21 Kasım 2023

Colors of Lust Ch. 02


This is the second installment of my fantasy of having a tool to tell me when someone is interested in sex with me and what they are interested in. In case you didn’t read the first chapter the machine is called the FU-69 and has two parts installed in the bridge of the nose and an ear lobe.

It glows various colors showing the wearer what activities people they meet are interested in. It doesn’t glow at all if there is no sexual interest or the other person is under 18. There is also a model that talks giving the user additional information and cues.

Here is the color guide sheet that came with the FU-69: Black – Wants to be taken hard even by a stranger. An over head=aggressive, T= tear off clothing R=Pseudo-rape fantasy.
Blue, Powder – Masturbation. F above head indicates her only, M=him only, S= same sex partner only, U=same sex partner does you, M=Mutual.
Blue, True – Wants tits kissed and caressed.
Brown – Butt fuck needed. T above head shows they want to be butt fucked; U shows they want to do you; and B shows they want it both ways.
Gold – want hot mutual rough sex complete with clawing and biting no limits but no scat.
Gray – Ass kissing. + Sign above head indicates wants boobs kissed too.
Green, bright – Wants to be fucked only.
Green, Dark – other oddities. F over head=sex with food; T=Tit fucking; L=Lap dance.
Lilac – oral sex. V above head=Vagina, P=Penis, S=you do same sex partner, U=same sex partner does you, M=mutual.
No color – under 18, not interested, or not in your preferences.
Orange – Spanking only T above head shows they need a spanking, U=they spank you, B=both get a spanking.
Pink – they are your baby girl or baby boy with all that conjures up.
Purple – Wants hot passionate sex around the world.
Red – BDSM. D over head=they are dominant, S=they are submissive.
Silver – heavy bondage and torture. ) normally shows as ring around red or other color).
Tan – Wants to be kissed, caressed and he held.
White – Wants a nice romantic date.
Yellow- Water sports and related kink.

The story continues:

After we exchanged contact information I left for the drive home. As I drove I thought about my life and my new gadget. In 24 hours time things had changed 180 degrees. My wife had cheated on me and we were getting divorced and I hadn’t had much luck with the ladies after being out of the dating scene for twenty years.

But now I had renewed hope of a future with plenty of sex until I found another long term relationship. Meanwhile, I planned to spend the evening just relaxing watching mindless crap on television. I called my sister who was staying with me for a couple of weeks while in town for her job to let her know I would be home in a few minutes.

To make up for the fact that I was late I stopped for a bottle or two of wine. I would have stopped for take out but I knew Diane, being the perfect house guest, would have dinner waiting on the table when I walked through the door. Sure enough she greeted me with a smile and steak and baked potatoes.

Now, Diane was a very hot lady with blonde hair and blue eyes that shimmered even in a darkened room. Some guys would find her a little heavy at 150 pounds and five foot five but her curves were in all of the right places. To put it mildly she got plenty of attention from guys who like well built woman instead of stick figures. She had a flat belly with D cup boobs and a larger meaty ass with no sagging.

I never had any unusual brotherly thought toward her; just the usual teenage stuff. But, this evening I wanted to test out the FU-69 and see how easy it was to change the colors of the images with intentional external stimulus. I figured I was safe with my sister as I didn’t want anything from her anyway. It didn’t occur to me that I was playing with fire.

As I walked in she had a faint lilac image with a “V” indicating she was thinking about having her pussy eaten. When she saw me the image disappeared altogether. But, as she took the bottles of wine a faint yellow image appeared momentarily indicating a desire for water sports but this quickly gave way to a little stronger bright green image as she just desired to fuck someone.

As we sat down to eat the images again went away but occasionally glimmers of various colors would shine for a few seconds the most prominent of which seemed to be white. Wanting to see if I could illicit a particular color I put an extra scoop of sour cream on my potato. I was hoping to make her glow dark green with an “F” over her head for sex with food.

I spilled some of the cream on my shirt and slowly and deliberately scooped it up and licked it from my finger using a lot of tongue action and moaning as I did this. I repeated this scene twice more and sure enough the second time the hoped for image appeared and Diane looked away saying nothing.

