13 Kasım 2023

Cum Lover and Steve Pt. 10


I was sitting on my patio with my cock hard as a rock in anticipation of what was to come. Alan and Mike turned up right at eight as agreed. They wanted to tell me what took place on Sunday evening after we met.

Mike, “We were so excited that we couldn’t wait to do each other. We got on our bed and assumed a sixty nine position and began crazily gobbling our cocks. In our haste to get to it, we obviously forgot to lock the door. As we were wailing on each other, suddenly our mother bursts in. We both roll on our backs, with our dicks at attention. She says, how lovely. She starts vigorously massaging her clit and says, I demand you finish what you started here.”

Alan, “I think we must give you some background. After our father left the family a couple of years ago, our mother transformed into a brazen slut. She began bringing guys home in what appeared to be one night stands. After some time she brought home a young ravishing woman (our mother is pretty and well built herself). This seemed to be the new normal as the young woman stayed over a number of times. One evening we were going upstairs for bed and noticed down the hall that our mothers bedroom door was ajar. Curious, we crept down the hall and peeked in. There was a night light on and to our astonishment we could see mother sucking, we will call her Janice’s pussy. By this time we had our pricks in our hands when my mother looked up and saw us. She said, damn it, don’t just stand there gawking, come in. She turned on the light and again went down on Janice, bringing her to a thundering orgasm. Alright, now go to bed.”

The next morning Mike and I were having some cereal at the kitchen table, when mother comes in stark naked. She throws some frozen waffles into the toaster and calls upstairs for Janice to come down and eat. We are dumbfounded when Janice is also naked. Our incestuous relationship with each other begins looking more complicated. From that day forward she remained nude all of the time and when Janice was over she was naked too. After a while they began making love on the living room couch when we were watching TV.”

Mike, “Alan and I rolled back and resumed sucking. At about the same time we both unloaded and swallowed. Mother said , yeah! eat that cum. She continued furiously rubbing her clit on her now naked pussy and had a massive gaziantep escort orgasm, spurting her juice on the carpet. She wanted to know how long we had been doing it and had we ever sucked another cock. We said we hadn’t but expected to soon as we met a guy who sucked both of our cocks just this morning and he invited us back. Mother said that if we told her everything we could then eat Janice’s pussy and maybe even fuck her. I have observed your eyes and the bulge that rises in your pants when she is around, so I think this will be incentive for you to come clean.”

Me, “Man, that is an unbelievably, outlandishly sexy story. Let’s go to the break room and get to work on my surprise.”

I told them to show me their extreme yoga positions. Mike first. He bent over and placed his hands flat on the floor and then put his head between his legs. He then lay on his back and threw his legs over his head, stretching out till his knees were on the floor. His running shorts were hanging down on his face.

Well, Mike will get it straight away. Alan did the same standing exercises and then blew me away by doing the self suckers familiar figure eight. Arms behind his knees with his feet behind his head. These were two naturals.

I then lay down in front of the couch, legs over head and hooked under the couch and sucked in about five of my seven inches. They were stunned. Alan said, Mike how come we never thought of that? I said that I worked at this for a long time, but that they would master it right now. Mike, remove your shorts and do that pose you showed a moment ago. He did and his cock, not even completely hard yet, was resting under his chin with his balls just above his mouth. I reached in, took hold of his cock and rubbed it over his lips and then guided it into his mouth. He moaned and pulled down with his hips and managed about six or seven of his nine inches. I said, take it out and suck your balls. He easily popped one in his mouth. Alan yells, suck it Mike suck it. Pull your hips down as much as you can. He does and gets almost the entire thing, then convulses and drains his balls. He brings his feet down and panting heavily, tosses out, oh my god, I’m in love with my cock!

