20 Kasım 2023

Daddy Plaything Ch. 01


I was, as they say, as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. My eighteen year old daughter was coming to live with me. Me! Why couldn’t she have picked a different college to attend?

I was never a model father. Jamie, my daughter, had been the result of a one night stand and other than the occasional update letter from her mother I had had no contact with her in over fourteen years. Yes I had religiously sent the child support but my job had kept me travelling around the world and there had never seemed to be a good time to visit her. Her mothers husband made it clear that he didn’t want me around. Now that she had reached the age of maturity he wanted her out. So she chose a school in the city I had retired to.

The worst part was, I was totally unprepared. I had only been informed of the decision a week ago. I would have to sell my one bedroom condo and find something a little more accommodating. Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day, we would have to make do for now.

So here I am, waiting at the gate hoping I would recognize her when she deplaned. All I had to go by was a two year old photo that wasn’t all that clear to start with. I should have made a sign, I thought as the first of several young ladies exited the sky-way. The terminal was bursting with college age girls about to start school.

Several of them were very attractive and I was letting my mind wonder down some lascivious paths when one in particular caught my eye, or I should say her breasts did. As she walked in my direction I noticed the jiggle of perfect 34B’s that were contained by one of those bras that does nothing hide the shape of the nipple. She had puffies, my favorite, and the sweater clinging to her hid nothing either.

I couldn’t have told you if she was a blond, brunette or redhead as she approached.

I was starting to be obvious and was tying to pull my eyes away when she stopped about five feet in front of me and squealed “Daddy!”

Startled my first reaction was to glance behind me to see if she was talking to someone else. Bahçeşehir Escort By the time I got swiveled back around she had a very red faced old man in a bear hug.

I was too stunned to react at first and all I could do was sputter “Jamie?”

She continued to hold me close and said “Of course, silly!” “Who else would I be?” Then she laughed and kissed me on the lips. In fact she kissed me several times, squirming in my embrace and squealing in delight.

The hug I gave her was a reflex to someone being in my arms, the truth was that I was so unstrung by this gorgeous creature that it took me several moments to regain my faculties. In the mean time the squirming was starting to have some very disturbing effects. I could feel my cock start to swell and the more I tried hide it, and hold her away, so she wouldn’t notice, the closer she snuggled. I looked up in dismay, catching the eye of a very disapproving grandmother type.

“My daughter” I explained lamely. She frowned and shook her head.

When Jamie finally broke contact with me she stepped back and pointedly looked at my now tented pants and giggled.

“You really are happy to see me” she purred, “Aren’t you daddy!”

You could have lit a cigarette on my forehead, I was so embarrassed.

“Um…yes. Yes! Of course I am!” I stuttered still trying to recover. “I was just not….um…not expecting…..”

“This?” she said and did a little twirl.

She was stunning! If I had had her custom built I couldn’t have improved any. Long toned legs shown to advantage by the four inch heels she was wearing, a finely shaped bottom from the outline of the tight skirt she was in, the breasts I was desperately trying NOT to stare at, a beautiful face, full red lips, green eyes and the deepest, shiniest auburn hair I had ever seen.

I looked closely at her face. Yes I could see her mother there and something else. I was to wonder about it until she noticed a picture of my own mother about that age that was in the family photos in the Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan hallway. She was mine alright. Not that I had ever doubted her mother.

I took her carry-on and followed her seductive swaying hips as she led me to baggage claim. I don’t know if she put any extra sway into them but I did notice that just about every male, and more than a few females took notice of her. Every so often she would suddenly look over her shoulder to see me staring at her ass. She would giggle and I would turn a deeper shade of crimson.

Finally after standing at the conveyor belt forever while she rubbed her breasts on my arm we collected her bags and, willing sky-cap in tow, started the mountain of luggage toward the car.

It took some skill to fit it all in and even then her carry-on bag ended up in the front seat with us. I sat it in the middle hoping to put a bit of a barrier between her and my sometimes obvious state of arousal. But instead of getting in on the passenger side she got in on the drivers side and pushed the bag over against the door. I gulped hard and the sky-cap winked and wished me luck as I handed him a fifty. With her trim legs swiveled slightly towards me and her left arm draped across the back of my seat she jutted her chest out and beckoned me in.

“Drive me home Daddy!” she said with a laugh.

We had not even got out of the garage before she made me jump by resting her right hand on my thigh. I was having trouble concentrating on traffic as she snuggled close to me, any one would have thought we were lovers.

“Mm mm, we are going to have so much fun, aren’t we daddy?” She leaned in and whispered. “Just the two of us”

I about wrecked as she gave my thigh a squeeze.

“Uh, yes honey, we should have a lot of fun.” I said as I shifted towards the door. She followed and with her movement her hand accidentally brushed my raging hard on. I gasped and tried to move away but I was trapped against the door.

“Daddy look out!” she yelled.

I had drifted Escort Bahçeşehir across the yellow line. I jerked back over and in an attempt to steady herself she firmly grasped my cock.

Well no wonder you can’t concentrate” she said. “It looks like this is your problem.” and gave it a squeeze.

“Jamie!” it came out more of a croak than a yell. “You mustn’t!” I reached down and tried to free myself.

She just held tighter and in a voice with more authority than I expected said “Keep both hands on the wheel or you will kill us both.”

She was right about that and I returned my hand to the wheel.

“That’s better daddy, just relax, I know what to do” she said and quickly lowered my zipper. “How does this feel?” she asked as she stroked the raging hard on that was now jutting out of my pants.

“Jamie please!” I gasped. “You’re my daughter!”

She just giggled and said “I think mom was a fool to give this up, It must be at least ten inches long!” “We are going to have so much fun, RED LIGHT DADDY!”

I almost ran it. I screeched to a stop beside a large delivery truck, attracting the attention of the worker sitting in the passenger seat.

“My God Jamie! He can see me! Cover me up!”

“OK!, she giggled and leaning over, took as much of my cock as she could into her mouth.

“No!” I yelped even as her warm wet mouth had its effect on me. By now even the driver of the truck was leaning over to watch the show. A couple of sucks and some rather expert hand work and my eyes were starting to roll back in my head.

Suddenly blaring horns told me the light had changed. The truck was still there watching the show and the horns became insistent. God only knows how I managed to start moving. I did manage to make it over to the curb before I came in her warm sucking mouth. I gushed. It was like I had never had a blow job before. I won’t say I blacked out but I will say I had no awareness of where I was.

After taking the whole load in her sweet mouth she looked up at me, smiled, and before I could stop her, pulled my head to her and kissed me, feeding my own cum back to me!

“Swallow that down like a good boy!” she laughed “then drive us home.”

After adjusting to the shock of what just happened I looked around.

“We are home!” I said. We were sitting in front of my building!

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