid in and out of my flowing pussy through my continuous orgasms. I began to relax and ride the waves. I released the grip of my arms and unhooked my ankles to let my legs spread as wide as they could. He rose up putting pressure on my g-spot, unbelievably increasing my pleasure, sending strong waves of orgasm through my body. My head went back, my back arched thrusting my tits at him and I screamed in pleasure and went limp.

He slowed his thrusting gradually coming to a stop and told me to get on my knees. I smiled at him and put a hand on his ass to keep him in place. He understood and as I slowly rolled to my side he grabbed my hips and moved slowly with me into the doggy position. He held my hips as I lay my head on the bed while he slowly slid his cock in and out of my pussy. His hands were roaming all over my body. My back, shoulders, arms, sides, tits, stomach, pussy, thighs, calves, feet and back again. He stopped at my tits to play a bit and as he pulled my nipples I fondled his balls. He slammed into me hard as I felt his cock pulse sending his burning cum into my pussy.

I moaned, “Yes, yes, cum in mommy. Oh, your cum, feels so hot.”

He didn’t stop and barely softened. I knew he was as full of lust as I was. Looking back at him I told him to eat me. Slowly he stopped, pulled his cock from my pussy and lay on the bed with his head between my legs. Taking my hips in his hands he pulled my cum dripping pussy to his mouth lapping and sucking greedily. After another strong orgasm, I took my pussy from his mouth and moved back until I could kiss him and clean our sex from his face.

I could feel the warmth of his cock and moved my hips until I felt him at my opening. Pushing back, I felt his hot shaft slide easily into me. Pushing up with my hands on his chest I began to rock on his cock. His hands were caressing all of me he could reach and it felt unbelievably good. My son is an incredible lover. I reached out and caressed the back of his head, then taking a tit in my other hand I pulled his mouth to my nipple. He sucked greedily and ran his hands lightly over my ass and back. I began rocking earnestly through another orgasm. Just as it ebbed he dropped his head back grabbed my hips and started thrusting into me. Another orgasm started building and shook me violently when I felt is hot cum flood my pussy once again. I collapsed on top of him and noticed his cock was already soft. He had passed out.

I squirmed into him loving the fuck we just had and knew I had the lover I needed.

I looked over at our audience and could tell by the look on their faces that they were blown away by what they had watched.

A mischievous thought flashed through my mind as I asked if they liked what they had just watched. They could hardly answer me. I told them it was time for them to go, but since they were so good they could pull their bursa merkez eskort cocks out and jackoff over me as they felt me up, before leaving. They just looked at each other with their mouths open.

“That’s right. I said you can feel me up as you jackoff to cum all over me before you go.”

Four of them fell down trying to get up as they pulled their cocks out. I moved the tripod camera so it faced the center of the room, sucked each of their cocks a little, I wanted the cum each was oozing. Then I got a chair from the table and sat it in camera view and sat down with my legs spread.

“Come on boys; get your hands busy on me and jerk your cocks.” I ordered.

A couple of boys very lightly touched my tits and I closed my eyes. I was thinking of the wonderful fucking my son gave me and how good it felt to be fucked for the first time in many years, when I felt a hand on my pussy. I reacted with hip movements and moaned. As a finger slipped in my pussy, all sense and inhibition left me. This is where I reached a new level of depravity. I opened my lust filled eyes to see the hand finger-fucking me and followed up to see the biggest of the young black cocks. I grabbed it and growled, “Fuck Me,” as I pulled him between my legs.

Squeezing his cock tightly, I looked in his eyes and said, “I want you to fuck me, let me clean your cock with my mouth, and leave. Agreed!” He just looked at me. “Do you agree?” I said.

“Uh, yeah, yeah, I agree.” He replied.

Looking around at the others, I said, “If you agree to fuck me, let me clean you with my mouth, and leave. Get in line. Otherwise, leave now.” They all got in line including the camera boy.

I relaxed my grip on the cock in my hand and pulled it to my pussy, slipping it easily inside. The boy immediately started fucking me while mauling my tits. He fucked me hard for several minutes as I held on to the chair. I felt him cum as he pinched and pulled my nipples. He had a hard time standing when he pulled his soft cock from my pussy. I quickly leaned up and sucked his dripping soft cock in my mouth. As I rolled it around in my mouth running my tongue around it, I savored the taste. I watched as he returned it to his pants. Then he bent down, kissed me, squeezed a tit and left.

I didn’t have to say anything or guide the next boy, he was between my legs and fucking me before I turned my head. He lasted a long time and came while sucking my tits. He jerked so hard that he almost knocked me off the chair. He was in a nervous hurry, because he pulled out, jumped up, stepped over me, and stuck his cock in my mouth before I could move.

The third boy was fucking me before I let the second cock out of my mouth. This boy too, quickly put his cock up, zipped up and left.

