6 Kasım 2023

Deal (part 2)


Deal (part 2, A full house)

After you had submitted to pleasing my every whim, I decided not to wait too long to test your resolve. We have poker night every month at someone’s house and it was John’s turn next. You had implied that you would take on John’s wife Sara as part of our bargain so I invited you along to poker night at John’s. While we were getting ready I made sure I picked out your wardrobe for the evening. It started with a razor blade. I handed it to you while you were in the bath and you knew what you had to do without a word. I watched you shave down your snatch as bald as the day you were born. I know I love to eat bald pussy and was hoping that Sara would feel the same if the night worked out the way I wanted it to.

After you were bald and clean, I led you to the bedroom to show you your clothes. I had lain out an outfit I knew you would never wear if it were up to you. On top you had a lace nightie and that was it. It was very low cut to show off your 38D’s and sheer enough to tease anyone who looked at you that they may catch a glimpse of your gorgeous nipples. On the bottom was a very short miniskirt along with your black heels. You stood there naked and looking confused.
“Where are the panties and bra you want me to wear?” you asked
“I put out everything for you to wear on the bed” I replied
“No panties and no bra? What do you have in mind for poker night?” you asked with a sly grin.
“Slave, do not question my motives or my choices for you tonight. You’ve given yourself to me completely and will need to have perfect control over yourself for me to be satisfied. Now drop to your knees and show me how committed you are to me”

You instantly dropped down and took my cock into your mouth. You held it there as it grew to its full length. As it started touching the back of your throat, you moved to take less of it and I grabbed your hair and made sure you held your position. Just as you started to gag on it, I took it out and let you take a breath. As soon as you caught your breath, you were unceremoniously shoved back down onto my waiting dick. You were now ready for it and took every inch. As you worked your way up and down, I grabbed hold of your left nipple and started twisting. You groaned as I continued my assault on your tit.

“Slave, until I cum down that tight throat of yours, I will continue to twist this nipple. The sooner I cum, the sooner you get relief from your nipple torture.” I said.
“UUUGGAAKKKYY” you said.
I interpreted that to mean OK and continued abusing your face and tit.

Every time I twisted a little more, you took more cock into your throat. I started to feel that tingle in my balls and knew I was close to blowing my load in your mouth. I think it was turning me on almost as much to have your nipple at my mercy as it was to have my cock buried in your face. I know I had never been this mean to those wonderful tits you have. I gave you one last, cruel twist on that nipple as I felt the cum rising through my dick and bathing your tongue with it. As I finished, I let go of your nipple and you sighed in relief after swallowing my load.

“Thank you, Master. I will do everything you ask without question tonight because I have the utmost confidence that you will make sure I am used to the best of my ability.” you said.

“Slave, that is what I want to hear. You will be doing things you’ve never done before. You’ll be abused, humiliated, fucked, sucked, spanked, and hurt tonight. But it is only because I love using your body the way it was meant to be used. Remember that you are mine and I would never put you in danger. Now put on your clothes and let’s go to poker night at John’s. Do you think you want him in your izmit sansürsüz escort ass again?” I asked you.
“Master, when John had my asshole last time, I was in pain for three days after it, but if you insist, I’ll take him however you want.”
“I insist. Let’s get going then”

An hour later we arrived and John and Sara’s and the guys were all in the den with the cards out. None of the others knew about John sharing in your first experience with two guys and we weren’t about to tell them. They just might get their chance tonight, depending on how Sara reacted.

That was your assignment tonight. You were hanging out in the kitchen with Sara as we played cards and I had told you to seduce her before the end of the night. I heard the wine come out and had checked on you a couple of times earlier in the evening, but you looked no closer to having your first lesbian sex experience than when we got there. As I went to get another beer in the kitchen, I pulled you to the side and whispered in your ear “Slave, you will be eating that pussy tonight. If you do not, you will be stripped naked and forced to find your own way home.” This terrified you, if the look in your eyes was any giveaway, and you went back and sat a little closer to Sara.