Okay, Alan it’s your turn. Try the position with your arms behind your knees. He lays down, pulls his arms back against the back of his knees and pokes his throat with his dick. I also give Alan an assist taking hold of his cock and guiding it, I must say into his throat, not his mouth. I tell him to push more with his arms and he will be able to take it all. I am still stunned as his lips touch his balls. He blows his wad almost immediately. Alan says it is the biggest turn on to date. Wait till we tell mother.

Now you can both suck my cock as you have been aching to do. They take turns slurping up my man hood, alternating every minute or so, until I am ready to cum. I signal that I will give them both part of the load, but you need your faces next to each other. As my cum rises through my prick and pulses into Mike’s mouth, I yell to Alan, open up and I pull out from Mike and shove my cock into Alan’s mouth and deposit the rest.

They then pulled their shorts on and headed home, promising to return the next Sunday.

That next Sunday I am sitting on the patio nude, when Mike and Alan arrive promptly at eight.

Alan, “When we got home, mother wanted all the details. She pointed at Janice’s naked twat and said we could eat that if we told her all. We related how you sucked your own cock and how you then showed us how to do it ourselves. Mother said: ‘It appears that all that yoga has paid off in spades.’ We then told her how we took turns sucking your cock and that we each took half of your spunk. She was rubbing her cunt all the while and gasping how excited she was. She then said that we could each taste Janice’s pussy as she promised, but we would have to demonstrate to them our new found talent.

“I first got between Janice’s legs and started lapping up her already wet pussy. I sucked hard on her clit and she had a thunderous orgasm. Then it was Mike’s turn. He brought her to another explosive orgasm. We exclaimed in unison that it was delicious. We had ragingly hard dicks and mother told us to relieve them. We both lay down on the floor and threw our legs over our heads and proceeded to stuff our cocks down our throats. Mother and Janice were in heat. Mother squealed: I have to meet this cock sucking buddy of yours.’ I said we would ask next Sunday.”

Me, “you mean today?”

Mike, “Yeah, right now if your game.”

Me, “Sounds like a blast.”

I pulled on my shorts and off we went. They only lived around the block, so we were there in no time. Mike opened the door and we walked directly into the living room. Sitting on the couch were too gorgeous ladies naked with their cunts in the air. My cock began to rise immediately. Their mother, I will call her Sally, commands me to drop my shorts so she can see the prick that so aroused her boys. I complied at once.

Mother, “Alan, take it in your mouth. Mike, lick his asshole.”

They did and after a moment told them to switch. She then told them to stop as she wanted my cock in her mouth and her cunt. She stood up and thrust her tongue in my mouth and we held that for some time. She then pushed me down on the couch and ran her tongue up and down my shaft. She then wrapped her lips around my dick and started bobbing up and down. She withdrew and told Janice to suck my balls while she did my cock. The sensation of two beautiful bodies and mouths working me over was too much and I let go with a jet stream of cum in Sally’s mouth. She held it in her mouth and leaned over to share with Janice. She then called over Mike and Alan and she and Janice gave them a taste too.

Sally then proceeded to knead my cock bringing it back to attention. She commanded, “fuck me now!”

She threw her legs over her head and I pierced her surprisingly tight pussy. I gave her all I had, fiercely pumping away. In no time at all I let go with another load. Sally then asked Janice to suck the cum out of her cunt. When Janice was finished, Sally said, “now you two boys can have your second treat of fucking Janice.”

As both Mike and Alan were fully erect again, they complied immediately and took turns banging Janice’s pussy until they both deposited their cum in her. They then took turns sucking her cum drenched cunt. Sally was meanwhile massaging her clit and began bucking as she had another orgasm.

Sally went into the kitchen and came back with a bottle of champagne, popped the cork and poured five glasses. She exclaimed, “this calls for a toast and celebration. Here’s to more to come.”

Boys, if you bring him back, you can suck my pussy and maybe even ball me as I promised. That will complete our incestuous threesome.”

I then had to go, pulled on my shorts and said my goodbyes.

Mike and Alan followed me to the door and implored me to come again, because they so much wanted to fuck and suck their mother.

I said, “maybe and left.”

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