20 Kasım 2023

Dad’s Fertility Farm Ch. 02


Jenna sat on her bed. Another day of no house sales. God, her life was shit. Here she was divorced, living in a small apartment, doing a job she just about tolerated and still fucking childless.

She kicked off her heels and stretched her feet, trying to ease the aching.

‘Oh shit,’ she exclaimed after a few seconds. ‘I forgot to go to the supermarket.’ She stood, walked to the kitchen and opened her refrigerator. Largely empty. Either dinner was going to be one slice of bread and a small potato or she had to go to the supermarket.

She sighed, then put on her trainers, picked up her handbag and left.

Twenty minutes later she was walking down the fruit aisle of the supermarket, on her way to the checkouts. Her mind was elsewhere so she was not expecting someone speaking to her.

‘Oh hi, nice to see you again,’ Karen said.

Jenna looked at the person speaking to her. She vaguely remembered the face but couldn’t recall where from.


‘You might not recall. We bought Hillview Farm.’

Jenna remembered. ‘Oh yes, of course. Sorry. How are you getting on?’

‘Very well thank you. It’s a lovely place.’

‘Yes it is.’

‘And, how are you doing?’

‘Oh I’m fine, thank you.’

Karen looked in her basket. There wasn’t much in it. ‘On a diet? You don’t need to.’

‘Oh…errr…no. I don’t need much.’

Karen immediately saw through the lie. She wondered what the issue was. ‘Please don’t think me nosy but you did us a favour showing us round Hillview. Is there anything I can do to help?’

Tears welled up in Jenna’s eyes. Karen offered a tissue.

‘Look, let’s get through the checkouts. Then let me buy you a coffee.’

Jenna composed herself then nodded in thanks.


Thirty minutes later Karen and Jenna were sitting in the corner of the supermarket cafe, empty coffee cups in front of them. Jenna had also had a pastry.

Jenna had found Karen a great listener. Jenna had poured out her heart to her, admitting all of her woes and she felt better having shared her problems.

Karen took Jenna’s hand. ‘So if you could find somewhere where you could be impregnated and live without worries, you would be happy?’

Jenna looked at Karen for a few seconds before responding. ‘Yeah, ecstatic but there is as much chance of that happening as me winning Miss World!’

‘Dreams can come true you know.’

They chatted for a bit more and before leaving they shared mobile phone numbers.


When Karen got home her mind was in a whirl. Should she raise Jenna with Brian and the girls or not? She finally decided to raise it at breakfast the next day.


Karen and Brian were eating breakfast when Chloe and Madi entered the room. Both looked totally radiant, naked with growing bellies. They both got their breakfast and sat down to eat in silence.

‘Brian, I saw someone we both know at the supermarket yesterday.’

‘Oh yeah, who?’

‘Do you remember the Estate Agent, Jenna?’


‘She is in a fairly bad way. Her husband left her as she wanted to have children, she lives in a small apartment, works in a job she doesn’t enjoy, doesn’t have much money and still hasn’t had the joy of being pregnant.’

Brian looked at Karen and smiled. ‘What are you saying, Karen my dear?’

‘I’m saying that I’m sure she would be an ideal person to be subject number 3.’

‘Do you think she would really be interested?’

‘Yeah, totally. If she could get her dream and get rid of her woes, she’d jump at the chance.’

‘Well get her in for an interview then.’

Karen smiled. ‘I’ll speak to her later. Now there are two horny pregnant ladies over there who need a good fucking by their dad. Do your duty!’


An hour later and Karen dialled Jenna’s number. It rang through to answerphone so Karen left a message.

Brian had driven into town, so at a loss for something to do she went searching for the girls.

Madi was at her desk in the ‘admin room’ as it was boringly known as. She was poring over the farm accounts when Karen answered.

‘Hi Mads. What are you up to?’

‘Hi Karen. Just looking through the farm accounts. Looking like a bumper year for the crops and the livestock is up too. That farm manager knows her stuff.’

‘Good.’ Karen reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down to her ankles before stepping out of them. Hoisting her skirt, exposing her cock she walked over to Madi.

Madi stopped what she was doing and slid down to her knees, licking her lips as Karen approached. As soon as Karen was close enough, Madi opened her mouth and took her cock in. She sucked gently on Karen’s cock, her hands cupping Karen’s balls.

‘Good girl,’ Karen sighed.

Karen’s mobile phone rang. She thought about ignoring it but thought it would be fun to chat to whoever it was whilst receiving a blowjob.

Looking at the screen she saw it was Jenna.

