21 Kasım 2023

Daddy’s Dirty Buttslut Act 06


Preface – PLEASE READ!:

This is the sixth part of what is a running story. It is all about the taboo. You will not find romance here. Any notion and talk of love is subverted to serve the taboo.

Anal sex and incest are MAJOR themes of this story.

You may want to not read this part and other parts if you take offence to any of the following in a lurid, obscene (and of course fantastical) context: incest, rough sex, submission and domination, degradation, extreme sodomy, ass worship, extreme dirty assplay, light or implied scat, and EFRO (erotic female relieving observance).

All characters involved are 18 or older.

This particular chapter deals heavily in degradation and psychological abuse as fantasy. Please do not read if this will upset or offend you.

Ana moans in adoration as you feed your soiled cock, hot and fresh from deep in her bowels, into her mouth. Her tongue bathes your shaft as her lips wrap around it, and she sucks on it greedily. Her eyes are closed in pleasure. Her uniquely messy blowjob approach causes her to dribble drops and strands of spit and pre-cum all over her face.

“That’s it baby… suck daddy’s cock hard, take it deep… make daddy cum in your little mouth.” You pant.

You lightly slap her face a couple of times, and smear the mess around her face. She is rubbing her pussy hard and squirming about.

“There’s a good little slut… show how good you are at sucking cock… make daddy cum.”

She has one hand now stroking and squeezing your large balls. She opens her eyes and you withdraw for a second. She takes a big swallow of all the pre-cum you had squirted on her tongue.

“Cum in my mouth daddy! Gimme your fatty, creamy cum.” She begs. “I want it so thick it’s like eating yoghurt! I want my happy meal daddy, I wanna slurp it all about in my slutty mouth… Coat your daughter’s greedy tongue with your hot fucking load of jizz!”

You sink back into her anticipating mouth to a loud contented sound from your daughter. Your cock is sucked even harder now, all wet and nasty. You squeeze her big tits from behind you and she massages your balls and prostrate, eager to be used as your cum receptacle,

After another minute of the sloppy incestuous blowjob, you groan as you pump thick, gloopy dollops of cum into Ana’s little mouth. She swallows slowly and deeply, only when her mouth is full. She does this three times, such is your load, and gives a big ‘mmmph’ moan after each swallow.

When you are done, you pull out and sit off her, and she smacks her lips happily.

“That was was gorgeous daddy!” She says, rubbing her sticky wet face and popping the fingers in her mouth to lick clean. “It was the thickest, tastiest cum I’ve ever had! I never wanted it to end.”

“Anytime, honey.” You say. “I like giving my daughter her morning milkshake.”

“Morning yoghurt you mean.” She beams.

It is several hours later and you have both had breakfast and lunch, and, it being a Sunday, you have been reading while Ana has been watching some of her trashy daytime TV programmes.

You couldn’t stay away from each other for long though, and now, after you have been faced with Ana irresistibly wiggling her big booty at you, you are both back to rutting away, this time on the big sofa in the lounge.

“Mmm molest my tight wet bottom, daddy” She whimpers. You have gone straight to fucking her asshole.

“Yes…yes… Fuck me like a piece of meat… fuck my fat ass meat.” She pants as you fuck her harder, in the spooning position, her fat buttcheeks nestled into your groin.

“Does my dumb little buttslut like being daddy’s meatfuck?” You say, grinding deep into her squelching anus.

“Mmm, I love it when you call me dumb and stupid, daddy. Makes me feel like a silly fucktoy, just used for my dirty ass.”

“You wanna be a cumdumpster too, dumb slut?”

“Oh yes pleaase.” She whines. “I wanna be my daddy’s cumdumpster so baddd. Fill my nasty holes up with buckets of your warm jizz and then just push me away once I’ve served my purpose. And when you come back punish me if any has leaked out… no matter how hard it is to keep it inside my bottom when my silly anus is gaping wide open after being wrecked so bad.”

“You busty little cumdump daughter.” You say. “I’ll fill you up with cum again and again until its pouring out of you.”

You continue to ream her sloppy brown fuckhole, your big cockhead rapidly disappearing and appearing in and out of your daughter’s juicy sphincter Avcılar Escort while you aggressively slap the jiggling sides of her expansive buttcheeks.

