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Cockatoo Part 5


Cockatoo Part 5Cockatoo Part 5Following the call to Kritsada, I stayed in Cockatoo, chatting to Ninwho had brought me another beer. I asked her to join me for a while, andwe talked about last night. She had really hated Tony and was delightedwith what we had done. I was quietly impressed; she was pretty, herEnglish was excellent, had a great sense of humour and a charmingpersonality. I didn’t know if Alex or Areeya had mentioned the job toher, so I didn’t say anything, preferring to leave it to the girls. Iasked her again not to mention anything about Sam to Areeya or Alex. Shewas obviously uncomfortable about it, but she agreed. I told her I wouldtake any blame and that it would be sorted very soon.I drifted down the strip, stopping at one of the massage shops for aThai massage, performed by a very attractive masseuse. I politelydeclined the offer of extra services but tipped her well, and fullyrelaxed, I strolled back to the apartment to find Alex dozing on one ofthe sofas on the balcony. I took a beer, sat down beside her and watchedher sleep. Her face was almost c***dlike as she lay there, seeminglyuntroubled by anything. I sipped my beer and thought about how far I hadcome since my first evening here on Samui. It still seemed unreal thatso much had happened to me since then. I smiled to myself as Iremembered my shock when I met Alex, and how I had fallen for her soquickly. As if aware I was thinking about her, she stirred, opened hereyes and smiled up at me.‘Hello baby.’ she said softly, stroking my face with her fingers.I bent down to kiss her and she wrapped her arms lazily around my neckpulling me down onto the sofa. She rolled over to make room for me and Ilay down beside her. She felt warm and soft, as someone does who hasjust woken up. We kissed for a while before her hands started to driftbeneath my t-shirt where her fingers found my nipples, which immediatelyhardened under her touch. They were still tender from the other night,but she was gentle this time. I sat up and pulled the shirt over my headand as I lay down again, she started to use her tongue on my now rockhard nipples. My nipples have always been sensitive anyway, and the wayshe was licking and sucking them now was getting my very excited. Iundid the buttons on the light cotton blouse she was wearing, one byone, kissing her skin as it was revealed. She lay back and let me fullyundo the blouse, and opened it completely to let me lick her nipplesthrough the lace of her bra. I felt them stiffen even through thematerial and she whispered, ‘Oh, I like that.’ I gently pulled down the front of the bra so I could reach her nipplesand I swirled my tongue around one, and then the other, returning to thefirst to suck the diamond hard nub. Alex moaned softly as I moved up toher neck with long, slow licks. She tilted her head back and I kissedthe side of her neck, making her purr like a kitten. Her hands wentround my head and she brought me up so that we could kiss, our lips andtongues playing with each other, slowly and sensuously. She probed mymouth with her tongue for a while and then slid off the sofa onto herknees. Pulling me up into a sitting position she pushed me back againstthe back of the sofa, her hands stroking their way across my chest. Shestopped as she saw I still had some redness from the other night, whenher nails had scored their way across my skin. She softly kissed the redtracks, then kissed and sucked my nipples again. I closed my eyes andlaid my head back as she bathed my nipples with her lips and tongue andthen her teeth nipped one, but the small, sharp pain merely heightenedthe pleasure this time.I felt her drop her hands down and she undid the belt of my shorts andopened the zip. I had not worn boxers today, so my cock stood straightout and I felt her kiss the tip. I kept my eyes closed as I wanted toconcentrate on the sensations I was feeling. She took my cock in herhands and stroked it up and down then sliding back the foreskin, uncovering the head. I nearly jumped off the sofa as she blew gently across it, before licking the tip. Giggling to herself, she pushed it back against my chest and licked from root to tip, three or four times, making me arch my back. She blew across the head one more time beforecurling her tongue around it and finding my little sweet spot betweenthe head and the shaft. Wrapping her fingers around it, Alex slowlystarted to move her hand to and fro, at the same time taking my balls inher other hand, making me moan in pleasure once more. She must have let some saliva drop onto the shaft to lubricate it as shebegan to move her fingers faster and faster. I felt her wrap her lipsaround the head and as the tip of her tongue found it’s way into theslit, I nearly bounced off the sofa in surprise. Alex shoved me backdown against the sofa and I tilted my head back, still with my eyesshut. Alex now plunged her mouth over my cock and took me deep until Ifelt her nose touch my skin. Her head was moving up and down and I couldfeel myself harden as my climax began to build. Sensing this Alex sloweddown, taking me to the edge, and then pulling back, prolonging theclimax. She moved back slightly and worked on the head, her tongueflicking and licking the most sensitive parts. She stopped suddenly, yanked my shorts down and pushed a finger into mymouth. I sucked hard on it as she moved it in and out through my lips.Pulling her finger from my mouth, she pushed my legs apart and momentslater, I felt her finger slipping into my hole. I squirmed at first asshe moved it deeper into me and then withdrew. She was teasing me byrubbing between my balls and my hole, making me moan out loud once more.I was now jerking my hips as she slid her finger in and out I felt theclimax growing deep within me. Alex, sensing I was now so close, oncemore wrapped her fingers around my shaft and pumped hard, keeping herlips locked around the head. I threw my head back once more and groaned,‘I’m coming, I’m coming now.’ I felt myself spasm as my cum pumped intoher mouth and Alex kept her lips tight around the head, swallowedeverything as I jerked three of four times, and then fell back. As Islumped back against the sofa, I heard people giggling. I snapped myeyes open to see Areeya and Sam standing on the balcony, smilingbroadly.Areeya started to clap and said, ‘That was lovely, we really enjoyed theshow, thank you.’‘bloody hell, Areeya, you will make me stroke out one day.’ I lookeddown at Alex, who was grinning like a chimp. ‘Did you know they werethere?’‘Of course I did, I had my eyes open. I didn’t think you wanted me tostop.’ ‘You could have warned me.’ I grumbled.Standing up, Alex said, ’Where would the fun have been in that?’I managed to do up my shorts and found my t-shirt.‘Hello you two, did you have a good time?’ Alex asked, kissing them bothon the cheek. Somehow, I had managed to get my t-shirt stuck around myears, and Alex had to come and get me free. I stood up and rathersheepishly greeted Sam and Areeya.“How was the trip? Sam jumped in, ‘It was wonderful. The other side of the island is sopretty and the snorkelling was fantastic. We had a great time thanks.’ She seemed so buzzed, it didn’t feel like she had found out about Tony.Yet again, I had that nagging feeling that I might have got this allwrong, but I had clearly seen them together. I needed to be verycareful, and very sure of my facts before I did anything. Sam sat down and said to Alex, ‘How was it over here?’Alex smiled, ‘Oh fine, nothing exciting, although we did have a pestcontrol problem.’‘Oh, what was that about?’ asked Sam.‘Oh, we had to get rid of a big rat, that’s all.’ Areeya sniggered andSam gave her an odd look.‘What? Here at the restaurant, or the bar?’Alex grinned, ‘It was just an annoyance, nothing more than that. Problemsolved.’I was watching Sam closely, but nothing in her face led me to think sheknew what we were talking about. Sam stood up and said, ‘If it’s OK withyou guys, I’ll go back to the boat and get changed before dinner.’Alex said she needed to go sort out the restaurant for tonight’s serviceand Areeya wanted to have a sleep before we met for dinner. I said Ifancied a massage so I would walk into town with Sam on her way to theboat. We headed off to the strip and chatted casually about the trip onthe boat until I said I’d changed my mind about the massage, I woulddrop into Cockatoo instead. We parted company and I did go to Cockatoo,but nodded to Nin and then walked straight out the back and followed Samfrom a distance. She didn’t appear to have any idea that she would befollowed and it was pretty easy to keep tabs on her. As I had guessed, she didn’t turn off to the pier, but walked on to thehotel where Tony had been staying. She went straight in and emerged afew minutes later with a puzzled look on her face. if there was ever anydoubt, there was none now. She was involved with Tony up to her neck.She looked around, clearly confused by Tony’s departure, then walkedtowards the pier and was obviously heading for the boat. I followed heronto the pier and caught up just as she was about to board the boat. ‘Sam.’At the sound of my voice she whirled around.‘James, what are you doing here? I thought you were at Cockatoo.’‘Sam, we need to talk, right now.’‘About what? Can’t it wait until later?’‘No, we have to talk now, Sam, before you see Areeya tonight.’She started to look worried, catching the look on my face. ‘Er, OK, let’s talk on board.’We walked onto the boat and sat down at the table.‘Sam, I want some honest answers, what’s your relationship with Tony?’Her face went blank, ‘Tony? Tony who?’‘Sam, don’t treat me like a fool, you know perfectly well who. Tony, thejournalist who wrote the stories about Alex, Areeya and me after thepirate attack. He’s been here trying to shake us down. You’ve been seenmeeting him, and please don’t deny it, because I have the photographs toprove it. You just went to the hotel where he was staying to find he’sgone.’