21 Kasım 2023

Dating Darkness Pt. 02


“Wait a minute! You’ve had someone follow me taking picture?! Are you demented?” she moved to slide off the counter.

He held her there.

“Demented is a rather strong word. I’d say more good taste and eclectic. You are mesmerising.” He smiled running his hand down her shoulder and arm, cupping her hand under his. “I needed to have you and consume you as soon as I saw you.” He leaned in and sniffed her neck inhaling her intoxicating scent.

“You’re insane! Handsome but completely insane, get off me!” she yelled.

*Click, click.*

“Not a chance I’m letting you go now Laura. We are one of the same. Kindred spirits if you will.” He stared into her crystal clear blue eyes as she stared into his. A spark. A flame ignited in them.

*Click, click.*

Laura reached for his neck pulling him so hard she almost pulled his head clean off; their lips met with force, kissing passionately. His hand grabbed her hair pulling hard as he kissed down her neck.

“Take me right here!” she cried out as her hands scrambled to unbuttoned his trousers.

She pushed his trousers down grabbing his hard ass cheeks, digging her nails in. He let out a gasp; letting go of her hair and pulling her legs. He slid her forward positioning her on the edge of the counter top. She took his hand licking his fingers and sucking on them as he rubbed his cock.

Laura gripped onto the counter as he rubbed his cock against her clit and lips, slowing sliding up and down, slapping her clit. He focused on her lips rubbing faster, as she glistened.

“I’m going to fucking destroy you.” He whispered in her ear biting on the lobe as he thrust into her in one long stroke.

*Click, click.*

She grabbed onto his neck as he began to pound into her ferociously, rocking the glassware in the cupboard above. Her nails clawing into his back, his balls slapping her ass as they both panted and groaned in pleasure.

Pulling out of her he grabbed her arm and slid her off the counter. Swinging her over the kitchen table, entering her from behind he grabbed a fist full of her long hair and began to thrust into her. Laura grabbed onto the white linen tablecloth as he pounded her mercilessly.

With his free hand he squeezed her ass and spanked it hard.

“Ahhh…” she winced.

“You love it rough, don’t deny it. Remember I’ve seen the photos.” He chuckled.

*Click, click.*

She remained silent as she had no retort to that statement. All she could do was lie there and enjoy the pleasure and pain he inflicted on her, but she loved it. He pulled her hair hard as he thrust a final thrust finishing inside her and collapsing on top of her back.

“That’s the best pussy I’ve had in years.” He proclaimed as he kissed her neck.

She turned her head and nodded with a massive smile on her face, then realized he was still alive.

“Surprised I’m still alive Laura?” he smirked.

“Well,…yeah!” she said shocked.

“Well, to be honest I’m shocked you’re still alive too.” He said as he got off of her pulling his now limp cock from inside her. “Normally, when I make my partners cum or I cum in them, they die. I assume it’s the same for you?” he enquired.

“Yes…..” she replied stunned.

“Guess we are both afflicted with the darkness. It was meant to be that I found you and stalked you.” He smiled coyly.

*Click, click.*

“Darkness…well that’s one way to put it.” She shrugged as they both stood up.

They continued to see each other after that first tryst, starting with coffee and working up to actually date nights. Eventually they officially became an couple and the click, click stopped.

He would stay at hers, she would stay at his. Combining their two lives seemed to be harder than they had imagined. Tony was the head of a fortune 500 company, his job made it almost impossible to keep a relationship with the long hours and travel but so far the relationship with Laura was still going strong.

‘Maybe because she isn’t like anyone else’ he thought to himself.

They had planned for weeks to go away for the weekend to a remote cabin on a lakeside, Laura had specially bought some interesting boudoir attire and some accessories for Tony to try on her. Vibrating nipple clamps; leather cuffs and leg restraints, a wooden paddle with his name engraved on it so that when it left a mark across her snow white skin it would leave his name behind in a rosy red glow. Also some toys; butt plug with a red gem on the end, a strap on for a little double penetration since he didn’t like to share her with anyone.

She had her suitcase packed and sat at the door patiently waiting on him to pick her up when the phone rang. She picked up her phone and saw it was Tony’s work number.

“Let me guess, you have to work this weekend or you have an important client that just called and needs to see you tonight…” she huffed.

“Hon, I’m sorry, you know work comes first. I can’t let some little shithead run my company for me, I built it from the ground up!” he snapped.