“Uhh! Oh! Fuck my fat ass!” Ana yells out. “Fuck my big fat ass… reward me for being such a bottom-heavy tease! Always having my big booty falling out of my clothes, always shaking it for attention, always bouncing up and down like a silly dumb cumdumpster.”

“This is your reward for being a slut.” You grunt, pounding between her sweaty buttcheeks.

After a bit more beautiful anal abuse, you pull out only to sink straight into Ana’s other hole.

“Ohhh!” Ana cries in ecstasy. “Yess! Pound my slutty little pussy daddy, fuck your silly daughter’s tight wet cunt!”

Your pace slows, as you don’t want to cum yet, and you screw her soaking pussy with deep, measured thrusts.

“Do you any idea how many guys I’ve let fuck me daddy?” She suddenly says, in a proudly flirtatious tone, and continues before you can reply. “I’m so easy you know… last week a random guy in a club fucked me in a parking lot. He bent me over a car, lifted my mini skirt up, screwed my silly pussy without a condom on and came loads inside me. He left me with cum dripping down my thighs. I loved it.”

As aroused as this makes you, you’re a little bit perturbed. “A random guy fucked you without a condom? You really should be safer if you wanna be such a whore…”

“Well… to tell you the truth it wasn’t a random guy, it was Danny…” She admits.

You know Danny, he was one of her best friend’s boyfriends.

“Oh you whore… I bet you’ve fucked all your friends’ boyfriends haven’t you?”

“Oh, most of them daddy!” She giggles.

You fuck her pussy harder at this evidence at just what sort of a person your daughter was. You slap her face several times. “Keep talking baby.”

“I can’t help it… they just see my slutty face and just know I’m gagging for it. It’s not as if they’re cheating properly, I’m not going out with them behind my friends’ back or anything bad like that, I’m just giving them somewhere to dump all their big loads! It’s not my fault my pussy always needs attention, it’s not my fault I love the taste of cum and being able to swill it around in my mouth. I’m sure my friends would understand… even if they caught me panties down on their bed when they’re out, being fucked and creamed by their boyfriend. It’s not as if they hang around too, they just fill me up like their cumdump then go as if nothing happened.

“Actually, one time one of my mates did catch me.. she was angry to start with but then I convinced her to see it my way and she just decided to fuck me with this huge strap-on instead, slapping me and pulling my hair like you’re doing with me now daddy. It was so hot!”

This talk is driving you wild, and you need to slow down again, partly as not to cum, and partly to concentrate on your daughter’s hot, taboo words.

“Does it turn you on knowing that your daughter is a slut?” She teases. “That your daughter is the village bike? The local cumdumpster?”

“Fuck yes honey… that’s all you’re good for.”

“I know daddy, and I love being a silly ditzy party girl always getting used as a cum hole and a fucktoy. But now I’m yours to do with what you wish. You can fuck me senseless all the time, buttfuck me till I cry, and then I’ll go out and be a little slut for you while your cum is running down my legs. And then I’ll come back home, with cum on my lips, cum on my big tits and cum in my pussy, and you can reward me by bending me over and fucking my ass, which will always belong to you daddy.”

“Oh you are so fucking hot.” You groan, mauling her huge teen boobs.

“I know daddy.”

You fuck her pussy for another minute before she pipes up again.

“You know how I used to cry a lot as a kid daddy?”

“You still do if I recall right.” You respond jokingly.

“I know daddy, that’s because I like being a crybaby.”

“Let me guess, you wanna be a silly crybaby when daddy is inside your bottom, or your little pussy?”

“Yesss… I want you to make me cry when you’re fucking me.”

“How stupid.” You say, lightly caressing her cheek.

“I know I am daddy.”

“And how do you suggest we go about making a cockhungry slut like you cry from fucking?”

“Just slap my face a lot and call me names, make fun of me, make me feel like a stupid baby, pull my hair, make me beg, make me out to be just a dumb cumdumpster…”

“You are a dumb cumdumpster baby. That’s Avcılar Escort Bayan all you’re good for.”

