6 Kasım 2023



My wrists hurt. It was a stupid thing to concentrate on considering what I was involved in but I couldn’t help it. Jenny’s and my own body weight pressed the leather cuffs into my back, which in turn dug the metal studs on the inner surface into my wrists. I couldn’t cry out. My mouth was covered with Jenny’s dripping pussy as her ass was fucked millimetres from my nose. Trey’s monster of a cock was being driven deep and hard into her, and I could smell his sweaty balls mixed with the lube. Every so often I managed to tilt my head back and run my tongue across his moist scrotum, but it was all too brief as he pulled back for another thrust and Jenny’s hips drove her vagina back onto my mouth. I could feel Jenny grunting through her chest. She was on top of me in the 69 position enjoying a close up view of my ass being penetrated by Steve, the upward curve of his thick meat prodding hard at my prostate. Her arms were in front of my calves holding my legs wide open. It was a position I had come to adore over the last 18 months.
After close to half an hour Steve’s rhythm increased in speed and became erratic. I knew he was about to ejaculate, and squeezed my sphincter around him but he pulled out before the moment came and ran around to Jenny’s ass. Trey pulled out, Steve pushed in and grunted, then cried out as he was allowed to fill Jenny with his famously copious quantity. Moments later I felt another cock pushing in me, and from the feel and technique I knew it was Cody. Another fucking commenced and I grinned into Jenny’s wetness as Trey rammed himself back into her before any of Steve’s spunk leaked out.
Just a few minutes later it was Trey’s turn to orgasm. He emitted an almighty growl and mistimed his thrust, spraying his first shot onto instead of in her hole. The thick salty goo dribbled down her crack and over her perineum, and I stretched my neck muscles trying to lick it off. I managed to get most of it while Trey slammed himself home and finished firing his semen inside her. He slowed to a stop and paused, then pulled out and let his softening beast fall into my mouth. I sucked and licked at it like the hungry slut I was, desperate not to miss a second of joy from having him in my mouth.
“Good boy Tommy.” He growled above me, his voice a deep vibration in the air. Then he was gone, and I had no time to change position before Anthony drove himself into my girlfriend with a satisfied grunt and a wailing groan from her.
This was our Sunday afternoon. Jenny had been desperate for weeks to be pumped full of cum, and I had been pretty keen to be the one to suck it out. So after several aborted attempts to ensure the whole gang was involved, we managed to organise it. Now we were both being used as fuck toys while she was the cum dump. They all started in me, except Trey, and finished off in her. After many months of practice I still couldn’t take Trey first time and needed a good session or some patient foreplay to get relaxed enough. For this session we just needed to take them. The plan was for Trey to start in Jenny then get hard again while the others used us, then pound me before filling her up. Part one was complete. Now he just had to get aroused again.
The intimacy between Cody and me was deeper than any of the other guys, and went way beyond what even Jenny would suspect. We’d seen each other an increasing amount over the last year or so and had taken to secret meetings. For this reason I knew the point Cody started to build to orgasm and felt the tremble as his knees weakened. They always did when he came standing up. I knew he would be pulling out any moment and sure enough within moments he grunted, sprinted around me and nearly knocked Ant over as he was pulling out of Jenny. I stretched my neck and managed to suck one of his balls into my mouth at the same time he pumped his sweet load into her. A surreptitious hand slid between his thigh and her ass cheek and caressed my forehead. I let his testicle go with some reluctance.
Ant returned his cock to the now gaping asshole above me before any cum could leak out. Three loads, three to go. My mouth was watering at the prospect and I busied myself with her pussy lips and driving my tongue into her. She was so wet she offered no resistance at all. It was like licking a handful of Vaseline while someone slapped the top of my head. It was Toby’s turn in me. He started they was he often did, by teasing himself and pushing just his head inside before pulling out again. He repeated this several times before ramming himself home and making me judder under Jenny. Above me, Ant pounded her.
Ant was an odd one and none of us knew quite why he was brought in to begin with. He sported a bushy clump of hair above a sweet face that always seemed to be sniggering, a cheeky glint in the eye enhancing the effect. His chest was smooth and mostly flat, his pectorals barely defined, but as you moved down his body his hairiness returned. A line of dark brown drew the eye to his thick bush of pubic hair in which nestled his fat meat. That meat was now hard as a rolling pin and plugging up Jenny’s ass. I had a forehead full of heavy, hairy balls. Everyone else was either naturally hairless or, like myself, took steps to keep it at bay. Getting fucked by Ant was as close to getting nailed by a dog as you could get, at least without the illegal act itself, and it was strangely addictive. His hair would brush and rub against you and his hands always seemed to be in a position where his nails worked into your skin. He fucked with an upward motion like he was trying to penetrate and lift at the same time, and when he came with any force he’d pant during build up and howl as he ejaculated.
This was now the sound I heard as Jenny was pummelled like a train then actually lifted up off my face with the force of his final thrust. At the same time Toby pulled out from me and came around to my face. I was allowed to suck his bulbous head a few times before he went to work on Jenny. Before he pushed his cock inside her I saw how big her hole had become. I bet she felt like a wizards sleeve now.
Toby was half Indian and his muddy tan always stood out against Jenny’s pale skin. I liked Toby. He was very friendly and had a wicked sense of humour. More than that he was very cuddly and I’d had many wonderful times snuggled up with him kissing and fondling each other. Watching him work on Jenny I noticed he wasn’t nearly as into it as he was when he fucked me. I wondered why but was then distracted by the final member of the gang, Will.
Unlike the others, Will was tentative. I knew he was asking Jenny’s permission before even touching his cock. Now I felt it being pushed in with what can only be described as reluctance. I got a poor shafting and it lasted a bare few minutes before he was running to Jenny’s ass, and Toby had to pull out and allow him to come in her before returning to her hole. He even went back to Jenny’s head to thank her. From the corner of my eye I saw him return to the side of the room and fiddle with his groin. I knew he was putting his chastity device back on. Fucking moron.
My thoughts were interrupted by Trey forcing his huge cock up me. I squealed and squirmed. Even after a thorough pounding I still wasn’t ready for him, but I was relaxed enough to get used to him quickly. It took just a few minutes of suffering before I began to relax further, and a few minutes after that I was begging him to fuck harder. Once he was in Trey could be an animal and today he didn’t disappoint, both Jenny and I jerked under the pressure of each thrust and Toby had to alter his timing to prevent himself popping out. He didn’t have to for very long however. With a shout he let himself go and added his spunk to the rest in my girlfriends guts.
“Plug me!” Shouted jenny, and Ant came bounding over with a cone shaped butt plug, which he rammed home with some delight. Jenny grunted then settled down to watch close up as Trey nailed my ruined ass. I started to laugh at the sheer pleasure I was enjoying and muffled it by burying my face in Jenny’s pussy. She was dripping wet and as soon as my tongue touched her hole she rolled back and sat on my face, forcing me to lick her. The handle of the butt plug was jammed up against my forehead and I knew I’d have an embarrassing bruise.
I don’t know how long I was rutted for but I felt delirious. Ages seemed to pass when in quick order Jenny knelt forwards off my face, someone removed the butt plug with a popping sound, and Trey rammed himself into her ass. She squealed, not quite ready for his size, but I watched as he forced the whole thing in. It was beautiful. His magnificent cock penetrating and stretching her pretty asshole. Three thrusts and he ejaculated with a roar. He remained in place for several minutes and Jenny rocked back and forth to get the last pleasure from Trey’s softening cock. He slipped out and let it fall into my waiting mouth. I cleaned him off. He tasted of cum and sweat.
Now it was my turn. Some of the guys came closer to watch but I knew Cody and Trey wouldn’t be among them. Jenny shifted forward and knelt up, bringing her gaping hole closer to my open mouth. Within seconds cum came dribbling out and fell onto my tongue. A few seconds more and it seemed a torrent was pouring forth. I strained my neck to avoid missing any. As the flow slowed back to a dribble, and finally to mere drops, I locked my lips around her sphincter and sucked. I got a little more and pulled back, running my tongue around her hole for good measure. My mouth was full. As in completely full. It tasted strange, not quite like cum, but also stronger. I don’t think I’d ever had all the guys cum in my mouth as once before.
She climbed off me and knelt on the floor, her head tilted up and mouth open. I struggled to stand and realised how much my ass was going to throb. On shaky legs I stood above her, leaned down placing my hands on her shoulders for balance, and allowed the reclaimed cum to dribble into her mouth. I watched her swill it around for a bit. We were now supposed to kiss and share it, but to my disappointment she swallowed it all and shot me a triumphant look. I held her gaze for a moment then turned away. The guys had started to gather their clothes and get ready to go. Toby, Ant and Trey gave me a kiss and a hug, thanking me for a good fuck. Will ignored me when I went over to see him and I brushed him off. I found Cody in the hallway already making his way to the door. We whispered our next meeting before he hugged me and bounded down the stairs.
I found Steve in the bathroom. He was about to piss when I shouted at him to stop. I’d come over all dirty again and wanted to be his human urinal. I knelt down and just whispered;
“All of it.” I clamped my mouth around his soft member. I felt him release and he filled my mouth with hot, fresh piss. I swallowed as fast as I could. Steve pissed like a horse and I choked twice but recovered when he stopped the flow for a moment. My eyes were watering at the end but I hadn’t missed a drop.
“Thanks toilet.” He grinned at me.
“You’re welcome master.” I replied with a wink. We both left to find everyone gone. Including Will. Jenny was sat naked on the sofa. We watched Steve dress and leave, after kissing us both, and that’s when the chill set in.
I watched her toy idly with her pussy for a bit, enjoying the view and yet not. There was a coldness between us that cropped up more and more. Something rotten was settling in. From my side Jenny seemed to be getting nastier and more extreme. She’d turned Will, my Will, from a strong man into a snivelling bitch, forcing him to wear a chastity device and even making him seek permission to piss. She’d also suggested a couple of things that were a bit too out there for me. One was definitely illegal. She hadn’t given voice to any issues she had with me, but in the last six months or so had become colder, more severe. She was too quick to snap these days. It was depressing that my beautiful, fit slut of a girlfriend seemed to be drifting away from me. I remember the day at the pool when she first hooked me. In some ways it didn’t seem over eighteen months ago and in others it seemed like a lifetime. Back then I hadn’t ever thought about guys sexually for instance. Now I couldn’t get enough cock.
She was glaring at me. I noticed this after several minutes when I was able to tear my gaze from her snatch. She looked annoyed, so my complaint didn’t help the situation.
“We were supposed to share that cum.”
Ignoring me she snapped at me; “Who gave you permission to drink Steve’s piss?”
“Permission?” Nonplussed, I glared at her, anger setting in. “I don’t need your fucking permission!”
She tried controlling me before but I only went so far with the submission. I didn’t get off on being a permanent slave. Trey and Cody had both told me that was the reason she’d switched to Will. I’d even heard a rumour that she’d threatened to deny him access to me. Once he’d submitted once, she had him.
“And what if I wanted his piss?” A petulant reply and she knew it.
“This is ridiculous.” I said and stood. “I’m not arguing about who wanted Steve’s piss.” I left the room and went to find my clothes in the bedroom. I’d managed to pull my boxers into place and had one leg in my jeans when she was up against my back, her hot body pressing against me, her breasts squeezed into my back. As it always did, my resolve wavered under the onslaught of her sex.
“Maybe I had a little piss surprise for us both after.” She whispered while pinching my nipples. My cock began to firm up. “Maybe I just got a little jealous.”
That was a lie. Jenny didn’t get jealous. There were eight of us in the sex group and we all had sex with each other as often as possible. Sometimes in twos or threes, and sometimes in big groups. I knew Jenny, Trey and Ant often had a threesome and after the first few times, I stopped minding. Despite the lie, I was submitting. She rubbed at my cock.
“Do you need a piss baby?” Her voice had slipped from anger to goading little girl. It was working even though I knew I shouldn’t let it. I nodded. “Want to fill your little slut with pee baby?”
Shit. Of course I did. She knew I did. She could feel my desire via my stiffening cock. She pulled the boxers down and hooked the waistband under my balls. Now free of constraint, I came to full hardness. She stroked me, just a gentle motion with a feather touch.
“My ass baby. My ass is begging for you to fill it.” Without waiting for an answer she got on the floor, crawled over to the bed, climbed up on it and pressed her face into the duvet. Her ass was high in the air wiggling at me. Her pink puckered hole pulsated at me. I caved in, hating myself as I did so. I bent over and pushed my tongue against her hole. It relaxed immediately and I found her ready, some cum and lube dribbled out giving me no reason not to insert myself. I stood. She wiggled her ass again.
“Piss in me baby. Piss in your little slut’s ass.”
Would you refuse that? I wouldn’t, and didn’t. I guided my cock to her hole, paused for effect, then pushed it all the way in. She squirmed under me and squealed. I knew it was for my benefit, not because it hurt. The usual tightness was gone of course after the slamming we’d both received and it reminded me of the throbbing in my own ass. It was something I had become used to over the last year and a half. But she remained tight enough to hug my cock and the thought of penetrating ass was still a massive turn on for me, even as a bottom. Shifting my feet I got comfortable and released my bladder.
