6 Kasım 2023

Daisy meets her rapist

Big Tits

In my story Daisy’s gentle rape, Daisy is taken by force but eventually enjoys the experience. She figures out who had done it and arranges for them to get together again. She also gets a little revenge.


After he had left Daisy Daniels removed the pillow case from her head. She had just been raped; well at least it started out as rape. It had evolved into the best sex Daisy had ever experienced.

Daisy thought back over what had transpired. She had sucked him, he had fucked her and finally, he had introduced her to a wonderful session of anal action. Something else was tickling at her mind though. Throughout the time he was here he had called her Daisy as though he knew her. He may have gotten her name from letters in her mail box but she didn’t think so, she thought he knew who she was.

With her mind running through the men she knew she wondered which it could have been. She ruled out several simply by size, he was slightly over six feet tall and she guessed about 190 pounds and he was well built and muscular. Only about a half dozen of the men she knew fit that profile. One was her direct supervisor, David Hamilton. Dave fit the size but he was in his middle fifties. She thought her visitor was younger and besides, Dave smoked and she could smell it on him. It wasn’t Dave. There was Alan Waggoner in marketing, he fit the profile but he had an unusually high voice. Couldn’t have been him, the voice was wrong.

As she considered the voice she remembered his was a low baritone. There was only one guy that she could remember sounding like that; Alexi Chekov from administration. Alexi was a Russian immigrant. He had come to the United States when he was very young and spoke English with no discernable accent. Alexi was a handsome man with wavy black hair and a sly smile. Daisy didn’t know him well although they had shared a table for coffee in the office cafeteria on several occasions and had pleasant conversations.

If it was Alexi, Daisy couldn’t comprehend why he would have raped her. If he had asked her for a date she would have accepted and if they had hit it off she would have been more than happy to share his bed. She thought I need to find out.

Alexi left his office for lunch. He usually ate in the company cafeteria but today he had an errand to run.

Parking two doors from Daisy’s house he walked to her porch and lifted the flower pot overflowing with bright red geraniums. The key was still there.

Alexi smiled to himself. There was no doubt in his mind that he and Daisy would be getting together very soon.

Daisy looked in the cafeteria for Alexi. He wasn’t there. She decided that tomorrow she would find him in the lunch room and talk to him. She wanted to hear his voice again just to be sure.

The following day she watched to see when he left his office for lunch. Seeing him leave, she waited five minutes then followed. He was already gotten his food and was seated at a table at the side of the room. Daisy took a small salad and a glass of iced tea. She walked to his table.

“Do you mind some company Alexi?”

“Hi Daisy, no, company would be nice. Please have a seat.”

They made small talk for several minutes then Daisy commented on what beautiful weather they were having and how it was bringing out the best in her flowers.

“On my front porch I have a huge pot of the most beautiful geraniums you’ve ever seen. I wish you could see them.”

“I think I’d like that Daisy. If you’ll give me your address maybe I could stop by.”

“Oh Alexi, I assumed you knew where I live. After all doesn’t administration have all of our personnel records?”

“Sure we do. So if you won’t give it to me I’ll just look you up,” Alexi smiled.

“Please do that, I do want you to see my flowers. I’ll see you later but now I’ve gotta run. There’s a report I have to get finished by four.”

Alexi got up and poured a cup of coffee. He sat back down at the table and considered his conversation with Daisy. gebze escort He was certain that she knew it was him. He wondered how she had figured it out. But of one thing he was sure, she was inviting him back.

Alexi contemplated that invitation. Was she setting him up for the police or did she want to play. There was only one way to find out. He would go back tonight.

Daisy was sure she had her man, now she wondered if and when he’d be back. From the gleam in his eye when she talked about her geraniums she thought it would be soon; maybe even tonight.

Oh yes, she wanted him to come, but she had some plans of her own. When she left work she had a little shopping to do.

When Daisy got home she put the shopping bag with her purchases on the bed and went through them. She had bought two sets of hand cuffs and a strap-on dildo. She had a few other sex toys in her drawer but the hand cuffs and strap-on were what she intended to use tonight. She snapped each of the hand cuffs to the posts of her bed and put the strap-on in her night stand drawer.

Daisy bathed, trimmed her muff and rubbed on some nicely scented body lotion. She dabbed her best perfume on in all her secret places and donned her sexiest negligee.
It was nearly 11:00 p.m. If he was coming tonight it would be soon. She poured herself a glass of white wine, turned out the lights and sat in the living room waiting in the dark.

Alexi had arrived in Daisy’s neighborhood about thirty minutes earlier. He wanted to have time to drive around and look for any suspicious cars in case she was setting him up for the police. He found nothing of concern. When he drove by her house at 11:00 the lights were out. He parked several housed down and waited. He’d give her thirty minutes to go to sleep.

