20 Kasım 2023

Daddy’s Anal Princess Ch. 03


Mike’s eyes almost popped out of his head when his daughter Stacey told him she wanted him to fuck her in the ass. He felt his heart beat loudly in his chest drumming out the excited beat. He barely got sex from his wife anymore and anal, that was only a dream to him. Now his precious daughter was going to let him have her anal cherry. He knew this had to be his lottery day.

“Hey Daddy why don’t we go take a shower before you slide your nice cock in my tight ass?” Stacey asked her father. He agreed and they headed into the shower. Mike couldn’t get over how beautiful his daughter was and when he started lathering up her back he felt his cock get hard once again. It rose up and started poking Stacey in the butt. The intrusion made her giggle.

“You are so bad Daddy! Is looking at my nice ass and thinking about how your cock is going to bust my cherry getting you hard?” Stacey laid it on thick which put Mike in more of an aroused state.

“I just can’t wait to take your anal virginity baby! But first when we get out of here I am going to lick that juicy ass of yours!”

The two of them washed each other sensually, the foreplay kept them both fully stoked. They quickly dried and headed back to Stacey’s room. As soon as the door clicked shut Stacey was on her knees giving her father a magnificent blow job. Her soft lips squeezed on Mike’s head as she pulled him deeper into her mouth. While she swallowed she let the spit gather in her mouth and oozed it all over his cock making it drenched with her saliva. As she came back up his shaft she swirled her tongue back and forth on the underbelly of the beast. She repeated this technique time and again nice and slowly up and down his throbbing cock.

Stacey really wanted to taste her dad’s cum and she could tell he was getting into her blowjob as bursa escort bayanlar he started moving his hips with her sucking rhythm and was moaning really loud. His moans were only broken by the encouraging remarks of her talents.

“Oh Yes Baby you are sucking Daddy’s cock so good! You are sucking it better than anyone has ever done it! Oh yes Baby Girl, you are gonna make your Daddy cum. Yes you keep doing that and I am gonna cum right down your throat my sweet daughter!”

His words made Stacey hungrier and she sped up the pace of her mouth movements. She took one hand and grabbed her father’s balls gently. She could feel his body shaking and all of a sudden she felt him rise to the balls of his feet and his nuts tightened in her hand. It was followed by the most incredible warm splash of her father’s hot cum down her throat. When Stacey finished sucking her father dry she stood up and kissed him passionately driving her tongue into his mouth, letting him taste the remnants of his cum.

During their kiss Mike maneuvered his daughter until the back of her legs came in contact with the bed. When Mike couldn’t push her back any further he leaned into her, his weight caused them to flop down on the bed, not once did the taboo lovers break their loving lip lock.

Mikes hands were all over his daughter. He tweaked her nipples then went lower to her beautiful pussy. Sliding a couple fingers deep inside her he began finger fucking her. He would drive his two fingers deep and then when he pulled them out her would spread them as far apart as he could. He kept this up until she was writhing around on the bed, bucking her hips to accept and release his fingers. She moaned out loud and came with a fury.

After Stacey came Mike turned her over on her stomach. bayan sarisin escort bursa He dropped his head, trailing his tongue down the center of her spine. He watched as the goose bumps formed all over his daughter’s body. When he got to the top of her ass he spread her legs apart and took a cheek in each hand and opened her ass as far as it would go. His tongue snaked down her backdoor crease. Teasingly he passed over her tight asshole and continued right to her soaked pussy. Picking up some of her pussy juices on his tongue he went back up and this time he drove his tongue deep into her hole.

Stacey howled at the new sensation. The feeling of her father’s mouth on her asshole was driving her crazy and when he scooped her insides with her tongue she felt her pussy shudder in another orgasm.

“Oh Daddy please … please …take my ass now! Daddy I want you to take your hard cock and fuck your baby girl’s ass! Yes Daddy fuck my ass now!”

Upon hearing this Mike lifted Stacey up so she was on all fours. Putting his cock in his fist he pressed it against the unyielding hole. Her anal ring was so tight he thought it might break his rod. Slowly he fed his cock head into her starfish hole. He watched with wide eyes as it started to cave in on itself pushed by his cock. The tiny wrinkled hole bended inward as he pushed forward. He had the whole head in when he felt a pop, he knew he had finally broken through her tight rectum and began his slow decent to fill her completely.

Stacey could feel her barrier not wanting to relent; the pain was intense but not cruel. She wanted it so bad she pushed her hips back. She felt her ass ring pop as her father’s cock head broke through. She was washed over by another incredible pain but it was instantly replaced with bursa eve gelen eskort relief. She drove back on her father to welcome his entirety.

Mike felt his daughter move her hips back to offer her ass completely to him and he took it. Soon he found himself all the way in with no more cock to feed to her. When he based his tool in her ass he paused for a minute letting her get accustomed to his size. Then he pulled back slowly and just before his cock head popped completely out he pushed it all the way back in.

Mike watched the action of her tight backdoor passage as it would collapse on itself when he thrust forward but more incredible to him was when he was pulling out and he could see the tight starfish lips gripping his cock and getting pulled right along with it. It reminded him of taking a sock off too quickly and having it ending up inside out. He felt as if he pulled to quick he might pull her ass inside out.

Stacey could take no more of the slow fucking and started driving her hips back at her father. She was long passed pain and when she dropped her hand to her pussy and inserted two fingers she was over the top with pleasure. She was slamming her ass back on her father’s cock wanting more and more of it with each second.

“Oh god Daddy fuck my ass … fuck your slut daughter’s dirty ass! Oh yes my Daddy is fucking my virgin ass! Fuck … fuck … Yes Daddy I am your new little fuck slut! Oh god ram that big hard cock up my tight ass! I …I …I …I’m gonna cum!” Stacey screamed as the clear sweet liquid shot out of her pussy like water from a hose, splashing all over her bed. She started shaking and her mind went dark for one brief moment.

“Yes Baby … Daddy …is … going …to …Yes … cum ….YYYYEESSSSS!!!” Mike couldn’t even get his complete sentence out as he shot his hot load deep inside his daughter’s bowels.

The two flopped on to each other and shared a warm embrace, not caring about the juices that were covering the both of them, just caring about each other. Mike held his daughter close and kissed her softly. He thanked her for the most amazing sexual experience of his life.

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