‘Hi Jenna. How are you?’

‘Hi Karen. Much happier this morning. bursa otele gelen escort Thanks for the pep talk.’

‘My pleasure, Jenna.’

‘You mentioned in your message that you had something to ask me.’

‘Yes. What would you say if I said to you that I know somewhere where you could move to, where your dream of being pregnant could happen, where you don’t have to work, you don’t have to pay anything and you could live your life getting pregnant?’ Karen’s voice wavered slightly as Madi’s tongue started circling the tip of her cock.

‘I’d say you were teasing me.’

‘Nope, I’m being genuine.’

‘Well then, to be honest I don’t know. It’s a bit of a shock.’

‘Imagine no longer having to live in your small apartment, not having to worry about money and fulfilling your dream of feeling pregnant. Sounds like your dream, doesn’t it?’

‘Yeah I suppose so but I don’t understand what I’d have to do to get my dream.’

‘Nothing, apart from giving yourself over to us. Be yourself and have fun.’

‘Right. Sounds too good to be true.’

‘Well it’s not. Tell you what. I will arrange an interview for you as a get to know session on both sides. If you don’t feel comfortable then leave. How does that sound?’


‘Are you free tonight about 7pm?’


‘Can you drive over to the farm?’

‘Yes I have the company car tonight so that’s fine.’

‘Dress nicely and we will see you then.’ As she said that Karen’s cock started spewing cum into Madi’s mouth.

‘Bye Karen’. By then Karen was enjoying her orgasm to respond.

Karen helped Madi to her feet and they kissed, sharing Karen’s cum between them.

Karen left Madi to return to the farm accounts. She texted Brian about this evening’s meeting.


Karen and Brian were sitting on the settee, waiting for Jenna’s arrival. They were both clearly very excited.

The doorbell rang and Karen went to answer it, returning a minute later with Jenna.

Jenna had dressed well for the meeting, a knee length dress, bare legs and heels, her hair down onto her shoulders and light make up.

Pleasantries done, she sat in an armchair, angled towards the settee where Karen and Brian sat.

Karen took charge.

‘Ok Jenna, we know about your circumstances. I outlined what we could offer you if you are accepted here. You’ve had time to think about it, so what are your thoughts?’

‘I must admit that I’m nervous. I’ve never done anything that includes giving control to others and worry about things getting out of control. I desperately want to be impregnated and to feel another human growing inside me though, so I’m in a quandary.’

‘We do not do the full master/slave thing. The control aspect is so that we can push you to do things you subconsciously want to do but have never felt able to do. You can leave at any time, so you are not a prisoner but I think you will love it here. We would expect you to sign a contract, which we sign into too of course.’ Karen passed over a blank contract. ‘Have a read and see if you would be happy to sign, if we accepted you.’

Jenna read the contract, slowly and thoroughly. Karen and Brian watched her closely. Karen then looked at Brian questioningly, he gave a thumbs up. Karen knew he would accept her into the house if Jenna decided to sign.

Jenna looked up. ‘That seems perfectly reasonably.’

Karen knew that Jenna would sign but decided she would give her one more incentive. She rang a bell which was sitting on a table beside her.

The door opened almost immediately and Chloe and Madi walked in, both naked, their bellies showing their pregnant bulges.

Jenna looked at both girls and said nothing.

‘What would you like to drink? Tea, coffee, soft drink or something stronger?’ Karen asked.

‘Errr…just water please.’

‘Three waters please girls.’ The girls left.

‘They are Brian’s daughters. Cute aren’t they? And both pregnant with my seed.’

Jenna looked at Karen enquiringly.

‘I am a trans woman, Jenna. In case you didn’t know.’

Jenna nodded.

‘Now we need to know if you want to join us here.’

Jenna hesitated. She thought of the alternative, going back to her apartment, doing the job she hates, no money… She looked up and held Karen’s gaze. ‘I’d love to if you’d let me.’

Karen smiled and picked up her phone. She started the video. ‘Are you signing this contract of your own free will, without any duress?’


‘Ok, then you may sign.’

Jenna did so and handed it to Karen who witnessed it, as did Brian.

‘Ok. We will show you to your room in a minute. When do you think you can move in?’ Karen continued.

‘I’m off work tomorrow, so I could bring my stuff over then. I don’t have much but is there somewhere I can store some things? I have a bed, some kitchen gadgets and the like.’

‘Yes, we have a secure, watertight barn where you can leave things.’

The door opened and the girls returned with three glasses of water.