‘Her face dropped, You were following me?’‘Sam, you’ve been caught red handed, don’t deny it, just tell me thetruth.’‘Where is he? I won’t tell you anything, until I know where is.’‘He’s back in London. he’s been scared, but unharmed.’ Not strictly true,but I wasn’t going to tell her that yet.Sam leant back in the chair, blew out a long breath and looked out tosea.‘OK, OK. Does Areeya know anything about this? she asked, still notlooking at me.‘No,’ I said, ‘Only me so far. I wanted to hear your story before I didanything.’She finally looked at me and I could see tears forming in her eyes.‘I’m sorry, James, things got out of hand, I’m really sorry. What youhave to know is that if i could roll back time I would do so in aheartbeat, I never meant to hurt any of you.’ She wiped her eyes,sniffed and went on, ‘Tony is my brother.’Shit, I thought, that was why he seemed vaguely familiar when I met him.‘My half brother, actually. My dad died and Mum married again, and hadTony. there’s about three years difference between us. He had a goodfuture as a journalist once, but then the booze took hold and it wasdownhill from there. He might have had a future on one of the big papersonce, but it was a downhill slide to a grotty little regional paper.’ She paused, wiping her eyes again before continuing. ‘When the attackhappened and I was asked to come out here, he found out I worked for thesame company as you, and he pestered me for information. He was about toget sacked again, and he thought this story would save him, get him backup the ladder once more. I didn’t see any harm in it. I hadn’t met you,Areeya or Alex and it seemed so easy to pass on information about whatwas happening. But once he got his claws into me, he just kept comingback for more and more, threatening to expose me as his leak at thecompany. I hoped it would all die down, I didn’t know it would blow upas it did.’She looked at me, pleading with me to believe her.‘He kept on and on about it. It was getting him some attention from theother newspapers and he couldn’t stop. By the time I had got here andmet you, and Areeya and Alex, I stopped feeding him anything. I eventried to warn you as far as I could. He went beserk and by than, I thinkhe had done some digging on his own and came up with Areeya’s link withher father. He saw that as his big story, his route back to the big timeas an investigative reporter. I tried to put him off, but he flew out toThailand, and then on here. I was desperate to stop him, but I think hehad lost the plot completely now. he was always talking about getting apayoff from you all. He had come off the rails completely, I think. Hewas drunk most of the time and I tried and tried to get him to give upand go back to London, but he wouldn’t. Shi, shit, shit, I didn’t wantany of this to happen, I was trying to stop it, believe me.’She stopped and tears trickled down her face. ‘He promised he wouldn’tdo anything until I got back today. I was going to pay him to go home.I’m telling the truth, you have to believe me.’There was little doubt in my mind she was telling the truth; only apsychopath could fake the way she was telling this story, and I didn’tthink she was one.‘Why didn’t you tell us, or Areeya about this? Just come clean aboutit?’‘I thought I could deal with it, without getting anyone else involved. Ididn’t want to confess to you or Areeya, especially. I thought I had toomuch to lose. Fuck him, I should have walked away from him.’‘He’s family, Sam.’ ‘I know, but I’ve been hauling him out of shit for as long as I canremember. Now, he’s dropped me right into it.’She put her face in her hands and sobbed, her tears rolling down intothe deck.Without looking up she said, ‘What happened, James?’ ‘He was sniffing around Cockatoo, asking the girls questions. Theycalled me and I went down to see who he was. He didn’t recognise me, hewas too drunk. He told me he was a journalist after a story about me andAlex and Areeya, and our links with her father. He was so drunk he toldme a lot more than he should. We had him followed to the hotel where hewas spotted with you. I was the only one who knew that, but the othersknew about him. I thought he looked familiar, but now I know why. Alexwent mad, but we calmed her down and came up with a plan to scare himaway. I met him and asked him what he was really after. He wanted ahundred grand sterling to begin with.’‘The fucking fool,’ Sam shook her head. ‘He thought he was so smart.’‘We made him an offer of 50 US and he accepted. He came to the bar tocollect and, well, he wanted one of the girls as well.’Sam looked up and started to cry again.‘We d**gged him, and put the fear of God into him about what wouldhappen if he didn’t leave and forget about the story. You don’t need toknow the details Sam. He flew out this morning, and onto London. Hewon’t be coming back.’‘The stupid little idiot. He was so in over his head.’‘He’s lucky he was dealing with us, Sam. If he had gone up againstKritsada, it wouldn’t have gone well.’She had stopped crying, but sat there biting her lip and looking out tosea.‘What are you going to do, James?’I didn’t say anything for a few seconds. ‘To be honest, Sam, I don’tknow. I wanted to hear your side of the story, because even though Iknew you were involved somehow, it didn’t seem to square with what Ithought I knew about you. Whatever it was I expected to hear, it wasn’tthis.’Sam looked at me, distraught. I said, ‘Neither Alex, nor Areeya knows anything about this. I thinkthey need to know, but it shouldn’t be me who tells them.’‘You mean, I should.’I nodded, ‘As I see it, you have two choices, Sam. One, tell Areeyaeverything, as you have just told me. She will tell Alex, anyway. Theydon’t keep secrets from each other. If you’re not prepared to do thatthen you should leave straight away and tell Areeya it’s over betweenyou. I would not be able to keep this from Areeya. I believe what youtold me, Sam. It makes sense with what I know about you, but I can’tcover this up for you, it would be too much of a weight for me tocarry.’She looked everywhere but at me. ‘You’re right, I know. Can I borrowyour phone? I lost mine. I’ll tell Areeya I’m not feeling so good fordinner tonight. I’ll ask her to come back here and tell her tonight.’I handed Sam my phone, knowing that Areeya would realise I had beenhere, but that couldn’t be helped. Sam called and spoke briefly to Areeya, telling her that she had feltill in town and I had helped her back to the boat. Areeya would be onher way in a few minutes. Sam gave me the phone back, stood up and withtears in her eyes, said, ‘James, whatever happens, I want you to know Ithink you’re a great guy. Keeping this to yourself, and then listeningto me first means you’re stand up. Thank you.’She hugged me and went inside the cabin to wait for Areeya. I walked offthe boat, not wanting to be there when Areeya arrived. This had to bebetween the two of them. I took the side streets to get back to theapartment to avoid Areeya and found Alex on the balcony. She took onelook at my face and said, ‘What the fuck is going on. What have you beendoing?’‘I need a drink first, it’s a long story,’I got myself a scotch and Alex already had a beer. I sat down next toher and took her through the whole story, from when Nin first saw Samwith Tony, until tonight and finishing with Sam’s story. When I finishedAlex was quiet, normally a bad sign. I waited for an explosion, but nonecame. She went to fetch herself a beer and me another scotch.‘I feel so sorry for Areeya, I don’t know how she will take this. Iguess i feel sorry for Sam, too. I didn’t see this coming. I can see nowwhy Nin and Pao were behaving a bit oddly.’‘Don’t blame them,’ I said, ‘I asked them to keep it to themselves. Theyweren’t happy doing it, but it’s not their fault,’Alex looked at me and said, ‘Oh, I don’t blame them at all. I blame youentirely for it.’ She paused and then went on, ‘I don’t know whether topunch you in the face for keeping this from me, or to give you the fuckof your life as a reward for doing it this way. You took a big risk, youknow. It could have gone completely tits up.’I nodded, ‘You can’t say it’s gone well, but it didn’t make sense to methat Sam would be on Tony’s side. I had to find out the truth beforeblowing the whistle.’‘Do you think we were too hard on Tony?’ she said.‘No, I don’t think so, nothing we know now changes what he did, or wastrying to do. He got what he deserved.’Alex came and sat on my lap, ‘I told you that you didn’t know how goodyou were.’She nuzzled my neck and said, ‘Is there anything else you’re keepingfrom me?’‘Well, I have to go see Kritsada tomorrow. I have to sign the paperworkfor the buyout and to sort out the payment. it’s due in three days time.I know Kritsada will make me pay more if it’s late.’She laid her head on my chest. ‘I hope Areeya will be OK, should we gosee if she’s alright?’I put my arms around her and kissed her hair. ‘No. I think she wouldwant to handle this on her own, I think she will let us know what sheneeds.’We stayed like that for a while, listening to the sea and holding eachother. It must have been an hour later when we heard someone walkingslowly up the stairs. Areeya gradually appeared and Alex jumped off mylap, took one look at Areeya and ran over to her. She opened her armsand embraced Areeya. I stood up and slowly walked across to them asAreeya looked at me and tried to smile. Instead, she began to cry onAlex’s shoulder and I put my hand on her arm. Areeya put one arm aroundme and we were all hugging. Her tears hot on my skin as she criedsilently between Alex and myself. Areeya eventually stopped crying,grabbed hold of Alex’s hand and walked across to the sofa. They sat downon one and I took the other. She took a deep breath and said, ‘I’m sorryfor what has happened, and especially I’m sorry for and you, James. Youtook a lot on yourself and I thank you for that.’Alex aydın escort jumped in, ‘You have nothing to be sorry for Areeya. None of thiswas your fault and we feel so sorry you had to find out this way. Wewish this had never happened.’