21 Kasım 2023

Dancer Ch. 01


I usually didn’t accept the invitations of the guys at the office to go out after work. After all, I was 48 years old and married for 20 years while they were all young and single. For some reason last Friday I accepted. It had been a tough week and my wife had decided to spend the weekend with her folks about 300 miles away and I didn’t want to go home to an empty house.

They decided to take “the old man” out to the new strip club that opened about a month ago. I hadn’t been to a strip club since I was in college and a buddy had his bachelor party at one. Because I had already accepted I couldn’t back down without losing face at work.

We walked over to the club. I was impressed by how classy it looked. They must have upgraded the act from the old bump and grind routines that I remembered from years ago. We were greeted by a lovely woman in an evening gown. Definitely not what I remembered. We were escorted to seats close to the platform and everybody ordered beers except me. Mine was coke, no rum, just coke.

The current dancer was just finishing her dance and the other guys kidded me about how long it had been since I had seen another woman naked other than my wife; asking me if it got boring after so many years.

The music started again and we all looked up as the next dancer stepped from behind the curtains. Imagine my shock when I recognized a familiar face as she started to dance.

Before I go further let me describe myself. I was always the good kid. My homework was always in on time. I got good grades and was never in any trouble. I didn’t even drink until I was legally able too. My wife and I were both virgins when we married Etiler Escort and neither one of us has ever strayed from our marriage vows despite opportunities throughout the last 20 years.

I had put on a few pounds over the years but was still in relatively good shape for my age. My hair was starting to gray at the temples giving me a “distinguished” look. I have never been called handsome but am considered good looking by many of the women I have gotten to know well enough to have them comment on my looks.

Seeing my reaction to the dancer, the guys started throwing money out to get her over in front of me. As she bent down to shake her tits in my face there was shock and recognition on her face as she looked into the eyes of her Dad.

She didn’t spend a lot of time dancing for me. I think the shock and embarrassment of having her dad see her topless was hard on her.

Seeing my reaction, the guys started a collection to buy me a couch dance. They went up to the hostess and said that they wanted “Sheila” to give me a five song set and gave her the required $100.

Despite my protests, when “Sheila” came out from the dressing area the hostess pointed to me and told her that I was to taken care of for five songs. My daughter protested but the hostess insisted that she dance for me.

For those of you that don’t know, a couch dance is where the girl is topless and gets “up close and personal” with you. She rubs her body on yours grinding her butt and crotch into yours hoping to cause you to cum in your pants.

My daughter came over to me, reached out for my hand and led me to a secluded couch. We both sat Etiler Escort Bayan down and were at a loss for words at first. I was wondering what she was doing “dancing” in a strip club and she was wondering how to explain her “hostess” job to me.

She started explaining that she needed extra money for school and one of the girls in her sorority worked at the club and made really good money dancing. Her weekly take ranged anywhere from $500 to $1000 dollars depending on when she worked and she couldn’t equal that anywhere else. It also left her with enough time to keep her grades up at the 3.8 grade point level.

I told her that I wasn’t angry; just disappointed that she didn’t trust her mother and me to tell us the truth.

When a new song started she said that she had to dance all five songs for me and had to make it look good otherwise she would lose her job. With that she took off her top and started her routine. The first dance was relatively easy because she had five dances to get me off. I originally thought that it would be easy to ignore what a beautiful woman my daughter was but as she sat on my lap and started to rub her boobs against my chest my dick started to get hard.

I think it surprised both of us when she could feel my dick rubbing against her thong covered pussy. By the start of the third song it was evident that we were both getting turned on. Her dancing got much more suggestive and my dick got that much harder.

I found it increasingly harder to keep my hands off of her. I glanced over to see if anyone was watching us and was surprised to see most of my coworkers watching us intently trying Escort Etiler to figure out what this 20 year old girl saw in the old man.

Their watching only seemed to turn me on more. With the hostess attending to other duties I cautiously reached out with my left hand to stroke my daughter’s bare thigh. That just seemed to excite us both and I moved my hand up to cup her ass. This wasn’t supposed to be allowed, but with the hostess busy things could happen.

Glancing around, the only observers were the guys from work. I whispered in my daughter’s ear that we were being watched and she started rubbing my dick with renewed vigor.

I took this as an invitation and moved my hand slowly up her side and to the front to massage her breast. Hearing her moan I gently pinched her nipple. We were into the last song and we both knew that it would soon be ending. She turned around so I could look into her eyes and she in mine. I was close to cumming and I sensed that she was also. As the fifth song reached its climax so did I. I started shooting a huge load of cum in my pants. This must have set my daughter off too as she started to grind her pussy against my spasming dick. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she moaned softly as she grabbed me in a bear hug.

When we had both recovered she climbed off my lap and reached for her bra. I asked her to leave it off and talk to me for a few minutes. She looked into my eyes realizing what had just happened and set it back down.

We both recognized that our relationship had changed in the last few minutes. I don’t know how she felt but I knew I would never be satisfied until I had fucked her silly. I cautiously asked how she felt, and she admitted that she was more turned on than she had ever been. I reluctantly admitted the same and invited her to spend the weekend at home so we could talk about things. I told her that I would wait up for her as long as she wasn’t too late.

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