20 Kasım 2023

Craving Mother-In-Law


I craved my mother in law’s body from our first meeting when I began dating her daughter. I was a tall, skinny, almost virgin 19 year old boy and she was a small attractive woman. Back then I knew more about wanting her than I knew about what to do if I got her.

Several of us horny young men would hang around the A & W Root Beer Stand every night in hopes of picking up a carhop or other girls. We would park most of our cars in the closed business across the street and come over in as few cars as needed. That kept the management off our backs as long as we ordered something. I had a convertible so my car was usually one of the ones to enter the A & W parking lot. I never really knew how the girls got there.

Most of the guys were after Jerilyn, a big breasted car hop. She was not my type but boys will be boys and follow the crowd. She was what most called well built or stacked. I was attracted to petite women but Jerilyn was big boned and probably 130 pounds at the time. Her weight would be nearly 200 pounds by the end of her first pregnancy.

Except for being heavier than I liked, and taller, about 5’7″, Jerilyn was beautiful. Her light brown hair, green eyes and beautiful smile was a winning combination. So of course I flirted with her because I was one of the boys.

Then Jerilyn disappeared from the A short and tiny. But she was not interested in me. She soon told me that Jerilyn’s grandfather had made her quit because her grades were slipping. Snow and Jerilyn were in their first year of college together. She also gave me Jerilyn’s phone number.

When I called Jerilyn, she seemed happy to hear from me and invited me over to her home. She got even less studying done over the next several months. I was there every night.

I think her grandfather liked having us there where he could keep an eye on us. The only trouble was that the stairs squeaked and when we heard him coming we would stop making out. And her mother went out every night.

Some times when I had to go upstairs to the bathroom, I would hear the old man masturbating as I passed his room. On the rare occasions that her mother, Helen, was home I was in for a treat when I passed her door.

Helen would be laying on her bed reading with very little on. Her door would be open and by the time I got to the bathroom, my cock would be swollen, making it hard to pee. How I wanted that woman. Maybe I should say craved that woman.

Back down stairs, Jerilyn and I would continue kissing and fondling each other. We were kissing right away, but it was a while before our tongues were dueling; a lot longer before I could play with her big tits through her sweater. It was weeks more before I could play with her pussy, under her skirt and though her panties. She was shy to touch my erection for a long time and she never would put it in her mouth or let me lick her cunt.

Finally things advanced and we were görükle escort dry fucking. One night I pulled my pants down and since her skirt was up, we were dry fucking with only her panties in the way. I wanted to get past the panties but the front door opened and we scrambled to be presentable for mom.

Seeing Helen in her evening wear only made my dick harder but it killed the mood for Jerilyn.

Helen invited us to come out in the kitchen and have a coffee with her. As I sat staring at that beautiful 38 year old woman, I was undressing her and fucking her in my mind. She was about 5’1″, 100 pounds, dark hair but the same green eyes, ready smile, and big boobs.

My thoughts of rubbing my dick against Jerilyn’s pussy were soon replaced with my fantasies about her mother.

As we sat, mom and I talked about our mutual love of golf. I worked nights on the 11 to 7 shift and often played when I left the factory at 7AM. Helen was a weekend player. Her clubs were sitting by the back door to confirm her love for golf. I didn’t know much about sex back then but I knew I wanted to kiss her pussy in the woods behind the back nine.

Just then we heard a scratching sound outside the window. Helen peeked out and whispered, “Oh my GOD! Irving is scratching my car!” Irving was her newly divorced ex-husband. Irving was an ugly, strange little man. I used to wonder what a smoking hot woman like her was doing with a little creep like him. Maybe a big check? Big dick? He drugged her?

With golf fresh on my mind, I grabbed her 9 iron out of her bag and ran out the back door. As he ran away, he shouted back that he would call the police. I chased him all the way to his house.

Then I got back home just in time to put the club away before the police got there. They said he called and told them that I was chasing him with a golf club. One of the officers was a good friend of mine so I showed him the scratches on her car and pointed out my now empty hands with no golf club.

The other officer told me that they better not get any more complaints. I said “What if he punches me in the fist with his eye?” Then he asked if we were making a complaint about the scratches on the car. We all looked at Mom but she said she would call him in the morning first and see if he wanted to pay for the damage.


Over the next year a lot happened. Sometimes, on the way to the bathroom, I would quietly slip into mom’s room and borrow a pair of panties from her laundry basket. In the bathroom, I would smell them and jerk off, letting my spunk go in the toilet. A few times it wound up in her panties but she never said she found wet, cum covered panties in her laundry basket.


I finally fucked Jerilyn and got her pregnant. We got married because that was what people did back then. The sex was not that great, but as virgin as we both were, maybe we did eskort bayan not know how to make it better. I was playing golf with Helen and a couple of her girlfriends every Saturday; sometimes Sunday too.


