13 Kasım 2023

Coach’s Bitch Pt. 02


I would like to thank everyone for the great feedback and encouragement to keep writing. I had made half of this story already in my head so I would probably not change much in the beginning and just incorporate ideas further into the story.

Reminder: Ty is not a minor, he is 18.

Disclaimer: The humiliation of Ty will go on so if you are not into non-con scenarios this story probably won’t be for you. I appreciated the feedback anyways.


The next day I had a hard time forgetting what happened and was feeling down for most of the day. I should’ve been relieved my secret was safe but I didn’t trust my coach and now I had two secrets instead of one: the buttplug and the blowjob.

I couldn’t really concentrate for most of the day. I felt like I was on auto-pilot. My mind often drifting to the humiliation I was subjected or the disgust of the things I had done. I thought I would go through life without sucking a dick, and now I had done it and for an unattractive middle-aged sweaty guy, it was a lot to burden.

After classes I went to Cory’s house before practice and since we were alone he took time to ask me about the buttplug experience and make fun of me a little bit.

“How was it? Are you ready to take my dick now?” He said mockingly.

“Fuck off. Your dick is smaller than that tiny buttplug” I answered. Talking about the buttplug just brought me back to what happened and was no fun for me. But since I wasn’t planning on letting my best friend know I suck the coach’s dick, I just played along for a bit and tried to change the subject.

I was getting nervous of going to practice and how the coach was going to behave after what happened. When we arrive at the lockerroom, my locker was gone; the coach wasn’t playing around, he really moved my locker to his office. I got a knot in my throat. I went to his office and there he was, sitting in his chair, with a small grin that got me worried and unsettled. The office was simple, basically just some shelves, a desk, an old rusty office chair, and now my full size locker was in one of the corners.

“Hi, coach. I came for my locker.” I said.

“Come on in Thomas, of course.” He said as if nothing had happened. Guess that’s part of keeping a secret; but I couldn’t see him the same way. “Close the door.” He said calmly. I did. I was a little scared but also found myself following his orders immediately as consequence of this fear, I knew he had shit over me.

I went directly to my locker and tried to avoid eye contact. I heard his chair squeak and I spotted from my side eye he twisted his chair to watch me directly. He looked hungry, kind of pleased sitting with his legs wide open waiting for me to undress.

I didn’t know what I could’ve said so I just started undressing shyly. Then he said: “You like putting in the buttplug, do it. That’s the whole point of this arrangement, for you to have a safe space to do it.” I didn’t wanted to and I definitely wasn’t feeling safe there but I didn’t wanted to get in a discussion with him, so I took it out of the locker. I just threw it in the night before, without washing it or anything so it was dirty and smelled like ass and shit. I tried to get out of it by saying, “Oh coach, I don’t have any lube, it won’t go in like this. Maybe some other time.”

“Don’t be ridiculous Thomas, I have some lube right here. Come, I’ll help you out.” The old pervert said while opening the first drawer from his desk.

Reluctantly, I walked to him in my jockstrap and a t-shirt, with the black buttplug in my hand and no idea on how to get out of this. He asked for the buttplug and told me to turn around. I heard as he squeezed the lube onto the buttplug. He told me to grab my ankles which made me feel really vulnerable, showing my asshole to the coach who raped my mouth a day before. I heard another squeeze of the bottle and then I felt his pervert finger lubing my asshole, I wanted him to stop, to get the toy inside me already and let me get out of that damn office.

He played a bit with my asshole before inserting the buttplug, quite roughly. “Done. What do we say?” He asked adding to the humiliation.

“Thank you, coach” I said defeated.

I put on my shorts and got out of there as fast as I could while trying to keep a poker face to the guys just outside the office.

I couldn’t believe I was subjected to another hour-long practice with that thing up my butt; and was getting paranoid this might become a daily thing.

I was uncomfortable and afraid that any guy on the field would notice anything weird on my shorts; but most of all I didn’t wanted to go back to the lockerroom and change in front of the coach again.

The practice was close to be over when the coach yelled at me in front of the team and belittled me saying I wasn’t doing much and that I’ve been doing the exercises halfway. This was true since I was still uneasy about the buttplug in my ass and struggling to keep it in, specially gaziantep escort when making efforts; but still, it didn’t felt good to be scolded in front of the whole team.