“Yeah, Avrupa Yakası Escort yeah whatever. I swear you are married to your work.” She hung up.

She grabbed her bag and threw it in her car. ‘Well, I’m not letting the cabin go to waste…let’s pick up a little fun…’ she thought to herself as she grinned.

Laura pulled out of the driveway and headed downtown, back to her old hunting ground. She pulled into a sleazy strip club and headed inside to look for a little distraction and entertainment.

“Laura! Jesus, I haven’t seen you in an age! Come here!” a girl serving drinks put down the full tray and embraced her.

“Sapphire? You’re still working here, dammit you need to get your ass back to college. You’re too smart to still be working here.” Laura hugged her tight.

Sapphire was a small pixie of a girl; slender, very toned dancer body only 21 years old with caramel skin and deep blue eyes. That’s how she got the name sapphire.

“I heard you had a man. What happened?” she enquired.

“Married to the job, I need a little distraction. Any good pickin’ tonight?” Laura smiled.

“Well, depends on what you’re looking for. That one has cash, that one is kind, that one is a sadist, and the rest are just the usual pervs. So like I said depends on what you are looking for…” she paused.

“Thanks hon. I’ll stalk my prey from the booth. If you aren’t busy come by and see me. Oh can you bring me a water with…” Laura was interrupted

“The lady with have a vodka martini with a lemon twist. Put it on my tab…” he handed Sapphire a twenty. “The names Rick, and you are enchanting.” He grinned.

“Well, it is very nice to meet you Rick. And thank you for the drink.” She smiled and walked away, he follows.

“Hey wait! A man buys you a drink and you don’t even give him your name. How rude!” he called to her.

“You didn’t ask.” She told him as she spun around.

“Well…what is your name?” he enquired.

“Laura.” She walked to the booth.

As she sat down Sapphire brought her drink over that Rick had ordered for her and the drink she always orders, water with ice and a wedge of lemon.

“I didn’t order water you stupid girl. Take it away!” he demanded.

Laura lifted her hand stopping Sapphire from responding.

“I’ll have you know, you pompous arrogant self indulgent ass. I ordered it as you interrupted me earlier, so take your vodka martini with a lemon twist and yourself and get to stepping! Also do not disrespect the staff in this establishment or you will be barred for life.” She waved her hand and a security guard appeared, grabbed Ricks arm and threw him out on his ass.

“Laura! You didn’t need to do that. I can stand up for myself.” Sapphire sighed as she sat on Laura’s lap.

“I will always protect my girls and business. He’s a dime a dozen. But him…well he is not.” Laura looked across to a black haired man with slender shoulders. “Fetch him for me.” She smirked patting Sapphires ass.

Sapphire sauntered across the room barely touch the floor, flowing like a water. She walked in front of him letting her hand trail across his slender shoulders and chest. Laura watched Sapphires’ flawless effort to enchant the man to go to her. He declined and sent her a drink, water with ice and a wedge of lemon. His gesture made Laura smile, seeing her smile he made his move.

He sat down across from her and stared into her eyes with a tiny smile not saying a word. Laura stared back with a slight smile intrigued by the mysterious man.

“I’m… ” she was interrupted

“Laura. I know who you are.” He smirked still staring.

“Well then. May I know your name?” she leaned in.

“In time…perhaps.” He smiled as he took her hand and smelled it.

“How intriguing. Well what shall I call you if I can’t know your name?” she questioned.

“Master.” He stared at her with a raised eyebrow.

She laughed. “Okay. I’ll play along. Want to get out of here master?”

“Okay. Let’s use the cabin since it isn’t getting used tonight.” He smiled.

“How’d you know about… ” she paused.

“I know your name, obviously I’m going to know more. So, cabin slave.” He smiled getting up and taking her hand.

“Yes master.” She nodded taking his hand.

“We’ll take my car.” He tells her.

They went outside to his Jeep Rangler. “Your bags are inside already, don’t worry. Please” he motions for her to get in as he holds the door open.

Laura gets in and he closed the door. She wondered to herself who he is and how does he know so much about her, she is always careful. He got in and they set off for the cabin. His long slender fingers entwined with hers as they drive, she caught him staring at her from time to time.

They arrived at the cabin when Laura sees all the lights on and Tony’s car parked outside.

“Oh my God! Tony is here. He told me he was working.” She yelped.

“I know.” He smiled.

She drew her eyebrows down and pulled her hand Avrupa Yakası Bayan away. “What do you mean?”

