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Cleo’s Fall Book 2


Cleo’s Fall
Book 2
Chapter 1
Cleo didn’t have to pack anything before she left the home she’d shared with Mike for the past two years. In fact, Mr. Chapman wouldn’t even let her return there. He said he’d provide everything she’d need, and apparently, he was so rich that he could. She’d been riding in the back of a stretch limo for the past three hours, occasionally sucking Mr. Chapman’s huge black cock wherever it magically appeared, sticking out of its fly. She was never able to take even half of it, but three times, she’d swallowed most of his copious flow, and as a result, her crouch was sopping wet. Chapman had told her to remove her underwear before she’d entered his car, and had told her at that time, she’d never need them again. Just the thought of that had made her start to gush.

But she was scared, too – really scared for the first time in her young life. She didn’t know where she was or the man she was with, or what awaited her at the end of their journey. Mr. Chapman . . . no, Master Chapman is how he told her to think of him. Master hadn’t even looked at her or acknowledged her as she sucked away on the spongy head his huge cock. After he’d cum in her mouth each time, he’d sat stoically until she’d cleaned him with her mouth, folded his considerable length back inside his pants and zipped him up. She knew it was sick, but she was so horny now that she’d climb almost anything, The prospects of doing that didn’t look though. She looked up, shuddering as the ugly driver drove the long car through a gated estate, moving slowly up a long winding driveway. She’d heard Master call him Kapp. Well, maybe she wouldn’t climb anything. Certainly not the ugly fat driver with the fish eyes. She shuddered again. Just the thought of Kapp’s knobby hands touching her made her queasy.

They were met near the front door by a pretty girl with short, dark hair, about her own age, dressed in a skimpy uniform. The girl kept her eyes cast downward and didn’t speak. Master spoke now. “Go with Mr Kapp. He’s been driving all day and needs some help with his problem.”

Whatever Mr. Kapp’s problem was, she didn’t want to be near him, but she knew better than to argue at this point, so she obediently followed his fat waddle inside toward the back of the house. She followed him through a doorway into a large bedroom. This was apparently Mr Kapp’s room. He didn’t speak to her, instead grabbing her short wrap-a-round near the throat, simply ripping it from her body. Before she could scream, he’d tossed her face-down on to the king-sized bed. Instantly, she felt his gigantic cock pushing against her exposed cunt.

“Oh God, no!” she screamed.

He didn’t stop, nor speak. He kept pushing against her opening, grinding away, relentlessly. At last, he was rewarded for his efforts as the golf-ball-sized head of his cock slipped past her vulva lips, but instantly hung-up again. She screamed louder, and the fat man slapped her ass, hard. For awhile, as he grunted and labored behind her, she’d scream and he’d silently slap her ass each time. Finally, she got the message and bit her arm, indignantly but quietly allowing him his path to the pleasure he sought. She eventually felt him slide in deeper, push hard again, and slide in a little more. Her pussy was on fire, and she was ready to pass out from the pain. The invading cock slid in deeper, pushing the walls aside, forcing tender tissue ahead of it. How big was that thing? Would it never end? Finally, she felt his fat belly brushing against her ass cheeks.

She was more stuffed than she’d ever been in her life, even with Ralph. She lay quietly, afraid to move, feeling the gigantic cock push relentlessly against her cervical core. She groaned against her arm again. Then, he started fucking her like a machine. No preliminaries, no warm up, just long-stroke thrusting, hard and fast. She screamed again and he silently, slapped her harder. She bit deeper into her arm in an attempt to remain quiet, but she was screaming in her mind. You bastard! You nasty, fat bastard!

Yes, nasty. Very nasty. She felt the juices flowing from her pussy, lubing the giant cock banging against her insides. Oh yes, so nasty, she thought again. Cleo moaned softly. Then louder. She moved backward a bit, meeting the brutal thrusts with a small one of her own. The cock inside her was white hot, throbbing, pulsating, hard as wood. She raised herself onto her elbows, reached back, and felt that it was indeed all the way inside her. As it slid in and out, she felt it in her hand. It must have been over a foot long and even thicker than Ralph’s, covered with huge, wart-like knobs. She moaned again, this time much louder. Nasty, so nasty, kept echoing in her mind. Suddenly, she was slamming her ass backward, meeting the fat man’s thrusts with equal abandon. After too short of a time, the huge cock inside her stiffened, painting her pussy walls with a pint of its thick warm juices. Her own orgasm hit like a freight train, shaking her slim body as if it had no will of its own – violently – continuously for a long time. She was completely out of her mind, on a different level as she left her shuddering body far below, watching from above as she quivered and quacked on the foot-long cock of the ugly fat man standing behind her, watching as a huge lump passed from the base of his throbbing cock, into her clasping pussy.

Was it true this creature not only looked the part, but actually was part animal? She’d heard how dogs could “tie” with their bitches because of the huge knot at the base of their cocks, but she’d never heard of a man like that. It was clear that Mr. Kapp could tie with his mate, as well – either as a freak of nature, or – she shuddered – by design.

His loud grunts and her moans of ecstasy slowly faded away until all that could be heard was their heavy, ragged breathing. The fat man didn’t move. He couldn’t. His knot was locked inside her and she suddenly felt herself cumming again – and then again. Only when she was totally limp, not responding in any manner, did he slowly pull his limp cock from her dripping pussy. Somehow, she still muttered a small sound of protest, pushing mindlessly backward to recapture it. He stood behind her on trembling legs, staring down at her as though in shock, as she quickly turned around and engulfed nearly all of his girth down her throat, completely cleaning him of their juices. After a moment, he grasped her head between his meaty hands, and began thrusting into her face once more. She instinctively reached up, grasped his fat ass cheeks in her tiny hands, pulling him deeper into her milking throat. He came in less than a minute, shooting his stored-up jizm down her clasping throat as she moaned hungrily for more. Then he jerked his cock from her sucking mouth, turned, and walked out of the room, his limp monster swinging nearly to his knees. He had not spoken a word throughout the entire ordeal.

After he departed, she lay spread-eagle on the large bed, dazed, the bitter taste of his cum still on her tongue, filling her mouth. Not sure exactly how long she was there, she heard another sound, looking up to find Mr. Chapman, Master, standing beside the bed. Instantly aware of her sticky thighs and wet face, she tried covering up, but he seemed unfazed by her used condition.

“You are here for one reason and one reason only,” he said softly. “To be used however I see fit. You will do things here, that only a short time ago you would not have even imagined.”
She uttered a soft protest, but he held up his hand. “No. Don’t protest. You’ll do them. You have no choice. All the girls here have learned that. It can be easy, or hard. That will be your only choice. Now get cleaned up and report for dinner.”

Still nude, on wobbly legs she went directly to the room assigned her, a suite really, with a huge round bed, large walk-in closets, and sumptuous bath. Laid out on the bed, was a beautiful full-length gown, heels and a peril necklace. No underwear. She took a long hot shower, washed the fat man’s cum from her hair, and put the new clothes on. They fit perfectly. She piled her hair on her head, and thought she looked as if she were headed out for a date at a fine restaurant.
There were four others at the table when she arrived; Master and three beautiful females; one about her age, one a little older, and one dark-skin girl about fourteen. All were dressed similar to her, and were already seated. They were apparently waiting on her arrival. One large chair was vacant so she went to it and prepared to sit. Then she paused, staring down. In the center of the padded seat was a four-inch silicone cock – sticking straight up. She glanced at Master and saw one eyebrow rise slightly, instantly remembering what he’d said in the fat man’s bedroom. She had no choice. She belonged to him now.

Carefully, she raised her long dress and eased herself down onto the dildo. That was easy because her vulva lips were still swollen from Mr Kapp’s battering only a short time before. The protrusion was made of a soft velvety substance and obviously had wires running through it because if felt instantly warm – not an altogether unpleasant sensation. The dark maid, who’d met them at the door earlier, rolled in plates of food on a cart, placing them in front of each guest, beginning with Master. Cleo took her clue from the others, only taking a bite once Master had started eating.

“I trust you find your room to standards,” he said, smiling slightly, staring at her. He had large thick lips and teeth that literally gleamed in his ink-black face.

“Yes . . . Master,” she replied.