My head was spinning with the lust of it all and I looked at the camera boys’ hard throbbing cock as he stood next to me recording. I stuck my hand between his legs, grabbed his ass, and pulled his cock into my mouth. Through my lust haze, I heard him say, “Lady, even if you suck me off, I’m taking my turn fucking you.”

I quickly pulled my head back, and said, “Good.” Then I went back to sucking his cock.

The third boy finished quickly, and my pussy was beginning to hurt, but there was no way I was stopping, I wanted this. I quickly cleaned the boys cock and watched as he left the room.

The fourth boy didn’t enter me right away; he rubbed my pussy with his hand and sucked my tits for a while. I went back to sucking the camera boy. At the same time the camera boy came in my mouth, number four rammed his cock in my pussy. I couldn’t stop cumming and shook violently. Number four bent forward and kissed me as he slammed his cock into me repeatedly.

Pain was increasing in my pussy and the mingling of pleasure and pain brought me to an unknown level of pleasure.

The boy stuck his tongue in my mouth and I sucked it like a penis as he came. He was very slow in standing up and with legs made of rubber wobbled around to let me clean his cock.

Again I was being fucked before I finished cleaning the cock in my mouth. I could barely see now as he walked out the door.

The pain in my pussy went away as this boy fucked me slowly, holding my waist. bursa sınırsız escort For many long minutes he slowly slid his cock in and out of my pussy, giving me many shaking orgasms. When he came I briefly passed out. As I regained my senses he was squeezing my tits together sucking on my nipples. When he saw me looking at him he stood and pulled my face to his dripping cock. There was a small amount of blood on it and I knew from the feeling in my pussy that it was mine. Moaning repeatedly, I cleaned him greedily.

Now the camera boy was between my legs and I was rotating my hips to invite him in. I looked down and saw that my pussy was swollen and bleeding. He was rubbing the head of his cock up and down between my swollen lips.

“Are you sure you want this lady?” He asked softly.

“Yes, yes, I want you to fuck me.” I moaned.

The other boy was putting his cock in his pants and I looked up and lustily begged, “Wait. Let me suck your cock.”

Pulling it back out, he stuck it in my mouth as my last fuck of the night began. At first the pain was making me jerk back from his thrusts, but it began to numb and I started to fuck him back. The boy fucking me leaned down and began kissing my face and neck as he rapidly slammed into me. The cock in my mouth grew until its head was in my throat. I could hardly breathe but stayed like that and used my tongue on the underside.

Camera boy fucked me and fucked me and fucked me as I face fucked the cock in my mouth.

The boy I was sucking grabbed my head and slammed his cock in my mouth mashing and hurting my nose as he came down my throat. I thought I was going to choke to death before he quickly pulled his cock from my mouth, with me choking and gasping.

“Oh God, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” He exclaimed and hurriedly left the room.

Camera boy was still fucking me and I reached out pulling him to me, causing us to fall to the floor. I locked my arms and legs around him as he pounded into me and came.

I clung to him for several minutes before I slowly released my grip. He rose from me and slowly stood, starting to walk away, but I weakly grabbed his leg to stop him.

“Let me clean you.” I said weakly.

“Lady, my cock is all bloody.” He replied.

“I don’t care. It’s my blood, and I want to clean it off your cock. Now help me up.” I said, pleading, and reaching up.

He pulled me up and without hesitation I started licking his cum soaked bloody cock.

“Jesus, Lady, you are something else!” he exclaimed.

His cock clean, he put it away and zipped up. There was blood and cum on his pants. He helped me to my feet and I walked him to the door. Before he left, I grabbed his head and gave him a passionate tonguing kiss. He left wearing the biggest grin.

I leaned against the door for several minutes in wonder at what I had done, with seven boys cum and blood running down my legs pooling on the floor.

Finally, able to move, I staggered to the bed, slid in next to my naked son and passed out. Four hours later I woke up. My son was still out but responded to my voice and woke up. I was still weak but managed to get him to the shower. The shower brought him fully awake and we washed each other.

He was shocked at the sight of blood and cum on my legs and pussy. He wanted to take me to the hospital, but I convinced him that all I needed was cleaned up and a few days rest. I promised him I would be fine and assured him he would see that when he watched the tapes.

When we got home, we went to bed in each others arms and slept for a whole day. When I awakened, I tried to get up and couldn’t move. The pain in my hips and pussy took my breath away. I had to grit my teeth and use my hands to move my legs. When I managed to stand, taking that first step made me feel like I was a hundred years old. When I finally sat down to pee, I was very apprehensive about how much it might hurt. I was so relieved when the warmth of the pee actually felt soothing. But, wiping my pussy, hurt terribly. I spent most of the day on the couch watching television with a heating pad between my legs. Lawrence stayed in bed with me tending to him and feeding him, hobbling around like a broke down old woman.

Another day passed before we watched the tapes and talked about what happened. He told me where they came from. He found them at the school for gifted youth downtown.

I told him how pleased I was at his choices and let him carefully eat my sore pussy as I sucked his cock. My pussy healed quickly, which I credit my son’ constant tender licking.

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