20 Kasım 2023

Daddy , Me


My name is Maya and this is the story of my life and love. I was was sitting on the couch breast feeding my father in law when the telephone rang. (You may like to read my poem ” A good deed” published in ). Daddy (my father in law); and I had become lovers soon after my wedding. He was much better endowed than my husband and far more imaginative and aggressive as a lover. My husband believed in plain vanilla sex and was always very gentle and considerate. We would always make love in the conventional missionary position and the frequency was also very low — not more than thrice a week.

My husband was my first lover. I had read many romantic novels and watched some movies, which contained scenes of explicit sex and erotic love. The women seemed to enjoy sex and I was unable to reach the same heights of excitement and arousal in my marital sex. I felt disappointed and wondered if all that I had read and seen was only confined to the realm of films and novels. I never thought I will experience the passion and excitement of raw sex which I dreamt of.

Once we had gone to a friend’s house for a party. The drinks were flowing and the topic turned to sex. The question of swinging and exchanging partners cropped up. Almost all the women were aghast at the very concept. The host then suggested that we all watch a nice blue film which will make all the couples go home in a mood for sex. There was general agreement.

The movie we saw was full of sex. Almost all taboo acts like water sports, anal sex were shown including fellatio. The film depicted a young white woman who falls under the spell of her black gardener. The gardener was much older than the woman and he slowly transformed the white lady into his personal sex slut. The wife totally under her black gardener’s spell that she became ready to submit to any of his demands. What began as an employer- employee relationship got transformed to a master slave situation. The movie showed the black man ordering, humiliating and degrading the white wife — and the lady was enjoying it — thanks to the big cock she was allowed to worship.

On our way back, my husband asked me what I felt about the film. I was embarrassed and my face went red. Hubby misunderstood my emotions and apologized that we had to see such a movie. He went on to say that he was shocked at the scenes in the movie and how the white woman ever agreed to even act out some of the scenes — leave alone any one accepting to do it in real life.

Hubby’s views left me flabbergasted. I thought he was indeed very naïve. He did not understand women. Despite all the talk of women’s liberation, every woman yearns to be mastered. Women have a primal desire to submit to a strong male. We may like gentlemen in other spheres of life, but when it comes to sex, the caveman wins every time. This message has been programmed into every woman’s brain. We want a man who will take us, take his pleasure and not treat us like glass dolls. The hard grip of a man, controlling his woman’s body, even causing her pain, but pleasuring her with his cock, is far better than a gentle lover who we cannot feel. Women respect male strength, and the rougher a man behaves during sex, the more she enjoys. A woman will respect a man who treats her like an object — designed to satisfy his desires — which is what she is ultimately meant for. That is how nature intended it and no amount of culture or civilization is going to change or overcome the animal in human beings. I was quite disappointed with my husband and quite frankly lost my respect for him that evening.

Our home consisted of my husband, his father and me. My mother in law had expired a year before our marriage. Our house belonged to my father in law. It was nice independent building with a large garden in the front and a small open patch of land in the rear. We were well shielded from the road with several large shady trees protecting our boundary. The ground floor consisted of a sitting room, kitchen, dining room and a guest bedroom on the ground floor. The first floor had two large bedrooms and a big balcony which could be approached through either bedroom. My father in law continued to occupy the bedroom he and my late mother in law used. Our bedroom was adjoining theirs and the two rooms had a connecting door. When we made love, my husband was very careful that we should be quiet lest any sound percolate into the other bedroom. It was almost as though our lovemaking was illicit and we had to conceal it from the world.

My husband was a software engineer. His job required frequent travel. Being young, he was often sent out on assignments. During these trips, which lasted anything from a few days to a month, my father in law and I were alone at home. I had often felt Daddy sneaking furtive glances when he thought I was not aware of him. In the beginning I ignored him thinking it was just my imagination. As time passed I became more aware of how Daddy was sizing me up. I could feel his eyes rove over my body. I too decided to indulge in what I thought was harmless flirting. I used to bend forward while giving him his morning coffee allowing him a deep view of my breasts. Sometimes I would bursa otele gelen eskort accidentally brush his body with mine while we were moving around the house.