So I was asked to stay longer on the field just with the coach to make up for lost time. The team left to shower while I was there again to obey the coach.

He made me do some laps and some jumping jacks which were slightly painful. Then he made me do some yoga poses that should ‘help me loosen up’. Being the pervert coach he was, he started saying I wasn’t doing the positions correctly and he would get closer, touch me and handle me. The worst was when he had me raise my butt and he came from the back and push himself against my ass and buttplug, pushing it even deeper and making me moan in an uncomfortable pain.

You could see he was enjoying having me do whatever he said even if it was only tiring or distressful and not sexy at all. Finally, after a long 45 minutes of physically demanding torture he expressed, “That’s enough, let’s go shower”. Which quickly unsettle me. ‘Let’s go’? Meaning he was gonna shower with me?

Then it hit me: that was his whole strategy, keep me entertained until the showers emptied and he’ll have me alone again. This time the rage and warning gave me time to wake up and tried to defy or avoid him.

We went into his office while the last guys where packing up and he enjoyed watching me strip and take the small dildo out of my naturally hairless ass.

He also stripped which made me sick. He was hairy, fat and gross and his semi-erect purple dick, clearly stirred by watching me, had me very uneasy. It didn’t help when he turn to me and said, “You should make the most of the shower and use it to clean this disgusting dildo you had in your boy-pussy” and chuckled like a maniac. I took the buttplug and fastly left the office. I tried to shower as quickly as I could to minimize the window he would have to turn this situation into sexual again or humiliating, at the least.

I get in the shower and let the water pour all over me. Then I, fully embarrassed, cleaned the buttplug with a little soap and leave it near the bar. I was hoping to never have to use it again, but if the coach ever corner me again I rather have it clean than keep using it as disgusting and filthy as it was that day.

So I started cleaning myself when I see the coach enter my eyesight. There are no walls or stalls dividing the showers, and since the water was never even warm there was no steam either. There was nowhere to hide. The coach hasn’t approached yet, he was just staring at me. Lustfully eating me with his eyes, and then they began to fondle his dick and balls while trying to make eye contact with me. He would have fed of having me break in front of him, but the fact I was actively avoiding his stare was also building him up and giving him a sense of control.

I was almost done when he slowly got closer and closer. He took some soap and rubbed it in my butt. I took my space and changed of shower head, just finished rinsing and turned it off again. I started walking out when he said firmly, “Wait. Wait for me in my office.” With some strength I found, I kept walking as if I didn’t heard him. I put on my clothes as fast as I could and I ran to my car and drove home. I was getting back control; or so I thought.

The next day, I woke up not as defeated. I couldn’t separate myself completely from the situations that happened to me but now I knew I could escape from them. I figured I could get some of my mojo back in order to get back to the good life I had last week. So on my break I hung out with the guys, talked about plans and parties for the weekend and I flirted a lot with Angela.

Angela was a cheerleader that was really into me in sophomore year, back then she wasn’t that hot; but she got thinner, got a boobjob courtesy of her dad and took her braces off by the beginning of senior year. Now, she was really hot and, though I didn’t treat her the best back then, a crush isn’t gone that easy. So we flirted heavily everytime I wanted to, I just had more competition. Nothing had happened yet, but it was a matter of time.

Getting that kind of positive attention was making me feel better already; like an alpha again. I lost the nervous feeling about going to practice.

I resumed flirting with Angela after classes, I was feeding on it. I got so distracted I arrived slightly late for practice and when I did I found a big surprise. The coach had everyone gather around in the lockerroom. People were giggling and I didn’t know what fuck was happening.

“Apparently someone left a buttplug in the showers” explained Sam to me. My heart sank. I totally left my buttplug, I mean, the buttplug on the showers when getting away from the coach.

“This is not bad behavior gentlemen, but it’s somewhat inappropriate. Does someone wants to take responsibility for this?” The coach was saying loudly, being discreet but not losing the opportunity to make eye contact with me. Holding the buttplug in the air.