“Mmm yes daddy. Like that. Just keep being nasty to me while fucking me hard and I’ll cry like a baby when I’m near cumming ’cause it’ll all be so intense.”

You start slapping her face, very lightly at first, then getting harder and harder, as you fuck her heated wet cunt. You switch position until she is on her side but facing you, so you can look her in the eyes. You hold her tight against you, your arms around her back and on her ass, and her legs wrapped around your waist.

“You want daddy to cum in your pussy?” You murmur.

“Yesss daddy.”

“Say please, dumb slut.”

“Please daddy! Please give me your cum!”

“That’s not good enough fucktoy, I want you to beg.”

“Pleeease daddy! I need it! I need to feel your big cock spurting buckets of hot thick cum in your dumb little daughter’s womb!”

“Silly baby.” Is all you reply, as you keep slapping her face, watching with disguised delight as it gets redder and redder and she gets more and more worked up.

“Noooo! Daddyy! I need your cum so bad! Fill up my tight pussy, make me daddy’s cumbunny! Pleaaase!” She is whining more and more, looking like she is having a tantrum, making pathetic noises inbetween her moans as you continue to hold her close to you as you lovingly pump her soaking teenage pussy with your cock.

“Do you know dumb you look right now? With your father deep inside you, watching you beg and squirm because you can’t get your cum?”

“Do I look stupid daddy?” She looks at me expectantly.

“You look so stupid baby. That’s why I’m slapping your red face so much. You look like a vacant fucktoy.”

“Your fucktoy wants cummm daddy, pleaase.”

“I might consider cumming in you if you cry for daddy like a good little baby.”

“I wanna be a good baby for daddy… you’re gonna make me cryyy.”

You start to fuck her hard again, keeping to short strokes deep in her pussy but forcing yourself in with rougher, faster thrusts.

“You still want daddy’s cum, slut?”

“Yess please daddy! Jizz in your daughter’s slutty cunt!”

“Not so fast, cumbucket. Tell me what you are.”

“I’m a whore, daddy.”

You give a stinging slap across her face and she yelps like a wounded pup. Her eyes glisten. “Yes, but that’s not good enough. What kind of a whore?”

“I… don’t know daddy. I just need your cum in me!”

Another slap, and you grab her hair in one hand and keep it pulled taut enough that it hurts her. Tears spring to her eyes.

“Shut up fuckslut. I decide when and where to cum, not you.”

“I’m sorry daddy! I’m just so desperate… and I’m so close!”

“I don’t care fucktoy, you’re just my piece of meat to use as I please. Tell me what you are again.”

“I’m your piece of meat daddy. Use and abuse me, just rape my silly pussy.”

“That’s what I’m doing baby. What are you good for?”

“To fuck…”

You slap her hard again and yank her hair. Tears start to run down her cheeks, and she’s making mewling pitiful noises intertwined with heightened moans and short ragged breathing.

“I’m… I’m only good to be raped daddy, I’m a silly bigtitted slut, just a walking, giggling cumdumpster for any and every guy that can get an erection. Rape your slutty daughter daddyyy. Use my cunt for your seed.”

“Tell me how stupid you are baby.”

“I’m so stupid daddy… I’m a stupid whore.”

“Everyone makes fun of you behind your back for it.” You whisper into her ear.

“I know daddy… they all laugh at how dumb I am, and call me a massive whore behind my back.” Her face is wet with her tears, just as it’s apparent from her sounds that she’s also approaching orgasm.

“They all just think about when they can rape you.”

“Oh daddy..” She’s sobbing now, her mascara is running down her face, which is glowing the colour of beetroot. “They can rape me anytime daddy, I’m too dumb to understand its wrong… I just let them pull my panties down and force it in me.”

“That’s all your good for. Cry for daddy. Your face looks so stupid right now baby.”

“I’m crying while you rape my pussy daddyy… I’m gonna cummm!”

“Good girl, cum for daddy while crying. I’m going to give you what you wanted now, lots of thick creamy family jizz deep in your womb.”

“Ohh daddyyy…”

You give her one last slap and pull her hair hard as you finally give in, emptying your cock milk into your daughter’s Escort Avcılar wet, warm pussy. Ana writhes underneath you in absolute ecstasy, feeling her orgasm overwhelm her as she is finally filled up with what she’s been so desperate for. Spurt after spurt comes out of you and Ana is almost screaming she is moaning so loud.

