12 Temmuz 2021

Corina Chapter 9

Big Tits

Corina Chapter 9My little wife’s pussy is fantastic!!!!ENJOY!!!!I kissed her lightly on the lips and went and got a beer. I went back over and sat across from her and told her I wasn’t mad at all. I said I wasn’t surprised she couldn’t do it and Corina smiled at me. I got up and walked around the table and Corina stood up and I kissed her long and with a lot of passion. After that I told her I wouldn’t ever bother her about it again and told her I would take her out to dinner tonight. Corina asked me if I wanted to know how her day went and I told her we could talk about it at dinner. She kissed my lips lightly and said she couldn’t tell me about her day at a restaurant because it was too private to tell. I tried to look surprised and I asked her how her day went. Corina told me to sit down and she went and got a beer and sat down across from me. I sat there and waited wondering how much of what I saw she would tell me. Corina took a sip of her beer and told me she didn’t think right and she was sorry she took a bath before I got home. She said she realized I wanted to find out how messy she was after she was already in the tub soaking. I told her it wasn’t a problem and to tell me what happened. Corina said after I left she went and saw the letter and then looked in the bag to see what was in it. Then she said she sat down and read my letter twice to understand it completely. I asked her if what I wrote bothered her and she said it didn’t bother her a bit. She said actually she got excited by it and smiled. Then she said she didn’t know if she could do it and thought hard about it while she took a bath and fixed herself up. Corina said it was exciting to put on the bra and panties and see herself in the mirror. I asked her if she liked them and she said they were really sexy and loved them. Then she told me she got dressed like I wanted and thought her tits showed too easily through the top. She said she put on another top and said they didn’t show as much and she said she sat on the bed to figure if she was going to do it. She said she sat there about ten minutes and then sent me the message about if I was sure about it. I smiled at her and she said butterflies were in her stomach when she read my reply.She said after texting me she looked at herself in the mirror again and then changed her top back to the white one. Corina told me she was really nervous when she sent me she would leave in five minutes. She said when I told her I hoped she had a fun time twice the butterflies were in her stomach. Corina told me she went down and stood outside the door for a minute trying to stop being so nervous. I asked her if she thought about backing out of it and she said she did. Corina said the only reason she knocked on Morgan’s door was because she already told me she would. I asked her if Morgan was awake and surprised and she said he did look like he was shocked a little bit. Corina told me she said she was bored and Morgan had her come in. I asked her how he acted and she said he was a perfect gentleman all the time. Corina said he even asked for permission to kiss her this time and it surprised her.She smiled at me and didn’t say anything and I asked her if he was a good kisser. She said he kissed almost as well as me and liked it a lot. I asked her what happened then and she told me he unbuttoned her blouse while he was kissing her and then was sucking on her tits and his hand started to pull up her skirt. I asked her if he liked her panties and she said he liked them a lot. I asked her if she was very wet and she smiled and said she was already worked up and felt very wet. Corina took another sip of her beer and I asked her if he tried taking the panties off of her then. She smiled and said he took off her top and bra and her skirt. I asked her if he tried her panties again and she said he just left them on. Corina said he got down on his knees and started to lick her and was doing her like I did last night with his fingers and tongue. I asked her if he made her cum and Corina said if he didn’t stop she would have cum in a few minutes. She said he went and got a blindfold and she said she was worried and then Morgan told her he wouldn’t fuck her.I asked her if she was scared and she said she wasn’t really scared but she was still nervous. Corina said Morgan told her it would be a lot more fun for her if she couldn’t see what he was doing to her. I asked her if she let him put the blindfold on her and she shook her head yes. I asked her how did it make her feel and she said it did make it a lot more fun and she giggled. I asked her if he started to lick her again and she said not yet. I asked her what happened and she said he turned her around and tied her hands together with a soft rope. I told her that must have scared her then and she said Morgan told her again he wouldn’t fuck her yet. I told her she was k**ding and she said Morgan told her she just had to tell him to stop and he would. She said it was a very sexy scary and all she thought about was