20 Kasım 2023

Cousinly Couplings


There were two things that bothered sisters Nikki and Vikki Reed. The first and foremost thing was being without a boyfriend, which both of them happened to be at the present time. Nikki had dumped her boyfriend of six months just a week or so back and Vikki had lost hers to what her now-ex described as a more “sexually adventurous” girl. “He has no idea,” the attractive collegiate blonde had grinned at her twin. The twins prided themselves on constantly being on the fringe and Steve, Vikki’s ex, would not have ever believed what the tall and deliciously leggy sisters had in store for him once Vikki was assured of his commitment.

The other thing the fun-loving siblings loathed from the top of their gorgeous blonde heads to the bottom of their red-painted toes was winter. Exhibitionists and free spirits, much like their mom before them, the girls liked to flaunt their bodies in short skirts and heels, bikinis and as little clothing as they could manage to wear and not be arrested for indecent exposure. That was fine in the summer, but Buffalo winters tended to be cold and somewhat brutal. It hadn’t been much better when they had lived in Toronto. Their mother Angelique had complained about her husband’s transfers, wondering why he couldn’t find a job in Florida or California or Hawaii.

“There is one good thing about living in Buffalo,” Vikki said to her mom and sister over coffee one cold and wintery morning.

“Oh, and what might that be?” Angelique asked her “oldest” twin daughter. Vikki had been born mere ten minutes before her sister appeared on the scene.

“Cousin Burt,” Vikki almost sighed.

Angelique shook her head and chuckled. She had long been aware of her girls’ crush on their handsome, dark-haired older cousin; her brother-in-law’s youngest. She could understand it somewhat; Burton was indeed the kind of young man that could make a woman forget about societal rules about family or vows of fidelity. Even she herself had flirted with her 25-year old nephew when her husband wasn’t paying attention. She wasn’t 40 yet and both her French and Swedish ancestry had served to keep her fit and sexy as she had been when she was Vikki’s age.

“Yeah, he is a good reason to stay close to family,” Nikki happily agreed. Angelique saw the fire in her daughter’s eyes and she knew if she gave either of her girls the opportunity, they would try to lure Burt into their bed. Angelique bore no illusions about either of her girls being virgins and, truth be told, she was glad that they weren’t. She believed that if a girl entered into marriage a virgin, there might be some horrible discoveries to be found. She had never told the girls about her own early experiences with their father. Angelique was not a virgin, no self-respecting Swede would have been one at 19, but their father didn’t have much experience. It had taken her several years to wheedle her husband into becoming a half-decent lover and even now, he wasn’t up to the skills of those who lay in her past.

Vikki knew that she and her sister were on the same page that morning, their shared fantasy was seducing and fucking the hell out of, their hunky construction worker cousin. Burt had muscles on his muscles and Vikki continually wondered if his “lower” muscles measured up. Nikki had commented about her cousin being able to give her on hell of a pounding. There were a few issues that prevented their making the fantasy into a reality. One of those issues was the most apparent one – you don’t screw family. The second issue was not letting their parents discover what they were up to should they ever be so bold as to take the risk to make it happen. Vikki sensed it wouldn’t matter to mom, but daddy would flip out. The third road block was the most important of all – no matter who actually did the deed, the other would be jealous. The girls had never, ever let a boy come between them. Even at 19, they refused to be separated. They were in almost all the same classes in university and both still lived at home, sharing the same bed much as they had done since childhood. Angelique, also a twin herself, understood fully and never questioned her girls’ loyalty to one another. She understood because she missed her own sister, who still lived in Sweden with her own husband and daughters.

Vikki had suggested to her sister that they go out clubbing. The long-limbed blondes loved to dance because it gave them more opportunities to show off. Nikki had teased they should consider being strippers, because modesty wasn’t in their genes. Vikki actually sensed that her sibling was only half-teasing and that there was a grain of truth in her words. The sisters were dressed alike, black leather, heels and large, sparkling earrings. Heads would turn when they walked in together, just as Vikki planned. If the girls wanted to get laid tonight, there wasn’t any doubt they could make it happen.

“It’s too bad Burt isn’t going to be there tonight,” Nikki said as she checked to make sure her stockings and heels were in order. “I’m so horny, I think I’d probably görükle escort bayan forget all my objections and let him do me.”

