21 Kasım 2023

Confessions in the Family Room Ch. 06


The next month at my job I changed my mental attitude at work and really blocked and purged myself of any thoughts of sex. I was determined to get that promotion and knew that it would change my life style dramatically. After two months went by since I was called into my bosses office he finally brought me in for another talk and since I had been kicking ass I could only hope he would be discussing my advancement in the company. I walked in and he was just getting off the phone.

“Yes George, I’ll have those quotes to you by no later than Friday. Uh huh, you too, bye. Hay there’s my main man, have a seat big guy.”

“Sure thanks”, I said, “How’s good ol George doing these days? Still busting balls.?”

“That guy is a basket case. You couldn’t pay me enough to do his job. The stress he’s under everyday to keep his deadlines is unbelievable.”

“I know what you mean. But he once told me that pressure was his middle name so I can only assume he loves what he does.”

“I guess but I’m glad somebody can handle it other than me because I’ve got all I can handle as it is. So it’s been a while since we’ve talked and I just want to tell you that you may have dropped the ball a while back but since our little talk, well, let’s just say you are now slam dunking the ball. Thanks to you I look like a fucking god in the eye’s of the senior partners and don’t think I’ve been taking all the credit good buddy, your name has been dropped several times.”

“Really? That’s great. Well, all I needed was a slap in the face. And the little dangling of that promotional carrot didn’t hurt either.”

“Well buddy, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.” My face went flush with anticipation hanging on his next words. “You’ve definitely proven yourself and this company always likes to promote from with in so I’d like to offer you the position of joining the senior management team. You’d be working along side with five other people that you should already know and whom I’ve already talked to as well about you and they think you’d be a perfect fit for the team.”

“I’m speechless boss, I don’t know what to say except thank you. You won’t regret this decision.”

“I’m sure I won’t. I can see that what ever it was that was affecting your work is over and done with right?” He looked at me with a raised eye brow looking for reassurance that I had squashed my focus problems so I gave him my most confident and serious facial expression and looked him right in the eye as I reached across and shook his hand saying,

“It’s a dead issue boss. I’m back on track.”

“Good to hear Tony but my offer still stands, I’m your biggest fan so if you ever have any problems then come to me okay? People who make me look good get taken care of bro and I mean that. You can finish out the week with your current responsibilities but come Monday morning come to my office and we’ll get you squared away with H.R. and start your training for the management team.”

I stood up and shook his hand again and he pulled me in for more personal brotherly shoulder butt embrace. I thanked him again and without seeming too overly stoked about what just happened, I left his office as professionally as possible but just beneath the skin lurked an eruption of emotion. I wanted to scream from the top of my lungs and do back flips all the way to my little cubical. This was huge but more than ever I had to focus until after work on Friday and then the party could begin. Right now I just had to get back to work and at least set a goal of finishing out this day. I could explode in my car but knowing people would be watching me I had to punch the giddy little kid inside of me in the face and calm the fuck down.

And that’s exactly what I did. I somehow made it through the rest of my work day and made it to my car where I closed all the windows and fucking screamed my head off. I felt like I had won the Super bowl I was so happy. This changed everything. My pay increase would almost double and I was no longer going to have to share a common wall with anybody. I was going to get my own place. Not some mansion of course but a fucking house of my own. I had been looking at places in the hopes that this day would come and found a couple of nice homes in great neighborhoods. I toyed with the notion of building my own little sex parlor in a basement of my house but knew that it just wasn’t safe for a possible discovery by certain family members. My little nephews were growing up fast and were as curious as cats. Those little busy bodies would unearth my sex room in no time. I can just hear them now asking me, “What’s this room uncle Tony? What’s on the other side of this door?” No way would I be able to explain myself out of that spot.

So the more I thought about it the more I realized that the perfect solution was to buy my home and then rent a small place with a basement. I’m sure my sisters would agree that this would be the best thing for us and we could have our own little private sex parlor. It would be a Halkalı Escort total secret hang out and with my new pay raise, I could pimp the fuck out of it. Being able to throw some money at my growing sex habit was new for me. I’ve always had to struggle for everything I have and now the struggle was going to be a whole lot easier.

