20 Kasım 2023

Daughter’s Seduction Ch. 02


I was feeling deliciously sore in all the right places. There was this dull aching between my legs that reminded me of what had transpired only minutes before. My nipples were throbbing and my areolas were red and showed traces of bruising where my daddy had sucked and bitten. And it felt wonderful. My eyes were close feigning sleep and the smile on my face was seemingly plastered there.

Snuggling in closer to my daddy’s warmth, I could feel his arms holding me securely. Only a few minutes ago, he’d been moving in me, taking me places no other man had. There was no other man I wanted to share this experience with. My dream man had come true and it was more exciting and pleasuring than any dream I’d had of my daddy. He’d been so gentle and protective, taking his time as too not hurt me too much. But it was inevitable that I would feel some pain, especially since he had a massive size cock. It felt at least ten inches long, but since I hadn’t gotten the chance to see it up close, I couldn’t be sure.

Daddy hadn’t been with a woman in over four years, since Mom had left us for reasons we still weren’t sure of. I felt so honored that he would give himself to me and while I could care less about society’s feelings on our love, I was sure that Daddy would have a hard time with what we’d just shared. In every way I’d seduced my dad, hitting him in his most vulnerable spots, using my body to fill him with need. I didn’t want to feel guilty about it, but the guilt was slipping in the longer he remained quiet. He had said nothing in the thirty minutes since our climatic ending. I was just laying in his protective arms with his length still deeply imbedded in my sex as my mind replayed everything.

His breathing was coming in long even portions. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think he’d fallen asleep but his fingers were still gently caressing me along my spine. I was getting wet again and my pussy was jumping in anticipation of more to come. I moaned softly feeling Daddy’s cock start to stiffen inside of me. I couldn’t help myself as my pussy walls began constricting around his hard cock. My body began moving tentatively on him.

“Mmm,” Daddy moaned softly. His hands gripped my firm ass moving me up and down on his length. “That feels soo good.”

“Yessss,” I moaned lifting my body so that I could ride him. It was still a very tight fit but it felt amazing. Soon instinct took over and I was bouncing slowly on his cock. “Fuck me!” I yelled out. The feeling was so amazing that I came instantly crying out my daddy’s real name.

“Fuck!!! I’m cumming, Matt!”

I’d kicked caution to the wind and hoped I wouldn’t regret it. I’d never called my daddy by his first name.

“That’s it, baby girl. Cum on this cock,” he encouraged. I rode him harder and faster releasing yet another orgasm and the first had barely ended. Our bodies were now moving at a super pace. The sound of our bodies smacking together filled the room. Feeling my balance falter, I braced my hands on Daddy’s strong stomach. Then he yelled out and I could feel his cum shooting into me, spurt after spurt. He stilled my movements and just held me in a sitting position for a minute. Then Daddy held my bursa escort face in both of his massive hands and pulled my lips toward his. Our lips connected in a slow and lazy, but powerful kiss.

“I love you, Toni,” I heard him say. Then he snuggled in behind me in a spooning position.

I held onto his strong arms. “I love you too, Daddy.” I was asleep in an instant.


I wasn’t sure how long I’d been out when I felt myself being lifted. Fighting off the fatigue, I opened my eyes. My dad was carrying me into the bathroom. I’d completely forgotten about the bath I’d drawn for him. We were both still naked and he set me in the hot water first and then settled in behind me.

“This was supposed to be your bath,” I told him. The scents I’d put in were strong, stronger than they should have been.

“Let me take care of you. You are still my daughter and I know you are sore.” He reached into the water and found the buffing sponge he’d placed in the water. I didn’t get the chance to pull my hair up but I didn’t mind fussing with it after a night like tonight.

Daddy filled the sponge with my girlie shower gel. He’d obviously gone into my bathroom if he had that. First he washed my shoulders and back, using his free hand to hold my hair out of the way. Next he washed my breasts. He took extra time there and I could feel his cock stirring below. It felt so good, my head fell back against his shoulder. My nipples instantly hardened. I could tell he was trying to keep from getting excited, but his cock was growing quickly.

“You are driving me crazy,” he said huskily. His lips pressed against my neck, kissing me and licking. Automatically, my legs open for him. The tub was a Jacuzzi and provided more than enough room for our long bodies.

“I’m getting wet, and not from the water,” I moaned. My fingers were now caressing his thighs just trying to touch him any way I could. Part of me was still sore but I didn’t care. The hot water was going a long way to soothe me. I understood what Daddy meant about taking care of me.

“Not yet, baby girl.” He soaped up the sponge again and started washing my pussy through the water. He was so gentle and attentive. “Plus, I owe you for seducing me.”

I laughed. It was in my throat to deny it, but I wasn’t going to lie to my dad. Then I lowered my head starting to feel shame at being deceitful. “Are you mad at me?”

Daddy placed the sponge back in the water and wrapped those big protective arms around me again. “You grew up on me too fast. Next month, you will be 19 and you are in college now. I now know why you stayed instead of going to school far off.”

“It wasn’t to seduce you. Well not at first,” I said giggling. “But I wanted to take care of you. And the school I go to is just as good. I’m getting a great education and I’m still here to take care of you. You work really hard, Daddy. And you are putting me through school. I like making sure that you have a decent meal when you come home from work and that the house is clean. Plus, I think I’d get too lonely without you if I were away.”

Daddy rested bursa escort his head on top of mine. “It’s not your job to take care of me.”