“Ohhhhhh.” She moaned into the covers. Pissing inside someone hold its own special arousal. It’s quite difficult to describe. Receiving it is another level again and I knew first hand the sensations she would be feeling. A warming and filling of the lower belly. As it grew inside her it would push on her internals which at first is fantastic but if you go too far it’s painful. A bladder is usually just the right amount. She might even feel it seeping through her guts, warm liquid working its way backwards through her system. It was at once warming and erotic and dirty, like being hugged by an aroused elderly porn star. I squeezed the final drops using clenching of my pelvic muscles. Then I started a slow thrust. I was horny now and wanted to ejaculate but she stopped me with a hand reaching behind her and pushing against my belly.
“No baby. Pull out.” Disappointed I pulled back slow, giving her time to clench her sphincter and avoid spraying it across the carpet.
“Now drink baby. Drink and I’ll suck you dry.” I should have guessed that was coming, but in my horny state I did as I was told. I dropped to my knees and pressed my tongue up against her hole. She released and my piss came flooding out her ass, almost at the same speed it went in. For the second time that afternoon I drank piss at speed, barely having the time to breathe between gulps. She reached behind her and gripped a handful of hair behind my head.
“OH YES! Baby yes. My little bitch!”
The steam ended. I hadn’t realised quite how much I’d released. I licked her hole clean as the odd drop squeezed out. After another minute or so I sat back on the floor. An expectant look on my face and a massive erection pointing at the ceiling.
“Wank for me baby.” She demanded.
“You said you’d suck me off.” Annoyance flooded me. She was going to do it again wasn’t she?
“Changed my mind baby. You like it when I watch don’t you? Come on slut.”
“Fuck you!” I shouted and stood up. She giggled. She had done it again. She’d manipulated me into doing what she wanted. She always got her way. She watched me get dressed, giggling again when I stumbled trying to get a leg into my jeans. I was angry enough to grab my t-shirt and storm from the flat before putting it on. She didn’t come after me and that just made it worse.
* * *
The argument with jenny had left me in a foul mood and I stomped along the street in the vague direction of Jason’s place. I knew I couldn’t turn up like this, it wouldn’t be fair, and so I took turn after turn in a circuitous route. I passed by the coffee shop in which I worked. It was quiet.
I saw Mattie resting her ass on the counter and tapping into her phone. She was a hot Goth. Long black and purple hair hung to her shoulder blades and across half her face, which was white as a ghost and oh so pretty. Her nose ring, tongue stud and four piercings per ear seemed only to enhance her looks, rather than ruin her as some of the older clientele took pleasure in reminded her of. While she wasn’t skinny, she was by no means fat and had a wiggle when she walked that made me cream myself more than once, with some help from Mrs. Palm obviously. I’d tried for close to three years to get some of her but no dice. Best I ever managed was a drinking session shortly before I met Jenny. Not even a kiss. I smiled at my many attempts.
After several kilometres I’d worked up a sweat and the exercise and memories of Mattie failures had calmed me enough to approach Jason’s place. By the time I knocked on his door my anger had been replaced by the now familiar feeling of anxiety. It wasn’t an improvement. He was my best friend, and I fancied him. Well lusted after him anyway. It had become quite awkward for me and I dealt with it in the worst way; by avoiding him. I should have known he’d take it bad but of course I just panicked. He’d reacted oddly nearly two years ago when I first told him about trying a threesome with Jenny and another guy, one moment encouraging and the next angry. Then he’d kissed me. It seemed to me it all started with that. Since then Cody had convinced me to stop being a twat and get back together with my friend. I could never tell him about my lifestyle though. He’d asked several times if I’d had any more threesomes and I said only with other girls. That was true, but I missed out the tri weekly fucking I received from any number of six guys.
He broke into a broad smile on answering the door and seeing me. For my part I forced myself not to look down at his package.
“Hey Tom!” He stood aside and I entered. He was already dressed to go out; tight black jeans that accentuated his muscular thighs and a loose shirt open to nipple level. I allowed myself to eye him up as I passed. “You’re not ready?”
“No.” I said and leaned back against the wall. “Jenny and I fought again. I just stormed out.”
“Ah.” He pushed the door shut and looked me over. “Yeh, you look a bit rough.”
“Oh thanks!” I slapped his shoulder. If only he knew.
“Okay, fuck going out. Let’s get you pissed.”
I was about to protest, offer to go back and get changed, but he’d grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the lounge before I spoke. I kicked my trainers off and they landed just inside the door. Jason made no attempt to move them. He disappeared for a few minutes then came back with two cans of Estrella and two small shot glasses.
“Oh god Jase, what is it?” I groaned.
He grinned. “Gold tequila.” Handing me a beer he put his on the carpet next to the sofa and flung his shot back, swallowing in the same movement. I stuck my tongue out at him and did the same. It set the tone of the evening.
Jason put on GTA and we wiled away the time blowing up cars, running down pedestrians and dancing at Gay Tony’s place. Four beers and two shots down, in the middle of a race down the straight alongside middle park, I glanced at my friend and noticed he’d taken his socks off and undone a couple more buttons on his shirt. I got a sideways glance at his neatly haired chest. At some point he’d found a way to tan, and it was a pleasing match to his fine dark hair. He wasn’t muscular but he was fit due to running, and his flat chest compressed as he sat forward. It made his nipples point and my cock twitched. I crashed the car I was driving into a bus and spun my head back to the TV before he noticed.
“HA! Twat!” he shouted and pushed me over. “I win. Go get the beer.”
I stomped into the kitchen chastising myself for the sexual distraction. I needed to be very careful. Honestly, perving over my own friend! I knew he’d want a shot but couldn’t find any more shot glasses, so I took the whole bottle back to the lounge. Jason was laying back on the sofa, arms behind his head, shirt open, and legs wide apart. His tight jeans pointed out his large package. I nearly dropped the drink.
“Here bitch. Pour the shots.” He took the proffered bottle. We drank. We switched to GTA 5 and took it in turns to find interesting ways of committing suicide with Trevor. I won by sneaking into the army base while on the Elk mission, then blowing up a plane.
The rest of the night continued in this vein, interspersed with some private chat that I found more and more difficult to control. At one point I had to feign sickness so I could get out the room. He was asking again if I’d had another threesome, and why, if I’d enjoyed the last one, I hadn’t indulged. I nearly said I would with him. ARRRGH!
The night passed without major mishap however, and I enjoyed most of it. Spending time with Jason was always fun. When we parted around one in the morning, Jason going to his room and I remained in the lounge. A duvet and pillow had been stuffed behind his sofa and I stripped to my boxers, fell on the sofa, and pulled it all around me. I’d forgotten to close the door, at my feet, and a crap attempt to reach it with my toes failed so I left it open. That was a mistake. Just as I was drifting off Jason passed the opening to go to the bathroom. He wore a pair of tiny pale blue ‘boy shorts’ that were definitely not for boys. My erection was instant and I groaned. I had to listen to him pissing, the stream splashing loudly into the bowl, and imagined for an instant it was my face. The worst thing was I could hardly masturbate here. I pretended to be asleep when he passed back but couldn’t help opening my eyes to see. He was a big boy. Shit.
* * *
I was on my knees in the dark room. It was humid and stuffy and a manly sweat permeated every part of my being. I was dizzy and the room swam. Shadows moved around me, silent as the desert. At either shoulder a powerful leg, soft with fur, tickled my skin. I leaned left and my lips found the firm muscle of a thigh, hairy yet soft. I kissed it and my heart raced. The hair stroked my face and I shook my head from side to side with my eyes closed, enjoying the sensation on my nose and cheeks and the scent of the leg. I was so aroused I trembled. I reached forward and my hands found the calves and more soft fur. I ran my hands so gently up and down those legs, along the curve of the calf, up under the knee and back down again. I came close to whimpering. The he shifted forward. The thighs rubbed against my shoulders then the knee dropped. I knew what was coming and I was so excited. This time I did whimper like a begging puppy. The scent of the man grew stronger and all I wanted to do was melt into his groin. I leaned forward and my lips found his balls, heavy and hairless. I kissed them, a single soft touching of skin. Once, twice. Then my tongue darted out and flicked against the hot, moist flesh. I tasted the day on him, his balls trapped in underwear for the whole hot day, constrained, hidden. Now he was letting himself free and had chosen me to enjoy them. I took a deep breath and swam in his odour, manly, pungent, arousing. I wanted to do what he wanted, everything he wanted. I needed to please him and in return, he would reward me. I reached up and with one hand felt the huge hard pole pointing at the ceiling. It was warm and to touch it felt like stroking silk over leather. It was perfect. I’d waited my whole life for this moment and here it was! I rose up on my knees, leaned forward and…
…I fell. I was dropping like a stone through the black nothingness. I wanted to scream but my throat constricted. I snorted through my nose, once, twice…
* * *
I woke up with a start and a snort. I was on the floor in Jason’s lounge under the duvet and several sofa cushions. My heart was still racing and I took several deep breaths to try and calm down. It had seemed so real! The dream was so fresh, as though I had actually lived it. I was sure I could smell cum.
“You okay?” Jason stood in the doorway rubbing his eyes. My heart raced again and I stared at him. The street light poured through the thin curtains and illuminated him in yellow light. His runners’ legs were on full show, muscular and long. They led up to his groin and for the first time in my life I saw the outline of his cock and balls. My mouth watered at the confirmation of his size.
“Hey Tom. You awake?” He stepped forward and tried to peer through the shadows of the duvet at my eyes. Snap out of it Tom!
“Huh? Oh, yes.” I faked a yawn. “Oh. I fell off the sofa.” I mumbled.
“You tosser.” He laughed, turned and went back to bed. I watched his ass in the tiny underwear until he disappeared from view. I put the sofa back together and climbed back under the duvet. It took me ages to calm down and fall asleep. I didn’t dream again of the unknown man and his perfect dick.
* * *
The walk home in the morning gave me time to ruminate on what had happened. I’d stared at Jason’s body and nearly been caught, twice. The more I looked at him the more I wanted him, and I simply didn’t understand why. I know this sounds like I fancy, and get, everyone I see but it’s simply not true. After all you wouldn’t want to hear about the body builder who turned me down in the club, or the girls Jenny and I have tried to get into bed would you? Of course not. And I know you don’t really want to hear about me fancying my own best friend. But I can’t help this one I’m afraid. The more time I spend with him, the more infatuated I become. I was giving serious consideration to pulling out of the gig we were supposed to be going to next week.
Back at home I entered to sounds of panting and slapping. It was so loud I assumed it was Jenny being fucked but once I reached the top of the stairs and could see into the lounge, I saw it was a movie. I paused at the door, dumbfounded. I can’t legally describe what she was watching. All I will say is it involved just one guy. Jenny looked up at me.
“Fucking hot eh?”
I looked down at her. “No!”
“It is Tommy. And you’ll find out how hot it is when you take it.”
“That is NOT happening!” She’d already made me angry. She was pushing it again, either to get a rise or warn me what was coming. This was the last straw. I would NOT be partaking in THAT.
“Hmpf. Will has. You will.” Her distain dripped from every word.
I got pushed to one side and Will barged past me. He was naked except for the clear plastic chastity device (I swore his dick had shrunk), a pink collar with slave printed in silver letters, and pink ankle socks with a big red heart on each ankle. Someone had shaved his hair into a heart on top with the point aiming to his neck, with grade one at the back and sides. He looked ridiculous. He handed Jenny the drink he had carried in.
“For you. I love you mistress.” She didn’t reply and he didn’t wait for one. He got to his knees, crawled over to where her feet touched the floor, and turned into a foot stall. I knew now that was what she had intended for me. When she didn’t get it she started to turn nasty.
I shook my head at her. She responded by standing and kicking Will in the stomach before returning to her seat.
“Than…” he heaved a breath. “Thank you mistress. I love you mistress.” Jenny grinned at me then returned to watching the degradation on the TV. I had to leave.
* * *
The following week was both slow and a pleasant distraction from my evil girlfriend. I stayed at Cody’s place which gave me sex every night and my own time during the day while he was at the pool. Sex every night except Thursday. For some reason he was out late, came home to shower then went straight to bed. I cuddled up to him but he wouldn’t tell me anything. I dismissed it as work.
Having the run of someone else’s place was fun and I must admit to a bit of snooping. I didn’t find much. A drawer full of condoms and lube, some porn mags, the usual junk. I also had a sniff or two of his underwear, he had a lot of tight red boxer shorts. It made me hornier for when he came home. I didn’t tell him.
Three days were taken up by my part time job at the coffee shop. Mattie was there for one day and I tried again to get her out for a drink. No dice, but equally she didn’t ever tell me to stop. Bloody tease. The other two shifts were spent in the company of a hairy hipster called Ben, (aren’t they all?). He wore his shirt with the top button done up and Doc Martens boots. He was nice enough but I wanted to punch him. He was however superior with the customers than I, and I found myself studying his skills.
Jenny phoned me twice. Once to apologise for the video and her nastiness towards me, and another to ask when I was going home. She said she reckoned she could get a nice surprise sorted. A great one in fact, and definitely not related to what I saw. On Friday I got a text:
> Please come home baby. I’m sorry. I miss u. Got an AMAZING surprise for you.
She attached a picture of a pussy. It was pretty; izmit otele gelen escort smooth lips topped with neatly trimmed but fluffy pubic hair. It wasn’t hers. I replied that I’d think about it.