Apparently not only could the unit be used to tell if a woman wanted a particular sex act but it could also be used as a seduction tool. After dinner we were Şişli Escort carrying the dishes to the kitchen and I did something I had done dozens of times before. I playfully slapped her ass telling her to get out of my way.

The difference this time was that a brilliant orange image appeared for a few seconds quickly followed by a brown image. I had no more than cleared my throat when all the images disappeared again. I decided that I had succeeded in my experimentation and would just enjoy Diane’s company the rest of the evening.

We sat beside each other on my roomy couch and she picked out some show on TV that had a lot of sexual innuendo. I checked her out and she had a bright tan glow. When she looked me in the eye it faded but was still prominent. Seeing if the image would get brighter I placed my arm around her shoulder and the image warmed noticeably.

Next, I put my other hand on her knee and the up arrow began to form. By the end of the show she was leaning against me and I was caressing her lower thigh. I was about to break free of the situation when Diane spoke up. Very calmly and is if it were a typical question she asked, “I‘ve not seen much porn and I bet, knowing you, that you have some. Can I watch one of them?”

In vain I tried to deny ownership of a porn collection. But, my sister was no dummy. I brought out half a dozen titles and she picked one that I popped into the VCR. It started kind of slow setting up the thin plot line. But, before long, there was enough hot sexual action for even the most critical porn fan.

Whenever I glanced at Diane there was a bright glow around her matching the action on the screen like gray when one lady was rimming another gal’s asshole. But, the first few times she looked at me the image instantly disappeared. About a half hour into the flick the image was suddenly tan with a pronounced up arrow.

Lovingly I pulled Diane into my arms and ran my hands all over her back, thighs, and belly. Honestly, I had forgotten that she was my sister. My hand grazed the bottom of her boobs and she did nothing to pull away. I whispered, “This is pretty hot isn’t it. But those girls have nothing on you!”

Seconds later she was caressing me all over and we were smooching with my hands now cupping her D cups. I had no more than given her breasts a squeeze then the image turned powder blue with a large “M” showing flashing wildly and the audio cue saying, “Now.” I slid my hand back to her thighs.

Unceremoniously I unzipped her fly and then grabbed her hand and placed it on my zipper. Seconds later she had extracted my cock from my pants and was expertly jerking me off. My hand was working feverishly on her cunt through the silky material of her panties. Throatily she huskily whispered, “Go under my panties.”

Diane dropped my cock long enough to unfasten her pants and push them down just far enough that I could slide my hand inside of her undies and push two fingers into her steamy snatch while rubbing my thumb across her clit. We didn’t look at each other as our eyes had returned to the television transfixed by the picture while bringing each other closer and closer to hard orgasms.

As the woman in the show rode the guy cowgirl style Diane and I were moaning loudly. Diane shuddered and flooded my hand in honey about the same time as my cock erupted covering her hand in my seed. Just as I looked over at my sister the image totally disappeared and Diane’s face turned beet red with her mouth wide open.

“Oh gawd, oh fuck, we can’t do this you’re my fucking brother,” she stammered coming back to earth. I gave her a hug of understanding and she quickly got up and tried to refasten her pants. Her ass was right in front of my face. I couldn’t help myself and hugged it. In a panic she ran off to the guest bedroom.

I decided not to follow her right away to give her a moment to gather her thoughts. I sat on the couch and half watched the video. Five minutes later she came back out having changed into her conservative silky floor length nightgown. Afraid to look up at her, not knowing what to say, I spoke, welcome back sis.”

“I’m ok brother, but what we were doing was wrong,” Diane said sitting back beside me and patting my knee. Then I looked directly into her face and was utterly shocked at the image radiating from my sister. I refused momentarily to believe it. IT was a brilliant flashing gold with and up arrow. I shook my head from side to side in disbelief.

“Take her,” the audio unit spoke. My sister would do nothing about her lustful thoughts as societal taboos would prevent her from taking the final leap into incest. As the video played on I could feel my sister squirm on the couch. I was having a war in my head between my lustful thoughts and being a proper brother.

Standing up beside my sister I ripped off my clothing deciding to pay close attention to the image in case she changed her mind and didn’t want to be ravaged as the gold image indicated. Totally nude I sat down Şişli Escort Bayan beside her. Diane had a puzzled look on her face and could say nothing but the image was as bright as ever.

