20 Kasım 2023

Daddy Dearest Pt. 02


Kelly woke first. As she became aware of where she was, she also became aware of fatigued muscles. They must have been here, sleeping together, for a while. Kelly gently nuzzled Glen’s lips with hers until he smiled and opened his eyes. He pulled her closer to complete the kiss that she had started, and then released her.

Looking at the clock he saw that it was almost 1 AM. It was later than he thought! Looking at the considerable dampness between them and trickling off their legs, Glen suggested, “Well, my naughty little girl, it looks as if we could both use a shower. Join me?” Kelly agreed with an eager smile.

With Glen in the lead, they walked to his bathroom, both totally unclothed and with the intoxicating aroma of their mixed juices filling the air. In the bathroom, Glen ran the shower and adjusted the temperature so it would be comfortably warm for both of them.

Still intoxicated by the aroma in the air and the almost giddy feel of their earlier lovemaking, they stopped for one last taste before they got in the shower. Their bodies pressed together, her breasts on his bare chest, their hands trailed down each other’s bodies until they found what they were looking for. Kelly wrapped her hand around Glen’s manhood and massaged both it and his scrotum, gathering up whatever tasty remnants of their loving that she could find. For Glen’s part, his hand found the soft folds of her outer lips and slid a finger between them, just grazing her clit, sending a little bolt of delight up her spine. But then he continued further until his fingers found her sopping vagina where he plunged 2 fingers in, beyond the second knuckle. Estimating where her G-spot should be, he massaged the spot gently for a few seconds, pressing his fingers lightly upward toward Kelly’s pubic bone. When Kelly’s eyelids fluttered and his fingers evoked a small, trembling moan, he withdrew them.

Kelly and Glen looked into each other’s eyes while they raised their hands in sync toward their lips where they each tasted the sweet treasures they had found together. And then, as if on cue, they withdrew their fingers from their mouths and offered them to their partner, so each of them could taste the last remnants of their own juices as well.

They managed to finish their shower without too much horseplay. But, having decided that they would wash one another, with hands and bodies made slippery from a bottle of liquid shower gel, they slid sensuously over soft flesh and they ended up exploring each other’s bodies until the shower water started to cool. When they knew that they would need to rinse off and get out of the shower, Glen slid a finger down Kelly’s back and between her ass cheeks. Kelly began to clench her muscles back there but Glen’s finger did not stop until he found the little puckered circle of Kelly’s back door. He watched bursa eve gelen eskort bayan her eyes as he began to circle her little hole with his index finger. By now, both of them were so slippery from the shower gel that even the gentle pressure of Glen’s finger began to spread and ream the opening of Kelly’s little backdoor. At first, it seemed as if Kelly might be enjoying this new sensation, but then her eyes began to glass over and she quickly pushed his hand away. Quizzically, Glen said, “No? Did you not like it?”

Kelly struggled to explain her mixed emotions. She had to admit, the sensation of Glen’s finger beginning to penetrate her was pleasant enough, but, nobody had ever touched her there. Even the thought of letting that happen was dirty, taboo, in Kelly’s mind! But Kelly tried to keep an open mind and said simply, “Could we talk about this another time?”

Their bodies still in full contact, Glen hugger her tighter against his chest and assured her, “Of course sweetheart, I don’t want to make you nervous or uncomfortable with anything that we do. Just tell me when you would like to talk more, and we’ll talk. But for now, we need to rinse off and get out of here before we both freeze to death!”

Kelly smiled and nodded, then turned to face the showerhead and playfully nudged Glen out of the way with her hip, steeling the full shower stream for herself. Glen chuckled, but not to be outdone, he wrapped his arms around Kelly’s waist and lifted her away from the showerhead, capturing the full stream for himself.

This back and forth continued, and with each capture or recapture of the shower, their laughing intensified until both of them were giggling like children in a tickling contest. But finally, the shower did cool to the point where they were forced to escape the cold spray, rinsed or not!

After quickly drying one another, they both climbed into Glen’s bed, still nude, and still cold. They moved to the middle of the bed facing one another where they embraced in an effort to keep warm. But the exhilaration of their playful shower had warmed other parts of their bodies and soon their hands were roving again, to Kelly’s breasts, to Glen’s manhood, to Kelly’s sex. And as their passions again took flight, they found their bodies once again intertwined in orgasmic lust. Finally, at around 4 AM, with both of them fully spent, they fell asleep in such bliss that Glen had not experienced in years, and Kelly was experiencing for the first time in her young life. Never had she felt so fulfilled with a man.

They finally began to stir around 11 in the morning and got up and dressed.

They met in Glen’s kitchen where Glen asked, “Breakfast or lunch? I can make fried eggs and toast or a tuna sandwich and chips.”