> Sorry again baby. I mean it. I’m not myself. Just share this with me and I’ll explain.
I promised to return no earlier than Sunday. Despite myself that pussy looked sweet and the thought of two girls after taking so much cock got my head, heart and cock very active. Cody got to be the bottom for the first time in ages that night, although I swallowed both of us.
Saturday was the gig with Jason and once more I was nervous. And as it turned out I was right to have been.
* * *
Ear splitting screeching competed with the screaming guitar to destroy my hearing. As if to ensure the abuse was complete, a thumping baseline pummelled my organs. Even my testicles bounced. The whole came together in such a way as to be the opposite of well-constructed music. It was, at best, a cacophony of musical themed melodies played in asynchronous time. I loved it.
Jason appeared through the crowd with two pints, wriggling and ducking in order to avoid wasting any on the already saturated carpet. His adventure to acquire the lager had taken the best part of three ‘songs’. He was sweating and looked a little vexed.
“Fucking bar staff are shit.” He moaned handing me the drink. I nodded but it needed no reply. The Sailors Arms was notorious for cruddy service but it was the only place in town that held regular gigs for no entry fee. Thus it was packed. I pitied the bar staff. We downed a few mouthfuls.
“Best go easy, or I’ll go to the bar now.” I shouted over a riff that seemed to have broken a speaker. It vibrated with every high note. He grinned at me and made a ‘magic hand’ wave, then pulled two bottles of beer from his back pockets. Flashing thumbs up I took one, and we swayed to what was laughably being called, the rhythm.
Four pints down, two each in hand, and hours to go until the place threw us out. I knew it was going to be another boozy one. To my delight Jason hadn’t once asked about threesomes or Jenny at all, not during our pre going out drinks, nor the walk over. We chatted like old times; chewing the cud, discussing nothing and everything. It continued in the pub, though in truth one couldn’t hear very much anyway. That happy status quo was about to be shattered.
The group, I refuse to dignify them with the term band, yelled out that they’d be back after a drink. The cheers died down to a loud background chatter and Jason moved closer. Our hips touched. Nothing out of the ordinary for you, electric shocks of anticipation and worry for me. We clinked glasses. He looked about to say something more serious than commenting on the band when a yell distracted him.
“Oh shit.” He muttered in my ear. “Oh hey!!” He yelled back and waved. A balding blond male in his early thirties minced through the crowd hold a red drink. Like Jason, his jeans were extremely tight. Unlike Jason it showed his flabby bits. Jason whispered in my ear; “Go with me on this and don’t engage.”
“Great to see you aight Jaz, mnn.” He said leaning over our only real protection, a half-height wall separating two areas where tables usually sit. “Only been saying like, twenty times or something mnn.”
I disliked him on site, and then hated him on hearing. He affected a terrible upper class accent, ‘out’ sounded like ‘eight’, and appeared to have an annoying habit of finishing his sentences with a nasal groan. He looked like a queer, not a good one, and kept his nose in the air forcing him to arch his neck back and look down. He probably thought it made him look superior. I thought it looked like he couldn’t stand his own smell.
“Yeh I know,” replied Jason moving closer to me. My entire right side was now pressed up against his left. “You know how it goes. What brings you here?”
“Oh mnn, you mentioned it sometime aime sure mnn.” He looked around which entailed turning his whole body. I lowered my head and tried not to be seen laughing. My eyes started to water with the effort. “Would you lake a drink mnn?”
“Oh, I forgot, how rude of me,” Jason ignored the question and put his arm around my waist, pulling me closer. His hand rested on my hip. I stopped laughing and froze. My cock became as hard as it could beneath the restrictions of my jeans. “This is my best friend Tom.”
I couldn’t raise my head to smile a hello. Jason’s arm was an erotic lightening rod, directing arousal straight into my groin. My heart skipped and raced, a familiar feeling these days, and I began to tremble. I hoped he couldn’t feel it. The whirlwind of emotions and fantasy images assaulting me overtook all senses. I wanted to leap into his arms and lick the sweat of his entire body.
“Tom, this is Atticus.” When I didn’t look up right away Jason squeezed me. This broke my frozen state but caused my dick to twitch. I glanced up at the idiot and decided the name matched the man. I raised my pint.
“Mnn.” He glared at me for a few seconds before returning his attention to Jason. “So then Jaz,” the way he pronounced even that short name grated on me. “Shall we share a drink mnn?”
Jason remained in position cuddling me with one arm. I didn’t want him to leave. His touch reminded me of the time, nearly two years ago, when he kissed me. Just a peck on the lips to prove a point. It didn’t mean then what it would mean today. I was in danger of doing something stupid.
“No thanks Atticus. Just here with my mate. Next time.” He raised his pint to Atticus and took a long drag. I did the same, hoping to dull my senses and get my nerves under control.
“Mnn. What’hever mnn.” He spun on the spot and slammed his red drink into a large pair of breasts. The boyfriend reared up in an instant, flaring his arms and starting up the whole cockerel business. The owner of the breasts, a tall tanned girl with long dark hair and generous hips, displayed her skill and experience in dealing with her cockerel by taking the drink from Atticus, thanking him for the free beverage, and continuing on her way. A better display of situation control I haven’t seen. The boyfriend followed with a final angry glance at Atticus but no punches. The crowed swallowed him up with some speed, which I’m sure spared his blushes. It was a funny if brief distraction. I was brought crashing back to the moment by Jason resting his cheek on my shoulder. His lips were next to my ear.
My heart stopped.
“I hate that guy.” He whispered. Despite myself, and lust burning throughout my body, I giggled.
“Where did you find him? Queeristan?” Jason laughed but remained in place on my shoulder, his arm cuddling my waist.
“Don’t insult the queers. Or anyone from somewhereistan.” We both laughed and he finally lifted his head. My shoulder felt cold and alone. “That fucknut is in my English class at uni. I think he fancies me and it scares me.”
“Yeh, would me.” I agreed. We remained silent listening to the hubbub. Our only movements an occasional sip of beer. I never wanted him to move his arm, unless it was to add the other. Shit, fuck, bollocks, wank, cock! I had to move and break the spell. I needed to calm down, but before I did anything, Jason himself pulled away. Now I felt cold and lifeless. The excitement, the intense unrequited lust that boiled within simply drained away, as though a plug had been pulled. There was a lump in my throat.
“I’ll get more beer.” He muttered.
“Huh? Where’s your bottle?”
“I put it down and some nob head nicked it.” He patted me on the back. “I’ll get another.” Was it me or did he let his hand drag across my back as he left? It was me imagining it right? Crap.
The Band returned before Jason did and recommenced the assault on their instruments. Within a song Jason was back with beers and bottles, but no arm. I made a couple of dumb attempts to touch him back but they seemed more like people pushing into me and he ignored it. A few more beers were sunk and I was now at full steam. The room was blurry and moving more than just the people dancing. Jason didn’t seem to me as drunk and I could have sworn he’d lost two more bottles.
“Fuck Jash, I gotta go. I’m fucken pished.”
“Yeh, me too. Come on.”
Jason led the way, clearing a path between sweaty bodies. Along the sides of the room couple were fondling each other and showing the world what their tongues could do. One chunky girl had her mini skirt riding so high over tiny strings acting as underwear that the pub was her gynaecologist. In another life I would have gone over to try and cop a feel.
I staggered after my best friend and once outside the fresh air slammed me in the face. Then my memory went and I was at Jason’s house, in my boxers, being lowered onto the sofa.
“That’s it Tom, down you go.” He let go of me and I saw blackness. Moments later he was above me again, a fit runner wearing nothing but his tiny yellow and blue underwear. He kneeled by my side and pulled the duvet over me. Then heaven sent me a message. He leaned down and kissed my forehead. Without hesitation I reached up, wrapped my arms around his neck and planted my lips on his.
Now I was very, very pissed, and my memory is like everyone’s in that state. Namely, shit. I remember only two things; He didn’t pull away for a while, I’m really certain of that, and I called him Jen. This second one is important because it is the only thing that saved me.
* * *
“You must really love Jen.” Said Jason.
“Why?” I mumbled from under the weight of a pillow and a five ton hangover.
“You grabbed me thinking I was her. Told me I was hot then kissed me.” Shit, cock and balls. I had hadn’t I? How was I going to get out of this?
“Fuck, sorry.”
“Nah, it’s okay.”
We fell silent. We were sat in his front room, the curtains drawn to avoid unnecessary eye pain. I say sitting. He was lounging in the easy chair wearing a sleeveless basketball shirt and baggy yet short shorts. The shirt had been pulled to one side showing his left nipple. For this reason I remained under the duvet; I couldn’t let him see I was hard.
“Um, why is it okay?” I ventured after some pause. “I’m not sure it would be if it were me.”
He shrugged. “You thought I was Jenny.”
After a few more minutes he left to make tea and I took the opportunity to run to the bathroom unseen, where I masturbated in the hope of losing my erection. I lasted mere minutes showing the state of arousal I was in. I even managed to return to the sofa before he came back with the drinks. He left the steaming tea on the carpet by the sofa and returned to the chair. The shirt had righted itself and now I could see only the sides and top of his chest. A good deal of thigh remained visible however.
I decided to break the silence. “So, Atticus?”
“Oh don’t.” Jason snorted. “That moron attached himself on his first day and won’t leave me alone.”
“Is he real?”
“HA! Not sure. I’ve seen him speak normally, at least without pretending he’s posh, but not to me. Only on the phone to one particular caller.”
“He’s weird.”
“Yep. Very. Sorry I had to hug you, thanks for letting that happen by the way.”
“Oh er, no problem.” Words can’t describe the deflation I felt at that statement. “Will you er, need to do it again if we see him?”
Jason looked me in the eye when he replied. “If you don’t mind, yes.”
“Fine.” I dismissed the word with a wave of my hand before picking up my tea, but it hid a burning desire for the weirdo to come out again.
“Where are you staying then?” The question came out of left field and threw me for a few seconds. Jason saw my confusion and clarified. “You said last night that you weren’t staying with Jenny at the moment.”
“Oh.” Had I? “Um, just with a friend. Oddly enough a friend I met through her.”
“Ah. You could have stayed here you know.” I thought he sounded a little hurt.
“Well it was so last minute you know?”
Jason nodded but gave no reply. I really could not have stayed here. It was a certainty that I would have done something stupid.
The rest of the morning passed with muted conversation about the previous evening, interspersed with periods of silence in which we were both able to fully appreciate the quantity of alcohol imbibed. There were a couple of times I even thought he might be putting it on, or at least exaggerating. It was a feeling I couldn’t shake when the time came to leave and it stuck with me all the way to Cody’s.
* * *
Cody wasn’t in which I thought was odd for a Saturday. I gathered my things and tidied up a little. Before I left I wrote a cute thank you note and left it on his pillow. I included an IOU; five blow jobs.
It was with some trepidation I returned to Jenny’s place, a day earlier than I’d said I would. I don’t know why I caved in. Perhaps some part of me wanted to catch her doing something, but then there was very little we hadn’t done together anyway, and I was fully aware of the sex she had with the other guys. We both did.
The place was silent when I entered and a quick tour proved it was empty. The kitchen contained several days’ worth of used crockery and cutlery and a few pairs of panties were left strewn on the bedroom floor. I also found boxer shorts. I guessed they were Trey’s. I whiled away the afternoon by having a shower and watching a Bond film. Daniel Craig is brilliant but there was something extra special about Brosnan. It wasn’t a sexual thing before you ask.
Darkness was encroaching on the world when Jenny got home. I switched off the news and waited for her to enter. She stomped up the stairs. I heard her throw her stuff on the bedroom floor and then further rustling. A few minutes later she entered the darkened lounge. I could make out her figure against the reflected light from the wall opposite. She wore nothing but someone’s boxer shorts, possibly mine, possibly not. I didn’t care, her tits were perfect, as always.
“Hey.” I said from the gloom. She screamed and jumped back. I reached up and flicked on the light.
“Holy fuck!” She panted. “Tommy! You scared the shit out of me!”
“Didn’t mean to.”
“You’re early?”
Taking a few seconds to size up my mood she decided I wasn’t in a bad one and pushed her boxers down. Red ones, probably not mine I decided. Taking a step towards me she left them behind on the floor and straddled my lap. I could smell her pussy. She was getting horny already. I knew she’d be wet. This was why she was such a nympho.
“I’m glad.” She whispered and kissed me. I didn’t respond. “Okay look, I’m sorry right?”
“That’s it?”
“What more do you want? I pushed it too far and I’m sorry.” I glared at her in silence. For the first ever she took the hint. Huffing, she climbed back off me and pulled her underwear back on. More than this, she disappeared into the beroom and came back wearing flannel shorts and a tiny t-shirt. It wasn’t much better than her being naked if I was honest, but it was a first.
“Stop staring at me.” She complained. I had to stifle a grin; she had stuck her bottom lip out like a petulant teenager. I’d never seen that either. Could it be my walking out had got a message through to her? Would she learn something from this? “I said I was sorry.”
“But you’re not are you?” I replied. “You’re sorry you didn’t get your own way, but not for what you’re doing to me.”
She narrowed her eyes at me. “What AM I doing to you?”
“You know full well. You wanted to turn me into a slave like Will, how did you do that by the way? And when I refused, you started getting nasty.”
