13 Kasım 2023

Collateral Ch. 11


The contact of skin on skin was maddening. There was friction, and Jake could say he appreciated the closeness, but it was making him feel like he could not have enough. So he parted his legs and pulled Klaus closer.

“You love playing with fire, Jake?” Klaus pushed and made their erections battle one another, as his deep blue eyes sank into Jake’s.

“This is … not enough,” he eventually chose to admit.

“Well, I did say that I would collect your brother’s debt from you, so let us just say this is not for your pleasure, but mine.”

“Really? There’s no way this is better than a mouth or a hand,” Jake protested.

“I feel closer to you like this,” Klaus explained and bit Jake’s lips playfully.

“It’s like dry humping,” he murmured as he kept the man on top of him in his arms.

He began caressing the taut back with slow moves. Just for the sake of experimenting, he dragged his short nails over the smooth skin. Klaus hummed in appreciation as he continued to lavish Jake’s neck with torturously slow kisses.

He was starting to get the hang of it. It was not as good as Klaus’s amazing mouth or skilled hand, but he loved the sensation of rubbing against the other, and feeling their bodies so well glued together. He tangled his legs with Klaus’s and began kissing the man back.

Suddenly Klaus stood up, leaving his arms.

“On your knees, on the bed,” the man ordered shortly.

He would have loved to comment something, especially about how hard Klaus was, and offer again to blow the guy, but he obeyed. There was no need for a repeat performance of that spanking episode. No matter how thrilling the sensation of being made to submit was, now he wanted nothing more but to be helped out of his misery.

Touching his cock and rubbing it, he assumed the position and Klaus sat behind him, grabbing his waist with one strong hand.

“Your legs together,” Klaus helped him, and he grimaced a little, feeling his balls a little too pressed.

When he felt the man’s cock sliding between his thighs, he turned his head.

“What kind of fucking is this?” he asked.

“The kind that will help me get off and torture you enough to reconsider my desire for your lovely behind,” Klaus replied with a small smile.

Jake snorted and grabbed his cock. Klaus’s free hand came over his right away.

“No touching, naughty boy,” the blond cooed into his ear.

“So I’m just supposed to sit here, like your sex doll, or something?” Jake protested.

“Exactly,” Klaus laughed. “My perfect sex doll.”

All right, so it was not that hard to just stay there, and be used. But Klaus was biting his neck and his hands moved all over, pinching his nipples, barely brushing over his erect cock, and doing all kinds of crazy stuff. Plus, the guy’s cock was just going in and out, pushing against his balls a little, and that was a little too exciting to help him keep up to the promise of just staying there, like the perfect sex doll he was supposed to be.

And this time, Klaus had staying power, too.

“Please,” he whispered.

“Please what?” Klaus smiled wickedly.

“Touch me.”

“It is nice to hear you say please,” his owner joked a little more.

“Klaus, I need your hand on my cock,” he added.

“Demanding,” Klaus chuckled.


“What are you willing to give?”

“I don’t know … maybe you can put a finger in my ass?”

“A butt-plug.”

“No way! Two fingers?”

“Three and we have a deal,” Klaus admitted.

“Okay,” he took in a mouthful of air and exhaled it in one go.

Just like that, he was pushed on his back, and Klaus was on top again, kissing him and this time, thankfully, rubbing his dick.

“Alright, since you are willing to open up a little, let us see to it,” Klaus spoke, breaking the kiss.

The guy seemed a little bit too cheerful. It made Jake suspicious. He watched as Klaus moved about, yet another opportunity to stare at the man’s perfect body. When the bottle of lube dropped by his side, he flinched.

“I thought you were an Outsider,” Klaus laughed. “Proud and unafraid.”

“Any guy would be afraid of getting his ass plowed like this. A straight guy, I mean.”

“Oh. Are you straight, Jake?” blue eyes twinkled with amusement.

“No,” he huffed. “I don’t know what I am.”

“Let’s find out,” Klaus cooed and caressed his cock and balls slowly. “The more you spread, the easier it will be.”