One warm Saturday afternoon, Helen hit her ball in the woods. I went in to help her look for it and she gave me the most exciting and hottest kiss in my horny young life. She said “I never thanked you for chasing Irving away.” I kissed her back, passionately. By that time I was pressing my now swollen member into her crotch.


Helen was moaning and pushing back, but suddenly she said “Down boy. Not here.” Was that a promise of good things to come? “not here?” She continued, “by the way, I have been finding my soiled panties all full of jizem. Do you have any idea how they could get sperm in them while sitting in my laundry basket?”


Busted!!!!!!! I decided to go for it. So my response was, “But they smell, taste, and feel so good!”

I managed to get my hand up the leg of her shorts and felt her wet pussy. She grabbed my shaft and stroked it a few times.

Then she said, “I told you to wait. Go fuck my daughter if you cannot wait but otherwise we need to be alone.”

I put my fingers in my mouth. She tasted good. I said, “I will wait! Does your pussy always taste this good?”


The next day was Sunday and we loaded our clubs in her car. I was almost a virgin but I knew a couple good places. I don’t remember how I found the place we went to, but it is a great spot. At a grade level railroad crossing on a back road, the tracks just seemed to come out of the woods, tight in between the trees. You could drive down the left bank of the railroad right of way with two wheels up bouncing along the railroad ties and the other two riding along, down the bank. A couple hundred yards down there is a little clearing on the left where you can pull in, out of sight of the street and then into a little opening, out of sight of the tracks. I have never seen a train on this track or a car in this parking spot but others must know about a spot this good.

She had me drive. Before we had driven a block from home, Helen had my cock out and was making it feel wonderful with her talented hand. By this time it was hard as steel. Her short skirt had ridden up and I could see her beautiful bare pussy. I fingered it the rest of the way. By the time we parked she had my love stick well lubricated with pre-cum. Her cunt had pussy juice all over the car seat.

When we pulled off the road she had turned around and had my shaft in her mouth. I said, “Now I want to taste you.” She did some quick strokes and I was amazed at how much penis she could get in her little mouth. She continued to suck as I hid the car from view.

My fuck stick was so hard that It could probably crack walnuts. She kept altıparmak escort lifting up her head until only the head of my cock was in her mouth and then slamming down until it was half way in her throat. It felt amazing but I did not want to cum. Never! Let this go on forever. Finally she said, “What about me? My tunnel of love needs attention.” I opened the back door and had her lay on the back seat with her ass hanging over the edge. As my knees rested in the grass, my tongue slid up and down her sex. It is hard to describe how wonderful it tasted or how exciting it was. After so long craving it, this pussy was now pleasuring my tongue! I let my tongue play with her clit a little and she started to shake. NO!!!! NO!!!! Do not let it end. Ever! As she calmed down, her beautiful tits needed attention so they got it. Licking first one nipple and then the other, she seemed close to climax again. And she was just as wild as she had her second orgasm. But she did not calm down. Instead, she said “Bruce, I need you inside me.” My only answer was “YES!” My cock was very wet with pre-cum and saliva while her pussy was soaking wet, so my love stick slid in easily, even though she was tight! She had a pussy and she knew how to use it. It was amazing that she was so much tighter than her daughter. And so much wetter! Now how do I ever go back to fucking her daughter after this?

As I began stroking her it felt amazing! Helen’s pussy had sides that I could feel, even as wet as she was. With Jerilyn and the couple other girls I had fucked, once we got going and they got wet, there was little friction. In fact one girl, nicknamed Whorey Lori, was so lose that my dick slopped out of her hole a couple times during sex.

I wanted her to cum first or together, but I could not hold back. My whole body was coming. I shook all over and as my dick exploded inside her, my entire being was having an orgasm; From my brain to my toes. I never felt anything like this.

Slowly the ecstasy wore off. My dick was still inside her and it still felt good, in spite of my massive orgasm. I tried to stoke her more but I was exhausted. Helen told me to rest a while because we had all afternoon.

I said, “I still owe you. I owe you big time!”

“Do you like to fuck me Bruce?”

“It is like nothing ever before in my life!”

“Okay Bruce, here is the deal; I love my daughter and she loves you. Keep her happy and you can have me whenever you want. No strings! I am your whore and my price is just that Jerilyn never finds out and you keep her happy.

Later we did 69 and suddenly, as my tongue lashed up and down on her opening, and played with her clit, she began shaking uncontrollably. She kept saying my name and pressing her mound of Venus into my mouth. By now my cock was hard again and I put it back in her wet tunnel of love. She was still tight and soon began screaming. This time we came together.

She said, “Do you still need to play with my panties?”

I answered, “Maybe to get me through the week.”

She said, “If my father catches on, he will throw us both out. If you need me In the middle of the week, we can find an excuse to get out of the house.”

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