“You don’t know the life you have denied yourself Tommy. I would have made you the ultimate slut, far superior to me. Instead you just want to be normal boring Tommy.”
“Normal?!” She was doing it again, she was getting my back up. It’s like she had the remote control to my temper. “He wears a fucking chastity cage! What sort of life is that?”
“That’s for Will, not you. You would never have had that. Will is… weak. He submitted within a month.”
“No way he did.” I was on the edge of the sofa, knees trembling with the effort not to get up and smack her. “Will was strong. He was my alpha. You yourself introduced us and made me give myself to him. Will was strong.”
“Always the strongest on the outside.” She didn’t elaborate and I could see I wasn’t going to get anywhere with that subject.
I moved on. “And boring? How am I boring? You couldn’t make me more of a slut in all the world. Six guys regularly fuck me, you do, we do all sorts of rotten shit, and we’ve had countless threesomes with girls. What more do you want?”
“Oh Tommy. So much more. But you’ve rejected that enjoyment so I’m not going to go into it. Anyway, you still have your surprise.”
“Oh yeh, the pussy pic. Well, we’ve had a threesome before so it’ll probably be boring right?” I knew it came out as a childish dig but it needed to be said.
“Not this one oh boyfriend of mine.” She put extra emphasis on mine. I ignored it. She stood and slinked over to me. I rose before she reached me, and she stepped right up close. “This one is going to be a lot of fun.” She grabbed my wrist and thrust my hand into her shorts. Despite my anger my dick took over, as she knew it would. I extended my fingers and pushed two into her wet, welcoming warmth.
* * *
Having waited on my knees for nearly an hour listening to the giggling and moaning from the next room I was worried that this was some form of torture Jenny was indulging in. The two girls were bouncing around on the bed, a fact I knew from the familiar squeaky springs, and Jenny seemed to be giving her a good seeing to. I stared at the magnolia wall, picturing their firm flesh pressed against each other, moist labia brushing on soft skin and probing tongue. My erection remained for the full hour and I was now desperate for release.
The fight was already a distant memory. She’d spent the intervening two weeks sucking up to, and on me quite a lot, and regained some of her attraction to me. We’d had sex with each other and no one else, something we hadn’t done for a good few months. Once or twice she’d disappeared for a while and had been cryptic about it, but I was assured this was down to my surprise. Kneeling on the hall floor I was now waiting for that surprise and concerned that perhaps she’d slipped into her old was and was punishing me. When I heard the lounge door open and Jenny come padding in my relief was palpable. I smelled her sex as she came closer.
“Come now boy, your soft bitches await.” The humour in her voice was evident and as she bent down to help me stand I could hear she was still panting. Before being led into the bedroom she had one last surprise; I was blindfolded. These were not the silly little eye covers you might be thinking that are made of nylon and allow one to see from the sides and slip off easily. No, we had acquired serious things. Think large, black swimming goggles that weren’t quite as tight to wear, fastened with three leather straps around the top, middle and lower parts of the head. They don’t come off by accident.
Wrists bound and blind I was pushed first into the bedroom and over to the side of the bed. My knees brushed the duvet. I could sense the girl on the bed and was excited not just by anticipation of fun with her, but by the fact I still had no idea who she was. A genuine stranger. She emitted a soft ‘coo’ which I assumed was due to my nakedness.
Jenny whispered in my ear; “Do exactly as I tell you, when I tell you, without hesitation. Understand slut?”
“Yes.” She slapped my ass.
“Yes what?”
“Yes mistress.” My cock bounced and I heard a moan from the bed, a soft melodic hum that brushed my ears. Jenny grabbed my cock from behind and started waving it around, lifting it up and pulling on my foreskin. Then with the other hand she gripped my scrotum and pulled it down hard, the stretching only arousing me further.
“Like this baby?” She asked.
Both the girl and I answered in unison. She giggled. That voice. It was pretty. It seemed familiar. Then I was told to get on my knees. Jenny helped me lest I fall on the girl.
“Start at her knees and take it slow little slut.”
By her command I leaned to my left and found the girls knee. I had to lean far as her legs were wide apart and groaned to myself. I kissed once, twice, feeling the soft smooth skin under my lips. I could tell she wasn’t a skinny girl but it didn’t matter. To my surprise it made me more excited, I’d never had a chunky girl before. I kissed halfway up her inner thigh, taking my time to appreciate that a layer of fat under skin actually made it softer to kiss. I tasted her, a flick of my tongue across her silky thighs. Musky tang mixed with a surprising sweet infusion. I knew I was tasting them both, and the sweetness was from her. I couldn’t wait to lick her pussy now and sped up, kissing faster up her other thigh, but Jenny slapped me around my head and I was forced to slow down. Her right thigh was wetter and had an extra taste of salt. It may have been sweat. I grinned.
Back and forth I worked my way up her legs until I came to heaven. I could smell her now. It was a strong smell and infused itself into me, I was drawn to it in a way I’d never felt with previous girls, and for the first time I felt I understood what pheromones were. It seemed to catch the inside of my nose and drag me forwards, fogging my brain until all I wanted was to delve into its source. I assumed this was because of the blindfold but had never experienced it with Jenny. My heart beat faster as I moved forward millimetre by millimetre, teasing both of us. Then contact. Slick wet flesh touched my probing tongue and I fell in love. Never had I tasted any girl that created such a rush. Like your first drug high you’re hooked in a way that defies explanation. She was sweet! Not sweet like sugar, but sweet in a way that captures your soul. I ran the flat of my tongue hard from base to clitoris and felt her shudder under me. Again and again I lapped at her like a dog, never wanting to be away from her delicious wetness, the musky sweet tang enveloping me. How was I so attracted to this girl without ever seeing her? She could be ugly. I didn’t care, I do everything she wanted.
The moaning from above increased in volume and frequency as I ate her. Switching between lapping and probing with my tongue, to drawing her labia into my mouth and, forming an ‘O’ to suck her clit. The soft mound of fur tickling my nose was wonderful instead of the usual wiry annoyance. I even broke away from her glorious flesh for brief periods to lick it and suck a clump into my mouth. Everything tasted like heaven. I lost track of time between those chubby thighs but I was down there long enough make her orgasm. She jerked against my face rubbing herself hard against me, covering me with her wetness and whimpering like a puppy. With one final spasm she cried out, straightening her legs and trapping me between the pillow of her thighs. Juices slipped from her lips and I tongued them into my mouth, savouring the more intense, concentrated flavour of her.
I had no idea what Jenny had been doing for the long time I’d been in heaven. I’d forgotten she was there. Now she gripped my arms and helped me stand, my legs were shaking from the extended single position. Pins and needles raced down my right thigh, skipped my leg and flooded my foot. My wrists were uncoupled.
“Plough the bitch.” Jenny whispered into my ear. I paused waiting for her to apply a condom but nothing came. Jenny worked this out and leaned against my ear again. “She’s safe.”
I don’t know why but my heart skipped. I reached down and found her thighs with the tips of my fingers, still wide apart and slick. I held my cock and guided it forward, feeling the heat emanating from her. I rubbed the head against her wet pussy and gasped at the sensation; a strangers pussy, new and untried.
“Yes…” It was the quietest of whispers and I heard it more as a movement on the breeze. She was begging me to enter her. Again a tickle of familiarity. Did I know this girl? A friend from college? I was certain that I didn’t know any fat girls. It didn’t matter. I couldn’t stop now. I pushed my hips forward and rested my hands on the bed either side of her waist. Despite her surprising tightness I popped in with ease, her juices and my saliva providing the perfect lubrication, and with deliberate slowness pushed my full length into her. She gasped then groaned. Her hands wrapped around my waist and grabbed my ass.
“Hard.” Again the slightest of movements of the air. I needed no encouragement. Forgoing the usual slow start I pounded her, grinding myself against her with every thrust. I was right, she was a little chubby, and I found it amazing. She was soft and comfortable. Her legs wrapped around my ass and her hands now ran up my back, nails digging into my flesh. She was greedy, thrusting her own hips against my rhythm. Every slam home was accompanied by a low grunt, like I was pumping the air from her. She pulled me down on top of her and gave me a bear hug, I felt her big breasts squash under me. Her tongue found my mouth and I granted entry, tasting her in return. Locked on top of her I had to shift position to ensure depth. I pushed off the ground with my toes and succeeded in gaining an extra millimetre or two. She screamed into my mouth but didn’t pull away.
Now her breaths became erratic and I could feel the air rushing out of her nose in short puffs. She was building to orgasm. I wanted to pull back and ensure harder thrusts but be she held on tight and sucked my tongue into her mouth, biting it to let me know I wasn’t going anywhere. Moments later I had to pull back quick as she screamed, locked her thighs around my waist and bucked under me. Like a frightened animal she writhed and jerked under me, howling, her hips desperate to get the most out of my erection. I had never been so turned on by a girl coming and felt myself starting to build to ejaculation, but I was stopped. As the girls motions slowed under me, my wrists were pulled behind my back and refastened. Jenny was back. Then, with a final kiss from the girl I was dragged back into a standing position.
“Do you still want to?” Jenny asked. I didn’t know what she meant. Did I want to still fuck the girl? Yes! But I realised it wasn’t for me when I heard rustling on the bed. Then I felt her mouth closed around my head. She took me deep. I felt her throat constrict around me and she gagged, but didn’t pull away. Then she began, her warm mouth and eager tongue working their magic quickly. I felt teeth and she had a poor rhythm, but the knowledge of her inexperience only made the moment more arousing and I cried out.
“I’m gonna cum!”
I expected her to pull away but her hands gripped my ass and held me fast, her long hair flicking against my thighs and waist with the bobbing motion of her head. Seconds later with a growl and a shout I rarely emitted anymore I erupted into her mouth, firing shot after shot. She didn’t pull back or gag, instead holding me half inside her and accepting my spunk like a drink. I felt her rolling it around her mouth as though she wanted to coat every part of her in it. Only when I was soft and the last dribble had been sucked and licked from my slit did she pull back. I heard a contented sigh then a giggle.
“Yum!” She said with another laugh and a tickle set up home in my brain, but before either of us could say anything Jenny was leading me from the room and into the lounge. I was told to kneel and found my back to the radiator and wrists tied to a rope she’d prepared earlier. The door was closed on her way out. I could still smell the girl and despite having just come, I found I wanted my face between her thighs again, to taste and smell her. Maybe that’s why Jenny blindfolded me; to stop me seeking her out. I didn’t understand why I was so aroused and attracted to the girl, or how she could taste so delicious when every other girl I’d ever had was, well, not. I mean it was great eating pussy, but the difference between other girls and this one was like the difference between cheap fizzy wine and top shelf Champagne. I heard muffled voices, then silence, then some moaning. I guessed there was some lesbian action going on and for the first time in ages I felt jealous. Not because someone was having my girlfriend, but that Jenny was having the girl. The feeling hit me like a train and shocked me. What did that mean?
I lost track of how long the noises went on for but I heard Jenny cry out. So the girl was probably eating her out. After a few mounting wails, silence. Then voices and laughing. The slamming of the front door I felt through the pipework on the radiator. Moments later Jenny entered the lounge and messed around with something, I guessed the TV. A few seconds of thought and I realised she may have recorded it. That was hot. Then I was untied from the radiator, helped up, sat in a chair, and bound to it.
Jenny started the video and kneeled between my knees. She sucked on my balls while I watched myself led into the room. The camera must have been on a tripod on the other side of the bed. It showed only the girls pussy and legs coming in at the bottom of the screen and I was a little annoyed to find I still couldn’t put a face to her. She also didn’t appear quite as chunky as I’d guessed. Her legs were fine while her thighs held some padding. They were as smooth and blemish free as my lips remembered. I watched myself kissing up them, then delve between her legs. With the view, the memories, and Jenny rolling my balls around her mouth and biting my scrotum, I once again became hard. Jenny took me in her mouth and sucked. Hard.
Savouring what little taste of the girl I had left I watched myself pulled to a standing position, get whispered to by Jenny, and then fuck the girl. My head disappeared out the bottom of the shot and all I could see was my ass bobbing up and down and her legs locked around my waist. As I built to another orgasm I saw the girl writhing on the bed. It was far more animated than I remembered. Then there was Jenny, pulling me back and binding my wrists again. I felt the built up to the point of no return. My balls tightened and my legs stiffened, my ass clenched and I started grunting. On the screen the girl sat up to take my cock in her mouth. I moaned as the first ejaculation spewed into Jenny. The camera moved, a wobbly path around the side of the bed. Another shot of cum. The picture showed the girl winking to the camera and as I fired my final shots of spunk and cried out in ecstasy, I looked into the pretty face of my own sister.
* * *
“I feel so evil.” I signed into Cody’s chest and he wrapped his arm tighter around my shoulder. “I fucking fucked Chloe.”
“Yeh,” replied Cody. “Evil, and hot.”
“Fuck off Cody. I fucked my own fucking sister!”
“Sorry Tommy.” He took a breath. “That was pretty evil of Jenny. How the fuck did she manage it?”
“I don’t know. But Chloe did what she did quite freely I can tell you.”
“Uh huh.” I looked down his perfect torso and saw a lump in his shorts.
“Are you fucking getting off on this?” I raised myself up off his chest and made izmit anal yapan escort eye contact, challenging him.
