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I saw his stomach muscles tighten and I knew he was ready to shoot his load. I moved closer to him, hoping some of his semen would land on me. I couldn’t hold off any longer and he stepped back as I ejaculated, my cum firing out in thick white ropes, landing on the ground between us. I’d never shot as much before, never had a more satisfying sexual experience.

Clint looked into my eyes, amused as he moaned. Then he turned his back to me and I watched his ass clench as he ejaculated. I didn’t see him cum at all. After he finished he turned back to me and grinned. I wanted to hit him for depriving me of seeing him shoot his load after he’d watched me cum.

My hero was a total bastard.


I first met my cousin Clint when I was nine and he was sixteen. To him I was just his kid cousin that he played games with and entertained while I visited our grandfather. To me he became a hero and I wanted to grow up to be just like him. I wouldn’t see him again for ten years when I was nineteen and he was twenty six. I was stunned when I saw him again and he became more than a hero to me.

When I was eighteen my paternal grandfather died and left his corn farm to me and to my cousin, Clint, seven years older. We were his only grandchildren, his only living family. Clint’s parents had adopted him as an infant and my father never accepted him as a nephew, hating anything that was part of his older brother.

Then Clint’s parents were killed in a car crash when he was three and Granddad raised him on the Nebraska farm. I was born when he was seven and I didn’t even meet him until I was nine when Dad was sent to jail for twelve weeks. I stayed with Granddad while Dad was in jail, managing to fail the eighth grade as a result of it.

It was my first experience on the farm and I loved every minute of it. Granddad knew it and would have liked it for me to stay with him but when Dad got out of jail I had to go back to California. At least I got to meet Clint. He was sixteen, in high school, and everything I wanted to be; handsome, happy, filled with fun and a joy of living. And he was girl crazy.

Dad’s problems stemmed from him being an alcoholic and a pothead, the exact opposite of his high achieving older brother. He always told me Clint wasn’t really my cousin and that I was to stay away from him. I didn’t really have much choice, I only saw him during that one three month visit to the farm.

Dad died of a drug overdose when I was eighteen and Granddad attended the funeral. Clint, then twenty-five, stayed home. My own mother had died of a drug overdose when I was six and when Dad died he was on his fifth wife, Stella, my fourth stepmother.

Dad had no money to leave us and Granddad made a deal to pay support to Stella to let me finish the last three months of my senior year. He also gave me a copy of his will, telling me he had cancer, and that he was leaving me half the farm. I wanted to quit and stay with him but he wouldn’t let me. He promised he’d be at waiting at the farm for me when I graduated.

The day I graduated I called Granddad to tell him. Clint told me he’d died the night before. The next day I boxed up my few possessions and had them shipped to Nebraska. Then I put a few clothes and toiletries in a sports carry all bag and flew to Omaha. I left behind a stepmother who was only too glad to see me go. All she was going to miss was the monthly check Granddad had sent her until I graduated.

I exited the plane with my heart in my throat, nervous about meeting Clint for the first time in ten years. He was twenty-six to my nineteen. Clint was supposed to meet me at the airport, instead a buxom blonde had a sign with my name on it.

“My name’s Cherie Adams, Levi. Clint sent me to pick you up because he couldn’t make it. I’m so sorry about your grandfather, he was a great man.”

I had no idea why Clint couldn’t meet me, he could have had a good reason but I was angry. Cherie was one of those people who are cheery and full of conversation. And fake as hell. She never shut up all way to the farm in the middle of nowhere. Clint, Clint, Clint. She sang his praises for over a hundred miles and it was clear to me that he fucked her regularly.

She pulled in the long driveway, drove up to the farmhouse, and handed me a key.

“Clint said to just let yourself in and make yourself at home,” she smiled. “He put all of your boxes in one of the bedrooms but he said if you don’t like it you can move them all to another room. There’re four more vacant bedrooms but he asked that you not move into your grandfather’s room. I think you’ll like the room you’re in, I helped him pick it out for you.”

I resented her telling me about my grandfather’s house as if she was a part of it. I’d put up with four wicked stepmothers, two of them just like Cherie, and I couldn’t bear the thought that she was, or might become, a member of the gaziantep escort household. I was totally pissed that Clint hadn’t met me at the airport and further insulted me by not even being at home when I arrived.

