21 Kasım 2023

Daddy’s Little Girl Ch. 02


“We’re gonna be late for school! Hurry up.” I shouted, knocking, and opening the door to her room.

I looked in and saw her wearing a skirt with nylons and tiny top without a bra. Her nipples were clearly visible through the fabric.

“Honey, are you allowed to wear that to class?” I asked her as she was getting ready for school Monday morning. I wondered if allowing her go to a school with such a lax dress code was a good idea. I just didn’t like whole Catholic School thing, uniforms aside, both my wife and I came out ok and we went to public schools, and ones in much less fortunate areas. The public school that our daughter attended looked more like a University Campus than a high school.

“Sure Daddy, all the girls dress like this. You want boys to like me don’t you? Or else we’ll have nothing to talk about after school. Plus are you getting jealous? She asked, smiling.

“Haha, very funny. Good point, and no I’m not jealous, I’m just concerned.” I said.

“Why don’t you wear a bra?” I asked.

“It’s fun when boys look at my tits that’s why daddy?” She smirked.

“If you want me to wear a bra you need to ask me to daddy.” She said.

“I would feel better if you wore a bra baby, yes,” I told her.

“I’m still your father,” I said.

“Ok, then I will. All you had to do was say so.” She said, and took her shirt off right in front of me exposing her perfect perky little tits and asked me to grab a bra from her underwear drawer.

“Stop staring.” She said, as I thumbed through a pile of skimpy bras and panties and grabbed a nude bra and handed it to her covering my eyes.

“Are you shy around me, daddy?” She asked.

“I guess a little bit baby, you’re still my little girl,” I said.

I dropped her off at school, and she kissed me goodbye cheek, saying.

“Try not to think about me too much today, k daddy?”

“Ok, baby. ” I said, smiling.

I checked in at the office and after an important meeting regarding the large merger of another firm, I received this text from my daughter.

“OMG, Dad.” She text

“What happened?”

“Nevermind, I’ll tell you later, gtg.”

“You can tell me, remember? We’ve talked about this.”

“This boy just said I had a nice ass and slapped it hard in the hallway.”

“Oh, ok. Is that a good thing?”


“I don’t know what that means.”

“Talk to you later.” She text.

“Ok, talk to you later.” I returned.

A photo then arrived through text message of her ass in her jeans, and I felt overwhelmed with a mix of feelings. Shame and lust washed through me like a torrential downpour soaking a rainforest canopy. It was unrelenting, and it was more powerful than any amount of self- respect or moral servitude I had left. Whatever small glimpses of lust I had developed toward my daughter were replaying in my mind completely enveloping my thoughts.

“Does it look hot daddy?”

I didn’t text back right away. I didn’t know what to say, and I escaped to the bathroom again to punish my cock for being so hard. My mind started racing. Her text message saying “Does it look hot?” and the photo of her perfect ass in her tight jeans blinked in my mind like the Neon Signs on the Las Vegas Strip until my cock pumped hot sperm into my tissue covered hand. My phone buzzed.

“Daddy, pick me up at 2:30 k?” She text

“Ok baby” I replied.

She sent another photo of her that she took in the school bathroom in front of the mirror. Presumably after putting on her makeup or something. She looked so fucking pretty, and her perky little tits looked like absolute perfection in her clothes. I couldn’t believe how pretty my daughter had become. Her new found confidence with boys was really showing through and although it was a secret from her mother and the rest of the world, I felt happy that I was helping her through this difficult teen phase and soon she wouldn’t need my help, and we would always have this bond that held our family together.

I picked her up and couldn’t help but notice how good her body looked in her tight jeans. Her legs looked so long as she slid into the leather seat, and I looked down at her ankles and then to her red high heels.

“Can you take me for ice-cream?” She asked.

“Sure, I guess so,” I said.

We each got two cones and got back in the car.

“Don’t drip it all over the seat,” I told her.

“I won’t Daddy, relax.” She said, licking the melting ice-cream that was dripping down her fingers.

We sat in the car for a minute, and she asked.

“Daddy, can I have a lesson?”

“Now?” I asked.

“Yeah, if that’s ok?” She said.

“Umm, sure, I guess it’s not a problem,” I said, pulling out of the parking lot of the strip mall where the ice-cream shop was located and pulled the car down a quiet street, pulling into a spot in the shade of a few large Eucalyptus trees.