“Tommy don’t beat me up man. YOU did it!” He pulled me back down and held my neck in a bear hug. I watched his lump grow. “And yes, I am.”
I struggled for a few seconds but he was too strong and I collapsed on him. “It’s not right.”
“It’s not.” He agreed. “That’s why it’s hot. That and your sister.”
“WHAT?” I struggled again, then gave up again. “You’re gay Cody.”
“I’m bi Tommy, you know that. I just haven’t found a girl I like recently, and Jenny and I don’t fuck much anymore. The fact I like you so much stops me searching for anything else.” He rolled onto his side and spun his arm around my neck. We faced each other and he pushed his erection into my groin. Despite this situation my own dick responded and began pressing against my jeans.
The worst thing about this whole situation wasn’t that I fucked Chloe. It was that I enjoyed it so much, and worse, that I wanted it again. I’d never considered sex with a family member once in my entire life yet now, having been tricked into it, I wanted more. Much more. It appealed to my taboo side; something wrong, forbidden. It meant I found Chloe hot and was attracted to her with an immediate strength I couldn’t believe. I could not understand how I felt, or how her scent was so arousing to me, and knowing it was wrong was tearing me up. Cody was the only one I could talk to, and having told him the evil deed, I couldn’t stop now.
“The thing is Cody, I want her again.” He smiled at me but said nothing in reply. “And again, and again. She smelled and tasted so amazing. I’m lusting after my own sister.”
“Not an unusual thing baby.” Cody stroked my face and kissed my forehead. “It’s more common than you think.”
“I actually did her though!”
“Still more common than you think. And you did say she did it willingly. How did you know that by the way?”
“She wasn’t blindfolded. Knew it was me the whole time. Jenny even asked her at one point if she was sure she wanted to do it.”
“Fuck that’s hot.” I couldn’t argue and settled for slapping his chest. That was a mistake as the feel of his smooth flesh beneath my fingers was arousing. Cody was associated in my mind with all the good things about sex, and just seeing him naked gave me a hard on. Touching him led to my submission. Always.
“Seriously, Chloe may still have her puppy fat, but she’s hot. She oozes sex.”
“You’ve never said anything before. Going straight on me are you?” I slapped him again, then realised what I’d said. He wasn’t mine, so couldn’t go anywhere on me.
“Ha! No. Staying as bi as ever.”
We spoke no more but once he pushed himself against me I gave myself to him. I was rolled onto my back, my jeans removed, and I was given a long, slow and very deep fuck. I lost myself for a while, as I usually do, like a drug claiming its victim in a warm heady embrace from which one never wants to emerge. Not long after it was over however I returned to my funk. Cody couldn’t help much longer, he had to go to work. His final comment was ordering me to see my sister and talk about it. And to ask if she liked him.
* * *

I arrived at Cody’s late afternoon. The sun was starting to sink in the sky casting longer shadows but the heat had yet to dissipate. It was going to be a pleasant night after several days of rain. His garden was hidden from the dying light by a vast extension on the next house, jutting out into the front garden like a concrete pier. I rang the bell and it was answered within moments; he’d been waiting and watching through the tiny downstairs toilet window. He stepped out wearing a loose sleeveless white t-shirt and faded red baggy long shorts. They fell around his package in such as way as to make me think he wore no underwear. White trainers squeaked on the metal door step as he trod on it. I thought he looked hot.
“Still not sure I want to show you this.” He said, nerves evident in his soft voice. His usual bright smile was diminished too.
“Don’t then. Fool!” I said, more to try and relax him than dissuade him. I was intrigued. He paused, shrugged and made for his car. I followed him to a clapped out Peugeot 206, clad in what looked like faded primer. Lacquer was peeling in large areas across the bonnet and roof. It started on the second attempt.
“Now I know why I’ve never been in your car.” I joked.
He harrumphed then said; “A lifeguard doesn’t make much and the flat takes it all.”
We made the rest of the journey in silence but I took every opportunity to look check him out. I never got bored of enjoying his hotness. Strong thighs pumped the pedals, hairless after his idiotic swimming championship entry. Oddly I thought they were sexy. Certainly the memories of the large number of times I’d been between them helped. He drove to the next town via the bypass, a busy and noisy four lane affair. Exiting one turn before the town proper he entered a quiet road that tunnelled through the bordering trees and shortly after turned into a hidden car park. By day it would be used by dog walkers but I realised straight away what it became at night. I remained silent however, this was Cody’s secret to reveal and I wanted him to do so in his own time.
We parked between a BMW and a Volvo, high class doggers, and traipsed along a well trodden path. Within a few hundred metres it split. One way it continued along an obvious path but the other broke through the dense hedges and low tree foliage that bordered it. Without pausing he skipped in, his trainers squelching in the wet mud and leaves. He led me further into the rabbit warren of splitting paths, all of which broke through various hedges and twisting branches, and none of which allowed me to see further than about five metres. He seemed to know where he was going, and I followed without question, my heart speeding up with every new tangent we took. Several times I thought I saw other people but the visions vanished as soon as I turned my head. Noise from the bypass drowned out any normal sounds.
After a few more minutes working through the maze, a place I didn’t think I could find my own way out of, we came to a small clearing less than five metres across. I realised now how dark it had become. The sun had set casting the world in shades of grey, and the foliage sucked even that wan light. He had turned to me and got really close up in my face. I felt the heat from his body across the still air.
“Once more Tommy, PLEASE don’t tell anyone. PLEASE?”
I put my hand on his shoulder and squeezed. “I won’t Cody, I swear.” When he stepped back I noticed his erection tenting his shorts. I’d been right earlier. He pulled his t-shirt over his head revealing his beautiful smooth chest, wadded it up and jammed it in the crook of a splitting branch. I heard a rustling in the trees behind me. Next he took from his deep shorts pocket a small brown paper bag, opened it, rolled the top down and hooked it over a nearby stub at shoulder height. I saw it contained small colourful packets. Before I had a chance to ask anything he dropped his shorts and they joined the t-shirt, screwed up into a little ball.
My own erection pushed against my tight briefs. Cody, my stunning, gorgeous Cody, stood before me naked in a woodland. Granted it was a dense woodland, but it was still public. I wanted to drop to my knees and swallow everything he had, but he pushed me gently back into the bush. Then he stepped back, turned away from me, and hooking his arms over a horizontal branch, bent low and spread his legs.
I was about to say something when the rustling behind me turned into a man. He glanced at me as he passed but turned back to Cody. He was old, nearly 60 I thought, and quite unkempt in saggy jeans and a tatty lumberjack shirt. He’d push the jeans down to his knees revealing big grey underwear, and was busy opening a packed he’d taken from Cody’s bag. It didn’t take a genius to work out what he was doing, and once the rubber was on he gripped Cody’s hips and pushed himself into his ass.
Many times in my life I’ve been shocked or even a little speechless, but this was by far the most stunned I’d ever been. I stared open mouthed, partially hidden in the thick tree growth, and watched a grotty old stranger fucking my Cody. So aghast was I that I failed to hear others push through the leaves, so I jumped when a fat trucker looking guy appeared in front of me with his hand down the front of his jeans. Then another man, early forties, greying at the temples and having had a little too much good food appeared on the far side of the sex den, tugging at his belt. Cody was groaning like a bitch, begging for more or for it to be harder. I heard him demand to be raped like the fucktoy he was!
My heart pounded and my head spun. What the fuck was going on? So much here was wrong and nasty and yet, here he was, begging for more. It was obvious it wasn’t his first time and I wondered how long this had been going on for. Cody, who was only ever a top, was bending over getting fucked. By strangers! A small part of me remembered we weren’t supposed to even give a blow job outside the circle. Everything here was wrong and rotten and nasty and…. and…. horny. I realised I had an erection. A hard one. A painful one. I glared at his smooth muscular body as it juddered under the barrage of thrusts the old man was unleashing. He probably couldn’t believe his luck and was giving it everything. Mesmerised by Cody’s perfect form being violated, I didn’t even realise I’d opened my jeans and pulled out my cock. I was masturbating and I knew this only when I found the fat trucker grinning at me. A lewd smile that told me everything he wanted in one second. His hand was busy in his crotch. I was disgusted, and because of that I was aroused to a degree I hadn’t reached in ages, even with Jenny and her boy crew. The grotty fat man wanted to fuck a pretty twink, and there I was, cock in hand offering myself.
I can’t tell you why I did what I did. I can’t even explain it to myself. But I did it. I bent down and removed my trainers, pulling my socks off with them, and threw them to the side. Then my t-shirt was pulled over my head and thrown across a nearby branch. Trucker man didn’t wait. He stepped forwards and ran his rough, oil stained hands across my smooth chest, circling my nipples with a bitten fingernail. More blood pumped into my cock and I became a little dizzy. I watched as he pushed his jeans and black underwear down to his knees, revealing fat legs and a thick clump of pubic hair. Nesting in this messy bush was his fat, and to my surprise large penis, the foreskin pulled back to reveal a glistening fat head. I dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth as he stepped against me. He held my head in both hands preventing me from escaping. I could smell his day sat on a hot plastic seat but instead of feeling sick I liked his sweat. I sucked him hard, ensuring he felt my teeth against his shaft.
He allowed me only moments before he was pulling me up by my ears. I tripped trying to step out of my jeans and boxers on one motion but he caught me. My face fell against his man boobs and I got a whiff of trucker odour, not nearly as pleasant as his balls. Pulling back I threw my jeans across another handy branch and moved over to where Cody was now taking the 40 year old, the old man having blown his load and disappeared. Cody frowned at me and all I could manage was an apologetic smile before the trucker, having applied his rubber in quick time, forced himself inside me. I cried out but pushed back, ensuring he knew to continue. Once he penetrated me with his full load his paused and wiggled himself into position, jamming his flabby thighs between mine and wrapping his chubby arms around my waist. Then he started. A full length withdrawal and a violent thrust back in. My eyes nearly popped out my head and I grunted. He set to a rhythm, his bulbous stomach slapping into my coccyx and his thighs seeming to push mine apart further. My feet found wet mud and it squelched between my toes. I looked again at Cody and saw his mind wasn’t in the same place as his head. Heavy lidded eyes gazed without focus past me and little whimpers escaped his parted lips. I looked down and watched his erection bouncing around freely as 40s guy enjoyed the young man he was surely lucky to find.
Trucker man was pounding me as though he’d never had a boy before. It might be the case. Every slam was accompanied by porcine grunts and snorts and I felt damp on my thighs from his sweaty legs. My dizziness increased and my vision swam. I found it hard to focus on anything and even Cody became a gentle blur. My eyes rolled up and eyelids drooped. I’d been here before and knew I was losing myself to the moment, but I’d never had a reaction so intense. The world faded and the sensations in my ass became brighter, subsuming all other feelings. I wanted nothing more than this point in time, to give myself up for use. I was a hole for penetration by whomever happened to want me. Of all the times I’d been fucked, this was the most real. Between lusting after my sister with such intensity and this second epiphany I realised I’d hit the ultimate expression of slut; anyone and everyone can use me and I’d beg for more. With a shudder of disgust that did nothing but spur me on I submitted to the cravings and allowed myself to sink into a world I’d only been scraping the surface of. Why had I restricted myself to just six guys? What a waste. I was a 21 year old with a pretty face and slim smooth body and I needed to be used before I got too old. I was desperate for cock. I craved penetration and I was ravenous for spunk. I glanced again at Cody and his faraway look and saw in that cute face my own rotten desires. That’s why we had become so close; we were the same. I bent lower and pushed back against trucker man. He felt my desperation and redoubled his efforts, forcing air from me with every thrust. Just moments later his rhythm became erratic and he slammed home a final time, smothering my entire back with his wobbly body as he came. I remained under him, clinging onto the branch lest I get pushed into the ground. After catching his breath with heaving gulps he pulled out with an audible sucking noise. I’d never had that before. I turned my head to the side and watched behind me at him fumbling. Then he brought the condom up and squeezed out his sticky spunk onto my cheek, slapping the rubber onto my forehead before backing away. I left it there. It told me what I was and I loved the humiliation.
I turned my head back again as the 40 year old, gripping the back of Cody’s neck with both hands roared and juddered, like he’d been electrocuted. Cody’s smile was from another world. The condom remained stuck to my face until another cock entered me with enough force to dislodge it, sending it splatting on the ground. I didn’t turn around. I didn’t want or need to see who it was. To him I was a fuck toy to be enjoyed as long as he needed to. To me he was a cock, a big one, that filled me both physically and mentally. I watched my pretty boy being entered by another old man with droopy breasts and heavy balls, and enjoyed my hole being stretched and fucked. An ecstatic toy. 40 year old remained in Cody for a surprising time after becoming still. I thought something might be wrong but when he eventually pulled out and stepped back it appeared he’d just been savouring the young ass. The rubber was discarded at Cody’s feet. Then my heart stopped.