‘Girls, bursa eve gelen eskort this is Jenna. She is going to join us here from tomorrow.’

The girls smiled and said “hi”.

‘Now Jenna you see from the girls what the dress code is here? We expect you naked unless certain people arrive. Do you understand?’


‘Well then…’

It took Jenna a few seconds to realise what was expected. Then she got it.

‘Oh sorry, you mean now.’ She stood and unzipped her dress, stepping out of it, leaving her in matching bra and panties and heels. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra, her breasts revealed, which Karen guessed at being 34b. She then kicked off her heels and hooked her thumbs in her panties and pushed them down and off, revealing a completely shaved pussy. She stood self consciously, her body shaking with nerves.

‘Very nice my dear. We just need to put this on you.’ Karen held up the necklace with a number three hanging off.

Jenna held her hair as Karen did up the necklace clasp.

‘Good, now let’s show you around.’ She took Jenna’s hand and led her round the downstairs rooms then led her upstairs.

‘This is your room, you can decorate as you wish. Next door is the bathroom’

Jenna looked around the stark room and started to plan how she would want it.

‘Sit on the bed please Jenna…no in the middle. Good. Girls, please sit either side of Jenna.’

Jenna found herself sitting next to two pretty, naked girls. She was a bit embarrassed but turned on.

‘Madi, Chloe. Please begin’

Jenna didn’t know it but this had been rehearsed before, as an introduction to all new women to the farm.

Madi held Jenna by the chin, turning her head towards her. Madi leaned in and kissed Jenna, her tongue searching.

Chloe bent down and kissed Jenna’s nipple, which immediately hardened.

Both Chloe and Madi placed their hand on Jenna’s thigh, then slowly they crept upwards towards Jenna’s pussy. Jenna sighed into Madi’s mouth as they touched her, her legs wanting to open but unable to due to the closeness of the two girls.

Watching, Karen slipped out of her skirt and removed her panties, her cock springing free. Brian removed his trousers and boxers, his cock doing the same.

Jenna was getting horny. The girls could tell and they moved their hands to under Jenna’s thighs, raising them and lifting them over their own thighs, opening Jenna’s legs wide and exposing her pussy. Their hands then returned to Jenna’s now exposed pussy, their fingers stroking her soaking wet lips.

Karen and Brian moved forward. Madi broke the kiss and turned Jenna’s head forwards.

‘Kiss the fertile cocks that are going to impregnate you,’ Karen said. ‘Closed mouth.’

Jenna leaned forward and kissed Karen’s cock, then Brian’s. Her nerves now gone, replaced by sheer lust.

‘Is she ready girls?’

‘Yes Karen.’

‘Prepare her.’

The girls eased Jenna down onto the bed. They then took a leg each and held them apart, exposing Jenna’s wet pussy again.

Karen knelt in front of Brian and took his cock into her mouth, wetting it thoroughly. She then moved away, allowing Brian to walk to Jenna. Leaning above her, he edged his cock closer to her pussy.

Jenna felt exposed, but oh so excited. She felt his cock at her entrance. God, how she needed this.

Brian pushed into her, slowly. Soon though he was fully inside her and then he started to withdraw before pushing back inside. His rhythm was slow to start with.

It had been so long since Jenna had a bare cock inside her. She had had a brief fling with a guy a few months back but he had insisted on using a condom. Now here she was, unprotected, being fucked by a guy. And she loved it.

The fuck was slow. Brian took his time. He wanted Jenna to enjoy being fucked with the aim of getting her pregnant.

The girls got uncomfortable after a while and swapped sides but they needed to hold Jenna’s legs wide, so that their dad could get deep.

Jenna felt her orgasm building. The scenario she was in was just too exciting to hold back. She allowed it to build and then suddenly she came. The girls felt her legs tensing but they held on. Jenna moaned at the back of her throat, her pussy spasming on Brian’s cock.

Brian was holding back but the spasms on his cock from Jenna’s orgasm sent him over, his cock erupting in her pussy. Spurt after spurt of his hot, fertile cum filled her unprotected cunt. Both were breathing heavily.

Brian got up, his cock slipping from her. The girls placed a pillow under Jenna’s ass and indicated she should stay that way for a while.

Jenna was in heaven. She imagined Brian’s sperm seeking out its target and she smiled.


Jenna woke up the next day feeling so good. This was the first day of her new life and she couldn’t wait to get it started.

She showered, dressed in t-shirt and shorts and started to pack.

Five hours later, with Brian’s help she had moved her stuff into the barn, given bayan escort bursa notice on her flat and resigned from her job. She would have to work out her notice but that was only one month. With holiday due, that meant only two weeks.