“Do you have anything you can tell me about the boys you are talking to at school lately?” I asked.

“Should Ataköy Escort we finish our ice-cream first? It’s melting.” I asked.

“Naa.” She said, shaking her head.

I leaned over and tasted her mouth, it tasted so sugary and sweet. She licked my chin and then took a few more licks of ice-cream, her tongue dripping with a creamy vanilla coating. I took her tongue in my mouth, and she took turns licking the ice cream cone and licking my mouth.

“Can I taste yours, daddy?” She asked.

“Sure baby,” I replied, and held out my ice-cream cone. It began to drip, and she put her hand underneath it and licked it all around smoothing the sides flush with the cone and cleaning up the drips from her hand and around her fingers.

I licked the creamy vanilla from her chin and rubbed my thumb against her lip to clean it up.

“Daddy, I want to know how to use my mouth.” She said. Her words almost made me choke.

“Use it for…?” I asked, coughing slightly, trying to regain composure.

“You know daddy, I’m too young to have sex, and I’m so horny sometimes and when I’m with boys I still don’t feel confident with sucking them and I want to learn.” She said.

“Please, Daddy?” She asked, her wide eyes looking up at me.

“Look, baby, I really don’t think we should get ‘him’ involved,” I said, gesturing to my cock.

“OMG Daddy, no, not like that. I mean, like this.” She said, and took my free hand and pulled it up to her lips and shaped my hand in hers so my index finger was pointing straight out and touched her lips to it and held it there for a second before letting my finger slide into her mouth.

“I…” I said, hardly able to utter words.

“You know Daddy, just like I practiced kissing on your hand, I wanna practice with my mouth for other things.” She said, neglecting her melting ice-cream and giving all her attention to my finger that was sliding in and out of her mouth. After she had gotten it all wet, she opened her mouth wide and began twirling her tongue all around my finger, moaning slightly and her body contorting slightly, her head dropping back, and her hips moving.

“So…what’s new with the boys situation?” I asked.

“Well…There is one story I have.” She said, licking her ice-cream cone.

“Do you want to hear about it? It’s kinda dirty.” She said, wiping my mouth for me.

“Well, I went over this boy’s house after school to watch a movie and we started kissing.” She said.

“And then he…”

“He what?”

“He put his hand here…” She said, placing my hand on her breast.

“Umm, do you think my hand should be touching your breast?” I asked.

“Well, it’s just easier to describe that way Daddy.” She said.

“Then he began tapping on my nipple, like this.” and took my finger and tapped her nipple through her shirt with it.

She continued to finger her mouth using my hand, and I almost came hard in my pants, not sure how that was even physically possible, but I had to control my cock from spurting hot cum inside my pants.

“Then I pushed his hand down to my pussy like this daddy.” She said pushing my wet hand down with the hand that was holding the ice-cream cone that was now melting all over both of our hands and starting to drip on her shirt and her jeans.

“Careful baby, were making a mess,” I said.

As I leaned over to the passenger side and kissed her, she pulled her head back gesturing me to lick the ice-cream that had dripped down her neck. I started kissing her neck, and her body squirmed.

“I’m so wet daddy.” She said, grabbing my shirt to pull me on top of her.

She pulled up her shirt and exposed her breasts letting ice-cream drip all over her chest. As I licked the upper part of her chest and collar-bone, she pushed my head down to her nipple, and I began to lick. She rolled down the window and both of us ditched the rest of the ice-cream cones, as she closed the window we began kissing hard again.

“I think I’m getting kinda horny daddy.” She said.

Her body writhed under mine as we kissed heavily, my tongue taking overlapping turns with my fingers inside her mouth. I licked her nipples as she sucked my fingers like a cock, and then I felt her knee rub between my legs and graze my rock hard pole.

“Are you hard daddy?” She asked.

“Can I see your cock daddy?” She asked.

I pulled myself off of her and started the car.

“I think we better head home darling,” I said.

“Ok daddy, thanks for the ice-cream. I’m so happy you’ve been helping me, I love you.” She said.