Now, Sara is a beautiful brunette with long flowing hair, and a tight little ass, but not too much on top. If I had to guess, I’d say she’s only a 34B at best. She keeps herself in very good shape and has always dressed to accentuate her ‘ass’ets so she has a sexy look even with little tits. Tonight she had on a short top and a tight pair of shorts that made her little butt very inviting. I heard you ask her what the craziest thing she’d ever done in bed was as I left the room and thought you were on the right track and hoped she’d have a new story to tell after tonight.

About 15 minutes later, Sara came out and said that you and she were going in the bedroom to look at her photo album. John and I shared a glance and knew that our plan may be in action. It was very hard to play at that point, but we were lucky. We had decided to play a Texas hold’em tournament that night so as soon as we were out, we’d have to wait for everyone to finish before starting a new game. In thinking this, I went all in on rags and lost my stack first. John caught on and dumped most of his chips in the next couple of hands, finally losing them all about 5 minutes later.
“John, where’s the bathroom?” I asked.
“I’ll show you buddy, it’s in the master suite” John answered
I knew that Sara and you had gone into the master suite and was hoping you had lived up to your end of the bargain. As John opened the door, we were greeted with the most beautiful sight in the world. You were naked, on your knees licking at Sara’s shaved pussy. She had taken her shorts down and was sitting on the edge of the bed. Her eyes were closed and she was certainly enjoying herself. You looked up from your meal of pussy to see us both with large bulges in our pants. Sara noticed you had stopped and looked over at us.

“Scott, your slave told me about her arrangement with you and I decided to test it. She stripped as soon as I told her to, took my shorts down and started eating my cunt as soon as I told her to please me. You’ve done very well in getting her to submit. Now if you’ll give us a little room, I’d like her to finish off my pussy and start in on my ass.” Sara said.
John and I looked at each other and decided we could wait a little while as you went back down on her.
“Sara, she’s yours. I just ask that I can watch you train her. You know she’s never eaten a woman’s pussy before now. If she doesn’t do it right, she can be punished however izmit escort bayan you see fit.”

Something lit up in Sara’s eyes as I said that and she heartily agreed to treat you like a little slut. As she looked over to me, I had a feeling that I had made her night and may get the reward later. I started thinking of what I’d do with that tight ass, as I watched you chow her box and couldn’t wait to get in there.

Sara turned her attention back to you and pushed your head down tight to her fuck hole as she started to cum the first time. She screamed into a pillow as she came with your head held tight in her hands. You looked up with a wet face from her pussy and let her take a break for a minute. She started to reposition herself with her ass a little higher, giving you better access and us a much better view of her tight hole. She pushed your head back down and you went right for her ass. As you started tonguing her asshole, she started going nuts. When you broke through her anus with your tongue, she again came hard on your face and held you tight. You dug your tongue in as far as you could and had trouble keeping it in there while Sara thrashed around in ecstasy. She had one of her tits in her hand through her shirt and her other hand was rubbing her clit as fast as she could and she wasn’t slowing down. I know she came three times with you licking her ass.

After she was spent, she pulled her shirt off and showed off her little tits. Now there were two hot, naked, horny girls in the room with John and me. I asked Sara what she wanted you to do as her slave.
“I want to make this bitch take John up her ass and then suck him off. She’s going to do it with her hands tied so she can’t even think of defending herself. He always wants me to get fucked in the ass and I’ve found a great solution, I’ll just use this fuck toy. While she does that, I’d like to take a run at your cock, Scott.”

Sara left to go into the closet shaking that tight ass as she went by us and came out holding a pair of cuffs and a rope. She took you and threw you face down on the bed, cuffed your hands together and tied them to the headboard. She looked at John and montioned toward you. John didn’t need any more coaxing and stripped down to nothing. He grabbed a jar of lube and started by lubing your tight little butthole.