I wrote tuzla escort that she had to keep going as long as her panties were on. I waited as Corina took a sip of beer again and she smiled at me and giggled loudly.Corina said I looked like I was really happy tonight and I told her to tell me more. Corina said she would tell me more after I take her out to eat and she giggled again. I said it wasn’t fair and she said I wasn’t fair about my fantasy and she had to pry it out of me. I told her she was being mean and she shrugged her shoulders and took another sip of her beer. I asked her if he fucked her and she smiled at me and shrugged her shoulders again. I got up and pulled her up as she giggled loudly. Right away I reached my hand down to her panties and she stopped me and told me after dinner I can check. She kissed me and said she wanted a steak and shrimp and I told her ok and then did a pout face at her. Corina said it doesn’t work on her and only works for her. She kissed me again and I hugged her after the kiss and whispered in her ear if he fucked her. Corina giggled and said steak and shrimp tonight please. I asked her what would happen if I said no and she said she was done talking about it for a month. I smiled and said she wants steak and shrimp and she gets steak and shrimp. Corina did little jumps and said goody for me.Corina insisted on both of us finishing our beers before she would leave and in the car on the way I asked her if she got fucked or not. Corina giggled and told me I would have to check when we got home. We got to the restaurant and I made sure I opened the car door like I did when we left the house. We didn’t have to wait long since it was Monday night for a seat. The waitress came and got our drink order and soon came back with them. Corina said to let us look at the menu and come back in about 15 minutes to take our order. I asked her if she was sure to take that long and Corina smiled at me and said to have patience tonight. I smiled back and Corina started to look at the menu. I sat back and drank my one glass of wine before even telling the waitress our order. Since I was driving I would only drink one glass of wine.Soon the waitress came back and I stopped acting like I was impatient and Corina and I just talked about normal shit until the food came. Soon as she ate the first bite of shrimp Corina smiled at me and said maybe. I leaned over and asked her if that was a yes with a whisper. Corina shrugged her shoulders and took another bite of shrimp and I didn’t take the bait again and she said maybe about ten times before she gave up teasing me. We went back talking like nothing happened the rest of the meal. While driving back I never brought it up again. I was still the gentleman and would make sure to open every door for her. Soon as we got in the apartment I shut the door and pushed Corina up against it gently.She giggled when I reached up her skirt and down inside her panties. Her slit was warm and moist and didn’t seem like she was fucked. Her hole was loose again and it really said a big cock worked it over a lot. I lied and said she was too tight and she just should have told me so and she giggled. Corina went and sat on the couch and told me to sit and watch TV with her. I sat down and said she was supposed to tell me what happened and she smiled at me and said she only told me I could check her out when we got home. She giggled and turned on the TV and I told her she was being mean to me. She ignored me and we sat there with Corina snuggled up to me until I got up to use the john. I got back and Corina acted like she was pissed off at me. I sat down wondering what happened and she was silent.Finally I tried to kiss her and she told me no. I asked her what did I do and she said I sent her over to Morgan’s apartment with crotchless panties on. I said yes and she knew that. Corina stared at me and said I set a trap for her with them and she promised she would let Morgan play all he wanted until he took off the panties. I said sexy panties would get him all worked up and I knew that. Corina snapped back what if he tried to fuck me with the panties on and I acted surprised. She said it had a slot that made it so she could be fucked without removing the panties. I acted like I just realized it and told her I didn’t think it through all the way and I was sorry. Corina said what would I say if he would have fucked her without taking off the panties. I said I was sorry and it was a good thing he didn’t think of that. Corina said she thinks I planned for him to fuck her without removing the panties and making her promise to keep going as long as they were on. I kissed her pissed off lips lightly and said she should remember I said I didn’t want to go that far yet. That I only wanted her to be played with by another man. Corina looked back at the TV and stewed for a while and I cuddled up and she said I was lucky he didn’t just fuck her against the wall with the panties still on. I asked her if she would have let him do that and tuzla escort bayan she said she made a promise and didn’t plan on breaking it. I