I quickly discovered that my things had been put in one of the three large bedrooms with its own bathroom. Of the other two rooms, one was Granddad’s and the other was Clint’s. The other bedrooms were guest rooms with a single bathroom that served them.

I began to unpack my things, putting them away in closets and drawers, pictures on the tops of the dresser and chest of drawers. I put my lockbox under the bed. The lockbox was one of the reasons I’d wanted to ship everything. It contained my dildo and couple of butt plugs along with my collection of gay porn, not the sort of things you’d want to show going through airport security.

I explored the house and was sitting in the kitchen having some lemonade when I heard a tractor in the drive. I went outside as Clint pulled up the house. I watched as he climbed down from the tractor with easy grace, the well-defined muscles of his thighs stretching in his tight jeans. His ass was a work of art and I felt my cock getting erect.

In the ten years since I’d seen Clint, he’d turned into a total stud. He was rugged, masculine, tough, a real man’s man, no pun intended. He was broad shouldered and muscular, the muscles of his upper body rippling under the clinging fabric of his tee shirt. His hair was sun bleached blond and his arms had a light covering of soft hair that shone golden under the sun. I could see a tuft of chest hair escaping from the top of his tee shirt.

Clint removed his cowboy hat and gloves, putting them on the seat of the tractor, and walked toward me. My muscles tensed, not sure how to act at our first meeting in a decade. He removed his sunglasses and I looked into the stunning dark blue eyes that I remembered. He held his hand out to me.

Clint’s grip was firm and strong, the hands of a working man. I was glad that I exercised regularly, lifting weights, so that I returned his handshake with equal firmness. His hand was warm and I looked at the prominent veins that ran up his arms from hard work.

I blushed, dazed by his overwhelming masculinity and confidence.

“It’s good to see you, Levi,” he grinned. “You’ve really grown up into a man. How long’s it been, eight, ten years? And you’re what, seventeen, eighteen?”

“Ten, and I turned nineteen last month. It’s good to see you again, Clint. Sorry it has to be under these circumstances.”

“Yeah, it’s a real shame. You’ve just got here and Granddad’s funeral is tomorrow. Have you got all your stuff unpacked yet?”

I nodded.

“The room’s really nice. I stayed in it when I was here before.”

“I remember. It’s one of the biggest bedrooms in the house and it has its own bathroom. I figured an owner shouldn’t stay in a guest room,” he drawled.

There was a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

“Of course I realize you’re a big city boy and you probably don’t plan to stay on a country farm but it should hold you over for a while.”

“I intend to stay, Clint,” I said firmly. “I’m not going anywhere and I don’t like the big city. This is the only real home I’ve ever known even though I was only here for six weeks when I was nine.”

“Really? And here I thought I’d only see you every once in a while when you came to check on your share of the profits.”

I reddened. He was being a total bastard.

“No, I’m here to stay. I’ve got a lot to learn but I’m here to stay.”

“What? No college plans?”

“None in the foreseeable future. Maybe in a few years, I don’t know.”

“Well, there’s plenty of work to be done here and you can bet I’ll show you how to pull your weight. Starting after the funeral,” he grinned sexily.

I guess I must have looked surprised because he laughed.

“The animals may have loved Granddad but they’ll still be hungry and need to be fed.”

“I was surprised that your girlfriend Cherie met me at the airport,” I said tentatively.

“Yeah. Sorry about that but farm work waits for no man and she’d already offered so I took her up on it. Did everything go okay?”

I nodded.

“She seems to think you’re god on earth.”

He snickered and preened like a peacock.

“She’s got a fine pussy and I tap it every now and then. She’d like to catch me but I like a little variety. What’d you think of her tits?”

“She’s got a nice rack,” I swallowed.

We’d only been together for a few minutes and already Clint was talking about sex, bragging about his sexual conquests. I wasn’t sure how to take him, couldn’t decide if he was serious or teasing me.

“Well, if you like ’em I’m sure Cherie would be up for a threesome,” he smirked. “We’ve done it before. Of course it’s always been me with two girls but I’m sure she’d be up for two men fucking her.”

I didn’t make any comment. I really wasn’t interested in fucking Cherie but if it was the only way to see Clint naked then I’d go along with it.

“Did you leave a girlfriend behind, someone you fucked regular? I’ll bet the women crawled all over you, Levi.”

“No, I’m not leaving anything behind that I can’t do without. Trust me.”