The rubber cock inside her, begin moving in a slow insistent rotation, causing her to suck in a startled breath. “I hope all of you are comfortable,” Chapman continued, as though unnoticing. “I really trust none of you will embarrass me at the dinner table. I like my girls to act like ladies while dining.” He smiled, but this time it looked more sinister.

Cleo took another bite of food, trying to ignore the moving dildo inside her. She would swear it’d increased another five degrees in temperature. Suddenly, it was slowly moving up-and-down, in and out, rotating slowly. Cleo fought the feeling, took a sip of white wine, forcing down the groan building deep inside her. She knew this would be torture before it ended. She didn’t even taste the food she was consuming.


It was the young dark-skin teenager. Cleo watched the teenager as she clinched her eyes tightly, shuddering, then begin squirming her ass around in her chair. “Oh god,” she moaned softly. Then her face twisted grotesquely and she screamed out loudly, “Og yes! AGGGGG!.” When it was over, she slowly slumped forward in her chair, eyes still closed, forehead resting on the white table cloth. The large fat man, Kapp, suddenly appeared out of nowhere. He was dressed only in a black thong that barely covered his massive organ, his huge belly hanging like a large slab of meat over it. Without any command, he lifted the girl from her chair, tossed her feet-first over his thick shoulder, and walked away. Cleo could see the girl’s shaved young pussy oozing juices, as they disappeared. She almost found herself envying the girl. Almost.

“Mr Kapp will discipline Angel for her little indiscretion. She’s still young and hasn’t learned to control herself yet. I trust there will be no other outbursts?”

Cleo shuddered as she imagined just how Mr. Kapp would “discipline the young girl, trying to fight back the sensations building-up inside her own pussy which was still tender from Mr. Kapp’s earlier plummeting. The warm cock rotating inside her had grown warmer, and she gulped more wine to keep from making a sound. She could tell by the strained expressions on the other women’s faces that they were having a similar struggle. That was when she realized just how cruel her new master was going to be. Oh, it was indeed torture, as she took another bite of what tasted like cardboard to her palate.

Somehow, none of them gave in to the urge to climax, but their faces were pale and legs shaky as they lifted themselves from the wet rubber cocks after dinner, slowly wobbling away with clinching thighs.

“Cleo may stay,” she heard Master say softly, offering her his arm. A shiver of absolute terror ran up her spine. As they walked through the long hallways of the mansion, Cleo held on to her master’s thick arm, for the first time realizing just how huge he really was. She barely came to his broad chest. He clearly stood over six-eight, well over three-hundred pounds. His broad face was like black granite, and she knew just by looking at it, that he could be terribly cruel. She shivered again. He grinned down, his wide teeth gleaming.

“Cold, little whore? I will soon fine something to warm you up.” She trembled in fear, but none-the-less, felt her crotch ooze the wetness that’d started at the dinner table. “While you’re here, you are the property of any man who approaches you. You will obey them as quickly and unquestioning as if the order came directly from me. I have my reasons. Do you understand?”

Chapter 10
Cleo descended steep steps into the basement with the man who had become her master. There, they entered through a heavy wooden door. The room was designed like a gigantic bedroom dungeon, with several large TV screens and lots of strange equipment. Right in the center was a rack of some sort, and its sight instantly projected fear into her. Strapped to the rack was the same young girl she saw leave with Mr Kapp, who was there too, still wearing only his black thong. He looked grotesque with his soft belly hanging over it, barely covering a huge erection that was pushing against the silk cloth. Fourteen year-old Angel, lay with her arms stretched widely, strapped to the rack with shackles. Her legs were also stretched wide, the ankles tied overhead to rings hanging from the ceiling. Her shaved pussy, which had looked so warm and moist as she was carried from the dining room, now appeared dry and puckered with terror. The girl’s thin body appeared small and white against the black rack, like a sacrificial lamb ready to be slaughtered. Kapp held a leather whip with many tails, grinning cruelly as he slapped Angel across the ass with it. Her painful grunt brought Cleo back to the present, as she noticed several red welts across the young girl’s buttocks.

Still wearing her cocktail dress and heels, Cleo felt uncomfortable in their naked presence. As she and her master approached, Kapp silently stuck out his hand with the lather whip in it.

“Take it,” Master said.

Cleo fearfully did as instructed, noting it was made of a fine, soft leather. The handle, shaped like an erect phallus, felt cool in her hand. “Strike her,” Master said.

Cleo hesitated but as her master’s eyes turned frosty, she hit the young girl lightly across the buttocks. Angel, who had a rubber-ball gag in her mouth, looked up at Cleo gratefully.

“Harder! Unless you want to take her place,” Master commanded.

Cleo brought her arm back, hesitated, then brought it down harder against the girl’s ass. Angel groaned loudly and thrashing around, pulling against her bonds. “Again,” Master said. “This time, hit her pussy.”

Cleo stared down into Angel’s pleading eyes, as the young shook her head frantically. Cleo hesitated only briefly, but didn’t want to end up as Angel now was, so she brought her arm back and struck the shaved pussy-lips harder, watching Angel’s eyes as they rolled back into her head. This time she hadn’t made a sound.

“You probably wonder what Mr Kapp does for me, so I’ll tell you. I have found no woman who can handle my cock, but as you found out earlier, Mr. Kapp is hung like a stallion. Still, he is much smaller than I, so I have Mr. Kapp get the girls ready for me. I gave you to him earlier as a present, but also so you can start getting ready to accommodate my girth. That’s why you will submit to any man working here who wants you. I hire only men who are well-endowed, and it is their job to get you ready for me.

“The eldest woman at my table tonight, was Amy. She’s twenty-six. Amy has been here for a year and during that time has become totally addicted to cock. If she doesn’t have one for even only a day, she’s in complete misery. She’s that way because of my process here. Several times a day for months, I allowed her to be ravaged until finally, she simply had to have it or go mad. Make no mistake you will be the same over time. She is the only female at my dinner table tonight with whom I have personally fucked. It essential that you know, once I fuck a woman she is forever ruined for any other man. Kapp will occasionally service Amy if she becomes too miserable in her need, but even his cock does her little good now. It is mine that she craves and the only one with the size to satisfy her. I’ve told Kapp to start her anal training soon, so she will be ready for me when I want her. When Kapp has a new girl ready for me, or I tire of her, Amy will be discarded. Too bad. Like the others who have either lived through their ordeal with me, or that I have turned out after I tire of them, Amy will wander through life looking for a cock that will please her, but . . . well, as I said, too bad. You will go through the exact same training she has. I have yet to fuck the young clam before you, but Angel will start her “stretch” training tonight. I’ve allowed you the honor of observing that event. Mr. Kapp, you may proceed.”

Kapp grinned as he ripped off the black silk thong, letting his long half-erect cock fall free. It did indeed look like it belonged on a horse, hanging nearly halfway to his knees. It was rapidly growing hard though and its size was awesome. Kapp positioned his large body between Angel’s thin legs, pointing his stiffening cock at her tiny shaved pussy. Cleo was convinced there was no possible way it would fit, and would probably kill her. It was simply too large. Its crown, now purple and straining, pushed against Angel’s soft pussy lips, but it didn’t budge them. Angel was awake though, wide-eyed and violently shaking her head side-to-side, whimpering softly.

Glancing away, Cleo became aware of the mirrors for the first time. They were everywhere, arranged so that by looking at one, she could see Angel’s penetration from many different angles – every movement, every twitch, every inch of entry or withdraw. Now, she also noticed small boxes attached to the wall and ceiling around the room, with periodic blinking lights on them. Cameras? A soft grunt from Angel brought her attention back to the scene before her.

Kapp grasped his gigantic knobby cock and held it more firmly against its target. His buttocks clinched with great effort as he pushed forward, thrusting violently. The purple head of his large cock somehow had disappeared between the girl’s thin dry pussy lips, but it would go no farther. Cleo felt Master at her shoulder, and heard him say, “It’s too tight for you, Kapp.” He stared at Cleo. “Lick her cunt.”