One day while having breakfast, Daddy suddenly started having hiccups. I massaged his back. As he continued to struggle, I just drew him into my arms and with his face buried in my breast, I continued to calm him down. It was several minutes before he became normal and the constant movement of his face against my breasts had made my nipples erect and his cheeks were pressed against my soft globes. His hands were holding me by my waist. When his breathing had become normal, I released him. His face was red and I could see a big soft ball of snot dripping from his nose. Instinctively I just used my hand to wipe his nose and rubbed my hand clean on my apron. I asked him if he was feeling alright, but he was still struggling and gave no coherent reply, I once again tenderly drew him to my breast.

This time Daddy deftly turned and clasped his mouth around my erect nipple. Although I was wearing my blouse and a bra beneath, I could feel his wet mouth circle my nipples as his lips closed tighter. He began a slow sucking motion as I wrapped my arms around him. I was rubbing his shoulder and back with one hand while the other was combing his hair and pressing him nearer. A few minutes passed, and once his breathing became normal, I slowly released him. Although he seemed reluctant to release my nipple, he slowly disengaged his lips. When I looked down I could see that my dress was wet around my breasts and nipples, where he had slobbered his saliva. Pretending to appear normal, I asked him if he was alright. Daddy replied yes and I just went about cleaning the table and my normal morning chores. I purposely decided not to change my dress and I could see Daddy staring at my boobs and the erect nipple partially visible through my dress.

Later I asked Daddy if he wished to see a doctor. He replied that he was feeling better. I asked him if he had any allergies and what caused his hiccups. He replied that he had no known allergies and although he had experienced hiccups before, he had never experienced such a serious attack which almost threatened to choke him. I asked him to take rest and not over exert himself. Daddy agreed and said that he will take my advice.

The next day I got up as usual and as I was passing Daddy’s bedroom, I heard some grunting noises. Unable to restrain myself, I tiptoed to the door, which was slightly open & peered in carefully. I saw Daddy rubbing the largest cock I had ever seen. He was engrossed in himself and obviously concentrating on getting release from his pent up tension. He never even noticed me, and I waited trying to keep out of sight, unable to move from the spot. Suddenly his erect cock exploded and a white jet of come streamed upwards. Daddy continued to rub himself a few minutes and the jets of come continued. It was absolutely marvelous. My husband’s cock seemed puny in comparison. I had never even got an opportunity to judge the quantity of seed he produced, but I knew there was no way he could compare to Daddy. I knew then that I wanted Daddy and would do everything possible to touch and taste that cock.

People always assume that a man with a large cock is always an alpha male, dominant and aggressive. This was not the case with Daddy. Although he would look and visually undress me, he was always restrained in his behavior. I knew then that I had to take the lead, if anything was to materialize. I slowly began to dress a little different. Sometimes I would wear a low cut blouse, or leave a few buttons undone. My skirts were a little higher or I would wear shorts which left a good deal of my legs exposed.

One afternoon, I purposely requested Daddy to help me bring down a vessel placed in the loft of the kitchen. He could not reach the vessel, even standing on a stool. We then decided that I would sit on his shoulder and retrieve the vessel. I climbed on his shoulder, with my legs wrapped around him. I pretended that I was still uneasy about my balance and asked him to hold me. He put his hands on my waist. I said that I was worried his hands may slip from my silk blouse and placed them on my bare skin, pulling my blouse aside. I specifically asked him to hold me tight. As his grip became firm, I also rubbed my pussy on his head. His head was between my thighs and my pussy began to get very wet. I am sure he could fell the moisture and the fragrance from my pussy. I kept up this pose for a few minutes, enjoying the sensation.

Daddy was very patient although his hands wandered around my midriff and for a second he toyed with my belly button. I found it very erotic as his hands lingered all over my waist and stomach. Suddenly, he placed a palm under my ass and pushed me closer to his neck. I could feel his hot breath blow against my thighs. After locating the vessel, I told Daddy that it was in my hand and asked him to take it from me. Daddy raised his hand and taking the vessel, put it down. It was now time to get down. Telling Daddy to hold me lest I fall, I slowly bursa eve gelen escort bayan slid down Daddy like a dancer on a pole. I rubbed myself all over Daddy taking special care to crush my breasts on his shoulder and back as I got down. As I slid holding on to him, my hand was moving down his torso. While removing my hands I stroked his erect cock. He almost jumped in surprise, but I just pretended to bend down to adjust my dress and while doing so, my face was directly behind near his ass. As I straightened, I buried my face between his ass cheeks and lingered there a minute trying to inhale the musky odor. I think he must have ejaculated at that point, for I got a whiff of a scent, erotic and exciting. Thanking Daddy for his help, I resumed my kitchen work.