“Should I put my ass up?” he asked. “I suppose it would be easier.”

Klaus bit his lips, and it seemed like he was trying not to laugh gaziantep escort out loud.

“Yes, definitely. I would appreciate having you with your ass properly exposed.”

He pushed himself up and turned. Leaning against his elbows, he risked a look back. Klaus looked pretty much like a kid on Christmas morning, finally allowed to open the gifts.

It wasn’t easy to keep cool, while something wet poured over his crack. But he looked straight ahead, trying hard not to think that he was really stepping in dangerous territory now. Klaus was gentle, while probing him slowly. Alright, it was not so bad.

A finger slipped inside and he stopped breathing for a second. The sensation was not bad at all. Actually, it felt … nice. The finger curled, exploring, and this time, a small sound left his lips.

“All good, Jake?” Klaus teased.

“Yeah,” he replied.

He grabbed one pillow and pushed his face into it, muffling the small moans he could no longer prevent. Klaus’s hands were hard at work now, one playing with his ass, the other determined to rub his stiff cock, in a rhythm he could only find better than any thrill ride he had ever been in.

The finger in his ass no longer felt like that much an intrusion. But, when Klaus began adding the second, the stretch was real. He made a small distressed sound, but just grabbed the pillow tightly.

“Do not worry. Seeing that I have every intention to use your ass thoroughly, I would not allow myself to cause even the slightest damage.”

“Easy for you to talk,” Jake mumbled.

“Easy? Here I am, servicing you again, while I resign to be neglected, once more,” Klaus joked.

“If you don’t want your dick sucked, what can I do?”

“At least make a promise,” Klaus offered, his voice a little sly and serpent like.


“If I get three fingers in your ass, and you come from this, I am entitled to penetrate you.”

“No way … I’ll just come because you jerk me off,” Jake protested.

“Alright, no hands.”

There was soon no hand on his dick and he whimpered in frustration. Now all his focus had to be on how slowly Klaus’s fingers moved in and out of his ass. He grabbed a pillow and stuffed it under him. From there, it was just so easy to hump it.

“How can you be this much of a cheater?” Klaus huffed, but Jake could tell the guy was amused.

The pillow was unceremoniously dragged away and he was left with nothing but air for his cock to push against.

“Do you like this?” Klaus cooed softly. “What I do to you?”

“It’s kinda strange, but it’s … okay, I guess,” Jake whimpered and let his forehead on his linked forearms.

“Okay? You are dripping,” Klaus made a small demonstration by rubbing the index finger from his free hand against Jake’s tip.

“Fuck,” Jake inhaled sharply.

His body was feeling strange all right. Strange, but aroused, to a point that he could not hold it in. Fuck pride and everything. He chose to beg.

“Klaus, please,” he murmured.

“What? What are you asking for, Jake?”

“Jerk me off,” he replied quickly.

“A deal is a deal,” Klaus chided him affectionately. “I have made no secret of my desire to impale your beautiful ass, and I am not going to back down from this challenge.”

“You can have it,” Jake said with determination.

“What? You will need to be clear about the terms,” Klaus spoke and continued his slow movement of stretching Jake little by little.

“My ass. You can have it. You can fuck me. Rip me a new one, I don’t care,” he said, and his voice was coming out in small, sharp outbursts.

“Oh, are you sure?”

Jake moved quickly and grabbed the man with one hand to pull him into a kiss. The hand in his ass finally stopped and slid out. Their eyes were unfocused as they stared at each other.

“I’d say fuck me now, but I’m chicken, okay?” Jake looked aside and bit his lips.

“The moment I have clearance on you that you are clean, I will fuck you,” Klaus said simply. “I allow you to be chicken tonight and I will give you what you want.”

Jake was now plastered with his back against Klaus, and a merciful hand descended upon his erection. He could not say how that felt like. Klaus was making himself busy with the other, to get inside from behind.