Looking her in the eyes I swallowed hard and reached out and cupped her large melons and smashed my mouth into her kissing her passionately. Diane put her arms up to fend me off. But, I ignored her struggling as the image was still burning bright and shoved her flat on her back to the couch.

Her protests quickly died as she clawed her nails deep into my back. As I nibbled and bit on her back a new kind of image appeared. The gold image remained glowing brightly but in the center of it other colors would appear in a circle indicating what particular act my sister was thinking of as part of the larger act.

I took these more as guideposts and suggestions continuing to do what felt right to me and what I was hungry for. I figured I was ok as long as the gold burnt brightly. Our pelvises ground together as I savagely bit and nibbled on her ear, neck and shoulders. Excitedly Diane cried out, “Fuck yes take me! Go ahead and rip the fucking gown and panties off. I need cock in my pussy; your fucking cock now!”

On my second attempt the material of the gown gave way and I tore straight down her belly exposing her perfect globes. IN seconds my mouth and hands were feverishly giving her tits a workout. Her hands were nearly tearing out my hair as I moaned, “Admit it sis, you’ve wanted my cock forever, haven’t you?”

“Fuck yes and I don’t expect to wait another fucking second. Get that fucking thing inside of me this fucking second,” she growled while slamming her hips up to meet mine nearly knocking me off of her. Hotter than ever I rolled off of her and reached to rip off her panties but she beat me to it. In a fit of lust she ripped the sides out of the string bikini.

As she spread her legs the material fell to the sofa revealing a very hairy but neatly trimmed blonde forest. My gawking was interrupted by my sister yanking the hell out of my arm to pull me on top of her. I gave no resistance and soon was between her legs with her hand pumping my cock, flicking it against her clit. I asked, “Are you sure?”

“Shut up and ram it in now mother fucker,” she demanded. Pulling my hips back I plunged forward burying my length into my own sister’s hot pussy. She was unbelievably tight but seemed to suck my entire length in and soon was engulfing me like a custom fit glove. Pulling back I rammed in again my balls slapping against her crotch.

“So, you want it rough, huh! Take this sis, “I moaned as I pounded her like a jackhammer. She pulled my lips to hers and kissed me wildly as she clawed my ass cheeks. Pulling myself up I smashed my hands into her tits and mauled them. The next thing I knew we were on the floor my cock still inside her with her on top.

“Bite the fuckers,” Diane ordered as she slapped her boobs against my face. Her fingers were now working on her clit as I attacked her tits. I bit, licked and sucked for all I was worth as I thrust my cock up to meet each of her pussy’s downward strokes. It didn’t take long for me to shoot massive quantities of my seed into her twat. She screamed out several times that she was cumming.

Panting she sat up and I thought we were done for the moment anyway. But, as she lifted her bottom up a bright brown image surrounded her. Diane grabbed my slimy member and arched her back and pressed the head against her butt hole. Grunting out loud she pushed down hard and my cock popped into her bowels.

Before I knew it I was butt fucking her as she rode me hard. As she rode an orange glow appeared. Without any hesitation I swatted her ass over and over. This only caused her to ride me even harder. In no time we had both cum again and collapsed to the floor arm in arm. I nursed on her boobs until we got into my bed together.

As I used the bathroom I turned off the unit and let nature take its course the rest of the night. We had fun until about 1:00 in the morning exploring each other in ways that are taboo for siblings. We ate breakfast together and agreed not to do this regularly but from time to time when the mood suited both of us we would reunite in bed. Diane also informed me that she wasn’t normally a fan of rough sex but on occasion found it refreshing.

We kissed passionately as I headed out the door for work. I made a couple of adjustments in the unit so I wouldn’t see everyone’s sexual appetite but only their appetite toward me. Over the next several days I had many exciting and interesting experiences and enjoyed every one of them. On Thursday night I did take out Julie for a romantic candlelight dinner and a bit of dancing. Periodically various dim glows surrounded my date.

When we got back to her place there was the now familiar tan glow and she asked me in for a drink. In minutes we were standing in her kitchen with my ass against the counter smooching and kissing. She pushed away and Escort Şişli suggested that we at least sit down. After making it to the front room she pointed to the floor explaining that she liked to stretch her legs. Our smooching resumed and we chatted about things that turned us on and off.

