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All characters are eighteen or older. Please vote and comment to tell me if you like, thanks!

This takes place six months or so after part six.


The Van Dekker House:

Fiona, Cassie and I were settling into our new digs. While I wanted to live on campus I was talked into buying a small house at the edge of the college. It would provide privacy and a place for us to play without drawing too much attention to ourselves. It was a nice three bedroom house that was over a hundred years old that had recently been remodeled. The place even had its own wine cellar which I planned on converting into a playroom. I took the master bedroom as my own while Cassie and Fiona had a coin toss for the closer of the remaining two bedrooms. Cassie ended up winning that particular challenge and I think it worked out best since she was the one who fed off of sexual energy. It took us a few days to tidy the place up and get it all ship shape. The house had been vacant for close to a year before I had bought it. The previous owner had been a late professor for the university. He had been one of their language experts and had studied some seriously esoteric tongues from all over the world. Rumor had that he and his wife had held orgies in their more youthful days and the way Cassie sniffed around the house I began to believe it was more than just gossip.

“Hello, is anyone home,” a voice called from the front door.

“MOM,” Fiona said as she charged the front of the house. I made my way down from my bedroom and there she was framed in the open doorway. My god she was huge! Then again she only had a few more weeks before she delivered our lovechild into the world.

“Hello son,” she said looking up at me.

“Hey mom,” I said staring into her eyes. Could she see the fear that was etched there?

“I brought you a house warming gift,” mom said smiling. “Come on down and let’s break out the donuts and chocolate milk while they are still warm.” I moved down and took her into my arms. “This is really looking like a home.”

“Are you going to be okay,” I asked her as she waddled her way to the dining room.

“Yeah, I have been down this road before. I wonder if you are going to be alright.”

“I am still a little overwhelmed,” I said as she opened the box of donuts. Cassie appeared from the basement and had an almost intoxicated look on her face. I shot her a look and she just smiled blissfully.

“Is she okay,” mom asked looking at Cassie.

“Yeah, I think she found the professor’s sex dungeon,” I said jokingly but Cassie nodded all the same.

“There is a secret door that leads to a hidden room,” Cassie said drunkenly. “Even after all these years the place reeks of debauchery.”

We ate in silence as everyone kept their eyes on me. They were concerned about how I was dealing with the imminent birth of my son. I picked up a donut and I paused long enough to let out a long deep breath. Of course we weren’t going to be doing things traditionally we were using an Isani midwife for the birth because we didn’t want any blood tests being done and his heritage being revealed to the wide world.

“I am okay already,” I said breaking the silence.

“It’s okay, I have plenty of resources, he will want for nothing,” mom said softly, her eyes never meeting mine.

“I will baby sit as often as you need,” Fiona said a huge smile on her face.

“Looks like he has a very bright future ahead of him,” Cassie said as she laid a hand on my leg. “It will be alright. He will be loved without hesitation.”

“That’s true,” I said with a small smile. “I wonder how Yg is doing, I wonder how far along she is?”

“I will talk to Arcana and find out,” Cassie offered.

The conversation turned to school and our classes. Mom was proud of how many classes I had tested out of and how soon I would have my bachelor’s degree. She wasn’t the only one; I had received a letter from one of my brothers in the Order. They were happy to see how well situated I was. They were eager to see the fruition of my research into Zero Point Energy. I had set a meeting with the Sword Master to show him the various prototypes I had created. They had purchased the rights to the technology after all. Even if the old Grandmaster was long dead the Order deserved to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

“Hey you,” Mom said drawing me back to reality. “Where were you?”

“Sorry, I was thinking about my meeting with brothers from the Order and my Zero Point Energy Modules. I guess I am a little anxious to make a good impression.”

“Relax,” she said. “Trust someone who has made dozens of presentations over the years. You’ll do great and it will work out just fine.”

“You will change the world,” Fiona said.

“Yeah, I know,” I said. But would it be for the better or the worse?

After mom had left I followed Cassie down to the basement and the hidden room. The secret door was a false front for one of the wine racks. The room was forty feet square and was lit from above by what appeared to be a pricey chandelier. There were outlines on the deep carpet Kağıthane Escort where furniture used to be in years gone by. Cassie sniffed the air and once more she took on that near drunken state of euphoria. Her hands roamed over her body as she drank in the residual sexual energy.