“You must spend a lot of time in the gym because you’ve really filled out since I saw you the last time. I’ve got some weights in the barn if you’re interested.”

“I’m glad you noticed my efforts,” I laughed. “Maybe you and I can work out together.

He laughed.

“We’ll see how you feel about the weights after a few days of hard work here.”

“Well, whatever you do it seems to work for you. You’re in good shape and if Cherie’s any example of your effect on the local women then you should be happy.”

“It gets lonely out here on the farm and it’s nice to get a piece of ass occasionally.”

He was eyeing me up and down, appraising me.

“I hope your cooking’s good. I’m a pretty good cook but I get tired of eating my own cooking.”

“I’ve never had anyone complain. In fact, it’s the only thing my Dad and my stepmothers never complained about.”

“How are you at keeping house? It’s a real chore to do, that and work the farm, but Granddad was always a stickler for a spotlessly clean house.”

“I’ve got plenty of experience.”

“We can start you off on that. The house needs a good spring cleaning. It’s overdue.”

Warning bells went off in my mind but I kept my mouth shut. I didn’t plan to be relegated to the role of a farm wife.

“I don’t mind cleaning the house but I’m capable of a lot more than that. I hope you realize that.”

“I don’t realize a damn thing, Levi. I’m just trying to take things one day at a time, just trying to find out if you’ve got what it takes to be here so I can train you or if you’re going to cut and run when you see how really hard this work is.”

“I’m not going to cut and run, Clint,” I said coldly. “I’ve put up with more shit than you can dish out and I’m tougher than you can even imagine.”

He put his hands up defensively and grinned.

“It sounds like you’ve had a rough life, Levi. I hope you’re not disappointed by moving to the farm because life here’s not a cakewalk either.”

His blue eyes were noncommittal but his body language was suspicious.

“I don’t think I’ll be disappointed, Clint. After the life I’ve had this place looks like paradise.”

He shook his head.

“Four stepmothers. I’m glad I never had to put up with that kind of shit. Grandma died when I was nine, you were about two at the time, and then it was just Granddad and me. He was great to live with and I loved him.”

“You’re lucky you had him. I’ve lived in eight states, California twice. What with Dad being an alcoholic and a pothead and having four stepmothers after Mom died we just never seemed to be anywhere for more than a year or so. The last stepmother, Stella, wasn’t so bad but she was ready for me to clear out when I did. The only reason she tolerated me was because Granddad sent that monthly support check to her until I graduated.”

“I didn’t realize it was so bad. Well, I’m going to put the tractor away and call it a day. We can fix supper together and get to bed early. Morning comes early on a farm, if you remember.”

I waited on the porch for him to put the tractor away. When we walked into the house I was astonished when Clint took off his boots and stripped naked in the mudroom. It doubled as the laundry room and there was a washer and dryer. He threw his clothes into a hamper. He saw me staring in surprise and laughed.

“It’s just us, Levi, and you need to get used to seeing me naked. We’re both men and I take my sweaty clothes off in the mudroom every day. I expect you to do it too. After you work your ass off keeping this house clean you’ll appreciate the wisdom of leaving dirty boots and clothes in the mudroom. If you’re too shy you can get yourself a robe,” he grinned.

My face was red but I saw the sense in what he was saying. His clothes were filthy, dusty and grimy, and his boots had dried mud on them.

“And I like to sit around the house and watch TV at night in my underwear, sometimes naked. You got a problem with that?”

It was as if he was taunting me and wanted me to know it.

“You didn’t do this when I was here before,” I swallowed.

Clint snorted.

“Grow up, Levi. We’re just a couple of men here. You’d never have lasted in a college dormitory. What ARE you, a prude? Or gay?”

He was carrying on this conversation with me totally naked, as if it was nothing. And I suppose it would have been nothing if I hadn’t been gay and already wanting him. Damn, this wasn’t going to be easy. His body was all I desired in a man, tall, flawless, with hair in all the right places. And his cock was at least eight inches long and thick as a beer can.

He caught me staring at his cock and I saw it plump up a bit.

“Like what you see?” he grinned.

I didn’t say anything and he laughed. He walked away and I stared at the most perfect ass that walked this earth. It was attached to long legs covered in short soft blond hair, legs that seemed to go on forever. He stopped at the doorway and turned. I knew he caught me staring at his ass.