“Come on, if you admit it now and say it won’t happen again we can continue without any punishments!” he continued. I couldn’t admit it, not in front of everyone. These are guys that bully a guy wearing pink for being a faggot. If I confessed of having a buttplug and using it in school grounds I would lose my friends, I would lose respect, the whole school would have rumors of me and I will also lose Angela. I had everything to lose and nothing to gain. I was in luck Cory skipped practice that day so he wouldn’t expose me. The coach ended the speech with, “Fine, you had your time. I will then make an investigation to get to the bottom of this. I’ll be talking with some of you and will reveal my findings tomorrow to the whole team and take actions on your dishonesty with me. Thank you gentlemen, now get changed to start practice, you sissies”.

I immediately became the afraid mess I was yesterday. The coach knew exactly who it belonged to, he was going to expose me for running away the day before. The comment I heard after the speech didn’t help either. ‘So, who’s the fag?’

I went into the coach’s office. The whole office was re-arranged. Now there was nothing in the way from him and my corner. I entered and noticed the furniture relocation and after that noticed him in his chair. He turned to watch the show, with a big grin on his face, legs spread and a tent in his shorts. “Come in, Thomas”.

On top of his desk was the buttplug, slightly wet. He took it in his hand and then addressed me “Do you remember how you and I take care of your secrets? If you want me to keep this one you’ll have to do as I say with no discussion, or tomorrow everyone will know who’s been stuffing his ass in school. Do you agree?”

I must have gotten all red, I felt hot, worried and helpless. I nodded.

“Good. Now take off all you clothes, take your little toy and give me a show. Now you won’t get my help, I want to see you plug it in yourself.”

I slowly took my clothes off, like a broken person. Still couldn’t process what had happened, just like the first time. Naked, I approached the coach to take the dildo, he touch my dick and balls and said “Nice tight little body for me”. I cringed so bad at the idea he thought my body was for his use.

He stated “I put a little of lube on it, but is all that you deserve after your disobedience, so make the most of it” cracking a laugh at the end. “Place a hand on the wall, I want to see your ass rosebud for me.”, he ordered.

I places a hand on the wall as demanded, pushed my ass out and carefully placed the tip of the buttplug in my asshole. I started pushing it in but it was so dry I couldn’t even got it halfway in when the friction was too much to keep going.

“Come on, Thomas, we have a practice to get to, we don’t have all day. Don’t make me open the door before you’re done.”

With that statement, I panicked and pushed the buttplug harder. It hurt a lot but I would bite my tongue before raising any suspicion to the guys outside. I looked back and saw the coach smiling like it was the best thing he had seen all week.

“Moan!” He ordered. And so I did quietly while pushing the buttplug more. “Harder!” I was mortified but did as was told and pushed the toy all the way in. I ended up biting my lip to avoid any more sounds.

“That’s my boy! Let’s go to practice before people start getting suspicious. Have to keep your dirty secret.” He said and winked at me. Like any of this was for my sake.

Once the buttplug was inside it felt no different than the days it was lubed up, it didn’t hurt as before.

Trying to avoid staying late and alone with the coach as the day before, I did the exercises fully even if they were extremely uncomfortable.

When practice was done I saw the coach watching me hungrily and grab his crotch while making eye contact with me. I was fearful of what was to come after that horny display.

We all went into the lockerroom and then just the coach and me into his office. He locked the door behind us and said “Now is time to earn my silence like you did last time. Strip boy!”

I knew it was coming but it didn’t make it any better. I think the emotions were so strong my body didn’t know how to react, since my dick was semi-erect instead of totally flaccid. Somehow it made me feel even more embarrassed, like showing I was enjoying what was happening. I wasn’t.

“Oh boy, it seems you liked today’s practice” he said; and I felt even worse hearing it out loud. He stripped completely as well and sat on his chair with his knees open wide.

“This is what you’re doing now. You’ll get in all fours and crawl to me, boy. Then, while looking into my eyes you’ll take your dildo out and put it in your mouth. You’ll lick it as much as you want, and you would want to lick it, because you’ll be putting it back in while you suck me off.”