She walked to the house from the barn, craving a shower. Karen met her at the door and kissed her cheek. ‘Welcome to your new house and life Jenna.’

‘Thank you Karen.’

Karen moved away and started washing up.

Jenna stepped inside, removed her boots and placed them on the rack with other boots, before taking off her t-shirt, shorts, bra and panties. Holding the clothes, she was unsure what to do with them.

‘Oh, you can place anything that needs washing in the basket over there. You won’t need much washed now that you are going to be naked all the time,’ Karen said.


Dinner was a pleasant affair. Jenna was beginning to get comfortable being naked in front of the others. She spoke to the girls about their pregnancies. She also learnt a lot more as to how the farm worked and her role within it.

After dinner the girls and Jenna cleared up, loaded the dishwasher and returned to the living room. Karen and Brian were both naked and were discussing something.

Jenna looked at Karen’s clearly masculine but with female traits body. She liked what she saw.

‘Come in girls, we were discussing my forthcoming breast operation. We have gone for c cups, what do you think?’

‘Yes c cups should be fine. Anything more would look too much,’ Chloe said.

‘When are you going in, Karen?’ Jenna enquired.

‘Two days.’

‘You will look great when they’re done. But you will need a few days to rest afterwards.’

‘Yes I know. So we’d better get on with getting you pregnant my dear.’

Jenna just smiled.

Brian stood and walked over to Jenna, his cock already semi hard.

Jenna reached out and held his cock, then leaned forward and took him into her mouth, licking around the head. When he was rock hard she stood, turned round and knelt on the settee, her legs open.

Brian lined his cock up with her pussy, pushed in and started to fuck her.

Karen and the girls watched. After a minute Karen stood, her cock sticking out in front of her, and walked over to Chloe.

‘Get me ready.’

Chloe opened her mouth and took in Karen’s cock, licking around it to get it soaking wet.

Brian grunted as he ejaculated inside Jenna, his movements slowing. He withdrew but told Jenna not to move.

Karen withdrew her slick cock from Chloe’s mouth and walked over to Jenna. Her pussy was slick and Karen easily entered her, starting to fuck her immediately.

As Karen fucked Jenna she looked over at Brian who was having his cock cleaned by Madi’s willing mouth.

Karen fucked Jenna hard and fast, filling her with creamy, fertile cum soon after.


A lot happened over the next month. Karen had her operation and her scars healed nicely. She loved her new breasts and never passed up the chance of someone sucking them. Jenna was bred a few times every day by both Brian and Karen, Karen only taking time off during her need to rest after the operation. Madi and Chloe’s bellies continued to grow, looking more sexy every day. Brian and Karen did their best to service them too every day but with the needs of Jenna that wasn’t always possible.

Life settled down at the farm and everyone enjoyed it. Jenna worked out her notice at the Estate Agency and from then on had been naked the whole time. After her initial embarrassment she now accepted it and secretly enjoyed the freedom.

One morning the family were gathering round the toilet, awaiting the results of Jenna’s pregnancy test, much in the same way as they had for Chloe.

The tension was unbearable for Jenna. She so wanted this. She loved the amount of sex she was getting but so wanted to be pregnant…and still to get loads of sex afterwards!

The time came and Jenna looked at the test. Immediately she burst into tears, without telling the rest of the result.

Karen took the test from Jenna. ‘Positive!’ she shouted. They all hugged and kissed with the good news.

Later that day Brian and Karen would have the usual weekly meeting with the farm manager, Christine, so the celebratory fucks had to be quick.



The weekly meetings with the farm manager were usually fairly quick. Christine managed the farm impeccably.

Every week Brian and Karen tried to keep the girls and Jenna away from Christine, as they didn’t want her to ask difficult questions at seeing naked, pregnant women walking around.

Karen dressed in jeans and a blouse, revealing a bit of cleavage but hey she had new breasts now and she wanted to show them off.

They sat in the dining room waiting for Christine’s arrival. Brian stroked her thigh as they waited.

‘You’d better stop that or something might grow and I will also want your cock in me.’

Brian smiled.

The doorbell rang and Brian went to answer it.

He returned with Christine in tow.

‘Hi Christine,’ Karen said.

‘Hi Karen. How are you?’ Christine responded.

‘Very good thanks.’ Karen watched as Christines gaze settled on her breasts.

The meeting went in line with the previous weekly meetings. Christine gave a detailed update on the crops and the livestock, and everything appeared in order.

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