At 11:30 Alexi slunk to Daisy’s door. Looking under the potted geraniums he found her key. He inserted it in the lock and quiet as a burglar entered her home. Silently he entered her living room enroute to her bedroom when he was stopped short by a whisper.

“Hello Alexi. Would you care to join me in a glass of wine?”

“Daisy you knew it was me. How?”

“Your beautiful baritone voice gave me my first clue then your interest in my geraniums sealed it. Pour yourself a glass of wine; there is a glass waiting for you on the kitchen counter and the wine is in the fridge the come sit with me here on the sofa.”

Alexi got his wine and sat.

“Alexi, I want to talk for a few minutes. Can you tell me why you raped me? If you had just asked me out I would have accepted. I think you’re a very handsome man and I know you’re successful in business. I’d have felt myself to be a lucky girl if you had just asked. And I want you to know, you scared the living hell out of me. Now I want an answer.”

“Daisy I’m not sure I can explain and I certainly can’t justify but I’ll try. I’m really quite shy. I was afraid that if I asked you for a date you’d shoot me down. I am so taken with you. You’re beautiful and from our meetings for coffee I found you to be a wonderful conversationalist. I wanted to be with you but, I guess I’m a coward. I didn’t want to take the chance you’d say no. Not a good excuse but it’s the only one I can offer.
Do you hate me?”

“No Alexi, I don’t hate you. I did everything but invite you back tonight. Alexi, I enjoyed the sex but I wanted it to be Alexi and Daisy tonight. Not a rapist and his victim. Do you understand?”

“Yes Daisy, I do understand.”

“Good,” said Daisy. “Now lets get you comfortable,” as she began unbuttoning his shirt. Daisy stripped him until all that remained were his boxer shorts.

Pulling out his penis she cooed, “Let’s do it right this time.”

Daisy took him into her mouth and deep throated him then pumped up and down for several minutes. He slid from between her lips as she licked him like a lollipop, tickling his hole with her tongue. Then she sucked him deeply and rapidly. She could feel his climax building and she wanted to taste him.

Alexi knew he was about to cum. With both hands he gripped darıca escort Daisy’s head and exploded into her.

“Oh God Daisy, that was fantastic. I’ve never had oral so good.”

“It’s my pleasure; now it’s my turn.”

Alexi laid her back on the sofa and kissed her. He could taste himself on her lips but didn’t mind. He caressed her firm breasts through the flimsy materiel of her nightie, feeling then swell and her nipples become erect as he gently pinched them and rolled them between his fingers. Sliding one hand down he cupped her pussy. The cloth of her nightie bottom was soaked at the crotch.

“Daisy, this is pleasant but it might be more comfortable in the bedroom. Will you take me to your bed?”

Daisy led him to the bedroom. The hand cuffs on the bed posts weren’t visible. He lifted her top off and caressing her breast hugged her to him. Then he gently laid her on the bed following her down. He kissed her lips then took one of her nipples between his lips sucking. As her nipples swelled, he worked her nightie bottoms over her hips and down her legs baring her sex. Working downward he kissed and nuzzled her tummy, ringing her belly button with his tongue.

Working his way lower yet, Alexi opened Daisy’s lower lips and ran his tongue along her slit. He loved her light musky redolence and taste. Pointing his tongue he teased her hole licking in and out. Daisy was beginning to quietly moan in pleasure.

Finding her clitoris Alexi took it between his teeth and lightly nibbled then sucked it with his lips. That was all it took, suddenly moaning loudly and writhing on the bed Daisy climaxed in a stream, soaking Alexi’s face. Alexi continued his ministrations bring Daisy to yet another orgasm.

“Alexi please stop, I’ve gotten so sensitive it almost hurts. Give me a second or two.”

Alexi took her into his arms and just held her, kissing her face and neck until she had settled down.

Positioning himself between her legs he ran his cock along her slit. Finding her vaginal opening he gently eased into her.

She loved the feeling of him sliding into her, joining his body with hers. As he began to thrust more deeply she again felt her body respond. She wrapped her long legs around his hips and ground herself onto his probing cock. Daisy could feel Alexi’s cock swell as he thrust in as deeply as possible. She felt herself climax as he spewed his cum into her.

As they lay side by side caressing each other Alexi asked, “Are you going to let me have your bottom tonight?”

“Only if you’re gentle with me.”

“Of course I will be. I don’t want to hurt you ever again.”

Several minutes later Daisy reached across and got the KY jelly from the night stand drawer.

Handing the tube to Alexi and laying over his lap she said, “Want to get me ready?”

He stroked between her thighs then circled her tight little rosebud with his finger. Adding some of the lubricant he slipped a finger in. He felt her tighten on his intruding digit.