“I love you too,” I said, trying to remember the last time she said that to me and feeling rewarded that my teenage daughter was so close to me at this time in our lives. I felt truly blessed. We were only kissing, I told myself, downplaying recent events. Soon she will grow up, go to college and forget all about it I told myself as we whizzed down the long length of freeway that stretched out like a concrete river, that is until we hit traffic Ataköy Escort Bayan about one minute later. ‘Driving in LA’ I thought to myself and felt my zipper pull. I looked down and saw my daughter pull my cock through the window of my boxers and through the now open zipper of my pants. ‘He was bored’ my daughter said, now also referring to my cock like a new friend we had in common.

I couldn’t help that it was hard, both my concentration and my hands were trapped on the stop and go task at hand, I was powerless to stop her. I just needed to make sure I didn’t rear end someone, I told myself trying to focus on the brake lights in front of me.

My cock throbbed, and she just stared at it.

“Why does it do that? It’s because you’re horny huh?” She asked, leaning her head just inches over it.

“Can I suck it, Daddy?” She asked.

“Baby I’m driving, stop it,” I told her, sternly.

She let some saliva drip out of her mouth as I jerked the car, alternating pressing on the gas and brake in traffic, the saliva streamed down onto the head of my cock. Her wet mouth was becoming dangerously close to my throbbing cock resting just centimeters above it bopping back and forth in the traffic, my hard cock now dappled wet with her saliva.

“It’s not my fault if it ends up in my mouth.” She said.

She continued this process of drooling from her open mouth as the car jerked forward and back, my mind racing with thoughts of her ice-cream covered chest, hard pink nipples, and my fingers sliding in and out of her wet lips, playing with her tongue only a few minutes prior.

“Baby, someone will see us,” I said.

I pressed the gas slightly and felt her lips touch the head of my cock, and when the car reached a slow cruising speed as I let my foot off of the gas, her lips drifted away slightly, but when I hit the brake, my hard cock pushed up and she wrapped her lips tightly around it catching it, and let more than half of it slide into her soaking wet mouth.

“Baby!” I shouted, and did my best move my legs and use my hand to pull her head off of me, grabbing her hair, unable to pull her off of me, only causing her to push her head down further around my cock.

She bobbed her head up and down, her lips sliding smoothly over my cock and I was paralyzed, I was in the middle of mid-day traffic on the freeway, I could not pull over and I didn’t want to cause an accident. I was so angry that she would do this. This is dangerous, I thought to myself, clenching my teeth.

The sucking sound became louder in my ears, hearing her slurp, suck, and move her mouth over my cock was way too much for me to handle.

“Ahhh…” She said panting slightly, taking a second to catch her breath letting my cock out of her mouth for a brief moment.

“You taste so good Daddy.” She said.

I was so angry I couldn’t speak. This behavior was over the line and downright dangerous. While I knew I wouldn’t have agreed to this with the car stopped, I still was furious what she was doing.

Her mouth came down on my cock, and I tried to cover her up from a truck driver that was in a stop and go shuffleboard in the lane next to me. I saw him looking over, and I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was hoping to God that he couldn’t see us, I was pretty sure he couldn’t, but he had a clear view through the windshield of my car from his giant side mirror from time to time. I could hardly concentrate on driving, and my cock was moments away from exploding like a stick of dynamite. I felt an orgasm coming, and I tried to brace myself. Not yet, I told myself repeatedly, not yet.

“I’m gonna cum,” I said, and my daughter held her lips tightly around my cock. I felt my hot jizz spray stream after stream inside her mouth and coat the back of her throat. She held on tight, her expression clenched, until my cock was finished pulsing hot liquid in her mouth, and she gracefully slid her tight lips over the head being careful not to let anything drip onto my clothing.

I rolled down the passenger window of the car, and she gave me an angry look, her mouth still full of hot cum. She looked at me, and I watched her duck her head slightly with each swallow until it was all gone and opened her mouth wide for me to see inside.

“I can’t believe you wanted me to spit it out the window Daddy.” She said, visibly angry, angrier than I had expected.

“Look I’m really sorry baby, I just…” I said.

“Don’t talk.” She said as we exited the freeway.

Holy shit, I thought to myself. What just happened? What the fuck did I just do? Did my daughter just do that?” How am I going to deal with this?

My mind was spinning. I felt so ashamed, but I also felt like I was a raindrop falling from a leaf suspended in mid-air as I drove, held in some perfect moment in time, winding through the narrow streets twisting up the hills toward the gated entrance of our home. I had never felt so good and so awful at the same time in all of my life.