He had no idea he could make such strange noises. Klaus was working him good, fucking him with skilled fingers deep inside his ass, and rubbing his cock at the same time. Jerking off had never been this fun. He watched somewhat in disbelief as he came all over the sheets. It was like the best thing he had ever felt; he came from somewhere, so deep, that he could feel like his entire body was coming, not just his cock.

He was lucky Klaus was holding him when all was over, or he would have crashed against the bed like a stupid fly against a windshield.

“Better?” the man asked and began to slowly pepper his sweaty neck and shoulders with small kisses.

“Fuck,” he whispered.

“Well, congratulations,” Klaus laughed and moved away from him. “Now go hit the shower.”

Jake moved, wondering what that amazing feeling, seeping right into his bones, was. He made his way to the bathroom, with Klaus following closely behind, a hand on the small of his back.

“Join me?” he asked, as he stepped under the relaxing spray.

Klaus just nodded. Soon, they were glued into a tight embrace and Jake was first to initiate the kiss this time.

“Let me just blow you, please,” he asked.

“Not one to be in debt, are you, Jake?” Klaus said as he carded his long fingers through raven hair, now wet from the shower.

“Never,” Jake replied simply and got on his knees.

“Let’s do something a bit different,” Klaus asked and Jake just nodded.


Klaus was enjoying this a bit too much. Was it the titillation of the promised reward? It could be, and he had thought so, until this moment. Jake was sitting on his knees, like a good boy, his hands in front, waiting for directions. There was fight in the young man, and fire, but there was something, a hidden part, longing to yield.

Maybe it was all happening because Jake felt indebted to him because of his brother’s stupid actions, and Klaus’s willingness to let things slide this one time. But no. That would have been a rickety explanation.

Klaus was simply enjoying this … no, Jake, too much. Strategizing for a new conquest usually ran its course through his mind down to the latest detail. Even to saying goodbye, and going different ways. But right now, with the boy at his feet, waiting patiently, his dark eyes so clear and honest, Klaus could not picture himself doing that.

He needed to take back the reins. This was getting out of hand, and as delicious as it seemed, it could be nothing good. He pushed the thought back for further examination. In all the dealings in his life, he had always walked the front door, sure and determined, always knowing that he was bound to win. There was no other possible outcome to consider.

“Open your mouth, and stick out your tongue,” he ordered, a bit too harshly.

Jake’s eyes grew a bit wider. Yet the young man did not oppose and obeyed. Klaus rubbed his cock against the boy’s mouth slowly. He was beautiful. Dark, but beautiful. The manners of a street urchin, which was to be expected, yet courteous in his own personal way. Klaus needed to make right by Jake, when everything was over. He had to think of something. The farewell gift had to be as valuable as he was getting right now.

“I must teach you how to take me deep,” he explained, and Jake just nodded slightly.

Jake’s hands rested against his thighs as soon as Klaus pushed in.

“Relax. Slowly, you can do it,” he cooed, and he could feel the boy willing himself to do exactly as told. “Yes, I know there is a gag reflex and that may feel like a lot, but it is not impossible.”

Jake was a fighter. The best kind. He never backed down. And teaching him, making him a skillful lover, was going to take a little while and that thing could only make him happy.

So many times before he had gotten bored with the men in his bed, before the plan had run its course. Right now, there was something in his mind, a little, self-righteous voice, telling him that it was not going to be the case. He pushed himself a bit more inside the boy’s mouth, feeling rewarded with how determined Jake was, as he stood there, letting himself used.

“You are doing great,” he caressed the black strands and pushing them away from the boy’s forehead. “I think it is enough this time. Just suck me off.”

He was not surprised to feel Jake’s lips wrapped so tightly around his erection. And the young man knew now how to move, another excellent example of his ability to learn and adapt quickly. He was going to be exquisite, and he was going to make other men happy, as soon as he was going to leave his home town and begin living his life to the fullest.

Now that was a stupid thing to envision. There was a surge of strange emotion running through his veins, making the hand he now held on Jake’s nape flex a bit too much. He knew he was too harsh right now, forcing the young man take too much, too soon, but the sudden fire in his blood was asking him to do it.