“You will find out. Don’t worry.” He smiled and stared.

They pulled up and Tony was stood waiting to open her door.

“What the hell! You asshole!” she yelled at him.

“I told you I had a meeting with an important client. You are the client.” He smiled. “Even though you went to pick up guys…” he paused. “It’s a good thing my man Slender was there. Thank you.” He leaned in the car and handed him an envelope. “Have a good time on me.”

“I will… and so will you.” He smiled sniffing Laura’s hair as she stepped out of the car.

“Who is that? He is…peculiar.” She asked as Slender drove away.

“That is Slenderman, he’s my… personal assistant.” He paused. “Come on let’s get out of the cold.” He grabbed her bag, her hand and led her inside.

Once inside the warmth of the roaring log fire hit her fully, in front of the fire was a white fur rug, the room decorated with candles and flowers. On the wooden coffee table sat an ice bucket with a bottle of champagne chilling.

“Sit down.” He commanded.

“Forceful, I like.” She smiled and done as she was told.

“And reply to my commands with ‘yes sir’ when I speak to you. Understood?” he glanced down at her.

“Yes sir.” She replied folding her hands on her lap.

Tony disappeared into the bedroom leaving Laura sitting looking out to the forest and lake, she got up and stood at the window as she was too warm.

“Did I say you could move?” he shouted from the bedroom.

“No…”she replied.

“No what?” he raised his voice.

“No sir” she replied as she sat back down.

“Get in here at once young lady.” He demanded.

She sheepishly walked slowly towards the bedroom.

“Quicker.” He yelled.

She walked faster as she reached the bedroom door. In front of her was Tony, stark naked. Riding crop in hand. With an array of toys and implements laid out on the sideboard.

“Come here, stand in front of me.” He pointed.

She scurried over in front if him, between him and the king size bed.

“Turn around, hands in the bed, bend over. It is time for your punishment for disobedience.” He smirked.

Laura did as she was told turning around and placed both hands on the silk sheets of the bed and bent over.

“Ready young lady?”

“Yes sir. I am ready to receive my punishment.”

With her consent he started to gently caress her ass cheeks, he quickly drew back the riding crop and struck her in the middle of her ass, the noise radiated around the room. He replaced the riding crop with his gentle touch soothing the skin.

“Are you going to disobey me again?” he asked.

“No sir.” She replied with a smile on her face.

He grabbed her arm and spun her around, he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her close, passionately kissing her. His hands wandered up and down her back, grabbing at her pert ass, he unzipped her dress and sliding it off her body. The pair stood naked in the bedroom of the glass and wooden cabin entwined with each other body and soul.

They separated as Tony took her hand and led her over to the sideboard where the evenings fun lay; an assortment of bondage, toys, paddles, underwear and plugs.

“I think we shall start with this little beauty.” He smiled as he picked up the silver but plug with red gem on the end. “And this.” He picked up a massage wand.

“Yes sir.” She smiled excitedly.

“Get on the bed, on all fours.” He motioned.

She moved onto the bed, waiting for him expectantly. Her ass in the air, she moved her hips slowly teasing him.

“You will regret teasing me little girl.” He smiled.

He stood behind her, his hands on her ass massaging gently. Fore finger gently making circular motions on her anus before he slid it inside. Slowly stretching her. He turned the massage wand on, placing it on her clit making her instantly moan.

“No orgasm until I say so. Do you understand?” he asked as he pulled the wand away.

“Yes sir.” She replied in hopes of its return.

Instead he slid two fingers in her anus before placing the wand back at her clit. A gasp was replaced with a long moan as she began to glisten for him. He slowly pulled his fingers out of her to reach for the plug. Keeping the wand firmly placed against her clit, she was quickly reaching the tipping point.

“Ah ah ah, no orgasm until I say so.” He pulled it away as she was reaching climax.

With the silver plug in hand he used her own juices to lube the butt plug generously before he inserted it in her ass. He traced the folds of her body with the tip of the plug, the cold steel a stark contrast against the heat radiating from her body. Tracing around her clit, gently rubbing and teasing her. Tony inserted it into her pussy ever so slightly before he slowly pushed it into her anus fully.

Throughout this process was gripping the bedsheets biting her bottom lip on anticipation.

“Lie Escort Avrupa Yakası on your back.” He commanded.

“Yes sir.” She done as she was told laying on the bed.

