13 Kasım 2023

Cut and Blown


Please note that like all my work, this is essentially a true story and that for fantasy purposes only I have omitted the use of condoms, which always take place with people other than my long term boyfriend. Thanks.


When we first moved here to France from the UK we had lots to sort out and even though it’s a small town, finding handyman and the like and then getting them to do the work was somewhat arduous. Especially in a second language. One thing I had overlooked for too long was finding a barber. I prefer a guy to cut my hair, sexuality unimportant.

There was no shortage of ladies hairdressers, one on every street corner not occupied by a boulangerie but only 2 barbers in town. One was a guy coming up to retirement age and another guy in his 30s who seemed to have a steady supply of customers of all ages whenever we passed, so we opted for him.

I made 2 appointments, back to back, for me and my boyfriend Dave (who had limited knowledge of the French language). They were the last 2 on a Saturday afternoon, 17h30 and 18h00. I doubted either of us would be in the chair more than 15 minutes, we both wanted just a good trim, so he’d get an early finish.

We arrived just before half past five and found Willy (apparently not an unusual name round here) mopping up in his shop. He’d had a flood and so the water was turned off, a pipe had burst about an hour previously. We were desperate for our hair cutting and not sure what to do but Willy had a flat literally above the shop and said he would, if we liked, cut our hair there. Due to the age and design of the building, the row of shops on the ground floor had been independent of the accommodation above in the town’s glory days but ended up being subdivided with the barber and the papershop/ tobacconist next door having direct access to their own flats.

He locked the door, finished mopping and we followed him up the narrow staircase leading us to where he lived. I couldn’t help but check out his arse as I followed as his trousers were quite tight and I thought he looked to be in good shape.

“Excuse the mess, guys” he said. It seemed tidy enough to me but he brought a chair from the dining table and Dave sat down there so he could cut his hair and then mine. I explained how short he wanted it, he ran downstairs for his scissors and trimmers, a cape for the victim in the chair, and away he set.

We talked a little, how and why we found ourselves where we were and where else we’d visited and stayed in France, what we were doing for work etc. It turned out Willy had been to London twice before, some years ago.

“I visited some club a bus ride away from the city centre, and had to leave all my clothes at the door in a bin bag” he said. I knew it well, it being the first place Dave and I had ever gone to a ‘Boots Only’ afternoon, one of the first places that I knew of that held gay sex parties and advertised them as such. We found some of the dirty, fat and hopeless old bastards a bit full on but after a few beers, they had cum and gone and we usually had fun with some young late arrival. Now it’s been replaced by Yuppie flats. If only those guys and girls up above knew what had gone gaziantep escort on downstairs…

Well I was a bit taken aback by his frank admission, especially as the tag line for the place used to be that it was the place no one admitted they visited! But the conversation moved on to other similar places Dave and I had visited, not only in London where we went occasionally to the Water Sports afternoons, but the Naked sessions at various clubs in Paris on our regular weekends there. I still remember our visits to the Piss sessions, I always wore just my boots and a cockring whereas some guys wore all manner of clothes they got drenched. I’d kneel before a guy I fancied and put their erect (or not) cock in my mouth and wait for the luke warm golden pleasure to arrive, drinking it all with gay abandon… and even pissed it back to others when I’d had my fill as there was usually a crowd gathered in the toilets waiting eagerly.

Anyway, Willy finished Dave’s trim and said he’d be back, disappearing into his bedroom, as I swapped places ready for my turn. I sat and placed the cape around my neck to save the ends going over and down my t-shirt. Willy returned, this time wearing a pair of backless briefs. That was unexpected. They were yellow with red edging.

“Mail order,” he said. I wasn’t surprised, the choice of underwear in town was okay, you could pick up some branded stuff, but even the large sports shop at the shopping centre and retail park in the next town didn’t stock jock straps, let alone anything as exotic as this. Well he carried on cutting my hair as Dave checked out his plump and smooth little arse, the roundness somewhat pleasingly exaggerated by the outfit. And he chatted away about buying on line, it seemed he had bought poppers also by mail order and other items of clothing. Lube was available in the supermarket so he had everything he could possibly need or want although buying things through the post- sometimes coming from the Far East- could mean long delivery times. Seemingly they always came discreetly packaged, unlike Willy at that particular moment, which was just as well as the postman knew the whole town.

He gave my forehead and neck the brush down to remove any residual hair and I knew I was finished, then showed me the back of my head using his hand held mirror. I used it to finally check out his arse which I hadn’t been able to see as he was, for the most part behind me or facing me full on although the front of his briefs seemed well stuffed.

He went back to his bedroom and I heard him shuffling clothes around and then returned with more underwear he had recently bought, a white jock strap and some see through briefs.

“Very nice, let me know the web address” I said, thinking Dave and I could take a look later at home. He said as the postage was often more than the cost of the items and to be very careful about ordering the correct size. He said we could try them on and I didn’t need asking twice so we disappeared in to his bathroom. I had a cock ring of my own in my trouser pocket, well you never know, and slipped that on under the tight see through briefs. I’d given Dave the choice and he’d gone for the jock which surprised me. And so the two of us returned to the living room where Willy was waiting with an opened bottle of red wine. We both gave him a twirl although he could see my hardening cock through the briefs anyway. And he seemed to like what he saw.