“Our talk with mom the other morning really got to you, huh?” Her twin grinned. “Yeah, me too. I just wouldn’t want Burt to come between us – and he would, we both know that. I bet he’s a really good fuck too, I just know he is.”

“My friend Justene fucked him,” Nikki answered. “He is. I hope we can both find a real good-looking guy tonight. Hey, maybe we should consider doing what we were going to do with Steve.”

“Are you talking about what I think you’re talking about?”

“Okay now, don’t start that. You know perfectly well what I am talking about, you know that you do. Finding a guy that we’re both into and taking him somewhere and fucking him together,” Nikki responded.

“Remind me again why that’s on your list of things to do?” Vikki asked.

“We’re identical twins. Aren’t you even the least bit curious to see if we look the same when we’re having sex or if we make the same moves?” Nikki answered. She knew the answer; Vikki was, even if she was likely too stubborn to admit it. Her twin’s tenacity was one of the few differences between the sisters.

“I doubt if our similarities are quite that deep,” Vikki said, although the tone of her voice made Nikki wonder if she was trying to convince Nikki or her own self. Nikki knew a few of her sister’s exes and she got the impression that almost all of them regretted losing Vikki as lover. Despite their youth, Nikki knew that she and her twin were sexual dynamos.

Nikki was so up for seeing her sister get fucked, it was almost an obsession on her part. She wanted to see her twin’s face totally contorted and in the throes of an orgasm. Adding Burt into the mix was just mixing in a little more spice. She had to figure out a way to talk Vikki into this.

As it turned out, she didn’t have to. “Okay, let’s call him,” Vikki agreed, wanting to do something lewd and perverted. “If we tell him we want to fuck, you know he will balk. What pretext can we come up with to get him to go along with the idea?”

Nikki thought about it for a minute or two and then, she snapped her fingers. Retrieving her cell phone, she dialed Burt’s number while her confused twin looked on. “Hello Burt, it’s your cousin Nikki,” she said in a voice practically dripping with sex and honey. “Vikki and I were going to go dancing at Pyramid tonight. Oh, you know the club?” Nikki winked at her sister; she had evidently done her homework and picked one of their cousin’s favorite hot spots. “Well, we were all dressed up and ready to go out when we remembered that the last time we were there, a whole bunch of creeps kept hitting on us. Uh-huh, you know the type? So we figured if we went in with a big, burly guy like you by our side, we’d be left alone to have fun. Vikki and I would be willing to pay … oh, really? You could use a night out because you’re stressed from work? Sure thing cuz, we will meet you there in an hour.” Nikki turned to her sister and grinned. “And that, sister dear, is how you plan the seduction of your cousin.”

Burt met the girls there precisely when he said he would, no earlier and no later. Vikki remembered that he had always been a stickler for punctuality. Oh boy, does he clean up nice, she thought to herself as she surreptitiously that hugged his very masculine frame like a glove. Most men didn’t bother to dress for a date these days, but Vikki knew their cousin was not most men. Maybe that was the reason both sisters wanted him so very much – he did everything with flare. Nikki was practically hanging off his arm already and Burt did not seem to be objecting. In fact, much in the manner Vikki had been ogling him; Burt seemed to be enjoying the view of his leggy cousin in her short black leather mini and high heels. Nikki was acting a bit more giddy than usual, intent on being the total flirt and heightening Burt’s interest. If the two of them could not lure Burt into a tryst, Vikki had no doubt whatsoever that they would find another willing victim.

Both girls had brought their A-game into play. Vikki was as scandalous as her sister, in fact, as risqué as she dared be. Her top was gauzy, low-cut and clingy. She had worn her favorite shelf bra from Victoria’s Secret (or was in Nikki’s? They often bought the same type of lingerie) and the scantiest thong she could find. Her round bubble butt was nicely displayed in nearly-lewd black leather pants and her shoes were open-toed with a silver stiletto tip. The girls had even redone their makeup in an effort to look suggestive. They wanted to make it clear, in no uncertain terms, that they were two women on the make – and that they were a package deal. In Nikki’s words – Fuck one, get the other for free!

The girls went in with Burt in tow and found a prime location to people watch. It did not surprise Nikki in the least that drink offers came fast and furious, not all of them from men. People were bold as brass these days, the female of altıparmak eskort the species equally so. The siblings noticed that tonight’s crowd was jam-packed full of female pulchritude. To his credit, Burt didn’t leer at the young lovelies and was a very attentive “date” for his two delightful companions.