I gathered my family and announced my great news at one of my favorite restaurants. The look on my parents faces made me get a little misty eyed. They were so proud and when my mom started to cry it set off a chain reaction for the rest of the adults at the table. My nephews were too busy wolfing down a plate of nachos to notice a table full of grown ups all sobbing but I have to say that it was one of the best days of my life. Both my sisters had looks of mischievous rewards on their face and I could feel someone’s foot running up the length of my pant leg and fishing around for my crotch which was apparently just out of reach. Both girls were sitting close enough to be the footsy culprit and then Lisa leaned in and whispered,

“I’m going to the ladies room, I think you should excuse yourself in a minute to do the same.”

She kissed my cheek softly as she left the table and my cock began to sport wood at the naughty invitation I was just given. Lisa’s kiss and subtle departure did not go unnoticed by my other sister Becky. She smiled wickedly at me to let me know that she was watching and even gave me a wink to further point out her acute awareness of the situation. I wasn’t sure if she was giving me her disapproval or her blessing to fallow Lisa into the bathroom but I got my answer by the look on Becky’s face as I got up and excused myself from the table. Unfortunately I could tell right away that she was pissed off as I got her famous dagger eyes shooting straight at me. I never thought it would happen but I guess a little jealousy was brewing amongst my sisters. I was in a dilemma in that if I stood up Lisa, I would catch shit and if I fallowed her then I would also be in the dog house. So I did what any real man would do, I listened to my penis and went to receive my instant gratification. If I’m gonna be in trouble either way, I may as well get some. Becky would get over it and all would be well, at least I hoped.

As I got close to the bathrooms I was suddenly faced with a choice, which one would she be in? I got my answer as I passed by the women’s door it suddenly opened and I was snatched in by Lisa’s arms like a spider snaring her pray. She slammed the door behind me and pushed me against it then shoved her long tongue into my mouth. As she was kissing me she was trying to talk but only a few words could be spoken before more kissing so it was broken speech as she excitedly said,

“You turn me on so bad… *kiss kiss*… There’s nothing hotter… *kiss kiss*… Than a man… *kiss kiss*… Celebrating his own… *kiss*… Success. Then she grabbed my hand and quickly pulled me into one of the stalls. She flung me onto the toilet seat and began groping at my belt buckle saying, “Hurry, we don’t have much time before our little bathroom break becomes suspicious, I just want to give you a congratulatory B.J. Mister over achiever. I’ll be damned if my little brother’s hard work is going to go un rewarded.”

“I thought that’s what we were doing here at the restaurant”, I said as she was frantically ripping at my pants like a crazy she beast.

“Oh no, that’s no reward. My brother deserves more than some crappy dinner.”

“Couldn’t we wait for a better time, I mean geez Lisa, this is crazy?” I was stressed that someone could walk in at any time, especially my mom.

“Nope, it’s gonna be right now. I couldn’t live with myself if I waited, now get that cock out of your fucking underwear god damn you.”

I was sitting on my pants and underwear so it was taking way longer than she was liking to get her impatient mouth on my cock. I finally lifted my ass so she could yank my clothing down around my ankles. Fearing an invasion of our privacy in this very public bathroom with an almost full capacity crowd I said,

“Someone’s going to walk in you know… We shouldn’t be doing this Lisa… I’m serious… I’m not joking around… I… I’m not… You can’t just… This isn’t… Oh my god… Oh yes…”

My words of resistance began to crumble as she swallowed my cock whole taking me deep into her mouth. My stress deflated dick soon informed me that resistance was futile and to just give in to the inevitable as it began to grow rapidly in her mouth. Lisa was seriously going to town on my cock and wasn’t trying for some romantic slow sensual blow job. This girl wanted a fast an furious result and was using her hand as well as her mouth to milk my cock of its contents. Then she presented her world record long tongue and twirled, swirled, and lapped at my dick head as she stroked my shaft with blinding speed. She bore her eyes into mine as she strived valiantly to finish me off. Her wicked tongue Halkalı Escort Bayan and evil stare were prodding me towards climax when my worst fear became a reality as the squeaking bathroom door swung open.