‘It goes for me too, Areeya.’She nodded and said, ‘Thank you both, but I feel such a fool. I wastaken in and should have realised something was happening.’I said, ‘I don’t see how, Areeya. It’s not your fault.’Alex said, ‘James, can you get us all a drink, please?’I went to fetch beers and when I returned Areeya had her head on Alex’sshoulder. We sipped our drinks for a few minutes, and then Areeya satup.‘Sam told me everything about her and Tony, I guess you both knew thestory now?’We nodded and Areeya went on. ‘What I don’t understand is why she didn’tjust tell me, us, what was going on before it was too late.’I said, ‘I think she had got so far in, she could only see one way out.She thought she had to sort it out herself.’‘What are you going to do?’ Alex asked gently.Areeya didn’t say anything for a while and then, ‘Alex, I don’t know. Ifeel sorry for Sam, having a brother like him, but she deceived mecompletely and I don’t know if I could ever trust her again. She isstaying on the boat tonight and then leaving for Bangkok in the morning.I need time to think about this. Above all, I need some sleep rightnow.’She stood up and headed off into the flat into the second bedroom.Alexwatched her go and started to cry, tears trickling down her face. Icradled her in my arms, rocking her gently.‘Come on,’ I said, ‘let’s go to bed, I think we all need some sleep.’ Iled Alex through to the bedroom where we undressed and lay on the bed.We must have drifted off to sleep at some point, because I was woken byAreeya gently sliding onto the bed and laying next to me, with Alex on the other side. I groggily put my arm around her and she snuggled into myside. She leaned over and kissed me once and whispered, ‘Thank you.’I woke later to find I was spooning Areeya and Alex was doing the sameto me. I was laying between the two people I loved most in the world,and I offered up a silent prayer that all would be well for us all. Alexwoke me with a cup of coffee and, as I came to, whispered, ‘ Areeya’s onthe balcony. Did you know she slept with us last night.’‘Yes, she woke me when she slipped into the bed. I think she needed tobe with someone after all.’We took our coffees out onto the balcony, where Areeya was sitting, herknees drawn up and her arms wrapped around them. We bent down to kissher and sat, content to quietly drink the coffee in the morning light. I reluctantly broke the silence. ‘Areeya, I am going to see your fathertoday in Bangkok to finalise the deal for the club buyout. Is thereanything you want me to say to him?’She thought for a moment, ‘No thank you, James. I need to speak to himsometime today, but thank you for asking.’ She sighed and then said, ‘Iam not going to sit here, how you say, moping. I am going to go down toCockatoo and see what’s been happening there. I have neglected it toomuch recently.’ I saw Alex raise her eyebrows, but I thought it would do Areeya good toget stuck back into some work.‘Will one of you talk to Nin about the assistant job?’ I asked. ‘Are you happy with Nin?’ asked Areeya. Before I could say a word, Alexsaid, ‘He wanted Pao as his assistant because he said her cock was nicerthan mine.’ She winked broadly at me. Areeya giggled, a lovely sound in the circumstances, ‘I don’t think so,Alex. You just made that up,’‘Oh, it’s closer than you think, Areeya.’ Which earned me an arm punchfrom Alex. I needed to get going to make my flight to Bangkok, so I toldthem I would see them both later, and headed to the wet room. I wasbooked back on the late flight so wouldn’t be back until well after 11.Alex offered to pick me up from the airport, but with the last ride Ihad with her in mind, I said I would get a taxi. It would allow her tokeep an eye on Areeya as well. I was soon on the way to the airport and in a couple of hours headinginto Bangkok. My first call was to the bank to finalise the arrangementsfor the money transfer. Everything seemed to be ready for the payment toKritsada in the next few days. I went on to my lawyers office to reviewthe paperwork which he had gone through and agreed the final draft withKritsada’s lawyers. There was, of course, no mention of the addedservices which I had agreed with Kritsada. That was to be entirelybetween the two of us. My final call was to Kritsada himself where Iwaited for a few minutes before being ushered into to see him in hisoffice.‘Ah James, it is so very nice see you as always,’He came from behind his desk and shook my hand with his usual machoaggressiveness. ‘I have as promised a little drink ready for us. Our wonderfulGlenDronach, it is always a pleasure to have a drink with someone whoenjoys it as much as I.’He poured two generous measures from a crystal decanter and we sat downon the sofas in the corner of the office. He took a sip and he indulgedin eye rolling and lip smacking which might have been comical in anyoneelse. I sipped mine and the smoky taste of the whisky worked it’s usualmagic for me.‘Sir, it is always a treat for me to drink this with you. It issumptuous, isn’t it?’‘sumptuous, that’s a lovely word to describe it. I will usesumptuous in the future.’ He rolled the word around a couple of timesto get used to it, and I could picture him using it to impress his Thaifriends. ‘Now, to business, James. We have to sign the papers and then theagreement is finalised. I want to ask you if this is what you want todo. It is still possible to back out, if you so wish.’‘That’s kind of you, but I do want to go ahead. Areeya and Alex are bothhappy with the arrangement and so am I.’‘That’s splendid, James.’He pulled out a Mont Blanc fountain pen and signed both copies of thepaperwork, then handed me the pen to do the same. I signed and thusbecame a business partner in a Ladyboy Cabaret. How things had changed.We took our copies of the paperwork and he leant back and looked at meover the top of his glass. ‘James, I must say again how very impressed was with the way you handledthe journalist. That could have become very difficult, but your actionsyet again prevented anything bad. There are, unfortunately, some enemiesof mine, competitors and so on, who would have been happy to see meembarrassed. Thank you.’He raised his glass in a toast. I responded and said, ‘thank you sir. Itwas in all our interests to see that he did not come back again,’He nodded and frowned, ‘Let me move on to how you might be able to helpme. As I hope you know, I regard you highly. You have a rare ability toact when others wouldn’t and you also have a clear mind. I think youwould be very useful to me in a troublesome matter.’I was still wondering how, but I said, ‘If I can be of help, then Iwould be happy to do so.’‘I have a problem in my interests in the entertainment industry here inBangkok. I have several clubs and bars in Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy andPatpong. Over the past few weeks I have become convinced one of mypeople is being disloyal. I am not only losing revenue but I believe thesame person is also leaking information to my competitors. I have ashortlist of people who it could be, but I need someone I can trust tofind out who exactly it is.’‘Sir, but I don’t know anything about the business.’He smiled, ‘Yet that didn’t stop you investing in it, James. I needsomeone who I can trust, who is very smart and can think and act ontheir feet. You, my friend, have proven that already. I also have acover story for you. I need to upgrade my business systems to help usbecome more efficient, even the sex business needs to have goodtechnology. I think it’s what you do, no? You would have free rein tolook into the businesses in order to complete that project. It wouldallow you to get an inside view of my businesses and to observe mypeople.’‘Kritsada, I am very flattered, but are you sure?’‘James, I am very sure. I don’t expect this to be for free, James. Therewould be a contract for the systems project which is very real, by theway, and there will be a bonus involved if it goes well.’‘How quickly do you need this done?’‘Very quickly, James. If you could start next week, I would be veryhappy. Perhaps you could spend two or three days here to meet the peopleand do an analysis of the systems and give me a first report? You couldalso use the time to do some research on your new investment. We havesome very good kathoey shows here in Bangkok.’I paused, it didn’t seem too difficult, the cover story would work and Icould combine it with my new business project. The extra money would beuseful too.‘OK, Sir, if you think I can do it, I’m in.’‘Splendid, James, let’s drink to it.’We clinked glasses and it was done. ‘Thank you, sir. I’m sorry I do have to dash, I wanted to buy some giftsfor the girls before I fly back to Samui tonight. If that’s all, I canbe on my way?’‘Yes, yes. I will be in touch with you shortly to make the necessaryarrangements. In the meantime, I hope your new project goes well. I hadgreat faith in the idea myself. I am sure you will make it a greatsuccess.’We shook hands and said goodbye at the lift and I headed down to thestreet level. I was going to get a taxi to the Siam Paragon Mall and asI walked over to the taxi stand I felt someone bump into me, andsomething hard was pushed into my side. I turned round and there weretwo Thai men in suits behind me, one had something in his hand which hewas pushing into my side. The other took my arm and began to walk metowards a large black car with tinted windows parked by the pavement.The one holding my arm said, very quietly in excellent English, ‘Sir, itis very important that you come with us. My colleague has a gun in yourside, any resistance will be painful for you.’It all happened so quickly, I didn’t have time to react. They opened theback door and pushed me inside and as my eyes adjusted to the suddenshade, I saw there was somebody else in the back seat. ‘Please do not be afraid, my name is Inspector Jandaeng, from the RoyalThai Police.’My heart was thumping in my chest as I tried to take in what hadhappened. I thought for a moment I was being k**napped by gangsters, butit was the police who had snatched me from the street.