“Don’t feel you have to sit with us all evening,” Nikki said coyly as she sipped on her Mai Tai. “If you see some hottie that you fancy, feel free to make a move.”

“That would be disrespectful and rude,” Burt answered honestly. “You brought me here to act as a ‘bodyguard’ and I intend to look out for the two of you. Besides, I am sitting with the two hottest girls in the place. Why would I want to move?”

Nikki played the game very carefully, not wanting to tip their hand too soon. “Aww, that’s nice. Isn’t he nice, Vikki?”

“Mmm-hmm, a perfect gentleman,” Vikki smiled as she took a sip of her own Singapore Sling. “Allow me to return the compliment, you’re probably the best-looking guy in here.”

“No probably about it,” Nikki added, moving perilously close to Burt. To a man, no one at Pyramid came anywhere near their cousin’s combination of masculinity and old-world charm. Nikki yearned to make her fantasy come true this evening and lure Burt into a ménage all three of them would remember. An encounter that would leave all of them weak in the knees and breathless by morning’s light.

“It’s a shame that we’re cousins,” Vikki said to the pair of them, playing her role to the hilt.

“Yeah, I’d agree with that,” Burt nodded. “We could have a blast if we weren’t.”

Nikki smiled to herself. They had him on the line and now, it was time to reel him in. “Oh really, in what sense?” She questioned him.

Burt actually blushed for a moment, which Nikki found endearing. “Oh, uh, you know what sense,” he stammered. “In the man / woman sense, although I wouldn’t know which one of you to pick. Anyway, it doesn’t matter, right? We’re cousins and all, we can’t really do anything.”

“Really?” Nikki said, letting her voice go low and sultry. Her hand moved on to his knee. “Don’t let that stop you if you really want to have some fun.”

“That’s right, and don’t worry about deciding which one of us you want to fuck,” Vikki said, gauging his reaction to her speaking the word aloud. “A one-time offer tonight – you can have both of us!”

“We – we can’t!”

Nikki spun Burt around so he was facing her and she planted one on him. “We can!” She told him in a firm tone.

Next it was Vikki’s turn. She took his face between her hands and she kissed him as lewdly as her sister had done. “We sure as fuck can,” she said, using the word again for pointed emphasis. “In fact, I’d love to give you a blowjob here, but I wouldn’t want to get caught and cause a scene.”

Burt’s startled face told the story. “You two are freaking me out a little bit here.”

Nikki smiled at him. “In a good way, I hope. Okay handsome, the ball is in your court. Are you man enough to pick it up and play the game?”

Burt looked at the twin blondes and a million thoughts raced through his head. He knew the answer to the question he was going to ask, but he had to ask it anyway. “The two of you are serious about this?” When the sisters nodded in unison, he shrugged and said “Okay, I know that I should likely voice some objections to this, but what the hell? If the two of you are cool with it, why should I kick up a fuss? You’re on!”

The girls settled up their tab and left the club much earlier than closing. Neither of the sisters wanted to waste any time in pursuing their conquest. Nikki could feel Burt’s eyes on her buttocks as she sashayed outside to the parking lot. She had wanted to experience his admiration like that for some time now, so she let herself languish in the feelings it set off in her. She glanced over at Vikki and winked. Nikki knew that her twin was equally pleased, she just had to reconcile a few of her own mixed emotions.

Once assembled in the parking lot, the three cousins took stock. “Okay, what’s our next move?” Burt asked the girls. This was the part of the plan that Nikki and Vikki had not plotted out in full. They sure as hell couldn’t take Burt home with them and they didn’t want to be spotted going to his place. Pooling their money, they would likely be able to afford a fairly nice hotel room, but it would leave both of them broke for the next few weeks.

Nikki looked at the specimen of masculinity that was her cousin and looked back over at Vikki. Burt was worth the cost. “Let’s go to a nice hotel where we can order champagne to celebrate – once we’re done,” she said to the other two. Vikki nodded in agreement, eager to get the party rolling.

“Hey now, hang on a minute,” Burt said in his booming baritone voice. It always made Vikki melt into a puddle of goo. “You both paid my way in and you bought the drinks – I should foot some of the costs. Let me pay for the champagne, we’ll take my Jag and stop at a nilüfer escort liquor store. Hey, now that I think of it – my buddy Paul doesn’t live far from here and he’s been deployed for six months. I have a key to his place, he owes me a few favors. It’s spotless and free, what do you think?”