Kelly smiled and responded, bursa eskort bayanlar “How about brunch? We could have a fried egg sandwich and chips?”

“You got it,” Glen said and started getting what he needed for the sandwiches. They talked politely while Glen prepared breakfast, but neither one mentioned what had happened between them the night before. There seemed to be an understanding between them that that topic should not be brought up for now.

Later, maybe.

But the way things were playing out, Glen was concerned that there might not be a “later”. Glen knew he had to face facts. Kelly was a young vivacious and obviously, an adventurous woman less than half his age and Glen was in her eyes probably just a kindly old man.

With brunch over, they talked about what they would do that day. It was, after all, a Saturday, and Kelly would not need to go to work. Glen was hoping against hope that Kelly would want to spend her day with him, but those hopes were dashed when Kelly announced, “I need to go back to my apartment for some time alone. This past evening has given me a lot to think about.” The look of disappointment was obvious on Glen’s face, so Kelly finished, “I hope you understand, Glen.”

Glen nodded, getting up from his chair to walk Kelly to the door. Glen’s mind was a flurry of negativity as they neared his front door. She called me Glen, Glen thought. Not darling, not sweetheart, just, Glen. So, it really is over then. As they reached the door, Glen sighed.

As Kelly turned to Glen at the door, she could not help but noticing his sour expression. But caught up in her own whirlwind of emotions all she could manage was a peck on his cheek and a promise to call him later that day.

And then she turned, opened Glen’s door and walked through it. Glen stood by the closed door for a long moment with him on one side of the door and Kelly on the other. And he had now convinced himself that that was how things would remain between them And the call she had promised later? That was the call where Kelly would tell him that she didn’t want to see him anymore. Glen understood. The age difference was just too great between them in Kelly’s eyes, and she was right. Where do I get off thinking I could ever be so lucky as to find a girl like Kelly? While he still stood by the door, a single tear escaped his eye. This hurt. This hurt bad!

With his head hung low, Glen moved to his easy chair that sat across from the couch where he and Kelly had made love the night before. Unthinking, he gazed at the couch for long moments before shaking his head to clear it. He realized that he could not stay here with the erotic memories that filled the room as they emanated from his living room couch.

So Glen got up and went into his den, closed the door, drew görükle escort bayanlar the blinds, and sat in the gloom for most of the rest of the day.

Kelly drove home in a blur of emotions. There was such a flurry of emotion that Kelly was unable to latch on to a single one of them long enough to identify it or understand what she was feeling. But it was not until she opened the door of her junior one-bedroom apartment that she realized the degree to which her emotions had stirred up tension in her body.

And when she contemplated what she needed to do, she realized that her tension would be too distracting so, hurriedly, she dealt with the tension the best way she knew how. Striding quickly across the living room floor to her bedroom, she stripped off her clothes and masturbated. This was so unlike Kelly, Usually, when she masturbated it was a slow and sensuous thing, slowly teasing her body into a high state of arousal before gently pushing herself over the edge into orgasmic ecstasy. But now, she was looking only for a quick release of tension so she could get to her writing.


Kelly’s Diary Entry For Saturday, August 31, 2019


Dear Diary,

I am so confused! I don’t know what’s happening to me and I don’t know what to do.

I met Glen, the man I wrote about a few days ago, for the first time, yesterday. He treated me to dinner, and I knew just from dinner that he is a perfect gentleman. But Glen was expecting a much older woman, and when it was clear to him that I was to be his date, he declined at first and tried to let me down gently. But then, it seemed that he could not bear to disappoint me, and we had dinner.

After, we went home to his place and had absolutely mindblowing sex! Being more mature, Glen seemed to be able to read my body and give me exactly what my body needed. Rough or gentle, slow or fast, it was amazing! And he kept it up until we both came in an orgasmic explosion like I have never experienced before.

I can’t honestly say that I have ever made love before, but this must be what lovemaking is about, and I love it!

But Glen has brought out in me my most secret desires, the ones I have written about both before and after Daddy died. These desires of mine are taboo, I know that. But I have been waiting for years to be able to share them with someone. Could Glen be the one that I can finally share my secret with?

I hope so Diary, I really hope so. When I finish here I will call Glen and ask if I can see him. I hope he will say yes.

Diary, I’ve needed to feel Daddy’s touch ever since he died. I need his strong arms around me, protecting me, I need his gentleness, his kindness, his warmth. I need to feel Daddy inside me, touching me in new ways and in new places like no one else ever could.

When Daddy was alive he was never improper with me, not that way. I wanted him then, but how could I ever tell him? He would never allow it and he would have been so ashamed of me. But I needed Daddy then, and I need Glen now. And I pray that Glen will accept my fantasy, and accept me for who I am, to make me a woman, and make it all real.

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