13 Kasım 2023

Committed to Cheating Ch. 01


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Please note: I believe in ethical non-monogamy. This is fiction/fantasy, however, it may be triggering for those who have experienced dishonesty and infidelity. Essentially, spare me any of your sermons.

Aaron finds out he likes to cheat on his unknowing husband.

Aaron was sternly against cheating on his husband…with people his husband didn’t know. He and Matthew dated for three years before getting married. They recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary. Before Aaron and Matthew wed, Aaron remained completely faithful. His eyes wandered, but not his cock, and certainly not his ass. His skinny, 5’7″ frame, blonde hair and blue eyes and pink lips and rosy cheeks had always attracted the attention of men. But Aaron never strayed. Until the night before the wedding. And every week since, Aaron found a cock that belonged to a familiar face to please.

The night before Aaron and Matthew’s wedding they held dinner for family, close friends, and the wedding party. Both Aaron and Matthew, a vaguely athletic, hairy man with Greek heritage, mastered the arts of networking and flirtation. They worked the room as a power couple, making each person feel welcome and singularly important to their lives.

Matthew’s long-time friend from high school, Jared, was to officiate their wedding. A Lutheran pastor well-versed in non-religious officiating, Matthew had dated Jared for a short time after college before meeting Aaron shortly thereafter. Jared wore a big smile and sparkling eyes that all religious leaders seemed to flash. A charismatic, humble man who had all but given up on dating since Matthew and divination.

Aaron walked out of the unisex bathroom, nearly colliding with Jared. Jared’s face looked stern.

“I can’t afford a wedding gift,” Jared began. His face was apologetic and serious. “But I’d like to share something with you after dinner tonight.”

Puzzled by Jared’s odd proposal, he agreed to meet him in Jared’s hotel room in between dinner and the scheduled bar hop.

Aaron and Matthew changed into clubbing clothes after digesting the food before it was time to leave.

“I’ll meet you in the lobby. Jared’s wanted to share something with me before tomorrow,” Aaron said, still puzzled.

Matthew pondered in his baritone, “Maybe he’s giving you a blessing.”

Aaron rolled his eyes. “Meet in 15,” he proposed before leaving for Jared’s room on the floor below.

Jared opened the door to Aaron’s knock. They looked each other up and down, Jared wearing only basketball shorts, prepared for bed. Aaron wore a tucked-in button-up and jeans with a belt. He was ready to dance.

Aaron had never seen Jared or any other pastor in such a state. Jared’s cock poked out a bit from his crotch, his head visible beneath the thin red material.

“So, um, what’s going on?” Aaron was ready to get the blessing over with.

Jared wasted no time. “Matthew cheated on me when we dated,” Jared stated flatly, expressionless.

“Wow. Okay. Um…what should I say to that?” Surprised, Aaron sat on the hotel bed.

Jared stood in front of Aaron, grabbed the black of his dirty blonde head and shoved Aaron’s face into his crotch. Aaron felt Jared’s growing cock on his nose, his skin sticking to the breathable material of Jared’s athletic shorts.

Aaron was less offended and more amused. He thought about telling Matthew. Both of them laughing. But what if Matthew didn’t laugh? What if he kicked Jared out of the wedding? Then they couldn’t get married. Aaron’s thoughts raced before he asked in a nasally, squished-face mumble, “What are you doing?”

“You need to suck my cock. This is your last chance before death-do-you-part lawful wedded-ness. And you need to do it fast. He’s waiting for you.”

Aaron froze, saying nothing. His breath sped up, inhaling the clean but musky pastor.

“If you don’t, I’ll ghost you and your fiance.”

Aaron strained his neck to look at Jared’s face, the consequence of which placed his mouth squarely on Jared’s thinly clothed cock. Jared had dark eyes, stubble on his neck and jaw, and a patch of hair between his nipples. gaziantep escort Aaron’s eyes followed his torso to a thin strip of dark hair that led down to his elastic waistband. Of average height, Jared’s arms were lanky, his chest was flat, and just below his navel was the tiniest belly.