‘What the hell is going on? Why have you k**napped me?’‘Come, come, hardly a k**nap.’‘Your men stuck a gun in my side, and forced me into the car, what elsewould you call it?’He smiled, ‘I’m sorry if they startled you, but we didn’t want to causea big scene.’‘But why am I here at all? I haven’t done anything?’He was still smiling, but when a Thai smiles, it doesn’t always meanit’s funny.‘We had a talk with a fellow countryman of yours before he boarded hisflight to London yesterday, Mr Tony White. I believe you know him.’Fuck, I thought to myself, this wasn’t going to be good news.Jandaeng was wearing a pair of those mirror aviator sunglasses belovedof all Asian movie heavies. It obviously meant I couldn’t see his eyes,but even if I could see them, I guessed I wouldn’t learn much.He let me stew for a few minutes, hoping that I would say something tofill in the silence following his remarks about Tony. I said nothing,not willing to give away anything that Jandaeng didn’t already know.‘Mr White, do you know him? He says he knows you. He is a journalist Ibelieve.’‘Who? Tony the newspaper guy? If it’s him, I never knew his second name.He was in the bar on Koh Samui a lot, Seemed to be drunk most of thetime.’Jandaeng nodded, his eyes still concealed by those glasses.‘Mr White was found to be trying to smuggle what appeared to be a rareBuddha statue out of the country. That is a very serious offence. Do youhave any knowledge of this statue?’I shook my head, ‘No, nothing, Did he say I did?’Jandaeng wasn’t going to be drawn into answering my questions.‘Mr White claimed that he had no idea it was in his bag, and he had noidea where it came from. It turned out to be a fake, well made, butstill a fake.’He paused and took a wooden toothpick from his pocket and cleanedsomething from his front teeth. ‘He said that you might have something to do with it.’‘Me? Whatever for? I barely knew the guy. Had a few drinks with him, buthe was a bit unpleasant, Stayed away from him.’‘We have deported Mr White, for the attempted smuggling, but he madesome other claims about you.’‘Me?. What on earth were they?’‘He claims you k**napped him, threatened him and tortured him.’I tried to put on my most outraged face. ‘What? I k**napped him andtortured him? Why would I do that? I barely knew him. I didn’t doanything of the kind. That’s ridiculous.’Jandaeng stayed quiet for a few seconds, now chewing on the end of thetoothpick. He might look and act like a B Movie heavy, but I felt therewas a sharp mind there as well.‘So, you deny all those claims?’‘I do, of course, it’s nonsense. Was he drunk? He was most of the shorttime I knew him.’He laid back into the corner of the car, those mirror glasses may be acheap trick, but they were disconcerting. ‘Mr White certainly was an odd character, he seemed to have been fittedwith some, how do you say, sex devices.’‘He did strike me as an odd guy, so I guess nothing would surprise meabout him.’‘Many farangs come to Thailand for sex purposes, it is of no concern tome.’I hoped that would be it. ‘If that’s all your questions, can I go?’He smiled again, and I knew then there was more to come.‘Not yet. Mr White did make an interesting comment about yourrelationship with one of our prominent business people.’‘Oh, what did he say?’Jandaeng smiled and said, ‘I understand you have a relationship with thedaughter of Kritsada, is that so?’‘Well, she and I are partners in a business on Samui. I have just boughtout Kritsada’s share of the business. it’s all perfectly legal. I cancall him on the phone now if you want to check.’‘No, that won’t be necessary. I’m not interested in your business. I amhowever, interested in Kritsada. He has come to our notice recentlybecause he has decided to become involved in our politics. We have tokeep an eye on him as we do all who choose to try to influence thedirection our country goes in.’I was now alarmed. Politics in Thailand is notoriously chaotic andcorrupt. The country is ruled by a military junta, the National Councilfor Peace and Order. Their power is absolute, and they have imposedmartial law, banned political meetings and detained political leaders.If Kritsada is getting himself involved in Thai politics, he would beplaying a dangerous game.‘I have no idea what he does, my only involvement is buying out hisshare of our business. I’m not involved with him in anything else.’Jandaeng smiled again, ‘I don’t think that’s strictly true, is it? Ithink you will be doing some other work for him, I believe within hisbusiness?’That shook me. Kritsada and I had only just agreed that less than anhour ago. The only way Jandaeng could have known that is if he hadbugged Kritsada’s office. I stored that little nugget away; it was amistake for him to have let that slip.I blustered as much as I could, ‘I’m going to be doing some businesssystems work for him, it’s what I did before.’Jandaeng broke in, ‘As a foreigner, you know that we can declare youpersona non grata and have you deported and banned from coming backhere, don’t you?’Here it comes, I thought. ‘Yes, I guess you could, but I haven’t doneanything.’‘No, but that’s a mere detail, it has never stopped us before.’I knew he could do it and that he would in an instant if he wanted to. I sighed, knowing that he had me where he wanted me. ‘OK, what do youwant?’‘Ah, you understand my drift. Excellent. It’s very simple, all I needyou to do is to keep your eyes and ears open around Kritsada. I want toknow everything that he says to you, and I mean everything. Do youunderstand?’I nodded, ‘Yes, but it won’t be much, I don’t speak Thai and the onlythings we talk about will be the systems project.’He smiled, and this time there was no warmth in it at all. ‘I don’tcare, I want to know everything. If you don’t agree to do this, you willbe following Mr White out of the country. I don’t think your two friendson Samui would want that, do you? Don’t think of warning Kritsadaeither. If I find out you have warned him in any way, then it won’t justbe you on your way out, it will also be your little blonde kathoey.Please don’t forget my men carry guns.’I nodded my head. At that moment I couldn’t see a way out of it. I hadto agree and work out how to deal with this later.‘OK, i guess I have no choice, do I? You have made it very clear howlimited my options are.’‘Good, we will contact you when you arrive back in Bangkok. You are freeto go now.’I grabbed the door handle and as I made to leave, Jandaeng leant overand said, ‘When Mr White went through security at the airport, he keptsetting off the scanner. Eventually they found out it was something onhis penis that was setting off the alarm. Everybody thought it was veryfunny. But, of course, you didn’t know anything about that, did you?’I got out of the car, and it sped away. I found I was shaking and feltvery alone. Finding a nearby wall to sit on, I tried to calm down and gather my thoughts. I had no doubt that Jandaeng could and would carryout his threat to me. The thought of being torn away from the place thatI now regarded as the only home I had was too much to bear. I was nowfirmly between the hammer and the anvil. I had to come up withsomething, anything, to get me out from there. Right now, I had no ideawhat that would be. I simply wanted to get back to Samui and to be withAlex and Areeya. I had stopped shaking by this time, but was now feelingsick at the mess I had gotten myself into. I knew I was in way over myhead. I thought about going straight back to Kritsada and telling himeverything, but realised that Jandaeng would probably have someonewatching me, so dismissed that idea. I needed to get back to Samui andto gather my thoughts.I hailed a taxi to go to the airport and was soon flying back to Samui.For the second time in a few days I was heading back there, desperatelytrying to work out what to say when I arrived. It was after midnightwhen I arrived back at the apartment and everything was dark. I openedthe front door and could make out two shapes on the bed. Areeya’s hairwas spread out around her head like a halo and she had her arm d****dover Alex’s waist. Alex was snoring gently, something she tried to denyshe did at all. They were both naked, and the sight of them lying theretogether brought a catch to my throat. I sat on one of the chairs and Icould feel tears pricking at the corners of my eyes as I watched themsleep. I thought about sleeping in the other room and then decided thattonight, I needed to feel someone next to me. I took off my clothes andslid as gently as I could onto the bed next to Alex. she stirred, butdidn’t wake, so I leant across and kissed her on the forehead. Sheseemed to smile, and I watched her until I too, slipped into sleep.I was kneeling in front of a huge statue of Buddha, who smiled at me andopened his mouth to speak. His words seemed to come from far away andtry as I might I could not hear what he was saying to me. I became angrybecause I knew that these were the secrets of life and I would neverhave the chance to hear them again. I began to shout at the Buddha tospeak up, but all he did was to smile. I shouted louder and the statueof the Buddha began to dissolve in front of me.‘James, James, you’re dreaming. It’s only a dream. Come on, wake up.’I opened my eyes to look straight at Alex, her face full of concern.‘You were shouting something about never having the chance again.’I pulled her close to me and hugged her tight.‘I’m sorry, bad dream.’ She stroked my face with her fingers and kissed me. ‘That’s alrightbaby, you’re awake now. You’re afyon escort safe.’ She ran her fingers down to mychest and followed them down with her lips. Pushing me onto my back, shetook a nipple between her lips and gently sucked it until it grew hardand she pinched it between her teeth. I tried to move my hands to touchher, but she rolled onto my chest, straddled me and pushed my arms abovemy head and held them there. ‘Let me take control, baby,’ she whispered into my ear, ‘just let me bein charge.’I nodded, and she reached over and pulled a silk scarf from the bedsidetable, tying it around my eyes as a blindfold. She moved onto the othernipple, licking and sucking until it was hard as well. My cock began toswell as she kept my hands pinned above my head, and began to move herhips, grinding herself against my groin, and I could feel her cockgrowing as it slid over mine. She continued to roll her hips, and Imoaned as I could feel our cocks rubbing between us. She let go of myhands with one of hers, but kept the other holding me down, and slippedtwo of her fingers past my lips into my mouth. I licked and sucked herfingers as if it was her cock invading my mouth as she slipped them inand out. She let go of my hands completely, but I kept them where theywere above my head, as if she were still holding them there. Slidingdown my body, she kissed her way down my chest, licking and nipping theskin between her teeth. In total darkness from the blindfold, Isurrendered myself to her, feeling my will slip away as she slid herfingers over my tummy, giving me butterflies inside. She must haveraised her head up as I felt her hair flick against my cock which wasnow standing up hard. I winced as she did so although there was no realpain involved. Alex blew across my cock head, a gesture guaranteed toget me going, and I moaned from somewhere deep in my throat.Submitting to Alex gave me a feeling of release, almost of freedom, asthe stress of the previous day melted away as I gave myself up to her.It felt so liberating to be controlled, to be able to simply do asdirected, to do without thinking or questioning. ‘Turn over,’ she said, ‘onto your stomach. Keep your hands above yourhead.’I turned over, raising my hands above my head. I felt her straddle meand her cock bounced against my back. She leant forward and tied myhands with something soft, maybe another scarf. I felt the last vestigeof control slip away from me as she tied my hands although the bindingwas so slight as to be symbolic. She kissed her way down my back, herhair tickling me as she moved down. I flinched a little as her tongueslid around my hole, but it soon gave way to pleasure as she lappedaround my rosebud. She drew her fingernails down my back and I arched asI felt them sc**** across the skin. It wasn’t painful as she didn’tbreak the skin, but in total blackness every movement, every feeling wasmultiplied. I jumped as I felt the lube she smeared around my hole, andthen again as her fingers slid into me. She put two or three inside meand rocked them in and out, my muscle flexing to take them and then theempty feeling as she withdrew before sliding them back inside.The penetration seemed more shocking because I could not see anythingand I had no control over what was to happen. This seemed to accentuatethe pleasure I felt as her fingers slipped rhythmically in and out of myhole. I expected her cock to replace the fingers, and it was withdisappointment I heard her say, ‘On your back again.’With my hands tied it was more difficult to turn over this time, buteventually I managed to do so and Alex straddled my chest this time. Ifelt her cock tap against my lips and then she slapped my face with it.It wasn’t hard, but it was so shocking I let out a small yelp. She wipedit across my face in an obvious gesture of domination and this time Isaid nothing. She tapped her cock against my lips and I opened them tolet her slide the head through my lips. I ran my tongue over and underthe head, flicking the sensitive little fold of skin where the headjoins the shaft. I was rewarded with a little hiss of pleasure and I didit again, getting another hiss in return. I took more and more of hercock into my mouth, and I felt Alex raise herself so that she couldplunge her cock into my mouth almost vertically. I was taking her deeperinto my mouth than I had ever done before and I almost choked and shewithdrew to let me catch my breath before plunging herself back into mymouth. I thought she was going to cum in my mouth but she stopped and movedback down until I could feel her bum against my cock which was nowaching for some attention. Alex smeared lube onto my cock and I assumedinto her hole as well. I felt her position herself over my cock and withher hand she steered me into her hole before impaling herself onto mycock. I heard her gasp as she took me all the way inside before raisingup again and coming down on me once more. She began to raise and lowerherself on me, and I could feel my cock sliding into her hole. I hadnever felt this hard before and her hole was tight around my cock. Shewas gasping as she slammed up and down and I was grunting as she rode melike a horse.My senses were so scrambled by this time that I came almost withoutwarning, my cum pouring into Alex and I arched my back and fell backonto the bed. Alex stood up, releasing my still hard cock, and her lipswrapped around it, cleaning up any remaining cum with her tongue. Sheslipped my cock out of her mouth and untied the blindfold, my eyesblinking in the sudden light. As my eyes adjusted, she also untied myhands, and I turned over to see Areeya laying on her side looking at us,her eyes wide open with her fingers busy between her legs. I hadforgotten Areeya was there and she must have been woken by Alex and meas we fucked.‘Lick her,’ Alex said, as she knelt beside Areeya on the bed and fed hercock into Areeya’s mouth. Areeya began to suck on Alex and I pushed herfingers away and began to lick her pussy. She was wet already, and Iused my fingers as well as my tongue on her and she was quickly pushingher pussy into my face. I looked up briefly and Alex had her eyes closedas Areeya sucked on her cock. Areeya put one hand on the back of head toforce me even harder onto her, and I managed to get my finger inside heras I sucked on her clit. I felt her stiffen and then her hips slammedher pussy into my face as her orgasm ripped through her. I could feelher juices covering my face as I tried to keep sucking on her. Alexmoaned, and I knew she had cum too, her back arched and she fellforwards onto Areeya. Areeya kept her hand on my head keeping me pressed against her pussy asher hips moved once or twice more before finally releasing me. I movedup the bed to where Alex and Areeya were already embracing. They maderoom for me between them and we all lay there, recovering from what hadjust happened. My face felt sticky with Areeya’s cum and she touched myface and giggled, ‘James, I should say sorry, but I enjoyed that somuch. You are very good at that, you know.’I smiled, ‘No need for apologies, Areeya, I enjoyed it too. It was abouttime I paid you back.’She laughed, her hair tumbling down over her shoulders, ‘Consider thedebt paid, but we must do it again soon.’ She leant across and kissedme, licking my face to taste her own juices.‘Hey, don’t forget me, I was there too, remember?’ Alex pouted as shesat up, her arms crossed her breasts.‘Yes, you were nice too.’ I said.‘Nice? nice? I was fucking awesome.’I kissed her. ‘Yes, you were, and I loved every minute of it.’She grinned, ‘OK, good save, mister. But don’t ever forget I’m the boss,right?’I cast my eyes down, ‘Yes Miss Alex, I won’t forget.’ and grinned allover my face.‘Bastard,’ she yelled, and hit me with a pillow.I had forgotten what happened yesterday, and as it flooded back to me,it must have shown on my face, because both Areeya and Alex stopped andsaid, ‘What’s the matter?’‘Let’s get cleaned up and I need some coffee,’ I said, ‘I need to talkto both of you, we have a problem.’Despite both of them badgering me, I refused to say anything before wehad had showered and sat at the table with some coffee and breakfast. Itook them through what had happened the previous day, word for word as Icould remember the conversations with Kritsada and then with Jandaeng. Icould see their faces drop as I got to the end of the story. ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck.’ was all Alex said.‘I must tell my father straightaway,’ said Areeya and reached for herphone. I put my hand on her arm and said, ‘Yes, we must find a way totell him, Areeya, but I will bet that Jandaeng has the phones bugged,your father’s as well as ours. If you call now, it will only tip offJandaeng.’She nodded, ‘You’re right, but we must tell him he’s being bugged.’I thought for a moment, ‘Actually, your father is a pretty sharpoperator, it wouldn’t surprise me if he knows or suspects the phones arebugged. When we spoke about Tony’s departure, the conversation wasalmost in code. Areeya, did you know he was into politics?’She shook her head, ‘No, and I don’t believe it to be honest. He hasalways stayed away from getting involved. He’s had to deal with bothpolitical factions over the years, so he’s always been careful to stayneutral.’Alex spoke for the first time, ‘I know that some of the people I had toget close to for him, were involved though. Maybe he’s got on the wrongside of somebody?’Areeya nodded, ‘Yes, that’s always a possibility. But what do we donow?’