It was clear he wasn’t speaking to Kapp. He was speaking to her. By now, she was so scared she was visibly shaking, and knew she’d do anything to keep them from hurting her like this. Still completely clothed in her cocktail dress and heels, she felt ridiculous as she knelt between Angel’s thin legs. She moved closer and caught a whiff of Kapp’s cock smell. She held her breath and licked out. The shaved cunt was warm, but dry. She wanted to help the young girl and knew the only way to do that was to help her get moist before Kapp split her in half with his horse-like cock. She moved closer, lathing it with moisture. Parting the folds with her fingers, she stuck her tongue inside, rewarded by a soft whimper from Angel. She licked deeper, then flicked the tiny clit that was just beginning to protrude. Angel moved a little, lifting her ass a bit to accommodate this unexpected, yet tantalizing invasion. Cleo took the clit into her mouth, sucking gently, alternating with an occasional long sensuous lick completely up the crack. Now, Cleo felt a gush between her own legs, as her act began to excite her as well. Angel was moaning, her juices beginning to flow freely as she lifted up to get more of the pleasant feeling inside her. The girl’s pussy lips had rapidly become swollen, opening like the pedals of a rose. Cleo moaned and completely engulfed her face into the warm, wet pussy, the young girl’s fragrance beginning to drive her wild. She had unconsciously put her hand beneath the long dress, touching her own pussy lips, finding them also wet and swollen. She moaned into the girl’s open pussy and Angel gasped audibly.

“That’s enough!”

Rough hands pulled her reluctantly away, helping her to stand on wobbly legs as she struggled to catch her breath. Kapp took his place back between Angel’s legs, pushing the head of his cock between the bound girl’s wet swollen pussy lips. His ass clinched with effort and about two inches of his massive organ disappeared inside her. Angel’s eyes opened widely as she twisted her head from side to side, silently pleading for him to stop. Kapp ignored her, pushing more of his erection in, as knob-by-knob, it slowly disappeared inside the hairless vagina. From where Cleo watched, it looked like a telephone pole trying to enter the young girl. Kapp pulled almost completely out, but then slammed his round belly forward, burying at least half his cock inside Angel. The wide-eyed girl grunted in intense pain, around the ball-gag.

Cleo noticed Master had somehow departed when she was absorbed in this brutal rape, and she was now alone with them. Bringing her gaze back to the scene, she was shocked to see that Kapp was almost two-thirds of the way in. She watched as he withdrew again, and slammed back into the small opening with awesome force, his powerful buttocks forcing a few more inches into the distraught girl. When he was buried as far as it would go, about two-thirds in, he paused over Angel, sweating and puffing. She seemed frozen in place, impaled like a butterfly, unable to move. He knew this too, for he reached up and loosened her ankles and her hands, relying only upon his heavy weight and her impalement to hold her in place. Then he started a slow, methodic withdrawal, followed by a just as brutal plunge into Angel’s soft depths. How the young girl had taken the awesome cock, filled Cleo with amazement. It was evident she was still in intense pain however. Every time the fat man withdrew, she could see Angel’s pink, inter-pussy walls being pulled outward by the large cock. As Kapp continued his assault, his cock become wetter and wetter and Cleo knew that Angel was at last responding to his constant battering. She took some solace in the fact that her licking might’ve helped the young girl adjust to the terrible onslaught of her young loins.

As for her own loins, they were on fire. She certainly didn’t want this ugly fat man doing anything to her, but she needed some relief soon. She fingered herself under her dress, but it was of little comfort. What she needed, was something about half the size of that thing in front of her. God, it’s huge! she thought, feeling another trail of wetness running down her bare leg. Angel was lying with her legs sprawled out to the side, completely unresisting, as though resigned to her fate. Cleo watched now as the thin legs slowly raised and clasped Kapp’s large girth between them, squeezing him in a vice. Then her arms moved as though of their own accord, sliding over Kapp’s huge round shoulders as he continued slamming into her tender pussy without consideration for her satisfaction.

Angle was still moaning, but not like before. These were moans of pleasure – intense pleasure. Kapp leaned forward a little and she pulled his ugly face lower, opening her mouth for his thick tongue. She moaned around his tongue, chasing it inside his mouth with her own. She seemed oblivious to anything except her own pleasure, now. It was, as Chapman had said it would be. Amy was moaning and thrashing continuously now, having completely lost control, grunting with each brutal thrust, pushing her soft belly upward to get more of the huge dick inside her. Cleo fingered herself viciously, looking on the two with envy. Angel suddenly stiffened, climaxing violently and endlessly. It looked as if she’d been electrocuted – shaking, shuddering, groaning, flinging her head from side to side mindlessly. It was plain she was having multiple climaxes. They continued for five full minutes, finally slowing and then stopping, as she gasped into Kapp’s open mouth. Angel lay there, clutching Kapp with her arms and legs, whimpering like a small hurt animal. After only a few moments though, she started moving beneath the fat man again. Soon, she was acting as if she were in the same state of arousal as before. Kapp apparently, hadn’t even cum yet. He was still relentlessly pounding away at her sopping wet pussy. Then Cleo remembered it hadn’t been that long since Kapp had fucked her so thoroughly in his room. She touched her still tender pussy, remembering his knobby cock hammering into her, feeling sparks fly from under her long dress. Watching Angel get that same cock now, she was on fire.

Kapp didn’t last much longer. She watched as he finally clinched his ass cheeks, and Cleo knew he was getting close. Angel strained to beat him to the finish line, pushing and grunting unconsciously. It was no use. For just as she appeared to be almost there, Kapp suddenly withdrew his long wet cock, moved around to her face and shoved his entire length into her open mouth. Cleo watched her throat convulse frantically as she struggled to swallow his fantastic load to keep from strangling. She must’ve swallowed a dozen times, and still some of it ran from the corners of her gasping mouth. Finally, the fat man slowly pulled it from her still sucking mouth, and stepped back. It was plain Angel still wanted more. She reached out a tiny hand toward him. “Please,” she whispered. “Please don’t stop. I’m so close. Please.”

Kapp actually laughed. Just threw his ugly head back and bellowed. Then, he turned and walked out, leaving them both suffering like bitches in heat. Without thinking, Cleo suddenly found herself naked, climbing over Angel, facing her feet in a 69 position. She lowered her face into the wide, gaping pussy that Kapp had stretched so much that no ordinary man would ever satisfy again. She licked the juices away like it was ambrosia. Slowly, almost painfully, she lowered her burning pussy towards Angel’s face, rewarded by a soft tongue lapping away at her swollen lips. Instantly, they were moaning and gasping into each other’s open pussies, with a hunger born of desperation. They both climaxed together, immediately – hard and continuously for several minutes – quaking violently in their pleasure. Afterward, Cleo turned around, stroked Angel’s tear-streaked face, and kissed her tenderly. Holding each other, they slept.

The following morning, tired and aching, Angel arose, kissed her lightly on the lips, and quietly departed. Cleo was completely exhausted, so she stayed where she was, willing herself to move while she wondered how she’d gotten herself into such a situation. Until only a couple months ago, the only man she’d been to bed with was her husband, Mike. Her old boss Ralph, a degenerate, repulsive little man had recognized her propensity for being controlled, and somehow along the way, she’d become a complete slut, insatiable. She had to change that or she knew she might die here. She got to her feet, slipped the wrinkled dress over her head, and pulled on her discarded heels. Thinking back about how she’d witnessed Kapp’s huge dick penetrating young Angel, she shivered, but disgustingly noticed a dampness growing between her long legs. Angel had helped calm her down, but nothing compared to a hard cock when she got this way. She was a fucking slut! Slowly, she made her way toward the door just as it opened. An old man with a bucket was coming in to clean things up. The janitor.

“Here to wash the cum off the floor, little girl, hee, hee,” he said. “Must’ve had a real party last night.”

She stared at him with total disgust, wrinkling her nose at his unkept appearance.

He stopped, just looking at her. “Think you’re so hot? Think you’re too good for me?” He sat the bucket down and unzipped his pants, pulling out a limp, but still incredible-sized cock for someone of his age. Though flaccid, it was fully nine inches long, curved with dark blue veins running through it. Then she remembered what Master had told her about the men he hired – and something else – that they owned her. She shivered. “I’m sorry that I was rude, sir. I really must go now. Master is expecting me.”

“Get over here and perform before I call him and ask if you’re lying. You don’t want to know what he does to girls who lie to their betters.” As he spoke, he’d moved closer, his cock starting to pulsate with the blood filling it. She was nearly overcome by his smell once he got nearer. “What’s it gonna be? Your choice, little girly.”