“Hurry. He can’t suspect,” Jared whispered.

He can’t suspect. That thought, among a million others at the speed of light, ran through Aaron’s mind. Aaron sank to his knees from the edge of the bed. He can’t know. He won’t know. This is my last night. He deserves this for what he did to Jared. I deserve one more cock. I deserve cock. The thoughts raced as Aaron hooked his fingers into Jared’s waistband and yanked them to the floor, keeping his face pressed against Jared’s now bare, grown cock.

Jared was significantly smaller than Matthew. Though Matthew, a 100% top to Aaron’s 100% bottom, was abnormally large. Aaron’s hole typically gaped after taking Matthew. But Jared’s shorter member, a solid five-and-a-half inches, Aaron thought, made no difference to Aaron’s now insatiable appetite.

No stranger to being face fucked by a huge cock, Aaron was relieved to find that Jared’s violent thrusts, strong enough to cause bruises, Aaron wondered, were easier on his throat. Aaron loved every minute of it.

Jared had placed both hands behind Aaron’s head, slamming into Aaron’s nose and chin, the landing strips for Jared’s untrimmed bush and ball sack, respectively. Aaron opened his mouth wide as he does for Matthew. He moaned and gargled on saliva. He made sure spit flooded his mouth to soak Jared’s pubic hair that stuck to his pelvis. Jared would later comment on the soaking of his balls.

The thrusting got faster. Although Jared was smaller than his fiance, Aaron still teared up at the sheer violence that always got Aaron hard.

“I’m going to cum,” Jared said with hard consonants.

Aaron moaned, panicking. He didn’t want his breath to smell like cum. What if he kissed Matthew? What if Matthew tasted the cum and suspected and found out everything and called off the wedding and never forgave him? Jared’s violent thrusts became small, rabbit-fuckingly quick gyrations. Aaron pushed against Jared’s thighs.

“No!” Jared snarled, shoving his cock to the back of Aaron’s throat, erupting cum, leaning into Aaron out of overwhelming ecstasy. It was the amount of cum only a man committed to god could produce. Aaron, his head now caught between the edge of the bed and Jared’s pelvis, was pinned. No amount of slapping or shoving could get Josh’s cock out of his throat. Helpless, Aaron coughed and joked on Jared’s semen. It tasted like a bitter, grudge-holding man married to god.

It wasn’t a matter of strength that between the two men that pinned Aaron’s skully, but rather a matter of desperation. Jared’s thirst for a blow job was stronger than Aaron’s will to prevent his being forced to eat cum. Jared’s desperation was strong than Aaron’s fidelity.

Jared pulled off of Aaron. “Go,” he said softly.

“How long has it been?” Aaron asked, short of breath with eyes blood-red.

“About 20 minutes.” Jared glanced at his watch and pulled up his shorts.

“Do I have anything on my face?” Aaron asked, looking down at his miraculously clean shirt and pants.

Jared licked the residual strands of cum that Aaron had coughed up from his face. Aaron, frustrated and exhausted, wiped his face of Jared’s saliva.

“My breath is going to smell like cum,” he chided. He glared at Pastor Jared, now laying on the bed, before exiting the hotel room for the lobby.

“God bless,” Jared mumbled and turned on the TV.

Aaron greeted Matthew with a kiss in the lobby, an unavoidable interaction in front of waiting friends. “A long blessing and mild marriage counseling,” Aaron lied through gritted teeth. Matthew hadn’t noticed the potent flavor of cum on Aaron’s breath.

He’s so oblivious, Aaron thought. Although his cock was soft now, it twitched at Matthew’s naivete, at his blind trust. With anyone else Aaron might think Matthew stupid for not noticing or second-guessing, but Aaron knew better. Matthew was kind and childishly unknowing of terrible things. Like Aaron’s one infidelity.

