20 Kasım 2023

Crossroads Ch. 03


It was another night of restful sleep and I wake to the sound of their deep breaths. There’s no need for time to bring clarity, since I remember everything. The only explanation to this instant recall is some sort of pleasant effect from my deal with them.

I carefully get out of bed and look down at them. They look so peaceful as their naked bodies press together. Their identical faces are lost to dream and I wonder what they’re dreaming about. Sue’s head is on his shoulder and her free hand is on his leg. My hand moves her carefully without waking either and smile as it presses against his hard dick. Now they look perfect and I’m tempted to take a picture.

As his dick twitches from her hand, I think about what I’ve done. Sue may have already desired her brother, but she never would have said anything without my influence over her. John didn’t have that same desire and had to be coerced. Had it not been for me, they never would have fucked and he never would have cum inside her pussy.

There should be some hint of guilt within me, but there’s only the idea that she may already be pregnant with her brother’s child and my desire to see it actually happen. The truth of the matter is that this excites me greatly and I have no problem with the only pussy he gets is hers. He can have my mouth and ass, but not my pussy. I only want one woman in this place to get pregnant and it isn’t me.

I take time to make a pot of coffee as I dress and write out a quick note to tell them I’m going home to get some clothes. Within my words is a rather explicit message telling them to have fun without me. If it were some woman other than his sister, would I be dripping like this?

The drive home is taking far too long and I know they’re both up by now. I left the note where neither can miss it and wonder if they’re already fucking. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit and I’m very horny by the idea of him filling her pussy again.

There’s a few cars out and my sister’s is one of them. She eagerly greets me at the door and steps outside to talk quietly. I know I should have called, but was far too occupied with my thoughts to even consider calling. Melissa’s blue eyes flash with anger as she presses me back a little further.

She whispers to keep from being overheard. “Not even a call, Bre!”

I grin as I respond, “Sorry, got caught up.”

She looks into my brown eyes and returns the grin. “I can see that. I’m guessing she was right about the witch.”

I smile as I recall the details. “She was. I thought it was bullshit, but she was telling the truth.”

Her whispered tone tells me she needs more. “Did you have anal?”

I nod and whisper back, “Fucking right I did and it felt amazing. Everything feels so much better now. I need to tell you all about it.”

She nods as her voice remains quiet. “Later. I have to get to work.”

I give her a brief hug as I whisper into her ear. “It’s a date.”

Melissa rushes to her car and I walk into the house. She only works a part time job and won’t be gone all that long. I can wait and I’ll tell her everything that happened. We have never kept secrets from each other and I won’t escort bayan start now.

There’s that normal mad rush of the mornings as I make my way to my room. Everyone’s in the process of leaving and my mother mentioned something about having the decency to call. I reach my bedroom and close the door behind me.

The last of them is gone and I don’t bother to grab a change of clothes. I have never made it a habit to walk around my house naked, but that’s my intention now. My soiled clothes are removed and I toss them in my hamper.

There’s something oddly refreshing about being naked in this house and I don’t even bother to close the bathroom door behind me. The hot water feels good on my body as I wash away everything and run my fingers through my full bush. I should have trimmed it before getting in, but can’t do anything about that now. Besides, I like the idea of having Sue do it for me and wonder if she’ll turn those lovely shades of purple.

The water is off and I’m drying my body in front of the open door with no reason to rush anything. I step into the hall and hear some noise coming from Will’s room. He’s my younger brother and always hated that I had him beat by a year.

I can’t say where the thought came from, but I wonder if my touch will extend to family. Suddenly, I desire a dick in my pussy right now and his is the only one within reach. After all, if John can fuck his sister, why can’t I fuck my brother.

My fingers turn the knob and he’s listening to music. He jumps at the sound and his jaw drops as he sees me in my full womanhood before him. Will starts to stammer as I walk up to him, but he backs off just a little. There’s not much room left and he continues to stammer in shock.

Will has backed himself into a corner and his blue eyes show he’s trying to process everything. My fingers reach out and softly caress his red cheek, which causes him to relax a little and find his voice. It’s still a stammer, but not completely incoherent.

He makes me smile a little as he asks, “What the fuck are you doing in here, Bre?”

My fingers drop to his shoulders and hold his eyes. “Just what you said.”

Confusion crosses his face. “What?”

I press my lips to his as my hands move down the side of his body, which sends wonderful shockwaves across my flesh. He’s fighting my tongue and his body has stiffened, but he can’t hold out forever. Besides, I have plenty of time before Melissa gets back and no one else will be back before my sister.

My fingers move up his chest and I start to unbutton his shirt slowly. He’s weakening as my tongue finds entry and the shocks increase greatly. This has to be because I’m kissing my brother like this, since I’ve never felt anything like this before. Will’s shirt is removed and I can feel toned chest in my hands.

His hands move to my tits as his mouth presses against mine. Will’s fingers caress my hard nipples as I sigh into his mouth and start to make it possible for me to drop his pants. They fall to the floor with a little help and his dick feels wonderful in my hand.

