20 Kasım 2023

Dave Needs Help


His wife was being a real pain in the ass. All he wanted was to bury himself deep within her and she was acting like it was a crime. Pam said he was too big, that they had kids. She expected that to be enough. Well, Dave needed more than that. The point of sex for him wasn’t just to have kids. A man had needs.

Served him right, he figured. He knew how religious Pam was when he married her. She never missed a Sunday at church and often gave him the lecture that “God was listening” whenever he used profanity. Well, fuck her. Yet that was the problem, she wouldn’t let him.

Pam never had been a good lay. Though her tightness always felt wonderful to Dave, she was never quite wet enough. And the worst part was, she would just lay there, her eyes closed, her arms at her sides. She also wasn’t in to anything but missionary. Dave didn’t expect to fuck her ass but a little variation of her laying under him would have been nice.

He thought of having an affair but he didn’t want to ruin his family. He adored his kids and, deep down, still loved Pam. If only she would satisfy him a way a wife was supposed to satisfy her husband. But no, ever since his eighteen year old son, Frank, had been born Dave was lucky to screw her once a month.

Dave and Pam had three kids, two girls and a boy. Their oldest, Sara, was twenty-five and lived in New York. She was an editor at some book company. Dave was proud of her but rarely saw his first born. Next was Nadine, who at twenty-two lived about ten miles away from their family home in Ohio. She was a good girl, still in college and planning to be a teacher eventually. Frank just graduated high school but wasn’t planning to go to college. He was still living at home and working at the local bowling alley. Dave argued against Pam. He felt Frank should have as much time as he needed to decide what he wanted from life. Dave was an investment banker and could afford to keep Frank at home with them for as long as the boy needed.

Plus, Dave liked having the kids around. Weekends brought visits from Nadine and it was nice when she, Frank, Pam, and Dave could sit down as a family for dinner. It also kept Dave’s mind off his sexual frustration. His kids had always worked as a distraction for him when it came to his marriage.

When bursa eskort Pam’s mother became sick, Pam immediately took off to Virginia to care for her. Dave was disgruntled, even as he told Pam to have a safe trip, because he was so horny. Masturbation just wasn’t doing it for him anymore. He needed somewhere soft, wet, and welcoming to thrust his cock into.

Nadine came that weekend and took Pam’s place in the kitchen. Dave and Frank were appreciative but Frank had plans that night. Before Dave knew it, he and Nadine were alone in the house and he was still horny as hell. Nadine had already told Dave she would be spending the night.

“That way, I can make you breakfast tomorrow, Dad,” she told him brightly.

Dave was happy to have his daughter there but without her, he would have watched some porn, jacked off miserably, and went to bed. Now, he felt he should entertain her somehow. The movie was her idea but he figured it would be a distraction. Neither of them had seen Diane Lane in “Unfaithful,” but Nadine had purchased the movie in curiosity.

By the second steamy love scene between the beautiful actress and her boy toy, Dave was as hot and hard as he would have been if they were watching porn. Though he tried to control himself – he was sitting here with his little girl, after all – something about being aroused in the presence of his daughter made him that much harder.

He noticed his daughter squirming a bit and realized she was probably as turned on as he was. The scenes on the screen were graphic and both characters had beautiful bodies. Dave and Nadine sat next to one another on the couch, so when Nadine let out a little sigh Dave glanced at her. He was both amused and ready to blow his load over what he saw.

Nadine sat with her arms crossed in front of her, yet resting on her knees. She was slowly moving her arms in a tiny movement with her hips, obviously stimulated both her nipples and her pussy at the same time. Though her eyes were focused on the TV, she bit her lip as she pleasured herself.

Dave himself was one step away from releasing his throbbing cock to pleasure himself. He was turned on enough to ignore the thoughts of how wrong the whole situation was. Before he could stop himself, he spoke bursa escort bayan to his daughter.

“Why don’t I give you a hand there?”