I began a slow but steady campaign to seduce Daddy. I knew he desired me, but did not have the courage to make the first move. Having seen the size of his cock, there was no way I was going to miss the chance to enjoy this monster. When I gathered Daddy’s clothes to put in the washing machine, I smelled the same scent on his underwear. I knew then that he was masturbating & all I had to do was to direct that sexual energy in the right direction.

A sudden turn of events literally played into my hands. Daddy used to go to a nearby friend’s house every Friday to play a game of chess and enjoy a few drinks. Suddenly I got a call from the lady of the house Daddy had gone to. Apparently the two old men had taken one drink too many and in a juvenile stunt crashed the car into a nearby tree. Luckily they had not injured anyone and there was no police case involved. Daddy was not driving, but both he and his friend had been admitted to a nearby hospital. I immediately informed my husband about the accident. He promised to catch the earliest return flight & come home. I rushed to the hospital to check on Daddy and his friend.

Daddy’s friend had fractured his leg and also suffered a severe concussion on his head, which left him unconscious. He was admitted and admitted to the ICU. Daddy was relatively lucky. His left arm was twisted and the doctor put a cast for a few weeks. When the windscreen had shattered, Daddy had protected his face, but the palm and thumb of his right hand had a deep gash. The doctor put some stitches and bandage and told Daddy to come for a dressing of the wound the next day. At that time nobody realized the possible complications that two immobile hands could cause. Compared to his friend Daddy had escaped unscathed.

When we returned home, I phoned my husband. He was very happy to know that Daddy was not seriously injured. I had put the speaker phone on during the conversation. When my husband spoke to Daddy, he sheepishly explained the circumstances of the accident. My husband was quite cross and told Daddy that he will cut short his work to return home. Daddy quickly told my husband that the injuries were not serious and that there was no need to rush home. My husband appeared very relieved on hearing this. To my annoyance, even without discussing further with me, he just announced that since Daddy’s injury was not serious he will not return. He added that the project he was working was nearing completion. As the team leader, if he left at this stage, another person will take over and also hog all the credit. I could sympathize with him but also felt aggrieved that he did not even discuss his decision with me. I went to bed in a surly mood, while Daddy appeared relieved that his misadventure had not caused any major disturbance.

Next day, I was just sitting in the sofa with my coffee watching the morning news. Daddy walked in to the room. I asked him how he was feeling and he replied that the pain had reduced. He added that he could not sleep well in the night as he had to be careful not to put any weight on his left hand and avoid turning. He said he spent the entire night lying on his back. I was surprised to see that he was still dressed in the same clothes he was wearing yesterday. His dress was stained with blood and dirt from the accident. Avoiding looking at my face, he said he felt tired. I suggested that he should go up and have a wash and change his dress immediately. He looked embarrassed and said that he would change in the evening after he returned from his follow up visit to the hospital. I asked him what connection the hospital visit had in terms of his changing his dirty dress. Daddy almost blushed and his face became red. He slowly stammered that his left hand was totally immobilized and the bandages on his right palm and thumb made movement very difficult. He was waiting for the doctor to remove the bandage so that he could do his daily rituals. I immediately phoned the hospital and asked them if we could come to remove the dressing on Daddy’s right hand. The hospital told me that Daddy’s appointment was slated for the next day and being a week end the staff was too less to attend to him today. I then asked them if they could send over a male nurse to help Daddy. They turned down my request saying they were short of nurses — both male & female. I was advised to manage at home.

When bayan eskort bursa I finished the call, I saw Daddy fidgeting in an uncomfortable manner. I asked him what the problem was, but he never replied. I then went back to the kitchen, cooked breakfast and went upstairs to have my bath. I returned downstairs and saw that Daddy was still sitting on the dining table, ignoring the coffee I had placed for him. I angrily asked him if he had gone on a hunger strike as I knew he was very keen on his morning coffee. Daddy simply lifted his right hand and explained that he could not hold anything. He added that he was not even able to change his dress and felt totally helpless. While speaking he continued to move nervously. I asked him what the problem was and in a weak voice, he replied that he had not been able to undo his trouser even to visit the toilet.