As we pulled up, the long driveway Escort Ataköy both of our eyes saw her mother’s black BMW in the driveway, and we parked.

“Daddy?” She asked.

“Yes, baby,” I said.

“We only practiced a little with my mouth ok, it’s not any different than before ok? I don’t want you to feel weird or freak out or something.” She said.

“I know baby, it’s just…” I started.

“Look, it’s not like we fucked or anything. Don’t think too much, it’s no big deal. Did I do a good job? I wanted to take it all in my mouth, but you’re too big Daddy. I’ve never swallowed before Daddy.” She said, and we walked inside.

She had her laptop out on the kitchen table working on some homework while her mother was cooking dinner. She got up to use the bathroom, and I couldn’t help but peek at what she was busily typing on her computer moments before. I quickly realized it wasn’t homework. It seemed that she was chatting on some social media website and was having multiple conversations with boys at the same time. The bottom of the screen was lined with little talk bubbles and all of them were blinking with new messages.

I know I shouldn’t have, but I started to read the messages when she came up from behind me, returning from the bathroom. One of the messages, from a guy, said. ‘We should hang sometime.’ To which she replied. ‘I can’t tonight.’ Another message read. ‘Do you have a tight pussy?’ To which she hadn’t replied yet. My heart was racing. I know I shouldn’t be spying on her, but I wanted to know what she was doing with this knew knowledge she was learning and so hungry for lately.

“Dad, what are you doing? Stop looking at my computer.” She said.

“Oh, sorry baby,” I said.

Luckily she sat back down and continued chatting without really caring too much if I had seen or read anything, which meant to me she was probably behaving, which was a good thing. I kissed her on top of her head and went into the dining room to set the table.

“Dinner’s ready, lets eat!” I announced a few minutes later. My wife and my daughter sat down, and we ate and talked and it felt so good. It seemed we were closer as a family, and I was so thankful.

Later that evening I started to get worried that she was talking to boys too much, and too often, and decided I better see what she was up to. I spent some time on a search engine checking how to get someone’s passwords, and to my surprise realized that they were all listed in a folder that is in charge of auto-typing them when a person fills them out, and I quickly gained access and wrote down her password to several social media sites, several emails, and then tucked the paper inside my wallet.

For the next week, I would sign in from time to time and read through her messages. One of the social media sites seemed to have the most activity, and I was shocked at the things these boys were saying to her, and equally shocked the things she was saying to them. But I was happy at least to know what was going on and figured it was much better than being in the dark about all of it. Her mother would lock her up and chain her to the bed with a chastity belt, but I was just happy to know she was safe, at least for now.

She got a ride home from a friend and walked into the house early in the evening on Thursday.

“Hi, honey,” I said.

“I don’t want to talk to you.” She said.

“Excuse me?” I asked in a fatherly tone.

“You have been stalking me and signing in to my stuff and broken our trust.” She said.

“Baby, look, I’m sorry, but I just saw your computer open and yes, I got your passwords, but I was only trying to protect you. I just care about you.” I said.

“You do?” She asked.

“Of course baby, I just don’t want you to get pregnant, and I’m so happy we have been so close lately, and I am really sorry if I ruined anything, or you feel I’ve broken trust in any way,” I said.

“I am pissed! This is so not cool, but there is something you can do to make it up to me.” She said.

“Anything,” I told her.

“I want you to teach me how to give great blow-jobs. I mean really teach me. I hear other boys saying how good some girls are at doing it, and it’s not fair. It’s not fair.” She said sternly.

“Umm, baby… I don’t… think… we… I… should. What happened in the car was…” I was searching for the words but was coming up short. I felt so bad for breaking her trust and things were going so well, we seemed so close as a family lately I didn’t want to ruin it.

“Fine, then don’t!” She said. Walking up the stairs, her tight little ass gripped by her striped skirt, then slamming her bedroom door defiantly.

I struggled with the thought and was so scared to cross the line with her, but after about two hours of agony my cock won and guided me to her bedroom door. I knocked.

“Come in.” She said, and I heard her unlock the handle before I turned the knob.

“What are you doing?” I asked, making conversation.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” She said, painting her toe-nails.

“I see.” I replied, and sat down at the foot of the bed. She looked so adorable with little cotton balls in between her toes and had her laptop out watching some master toe-nail guru giving virtual lessons eagerly from a tube website.

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