Nadine’s eyes, when she turned them to her father, were a bit dazed because of her heightened arousal. “Whaaa . . .?”

He grinned and turned towards her on the couch. Without a word he moved his hand over her thigh and into the valley between her legs. At the first touch of his fingers, Nadine moaned and her head fell back onto the couch. Dave expertly moved his fingers against her, thrilled with how moist she felt, even through the layers of jean and panty. She opened her legs and he reached for her zipper. As he eased it down with one hand, his other bunched her shirt up so he could knead one of her full and beautiful tits.

Nadine moaned before she pulled the shirt up over her head. “Daddy,” she said softly, “touch me.”

“I am, baby girl. I am.” Because he had her full cooperation, Dave had no trouble removing his daughter’s bra and sliding her jeans down her legs. As his hand covered her lace-covered pussy, hers joined it there to encourage his fingers to go deeper. “Let’s get these off,” Dave told her, as he slipped the panties off his daughter. This left her gloriously naked before him.

Nadine was breathing heavily as her father studied her naked body. Soon, he leaned over and took one of her achingly hard nipples into his mouth. As he suckled on his daughter’s tit, his fingers returned to her pussy. There were no barriers left for him so that as his digits slipped inside, they were met with a wet, warm, welcoming home.

Dave was on his knees in no time, drawing his daughter’s legs over his shoulders so that he could get closer to that wonderful place. Nadine played with her own tits now, kneading them as her father drank of her most delicious juice.

“Yes, Daddy,” she encouraged him. “Eat me, Daddy. Please don’t stop!”

Dave’s wife had never let him go down on her. Though he tried once or twice, she had been grossed out by the very idea. Nadine was allowing him this great gift. He loved her taste, loved the way her hands would occasionally grab at his hair, and, when she came, he loved how his daughter put both hands to the back of his head görükle escort to push him into her as deeply as possible.

Nadine orgasm as the fingers and mouth of her father left her dazzled. She lay, unable to catch her breath, and simply smiling at him. Eventually, she thanked him. She leaned towards him and kissed him deeply, taking his tongue – and much of her own taste – inside her mouth to enjoy.

Dave sat back up on the couch with his daughter as they continued to kiss deeply. He felt her hand on the straining zipper of his own jeans. Nadine was allowed to draw her father’s massive cock out of his pants and marvel at its size.

“Oh, Daddy,” she said on a gasp. The next breath she took was one filled with cock as she leaned over her father to take him deep inside her mouth. Though she couldn’t take all of him, her effort and the expert way she moved with tongue and teeth, had Dave ready to burst before long at all.

Right before he blew his load into his sweet daughter’s mouth, she pulled away. Before he could fight, she was throwing a leg on either side of him. Once she had straddled him, Nadine let her pussy rub against her father’s slippery, throbbing cock. Close to insanity, Dave took control. He grasped his daughter’s hips and pulled her down. When his cock entered her, they both moaned in mutual satisfaction.

Nadine’s slow smile as her father packed her full of his monster meat had Dave straining to make this moment last. He put his hands to his daughter’s tits and pleasured them both with the feel of that connection. Then she leaned towards him and all was lost.

Dave’s hands went back to his baby girl’s hips. Before long he was lifting and slamming her down on his cock over and over.

“Yes!” she yelled. “Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me hard! Give me all of your huge cock! Your baby girl wants it all! Fuck me!”

He did just that, thrusting into her again and again until his cock released all of his frustration into his daughter and she pushed her clit down to rub along his hard shaft until she came as well.

When they could both breathe again, Nadine started laughing. “We’re going to have to watch this movie again sometime,” she told him. When he laughed as well, she leaned towards him and sucked on his tongue. Nadine suddenly realized her father was still hard. As she moved against him, he grew again and she pulled away to look at him in surprise.

“Who needs the movie?” he asked, before sinking his hand into her hips to thrust up into her again…

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