“Tell me,” I said. She looked at me and her eyes were glassy and her pupils were dilated.

“So much pleasure,” she moaned as she touched herself. “So many bodies writhing around in complete sexual abandon. They had orgies here over many years. I can only guess they had one a week at least, perhaps even more often.”

“Wow,” I said walking around the perimeter of the room. The walls of the room were covered in stylized wallpaper whose pattern hinted at some sort of cryptic designs. There, hidden in the smaller patterns were larger circular configurations. Each sheet of the wallpaper contained a different runic design that not only enhanced sexual desire but also stored it as well. “Stand in the middle.” Cassie did as I asked and when she was ready I touched the center of one of the rune circles. A wash of sexual energy leapt from the wall and slammed into her. Cassie’s scream echoed off the walls as she fell to her knees shaking uncontrollably. Her jeans were soaked from her pussy juices and the poor thing just sat there shuddering like crazy. “Well, I think I just found my playroom. See to its furnishing, Cassie… Cassie?”

“Yes Master, thank you sir,” she said her voice barely above a whisper.

I left the room and went to find Fiona to see if she had heard Cassie’s scream. It seemed the room was sound proofed well enough to mask even the Isani’s primal shriek. I sent Fiona to check on Cassie when the other hadn’t appeared after five minutes. A few minutes later the pair showed up with Fiona supporting Cassie.

“What the hell happened,” Fiona asked.

“My playroom has a bit of a kick,” I said and Cassie nodded vigorously.

“Damn, I am going to take her upstairs,” Fiona said with a wicked grin on her face. I knew what she was thinking she wanted to try it out as soon as possible. Truth is so did I but I had other things to do right now. If I had learned anything from Cassie it was putting things off made the pay off all the better. I had to finish my speech for my meeting with the Order. Once that was done I could think about breaking in the playroom. Besides it wouldn’t have been fair to Cassie for just Fiona and me to have our fun.

While Cassie recovered I sat in the only furnished room that the house offered when I bought it, the master’s study. The room came with a handcrafted table and four walls lined with book shelves. The shelves were stocked to the brim with leather bound tomes, loose papers and even a few scrolls still in their cases. I picked out a random book from the western shelf and opened it at the desk. This time luck was with me and the text was in English, okay granted it was Middle English but I think I could make out most of it. As I skimmed the first few pages I got the gist of the book, it was a diary of an Order member named Jonathon Van Dekker. The dates put the diary at the end of the Revolutionary War. It appears the Order was siding with the rebel Americans and it was Van Dekker’s job to make sure supplies made it into the right hands. Even though the founding fathers were Masons they had earned the respect of top ranking Masters. Not all the Order had sided with the rebels but those who hadn’t stood back and let the majority have their way. Of course the fact that the Hidden Master and the Eternal Master had pushed for rebel support had swayed most to the current course of action, interesting. I skipped to the middle of the book and found a different hand writing in the diary. I had to go back until I found where Jonathon had passed away and his eldest son Jeremy had taken over. Jeremy like his father was a staunch supporter of the three Masters and their will. It was Jeremy that was sent to the French city of St. Louis on Order business. It took fifty pages or so of text to describe his travels to the trading outpost. It was then that Jeremy ran into trouble when he discovered the members of the Order in St. Louis had gone rogue and joined an alliance with what he only called the Nashada. It went on describing how he killed each and every member of the Order that had gone rogue but was unable to learn who or what the Nashada were.

“Are you going to sit there all day or are you going to your precious meeting,” Fiona said breaking me out of my reverie.

“Damn, thanks for the wakeup call,” I said closing the book and setting back in its place on the shelf.

I headed to the bathroom, checked out my reflection and moved towards the front door. I snatched the backpack from Fiona’s hands and gave her a kiss on the cheek as I headed out. The Ducati took the turns easily and I was almost at my destination when Arianna whispered in my ear.

‘You are three minutes early,’ she purred.

‘Thanks Arianna,’ I said.

As I pulled up I saw two figures embracing. One was tall dark headed and was handsome Kağıthane Escort Bayan in his own way. The other was petite, willowy and had a long ass mane of sun kissed blonde hair. She was stunning in anyone’s book. I pulled up and the moment I took off my helmet the guy locked eyes on me and smiled. But it wasn’t that feel good sort of look; I was on the alert instantly. I walked up the stairs and left the pair to themselves. The girl walked down and away as the guy intercepted me near the door.