The next morning the two woke up only slightly hungover and parted their separate ways to prepare for the big day. Had Aaron and Matthew not hired a wedding planner, they might have burst from the stress of logistics. Instead, they savored every moment of the day with their friends, and especially the pictures, demonstrating a passionate, fun and youthful love.

The ceremony was beautiful. Jared officiated, avoiding eye contact with Aaron until it was time for Aaron’s vows. Jared smiled as he led the responsory. To anyone else, it was the smile of a pastor in a black frock presiding over a gay wedding. To Aaron, it was an ungodly evil grin. Jared enjoyed the guilt in Aaron’s eyes as Aaron held Matthew’s hands. For those brief moments, Jared was the most important person in Aaron’s life.

After the ceremony, the dancing and drinking began. Everyone complimented the grooms on their burgundy suits, excellent DJ, and open bar.

A few drinks in, Aaron saw Jared head to the restroom in his ceremonial smock out of the corner of his eye. Matthew was on the dance floor with friends and family, careful not to spill his vodka. Aaron’s heart raced as he mindlessly wandered to the restroom. He saw Jared’s feet facing the toilet in the stall. He heard him urinate.

Aaron washed his hands in the sink, and, careful to take note that no one else was in there, asked, “How do you pee in that thing?”

“Very carefully,” Jared bemused before flushing the toilet. With confidence, he walked to the sink and rinsed his hands. “And forego underwear,” he said into the mirror. The two looked at each other’s reflections.

“I, um, have to go upstairs for something. To the room. My room. Mine and Matthew’s room,” the alcohol spoke through Aaron.

“You can never go back if you do,” Jared cautioned. Aaron knew he wasn’t being literal.

Aaron hurried to the elevator, making sure not to be seen. Once he closed the door to his room he began pacing in front of the bed, running his drunk-numb hands through his hair. Maybe Matthew is stupid. I love him just as much as I love cock. I’ve always known that. Even if he were to ever find out about me and Jared, he would take me back. He will always take me back. I need cock. I fucking need cock. And Matthew’s dumb but amazing ass doesn’t need to fucking know what I decide to do with my ass, my cock, my mouth, or my life. A knock on the door.

Aaron let Jared in and locked the door. Before Jared could enter the room, Aaron dropped to his knees, lifted the pastor’s smock and draped it over him. In the darkness of the robe, Aaron slammed his face into Jared’s pelvis with his quickly growing cock trapped between Aaron’s lips. He voluntarily repeated the rhythm that was forced upon him last night. Jared’s short and thick cock grew to its full capacity.

Jared took the back of Aaron’s head over the robe and waddled to the wall outside the hotel room’s bathroom door, dragging Aaron’s body so that the back of his head was firmly pressed against the hard surface. Aaron was pinned again. Jared moved his hips from side to side while Aaron’s head shook side to side against the wall, his face glued to balls and pubic hair in the darkness of the mock.

“Come here,” Jared said apathetically after he thrust twice into Aaron’s face. Aaron wondered if he’d get a concussion from his head banging into the wall. He thought about Matthew. About how Matthew had no idea that his best friend and new husband were hooking up. His best friend was using his husband, was a more apt description.

From the busy morning, the covers had been pulled back on the bed. Jared laid down after removing his cock from Aaron’s throat, which now gasped for air. Aaron’s eyes adjusted to the light after blackness of the pastor’s robe.

Jared lifted up his robe, revealing his lower torso and hard cock that pointed upward, but not enough to rest on his body. Aaron saw it puls, waiting for more attention. “Ass,” Jared glibbed. Aaron paused before the bed, still clothed. He took off his blazer which, unlike his white shirt, had no saliva on it.

“I don’t have any condoms,” Aaron said sheepishly. Their encounter was going to end. He felt it. He thought about how he and Matthew never wore protection but mutually agreed to be on PrEP, in case either of them ever “made a mistake”. It was a mutual agreement to forgive each other. Aaron supposed he was taking PrEP for this exact moment.