‘I’m sorry to bring this down on you two, I had no idea what we did withlittle shit Tony would result in this.’Alex looked up and said, ‘It’s not your fault. if Kritsada and I hadn’trun the Buddha trick at the airport, Jandaeng wouldn’t have known aboutyou.’Areeya put out her hands to stop us both, ‘I think you’re both wrong. IfJandaeng is out to get my father, then he would have found us anyway. Wejust fell into his hands. It’s not anyone’s fault, none of us could haveforeseen it. We have to move past blame and carry on to what we need todo next.’Alex looked at me and I nodded, ‘She’s right Alex, we need to come upwith a plan.’Alex frowned and said, ‘So, you did have a side agreement with Kritsadafor extra work?’I blushed, ‘Yes, I’m sorry. I should have told you both. I won’t keepsecrets from you again. I promise.’Areeya said, ‘Stop it you two, this isn’t helping.’Alex looked at me in a way that made me think I would pay for thatomission sometime in the future.Areeya went on, ‘I think we must above all behave normally. I would bethat Jandaeng has men here and will certainly be trying to keep an eyeon us somehow. I suggest that we carry on as we would and that Jamesgoes across to Bangkok as planned to start the project. James, if ourphones are monitored, can we get some that they don’t know about that wecan use between us?’‘Yes, that’s easy enough, we can get somebody to buy burner phones thatcan’t be traced back to us. I can set us up with encrypted emails andmessaging as well.’‘Ok,’ said Areeya, ‘When you’re in Bangkok, James, you must tell myfather what is happening, is that OK?’‘Sure, I can find a place where we can talk securely. There is one thingI need to ask. I will need an interpreter in Bangkok, on Kritsada’sproject. Nin seems to be the perfect candidate, she has good enoughEnglish to translate for me and her IT skills might be useful too. Whatdo you think? Kritsada will pay for her I know. I won’t involve her toodeeply, but I think I can trust her.’Alex smiled and said, ‘I can trust her, it’s whether I can trust youwith her. I think it’s a good idea, Areeya?’Areeya nodded and said, ‘I’ll speak to her today. Is that all agreed? Ifso I need to get to Cockatoo.’We all nodded and Alex said, ‘I’ve got some work to do downstairs.’‘And I need to finish off the systems project for us, it won’t takelong.’We pushed back our chairs and Areeya and Alex disappeared leaving me towork in the apartment. I was impressed with the way Areeya had takenover the discussion when Alex and I had got sidetracked. It showed aside of hers that I had never seen, maybe she was more like her fatherthan she believed.I emailed Kritsada to confirm that I would be arriving to start theproject next week and I would be using Nin as my interpreter. I alsoasked him to book hotel rooms for us both. He emailed back almostimmediately, agreeing that an interpreter would be a good idea, and heagreed to fund the costs. He would organise the hotel rooms close to hisoffice where we could meet on the first morning. I booked flights forNin and myself and I was sure that Jandaeng would be aware very quicklythat I would be arriving. I went back to the systems project for our business and had an outlineplan finished by the end of the day ready to present to Alex and Areeya.Areeya called to say that she had spoken to Nin who was overjoyed tolearn of the job and had accepted immediately. I told her I would comedown to Cockatoo later to see her. I would also speak to Pao aboutgetting some new phones. It’s not difficult in Thailand to get hold ofcheap phones, and I felt sure that Pao would know where to go.I finished off the proposal and took it to a local print shop to getprinted and bound. Just because it was for us didn’t seem to be a goodreason to less than professional about it. I dropped it in and it wouldready the following day, so I took a leisurely stroll down the strip toCockatoo for a beer and to see Nin. She was so pleased to be asked, andI agreed with her that we would meet the following day to discuss whatwe were going to do. I had to smile at her excitement and I wasconvinced we had made a good choice. Pao wasn’t around and nobody seemedto know where she was. It could wait a day so I had another beer and wasabout to head off to the apartment when I received a text from Alex. ‘sorry babe, gotta do something with Areeya. won’t be back til late, canu sort out dinner by yourself? Might stay on boat with her tonite’‘Yea. no probs. anything I can do to help?’‘Not really, go home. have nice dinner get early nite, Luv u’‘luv u too. cu later.’I wasn’t looking forward to spending the evening by myself, but Isuspect Alex and Areeya might be looking for some time together. Ithought how strange it was that I didn’t feel jealous. How my life andattitudes had changed since I arrived in Samui. I made my way back tothe apartment and walked up the stairs. I thought it was strange thatthere were lights on in the apartment, I was sure they weren’t on when Ileft. I opened the door with the keypad and was astounded to see thetable set for a meal for two. I was taken aback, what was going on? Iheard a noise behind me and turned around to see Pao, looking stunningin a beautiful gold coloured Thai Chakkri dress and with her hair doneup in traditional Thai style.She smiled, made a Wai to me and bowed quite deeply to me.I made a Wai back to her and she said, ‘Saswadee, Mr James, Miss Alexsay I come tonight for my bonus.’Pao’s eyes flicked across my face looking for reassurance.‘Miss Alex told me it OK.’I smiled, ‘Pao, it’s fine, Miss Alex just forgot to tell me it would betonight.’ I walked across to her and gave her a kiss on both cheeks. ‘You look beautiful, that dress looks lovely on you.’She giggled and looked up at me, ‘Thank you, Mr James. It one of MissAreeya’s. She say I can keep it if I like it.’I had always known Pao was pretty, but tonight with her hair up, hermakeup done to perfection, wearing that dress, she was stunning. ‘Pao, it looks wonderful on you. It suits you so well.’She giggled once more and her smile lit up her face. My phone bleeped at that moment and from the tone I could tell it was atext from Alex.‘Surprise! Give her a wonderful night, champagne in kitchen, restaurantwill bring up food. I will even turn off cameras.’My eyes flicked up to the camera through which Alex was undoubtedlywatching. I grinned to myself and texted back, ‘I will treat her well. Will get you back sometime’‘Hah, just try! C u tomorrow luv u’‘Me 2’ I turned to Pao, ‘That was Miss Alex, she says she hopes you enjoytonight.’Pao blushed and lowered her eyes. I gently raised her chin with a fingerand kissed her on the lips. I brushed her lips with my tongue and sheparted them in response and I slipped my tongue into her mouth. Hertongue flicked against mine and I wrapped my arms around her and I couldfeel Pao shaking as we kissed. I realised she was so excited about this,so I broke the kiss and said, ‘Pao, this is for you tonight. I want thisto be about you. Why don’t we have the restaurant send up our food, andthen we have all night to do what you want.’Pao smiled and nodded, ‘Yes, Mr James, if you want.’It was at that moment I realised how smart Alex had been. The bonus forPao was not me, it was that for the first time, maybe ever, Pao wouldhave a night where she was in control. A night where she wasn’t justsatisfying someone else, but able to satisfy herself. Alex guessed thatI would work that out and give Pao the opportunity to be the centre ofattraction, with somebody she had chosen, not who had chosen her‘Pao, tonight, it’s not what I want, it’s what you want, you’re incharge. OK?’She blushed again, but nodded.‘Pao, please call me James, if only for tonight.’She giggled at this, stood up on tiptoe, kissed me and said, ‘OK, James,I like that.’I grinned and kissed her back, ‘OK, come and sit down, and I will getthings rolling.’She held my hand as we walked across to the sofa where Pao sat downcarefully, unused to the elegant dress. I raised her hand to my lips andkissed it. She giggled once more, but there was a beautiful smile on herface.‘Pao, I will be back in a moment, I’m just going to call therestaurant.’I walked over to the kitchen, called downstairs, and asked for the foodto be brought up. Putting the champagne into an ice bucket, I placed itand two flutes onto a tray and brought it through to the main room.Pao’s eyes widened as she saw the champagne and her smile widened evenfurther. I sat down next to Pao, popped the cork and poured two glasses.I handed one to Pao, clinked our glasses, and said, ‘To you, Pao, Ihope this evening will be special for you.’She giggled and I could tell she was relaxing at last. The intercombuzzed, and I opened the door to allow the restaurant staff to bring inthe food. They quickly set it out on the table and waited for Pao and Ito come across to the table. I pulled back Pao’s chair for her to sitfirst, which prompted another giggle, and I sat down opposite her. Oneof the waitresses told us what the dishes were and told us to call themwhen we had finished so they could clear the table. I could tell thatAlex had wanted the best for tonight, and the restaurant had not failedher. The table was full of dishes and bowls of the most wonderfullooking food. The aromas rising from the different dishes were divine.I poured another two glasses of champagne and asked Pao to choose whatshe would like as well as to recommend what I should eat. We could notpossibly finish all the food on the table, but we had a good try. Paohad a wonderful appetite for such a small girl and ate with an obviousrelish for the food. We talked as we ate, recalling the time we hadfirst met in Bangkok in Cockatoo. She told me that my friend Robbie hadtaken two kathoeys to the short time rooms and apparently he had anenormous cock which they talked about for days afterwards. I told her Ihad been so confused that night when she put my hand on her cock, whichwas why I ran out of the bar.She giggled, ‘You not so confused now James.’I laughed and toasted her, ‘No, I’m not, thanks to you.’She reminded me of the second time we met when she had jumped on my lapin Cockatoo 2 here on Samui in front of Alex.‘I thought Miss Alex would hit me with pool cue, she looked so angry.’‘Pao, I thought she was going to hit both of us. It was good she calmeddown.’Pao sakarya escort looked serious for a moment, ‘We were so glad to see you back afterthe pirate attack, it was horrible when we heard what had happened. Icried when I heard you were OK.’