The colors of her image seemed to change with each touch and each word. As soon as her glow turned true blue I unbuttoned her blouse slowly and helped her out of it followed quickly by her bra. Julie then slid onto my lap facing me and ran her hands through my hair as I kissed and caressed from breast to breast.

The more I kissed the lighter color of blue the image became until there was no mistaking that it had turned to baby blue. Our hands fumbled with one another’s pants until we were nude. Things proceeded much as you would expect as the image went to lilac as our breathing got heavy from playing with each other’s genitals.

Hurriedly, I moved my face between her thighs and licked her creamy pussy. Julie wrapped her small hand around my cock. Then, suddenly, the image turned from lilac to a flashing yellow with the up arrow. I had only given her clit a few swipes of my tongue when I saw the signal and decided to proclaim, “I have to piss!”

“Me, too,” Julie answered dropping my cock to the carpet. Here was the opening I needed. I moved my face near hers and smiled broadly.

“Let’s go together,” I whispered as seductively as I could muster. The yellow glow was as bright as ever and still flashing as we stood up and passionately kissed. We smooched all the way to the bathroom as she played with my ass hole and I lightly teased her piss hole. The fact was that we both did really have to urinate.

Without saying anything I guided her to her bathtub and we climbed in. Our petting and kissing grew even more feverish as I ground my thigh against her crotch. It wasn’t on my code list but a large “B” appeared in her image which I assumed meant that she wanted to both do the pissing and receive my piss as we played together.

“Let it go sexy lady,” I moaned as I bent my knees and positioned my erection directly under her pussy. The hot shower of urine caused my cock to twitch excitedly. Quickly I slid down her body as her piss covered my stomach and chest warming me up. She still had plenty left when I covered her piss hole with my mouth and greedily drank every drop. Her tangy and hot juices tasted glorious.

Standing up we kissed as she licked my lips clean of her own urine. Backing away I took aim at her body. First, I sprayed piss right in the middle of her boobs and then drew a line down to her clit and hit the bull’s eye. Stopping momentarily I gave her a moment to get onto her knees. When I resumed my flow she drank as if she was dieing of thirst.

With my bladder soon empty my date began to suck my cock until it was swollen to its full seven inches. Her tongue feverishly licked her piss from the sides. It didn’t take long for me to shoot into her skilled mouth. We spent the next couple of hours engaged in more typical activities having the time of our lives.

Friday night came around and I went out for happy hour with the usual office gang. There was a lot of flirting going on between us and with other bar patrons. But, for some reason, I wasn’t very into it. I was enjoying just sitting there sipping my Tom Collins not in a very sexual mood as I was satisfied in that regard.

But as the evening got later and later the drinks had an effect on me. A lady at the next table over and I kept exchanging glances. By then the music had started up and I looked her way again. As our eyes fixed on each other a medium bright green image surrounded her. Summoning up my courage I asked her to dance.

We danced to several songs and I found out Janet was in town for a weekend convention. They were staying in the hotel that the bar was in and were finished with their activities for the day. She was thinner than most girls I had spent time with but had sexy legs that went on forever which she showed off to full effect in the short skirt she wore.

Her tits were not large maybe B or C cup and her butt was average size. But, when you put it all together she was hotter than hell. With each beat of the music the green got a bit brighter and my own desire increased. When a slow ballad came I figured she would want to sit down but, instead she snuggled up tight against me.

Our hips were soon grinding hard into each other. Janet held me tight to the point we could not move much. I slid both of my hands to the top of her firm athletic ass caressing her. The green was blindingly bright and flashing. Gently I leaned against her cheek and nibbled on her ear lobe and whispered, I want to make love to you.”

“Be truthful, you want to fuck me, don’t you?” she replied squeezing me extra tight. Janet continued our pseudo- dance still grinding against my body. Encouraged I knew honesty was the best policy in this case.

“You caught me sexy lady; I want you so bad,” I cooed in her ear. Releasing her grip my dance partner pushed me totally free of her and then grabbed my hand and led me out of the bar stopping outside the hotel gift shop. After I confirmed that I didn’t have a condom she pushed me into the shop to buy some.

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