Quickly Lisa’s hand covered my mouth and she withdrew her mouth from my cock moments before my rocket was ready to launch. Hard woman’s shoes walked across the bathroom floor and out of several stalls to choose from the woman opened the door right next to ours then shut it. A zippered skirt echoed off the walls as she pulled them down and squatted to do her business. I prayed for her to only be pissing instead of a full evacuation of her bowels and I was answered with the reverberating sound of her urine stream filling the bathroom. To my surprise with Lisa’s hand still covering my mouth she took advantage of the noise and continued to go down on me.

At this point I was freaking out but there was something extremely erotic about someone pissing in the next stall and watching my sister forge onward in the face of discovery. Lisa now clearly intent on getting the job done, doubled her efforts and began stroking my cock as fast as humanly possible and sucking the life out of my dick head. Her hand was jerking me so fast it couldn’t be seen. It was only a fuzzy blur as it pistoned my shaft into oblivion. I was seconds from orgasm when the woman flushed the toilet and I blasted my sister’s mouth with gobs of creamy cum. Lisa pushed my head against the wall with her hand muffling my cries of pleasure and ecstasy as I drained my splooge down her gullet.

For all I knew the woman next to us was my mother but we will never know as she hiked her skirt back up and re zipped. A quick washing of her hands and she was out the door. Lisa took her hand away and I sighed dramatically when my mouth was free of her grip. She smiled and said,

“Hurry up now and pull your pants up. I’ll leave first and then you come out next. I’ll knock on the door if it’s safe to walk out and nobody’s coming.” She got up and walked towards the door and just as she left the room she said, “Congratulations little brother”, and then she left. A quick wrap on the door told me it was safe to leave and so I got up and splashed some water on my face from the sink. I toweled off and left with rattled nerves as I had some how survived the most stressful blow job of my life.

When I got back to the table Becky couldn’t resist shining a light on my abnormally long absence saying, “Wow buddy, thought we’d lost you. Everything go okay in there?”

I shot her an angry look as I calmly said, “Everything’s great, I got a call on my cell and I thought it would be rude to talk at the table.”

“Okay”, she said, “Just making sure you didn’t fall in.” She laughed to punctuate her humiliation of me and the rest of the table laughed with her. I sat down again and dove right into my plate of food to try and sprint away from the spectical my oldest sister was trying to make of me. My dad came to my rescue when he stood up and raised his glass to toast my big night saying,

“Here’s to Tony, my son. I always knew you would make it big someday. I’m so unbelievably proud of you son.” Tears rolled down his face as he struggled to finish his speech. “This is a father’s dream to see his son reach his full potential.” My dad’s crying got the rest of the family going again except of course the two boys who were still noshing away at their food. My mom put a sudden halt to the tears of my sisters and I when she raised her crying voice saying,

“Now when do I get some more grand children from my baby boy?”

You could almost hear the cliche record needle scratching the vinyl record as the only two people now sob laughing were my parents. Our sudden halt from the group cry prompted my mom to say, “What? Was it something I said?”

Suddenly Becky erupted into laughter and soon Lisa fallowed. Realizing how ridicules my mom’s question was and her naivety of the real relationship of her children made me have to laugh too. When she asked, “What’s so funny?”, it made us laugh even harder. Then my mom and dad started to laugh and then the kids too. Knowing that we were the only ones in on the situation and that my parents and the kids were just laughing because everybody was laughing but they had no idea why they were laughing, sent my sisters and I into hysterical belly aching laughter. Soon the whole restaurant was looking over at us to see what was so fucking funny and now even that recharged our laughter. My sisters and I were now crying as we tried to breath. No one but us knew why we were laughing so uncontrollably and that’s what made it so hard to stop. After a few minutes we finally regained control and I said still half laughing,

“Sorry mom, we didn’t mean to laugh at what you said. I don’t know why Becky was to tickled by what you said. I think it’s because I’m still trying to figure out the right girl for me.”

“Yeah mom”, Becky agreed, “Tony’s a very picky guy. Escort Halkalı He has very specific tastes in women shall we say.”