“Brother Osborn,” the guy called out.

“Can I help you,” I asked.

“As a matter of fact you can,” he said smiling again. I fought the urge to shiver.

“I have a meeting; perhaps we can discuss this afterwards.”

“I will walk with you and maybe we can talk over you selling me the house you just purchased.”

“Wait, what the hell did you just say,” I said my anger rising to the fore.

“I want you to sell me the house you just bought,” he said his smile intact.

“Um, no,” I said and headed for the council chambers.

“Wait, you haven’t even heard my offer,” he said reaching out to touch my arm.

“I just moved in and classes start next week,” I said as I opened the door to the council chambers.

“I don’t care about your classes I want that house,” he said his smile slipping.

“What part of no do you not understand Brother,” I said as civilly as I could.

“Ah Brother Osborn, Brother Van Dekker, welcome,” the Chief Abbot said smiling brilliantly.

“Brother Van Dekker, now it makes sense,” I said turning to face the other.

“Just sell me the goddamn house,” he snarled now. I just shook my head and offered the Abbot my hand.

“Brother Osborn, I am sorry the Sword Master wasn’t able to make this meeting. He was called away at the last minute. I hope you don’t mind me inviting a second to aid me in understanding of this project of yours. This is Brother Shaw, I think you might have heard of him.”

“Who hasn’t heard of Nick Shaw,” I said shaking the other man’s hand.

“Brother Van Dekker, we have business if you could give us the room,” the Abbot said addressing the angry young man.

“No, I have unfinished business with Brother Osborn,” he said his hostility open at this point.

“There is no need to be rude Brother Van Dekker,” Nick said his eyes narrowing. “If Brother Osborn doesn’t want to sell your business is finished here.”

“Stay out of this Shaw,” Van Dekker spat. “You ARE going to sell me my family’s house and today.”

“This is getting out of hand,” the Abbot said his voice taking on an edge now.

“Osborn is a newbie here and has no say with older members like myself,” Van Dekker said addressing the Abbot now.

“I side with Brother Osborn,” Nick said. “Now are you going to challenge my family’s ranking in the Order?”

“Stay out of this Shaw,” he said. “Or I will make you sorry.”

“Gentlemen, that is enough,” the Abbot said his shock showing.

“Shut up old man,” Van Dekker shouted.

“ENOUGH,” said a new voice and we all turned to face the image of the Hidden Master hovering in the middle of the chamber. “I have heard enough. Your behavior has earned you a demotion in rank Van Dekker; you are reduced to the title of Lesser Master. Now get out of here before I expel you from the Order and call a Blood Hunt on your entire line.”

The man clenched his teeth, bowed and left the council chambers. By the time I looked back the image of the Hidden Master was gone. I looked at the Abbot and smiled weakly. I apologized for Van Dekker but he held up his hand and shook his head. Then the meeting I had planned on finally started. The three of us discussed the Zero Point Energy initiative and its impact upon the Order. I even handed over one of my prototypes for Shaw to examine and give his opinion to the Abbot and the council. Once our meeting was over the Abbot left and I needed some fresh air. Then Nick placed his hand on my shoulder.

“You are too valuable an asset to let some snot nosed brat push you around. If you want a job after college just give me a call and I’d be happy to have you. Or seeing how brilliant this design looks you could just skip school and work for me now. The pay is good and the benefits are unparalleled.”

“How about a compromise, I work part time until I graduate.” I said in counter offer.

“Well, I look forward to seeing you Monday,” he said handing me a business card. “…Until then.”

I headed back home with no small measure of anger flowing through my veins. I had held it together in front of the Abbot but I was pissed to no end. The veiled threat against me was making me take the turns faster and tighter than I normally would. When I made the final turn I had almost worked out all of my anger until I saw the expensive car parked out in front of my house. He wouldn’t be that stupid as to continue this even after he was demoted. I parked the bike and stormed up the stairs to the house. I opened the door and it slammed against the wall. But instead of seeing Van Dekker sitting in Escort Kağıthane my living room it was the girl he had been talking to. Fiona stood up in shock and looked at me like she didn’t recognize me.