From the shadows stepped a policeman. Full uniform minus the tit on his head. He eyed Cody and me and time seemed to stop. I’m dead. The world will know. I’ll have a criminal record for perversion. Jason, mum, dad. Sis! Then, with a grin, he unbuckled himself and rolled on protection from Cody’s bag. He didn’t use lube, preferring any that remained from Cody’s last fuck and spit. It appeared I had been the only one worrying. Whoever was nailing me hadn’t been worried and Cody hadn’t even moved. I relaxed. The motion encouraged my violator and he increased his effort causing the branch onto which I was holding to shack and rustle. He didn’t last much longer. He thrust into my with such force I lost my grip of the branch and it went scraping down my chest. I managed to steady myself on another behind it but remained unstable while he finished pumping me. His withdrawal was accompanied seconds later by the rubber hitting wet mud and his departure back through the undergrowth. I didn’t turn around. I was excited at having been taken by a total stranger, who would forever remain unknown.
No one took his place and I straightened up, testing the scratches on my chest. They weren’t bad. I remained naked while the policeman had Cody. Every so often he would look me over, then wink at me. He seemed to be saying ‘You’re next’ but I knew that wouldn’t be the case. Not tonight. That was a shame. I saw a fit mid-thirties guy with thick meat and impressive staying power. He didn’t even remove his wedding band, a faded gold in the dark shadows. He slapped Cody’s ass several times, and each time he looked directly at me. An alpha if ever I met one, and I hoped to meet him again, only from Cody’s position. I nodded at him. He came after a good twenty minutes by pulling Cody hard back into him and ramming himself forward. Cody cried out and I couldn’t tell whether it was from pain or pleasure.
“Oh sir!” He breathed as the policeman became still. Moments later he’d turned and left, still packing himself away. The full condom was deposited on Cody’s back, leaking onto his left ass cheek. The confidence was arousing. It took Cody ages to come back to the world. Like being woken from a deep sleep he first seemed not to know where he was. Then he saw me and stumbled over, ignoring the spunk dribbling down his thigh. We hugged, erections crushing together. The tight embrace of two people who had shared something special, or dangerous, and survived. He kissed my cheek, careful to avoid the one still covered in jellified sperm, and then found my mouth. Our tongues wrestled with a passion I had not experienced from him, diving into me as though some antidote were in my throat. Then he moved his lips to my ear.
“Come on Tommy, we should go.”
I nodded in the dark, a silly response. We took a few moments to find and retrieve our clothes, and in my case my socks and trainers. I followed him from the warren, my feet squelching in mud alternating between soft and sodden. I couldn’t see his but my own dick was still erect, waving around as I walked. After a few minutes I still didn’t recognise where we were even though by now we should have exited the maze. I followed him through a thick bush and found a small clearing, bordered on all sides save our entry point. I looked around and then at Cody. There was an odd look on his face. Hungry, demanding, aggressive. He placed his clothes over a thick branch and stepped toward me. Our cocks touched. He took my clothes from me and threw them into the bush. My t-shirt hung there but jeans and trainers fell into the mud.
“Cody?” He didn’t reply. Instead he pulled my forward unbalancing me, hooked his right leg around mine and pushed backwards. I went sprawling into a puddle. Wet mud covered my back and splashed from the impact fell on my face. Then he was on me. His strong grip found my arm and hip and with a mighty upward pull he spun me in place. I fell face down, the cold sodden soil covering my entire body and my dick pushed down into it. I cried out but before I could pick myself up he was behind me pulling my hips up and forcing my legs apart with his own. With a roar of aggression he rammed into me, a force that both split me open and pushed my face into the mud. As if to prove the point he put both hands on the side of my face and put his weight through them. I spluttered into the soggy grime but found I could easily breathe. I didn’t understand why he would attack, but once the shock passed and I realised I wasn’t in danger, I gave myself to him. I stopped struggling and embraced the floor, pushing my ass up into his groin and allowing myself to be owned. He fought against my hip movement and my cock was once again forced into the mud, pushing straight down without hitting firmer soil. Cody was fucking me harder than he ever had. I knew my ass would be bruised. He was grunting with every thrust.
“You stupid… fucking… idiot…. Tommy!” He panted. “Fucking… hell…”
I wanted to reply but got a mouthful of slimy grime. I spat.
“Ah fuck…. oh… fuck Tommy….ohhhh.”
I pulled my arms under me to push up be he grabbed my elbows and pulled, sending me splatting back down into the gloop.
“Stupid…cunt!” He was shouting. I got scared that the traffic noise would no longer cover us and we would attract the attention of people who didn’t want to fuck us. “Stupid… little… cunt…”
He words were punctuated by him slamming into me. He was deeper than he’d ever been, no doubt assisted by both his aggression and the two strangers opening me up.
“Stupid… little… Tommy…” He was panting heavily, sucking in lungful’s of air between staccato insults. “Beaut…iful… dumb… baby…” Two more thrusts and my head hit a small trunk that bifurcated within an inch of the ground. He gripped my hips and dragged me backwards through the slop, walking himself in reverse on his knees. Then he pulled out and pushed at my left side sending my rolling onto my back. I had no time to position myself before he climbed between my legs and shuffling forwards to force my legs apart further, re-entered me.
“Dumb… baby…” He gasped, and threw a handful of gloopy mud in my face. I scraped it from my eyes and glared at him. Any anger he’d felt was missing from his huge grin. And did I see…? I wiped my eyes again. Yes. He had tears in his eyes! Another handful of mud splatted onto my chest which he proceeded to rub across me, down my belly, up under my arms. I grabbed a lump myself and sent it flying through the air to explode right on his forehead. He burst out laughing and fell on top of me, squashing me into the ground and causing slime to fart out from my sides.
“You fucking… dummy.” His breath was coming back after slowing his aggression. “”I didn’t mean for you… to join in!”
“I couldn’t help it. It was so…”
“I know… I know. Wow Tommy. Hot…. sexy sweet little…. Tommy.”
He didn’t answer but grinned at me, a smile so big it must have hurt his face. Then it morphed into a look I was smitten with; his cum face. He was about to unload inside me and the look that I had seen countless times before returned. This time it seemed somehow greater, more intense. Perhaps I was seeing it in a new light, or lack of it. Then it happened. He convulsed, his mouth dropped open, eyes went wide and with a guttural cry emitted from deep in his throat he fired ejaculate into my guts. I felt his cock pumping and a warm feeling spread within me. Lust and filthy arousal mixed and sent a flood of uncontrollable stupidity rocketing through my body. I wrapped myself around him, hugging for all I was worth and bellowed.
“YOU’RE AMAZING CODY!” I clung to him like a life float in a stormy sea. Slimy mud meant constant grappling to maintain my grip. He remained on top of me, stroking my hair and the sides of my torso. We remained in position for what felt like ages. It may have been only minutes. My erection failed to soften under the pressure of his pubic bone.
When the heat of passion dissipated and the cold wet mud began to make us shiver he rolled off. I saw him shaking and thought for an instant he might be crying but as he sat up, covered in dark brown slime, I saw he’d burst out laughing. It broke the tension and I giggled along with him.
“Oh Tommy.” He sighed.
“Um…” I didn’t know what to say after my outburst. Idiotic considering I told him everything in the world. “I er… I’m sorry about shouting like that.”
He giggled again. ”Don’t be baby. You’re amazing too. I really like you” He slapped the mud sending splatters over us both.
“What?” You… me?” He nodded and his pretty, if mud covered face, glowed with customary humour. But now it held something else that I knew was for me.
“Ho shit.” Cody was hot, very hot. He was great to talk to and wonderful to be around and an amazing fuck. I was close to him and we discussed everything. Well almost; tonight I found out how dirty he was and instead of being put out that he hadn’t confided in me, it just made him even hotter. I loved being around him, and under him, and the excitement of the moment had caused me to get carried away and yell out. It was an ‘in the moment’ thing. As attractive as I found him however, I worried what was coming. “You… like me?”
“Nobhead. I fancied you the second I saw you.”
“What, the very first second?”
“Yeh. The very first. I was so jealous when Jenny chose Will to be your first.”
“You mean from the time you saw me at the pool?” Cody nodded, his eyes glistening. I was aghast. That was nearly two years ago and before I ever thought about guys in any way other than mates. It was the first meeting between Jenny and I. This could get awkward. On the other hand, there weren’t many others, male or female, that would be a better partner than Cody. Then Jason in tiny blue underwear swam through my mind. “Holy shit.”
Cody leaped to his feet and started gathering his clothes. “Come on. It’s getting cold and we need to shower.” He stepped into his shorts without even trying to brush away the mess. I climbed up, slipping back onto my ass once which elicited a belly laugh from Cody, and pulled on my own clothes. I had to wear my socks to prevent the inside of my trainers from getting filthy. He held my hand and led me out of the maze of skinny paths and thick bushes. The world was now dark and the car park empty. A solitary yellow light did little to illuminate anything, instead casting an eerie glow over Cody’s peeling car.
“Fuck the cloth.” He muttered and fell into the drivers seat. We both held our breath when the car failed to turn over four times in a row, and giggled relief when started on the fifth. The entire journey home I had my hand on his thigh and when not changing gears he entwined his fingers in mine. As we turned off the bypass I could hold my questions no longer.
I had to change the subject before he asked me out. I’d need to think about that. “Why the fucking Cody? When? How long?”
“Woah Tommy, slow.”
I took a breath. “I don’t know where to start. Why?”
“Why do I do it?” I nodded, he took his own breath. “It started years ago…”
“Are you going to interrupt all the time?” He glanced at me and I shook my head. “All right then. I was seeing this girl. Hot pussy in college you know? But I knew I liked guys as well. I’d made out with some in secret and even shared a hand job. Always kept it secret.” He paused while turning into the main road toward his house and waited until the wobbly little car had settled before continuing. “Problem was there was no guy distant enough for me to do anything regular with, they all lived close and were somewhere in my circle of friends. Sooooo, I knew of a cruising place and became intrigued. When I finally went I saw two guys fucking and another sucking two guys at once. I got so hard I nearly blew my load in my jeans.”
I giggled and squeezed his thigh. He continued; “Then an old guy came up to me and rubbed my groin. I was disgusted and so fucking horny all at once. I legged it. I literally ran all the way home, pretending to my housemates I’d gone for an actual run. Spent all night thinking about it and wanking. Went back twice more before I did anything, each with a similar result. Then I made a mistake that leads me here. I had a few beers before going, Dutch courage and all that. A reasonably good looking man, probably 40, wearing a suit pushed me up against a tree and slipped his hand in my shorts. I didn’t resist so he played a little. Then he got his own cock out. It wasn’t big but it was a strangers cock. I got about four sucks from it before he pulled and pushed me into bending over, and rammed himself inside me. The pain was immense and I tried to get him to stop but he wouldn’t.”
“Fuck! You were raped?”
“At first I guess, but not really. I just wanted it easier, you know, using lube or something. He’d spat on me. I didn’t know that at the time, and the pain went pretty quickly. From there I was hooked.”
“But… I thought you were a top? You always top me. Well, mostly.”
“Yeh, and for you I am. You’re a natural bottom Tommy.” He glanced at me then looked away to turn into his road, crawling up the narrow gap left by cars parked on both sides. “It’s not the fuck itself I’m addicted to so much, it’s random strangers using me. I can’t stop Tommy. I’ve tried and I always succumb again.” He pulled up outside his flat and slammed the door. Dried mud cracked and crumbled from me as I heaved myself out the car. My legs were shaking and my ass ached, which was odd as I’d taken more cocks than tonight and not felt it. We made our way up his garden path, the huge extension next door creating inky shadows by blocking the streetlight.
“Are you not going to lock your car?” I asked.
“Who’s going to nick that POS?”
Once inside he pulled me into the bathroom where we started stripping, creating a pile of flaky mud on the tiled floor. Cody’s bathroom was the only modern thing in his flat, a wet room design with large walk in shower cubicle open at one end, a toilet and sink. Large cream tiles were complimented by a darker maroon on one wall.
“It’s dangerous Cody.” I blurted, the consequences of what he’d done hitting me. “You could catch anything, and pass it onto me! We’re not supposed to sleep with anyone outside the group without testing!” I stared at him, challenging.
“Save it Tommy.” He flung his t-shirt at the toilet and despite my sudden fear I couldn’t help but admire his mud caked chest. “Not once, not once has a guy ever fucked me without a rubber. Don’t forget, they don’t want to catch anything either. Most of them are married!”
“On me not in me. Only one I’ve ever swallowed is that policeman, and he brought his test results with him. Besides, I get tested monthly. I’d never put you in danger Tommy. Never.” I sighed, relieved. My selfish yet quite natural fear dissipated and I returned my attention to Cody.
“The policeman? Shit. My heart stopped when I saw him.”
“Yeh!” He laughed. “Mine too a couple of years ago. I was on my back in a V branch, splayed out like a fuck doll. He popped through the trees and looked me up and down in the only way cops can. The he got his wang out. He’s a regular. I have his phone number!”
“Fucking hell!” I dropped my socks on the floor. We were now naked and Cody turned on the shower, waiting for it to come to temperature. There were no windows in the bathroom and the extraction fan was noisy and clicked every half second. “Why show me?”
“Easy.” He said and came over to me, placing his hands on my hips and pressing his groin into mine. My semi jumped back to full attention. sansürsüz escort bayan It’d never fully gone in the whole journey back. “I needed to show you that you ain’t the only fuck up. We all have secrets, but it’s how you act on them that matters. Either cure yourself, or…”
“… enjoy it.” I finished his sentence. I rested my hands on top of his and wiggled my cock against his balls. “I am a fuck up tho. My own sister…”
“More common than you know Tommy, I’ve told you that, and she’s as bad as you. Enjoy her. I want to.” He stepped backwards toward the showed pulling me with him.