Trapped, tears streaming, Cleo slowly slipped to her knees, a loud ringing in her ears. This is what it was going to be like for her. She knew she couldn’t escape it. The hardened cock was inches from her face now and it smelled really bad. The old man’s pubic hair was matted with dried cum or sweat. She nearly gagged as she closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and took it inside. There was a strong stinging sensation on her tongue for a moment, and she knew it was because he probably hadn’t bathed lately. Once that passed it was a little better, except for the strong body order he emitted. Soon, he was shoving his rigid cock, which had grown to about eleven inches, all the way down her throat. She could feel it entering her throat like a giant snake, her gullet muscles involuntarily clinching, milking it as it slowly withdrew. His motions picked up pace as pre-cum began coating her tongue. After a while, despite herself, she moaned, grasping his thin buttocks, drawing him closer. She rolled her mouth around the head of his dick, licking down to its base, taking a gray-haired testicle into her mouth, then licking back up to its leaking head. Last night’s events had finally caught up with her. She wasn’t just sucking his cock, now she was making love to it.

A slut. Just a fucking slut!

She’d been burning up ever since last night and as much as she dreaded doing this it was the only thing that would ease her discomfort – she had to have a hard cock inside her. As the pre-cum grew to a copious flow, she suddenly drew back, looking up at him. “Please,” she whispered hoarsely.

He grinned toothlessly down at her. “Please what?”

“Please fuck me. Please. I need it.”

He roughly pulled her to her feet, pushed her face down onto a nearby table, and just threw her dress over her back, slamming his large curved cock into her in one thrust. Raising her hips to receive him, she uncontrollably groaned aloud, and he chuckled. “By golly, girly, you sure are hot for some cocky. You’re a real beauty, too. One of the best I’ve ever had my old dick inside.”

As sensitive as she was from being in heat for so long, she could feel every ridge and vane along curved penis as it hammered into her from the rear. She nearly swooned. It was wonderful. Wonderful – and so nasty! She felt herself nearing a shattering climax and she could tell the old man was too, because he started pounding at her even faster, racing toward his own mind-blowing cum.

“Come on you old bastard,” she groaned through clinched teeth. “Give it to me hard.”

“You getting it, Bitch,” he gritted, her words making him slam it into her even harder. “Take that old cock in your sloppy pussy, you little slut! Cum on it hard for Daddy.”

“Yes, yes . . .!”

“Call me daddy, you little bitch! Do it, or I pull it out and walk away.”

“Oh, please fuck me hard, Daddy,” she panted. “I love you Daddy. Please don’t stop. I need it so bad.” Then suddenly, she was there – twisting, screaming, crying with pleasure, wanting even more as he emptied his balls into her. As soon as he’d finished cumming in her, he roughly flipped her over and just slammed his cock into her again. She rose to meet his brutal thrusts with wantonness. It was apparent the old man hadn’t had any pussy for a long time because it wasn’t long before he started groaning again, mashing his mouth against her lips, sticking his long tongue half-way down her throat, his bad breath washing over her as she swallowed it with abandon. She sucked on the foul, probing tongue, and then answered with her own, probing his toothless mouth as though a cat seeking warm milk. The next climax hit her as hard as any she’d ever nilüfer escort known, slamming her senses in all directions, making her black-out for a moment. When she was aware of her surroundings again, she saw the old man’s glistening cock in front of her face.

“Clean it up daughter. Daddy’s got to go to work.” This time, she did it eagerly.

Cleo staggered so badly going back to her room that she finally slipped off her high-heels and walked barefoot. In her room, she dropped her soiled beautiful dress in a heap on the floor and went straight to the shower. For twenty minutes, she stood under the hot water, trying to wash the smell and taste of the loathsome old janitor from her mind and body. Even as she remembered how he’d used her, shivering in revulsion, she felt another flood between her legs. She remembered how she’d eagerly called him Daddy, giving in to his demands without hesitation. Whore! Tears stung her eyes as she chastised herself angrily.

Leaving her hair damp, she lay on the bed wondering how she’d managed to end up like this. It had been her repulsive old boss, Ralph, who had caused it, she knew. He’d found all her buttons and had instantly known ways to fuck her until the top of her head literally flew off. Her hubby Mike would make love to her on most nights, and it had been nice – even sweet – but she lived only for when she went back to work the following day. She needed what Ralph provided. Ralph defiled and degraded her, fucking her brains out – and then just wiped his cock on her face and walked away, leaving her quivering in their spent juices, sticky with drying cum. She’d loved it all. When he hadn’t fucked her for a while, even after only a few days, she was climbing the walls for him. He was an ugly, fat little troll who repulsed her, but she had desperately craved what he’d given her. She realized she still did, and that was why she’d reveled in what the smelly old janitor had made her do. What the hell was wrong with her, anyway? If they opened the door and told her she could leave, would she? She honestly didn’t know. Probably not.

Chapter 11
The sun was pouring in her window when she awoke the following morning, and she sleepily realized someone was moving around her room. Looking through grit-filled eye-lids, she saw it was a large man dressed as a butler. He was laying a short skirt and blouse on the foot of her bed.

“This is your attire for today. Please get up and dressed before breakfast is served.”

Cleo pulled the sheet up to her chin, waiting for the butler to leave. He simply starred at her for a moment, and then unzipped his pants, retrieving a half-swollen cock about the same size of the old janitor. “Come over here and take care of this before you get dressed.”

It was at this point that Cleo remembered Master’s words, and knew that she was beaten. Hating it, but resigned and without comment, she slid over and took the man’s cock deep into her throat, sucking gently. As with the previous night, it wasn’t long until she reached up, grasping the man’s flabby ass cheeks, pulling him deeper into her mouth. Soon she was moaning around the thick meat, sucking, licking, nibbling, and loving every bit of it. Even when he turned around, spread his ass-cheeks, and waited for her to lick his butthole, she did not hesitate. After a while, he turned back and she engulfed him all the way to its base. Too quickly, he shot his vast load into her mouth, coating her gums and tongue, forcing her to swallow rapidly in order not to drip it onto her bedding. When he pulled out of her reluctant mouth, she sat back on her haunches with a gazed expression, waiting for him to push her backward onto the bed and fuck her senseless. He didn’t. He simply zipped back up, and turned to go. “Breakfast will be in thirty minutes. Don’t make the Master wait.” He closed the door softly behind himself and didn’t see her tears start flowing.

Taking her shower, she could still taste the man’s cock ramming into her throat. She groaned silently in abject misery. Why hadn’t he just fucked her? She was ready for him, so why leave? She’d needed it, damn it! Trying to control her tears, she dressed and went down for breakfast.

Angel wasn’t at the breakfast table when she arrived. Neither was Master. Only the one called Amy, and the girl who was about Cleo’s age – Julie – was already seated. Both were seated primly, waiting for Master to arrive. Cleo nodded to them, positioned her swollen pussy lips around the four-inch rubber cock as she had with the day before, and eased it up inside her. She barely managed to suppressed a small groan. Master joined them immediately and she was glad she’d been quiet.

“Good morning whores. I trust everyone had a pleasant evening.” He smiled first at Amy, who blushed deeply, and then Cleo, who thought he probably already knew about how her day had gone. Probably her morning, too. She swallowed, imagining she could still taste the butler in her mouth, feeling a small involuntary flow of wetness run down the rubber device inside her. The small groan she’d suppressed earlier, nearly slipped from between her moist lips, but she fought it back again. Why hadn’t that damned butler just fucked her instead of leaving her hanging like this? She forced the image of his large cock to the back of her mind, taking a forkful of something tasteless. Damn!

“Amy,” Master suddenly said. “Tell our guests about how your training went last night.” He smiled sweetly, his black eyes cold and bottomless.

Apparently, Amy had not been expecting this, for she nearly choked on the bite she was chewing. Face flaming, eyes downcast, she licked her lips nervously and said, “Mr. Kapp came to my room around 9:00 pm, Master. I was ready for you, and wasn’t expecting him. As always, he didn’t speak. He pushed me to the edge of the bed, made me lie on my stomach, and tried to force . . . “ she swallowed again, “tried forcing me to have anal sex, Master.”