“Oh daddy! Yes! Cum in me! Fill my slut pussy up! Cum in your stupid daughter-whore’s womb! Knock me up daddy! Knock up your dumb crying daughter!” She is babbling nasty fucktalk, so lost in the moment that she doesn’t even care what she is saying. “Make me your useless breed slut daddy! Keep my pussy filled to the brim with jizz and knock me up again and again!”

“Daddy’s knocking you up baby!” You pant as you continue to pump her full of boiling hot semen.

When you have finished filling her up, you stroke Ana’s deeply flushed face, making your hand wet from her cheeks and gathering her still falling tears with your fingers, as she is panting hard, trying to recover from her orgasm.

You’re still deep in her pussy, your cock still slowly leaking out drops of cum, to add to the pool already there.

You move your wetly salted hand behind her and push inbetween her meaty asscheeks, and straight to her rubbery and sweaty butthole, which you lightly rub.

“Oh daddy…” She sniffs, her big teary eyes opening wide and looking wondrously into yours. “You’re rubbing my bumhole with… with…” She bites her lip as her eyes welled up again. “You’re making your crying daughter’s little butthole wet with my own tearss.”

“That’s right, I’m gonna use your slutty tears to lube your asshole up so I can rape your tight bottom next.” You collect her fresh tears with your fingers then move them back to her ass and roughly force two fingers in without warning, making Ana wince despite her post-orgasmic state, and give a choked sob.


“Your tears are warmed up in your dirty anus now baby. I think you’re ready for daddy’s cock.”

“No daddyy… my poor bottom isn’t ready for your big cock… I’m still not used to taking it theree!” She begs. Her asshole has closed tight since you fucked it just before.

“You better get used to it, whore.” You growl as you move your slimy cock out of her pussy and push the head against her resisting butthole, both of you still locked in the same sideways embrace, her legs still around your waist. “Your big round ass is daddy’s property now, it’s mine to rape and yours only to offer to me as an alternative to your overused pussy.”

“OWWWW!” She squeals as your cockhead forces uncompromisingly through her stubborn chocolate ring and inside her, pushing her salty tears deep into her bowels.

“You know you love it, slut. Your stupid fat ass is begging to be ruined.”

“My little bottom isn’t stupid or fat is it daddy?” A large teardrop runs down from her eye as her long lashes give a big blink, and you sordidly lick it off her face, enjoying the taste.

“Of course it is you dumb buttslut. Whenever I saw it I knew it wasn’t normal, it was big and fat and sticking out obscenely, and any busty teenager that carried a butt like that deserved to be taken advantage of, and to get fucked and treated like a common whore by everyone with a pulse. That’s why you get so much attention and why guys want you, did you think it was for your personality?” You laugh derisively as you up your pace, reaming your daughter’s sweaty, tear-soaked butthole.

“Lots of people screw me because I’m pretty, daddy.”

“Ha, you make yourself look pretty with all that makeup. How dumb, spending hours making yourself look pretty but everyone else just laughs at you and sees you as a dumb makeupped slut with big tits and a fat ass.”

“Oh daddy… you’re being so nasty, you’re making me cry so much. Please keep raping me, I deserve it, spending ages making myself look so pretty. Slap my stupid face as you fuck my sloppy ass. I know everyone just wants to rape me, even my own daddy can’t resist my slutty look.”

“I know honey, I do love all your holes. Aww, and look how adorably stupid you look! Such a silly little cumdumpster, getting off on her daddy’s cock in her bottom, with cum leaking out of her pussy that everyone likes to take turns on.”

“And I let them daddy.”

“Of course you do, you’re just another dumb, giggling slut with big tits. And everyone knows it. And now, now you’re gonna get what you crave and get so desperate for.”

And with that you shoot your second heavy load inside your daughter’s ass.

It takes a good few minutes for both of you to recover. You both lie back on the couch. You feel done for, but very satisfied.

“I love you baby.” You say.

“I love you too daddy…” She smiles at you. “Now stick your face in my horny ass and taste my dirty butthole again!”

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