Luckily, Jake knew how to be clever about it. He grabbed Klaus’s cock at the base and gained control over the situation.

There were not going to be other lovers in Jake’s life. For this short time, he could entertain the idea. Impossible, but beautiful. Just like the young man kneeling in front of him right now. And it made his release just so much better, although he barely registered how Jake’s tongue lapped at the remains gingerly, long after the deed was done.

“You okay?” Jake asked, his voice a bit raspy and unsure. “You seemed a bit far away right now,” he explained as he got up, rubbing his knees with a little wince.

“You just made me saw heaven and you need to ask?” Klaus chose to joke, cursing inwardly at the young man’s ability to sense such things.

Jake smiled and winked at him.

“There’s more where I come from,” he joked and laughed in that uncouth manner of his that was making Klaus feel a strange sort of excitement he could not pinpoint and explain.

He pulled the boy closer and kissed him.


“Should I go to my room now?” Jake asked. “Since we’re done here,” he added quickly.

“No. Let’s just change the sheets, and sleep. I am not as young as you, you know,” Klaus smiled, picked a clean change of sheets from the closet and threw it at Jake.

The young man knew how to be efficient about house chores. Klaus followed him with his eyes. Jake hadn’t even thought to ask for help. Maybe he was used to do such things at home.

They were both on their backs, the only light in the room the moon filtered through the slightly drawn curtains.

“What do you like most, Jake?” Klaus asked, enjoying the sensation of having the boy’s hair tickling his shoulder as Jake was leaning into him.

“Like what to do? Or what things I like?”

“Things. What is your biggest wish? A car? A loft apartment? Money to last you a lifetime?”

“Hmm,” Jake seemed to ponder. “Are you trying to find out what I want for Christmas? Because that’s a weird way to do the digging, you know?”

Klaus laughed.

“What if I am?”

“There’s still a long time until then. Like six months or so,” Jake said. “But really, anything will do. Except for those stupid ugly sweaters.”

“So, you’re okay with the car or the apartment? Or both? I also need to know your preferred location.”

Jake moved and it looked like he was trying to stare at Klaus in the dark. Klaus could only make the contour of his silhouette.

“You’re joking, right?”

“What if I’m not?”

“Then you’re crazy,” Jake snorted.

“I can afford it,” Klaus said, feeling slightly affronted.

“That’s not the issue,” Jake continued. “How am I supposed to throw a car after you? The apartment is really out of the question,” he chuckled.

“Why would you throw away …” Klaus felt a bit lost at Jake’s words.

“You know. When we’ll break up. Anything smaller would work. Yeah, even an ugly sweater. Like I can take it out of the closet and throw it after you and say: And take your stupid sweater with you!”

“Oh, I am impressed. Have you already planned all the details?” Klaus laughed, but only half-heartedly.

“Well, it will happen,” Jake said matter-of-factly. “Hans said …”

“Could you not speak of another guy while you are in bed with me?” Klaus cut him short.

“Whatever. You don’t do happy-ever-afters. Your words,” Jake said. “So we will break up. I have to be prepared for that.”

“Sometimes you are a bit more of an annoyance than I thought you would be,” Klaus pulled the young man back on the pillows.

“Whatever. But just know this. I won’t be one of your exes you get to write e-mails back and forth and stuff like that. I won’t follow you on Twitter. And I don’t even want to know your Facebook.”

“I don’t use social media that much,” Klaus replied, biting his lips and trying hard not to laugh.

“You catch my drift,” Jake shrugged and ducked deeper under the covers. “I won’t be your friend.”

“Really? Why not?” Klaus now expressed his consternation.

“Because I will hate you,” Jake answered and turned his back, dragging most of the blanket with him.

“Are you sure? There is no other way around it?” Klaus questioned, and dragged the blanket back to him, along with the man wrapped inside it.

“How could it be?” Jake asked, but his question sounded like he was only asking himself that. “If I don’t hate you, it will only mean that none of this was real.”

Klaus opened his mouth to come back with a smart retort. But his mind just hit a wall, and he realized that, at least for the moment, silence was gold.

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