“Now Amy, you know we don’t call it ‘anal sex’ here. What do we say?”

“He wanted to fuck me in the ass – to force his cock up my asshole, Master. It was so painful and I’m sorry but I screamed loudly. He didn’t use any cream or anything and seemed to like it like that, but he had a hard time getting in there, Master.”

“Did he finally succeed?” Master smiled.

“Yes Master. After almost an hour of terrible pain, he finally used some lube and it slid in all the way.” She paused, and the master raised one eyebrow, smiling. She went on hesitantly. “He fucked me really hard for about fifteen minutes. It was brutal, Master.”

“Did he finally cum in your ass, Amy?”

“Yes Master.”

The smile suddenly grew evil. “Did you cum, Amy?”

Her blush grew to a deep red and she stammered, then in a tiny voice, said, “Yes, Master. I came many times after a while. You will be pleased to know that I came really hard, over-and-over. I screamed and cried with pleasure, beating my fists on the bed as he pounded in my ass with his hard cock. This morning, I could barely walk. I’m very sore, Master. I hope I can wait a few days before my next lesson.” She stared down at her plate, and Cleo felt a jolt of pity for her, but the story was causing her to become wetter and wetter in her chair. Suddenly, the rubber cock grew warm, and began a gentle up-and-down motion inside her.

“Now, you know that is simply not possible, Amy. You will continue with your training today after lunch. I expect a full report at breakfast in the morning.” He looked at Cleo. “And you, my dear. How did your evening and this morning go?”

The image of the old janitor roughly fucking her from behind, flashed through her mind, and before she could stop it, she was cumming on the rubber cock inside her. Over and over it racked her body, drawing groans and grunts and she squirmed and pushed her ass downward to get it all in her. When it was over and she panted silently with her head down, Master just stared at her for a moment, then snapped his fingers loudly. Kapp appeared in his black loincloth.

“Take her downstairs, Mr Kapp. Teach this bitch to control herself at the eating table.”

“No, no. I’m sorry, sir. I’ll do better,” Cleo started screaming, but Kapp cut her lip shoving a rubber ball-gag into her mouth, tying it behind her head. With a soppy-sounding little pop, he lifted her off the rubber cock, tossing her over his shoulder. The last thing she saw as Kapp carried her away, were the pitying looks of the other two girls.

Although she fought had wiggled furiously, Kapp was immensely strong, and had little trouble carry her down to the basement dungeon. Once there, he ripped the dress from her body as though it were tissue, tossing it aside with distain. Then he dropped her roughly on the same rack Angel had been tied to, just standing and staring down at her silently. The ankle rings had been lowered and brought to the center of the rack now, and she wondered why, instantly fearful. Then she realized the wrist attachments had been centered, too. The fat man’s silence was even more terrifying than if he had said something. She didn’t know if he could speak since she had never heard him make a sound, but she suspected that he couldn’t. It left her wondering what it was she was supposed to do. After a few moments, Master arrived, also standing and staring down at her.

He said, “Fasten the rings to your ankles and then, put your wrists in the clamps.”

Cleo scooted as far back on the rack as she could, eyes wide with fear, silently but vigorously shaking her head. Master looked at Kapp, saying, “Make her obey,” and sat down in a nearby chair, watching.

Kapp Picked up the whip and in one, hard motion, brought it down across her soft stomach. Cleo tried to scream, the pain seemingly unbearable, but the rubber gag prevented anything except a grunt or a whimper. The whip descended once more, and she whimpered again, shaking her head, but yes, this time. Kapp pointed at the ankle-rings, and raised the whip again. He seemed to be enjoying her pain. This time, she scrambled to do as ordered, snapping the left, and then the right ring on her ankles. Knapp looked disappointed she’d given in so quickly, as he pulled the attached rope. The ropes had been crossed so that as he pulled harder, she was forced to turn over on her belly. Kapp pointed at the wrist shackles and she hurried to comply, not wanting to be hit again. Once she was securely shackled, Kapp drew her wrists under the rack-like table. She was now hugging the table, its surface cold against her bare breasts. With a handle underneath the table, he began raising the flat surface higher. It was hinged in the middle so that her legs dropped as her ass raised-upward. Kapp pulled her legs painfully apart, securing the ankle rings to hold her immobile. She was now laying face-down on the table, her ass sticking over the edge, legs stretched widely. She was completely defenseless and vulnerable to anything they wanted to do to her.

“Again,” she heard Master say softly.

Kapp brought the whip down right on her exposed, tender pussy lips, and she emitted a sound much like a muted siren would make. “Don’t ever disobey me again,” he said. “Begin stretching her ass, Mr. Kapp. I may have to start using her that way first because I can see she’s going to be a disciplinary problem for me. I’ll watch this lesson from my office monitor.” That was when she learned the small cameras were for – Master’s own purposes.

Cleo was shaking her head in denial and whimpering as she heard him depart. Then all she could hear in the empty room was Kapp’s heavy breathing. After a moment, she felt him between her outstretched legs, and a warm, hard probing at her anus. She squealed around the ball-gag again, but the fat man started pushing his fence pole-like cock against her exposed butt. The pain was worse than anything she’d ever experienced. Sure, Ralph and the large man he’d brought to her hotel room one night, had initiated her there, but their cocks were nothing like the one Kapp was using on her. She thought she felt her tender asshole ring tear as the crown of his huge dick slipped past her sphincter muscle. She was on fire. Once he was in that far, the fat man rested, gulping air.

The mirrors she’d noticed during Angel’s defilement, now haunted her as she watched them, Kapp’s fat, knobby cock straining to enter her tortured butthole. Seeing the size of it in all the mirrors again, those big hard warts protruding from it, remembering the pain those knobby protrusions had caused her tender pussy, and that only the head of it had entered her, made her realize it would probably kill her before this was over.

She heard the fat man shuffling his feet to get closer, and braced herself just as he slammed into her again – going only a little deeper. As each large knob popped past her nether-ring, she felt a momentary relief before the next one attempted to enter. It reminded her of the time Ralph had shoved those little plastic Chinese beads up her ass one night – only the ones on Kapp’s cock were ten times larger. Somewhere along the line she must’ve blacked out from the pain, for when she came-to, she could feel Kapp’s thick pubic hair brushing against her ass cheeks. My god, he was all the way inside her. She was ruined for life. Disbelief caused her to glance at the mirrors, confirming that fact that his fat belly was pushed against her white cheeks. Her belly was actually bulging with its extra content. Oh god, his horse-like cock was buried to the hilt in her ass and it felt like she’d just ingested forty pounds of food. It would kill her.

Behind her, Kapp was breathing heavily, resting and waiting for a new burst of energy, or maybe just enjoying the sight of his fence-post cock stuck between her soft cheeks. He cruelly flexed his cock inside her, and she stifled a small cry. It must have been a little painful for him as well, that she was so tight. He pulled it out very slowly before shoving it back inside her fleshy sheath. Again, she felt each knob exit and reenter her nether-hole. Again, she felt him pull out until only the crown was still locked inside, and then slide it all the way back inside her. She groaned with white-hot pain around the rubber gag, her eyes wide and fearful in the mirrors around the room. She knew that Master, and possibly others, were somewhere watching her debasement on the scattered cameras in the room.

Suddenly, she felt something at the entrance to her pussy as a warm rubber cock, similar to the one in her dining room chair, only larger, was being inserted. It went in surprisingly easy, as though she were thoroughly lubricated. She then felt Kapp hold it in-place by using Velcro straps around each of her thighs. She realized it had batteries, because it immediately started vibrating against the wet walls of her flowing pussy. Cleo involuntarily sucked air in around the rubber ball, startled by the feelings she was beginning to experience. Kapp, sensing she was nearly ready, loosened her wrists and removed the gag. He began a see-saw movement in and out of her ass, his awesome cock pushing her bowels before it on entry, and pulling the lining of her entire asshole out, as it exited. The mirrors and cameras were catching every time her belly bulged with the huge cock’s entry, and collapsed with its withdraw. On one of the monitors, Cleo watched how her forever stretched asshole stayed gaping open as the fist-sized cock momentarily left her, and then closed around it hungrily as it reentered. That, and the warm vibrating dildo was beginning to drive her mad.