“If it’s not too much to ask of you after that hard flight, do you think you could rustle us up something for supper?” he asked sarcastically. “If not, I’ll do it when I get out of the shower.”

“Yeah, I’ll be glad to do it,” I said coolly. “I’m going to take a quick shower myself and I’ll do it as soon as I’m done.”

“You do that, sport.”

I fought my usual hostile reaction to adults telling me what to do in that tone of voice. Clint was arrogant, he’d assumed a superior attitude toward me, and he talked down to me like I was a child to be tolerated.

I went into my bathroom and took a shower. I jacked off thinking of Clint and then turned the water to cold. When I was like a prune and my dick had shrunk down to four inches I finally got out.

I put on a pair of drawstring board shorts with a tee shirt and leather thongs. It was my house too and I might as well get comfortable in it, dress as I pleased. And Clint might as well get comfortable with me. I walked out to the kitchen and checked out the fridge and pantry for what to make for supper. I decided to make a taco salad and I put the ground meat on to cook.

Clint came into the kitchen barefoot and wearing only a pair of white briefs. They barely held his cock in and his pubic bush spilled out of the waistband.

“What’re you fixing?”

“Taco salad. You’ve got all of the fixings so I figured you must like it.”

“I got the ingredients because Cherie wanted to fix it. She cooks for me occasionally.”

“Is she over here a lot?”

“Why? Does it bother you?” he chuckled.

“I’m not sure. I feel like I’ve stepped into your harem and you’re used to fucking a different woman every night. I don’t want to feel like I’m in the way but it’s my house too and I’m not going to hide in my bedroom for you to romp through the house with naked women.”

I spoke firmly, he was going to find out that I was no fucking pushover. I wanted to establish some ground rules quickly, hoping that we weren’t going to start off fighting. Clint had no idea of the battlegrounds I’d been on in my young life and I wasn’t going to let him walk all over me. I just hoped I could establish a decent relationship with him as our egos clashed.

“I’ll be sure that we only fuck in my room,” he snickered. “No more fucking in every room of the house unless you’re joining in. Particularly not on the kitchen table.”

He was amused again and he looked at my crotch. I was getting an erection and I blushed, furious with myself that it was so easy for him to embarrass me.

Clint adjusted his penis and grinned at me.

“If you’ve got this all under control do you mind if I go watch a little television? After all, I’ve worked my ass off all day.”

“Sure, go ahead. I’ll call you when it’s done.”

“I usually eat off a tray in front of the TV. Is that okay with you?”

He walked away, his magnificent ass bouncing in his tight jockeys. As he got to the kitchen door he looked back at me and caught me watching his ass. He shook his finger at me playfully and laughed.

He knew. Clint knew I was gay and he was enjoying himself teasing me. Well, I was no fool and I wasn’t going to play games with him. I’d never make the first move and I could pick up a girl just like him; and fuck her too. It definitely wouldn’t be the first time and I could keep him guessing about my sexual preferences.

But I’d masturbate thinking of him.

I finished getting the salad ready and took our trays into the living room.

“What’d you want to drink, Clint?”

“I’ll take a beer.”

“I’ll get it.”

I went back to the kitchen and got him a beer and me a glass of lemonade.

“What no beer for you? Are we out?”

“Nah, there’s plenty, I just hate the taste of beer.”

“So what do you do for a buzz, Levi? Marijuana? I’ve never liked it.”

“I get high on exercise and I’m really not too much into that sort of thing. Dad’s drugs and alcohol turned me off that scene completely.”

“I know what you mean. I limit myself to five beers a week and I never get drunk. Too much beer and cola will make you fat. Well, enjoy your lemonade. Cherie made it.”

He’d been eating on his salad and he looked at me.

“You make this salad a hell of a lot better than Cherie,” he grinned. “Of course, I don’t want you to tell her that.”

I’d had just about enough of hearing about Cherie and it showed on my face. Cherie this, Cherie that. Her constant cheerfulness just didn’t ring true to me. I’d seen her type before, both male and female.

Clint looked into my eyes, entertained by my discomfort. He knew damned well that I already didn’t like Cherie.

We watched a boring television show that Clint seemed to like. Then after he finished eating he went over to a cabinet and took out a DVD. He put it in the player and suddenly the screen was showed a man fucking a woman in the opening scene.

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