“Yeh, yeh”
“Not yeh, yeh. I want to have her.” He sealed the statement with a lascivious grin. “Ask her?”
“Okay.” I agreed with a sigh, an act really, the thought of a threesome with her and Cody a massive turn on.
“As for Jason, just try it on with him.”
“I can’t! He’s my best friend!”
“Was Tommy, was. You see him barely once a week, and you’re growing apart. Nothing wrong with that, it happens. So before you grow too far apart, try it on. You’ll regret it if you don’t.”
I blinked as the hot water hit my face. His hands were all over me, working the mud from my skin. I linked my fingers behind my head. He might be right. He reached down and tugged my erection several times, then knelt down. His expert oral skills drained me of my pent up frustration and excessive arousal. I cried out with the intensity. He stood, kissed me and we shared my sperm.
“You’re a bad influence on me.”
“I’m a dirty slut Tommy, my secret. And now yours.”
“I’m the slut Cody.”
“Sluts together?”
“Ha ha, yeh!”
“I mean it Tommy, together. I want you, and I want you to be mine.”
“Yes!” I shouted the response. It was way too loud in the enclosure but my excitement got the better of me. Then reality bit; “But what about Jenny?”
“Fuck her. She’s dangerous Tommy, you need to leave her.”
“Yes I know.” I’d already decided that.
Cody nodded and grinned. Again he seemed to glow, his broad smile dimpling his cheeks and the essence of happiness shone through his eyes. We kissed, then finished showering. We took time to dry each other and he led me into his bedroom to curl up together and pass out. I didn’t even text Jenny.
* * *
I woke laying on my back and staring at the cracked and yellowed ceiling. Cody was pressed up against my side, an arm draped across my abdomen, his face in the crook of my shoulder and neck. It was so sweet I swallowed a lump in my throat and remembered what he’d said last night. I looked around the familiar room. His flat was in a poor state of decoration and for all I knew maintenance as well. It was tiny with barely half a metre around his small double bed. A single slim window on my side was covered with a grimy curtain. A creaky looking chest of drawers along with a rickety wardrobe with no doors was jammed in a small recess on his side, cutting the floor space even further.
Careful not to wake him I leaned over the side of the bed to look at the floor. A threadbare carpet that had once been pink was covered with used underwear and clothes. A pair of small bright red boxers caught my attention and the possibilities they engendered sent a twinge through my body to my cock. I prised his arm away from me and lay it on the bed. I slipped out and dropped to my knees, picking the red shorts up and bringing them to my nose. I smelled him. His sweaty musk was still present and my dick became hard. I breathed in deeper, imagining him in the gym wearing them, working out and building up a sweat, his balls wrapped tightly in the soft cotton.
“Put them over your face bitch.” I jumped at his soft voice. His grinning face peeking out from the heavy duvet. I smiled back and pulled the shorts across my head so the crotch covered me, and the waistband hooked under my nose. Then I climbed back into bed and nuzzled under the covers down his body, kissing and licking his hot skin. He mumbled something but I missed it, more interested in finding him hard. I wasn’t disappointed. His beautiful straight cock was standing proud, tenting the duvet. He’d obviously pushed it up. Cody was one of the few Americans who was uncut. His mother was against it and they’d come to the UK before too much pressure was applied. I pinched his foreskin between my lips and pulled, the slid my tongue into the opening and under the extraneous flap. In return I felt my balls being pulled into his mouth and a wet warmth enveloped them. We disappeared into mutual sucking, lost in each other’s lust and enjoying being full of each other’s hardness. His hips bucked up and his swollen head popped in and out my mouth. I sucked harder and grazed my teeth along his shaft. I got my scrotum scraped in return and groaned with pleasure. It wasn’t long before he erupted, grunting against my own hardness and firing six, seven shots into my throat. I kept him and his cum rolling around my tongue while he went soft. It took him another three minutes to get me to climax. We both swallowed at the same time. I savoured the thick tangy goo as it slid down my throat, leaving the unmistakable burning sensation that only cum can give.
We lay together for a while, his underwear still over my face. He fingered me with slow movements. After a half hour or so I sighed and got out of bed, flinging his boxers at his face. He took a sniff himself and winked at me. I pissed, regretting not asking him to come to the bathroom and enjoy it with me, then went back to the bedroom and grabbed my phone.
A fear I hadn’t even been aware had been there returned in the form of heart palpitations and a tensing across my whole body. Jenny had called. In fact she’d rung three times, left a message, and send four texts. All along the same lines; where the hell are you? Call me, don’t fucking ignore me, where are you? Etc. The message explained that she’d got Trey round for some double slave fun, and as I hadn’t come home she let him do what he wanted to her. I gathered she’d wanted to control us both and enjoy the show of us either fucking each other, humiliating each other, or most likely, both. Knowing Trey he wouldn’t have done much, he wasn’t too keen on her any more. I slumped into the bed and let Cody read the messages and listen to the voicemail. I shook my head.
“I don’t know why she’s so angry. She didn’t tell me what she was up to.”
“She does seem a bit put out doesn’t she?”
“A bit?” I snorted. “She tricks me into sleeping with my own sister and then has a go at me for not being somewhere I wasn’t told about. She’s losing it.”
Cody nodded and ran his hand up my chest. “You did miss out on sex with Trey though.”
“That hardly matters does it?”
“Well, this does it, you know what you need to do.”
“After you speak to your sister I suggest.”
“Yeh, I guess.”
“And don’t forget to ask her about me.” He slapped my chest as he rose, and disappeared into the bathroom. Just then his phone vibrated. I looked at the screen. A message from Jenny’s number but I couldn’t read it as it was locked. Why would Cody be getting messages from Jenny? He hated her. I guessed she was trying everyone to find out where I was. I signed and started to dress.
* * *
I took a slow walk home reluctant to face another argument with Jenny. Once there I found the place empty; she was at work and I realised I was missing my own job. I fired off a quick text to the boss, deep apologies and serious issues, make it up etc. I showered and dressed in something normal, jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt. I didn’t even notice the underwear I put on. My trainers needed washing so I wore boots. I set off for my parents house.
Being daytime mum and dad were at work. I had hoped Chloe wouldn’t be there and I’d have an excuse to avoid the confrontation but seconds after I rang the bell she answered and my heart skipped a beat. She was still in her nightwear; a small pink soft cotton top that clung to her like cling film and exposed her midriff, and baggy multi-coloured cotton pants that rode low on her hips. I knew she wore nothing underneath them. In my previous life I hadn’t given a second thought to this outfit. Now it took on huge sexual connotations. My dick twitched, a response that seemed to be my default tick these days. I sighed.
“Hey Tommy!” She said and beamed at me, stepping back and allowing me entry. Even that thought gave me palpitations; allowed me entry. At least she wasn’t going to report me or throw a tantrum.
“Hey sis.” I stepped inside and she let the door close with a thud.
“How’s my favourite brother?” Her messed up curly hair bounced around her pretty round face. She was coy, her left heel raise and knee bent, biting her lower lip with a grin. Fucking hell. This was going to be hard. Without response I wandered into the lounge and turned to face her. As she entered I glanced at her breasts and noticed her nipples poking through the thin material of her top. My cock pressed against the inside of my jeans and I hoped she wouldn’t notice. Taking a deep breath I blurted it out.
“Chloe I’m so sorry… fuck. I…. I just…. I’m sorry!” Noel Coward has nothing on me.
I watched her features change from happy to confused to sad to almost crying. I died a little.
“Wha… what? Sorry? Why?” As she dropped her shoulders her breasts bounced and her nipples became even more pronounced. It seemed to knock my other senses into a higher gear as I could swear I could smell her; that glorious musky sweet scent that for some unknown reason drew me in. Shitting fuckballs.
“Chloe…I never meant to do that. I’d never dare. I mean, I’ve never ever thought about you like that. Please don’t hate me.” I was pleading for three equal reasons; I didn’t want my own sister to hate me, I didn’t want it to go public, and I really needed to leave quickly before I did something stupid.
“What do you mean you never meant to?” I thought I could see an actual tear welling up in her left eye. “We had sex!”
“I know! Christ I know.” I looked up at the ceiling and kept my gaze there. Her scent was working its magic on me and the memories of her pussy were flooding my imagination. Why in the hell was it her that attracted me? “I didn’t know it was you though.” A lengthy pause drew my eyes back to her. She looked confused.
“Didn’t know?” It came out as a whisper.
“I was blindfolded sis!” Shit her breasts were awesome.
“But she said…”
We both stared at each other for a few seconds then must have come to the same conclusion at the same time. We both looked angry at once.
“Bitch.” I whispered.
“Fucking cunt!” Yelled Chloe.
“I’m sorry sis.” Now she did cry and I wanted to hug her, but the lump in my jeans and the pounding behind my rib cage made that a bad move. Her tears begged for my touch but I knew if I approached her now I’d lose it. Her low riding pyjamas inviting my eyes, and tongue, inside. Oh god the taste of that pussy…
“I thought it… was a fantasy of yours…” she sniffed. “I thought you wanted me!”
I didn’t know what to say. Still like a statue I watched tears roll down my sisters’ pretty face. We were close but never on this scale. I certainly never wanted her hurt like this and in the past I’d scared a boy who was trying to pressure her into sex. It amazed me now that growing up I’d never once thought of my sister in a sexual way. Cody said it was more common than I thought but that was no comfort. Now I’d ruined it. I could never again look at Chloe without reliving the heaven of my face in her pussy or the feeling of me deep inside her. She’d swallowed my cum for gods sake! I was desperate to have her again but I had to maintain control.
She hadn’t even noticed me staring at her when she spat out; “I had to fuck that whore twice to get to you!”
It took a few seconds for that statement to work itself through my reverie. “What? Jenny?”
“Yeh! Made me lick her sweaty cunt for ages!”
“WHAT?” I glared at her. Anger joined lust, a terrible combination. “You licked Jenny out? What the fuck? Why?” Shitting fucking cunts. My sister licked Jenny out. Oh fuck me how that fantasy consumed me!
“Fucking hell Tommy, why do you think? I’ve wanted you for years! Once she’d told me you had a secret thing for me, I’d have done anything to get to you.”
I stared. Chloe returned my stare at me first with exasperation at my not being aware of this fact, then with concern at my strange look. My vision had clouded and the room disappeared. I could see only Chloe. I could smell her pussy and bed sweat. She was deep inside me infusing me with lust. The tension of the moment heightened the sensation. My mind swam with the glorious memory of our encounter, her soft thighs and delicious taste. I sniffed the air.
“Tommy?” She said in a small voice. “Are you okay?”
We were separated in the small lounge by less than three paces. I closed this by one. She didn’t move. Another step. I took a long slow gaze down her body, and a longer one back up. My control had gone. My legs were shaking. I took another deep breath. Oh the joy of her scent! I became dizzy with lust and lost it.
“Tom…” she failed to finish her sentence before I pushed her against the lounge door which slammed closed behind her. “Ow! Tom…”
Again she failed to finish before I fell to my knees, gripped the groin of her pyjama bottoms in both hands, and ripped them apart to her knees.
I’d jammed my face into her groin and started sucking her clit. She was so wet it leaked out and dribbled onto my chin. I couldn’t stop. My hands reached inside her tattered bottoms and gripped her ass, enabling me to drive my face harder into her. With loud moans of pleasure she parted her legs around me and I knew we’d both lost ourselves. Her hands came down to the back of my head and held me fast as her hips ground her pubic bone into my face. My tongue drove into her hole and I tasted the sweet nectar of my own sister.
“TommyTomTommyTommy…” her mantra continued in one long verbal stream interspersed with guttural grunts and moans. Her hips rocked to a rhythm that built inside her and every second I tasted her I fell deeper into her capture. Her soft fur brushed my forehead as I repositioned to get my tongue in deeper, opening her tight vagina ready for a pounding. Her lips were smooth and slick, sliding around my face while I writhed under her. I needed to get in deeper but physics fought against me. I couldn’t take it. I crawled further under her until she was on tip toes and my face was pointed directly upwards. Then bracing myself, I pushed off the ground and slid her up the lounge door until I was raised on my knees. Her whole body now pushed down on my face through her pussy. I was in heaven.
“Oh fuck Tommy!” She shouted after wobbling above me, but I grabbed the door handle with one hand, reached up with the other, grabbed a breast and thrust her back against the door. I heard her head bang against the thin wood but neither of us cared. We needed only the animal lust and final release, and she was already getting close. I felt her shaking and her asshole pulsated against my chin.
“Ohhhhh, oooohhh, uh huh uhuuuhuhu um oh Tommy! Oh….” At any other time the noises we make would be laughable but at the moment before orgasm it’s the most erotic thing in the world. Boy or girl, a partner on the edge and about to explode is wonderful. When it’s your own sister it’s another level altogether and I nearly cried with rapture as she screamed and with a powerful shudder, released her juices over my face and into my mouth. Her wailing moan continued for while I maintained my sucking and licking until she began to beg me to stop. I wouldn’t have except I was now shaking with the effort of holding her up. I lowered myself with as much care as I could, keeping hold of the door handle, and keeping my tongue in her hole, all the way down. When her feet touched the floor I continued and moved away from her pussy.