He moved to the sideboard and placed leather handcuffs on the bed and a set of cuffs of her ankles with a stretcher bar attached. He turned to her and sat on the bed.

“Tonight you will be my slave and do as I command.” He told her as he applied vibrating nipple clamps.

He then moved around the bed and placed the handcuffs on her wrists and then her feet with the stretcher bar.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“Yes sir.” She smiled widely.

He grabbed her behind the knees and pulled her down the bed placing the wand back in her clit, watching her body twitch and writhe as she tried her best not to reach climax before he said she was allowed. She let out a scream.

“Please sir, I’m going to climax. Please let me. Please.” She pleaded.

He took a moment to reply.

“No.” he pulled the wand away and watched her breathing ragged before returning it.

“Remember you aren’t allowed to cum until I say so slave.” He smirked.

“Yes sir.” She squealed.

Her breathing was laboured, her breasts moving up and down at a rapid speed, nipples fully erect with the clamps, hips bucking against the wand as the juices ran down his hand.

“Are you cumming slave! I told you not to!” he yelled as he pulled the wand away.

“I’m sorry sir I tried not to but…but it was just too much. I apologise sir.” She begged.

He flipped her over.

“For every disobedient act there will be a punishment.” He told her.

“I accept my fate. Sir.” She lay waiting on the riding crop.

He laughed. “Fate has nothing to do with this night. It’s all about order and respect young lady. Something you severely lack.”

He retrieved the wooden paddle with his name etched into it. He stroked and sniffed the wood then ran his hand across her bare wet cheeks. He licked one of his fingers.

“Tasty.” He laughed. He quickly brought the paddle down on her gently at first, building up pressure and force. Her ass turned a nice shade of red with his name in her pale snow white flesh colour. TONY spelt across her ass.

“That is what it should always say.” He laughed taking a photo on his phone.

“Do you like your paddle Sir?” Laura asked.

“Why yes I do. Did you get this special for me?” he enquired.

“Yes sir.” She replied.

Tony moved to the sideboard placing the paddle down and picked up the strap on. He walked back to the bed as he put it on. He caressed her ass soothing the red skin around his name before removing the butt plug. He put his arm around her waist and pulled her up kissing her neck. He pulled gently on the nipple clamps, Laura letting out a mixture of gasps and moans.

A mixture of pleasure and pain.

He ran his hand down her stomach reaching in for her already sensitive clit and dripping pussy that was aching for release.

“Fuck me master. Make me yours” she whispered into his ear.

This simple sentence spurred something extra in him, he took hold of his cock, stroking it as he slide it between her lips, her warmth so inviting and she purred like a kitten for him to take her. His cock lined up at her pussy and the strap on at her stretched anus.

“Are you ready for this slave?” he asked as he licked her ear lobe, slightly nibbling on it.

“Yes master. Fuck me. I’m ready. I’m yours.” She whispered.

With that he slowly slide inside of her, pussy and ass simultaneously. She let out a gasp of surprise and pleasure as he made both her holes his new home. He started to pick up pace as she matched his rhythm two bodies working as one. Tony discovered the joy of having both holes at the same time of the woman he loved and she the joy and waves of pleasure rolling over her at being taken.

Their relationship was on a new level after that weekend, they spent all their time together.

“Tony. Hon, I was talking to my mother last night. She sort of wants to meet you…of course I declined but she was very forceful about it.” She looked at Tony wide eyed.

*Click, click*

“Hon, it’s okay. Of course she wants to meet the old dude dating her baby girl.” He smiled. “Shall we take her out for dinner?” he smiled.

“Actually she wants to make us dinner…at home…tonight…”

“OK, that’s fine. Let’s go get ready.” He smiled.

They arrived at her mother’s bungalow in Tony’s car, Laura was gripping his hand so tightly it has lost circulation.

“Laura, I can’t feel my fingers.” He laughed.

“I’m so sorry. She makes me so nervous. She was super strict with me growing up, she still puts the fear of God into me.” She mumbled.

“You are a gorgeous grown woman. Your mother has no hold over you now. You have your own house, money, business. Let her rant and rave, we can always go home.” He hugged her and reassured her.

The stood at the door. Tony rang the bell. A middle aged silver haired woman appeared at the door, she opened the door and stared at him with her mouth open.

“No. Laura get in this house right now. He is not welcome!” Helen yelled.

*Click, click.*

“Mother! No, this is Tony and I am not leaving him out here. We are together. Deal with it” Laura yelled.

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