“Steve, what the hell is going on,” she asked.

“Sorry, I thought it was someone else in our home,” I said as I took in a deep breath.

“Please forgive me, maybe I should go,” the girl said.

“Why are you here,” I asked as I took in her breathtaking beauty.

“I came here to smooth things out between you and my brother,” she said her voice like liquid silk.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but your brother is a dick,” I said.

“No harm no foul,” she said with a genuine smile. “He loses perspective sometimes.”

“Did he tell you he was demoted,” I said and she shook her head.

“He just wanted our family journals,” she said. “He didn’t learn about the sale until it was too late. He thought he had more time.”

“I understand his desire to get his family property back but he went about it the wrong way. How about a tour of the place while I ponder my choice,” I said. Fiona just smiled and stepped past me to close the front door.

I led the girl all around the first floor and she took in everything with great interest. Then I led her upstairs to the bedrooms and showed her two of the three since Cassie was still recuperating. Then I showed her what she had come here to see. The minute I opened the door to the study her eyes went wide.

“So many books,” she whispered. “I see why he wants them so bad.”

“I have read a few of them, the ones in English anyway,” I said. “They are records related to the activities of the Order.”

“He wants to regain the glory of our ancestors,” she said.

“If you had come to me I would have sold the books without hesitation,” I said.

“I understand if you don’t want to,” she said.

“Follow me to the wine cellar and I will make my final decision.”

She nodded and followed me down the stairs. I opened the door to the basement and led the way. She looked around and her eyes rested on the hidden door for more than a few seconds. So she knew that is interesting to know.

“Did you know there was a hidden room down here,” I asked.

“Yes,” she said. “My father was the last man to use the room.”

“Want to see it,” I asked and she nodded with a sly smile.

I hit the hidden latch and the door swung outward. She stepped in and shivered as the energy of the place took hold. I watched her fidget and her breath become more erratic the longer she was inside. I closed the door and moved to stand behind her.

“Tell me what you’re feeling,” I asked.

“It really is intoxicating,” she moaned. “Over two centuries of lust and desire were fulfilled in this room.”

“I understand this house is only a little over a hundred years old.”

“It is, but it is not the first house built upon this site,” she said. “The Van Dekker’s have held this plot of land since the founding of the university.”

“How would your brother react to me taking advantage of you, in this chamber?”

“He would hate you,” she moaned. “But there is something you should know, he’s not my brother, he’s my uncle. His family took me in when my father perished.”

“You think he killed your dad,” I said and she slowly nodded.

I slid my arms around her waist and pulled her to me. Then she was grinding her ass against my groin. She looked over her shoulder as I leaned down to steal a kiss. Well not really stolen when it is given so freely. Was it the room or was it simply her hunger that was filling me up? She took my hands and placed them on her ample tits and I began to massage them as our kiss deepens. Her hips were moving up and down now as my cock got harder and harder. My fingers found her nipples and I teased them as our tongues dueled. Her eyes closed and mine followed suit as we were caught up in the sexual energy radiating from every surface of the room. Our passion built until we couldn’t take it anymore. My eyes snapped open and I grabbed her dress at the shoulders and it tore in two for me. She turned to face me and undid my belt and pushed my pants to the floor. As I undid her bra she was pulling my shirt over my head. I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my pants. Then she was leading me to the middle of the room and pulling us to the floor. We renewed our kiss as our hands roamed over each other’s bodies. Then she was shoving me down and kissing her way down my body. When her hands wrapped around the shaft of my cock I almost came right then and there. As she stroked me off she also lowered her mouth to the tip of my cock. She licked the precum from the head as her hands pleasured me.

“Watch me lover,” she moaned. “Watch me devour your cock.”

I looked down and stared as her tiny mouth opened and she began to lower her head to make my cock disappear down her throat. It couldn’t have been easy on her considering. I watched amazed as her tiny mouth engulfed me and her lips eventually touched the base. Her eyes never left mine as she performed this amazing feat. Then her head was moving up and down on me. I refused to look away as she made love to my dick. Why was she doing this? Was it the room? Or was it something else that I was unaware of? Her tongue bordered on the magical as I slithered and wrapped around the shaft of my cock.

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