“But I want it to be. I love taking care of you. I love you.”

“It would have been really hard if you had’ve gone away to school. The house would be so empty without you. And a selfish part of me was very happy when you decided to stay around here.” Daddy kissed my head and started rubbing his thumb under my breasts.

Silence filled the room. Daddy’s hands continued to fondle my breasts. He eventually ran his thumbs over my nipples. His kisses to my neck and shoulder resumed.

“When’s your next hair appointment?” Daddy asked me all of a sudden.

The question staggered me and before I could answer, I found myself flipped onto my back, my head barely above water. Daddy lifted my legs with his legs and slowly entered me. There was no pain though it was a very tight fit. He filled me completely.

“Watch me,” Daddy commanded. “Look at the man who is taking you, invading your pussy. Watch me, baby girl.”

I kept my eyes open, biting down on my bottom lips absorbing the pleasure. When it became too much to handle, I cried out, “Ahhh!!! Shit!!!”

“That’s it, baby girl. Don’t hold back on me.” His moans were deep and passionate as he moved in and out of me.

Pleasure was building fast. Maneuvering on such a frictionless surface made it hard for me move. Daddy went faster and it was like I could feel him getting harder inside of me. It didn’t take long for me to reach the first orgasm. As my pussy walls spasm around him, he moaned louder, praising me for having such an incredible pussy. About a minute later, I could feel him shooting his cum inside of me and it sent me on another wave of absolute pleasure. This time, Daddy captured my cries with his mouth in a passionate kiss.

Daddy positioned us with me on his lap in a straddle position. I rested my head on his shoulder. He turned on the jets and let the water massage us. It felt so incredible. One of his arms held me closely, protectively, while his other hand slowly caressed my spine. We’d started turning into human prunes when Daddy lifted me out of the water. He wrapped me in a towel after drying every inch of my body. He tried wrapping my hair in a towel. I giggled at his failed attempts and finally did it myself. I smiled and gave him an A+ for effort. Daddy disappeared into the bedroom and left me sitting at the foot of the tub.

Later he returned wearing black briefs. I was slightly disappointed that he’d covered himself but pleasantly surprised when he led me into the bedroom. Gone were the soiled sheets and the entire bed had been remade with a fresh set of the same color. Covering the bed was one of the many thick, hand knitted, wool blankets, that Daddy and I had received for Christmas presents from my grandmother on my mom’s side. I wondered why the blanket had been placed on the bed, but dared not ask.

“My little girl’s cunt gets entirely too wet and I’m not changing this bed again,” Daddy whispered in my ear. I couldn’t help but smile and blush.

The candlelight still filled the room and soft bursa eskort music – jazz- played in the background. I was really starting to appreciate the romance of jazz by now. I wanted to say something, but someone words would just reduce from the romance of the moment. Daddy took my hand and led me to the bed and I sat. He removed the towel covering my body and lay it behind me.

“Lay down,” he commanded and I obeyed. He reached down and picked up a bottle of baby oil. “Front or back first?” he asked. I smiled and turned over onto my stomach. The next thing I felt was the drips of baby oil dripping all over my body. It was a cool and tickling sensation that was followed by strong capable hands that started at the nape of my neck and ended at the soles of my feet. His fingers were firm but not too rough as my massage my skin. It was better than anything I could have imagined a massage would feel like. At his command, I turned over and he completed the front the same as he did the back. He spent a lot of time working with my breasts and stimulating my nipples. When he got to my pussy, he admired but didn’t touch.

“Beautiful,” Daddy said huskily. He was tracing the triangle of hair just above my feminine core. I wanted him to touch me, needed him to touch me but he held off to finish massaging my body.

Placing the oil back on the floor, Daddy settled his body half way on top of mine. Instinctively, I wrapped my arm around him caressing the back of his neck just below his hair line. “I love you, Daddy.”

He kissed my forehead, then my nose and finally my lips. “I love you too, Toni. We can’t go back.”

I leaned up and found his lips, kissing him hard and as passionately as I could. I wanted nothing more than to give him pleasure and ease all worries and doubts from his mind. Feeling him give in and let go, he pulled my top leg on top of his. He was hard and throbbing. Momentarily he dislodged himself to strip but soon returned to the same position. I could feel him at the opening of my wetness. Our combined heat was like a furnace fueling our desire. Daddy shifted slighty and I felt him entering my wetness completely with a single thrust. Our moans came simultaneously. While everything started off slowly and steadied, it soon turned into love in its primal form. We rolled over with me riding him. His hands were on my ass guiding me into a fast rhythm. We stayed that way for a while until we ended up with him between my legs pounding me hard and fast.

I came on a loud cry. My body went rigid and I never wanted to feeling to end. Daddy withdrew from me for only a second to turn me on my back. He entered me from behind. His face at my neck kissing and licking. My moans were getting louder and louder as my pleasure grew again. I came again biting down on the thick afghan. Minutes later, Daddy erupted, his hot cum shooting inside me over and over. There was so much it started running out of my pussy settling between our thighs. We collapsed with him on top of me, our sex still connected, our breathing frantic.

Minutes later, Daddy withdrew from me and went into the bathroom. I heard water running and when he returned he washed me up. My body was still spent from such an incredible fuck. I felt the afghan being rolled away and naked still, Daddy pulled my body to his in the middle of the bed. In an instant we were both asleep on our sides with his arm wrapped securely around my body pulling me into his warmth.

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