“Daisy, just relax. I won’t hurt you.”

Adding more jelly he slid a second finger into her and began to pump gently in and out, stretching her so she could accommodate him.

“Alexi, I’m ready. I want you to do me from behind is that ok?”

Alexi answered, “Any way you want it,” as he helped her up onto her knees.

Positioning himself behind Daisy’s cute butt Alexi slipped into her sweet pussy and pumped her several times, lubricating himself with her love juices then aimed his stiff cock at her ass hole and pushed the head in.

Daisy moaned as he drilled into her. She was feeling some pain but it was more than that. He’d taken her bottom before but this was different. She’d been in control of the action the first time. This time with him mounted on her gripping her hips she felt she felt subservient, like she was being taken instead of giving of herself.

Alexi was in heaven. This beautiful woman was giving herself to him in every way possible. He was thrusting into her deep and fast. He reached under her and started strumming her izmit yürüyüş yolu escort clit as he fucked her tight beautiful bottom.

With Alexi playing with her clitoris Daisy was moving rapidly toward her fourth climax of the evening. Her tummy muscles tightened and her pussy began to leak. She felt her anus spasm, gripping Alexi’s cock as she felt him swell and fill her with his boiling jizz.

Afterward they lay spooning. He crooned into her ear words of love.

She believed that he did love her and she felt a deep affection for him. Aside from the fact that he had raped her (and really that was a BIG aside) he was a handsome successful man and a consummate lover. She wanted a serious relationship but she also wanted to get even for what he had done.

Completely sated, Alexi had drifted off to sleep.

Waiting about thirty minutes to assure Alexi was sleeping, Daisy got up and gently rolled Alexi onto his stomach. Pulling his arms above his head she secured each of his wrists with the hand cuffs affixed to the bed post.

Daisy got the strap-on from the night stand and put it on then climbed onto the bed between Alexi’s legs.

She spread his cheeks and began to lightly lick his anus until he began to stir.

Alexi slowly came awake to a very pleasant sensation. He reached for Daisy but was brought up short by the hand cuffs.

“What the hell is this,” he growled. “Let me go damnit are you a mad woman?”

“No Darling I’m not mad. I’m not even angry. But if we’re going to have a relationship; and I think we are, I’m going to get even. You got yours now it’s my turn. Get up on your knees.”

Alexi looked back at Daisy and saw the strap-on.

“Daisy, you’re out of your mind if you think I’m going to let you fuck me in the ass. Now take these cuffs off me.”

Daisy took some KY jelly and shoved a finger up Alexi’s bottom then spread some onto her dildo.

“Get up on your knees Big Boy, it’s Daisy’s turn.”

Alexi didn’t respond but he sure didn’t like the situation he was in.

Daisy again said, “Up on your knees,” as she slapped his ass hard. “You’re going to cooperate or I’ll spank you good and hard and take you anyway. Now get up, maybe you’ll enjoy.”

Seeing no way out of what now appeared to be inevitable Alexi pulled himself up onto his knees. Holding the position wasn’t the easiest since his arms were cuffed to each side of the bed but he got balanced.

Daisy positioned herself behind him and played her synthetic dick up and down between his cheeks. Alexi began to whimper.

“Don’t be a baby, this rubber cock is smaller than yours and I took you. Now quit whimpering and take your own advice. Just relax.”

Squirting a little more lube onto Alexi’s sphincter, Daisy began to push in.

Alexi moaned in pain. No one or nothing had ever invaded him now he was surely and totally fucked.

Daisy pushed further into Alexi. He was moaning and wailing. From his sniffling she knew she’d brought tears. Undeterred, she grasped his hips and pulled him back onto her, sinking her plastic plaything completely to the hilt. She paused to let Alexi get accustomed to the feel. After several moments she started to pump him deeply nearly coming complete out with each stroke.

Alexi had been in agony. When she’d pushed into him he thought she was going to split him and when she thrust in to the hilt he knew he was. Yet as she began stroking the pain subsided. He was amazed, he liked the feelings he was receiving. His cock felt hard as a diamond.

Even as he grunted as Daisy thrust into him Alexi looked back at her.

“Daisy please reach around and jack me off while you’re fucking me. I’m almost ready to cum.”

Daisy took his cock and masturbated him in rhythm with her thrusts. It only took three or four strokes before Alexi soaked her hand and the bed.

Pulling out Daisy asked, “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“Daisy, it hurt like hell at first but by the time you got me off I wanted you even deeper. I can’t believe it but I liked it. Now, please take these damned hand cuffs off.”

Daisy unlatched the cuffs and lay down beside Alexi.

“Still want to go out with me,” she asked.

“Now more than ever,” Alexi replied.

“Good, me too, but next time try dinner and dancing as a come on. It will probably work better.”


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