8 Kasım 2023

corrupted by the neighbours


It all started when my wife Barbara began having Friday nights out with Mary. Mary is our next-door neighbour. She is married to Ken. We had been on friendly terms (though nothing more) with Mary and Ken since we moved in to the house when we married, almost 2yrs ago.
They are considerably older than us…… Ken is 51, Mary is 48; I am 27 and Barbara is 23. I think from the outset, partly because of the age differences, Mary and Ken took us ‘under their wing’….they helped us with our moving-in, and Ken lent me tools that I needed and helped me with some car repairs. They also introduced us to lots of other people in the village. Both are very outgoing, especially Mary who is also a very good looking lady, quite slim with fairly large breasts, looks much younger than her years, and attracts a lot of male attention. Mary quickly noticed that my Barbara is quite shy, and for the last few months has been trying to get her to come out of her shell. She encouraged Barbara to wear sexier, more revealing clothes; although Barbara was quite reluctant at first, partly I think because she has very small breasts……’small but cute’ I tell her!!
So for the last 6 months, ever since Christmas really, when Mary bought Barbara a really short, backless black dress for New Year’s Eve, which she did eventually wear, after having a few drinks for ‘dutch courage’, and she had a whale of a time. All the men seemed to be queueing up at midnight to give Barbara kisses, and probably because of the drinks she returned the favours. I was slightly shocked by her behaviour as this was most unlike her……..but I was also turned on. The more the other men kissed her, the bigger my erection grew and when Mary pulled me close for a kiss, she could feel the stiffness in my groin. She told me ‘Barbara is just letting her hair down’ and that ‘I can tell it turns you on to watch your sexy wife being enjoyed by other men, doesn’t it!!’ she said, laughing.
Well things were quiet afterwards until the start of spring, when one night in bed Barbara announced that Mary had invited her out on Friday night, “Just a few girls and a couple of drinks at the pub”, I thought nothing more of it until early evening Friday when Barbara came downstairs looking ravishing. She’d done her nails, put her hair up in a style which left her cute neck all bare, and she was wearing THAT black dress. She explained she didn’t want to look frumpy next to Mary, who always seemed to dress sexy. So I laughed şişli escort and told her she would have no such problem!! Then Mary arrived and they were off.
It was almost 1 a.m. whan Barbara returned, slightly worse for wear. I could tell she’d had more alcohol than she should, her hair was messed, the zip on the side of her black dress was partially undone and she had a couple of red marks on the side of her neck. I tried to ask about her evening, but it was obvious she just wanted to sleep, so I undressed her and put her to bed. She went out like a light.
Saturday morning we woke late, and chatted in bed…… I asked about the previous evening, and at first she seemed reluctant to tell me much…. eventually she told me how the night had started ok, there were four wives all from the village and they had a couple of drinks and a good laugh…… then, she said, two younger looking men came into the pub (Barbara hadn’t seen them before, she didn’t think they were from our village) and came almost immediately over to their table. They obviously knew Mary and the other 2 wives as they shouted welcomes across and the ladies all greeted the men with hugs and rather strong kisses. Mary then introduced Barbara to the 2 men, Tom and Doug, and told them ‘take care with Barbara, she’s newly wed and still innocent’ to which they all laughed. Tom said ‘well she won’t be innocent for long’ and put his arms round Barbara and gave her a kiss that she said ‘made my legs go weak’. Then all 6 sat down and carried on the partying. Barbara noticed though that Mary had sat on Tom’s knee after the introductions, and that fairly quickly Tom had placed his hand on Mary’s thigh. Soon his hand was caressing up her thigh and then was progressing under Mary’s skirt. At this point Mary’s legs seemed to part slightly and her skirt rode up even more. Barbara could now see Tom’s hand touching the crotch of Mary’s panties, and Mary wasn’t even flinching!! Barbara said she couldn’t stop watching and that she could feel between her own legs a growing dampness. Then suddenly Doug grabbed her hand, and pulled her from her seat, saying “I don’t think we have been properly introduced yet, have we!”. He encouraged Barbara to sit astride his knee. He then took her face in his hands and put his lips to hers……. she was overcome by the situation, and the suddenness of it all, so that when Doug’s tongue brushed against her lips, they parted slightly and allowed him access……..