Apart from the chair we had sat on for our trims, which he had replaced at the dining table, there was only a settee in his living room and so we sat either side of him as he’d already taken position in the middle. We raised our glasses and then chatted some more. I couldn’t help notice a bottle of poppers and some lube placed next to the wine, and took a smell of the wine first and then a small sniff of the poppers.

“Nice vintage” I said jokingly. He smiled and leant over the back the settee, taking the now empty wine bottle from the small coffee table and putting it out of the way. This gave me a great view of his arse as he knew it would. “Hold it there a minute” I said, took another (larger) hit of the poppers and then passed them to him as I leant in, parted his smooth buttocks (one in each hand) and ran my tongue down from the small of his back to his waiting clean but deliciously sweaty asshole. He took a sniff and passed them along to Dave, who did the same, and I worked his hole with my tongue, kneeling on the floor now whilst he was leaning over the back of the settee, his legs parted further than before and his hole tightening and then relaxing as the amyl kicked in. I slurped away at his crack and hole, occasionally licking the sensitive bit between his ring and his bollocks, still constrained by the jock he was wearing and Dave went and stood at the back of the sofa and fed his shaved cock to the little bitch who eagerly licked the precum from the perfectly shaped end (Dave is cut) before taking his rock solid but not too big shaft in his mouth in its entirety. We played another round of ‘pass the poppers’ and this engorged our cocks moreso. I reached through Willy’s parted legs to stroke the package before me, whilst at the same time slipping out of my own constraining undergarment which, being borrowed, I didn’t want to spoil or mark. He was quite a handful and I felt the length of his shaft as I probed his hole with my tongue.

I knew he was up for being screwed and wanted to watch Dave’s balls bouncing against his butt cheeks as he banged him but wasn’t sure what he was up for with his dick. So I swapped places with Dave, making sure I unsubtly waved the lube as we did so, and so that Dave could ensure not just my spit but some assistance would help him glide right in there. I put my face to Willy’s and kissed him good, sticking my tongue down his warm and welcoming orifice at the other end of his hot and fit hairless body. A hairdresser who clearly trimmed and shaved more than just his customers. I reached down and pulled his shaft out of the jock, a good 7 solid inches, and wanked it really slowly.

I lubed the palm of my hand so it would feel good for his cock and passed the tube again to Dave who lubed his own cock and added more to Willy’s waiting sphincter. I kissed him as deep as I could and felt him gasp slightly with pleasure as Dave first entered his arse, just the head at first like he always did with me, before slowly pushing deeper in one complete and steady move.

“Wanna suck me off or fuck me?” I asked. I was hoping he’d say he wanted to fuck me but he said he wanted me to suck him first while he was riding Dave. We moved him to a more amenable position and I went down on his cock, licking the precum from his head. Now some folks are very controlled, he did something I couldn’t do rock hard with a cock up my arse. He peed. Just a mouthful, but I was taken completely by surprise and he said nothing, perhaps awaiting my reaction. I simply gulped it down once I knew he had stopped and then sucked again, more gently, in case more were to follow.

The taste remained in my mouth for a while as I sucked, mixed slightly with the supposedly tasteless and odourless lube but whatever, this was a sex cocktail I could have drunk more of. Then he said “Get your arse round here, my turn” and I turned my back on him and spread my legs a little, unsure of what he was going to do. He applied some lube and told me to slowly squat so now I was holding on to the back of the settee, with my ring touching the head his knob as I sat down slowly. Before lowering myself further, for which I’d need both hands to keep balance, I took a sniff of the poppers and relaxed, then squat on his cock end. I controlled how much went in at first and took in just enough so he wouldn’t slip straight back out. Dave reached round with one hand and gave me a supportive cupping of my pec and as he pulled the 3 of us closer together, another couple of inches of Willy entered my anus. I bobbed gently on his man meat and Dave rocked behind him, entering and then semi-withdrawing, rubbing against Willy’s g-spot as he did so.

And so we were all in position, Dave clenching his buttocks rythmically to propel himself slightly forward into Willy’s arse, me bobbing gently on Willy’s hard cock and he in the middle, not moving much and therefore able to feel every pleasurable thing being done to his body. He cupped me too, around my stomach and his hand found my unattended erection so he wanked me slowly. But the pleasure he was giving me from behind and within meant I wouldn’t last long so I stopped him until I was sure they were both on their way then clamped down my ring firmer and harder on his spear. He shot first, with an almighty ‘aaagh’ followed by 2 or 3 more as I felt his juices explode inside me. Dave took that as his signal to follow almost immediately and just as vocally, and I then let Willy jerk my own rock hard cock, so I shot all over the throw on the back of his settee. He held me tight as I did so, most generous and forgiving I thought for somebody who’d caused him a load of laundry, but it felt great to be held so tight by him and Dave. We stayed like that until Dave’s cock deflated and popped out of Willy and likewise, his slipped out of my well fucked ring.

A very warm and unawkward silence followed before I tried to free myself but was hindered by Willy’s grip and a cramp in on leg which broke the deadlock and quiet and gave way to laughter all round.

Willy wouldn’t take any money but I have called round after every visit (and there are about 6 a year) with a bottle of wine or gift, sometimes ordered on line. We still haven’t tried another barber in the 4 years we’ve been here. Why change a winning formula?

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