asked her if he tried that and she said he was a gentleman all the time.I didn’t bother her and watched TV with her cuddled up in my arms. I told her I was tired and she said we needed to go to bed now at about 10. We got undressed in the bedroom and got in bed under the blankets. I kissed her lightly on the lips and told her I was really sorry for messing up like that and I would never bring it up again. I lay down and just stared at the ceiling and soon Corina snuggled up to me and I told her I was sorry for making her do something that bothered her. She kissed my chest and I said I wouldn’t ever say another thing to her about that stupid game again. I waited for her to say something for what seemed like a really long time. Then she kissed my chest and said it was ok.Then Corina said she just got pissed when she realized how she would have been forced to let Morgan fuck her and thought that it was my plan. I told her I was stupid and just thought they were very sexy panties. Corina giggled and said they really felt sexy on her today. I stayed silent and soon she asked me if I wanted to know what happened today with our sex game. I said I was really mad at myself for not thinking about the opening in the panties. I said I was an idiot sometimes and was really lucky she wasn’t made to just let him fuck her. She said it was ok and not to be so hard on myself. I said I will be a lot more careful about it from now on and we would talk about everything before I have any more ideas like that.Corina said she loved her husband so much and I told her I didn’t deserve to have such a fantastic wife. Then we cuddled and kissed a little bit and I asked her what she would have done if she would have figured out my flaw in my plan before she left. Corina sighed and said she most likely would have figured it was what you wanted even though you said you didn’t want that. I said I was confused and she said she would have gone anyways thinking I wanted another man to fuck her. I told her it was lucky that Morgan didn’t think of fucking her with her panties on. Then I asked her if he tried with her panties on what would she have done. Corina giggled and said she would have kept her promise and I would have a slut for a wife now. I asked her what would have happened if he did that and she giggled and said once he got his cock in her she would have fucked his brains out most likely.I pulled her lips to mine and kissed her with passion and told her she was the sexiest girl alive. Then I told her if Morgan would have fucked her it would have been my fault and I would just have to figure out if it bothered me or not. Corina giggled and I asked her if it would have bothered her and she said she didn’t know since it didn’t happen. I asked her what happened after he tied her hands up and she said it was interesting. Corina giggled and said he started working on her pussy again and I asked her if it was good. Corina said it was good and then he stopped. I asked her if he tried taking her panties off of her then and she said he moved her back onto his bed and left the panties alone. Corina said he told her he would stop right when she tells him to and he asked her if he should stop now. I asked her what happened then and Corina giggled and said her panties were still on so she told him not to stop.Corina told me he started to lick her and finger her a lot like I did last night. She said I was better though and kissed my cheek. Then she said he made it last a long time and had her cumming on his bed and another man watched her cum right there in front of him. Corina giggled and said it probably made her cum longer knowing he was watching her cum. Then Corina told me not to be mad at her and I asked her why I would be mad at her. Corina said it wasn’t her fault and didn’t know he had taken her panties off while she was cumming and she was really worked up. I told her I could tell she wasn’t fucked so what would make me mad. She said she was still kind of cumming when Morgan told her he was going to fuck her now and she felt a lot of pressure on her pussy. Corina said she told he had to take off her panties and he said he had them off already and she felt him start to slide in and told him to stop. I asked what happened and she said he didn’t push in more and started to rub her clit and Morgan told her to tell him when to keep going. I waited and she said she almost was worked up and she actually thought about telling him to fuck her and she asked me if I would have been angry if she did. I told her I was glad she didn’t because I didn’t know if I really wanted that to happen yet.Corina was quiet for a while and I asked her what happened and she said she let him rub her for a while and was starting to feel like she was going to try to slide onto his cock and she told him she wanted him to stop now. I said that was pretty close and then I asked her how escort tuzla far did he get inside her and she said not far. I asked if he got halfway or what and she said not far at all. Then Corina said it felt like the head started in and I