I was shocked at the things he wanted me to do. He just wanted to have me completely broken, humiliated and obedient; and I had no choice. I got to the ground and crawled in between his hairy legs with my head down. As I got there I look up just to encounter his huge cock standing before me and his creepy grin beside it. My eyes got watery and I paused for a bit. I didn’t wanted to go on.

He slapped me in the face with his musky dick and said “Keep going, bitch; or everyone will know you’re a cocksucking fag!”

I then stuck my ass out and removed the buttplug from my ass. Taking it out was a little uncomfortable but really easy. I held it in front of me and it smelled sweaty and nasty. I didn’t wanted to taste it but I know I would regret even more putting it back in dry. So I stuck my tongue out and tried to coat it with as much saliva as possible. The taste was horrible. Then he asked me to keep going while making eye contact, which made it even worse. He was definitely establishing his dominance because I felt so little and weak, tasting my ass juices and sweat for his amusement, while he watched.

“When you’re finished licking that I want you to start by sucking my hairy-ass balls… And that toy you’ve been lubing I want to see it go in and out your pussy-hole while you service me.”

“What!?” I responded absentmindedly.

“You heard me, boy. You better start or the whole team will know my findings about that dildo.”

I, startled, proceed to place the buttplug in the entering of my hole and putting it in little by little while preparing to lick the coach’s balls, again.

I stuck out my tongue and went forward with my eyes closed just to be brought back to reality by the coach’s long pubes touching my tongue, I proceeded to lick his disgusting balls up and down, not wanting but still getting the whole sweaty taste of them in my mouth. Seemed like the taste and stench were too much for my body to ignore.

I kept disgustingly licking until he slapped me across the face; it didn’t hurt but it did made me feel more like a bitch.

“I told you to make the buttplug go in and out your hole. Learn to multi-task or I’ll teach you by force.”

One tear left my eye as I tried to train my hand to push and pull the tip of the buttplug inside me, not forgetting to keep licking coach’s balls. Suddenly I felt his dick hitting me right between my eyes and forehead.

“Time for the main event, pussyboy! You’re getting me real close to cumming with your little show. Now deep-throat my cock.”

I took the whole dick in my mouth, it wasn’t as disgusting as his balls, but the fresh sweat from practice made it taste more strongly than last time, making me gag from the stench.

I tried to put it in as far as possible, but I would always choke and took it out completely. After the third time this happened he gave me a big slap on the face, and this one did hurt and left a sting on my cheek.

“I told you to deep-throat me, if you won’t learn to do it alone I will help you, useless bitch.” he said.

He took my head with both hands and pushed it so far down that his cock was in my throat. I choked immediately but he didn’t let go, forcing my throat to expand a bit to deal with the situation. He then proceeded to guide my head up again and then shove his dick up my throat several times. Only to then take his cock out of my mouth, look me in the eyes and said “That way you throat expanded, that’s what I want you to do on your own. Do it now, and resume the buttplug motion or else…” and he pointed to the door.

I immediately shove the buttplug in my ass and his cock in my mouth. I was so nervous since it was a lot to do and I didn’t know if I could. He was asking too much of me, and I had no choice.

I started to get a little used to his cock all the way up my throat that he expressed he was satisfied. I no longer choked but it wasn’t pleasant and made me feel like a whore.

After 5 long minutes of this going on he told me he was close and reposition me at 90 degrees from him. He told me to lick from his balls to the purple tip of his dick over and over until he came.

Then he slapped my ass he had now at reach and started aggressively playing with the buttplug on my anus. By this point all the spit on it had evaporated and I was feeling it hurting me and how the friction was leaving me raw. I was groaning of pain and discomfort while licking his pulsating dick; and he was groaning even louder in pleasure and enjoyment. I started to get worried the guys will hear us outside and started licking faster to make it all end as quickly as possible.

I felt his cock swell even more and when I was at the tip it started shooting a lot of cum. The first spurt landed right across my face, I got so disgusted I took my head from the way and started to feel relieved it was all over.

The coach continued shooting and shooting cum. Like another 6 spurts right onto the floor of his office. He let go of the buttplug and moaned loudly as he came down from his orgasm.

He took some seconds to get back to reality, gave me a big grin and said: “You’re learning fast, Thomas.”

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