She shook her head side to side. No, she didn’t want this. Nobody in their right mind would want this. Was Master right, that she was becoming addicted to cock and would do anything to have it? No. She wouldn’t accept that. She didn’t want this! She didn’t! Groaning, Cleo laid her head down on the padded table and whispered, “Fuck me, you fat bastard. Fuck me hard.”

Chapman and four other men sat in his well-appointed study, watching. The pretty, dark-haired maid was licking his gigantic cock, and he was smiling at the spectacle on the large TV screen. The deformed man who wore a leather dog color, said, “She’s the most beautiful one you’ve ever had here, Chapman. How long before I get her?”

Chapman didn’t take his eyes from Cleo’s degradation that was going on before them. Her thin body looked like a teenager, bent before Kapp’s bulging belly. Only her well-formed tits and rounded ass gave the illusion away. He agreed though. Cleo was undeniably gorgeous – her face, her perfect body – unbelievably desirable. She could’ve had any man she wanted, but here she was performing for him in a room-full of other men. He’d done well for himself this time. The little sounds she was now emitting drew his attention back to the TV. With rapt attention, he watched her slam her hips backward in an attempt to capture even more of the fat man’s awesome cock inside her ass. He watched with vast satisfaction as her hand snaked between her quivering thighs, lovingly fondling the fat man’s hairy balls, tracing the base of his cock around her nether ring as if to ensure it was entirely in her. Suddenly, her desperate screams flooded the surround-sound speakers in the room. “Oh, please . . . fuck me hard! Make me cum!” Then almost inaudible, she pleaded softly, incoherently, “Please, please . . .”

Chapman smiled again. The new girl’s development was progressing nicely. He knew from experience that you couldn’t simply use whores and total sluts for this purpose. You needed to find nice girls – married ones worked best – but girls who had yet to discover their propensity for degradation and humiliation. According to Cleo’s old employer Ralph, she was just discovering that trait within herself when he’d sold her. He now mused, that she had yet to discover the total depths of degradation her future held in store for her. In the end, when he was through with her, she would simply lose her young mind and what was left of it would be constantly, and forever, filled with images of huge cocks with rivers of ejaculation flowing down her milking throat. That was his ultimate reward – what he lived for – when they finally broke.

“Patient, Wolf. You must have patience. All things come in good time.”

Cleo went wild when her orgasm finally hit, and if the fat man hadn’t had her impaled with a fencepost-like cock up her tender asshole, she would’ve lifted completely off the table. The truth was, Kapp’s cock was so huge that she alone could never have pulled it from her clinching ass. The only one who could do that, was Kapp. If it was his wish to do so, he could keep her impaled on his cock for hours. At this point Cleo didn’t care. She was climaxing almost continuously now, multiple-orgasm after multiple-orgasm. They were driving her insane with their hot intensity. On the monitor, Kapp’s ass cheeks suddenly clinched vigorously and his fat body grew ridged as he unloaded his sperm deep inside her, pumping it into her very bowels. With it came the knot at its base she remembered from before, stretching her widened ass-hole as it forced itself inside her. He poured so much sperm into her that it squirted back out, past his knobby cock, from around her tightly clinching ass muscles. In the mirrors, it looked as if her ass was hungrily devouring his huge cock, and that the flow might never end. It was now running in sticky, copious rivers down the insides of her white thighs, but kept spurting from around his pumping cock. Finally, he collapsed forward, over her upraised, but still willing young ass, spent and gasping for breath. Cleo kept pushing backward for a while longer, but realizing he could no longer continue, also finally gave up and lay as though dead. She could feel Kapp’s knot inside her and knew she could never pull off it unless he wanted her to. She waited, savoring the over-stuffed feeling it gave her.

The men in Chapman’s study applauded loudly, slapping each other on the back. They filed out, leaving only Chapman and the young girl who was still licking his over-sized cock. Once he was alone with her, he pulled her to her feet, lifted her short maid’s uniform, and pulled her down on his rampant cock. A look of intense pain momentarily crossed her lovely features, but was instantly replaced by complete rapture. She closed her dark eyes and began working the huge cock with her wet snatch.

Chapter 12
Cleo was still secured to the rack the following morning. Before he’d departed, Kapp had reattached her wrist restraints. Sore, chilled to the bone and still sticky from the fat man’s cum, she’d slept little. The Janitor came in around 9:00 am, also fucked her in the ass and then her pussy for nearly an hour, causing her to cum twice. When he was through using her, he stood close to Cleo’s face and made her clean him up again. Then he slapped her on the ass and departed, swinging his cleaning bucket and whistling. After a while, the butler appeared and did the same thing, as eventually, two other men also arrived whom she didn’t recognize. The new-comers had cocks as large the other two men, so she figured they also worked for the master. By then, she didn’t care anyway. She’d cum twice for the janitor and once for the butler, but hadn’t been able to reach a climax for the other two men. In anger, the last man had pissed on her face. Otherwise, they hadn’t seemed to mind.

Just as she was wondering what else could be in store for her, Angel appeared at her side, releasing her wrists and helping her to stand.

“Let’s get you cleaned up darling,” she said. “It must’ve been terrible. They made me watch it. I’m so sorry for you.” She led Cleo, in a daze, back to her room and drew a hot bath for her. In less than five minutes of leaving the bath tub Cleo was sleeping soundly, images of hard cocks filling her troubled mind.

The next morning, feeling rested but still sore, she opened her eyes to find the butler laying out her clothing for the day. Without having to be told, she sucked his cock, and even smiled at him as he departed. Humming a happy little tune, she hurried to the dining room and found she was alone with Master at the breakfast table.

“Good morning, Master,” she said sweetly.

“Good morning, Slave. Please sit.”

“Thank you, sir.” She eased herself down on the rubber cock, still smiling. The reason for her happiness was a puzzle, but after a quick analysis, she supposed it was the realization that after last night she had finally reached her depths. There seemed little else anyone could force her to do that would possibly be worse than what she’d already endured. The fat man had the biggest cock she’d even seen, and he’d already had it in her mouth, buried in her snatch, and shoved up her ass. Probably every man working at the mansion had done her anyway they wanted as she’d been used by them any way possible. She’d even eaten Angel – which she’d probably enjoyed more than she should have. What was left to do to her? She’d survived it all. She smiled as she ate her breakfast, answering her master whenever he asked a question, but otherwise just enjoying the quiet hum and gentle probing of the small rubber cock beneath her.

“You seem happy.” Chapman showed her his long, white teeth.

“I am, Master.”

“Good. I gave you to Wolf, for a week or two. He’s a friend on mine. Mr. Kapp will meet you outside with a suitcase of the essentials you’ll need. He’ll drive you.” With that, Master rose and walked out, leaving her stunned. Gave her away? To . . . who? Fear swelled up inside her once more.

Where ever she was going only took about thirty minutes to drive there. It was a large mansion, nearly as grand as Master’s place. She walked to the door alone as Kapp drove away. A large, vary tall black woman met her at the door, just jerking her head as an indication for Cleo to follow her inside. They walked up the stairs, and she followed the black woman inside a large entryway.

“I’m Jade,” the black woman said curtly. “I run the household for Mr. Wolff. Whatever I tell you to do, consider it as coming straight from him. Now get undressed and come into the bathroom.”

Shaken by her reception, Cleo quickly undressed and knocked timidly on the closed bathroom door. Jade opened it. She was also nude, pointing at a large towel on the floor. “I’m going to shave you,” she said. “Mr Wolff dislikes hairy bodies. Lay down.”

Although she’d been shaved the previous day, Cleo did as instructed, terrified as she watched Jade kneel between her legs with a gleaming straight-razor and a can of shaving foam. The black woman sprayed the foam directly onto her crotch, and began shaving her cunt. She took her time, moving Cleo’s protruding cunt-lips to one side or the other with her long fingers, as necessary. Cleo finally lay back and closed her eyes. In some way, it felt delicious being attended to like this. Jade’s fingers were soft and sensuous, and Cleo soon became aware she was excreting pussy juice. She tried to concentrate on something else, but it did no good, as a soft moan threatened to force itself past her half-opened lips. The black woman astutely saw what was happening and immediately started using her educated fingers even more sensuously. Finally, the pitiful moan Cleo had been fighting slipped out.