‘Thank you Pao, I was very happy to see you again, you took care of meso well.’She blushed again, ‘I surprise you, I think, when Miss Alex ask me tolook after you the night she went Bangkok.’I laughed out loud, ‘You really did, I remember the bow on your cock,that was wonderful.’She laughed too, ‘That my idea, Miss Alex thought it funny too.’I told her about my surprise when after the night we spent together Ihad woken up to find Areeya next to me when I expected Pao.‘Miss Areeya say she wanted to surprise you.’‘Pao, believe me, she did surprise me. It nearly gave me a heartattack.’‘I glad you didn’t, James.’That made me smile, and we touched our glasses together.We had finished eating by now and I called the restaurant to come tocollect the dinner and while we aimed for them to come up, we sat on thesofa to finish the champagne.‘Pao, what’s your story? I mean, how did you come to be at Cockatoo? Youdon’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.’‘I no mind, James. I born in Chang Mai, in north of Thailand. My familypoor, I had three sisters, older than me. My father died when I wassmall so I had only girls in family. I think that how it started, I feltmore girl than boy, liked girl stuff, not play like boy. My sisterstreat me like doll, dress me up in their clothes, but I happy, it feltgood. My mother work two jobs to give us food, pay rent. So I brought upby sisters. I wanted to be girl. When my mother found out she mad, shesay kathoey not good life, hard life. She wanted me to be boy. We fightand I run away.’She paused, and I asked, ‘How old were you then?’‘I thirteen I think. Look older though, I get job in Chiang Mai, inkathoey bar. I be servant to kathoeys, clean up rooms, wash theirclothes, fetch their food, even d**gs sometimes, I sleep in back room. Ihappy though. I could be girl not boy. One day mama-san ask if I want tobe kathoey in bar, earn more money.’She guessed the question I was going to ask.‘I fifteen then, but I look older. I say yes, and I start work in bar.’I took her hand and stroked it. She looked down at it and smiled.‘I nervous at first, but soon get used to it. Some men good, some bad,some very bad. Kathoeys in bar nice to me, help me to be more likegirl.’Her face darkened.‘One day I meet Thai man who treat me very nice. He come back many timesfor me and he very nice, say I should come to Bangkok with him, we livetogether, be happy. I stupid, believe him and run away with him. He sellme to bar in Bangkok, I have to work in dirty bar, with very bad men,you say gangsters, I think. No money, just get food. Locked in room atback of bar. Have to fuck with many men, beat me if I refuse. I cryevery night, wish I dead.’I squeezed her hand, and she looked up at me and smiled.‘I manage to escape one night when man guarding me get drunk and fallasleep. I live on streets for while begging, then meet nice foreign ladywho say she have bed for me in hostel. I live there for while. theykind. One night I meet man, he take me to Cockatoo and I meet Kritsada.He say if I want I work at Cockatoo, Kritsada nice, he say he pay forboobies if I work for him.’She paused, smiled and said, ‘You like my boobies, James?’Damn it if I didn’t blush. I thought I had gotten over that.‘Yes, Pao, I like your boobies, they are lovely.’She smiled broadly, ‘Men like boobies, no?’I had to laugh as she said it, ‘Yes, that’s right, Pao, all men likeboobies.’She grinned and went on, ‘I work at Cockatoo for a while, they good tome, pay for boobies and take care of girls. good place to work. Soonafter I meet you, Miss Alex visit and ask if anyone want to work inCockatoo on Samui. I think might be good idea so I come. I so surprisedto see you there. I get so excited to see someone I know so I jump onyour lap.’ She giggled once more, ‘I sorry for that, James. But I thinkit OK? You forgive me?’I leant across and kissed her, ‘Yes, Pao, it’s OK. You did nothingwrong. You are a great girl.’She lowered her eyes to the floor, and I realised she was shy. I liftedher chin with my finger and kissed her nose.‘I very glad I now mama-san in Cockatoo, I like job. I think I good atit. Work hard for Miss Alex and Miss Areeya,’ she paused for a fractionof a second, ‘and get good bonus.’We both burst out laughing, and I hugged her tight.How Pao had become such a lovely girl was beyond me. What she hadendured would have broken many people and could have crippled her viewof people and life for ever. Instead, she was funny, charming, loyal,generous, and beautiful.I kissed her hand, and she giggled, ‘We go bed now James?’‘Yes, Pao, we can go to bed now.’ I stood and held my hand out to her.She took it and I helped her up from the sofa. She gave me a quick kissand said, ‘I go change now, you wait for me?’‘Of course I’ll wait, Pao. I’ll be right here.’She walked over to the wet room and looked back at me, almost In fear Imight not be here when she came out. I used the small washroom to brushmy teeth before going back to the bedroom, taking off my clothes andsliding under the sheet. I dimmed the lights, and It was only a fewminutes before Pao emerged from the wet room. She had let her hair downand was wearing a sheer baby doll nightie and knickers. Standing stillfor a moment in the doorway, she was back-lit by the light, and shelooked wonderful. Wiggling her way across to the bed she slid in next to me. Reaching outwith her fingers to touch my face she stroked my cheek as if she wantedto make sure I was real.She whispered, ‘James, I know you with Miss Alex and Miss Areeya but Ihope you like me too.’I smiled and kissed her forehead, ‘Pao, I am so happy that you came intomy life. You have lit up my world and ever since we met I have likedyou. I cannot imagine what it would like not to have you in my life.’Her eyes shone, and she dipped her head to kiss me, her tongue pushingits way into my mouth and seeking out my tongue. As we kissed, her handswent to my nipples making them harden instantly. She rubbed the nipplesbetween her fingers before nipping them between her nails. I moaned aswe continued to kiss and I pushed her onto her back and put my hands upunder her nightie. She hissed as I cupped her breasts and I felt hernipples harden. Pushing me away, she sat up and pulled the nightie overher head in one move. Rolling over on top of me, her breasts wereglistening in the dim light just in front of my eyes, and she loweredherself towards me. I took one nipple into my mouth, rolling my tonguearound it and nipping it between my teeth, she hissed once more andoffered me the other nipple, and I repeated the action with this one.I could feel her hardening cock push into my groin, and she wiggled herhips rubbing her cock against mine. She giggled as she felt my cockrising in response and she shuffled down the bed and I felt her warmmouth slide over the end of my cock. I moaned as her tongue worked itsmagic. She rolled her tongue around the head and then she let the cockslip out pushing it up against my belly she licked me from root to tip.She flicked the tip with her tongue making me arch my back, drew eachball into her mouth and I almost passed out as she teased them with hertongue. Giving my cock another couple of long licks she had me pantingalready. She blew across the head and gave it a kiss before moving upthe bed and straddling my chest, her cock poking out of her knickers andpointing at my mouth.She looked down at me and said, ‘You suck now?’In response I opened my lips, and she edged forwards so that it slippedinside my mouth. I was nowhere near as good at this as Pao, but I hadlearned a lot and I think I was now pretty good. The hissing sounds fromabove were an indication I was doing OK. She moved her hips and her cockslipped further into my mouth, each thrust taking it deeper. She leanedforwards, her hands resting on the bed head, enabling her to push hercock almost vertically into my throat. I was taking her deeper than Ihad ever taken one before. I gagged and Pao withdrew allowing me to take some deep breaths beforesliding it back in. Putting my hands on her bum I slid a finger into herhole. She jumped as I did, causing another bout if gagging. She pulledout again and giggled nervously. ‘Sorry, James, that surprise me. It nice, can you do again?’She slipped back into my mouth and I slipped my finger back inside her.This time she was ready for it and I heard her hiss as she felt mepenetrate her. I could feel she was getting harder, and she pulled outonce more and slithered down the bed.‘I want to fuck you now, James. Is that OK?’I laughed and said, ‘Yes, Pao, I’ve been waiting for this for a longtime.’That produced a stream of giggles and a whispered, ‘Me too.’She pulled her knickers down and throw them away, pushed my legs up ontoher shoulders and shuffled towards my bum. She must have grabbed thelube from somewhere because I felt her spread some around my hole. Ifelt first one finger and then another pushed into me, and I felt myring spreading as she opened me up with her fingers. She eased them inand out for a few seconds before I could feel her cock tapping at myhole, teasing me with a few short jabs that didn’t quite penetrate me. Iwas moaning by the time, desperate to feel her fully inside me. She drewback and then with one thrust she was inside and burying herself rightinto me. I groaned as I felt her full length inside, and pushed back ather as she plunged her cock in and out, filling me completely. I started to grunt each time she pushed in and I could feel her cockgrow as my muscles gripped her. She bent forward pushing my legs backonto my chest, and we managed to kiss, our tongues fighting each otheras we fucked. She picked up the pace, and she drove into me faster andfaster. I could feel her balls bouncing against me each time she shovedinto me. Reaching down with her hand she grasped my cock and startedpumping me. I was already hard, and this just drove me crazy, feelingher ramming into me and her hands stroking my cock. Pao was now gruntingas well as she pummelled me, and I could feel her sweat dripping ontome. There was no warning when Pao jerked her head up and shouted, ‘Icumming!’I felt her climax and then her cum was spurting into me as she continuedto drive herself inside me. She kept pumping my cock as she climaxed andwithin a few seconds of her climax I twitched and cum shot from my cockover Pao’s hands and my belly. Pao stayed inside me, and I moved my legsfrom her shoulders, allowing her to fall forward onto my chest. Shekissed me as we lay there, still locked together, and smiling at eachother like k**s with a double helping of ice cream. She dipped her finger into my cum and sucked it before scooping up moreand offering it to me. I grinned and took her finger into my mouthsavouring the taste of my own cum. We both giggled as I sucked herfinger and she finally pulled out of me as her cock began to soften.