asked her if he felt big and Corina said she did feel like he was stretching her pussy open. I asked her if it hurt and Corina giggled and said fucking never hurts as long as it isn’t with a rubber on. I asked her what happened then and Corina said he untied her and took off the blindfold. Corina said she got dressed and went home and just watched TV until she took a bath.Corina asked me if I wanted to fuck now and I rolled her over and got on top of her and asked her if she had fun at least when she was teasing Morgan. Corina said it didn’t seem like she was teasing him and I asked her what she meant by that. Corina said she really was at his mercy and there was no way she could have made him stop if he insisted on fucking her. I asked her if she at least enjoyed the sex game or did I take it too far now. Corina gave me a real good kiss and said she would do anything that I wanted her to do. I asked her if I told her to fuck him would she do it or not. Corina said she would do it if I really wanted her to and I slid my cock into her very wet pussy. I was really glad I jerked off a little over an hour ago when I went to the bathroom. Her pussy felt really wet and warm. But it was easy to feel that a big cock rutted her for hours today because she was really loose. Corina said she really needed me to fuck her tonight. She said she was really horny for her husband to fuck her. I kissed her and then told her she was so sexy and never boring. Corina giggled and told me I never let her get boring. I ground my pelvis against her pelvis and she moaned slightly. Corina told me again that she would do anything I wanted if it turned me on and kissed me again. I was slowly stroking her loose warm pussy and I asked her if the letter said for her to go down to Morgan’s apartment and fuck him all day what would she have done. Corina smiled and said she would have texted me asking if I was sure about it and soon as I said I was she would have gone down and fucked him all day long for me. I smiled and said she would really be sore right now if I would have asked her to fuck him. Corina giggled and said only a rubber makes her sore and a bare cock never does. I whispered in her ear that a big cock would make her little pussy sore for sure the first day it fucks her. She whispered back in my ear she bets that it doesn’t and she held me tight.I slowly kept stroking her pussy and she wasn’t feeling it much from how she wasn’t really fucking me back. I pulled my head from her grip around my neck and looked into her eyes as I was fucking her. I started to fuck a little bit faster and tried grinding against her clit as much as I could and she started to like it. I told her I’m going to think about it this week and figure out how I would like the game to go. I asked her what she thinks should happen with the game and she said anything her husband wants she wants. I lasted just a few minutes more and I could tell Corina was starting to feel it better and her face looked really disappointed when I came. I kissed her lips and told her we need to stop talking about the game for a while so I don’t finish so quickly. Corina said she didn’t mind and kissed me and told me she loved her shy Teddy. I told her she was the only woman I would ever love and she had my heart on her all the time. I rolled off of her and she cuddled up to me and I tried to sleep. I thought Corina fell asleep and rolled over away from her and I just kept thinking about all I saw while Morgan had her cumming so much. About a half hour later Corina nudged me in the back and I just thought it was an accident while she was sleeping. Then a few minutes later she nudged me again and asked me if I was awake. I just lay there like I was asleep trying to find out why she was still awake. Then she whispered she had a secret to tell and asked me if I wanted to know it. I almost said yes and just lay there still like I was solid asleep. Then Corina said she had to tell me that Morgan fucked her. I still didn’t move and Corina then whispered that was a lie. She whispered that she had her panties on and Morgan told her she would fuck him. She said he rolled her on top of him and put her right where the head of his cock was right where it would go in if she moved down. Corina said he had her so worked up and then kept rubbing her button and she said it felt so good. Then Corina said all she could think about was getting a cock inside her and she moved down while he went inside her. Corina whispered they fucked all day and once he was inside her it didn’t matter if they fucked more. Corina whispered she didn’t want to but she had to let him keep playing with her because of the promise. Corina whispered she was really sorry for letting her husband down and for lying about it. Then she whispered one day she will tell her husband when he can really hear it. Corina kissed my back lightly and soon she fell asleep.I lay there a long time and before I fell asleep. I had another plan and I relaxed enough finally to sleep.

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