I pull away and look down with a smile. He’s at least altıparmak escort bayan half an inch bigger than John and I’m looking forward to feeling it all inside of me. My hand leads him to his bed and lay on my back. From the looks of things, he’s still trying to process everything.

I grin as I stare at his dick. “I’m here to get fucked.”

My legs spread wide and his eyes are looking at my dripping pussy with a desire he never knew before. I know the only reason is due to my touch, but it doesn’t matter. I need him inside of me and that’s all the reason I need. This darkness is a real bitch.

Will is lowering his body and the desire in his blue eyes cannot be denied. My fingers reach down to guide him inside of me and he slowly enters. I let out a soft moan as he reaches part no man, at least no human man, has ever reached before. My body starts to react to his as my muscles are used in a way I’ve never used them before.

My hands reach for his toned cheeks and I grip his ass just the way I know he likes it. His slow movement lights the fire within me and I’m slowly consumed as his lips press hard against mine. We moan into each other as our tongues fight for dominance. My brother feels amazing inside of me and every pour of body is starting to burst.

My eyes close as I allow his tongue to win and have no idea how I’m doing any of this. Every part of my body knows his and we are truly one for this moment. He breaks away from my lips and my eyes open to look into his. There’s pure pleasure in his eyes and I know I’m responsible for everything.

My eyes tighten as our bodies prepare for our shared release and we scream out together in our ecstacy. I can feel his shots inside of me as my own release presses around his shaft. Every shared moment sends us to greater heights and our screams become far more intense.

The fire is dying down and we release the last of ourselves. Our eyes open together and my hands hold him in place deep within me. I want all of his cum there, but no some will follow. He is content to be with my like this and I search his eyes for some sign of regret, but there’s none to be found.

He’s starting to soften within me and still my fingers hold him in place, but it’s a losing battle. As my grip loosens, he rolls over and I can feel a little follow behind him. We are both breathing deeply as we lie next to each other and the last of the embers burn out.

Will is starting to breath a little deeper and lets out a soft snore, which I have no problem with. I carefully get out of bed to keep from waking him and stare down at his slick dick that’s in a flaccid state. Some of his white can be seen and I smile at just how lovely it looks.

I quietly leave his room and close the door and feel a little drip down my thighs. Most of him is inside of me and that will have to do. My bedroom is very close to his and I enter to throw something on. I forgo panties and almost do the same with a bra, but think better of it. For now, the desire has been quenched and I can think again.

I am just leaving my room when my sister gets home and I hold up my nilüfer eskort finger to let her know we aren’t alone. She nods as I point to Will’s room and we can both hear him snoring a little louder. She gets close to me and I wonder if she can smell his tongue on my breath.

She whispers, “Tell me everything.”

I look into her blue eyes and they are a lot like Will’s, but hers sparkle just a little more. The temptation is there, but it isn’t overwhelming at the moment. I’m glad I can feel him inside of me, since I don’t want anything to change between us.

I have never lied to her before, but can’t tell her about the crossroads and the contract. My mind makes up a story on the fly and her eyes show she believes every word. The only part about sex that I mention is having anal with him and enjoying it far more than I thought I would. I’m tempted to tell her about Sue, but can’t bring myself to mention anything about watching him fuck his twin sister, any more than I can tell her I just fucked our brother.

She grins as the story starts to get good and her eyes are searching mine for some hint I left something out. “That’s one hell of a story, Bre.”

I grin back and say, “I know. I still can’t believe it.”

Her tone changes a little. “Maybe I should see the witch.”

Her eyes widen a little at the look on my face. “Don’t, at least not yet. Damn, I really need to get going.”

She holds my eyes. “Why not?”

My hands hold her face, but not with any intent behind them and I find some control over my touch. “There’s some things that happened that I didn’t tell you.”

She smirks. “I knew it.”

I continue to hold her face in my hands. “I’ll tell you everything tomorrow, I promise. But I really need to get going.”

She scowls as she says, “Fine, but I’m holding you to that. Either you tell me everything tomorrow, or I’m going to see the witch.”

The drive back gives me a chance to contemplate just how much I should tell my sister. I’ll be honest about the deal, but I don’t know if I’ll include the part about fucking our brother. It’ll drive the point home about the urges I’m getting, but I don’t want her to look at me any differently.

I can no longer feel his cum inside of me and know it went to a good place. Prior to signing that contract, I never would have considered any family member cumming inside of me and risking pregnancy to be a good thing, but I chalk that up to another interesting effect of the contract. This darkness will continue to grow and I hope I learn to control my urges.

I enter his house with a change of clothes in hand and hear the water running. My clothes fall off my body and I place the clean ones out of the way. They are both in the shower and I check the bed to see if there’s anymore stains and do find a new one. There’s no way to know if they read the note and I don’t care as long as he continues to cum inside the right hole.

The water turns off and I my urge is still under control, which is a good thing. He won’t be hard again any time soon. I plan on having him in my ass when he is and her eyes will be watching just as mine watched them. There won’t be any sense of jealousy from her, since she’s mine and will do as I wish. Their shared desire for me will override everything else and that’s why I need to control the darkness more than anything. I never want to use it on my sister, but I know others in my family won’t get off quite that easily.

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