“Oh Fuck Tommy! My god!”
But I wasn’t finished. I stood, grabbed her shoulders and spun her around. She wobbled and fell sideways as she twisted and I caught her, holding her shoulders and facing her away from me. I dropped my hands to her hips and pulled backwards bending her over. With a cry she topped forward and braced herself against the floor. Now I had her, ass up, wet pussy exposed. Fumbling with my jeans I managed to get my cock out, and I rammed myself into her. I shuddered with the extreme sensations that flooded me. Just the simple feeling of her wet, welcoming flesh surrounding my cock made me come close to orgasm and I had to pause, holding onto her lest she move in any way at all and I explode inside her. I used the time to bury myself as deep as I could and elicited a vibrating moan that travelled through her head into the door. A minute or two passed and I felt in control enough to continue. I fucked my sister.
* * *
We sat there panting and trying to cool down. She lay on the sofa, her ripped nightwear still clinging to her body with ruined strands, her ass on the edge of the seat and her legs parted. I sat on the floor and rested my nose and mouth against her pussy savouring her taste and smell. Every few seconds I’d dart my tongue out to lick her labia and she’d shiver with pleasure.
After close to twenty minutes she broke the silence. “Oh wow Tom. That was amazing.” I nodded into her padded thighs and ran my tongue up her slit. She giggled. I couldn’t believe I’d done it again. Incest. Amazing and addictive incest. I knew then that I’d never be able to say no to her. I was in too deep after only two sessions. Ridiculous really. It was obvious I had an issue.
“Tom?” Her voice was small again. She was unsure of herself and me.
“Sis.” I managed to tear myself away from her pussy and sit on the floor properly, leaning back on my hands. She pulled her knees together without completely closing her legs. I wanted another lick already.
“What happened?”
I knew what she meant of course. Why did I suddenly take her? Well what do you expect? I was infatuated with her. Her looks, her smell, her taste. Everything about her drew me in. Then she admitted to having lesbian sex with my girlfriend in order to have sex with me. All because she’d wanted to have me for years. What would you do?
“You happened.” I said. A stupid answer that was the truth. “I don’t know why sis, but I’m immensely attracted to you. I can’t say no.” Cody was right, she oozed sex.
“Never said before!”
“I never licked your pussy before.”
“You could have Tom.”
I ignored that. Too many very wrong things with that. Well, even more wrong things with that. Instead I said; “Years huh?”
“How many?”
“You don’t want to know.”
“Why did you never say or do anything?”
“You’re my brother!”
“Well it’s happened now sis. We’ve fucked. Twice. Where do we go from here?”
“Easy.” She leaned forward on the sofa and her thick thighs closed up hiding the prize. I could just see her dark tuft of soft pubic hair. “We fuck as often as possible.”
“Are you fucking kidding me?” She reached out and tried to slap me on the head. She missed and it made her big breasts wobble.
“Sis, you er… you need to know something. Please don’t hate me. Or judge me. Please?”
She frowned. “What you got a disease or something?” I could see it was a genuine fear.
“No, no nothing like that! It’s… it’s a secret about me. I er… I’m not sure you’ll like it but if we are to carry on, and I really do want to, then you need to know.”
“Go on.”
“Promise to keep it a secret?”
“Christ Tom, we’re brother and sister and we just fucked. I can keep secrets so just spit it out.” She was right. I was stalling.
“Okay. Um. I er…” I swallowed. I didn’t realise it would be this hard. I’d been surrounded by the gang for so long that my lifestyle seemed normal. Now I came to try and explain it, I realised how ‘out there’ I actually was. I took a deep breath and forced the words out. “I’m bi. I mean I sleep with guys as well.”
She stared at me for long seconds. Then I watched the corners of her mouth turn up. She remained silent, glaring at me.
“I er… I like cock sis. I… m…mean as well as your pussy, I mean, just pussy. I mean not any pussy obviously. Any cock though. Oh fuck.” Through my ramble her face had transformed from a smile into a bright beaming grin, her face lit up the room.
She nodded and made me wait more agonising seconds before responding. “That’s hot.”
I remember being surprised. Very surprised. My eyebrows made my face ache with their elevation. That was not the response I had been expecting.
“You suck cock?”
“Fucking hot.”
“Fucking hot Tommy!” She slid off the sofa to her knees, leaning forward over me. I becoming aroused again and wondered where all this sexual energy had come from. Even Jenny couldn’t do this to me.
“You’re not disgusted? I mean, you… I…”
She moved closer and straddled me, bringing her hands up to my face. “I find that exciting Tom.”
“Er…oh.” I didn’t really know what to say. This wasn’t the reaction I had expected.
“Are you good at sucking cock? Can you teach me?”
“I er…. I am good yes.” I knew the truth would come pouring out now and I wasn’t sure I wanted that.
“Do you swallow?” She asked.
“Do you, you know, take it or give it?”
“Er… take it mainly.” I couldn’t understand how she was so accepting of this and I was becoming nervous. I knew that her forward questions would pull out the truth and my secret life as a slut would be revealed. Did I want that? Every other time I’d want it to remain a secret but a tiny part of me, a part whose influence was growing, took joy in knowing that someone outside the group could share my secret.
“How often?”
“Um, many times a week.”
“Holy fuck!” She laughed and dropped her hands into my lap. They touched my cock. “You’re gay?”
“No, I’m bi.” I replied, somewhat perturbed. “And I think I just proved that.”
“Does Jenny know?”
“Of course, she got me into it.”
“Do you like it?”
What a stupid question. I decided against sarcasm. “I love it sis. I’m addicted. To be brutal, I’m a slut.”
I wasn’t ready for the lecherous grin that appeared on her face. I could see the thoughts running through her head and realised she might be similar to me. Did that mean it was genetic? I still didn’t understand how she could be so accepting of it. It took me ages and lots of pushing by Jenny to get to where I am, whereas here was my sister seeming to come to terms with it within moments. I didn’t have much time to contemplate it. She lowered her face to my groin and all other thoughts evaporated.
* * *
After our encounter I’d left the house and returned home, feeling both empty and as light as a feather. I danced around the house whenever I moved, always dreaming of my beautiful sister. That week I’d returned to work and even Mattie commented on how I seemed happier. Jenny had also picked up on it and inquired several times what had happened. I’d brushed her off. I’d gone as far as telling her to get Trey round for whatever she had previously wanted to do. She was sceptical but rearranged it. My performance was flawless. We had indeed both been wanted as slaves, dressing up in her clothes and performing for her. I enjoyed Trey, but all my thoughts were in bed with my sister.
Chloe and I text each other multiple times daily, mostly about sex. I told her about my fetishes and rotten things I did and to my surprise she’d responded to most of them with a desire to try. She was keen on the piss drinking, but not from my ass. She would be very happy to swap underwear. I was in heaven and don’t remembering being this dizzy on a constant basis with Jenny.
On the Thursday she came up with an excellent idea; the pretext was staying over for a family weekend. The reality was sex. It was arranged quickly. I hadn’t seen mum and dad for ages anyway. Friday night was, to my delight, a great meal and after dinner chat. Chloe and I were amazed that mum and dad didn’t pick up on the sexual tension, and whenever we were alone we risked exposure by kissing and fondling each other. How they couldn’t smell Chloe was beyond me, she was driving me wild. We had to suffer being apart that night, there was no way we could have indulged, but we knew our parents were going out the next day. I masturbated several times that night just trying to control my lust. For your information, I swallowed it all.
Saturday morning arrived and as I was now a guest, mum no longer entered my room without asking. A brief thank you for visiting followed a knock on the door. She retreated down stairs and in the way that only old people can do, she faffed around for far longer than necessary. Finally the door slammed closed. Within seconds she was at my door. Moments later she was naked. Seconds after that she was crawling under the duvet and pushing herself up against me. My sister wanted sex.
Without hesitation I wrapped my arms around her, soft flesh giving under my strength. Her breasts crushed against my chest and she rubbed her wetness against my cock.
“Have me bro…” she breathed into my ear. She didn’t need to tell me. Using my knees I parted her legs above me and penetrated her, driving myself fully into her welcoming pussy. She grunted and flung her head back, then put her hands at my neck and gave a soft squeeze.
“Make me feel it Tom.” Her voice had already dropped to an animal growl and her gaze looked through me. She started to bounce. I slid in and out with ease as her juices dribbled down my shaft and wet my balls. Despite the easy entry she was tight and within mere seconds I was insane with lust. I braced my feet on the bed and started ramming myself into her. She emitted a moaning wail, panting between utterances. I continued pounding knowing I was driving her ever further into the clutches of ecstasy. She took all she could but had to give in. With a cry out she pushed her hands against my stomach and pushed away. I knew what she was feeling and I knew she wasn’t finished. I pulled out.
“Turn over sis!” I demanded, gripping her shoulder and, using excessive force, flinging her over. She spun on the spot throwing the duvet across the bed and wrapping the sheet around her legs. I slapped her inner thighs until she parted her legs wide. I grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her, hooking my own around them and gripping the back of her neck with my hands. I entered her. A powerful thrust forward that elicited a grunt. She didn’t try to stop me and I knew she wanted more. Pounding her hard enough to make her ass wobble and her chubby body shudder, I lost myself inside her. The wail had turned into a deep moan, interrupted with a panting grunt. It wasn’t long before she came again, howling like a wolf as her muscles tightened and she thrust back into me to gain extra depth. With a final body spasm she collapsed on the bed. Her body juddered as she calmed down, the intense waves of pleasure weakening and her nerves returning to normality.
But I still wasn’t finished. Over a year of giving it to Jenny and taking it from the guys, nearly daily, has given me staying power. I didn’t want this illicit moment with my own flesh and blood to ever end. I grabbed my cock, hard as glass, and pushed it up against her asshole. I saw her head move from side to side but she pushed her pelvis back opening her ass cheeks. I gripped her fat buttocks, pulled them apart and spat on her pulsing hole. With a forceful thrust I entered her and she screamed like a banshee into the duvet for seconds until the sound moved back into her throat and became a deep growl. The universe around her had collapsed to this point. She knew only this bed and the feelings in her body. Awash with an intensity of pleasure most women only dream of and an alien penetration of her sphincter, she needed to orgasm again. It was the only thing that mattered. Moving with me she pumped her hips and commenced the journey to her next explosion of ecstasy.
* * *
It was a walk in the local woods, during which Chloe mounted me on a fallen tree, that I made my decision after months of procrastination. Of all the girls I had been with, including one we had pulled in a pub over three months ago, Jenny was by far the best. Now however I discovered I was enjoying sex with Chloe more. This may not sound earth shattering to you, but to me it broke a spell Jenny had cast all that time ago. She’d ensnared me with her utter sluttiness and made me realise how dull all those others had been. Then she took it to the next level by releasing from within me my own slut, and had cemented my new life by introducing me to cock. I’d taken to this life as though it were my destiny.
After a year and a half however she’d displayed signs of boredom. Seven guys and all the dirty sex acts she could want weren’t enough for her. I’d been able to delude myself for months that she was fine, or that the demands for more were just a phase, but I should have heeded the warnings. She’d turned Will from a strong, dominant guy, my first guy and for the first few months my alpha, into a snivelling faggot. Harsh words but I knew of no other way to describe him. He stopped dominating me in bed and started wanting just cuddles and kisses. All fine if there was a good fucking proceeding or to follow, but he’d gone off sex altogether. Then I’d discovered he wore her used panties all the time. Again, no problem, I did sometimes, but not constantly. Finally he was getting nailed by her with a strapon, and she was controlling him, demanding he never use his own cock and locking it in a small plastic cage. I tried to suck him off once and he panicked, slapping me away and saying he wasn’t allowed. Some of the others had gone off her a bit as well, although that didn’t stop the group sex. Then there was the increase in secrets. The unexplained time away or the odd calls and messages. I wasn’t jealous, but she didn’t need to hide anything from me. We could have sex with who we liked!
So I knew she was getting worse but had ignored it, but now I was seeing clearer. It wasn’t all because of Chloe. The recent fights kept circling around my mind. But the final nail in the coffin was Chloe. Jenny had tricked a brother and sister into having incestuous sex with each other. She could have destroyed a family. It was purely luck on her part that we both ended up wanting it so bad, and I knew then that she’d done it for her own sadistic pleasure. Considering what she was doing to the others, and her ominous comments, I was fearful what was coming. Jenny was once the most amazing girl in the world but now she’d turned, there was a rotten core. I had to leave her.
“Hey bro!” Shouted Chloe, beckoning me over. Lost in my thoughts I’d fallen behind. I stared at my sister and a wash of love and lust flooded me. Contrary to the forecast the sun had been covered buy a layer of dull cloud and it was drizzling, soaking her thin dress and making it stick to her body. Her braless breasts wobbled as she waved, the clinging material enhancing her erect nipples. She waved something white at me and I realised she’d taken her panties off. As I approached she turned and put both hands on a tree trunk, spread her legs and pushed her ass out. I rushed up behind her, squatted between her thighs and buried my face in her crotch, tasting her sex and mashing my face against her, smearing her all over me.
Yes. I was going to leave Jenny.
I couldn’t have known how bad a decision that would prove to be.

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