“Like that, honey?” A long finger slipped inside her and Cleo lifted her bottom a little, to allow Jade better access. Another long finger soon followed the first, and Cleo wiggled up to meet them both. The manipulations were quickly bringing her closer and closer to a raging climax. Suddenly, the long fingers were gone, and she was left feeling hollow. Opening her eyes to protest, she found the hairiest black bush she’d ever seen lowering toward her face. It was partially open and glistening, showing a gleaming pink lining. Jade carefully fitted it over her face like a gas mask, grunting loudly as she did so.

“Do me, little white cunt,” she said hoarsely. “Do me real good, and keep your hands away from that sweet little pussy. Nobody cums around here unless Mr. Wolff tells them they can.” She laughed, “’Cept me, of course. I cums when I want to. Now work that little pink tongue real good – and fast.”

With the large open cunt sealed around her face, Cleo couldn’t even breathe until she’d worked her nose out of the clinging wet pussy. Then she took in a deep breath, stuck her face back into the large slippery hole – and just started licking. What else could she do? Almost immediately, Jade was sliding around on Cleo’s wet face her cunt trying to suck Cleo’s face inside, fucking it like it was a huge dick. Despite herself, Cleo was finding herself being turned on by this latest degradation. The repugnant smell of the black woman’s vagina quickly turned into an over-powering stimulant, making Cleo’s own pussy gush with pleasure. She began by sucking the protruding clit a little harder, at first just nibbling at it, and then abandoning all reservations, licking deeply inside the slippery walls, collecting Jade’s sugary sweetness on her tongue and swallowing it with gusto. Suddenly, she couldn’t get enough. Wrapping her arms around the squirming black ass, she pulled it even closer to her hungry mouth, moaning and blubbering into the black, steamy mess. Finally, it was more than Jade could endure. She yelled something in a foreign language and slammed downward, cutting-off Cleo’s breath entirely, cumming in torrents all over her pretty face. Cleo held her breath and ate as though starved. When Jade finally quit squirming and screaming, her mouth and nose were full of the black woman’s slimy cunt juice. She finally had to extract her entire face from Jade’s crotch, turning her nose to the side in order to breathe fresh air. The meaty cunt felt wet and slick against the side of her face, her ear filling with its juice. She didn’t care. What she needed right then, was release. She needed to cum! Instead, breathing as though exhausted, Jade rested a while, and then she suddenly arose and wiped her hairy snatch with a washcloth.

“You bathe now. Don’t you go fingering that little pussy either. Got cameras all over the place and Mr Wolff will know if you do. I’ll be back after you clean up that nasty face. Now move.”

Cleo didn’t want to wash her face. Instead, she breathed the woman’s fragrance deeply into her lungs, feeling her pussy gush once more, as her fingers slowly inched toward her yearning cunt. Then remembering Jade’s warning she forced them away in frustration. She’d been punished once already, and had learned to not disobey their orders. Groaning softly, she stepped into the shower and turned on cold water.

As she toweled dry, she stared at her image in the floor-length mirror. Despite having almost every-sized appendage stuck inside every hole she had, she didn’t look any different than she had only a few months ago. She realized she was still beautiful and could probably have almost any man she wanted. What was she doing here? She heard Jade returning and quickly finished drying. Jade walked right up and pinched her right nipple, and despite herself, a thrill shot through her unsatisfied loins. Jade was carrying a small sack in her hands.

“Spread ‘em,” she said.

Cleo spread her legs and Jade fastened the leather garment around her waist, ran it between her legs, locking it with a small pad-lock. Then, from the sack, she removed a thick leather dog-collar, and placed it around Cleo’s slender neck, snapping it shut too. It had several small metal rings around it, and a red, blinking light. This was soon followed by matching wrist-bands and ankle-bands, also with small metal rings attached.

“Those are your clothes while you’re here, White-meat. The blinking light is a beacon that tracks your every movement. Someone will watch you at all times, in person, or on the monitor. The leather snatch-cage is so you don’t try to stuff something up your pussy. As I said, nobody around here cums, unless Wolf says so.

“There’s a slit in the snatch-cage, large enough for you to pee through,” she said. “There’s also a larger hole for you to poop. This allows you to touch your asshole if you want, but an elastic sleeve between the two holes keeps you from trying to do anything foolish – like cum. We also have a plug that fits over the poop-hole. Misbehave, and we’ll put it on. That’s happened before and believe me, you don’t want that. If you go to the toilet for either a number one, or a number two, immediately take a bath. Wolf likes his pets clean. Speaking of numbers, you are now Number Three. If you hear your name called over the TV monitor speakers, listen carefully and do exactly what you are told to do. You are free to roam, but if the collar vibrates or you are called, come to Wolf’s room immediately. Linger, and you’ll be punished. The collar is fitted with a ‘training’ device that delivers a shock to the wearer. This can be from mild, to very severe depending upon how stubborn you are.” Jade smiled maliciously. “Just like Pavlov’s Dog. Be good and maybe I’ll let you eat my pussy again sometime.” With that, Jade pinched her nipple again, and left.

Cleo’s pussy was still on fire from her earlier encounter with Jade, and she tried touching it, but the leather was too thick for her to feel anything. The slit was too small to enter, even with her smallest finger. Frustrated, she lay down and tried to sleep. After a sleepless hour, she arose and decided to explore her new home. It was very large, and luxurious in every aspect, although the furnishings were quite small, geared she supposed, to her new master’s diminutive size.

Roaming the hallways, she noticed that in every room, there were several small holes in some of the walls, an almost forgotten but still vivid image of her visit with Ralph to an adult video store shot through her mind. It seemed so long ago. She entered what appeared to be a large library, books and video films lined every wall. The titles told her they were all pornographic. On one wall were three of the small holes, arranged three feet high, about ten feet apart. As she watched, a huge, twisted cock wormed its way through one of the holes. It was thick, about fourteen inches in length, and throbbed wickedly as she watched. The cock was unlike any she’d ever seen. It was brownish-gray in color, knobs and knots all over it, with a bibulous head the size of a golf ball that leaked a steady flow of silvery pre-cum. She watched in captured fascination as the sticky fluid formed a long string that, while staying attached to the tip, slowly fell until it nearly reached the floor.

Frightened, she turned away wanting to bursa sınırsız escort bayan flee, but the collar around her neck sent a sharp electrical jolt through her body. It made her pause, but then she took another tentative step. The jolt returned – this time harder, continuous. She thought she could hear Jade’s cruel voice in the back of her mind.

Pavlov’s Dog.

Hesitantly, she turned back toward the cock protruding from the hole in the wall, and the shock ceased entirely. Now she knew what was expected of her. She went back to the grotesquely extended cock and knelt before it. Even from over a foot away, it smelled – different. She paused again, receiving another small shock for her hesitation. Holding her breath, she closed her eyes, opened her mouth – and took the giant throbbing head inside. The long string of suspended pre-cum ran down her cheek, onto her neck, and bitterly stung her tongue. She forced herself to ignore it, working the knotted cock deeper into her throat. The pre-cum never let up, almost as if who ever was over there, was already pumping his hot cum into her mouth. She had worked about half of it down her milking throat when she heard a buzzing sound, and the mirror above the hole began to slowly rise. A floor-to-ceiling, plate-glass window was revealed beneath it. Standing just the other side of it was a huge, ugly, hairy ape – whose thick, knotted cock she was sucking through the hole.

Gagging violently she pulled back from the ape’s cock, but was instantly nearly dropped to the floor by another vicious shock from her collar! Before she could move, it came again, unrelenting this time. Through the pain she struggled to regain her knees, quickly opened her mouth again, and completely swallowed the ugly cock – anything to stop those painful jolts! Her lips were pressing against the glass now in an effort to appease whoever was watching her on the TV monitor. The shocks stopped instantly. Pavlov’s Dog. Closing her eyes, she starting sucking the elongated cock for all she was worth, determined not to be shocked anymore. Even this debasement was better than those terrible shocks! After a moment, she ventured a look up at her the creature through the glass, her throat still milking the ape’s leaking member. She saw the animal was slobbering all over the glass, frantically hunching against it, trying to get more of its giant cock inside the working throat.