‘Thank you James, that was great, I like to fuck you.’‘Pao, it was my pleasure, I liked it too.’ We hugged each other for a while, kissing gently as we came down fromthe high of making love. Pao couldn’t stop smiling and I was feelingpretty good too. She jumped up, grabbed my hand and pulled me off thebed.‘James, James, we go shower now.’She dragged me over to the wet room, giggling all the time, and pushedme under the shower. I picked up a washcloth and began washing Pao, butas soon as I touched her breasts she wrapped her arms around me andbegan kissing me, with the water pouring down over us. She dropped downto her knees, looked up at me with her cheeky grin and took me into hermouth. I leant back against the wall watching Pao sucking for all shewas worth, and it wasn’t long before I was hard again,She slipped my cock out of her mouth, stood up and said, ‘James, youfuck me now, please.’Grinning, I kissed her hand, ‘Anything you wish my lady.’That produced another torrent of giggles. She turned and put her handson the wall, and looking back over her shoulder, wiggled her lovely bum,and said, ‘Do here, please.’I kissed her neck from behind, as I slid a finger into her hole, gettinga hiss of pleasure from her. She wiggled her bum again.‘Do me now.’I bent my knees and pushed into her. I slid in easily, and she gasped asI thrust hard into her. She pushed back and kept thrusting hard, almostlifting her off her feet as I did so. She turned her head so that wecould kiss, but I was now driving hard into her and she turned her headback to face the wall and was groaning at every thrust. It wasn’t longbefore I felt my climax building and with a final thrust, I came insideher, my legs buckling as the force of it hit me.I slipped out and Pao turned around, dropped to her knees and took mystill hard cock in her mouth, drawing the last of the cum from my cock.She stood back up and as we kissed, I could taste myself on her lips. She had a big grin on her face, ‘That nice, James, you fuck good, MissAlex say you the best. Me think so too.’Alex clearly shared with Pao as much as she did with Areeya. I laughed,‘Thank you Pao, you’re pretty good too.’We cleaned ourselves up in the shower and having dried ourselves, Paoled me back to the bed and said, ‘You want massage now, James?’The last massage Pao had given me was the best I had ever had, so Ididn’t hesitate to say yes. Spreading towels on the bed, Pao had me laydown on my back, straddled me and began to work her magic, her fingerssoft yet strong, kneading and probing my muscles. It was heavenly, andthen she asked me to turn over and began to work on my back. It wasn’tlong before I heard her giggle and felt her body sliding over my back. Icould feel her hard cock sliding in between my cheeks, so I opened mylegs slightly, and she slipped a finger into my hole. A second followedand then, I think, a third as the oil helped them slide easily insideme. I was squirming by this time and then I felt the fingers leave, tobe replaced by her cock as she slid it deep into me. I grasped thesheets in my fists as her slipped in and out, teasing me until she beganto drive it into me. It didn’t take long for her to cum, and she criedout as she did fell forward onto my back.She rolled off me and we lay facing each other. She kissed me tenderly,and said, ‘Thank you, James.’I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her tight to me. ‘Pao, you are agreat girl, and you fuck good too.’That produced a torrent of giggles, and she pulled me back into theshower to clean ourselves up for the second time. We eventually wentback to the bed and lay there, kissing and holding each other until weboth fell asleep.I woke in the morning to find myself spooning up to Pao’s back. My armwas over her hip and she was still asleep. I eased myself away from herand she rolled over onto her back where I could see her cock, lying upagainst her belly. It looked so enticing that I leant over and gave it alick with my tongue, She moved slightly, but didn’t wake. I gave itanother couple of licks and felt it stir and begin to grow as my tongueslid over it. Taking the head in my mouth I sucked gently on it, andfelt Pao stir as her cock was now getting very hard. I rolled my tongueover the head and underneath, flicking at the sensitive spot there. Paowas now awake putting her hands down to my head to hold me in position.Her hips began to move and her cock slid in and out of my mouth. She washissing with pleasure now and I used my hand on her cock as well as mymouth to bring her to the edge. I felt her cock twitch in my mouth asher climax broke and she came into my mouth, flooding it with her cum.I swallowed most of it, but my lips were sticky with some that hadescaped. I rolled over on my side and looked straight at Alex, who wasstanding at the door with a big grin on her face. ‘Fuck, Alex, don’t you ever think of knocking?’Pao bounced up on the bed and said, ‘Good morning, Miss Alex.’‘Morning, Pao. Did you have a good time?’‘Yes, thank you, Miss Alex. Like you say, James, he a good fuck.’Alex laughed, ‘He has his uses, that’s for sure. If you put him in hisplace, he’s pretty good.’‘Hey, you two,’ I protested, ‘I am here you know, I can hear you.’Alex walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge.‘Of course you are, my darling. We were just talking about you, not toyou.’ She kissed me on the lips, ‘Don’t sulk, it looks like you had agood time too, didn’t you?’‘Yes, I had a good time too.’Pao clapped her hands and said, ‘Thank you James, I had very good time.You suck good too now.’Alex turned to Pao, ‘He’s learning quite fast, I might lend him to youagain one day.’‘Still here, you know.’ I protested again.Pao giggled and slid across to Alex, wrapped her arms around her neckand kissed her straight on the lips. Alex put her arms around Pao andthey were kissing a few inches from me, and my cock hardened at thesight. Alex broke the kiss, ‘Pao, I think Mr James is getting turned onby this. But it’s time for you to get home. I’m glad you had a goodtime.’Pao thanked Alex again, gave me a kiss and disappeared into the wetroom. Alex gave me a kiss.‘Thank you, sweetie, Pao really loved that.’‘You might have warned me,’ I grumbled.She laughed, ‘Yes, but that wouldn’t have been any near as much fun.’ I tried to grab her, but she skipped away and said, ‘Down tiger, we needto talk about Kritsada. Get dressed and we’ll have a talk with Areeya.’I grabbed my shorts and pulled a clean t-shirt over my head. Pao emergedfrom the wet room just as Areeya walked through the main door. Pao ran over to her and kissed her, ‘Thank you Miss Areeya, James say Ilook beautiful in your dress.’She smiled at Pao, ‘I told you so, it suits you so well. Do you want tokeep it?’‘Can I? It make me feel so nice.’‘Of course you can keep it, Pao. I’m glad you liked it. We’ll see youlater.’Pao gave me one more kiss, hugged me and said, ‘James, thank you, you sonice.’She giggled once more and disappeared through the door. Areeya turned tome and said, ‘Thank you James. She really is happy.’‘Glad to be of service, best sex I’ve had for a long time.’ I said.Which promptly earned me a laugh from Areeya and a thump on the arm fromAlex. I made coffee for us all and then we sat down at the table.Areeya said, ‘I am worried about my father. I know he is a careful man,but I am worried that he does not know that he is being watched andbugged so closely. I know we said we should not change our plans for youto fly out next week, James, but I wish there was someway we could getyou there sooner to take a personal message to him.’‘I agree,’ I said, ‘but how? Jandaeng will have the airport watched andif I fly my name will pop up on the police system, I am sure. In fact, if any of us fly, it will be the same. I’m sure all of us are beingmonitored. Could someone else take a message to him?’Areeya shook her head, ‘I think it has to be you, James. He will believeyou, I don’t think he would accept it from anyone else. Alex and I can’tgo, it would be too obvious if we disappeared. We could cover for you ifyou’re gone for a couple of days, even if they are watching here, whichI doubt. We tell everyone you’re ill and staying in the apartment torecover.’Alex joined in, ‘There is a way you could get there without flying, oryour name showing up on the computers. There’s a ferry that goes fromSamui to Chumphon on the mainland where you can catch a train toBangkok. No names, no showing passports, no passenger lists. You couldbe there tomorrow evening.’‘Won’t Jandaeng be watching the ferries? They will spot me, for sure.’Areeya looked at me, ‘Yes, they would spot you, but they won’t belooking for two girls traveling together.’‘But you said it had to be me. You said no-one else could take themessage. Who would the two girls be?’ Areeya said, ‘Well one of them would be Nin, we thought.’Stupidly, I still didn’t get it, ‘Who would the other one be then?’Areeya and Alex both looked back at me saying nothing, and the pennydropped.‘Oh, no. I’m not doing it. I’m not dressing as a girl.’To be continued

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