Meanwhile, Sara had dropped to her knees in front of me and started working on my pants. She had them around my ankles in no time and started to lick my balls. I go nuts when there’s a tongue on my sack and she was taking me places I’ve never been. I was a little worried about her aversion to ass fucking, but I thought I could get her past it if I worked hard enough. I looked over and saw John was just about to cram a very large dildo into your ass. I heard your muffled cry as he buried it to the hilt in your ass. At the same time, Sara took the length of my cock down her throat without warning. I was in heaven watching your ass get stretched while I had my cock buried in Sara’s face. John started to push his cock into your cunt while the huge dildo was filling your ass. He had to work pretty hard to get everything to fit, but since you couldn’t do anything to stop him, he wasn’t very gentle. I saw the pain in your eyes and I came in Sara’s mouth just as he started to fuck your wet cunt.

Sara swallowed every drop of my cum. I pulled her to her feet, grabbed her little tits and whispered “You are going to be my slave for tonight honey. Your tight little body will glow after I’m done with you. You won’t refuse anything I tell you, but you’re lucky, it’s only for tonight. What do you think of that?”
“I’ll play along tonight, but I really don’t want to get fucked otele gelen escort in the ass” Sara replied.
“That’s OK, baby. Just agree to let me guide your pleasure tonight” I told her.
“I’m yours” Sara said.

I had no intention of letting her off the hook. That ass was way too nice not to get reamed. I didn’t tell her that so it would be a shock later. I was looking for somewhere to put Sara but saw that John was still using you on the bed. The huge dildo was out of your ass but he was still ramming his meat into your cunt as you moaned in pleasure. I had no choice but to put Sara down on her hands and knees on the carpet in the bedroom. She stuck that little ass up in the air and it was just asking for a beating. I smacked her ass a few times to get her ready for the assault I was about to give her. She took it like a good little bitch and I could see her pussy glistening in anticipation of getting fucked. I looked up as I heard a scream and saw John above me shoving his big dick up your ass. You were squirming under his control as he pounded your butt as fast as he could. I was transfixed watching you get butt fucked, but was fingering Sara as I watched. After a while, John groaned and his cum started leaking out of your ass. He pulled out and collapsed next to you having used up all his energy.

Sara started to get impatient with me and I turned my attention to her hard little body. I told her to go get another rope and she jumped up. When she returned, John was watching us and fingering your sore asshole. As Sara laid down on the floor, I tied her hands together in front of her and fastened them to the leg of the bed. Now Sara had no way to defend her little ass and I was going to take advantage of the situation. I winked at John and he tossed me the lube he’d used on your ass and I got my thumb oiled up.

Sara was thinking she was going to get a good pussy fucking, but she was very mistaken… I slapped her beautiful little ass once more and shoved my thumb into her butt. She screamed in agony and surprise but didn’t try to get away. I worked my thumb into her ass as I played with her clit. This kept her interest and she started working my thumb into her butt by moving back toward me. I grabbed her long hair and pulled her head back as I took my thumb out of her tight ass. I leaned down near her ear and whispered. “Bitch, you never tell me what you don’t want to do. I’m going to have this ass wide open and well fucked by the end of the night”. As I finished talking to her, I took the lube out and oiled up my cock. I took my time as I paused with the head of my cock on her anus. She started whimpering when I broke through her little ring. I kept pushing and finally got my whole dick deep into her bowels. I fucked her hard after I had given her all of my meat. I stopped with my cock buried to the hilt in her ass and called out to John. “Hey buddy, get my wife down here, she’s got some work to do”. He untied your hands and you came down to the floor where Sara was up to her ass in dick.

I told you to work your way under her into a 69 position. You put yourself there and started lapping at Sara’s pussy without being told. I pushed Sara’s head to your crotch and she got the hint as well. I was pounding Sara’s ass now and felt the cum rising. I pulled out, grabbed your hair and shoved my ass flavored cock into your throat and blew my load into your stomach.
Then I had an idea. I told you to stay put and got up to call in the other guys who had to be wondering what was going on. The three of them came in and I told them that there were two fuck slaves on the floor for them to use as they like. I said I wanted Sara to take all three of them in her gorgeous little ass first and all of them to come in your mouth. After that they could do whatever they wanted with you and Sara. As they lined up, I saw the Sara was grinding away on your face and realized that she was looking forward to the next three hours as much as I was. Five guys and two slaves? Sounds like a full house to me…
To be continued…

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