13 Kasım 2023

Correction by Mr. Kayne


Some of this is true and it then develops into fantasy. The reader can decide at which point the true departs.


I was in my very last year of school, 18 years old, excited and frustrated about sex of all kinds. Horny. Very. Girls, men, anything.

My friend Max and I headed off into the school woods. We used to play a bit together sometimes, we were horny and just trying things out really. I pulled his trousers down and was just starting to stroke his cock when the bushes rustled and there before me was a senior teacher, Mr Kayne. Caught in the act. Trouble. Big trouble.

We hastily pulled ourselves together and got the usual telling off. Depraved behavior, letting the school down and all that stuff. Then Mr Kayne told us that we would both come and see him in his study that evening for correction and that we were to tell no one. We both knew what that meant.

I waited outside the door of Mr Kayne’s study and listened to the harsh punishment of my friend as he got the traditional six. Fear mounted in my belly. I was next. Max came out of the room caressing his backside with tears in his eyes and a flushed face. No words passed between us. He shuffled off down the corridor. I was called forward. “Come in to my study now boy.”

There stood Mr Kayne before a wide brown leather armchair with a slender bamboo cane in his hand. I would like to tell you that Mr Kayne was a good looking young man, tall and interesting, but he wasn’t. He was just an ordinary, middle aged teacher in a tweed jacket and black trousers with a sharp crease down the front. I would find out more about him in a little while.

“Come over here and sit down.” I sat down where he told me and looked at him nervously.

“What you have done is very dirty and you need to be punished. You know that this is very serious. Normally I would pass this straight on to the headmaster, you would be expelled immediately and gaziantep escort your parents would be informed. What have you got to say? “

“Please Sir,” I begged, “I want to stay here and would hate for my parents to know about this.” I said in a trembling voice.

“Now there may be a way to ease your punishment and to pass over the formalities but you will need to do as I tell you and you will tell nobody. You will still need to be punished but I will be lenient. Do you understand? “

“Yes Sir, please Sir, I dont want my parents to know. I will do anything that you tell me. Thank you Sir! ” Came my reply.

“Very good. Now stand up and take your shoes and socks off and bend over the armchair.” I did as I was told, not quite sure where this was going. I remember the smell of the leather as I bent forward.

Mr Kayne stood looking for a moment then played the cane softly across my buttocks. He then gave a short sharp flick of his cane. It stung, not pain, but enough to focus my attention.

“No, no this wont do,” he said. “Now stand up and take your trousers and pants off and bend over again.” I started to protest but he gave me a severe look and I realized that I was in no position to refuse. I also knew that this was not usual. With added nervousness I did as he told me and bent over the chair my cock and balls coming into contact with the soft leather, my white bottom exposed and vulnerable. I waited.

Mr Kayne stepped forward and ran the palm of his hand across my tight white bottom, gently, feeling the smooth flesh. He then eased my crack open ever so slightly so that I could feel the cold air. Then he let go and stood back a bit. He then let the cane fall sharply across my bottom in a well placed blow. It stung like hell. He stepped forward and stroked me again where the thin red line was forming. The pain and pleasure mixed together. He reached gently through my legs and felt my soft cock and held it in his hand. My cock started to swell.

“Good. We are beginning to understand each other now,” he said. “Now stand up and take all your clothes off so I can look at you.” I stood up and stripped off and stood naked before him, my young cock erect and pulsing.”Now bend over the chair.” I did as he told me feeling excited and exposed. He let the cane fall across my bottom again then stepped forward and warmed my buttocks with the palm of his hand. This time he was more definite and reached through and started to stroke my stiff cock. At the same time with his other hand he wet a finger and probed it gently into my opening. “Now reach round boy and pull your bottom open.” By now, with a mixture and pain and pleasure I was getting very excited. I pulled my bottom open as he instructed me. He wet his finger again and slid it in a little way, then pulled out. He stood up and let another stripe fall across me. “Now open your bottom boy,” he said in a more imperative voice. I did as he told me and then to my surprise he put the thin end of the cane at my entrance and slid it up inside me gently and moved it back and forward giving a strong and exciting warm feeling. He pulled out and told me to stand up.

“You will now get my cock out and we will continue with your correction,” he said. I knelt down and unzipped his trousers and worked my way in so as to bring out his large and semi erect penis. This was new for me. A mans uncut cock. He was substantial with thick hair and huge balls hanging down, bigger than anything I had seen before. I played with his balls and stroked his cock as he stiffened, then I ran my tongue across the head of his cock. I pulled his foreskin back and licked his red helmet.”Take me in your mouth,” he ordered. I did as he told me. He tasted musky and sexy dirty. The head of my cock was sticky now and hard as hell.

“Now bend over the chair and we will continue with you punishment,” he instructed me.

I did as he told me. He reached through and started to wank me, then stopped.

“Have you ever been fucked up the bottom before?” He asked.

“No Sir never, please dont Sir! You will hurt me you are far too big,” I mumbled.

He stood back and let me have two sharp blows across my peachy bum. These really hurt. Then he stepped forward and slid his finger up me again and stroked my cock. This time he had put some lubrication on his finger and it slid in easily and he started to work my entrance to loosen it up. A second finger. A third. My cock was pulsing, my bottom cheeks still in delicious pain, it all mixed together. Then I felt his hot penis resting between my crack. He moved it up and down . It felt slick and wonderful. Then he positioned it at my tight entrance.

“This will sting at first, then you will know pleasure like you never knew. I am going to take your cherry and you will love it.” With that he pushed forward and the head of his cock split me open just enough for him to enter me and then he waited. It stung like mad but then pain and pleasure had become so entwined it all became a huge sensation. He reached forward and played with my nipples and stroked my bottom while the pain eased off.

“Now I want you to wank your cock hard and tell me when you are about to come.” I did as he told me. I wanked my stiff cock and just as I started to cry out and spurt long streams of white spunk all over his leather chair he slid his cock right up inside me , filling me up with the most full and satisfying sensation. He then slid in and out a few more times and with a low moan I felt my insides go liquid as he spilled his juice deep up inside me. He lay across me, his cock pushed right up to the hilt.

Slowly he eased his cock out of me and white juice dripped down my legs.

“You can go now and I will call for you again,” he said.

I put my clothes on and left the room. “Thank you Sir, thank you for my punishment.”

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