“You’re a slut now, Aaron. Your infidelity doesn’t afford you the self-righteous use of condoms. You’ve already showed me and god that you don’t respect your husband. You’re forever doomed to a life of sluttiness. Your transgression tonight is a pleasurable, unbreakable curse to which you are forever bound,” Jared sermonized.

Aaron looked at Jared and at nothing, his eyes glazed.

“Aaron,” Jared said, reeling Aaron in. “You want to cheat on your husband, don’t you?”

Aaron nodded.

“And you want to be slutty, you want to be risky, you want bareback sex, don’t you? It’s the ultimate betrayal, isn’t it?

Aaron nodded. He climbed onto the bed. He straddled either side of Jared’s torso before sitting on Jared’s cock, the fabric of his dress pants roughly rubbing up against the pastor’s cock.

Aaron stood up, dropped his pants and sat down, putting the average cock flat against the length of his hairy blonde crack. Jared wore his robe up to his chest. Aaron’s shirt stayed buttoned while his pants, now at his ankles that squeezed Jared’s sides, strained over the pastor’s stomach.

“Do the worst thing you’ve ever done to Matthew,” the pastor demanded.

Aaron used his palms behind him to lift himself up. He took one hand and put the head of Jared’s cock against his well-used asshole. He and Matthew had practiced raw sex, without lube, on his huge cock. Aaron was practiced in this method. He hesitated for one moment. My husband’s such an idiot, he thought, and sat down to the hilt. Jared’s cock was immediately balls deep.

The pastor lay with his palms supporting the back of his head while Aaron did all of the work. Although there was slight resistance due to lack of lube, Aaron’s loose ass-lips moved up and down the thick cock as if he had a second mouth. Aaron’s arched seven inches bobbed with his movements, hitting the rear waist of his pulled-down tux pants.

The pastor afforded Aaron one kindness. He didn’t last long. After a few minutes of Aaron pumping his body up and down the holy pole Jared said, rather plainly between hastened breaths, “Sit.”

Aaron did as he was told. He tightened his asshole around Jared’s cock, squeezing every last seed out as Jared remained motionless, expressionless. His cock pumped and pumped and pumped. “Breed me,” Aaron unconsciously hissed.

Aaron stood, clenching his cheeks to hold the load in. The warmth of the pastor’s cum hinted that it was more than Matthew typically produced. Aaron, thoroughly turned on, thought it was the beginning of a list of reasons to cheat on his amazing but oblivious husband.

“I need to squeeze this out.” Aaron said. “I’m still going to fuck Matthew tonight. I don’t want him to know.”

“Wait,” said the Pastor. “Squeeze it out on the bed.”

Aaron hesitated for the millionth time.

“You and Matthew sleep here, right?”

Aaron nodded.

“Squeeze it out on the sheets. It’ll be dry by the time you consummate.”

Aaron got back on the bed. Jared sat up against the headboard, his robe still hiked up to show off his soft cock, covered in cum. Aaron squatted in between the Pastor’s legs, his pants still around his ankles. It took little effort, but Aaron pushed his ass lips out and cum waterfalled onto the white sheets. A translucent puddle formed as the last bits farted out of Aaron.

“Go,” the pastor said.

Aaron got dressed and wiped his shirt of saliva.

“Um, you should visit me and my husband more often.” Aaron and returned to the reception.

“Where were you?” Matthew asked him over the DJ’s thumping bass.

“Just needed some time away. It was fulfilling.”

Matthew kissed him. Later that night they would go to their hotel room, frantically undress amid a fury of messy kissing. They fell onto the hotel bed in each other’s arms before Matthew flipped Aaron over and stuck his massive, thick cock into Aaron’s lube-less asshole. It was looser than usual, but the alcohol had glossed over the feeling.

“Ew, what’s that stain?” Matthew asked as they switched positions, pointing to a yellow outlined amoeba on the white sheets.

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