“Sorry mom”, Lisa added, “It’s those specific tastes Becky pointed out that made what you said so funny.”

“Oh?” my mom inquired, “Well, just what kind of girls have you been dating son?”

“Well, let’s just say that they aren’t the kind of women you would want giving you grand children and leave it at that.”

“Well, you’re obviously dating the wrong kind of girls Tony. How many times have I told you to find a nice church going girl? This is no laughing matter son, you’re going to die alone and miserable if you don’t give up this bachelor lifestyle and settle down.”

“I’m not going to die alone mom. I’ve got two great sisters and my nephews to keep me company. I have tons of friends, some of which are female and I live a rich happy life. Really mom, everything is going to work out just fine. You worry too much now let’s just enjoy the meal and quit discussing my future which right now is looking absolutely great.” Becky finalized my speech by raising her glass toasting,

“Here, here.”

“Here, here”, Lisa and I repeated.

“Here, here”, my mom and dad said with much less enthusiasm. The night ended happily however and we all went home content that we had successfully celebrated my promotion.

The next year I spent busy at my job and new position trying to learn the ropes of management and the details of the responsibilities that came with the new promotion. I was also busy socking away almost all my money and getting ready to put my condo on the market. At night I spent my time designing my sex parlor and it was turning out to be off the charts insane. I had already found the perfect rental house that had a good size basement. I put down a security deposit on it to hold it until I was ready to start construction. I was pretty handy with a hammer and I could have done the whole thing myself but I new that would take too long so I hired a private discrete contractor that was known to build such rooms for the rich and wealthier people. I got his name from a B.D.S.M. chat room and we got together to go over my plans. He loved my ideas and tossed in his own creative flair and together he and I built a sex palace to rival all others.

Being in the industry he had access to all the latest gadgets, toys, and equipment and having saved a nice sum of money, I spared no expense. We even sound proofed the room so even he most sensitive hearing neighbors couldn’t listen to our inevitable screams of sexual ferocity. A few weeks later we put the finishing touches in and I paid him handsomely for a job well done. I spent a few days furnishing the place and turning the rest of the house into a cozy little home. On the surface it looked like just another ordinary house but down stairs I had a locked sex palace that only the contractor, my sisters, and myself would know about. I was still living at the condo trying to sell it but I slept a few late nights at the rental when I was too tired to go home. The other great thing about the rental was that my land lords were not planning on selling the place or move back in since this was one of several rental properties they owned. This suited me just fine since I told them I wanted to stay for a long time so we agreed on signing a three year lease to start with and keep renewing at the end of every lease.

It was a Friday when I knew my sister Lisa was kid free for the weekend that I invited the girls over to the new place. They rode together in Becky’s car and pulled up at the house later that evening. I had dinner cooking when I heard them giggling and knocking at the door. I opened the door and said,

“Greetings my lovely ladies. Welcome to my humble home, and your home too.”

“Wow Tone”, Becky said, “This place is great.”

“Yeah”, Lisa agreed, “I absolutely love it. It’s darling. “

“Well, I meant what I said, it’s your home to use as well. I made you both a key and you an crash here any time you like.” I handed them both a house key and I was then smothered with kisses from them. Becky sniffed in deeply and said,

“MMM that smells so fucking good. What the hell are you cooking?”

“Prime rib.”

“PRIME RIB”, Lisa shouted, “Damn Tone I love the new you and I have no problem being spoiled by the way. You give and I’ll take.” She laughed and then said, “I’m such a bitch.”

“I’ll second that. You are a bitch and you can spoil me all you want as well.” We all laughed and then I obeyed the wishes of my sisters and spoiled them with a glass of expensive aged wine.

I finished cooking dinner and insisted on no help as the girls pampered themselves to more of the wine. They begged me to have a full tour of the house but I held my ground and told them they would have to wait until after dinner. When we sat down to eat, my sisters were already a bit tipsy from the wine and giggled while we ate. The build up of the sexual tension was at a breaking point and as good as the food was I almost had no appetite. My stomach was in knots in anticipation to unveil the basement bonanza however not in a nauseating way but just to the point that I couldn’t eat. Finally with the wine polished off and our bellies satisfied I said,

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