The sisters loved the idea. Anything that meant they didn’t have to work extra shifts at Wegmans was okay with them. Burt was the kind of man they both wanted to date – successful, masculine and thoughtful. If he was a good lover, they were going to try and keep him around for a while. The three of them got into the Jaguar and set out to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Vikki knew her sister had her own ideas, but while Burt went to purchase the champagne, she mulled over some own thoughts in silence. What limits did she think needed to set for their threesome? Should there even be any limits? Neither of the sisters was averse to sexual experimentation, although Vikki believed her sister had gone a bit further than she had in her adventures. As Burt returned with his purchases, she decided that she would just play it by ear.

When they arrived at Burt’s friend’s apartment, the girls were astonished. It was huge and lavish, lots of room for sexual activity. A few more couples could easily have partied with them. Nikki felt the first tingles of nervousness. She had made all of the overtures and now it was time for them to put up or shut up.

“I don’t know what the two of you cooked up while I was buying the drinks …” Burt said “… but I do know what I’d like to see that would really get me in the mood.”

“What might that be?” Vikki asked, although she was afraid that she already knew the answer.

“I’d like to see you two together – you know, kissing and making out,” Burt said to his cousin. “I think two girls are really hot and twins, that’s even hotter.”

There it was, the moment of truth that Vikki had feared. Was she bold enough to make this move, indulge in lesbian sex for the first time and with her own sister as her partner? She thought about it and decided to let fate take her in whatever direction the wind blew.

How could she ever have known that this was the secondary part of Nikki’s scheme, one of her ulterior motives? Nikki wanted to feel the softness of her sister’s body pressed against her own, pussy to pussy and breast to breast. She yearned to discover if her sister’s body moved in sync with her own and if Vikki’s taste was akin to hers. The morally deviate blonde wanted to see her sister succumb to wholly forbidden lusts and indulge herself with full abandon. All it would take was for Vikki to loosen the reins of her inhibitions and give herself totally to unspoken desires.

“Okay,” Vikki answered and walked with a jaunty step towards the spacious bedroom. Her high heels clicked on the hardwood floors like a soundtrack to the activities looming on the horizon. “If we’re going to act like unprincipled sluts, what’s one more deviant action? Come on Nikki, let’s do this thing so that we can get his cock all stiff and ready to fuck us.”

Watching her sister give herself over to this desire, Nikki felt for a moment that even if Burt wasn’t there, she would have enjoyed herself. Her sister got out of her clothes and the underneath was just as sexy. Both girls were lingerie freaks and even under jeans, their lingerie was intended to promote the urge to fuck. Nikki licked her lips as she watched Vikki’s perfectly-tanned body come into view. In a way, it was silly. They were identical twins and thus, Nikki knew perfectly well what Vikki looked like in the buff. It still got her hot, salivating for the taste of her sister’s wet cunt. When Vikki was spread-eagled on the bed, her sister went after her with gusto.

“Oh fuck Nikki, that’s so good, I wish I had known!,” the teenaged blonde panted as her sister’s skilled tongue washed over her labia and all along the groove of her pussy. In a mere instant, all of her doubts about having sex with another woman OR her sister vanished. They were replaced with unholy lusts and urges, desire for more of this kind of sex. If she and Nikki were going to hell for this, they would enjoy the journey. Her pussy was flowing like a river and yet, not much of it was soaking the bed. Nikki’s agile little tongue was gobbling up as much as Vikki was capable of producing.

Nikki lifted her head from between her sister’s thighs and shared a kiss with Vikki, deep and soulful. It allowed the other girl to taste her own spend. “I like that,” she sighed dreamily.

“Then swing around baby and we’ll do a sixty-nine,” her twin suggested. “I want to feel your tongue on my pussy and your body moving against mine. You’re up for that, aren’t you bitch?”

At this point, the newly-perverted blonde was up for anything her sister suggested. Oblivious to Burt’s presence, the girls changed positions on the bed and worked their magic on each other. Vikki proved to be a quick study and was getting her sister off with the requisite skill of a true lesbian. They clutched desperately at one another, holding on for dear life while thrashing about the bed. Nikki was enjoying her latest lesbian experience and Vikki was a happy new convert. Neither of them slowed down for an instant as two tanned, leggy and sex-crazed blondes gave it their all.

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