Ignoring his protests, I led Daddy to the bathroom. I undid the zip of his trouser and tried to pull his cock out. Obviously unfamiliar with the process, I was fumbling and in the process his cock became erect and hard. Getting impatient, I simply undid his trousers and pulled down his underwear. He stood in front of the commode and tried to piss. The erection prevented him and I decided to move away to allow him privacy. I waited outside the bathroom and heard the strong stream of urine splash in the toilet. When the sound ended, I walked in and was shocked. Daddy was unable to hold his cock properly with his bandaged hand. He had peed partly into his trousers and I could see splashes of urine on the floor around the commode. I quickly decided to take matters into hand and made him step out of the wet trousers and underwear.

Daddy asked me to go out saying that he was about to make a bowel movement. I asked him how he was planning to clean himself. He had no reply but said that he simply had to evacuate his stomach. I had picked up his clothes and was shocked to see a dark brown stain in the back of his underwear. Obviously he had been suppressing his urge to shit and soiled himself. I sternly told him that since he was behaving like a small child I would treat him like a baby. I made him sit on the toilet and told him to shit. A few minutes later I asked him if he had finished. He replied yes and was about to put his hand to pull the flush when he realized his plight. I asked him to get up and move away from the commode. I could see two big yellow turds floating in the pan. I pulled the flush and waited for the commode to become clean.

Now it was clean up Daddy. I sat down on the toilet seat and asked Daddy to turn with his back to me. Taking a toilet roll in my hand I tried to spread his ass cheeks. It was difficult to spread both his cheeks with one hand. Daddy tried to move forward when I tried to inset a toilet roll to clean his shithole. I quickly moved my hand between his legs and grabbed him by the balls. I ordered him to stand still and took my own sweet time cleaning his bottom. I even inserted a finger inside his bottom. Daddy almost jumped but I tightened my hold on his balls and pulled him to me. I inserted my index finger inside his rear chute and wriggled in and gave him a gentle massage.

Daddy had now become obedient and docile and I could hear him panting. Telling Daddy that he had been a dirty boy, I told him that I would clean him properly. I withdrew my index finger from his rectum. It had dark brown pieces of shit sticking to it. Daddy was facing the opposite direction. Feeling both excited and nasty, I inserted my dirty finger into my mouth and licked it clean. I tasted Daddy’s shit in my mouth. I loved the feeling that I was doing something forbidden and taboo. I once again scolded Daddy for his poor personal hygiene and told him that I will now take charge. He continued standing quietly as I cleaned his rear hole. I ended by pulling aside both his ass cheeks for a better inspection. Moving forward to get a better look, my nose and mouth were almost touching his hole. I inhaled deeply trying to draw his unique fragrance and ended by giving a quick kiss and lick on his wide open hole.

Daddy was so embarrassed and excited that I don’t think he even knew what I was doing. I then asked him to turn around and face me. His erect cock was now inches away from my face. I began a slow and thorough inspection of his cock and balls. I ran my fingers through his pubic hair which was partly grey. I weighed each big testicle in my hand, getting a good feel of their size, shape and weight. He was far bigger than my husband. I circled my hand around his erect cock. His cock was long and much thicker than my husband. Even with my four fingers circling the length, more than half his cock was exposed. Daddy, unlike my husband was circumcised. The head was fully exposed. I ran my fingers across his cock and saw a drop of moisture leaking from the top. I wiped it with my finger and saw a broad slit revealing his urethra. I tried to pry open his pee hole, and had to again order Daddy to stand still when he tried to move. I could smell the urine on him as he had not washed after peeing. I slowly allowed my mouth to sink over his cock and began licking him trying to insert my tongue into his pee hole. Suddenly he began to throb and I felt a blast of cum shoot into my mouth. I took his cum in my mouth and swirled it around my tongue not swallowing. I have never tasted anything better. It was my first taste of cum & I was determined to enjoy it. I kept Daddy’s cock in my mouth and refused to release it even as it became soft.

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