The hot kisses were only broken by Tom’s voice announcing that it was time to move to his apartment before they got thrown out…….”Good idea” Mary said, “let’s go have some real fun!”
A short taxi ride later, and they were entering Tom’s large batchelor pad……. Tom, who had his arm around Mary and one of the other wives quickly disappeared into one of the bedrooms, and Doug said “c’mon ladies, we’ll have the other”. Barbara told Doug she couldn’t go into the bedroom with him, that would be breaking her marriage vows, but June, the other young wife said “just sit on the bed then and watch us fuck”. Doug pulled them both into the bedroom…….June quickly unzipped her skirt, as Doug removed his shirt and then June dropped to her knees in front of Doug and as she unbuttoned the front of his jeans she said “I’ve been longing to suck your big cock all week”…….Barbara let out a gasp as she saw what June had her hand round ……..”It was long and thick, enormous in fact, and it wasn’t fully hard yet” she said. June said “ok Barbara, you don’t have to fuck, but lay on the bed with us, you can kiss Doug and let him feel your tits while I get him really hard”………Barbara said she lay down on the bed, she knew it was wrong, but she couldn’t help herself……..she kissed with Doug…..deep, french-kisses….her dress was loosened and his hand was caressing her flesh, squeezing her nipples……
June, totally naked now lifted her mouth from the swollen cock and said “My married cunt enjoys breaking it’s vows,… just watch Barbara,… as I commit adultery”…….”look Barbara, can you see his cockhead opening me up….. it’s going in…… slowly Doug…….slowly…. that’s it……..your’e much bigger than my husband……. ooooh! that’s poking me much deeper than he does…. and it feels sooo good….sooo wicked…….ooooh, he’s going to make me cummmmm………”
Barbara, by now totally immersed in the sights and sounds of the fucking taking place in front of her, was so exited sexually that she was teetering on the edge of her own climax…….Doug was leaving traces of his saliva on my wife’s lips, neck, and nipples as he thrust his swollen cock deeper, ever deeper, into June’s loving cunt…… he was seeking his own payoff now………he felt the increase of tension in his cock as his semen gathered, and his lips started sucking harder at the soft skin on Barbara’s neck, almost biting her now, the semen shooting along the shaft of his cock………….Doug climaxed, pulsating stream after stream of spunk into the back of June’s cunt; June climaxed as she felt herself being inseminated; and with Doug’s teeth on her neck and his fingers sending ripples of pleasure through Barbara’s tits……. she climaxed…….my wife climaxed…..with another man.
Barbara, after confessing all this to me, burst into tears and hugged me, apologising for almost being unfaithful….”I was so close to doing it with Doug, so close to letting him fuck me…I almost wanted him to fuck me, I am so sorry, so sorry”. I told her I loved her, and that I was glad she hadn’t fucked him…..but…..but…….that if she had fucked him………..it wouldn’t…. have been the end of the world…….I would still love her.
She said that afterwards, after the fucking, when June and her were in the taxi on the home, she asked June about her husband……what would he say…. if June told him…… what would he say about her, having a lover?
June just replied “he knows…he knows and he loves it….he will be waiting for me when I get home…. he will ask me to tell him about tonight…..he loves to hear about me fucking…. he will take me to bed, he won’t want me to shower and he will fuck me as I tell him how I climaxed on Doug’s cock!!!” June then went on to tell my wife “Mary and her husband are the same, you know…..Mary has fucked Tom tonight, and she will stay all night in his bed, she won’t be home till maybe lunchtime…but when she gets home, her husband will want to kiss her, will want to see the trails of spunk on her legs, will want to take her upstairs and give her a good fucking as she tells him about her adventures.”
She then asked me ….”can this be true? can a husband allow his wife to have an affair? can a husband WANT her to fuck other men??” She waited a moment for my answer……..”I don’t know…..I love you……but I did get hot when you told me about your little night-out….. I don’t know how I would feel IF YOU HAD fucked Doug or Tom…….but I think now it would be exciting……for you to be able to come home and tell me all about it…..”

So, that’s where we are now……..it’s Friday night……well Saturday morning actually……I can’t sleep………she’s gone out with Mary and June and one of the other young wives…….she said they’re just going to the pub for a few drinks,………. and some fun……………………………………………………………..

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