Just like a man, she thought. Suck his cock, and that’s all that matters.

Fearing retribution if she stopped, Cleo redoubled her efforts, wanting to get it over with as quickly as possible. More-and-more of the ape’s flowing pre-cum coated her palate, tasting bitter and very warm. The cock was throbbing much harder now, emitting an almost continuous spurt of thin, watery fluid. From her experience with men, she knew the animal was getting very close to cumming, and for a moment she nearly panicked. What should she do? If she didn’t swallow it, would they shock her to death for the transgression? Feeling her gag reflex rise at the thought of some animal’s repugnant fluid scalding her throat, she forced the gag back down by concentrating on the job at hand. Besides, she told herself, the ape’s pre-cum tasted a little better now. She just might be able to get through this if she kept her wits about it. Maybe she could do it. She certainly didn’t want to be shocked anymore.

The ape had flattened himself against the glass, its slobbers running down in small rivers, the throbbing cock jerking crazily inside her throat as it suddenly began spurting cum like a water-hose. Startled, Cleo swallowed as fast as she could, but as the steady and copious amount of cum quickly filled her throat, shooting out the corners of her sucking mouth like a broken sprinkler-head. Frantically, she gulped it down, swallowing the thick, bitter cream quickly, discovering that her thighs were soaking wet – she was on the verge of cumming, too! With self-loathing, she now rushed toward that long-denied climax, waiting for the thunderous trembling quakes that always accompanied it – the mind-blowing, lost-in-the-moment pleasure it brought – and then the animal’s long spurts slowed to only a dribble. Disappointed, frustrated beyond belief, she continued sucking and licking the cock, which didn’t seem to dwindle in size very much. God, she had to get this leather thing off her crotch, and yes, she’d even fuck this animal if she could just get to him! The overpowering heat in her captured crotch was driving her crazy! She was going out of her mind, and finally, totally defeated, she screamed – and screamed – and screamed.

Collapsing onto the floor, feeling ready to explode, she sobbed quietly for a moment, whimpering in total submission. Finally she raised her pretty, tear-streaked face, staring directly at the ceiling-mounted TV monitor. Raising one hand toward it pleadingly, she whispered, “Please, oh please, please let me cum,” she pleaded to the watchers on the TV monitor. “Oh, please . . . please. . .”

A slight scrapping sound came from the hole above her, and looking up, she saw another, different cock protruding from the hole. On the far-side of the glass, stood another animal with a shorter, but much thicker cock, also knobby and harder than wood. Groaning aloud, Cleo scampered to quickly get it into her mouth before they gave her another shock. Oh, when would this ever end?

Maybe she was just getting used to it by now, but this one didn’t taste as strong, although pre-cum instantly started dribbling from its tip. This time, it seemed to taste like sweet nectar sliding over her tongue as she savored it, down past her slim, working throat muscles, pooling somewhere inside her. She groaned aloud, humiliated that someone was probably watching her do this right now. If they were watching, maybe they would take pity on her and come to her rescue – fuck her viciously. She fervently hoped so, as she gulped more of the hard meat into her hungry gullet. Growing more frustrated by the moment, she rubbed, and even struck herself between the legs, in hopes of relieving some of her frustration. She couldn’t feel it at all through the stiff garment. Frantically rubbing between her sprayed legs as though masturbating her pussy, she felt her fingers brush against the poop-hole – and her bare ass. The unexpected thrill of it caused her to suddenly suck air through her nose.

Sudden images of the fat man, Mr. Kapp fucking her in the ass, sprang to mind. The ape was now grunting in regular cadence and she knew he was ready to cum down her throat. Desperate for release and praying she wouldn’t get another hard shock, she quickly stood, turned around, bent- over, and reached back to grasp the animal’s throbbing cock in her small hand. Holding her breath in anticipation, she guided it toward her waiting, aching asshole. Feeling it brush against the tender rings, she nearly swooned, her knees buckling slightly. Scarcely daring to breathe now, she rubbed it against her puckered nether-hole, working it deeper as she determinately pushed backward against it. In a sudden flash of white pain, the bulging head popped through her outer-rings. She nearly screamed.

Standing motionless, she allowed time for her ass to adjust to the wide girth of the invading thing inside her, before pushing back once more. Glancing over her shoulder, she could see the utter surprise and complete enjoyment on the ape’s ugly face, as he drooled, patiently waiting for her to continue. Her juices had been running freely down the crack of her ass throughout the long blow-jobs, and had coated it with a slick, slimy lubricant, making it easier for the huge tool to enter. Easier, but not painlessly. The head of the cock just inside her ass-hole felt even thicker than Mr. Kapp’s had been, but she was determined to see this through. Holding her breath, she pushed back again, ignoring the white-hot pain it caused, concentrating only on her objective – to get that large, knotted cock as deeply inside her it’d go – in the only place it could go! She felt each knot, each thick vane, every knob and curve as it passed through her tender passageway. It stole her breath, sapped her strength, made her legs tremble with weakness, and still, she persisted. Moaning pitifully, she mercifully couldn’t hear her watchers laughing with glee in some distant room in the sprawling mansion.

After an eternity of feeling the pole-like organ sliding up through her asshole, she felt the coolness of the glass against her thrusting ass-cheeks. Glancing back, she saw the ugly creature was also flattened against it. Except for the thickness of the glass between them, he was now completely inside her. The animal was obviously excited, attempting to ram his buried cock home quickly – and repeatedly. But remembering the painful manner in which Mr. Kapp had fucked her like that, she was instantly thankful that the ape couldn’t get his large, hairy paws around her waist to hold her steady while he worked. She was the only one who could control it this time, allowing the speed and dept that provided her the most enjoyment. Slowly, she slid forward and then backward on the elongated cock, feeling every knot and bump along its route. She was completely oblivious to her surroundings – eyes glazed – unseeing – swooning with lust as her legs threatened to give way beneath her. The ape’s throbbing cock felt three-feet long as it moved deep into her bowels, repeatedly striking her colon, and then back out until only the bulging head kept it from slipping completely out of her. She was loose now and the cock easily slid in-and-out of her clinching passageway. Because it was so large, she could feel the friction it caused through the thin membrane separating her two passages on her swollen clit. In her mind’s eye she could see her clit protruding, growing larger inside her. The confining leather sheath that had restricted her access for too long, was now the vary thing that rubbed against it, giving her such pleasure. She groaned loudly, feeling a gigantic orgasm building somewhere deep inside her core.

The ape had picked up a little more speed now, hunching into the glass hole even harder. She didn’t pull back this time, accommodating his efforts by pushing back just as hard. The huge cock was even hotter and throbbing harder than before, and she knew from experience that meant he would soon fill her bowels with his sticky cum. She also knew she had to time it exactly right, so she could finally get off this time. Her soft moans filled the room, delighting her audience. Throwing caution to the wind, she frantically raced toward the finish-line, slamming viciously backward, enveloping the driving cock filling her ass. She was desperate to finally achieve what she’d been so long denied. Wanting this cum exploding inside her ass when she finally did go, she waited – almost there. When the cock grew even larger, jerking uncontrollably inside her, she knew he was also there. Then, hot, thick liquid shot inside her, painting her bowels, lubricating her insides, causing her to feel the euphoria she’d missed too long. She knew she could take her time now. What man was going to leave a warm, tight place like this unless they simply had to?

Unexpectedly, she nearly panicked when she felt an even larger knot bang against her clinching asshole, fighting to enter her. Caught totally by surprise in her delirium, she had been slamming back against it so hard, that caused it to rupture her asshole like nothing ever had before. The pain was nearly unbearable, and without warning she was suddenly “tied” to this ugly creature by the huge knot inside her. Right then, with the excruciating pain quickly subsiding, she didn’t care. She slammed herself repeatedly backward against the glass, welcoming the thick cock invading her asshole. Nearly out of her mind, she needed to cum, rushing toward the gigantic fireworks that she knew it would produce inside of her. She was only a breath away from reaching her goal when they shocked her again – a terrible jolt – worse than any of the others – taking her legs right from under her, causing her to totally collapse.

Tied as she was by the huge knot inside her, she hung helplessly suspended, swaying back and forth on the ape’s long cock, as he filled her with more cum than she’d ever felt. