20 Kasım 2023

Consoling Sister


It all began with Gene. If he hadn’t pulled a stupid stunt, none of this would have happened.

Gene was a fairly good friend of mine as we grew up. We hung out, played games, explored the neighborhood, and played 1-on-1 basketball. He was a year younger than I was, but skipped first grade, so we were in the same classes a lot.

As we became teenagers, I noticed that Gene was actually talking less to me and more to my younger sister, Karen. By the time he and I were seniors in high school (and Karen, a sophomore) the two of them were an item. I was protective of her, but didn’t mind her being with Gene. After all, he and I were still friends, and I trusted he wouldn’t do anything stupid.

Sure enough, he waited until after Karen’s high school graduation before taking their relationship to a significant physical level. About 3 years later, the two of them were living together. It wasn’t long before they were engaged to be married, and Karen became pregnant. She was of course very happy about the prospect of getting married. They scheduled the wedding for June, having been engaged since the previous March (15 months). Karen would be about 6 months pregnant for the ceremony. She was showing and glowing at the same time.

Gene asked me to be his best man. I wasn’t his best friend, but the fact I was a good one AND the bride’s brother made the decision easy. I of course accepted on the spot. The wedding was planned for a Saturday early afternoon.

Gene was in position. “Here Comes The Bride” began playing. (I had argued for something else, but Karen wanted to go with tradition.) In her white dress, Karen slowly proceeded down the aisle, with our parents flanking her. Then it happened.

Gene suddenly bolted out the back door. Before anyone could react, he had jumped in his car and driven off. The car was later found at bursa eskort bayan the airport. Karen looked in shock as her fiance split abruptly for parts unknown.

My sister’s face collapsed and she began bawling uncontrollably. Breaking away from my parents, she lumbered [6-month-pregnant women do not sprint] as quickly as she could towards where Gene had split. I grabbed her as she approached the stage, where the minister had been ready to start the ceremony, and escorted her outside, to my car [she had come with our parents.]

I drove her to my apartment, which was about 5 minutes away. After getting her inside, I sat her down on the couch and said nothing. I just pulled her against me and let her tears flow like a river. She put her arms around me and held very tight, as if she was afraid to let go for fear I’d disappear.

After about an hour of waterworks, she finally appeared to be cried out. Through some sniffs and sobs, she said “I can’t believe that rotten bastard could do this to me when I’m carrying his child!”

I adjusted my position so that her head rested on my chest. “I don’t know what to tell you,” I said. “I’m not in the mind-reading business. I was as surprised as you were.”

Karen pulled my body against her with savage intensity. “I’m glad you were here for me,” she whispered. “You’ve always been the one who tried to keep me from getting in trouble. I’ve always thought that you’re the most wonderful man imaginable. Don’t ever let go of me.”

“Why would I do that?” I asked. “You’re a terrific young woman. I hope I find someone as good as you to be with eventually.”

I swear her eyes flashed a little at that remark. She seemed to give me a smile through the raw emotion she was feeling. She pulled me down so our faces were level and kissed me – not on the cheek, but full on the bursa merkez escort lips.

“What in –” I started to say.

“Ssssshhhh,” Karen said. “Don’t say a word and just listen. Bro, you’re my conception of perfect. I will never find anyone to live up to the standards you’ve set. Do you think I’m attractive?”

I had to answer honestly. “Of course you are, Sis,” I said. “Pregnant or not, you’re still very beautiful.”

She pushed me down on the couch and yanked at my shirt, trying to get it off. “Calm down, sis,” I said. “Don’t do anything dumb.”

“I am calm,” she said. She had finally gotten me topless. “Ooooh, nice,” she purred, running her hands over my muscles..

“What do you think you’re doing? I asked her.

“I think it’s obvious,” she responded. She was kissing my chest, while her hands explored my bare flesh. “I’ll never meet anyone better, so I claim you as mine.”

I decided to argue that point with her later. Right now, it was clear my sister needed more than just emotional support. I kissed her on the lips firmly. Her tongue probed my mouth as she responded, her body nestling against mine. We eventually broke apart long enough to head for the bedroom, remove our clothes, and lie on the bed.

She wasted no time, kissing downward from my neck, across my chest, and towards my waist. Running her fingernails over my legs got me to squirm. When she spread my legs apart and gently massaged my balls, I moaned with pleasure.

Her hot tongue was next. Licking up and down my rapidly hardening shaft, she made me gasp and cry out. Then she sucked my nuts into her mouth. “Mmmmmm,” she said. “I can feel them getting tight. Now you need to get me hot and bothered.”

That was an easy thing to do. I began by gently massaging her belly, then kissing it while bursa sınırsız escort bayan softly fondling her tender breasts. Circling the nipples with my fingertips got the desired purr.

This became a moan when I began flicking my tongue over her rock-hard nipples. I pulled her body against mine, burying my face in her chest. “Don’t stop,” she whispered. “You make me feel sexy, loved and wanted.”

The therapy is working, I thought. I moved downward and covered her legs with soft kisses, then opened her up and began lapping at her pussy. She tasted very good, and I increased my intensity of licking. I could feel her body getting tense.

“Ooooohhh! Yeeesss!” she squealed, as she flooded me with her sweet juices. Her legs locked in place as she erupted with a massive climax. “That was awesome,” she said. “Now I want you to take me.”

I lay her on her back and rubbed the tip of my dick against hr clit, making her squeal even louder. Then I gently pushed into her. I established a slow, quiet, gentle rhythm to let her build to a climax. It must have worked, because within 15 minutes she was on her 4th orgasm. “My turn on top,” she said.

Her rhythm that she forced on me was much faster, harder and more intense than the one I had done. Using her internal muscles, she milked my cock unmercifully. “Cum inside me,” she moaned. “Fill me up.”

I wasn’t given much of a choice, I thought. She leaned over and asked me to suck her while she fucked me. I obligingly took her into my mouth. She rode me hard and I couldn’t hold out for very long.

“Uuuhhh!” I gasped as I began spurting deep within her. This was enough to make her cum again as well, and as she squeezed me and milked my balls dry, she fell forward on to me. After disentangling herself, she lay next to me and snuggled into my arms.

“That was awesome,” she said. “I think I’ll move in here and make you do that from now on.”

“Are you sure?” I said. “I don’t want to –”

“Shut up,” she told me. “I’m sure. You’re the only man for me.”

We still share a residence and a bed. Karen is my sister, best friend and lover, and I want her to be mine forever.

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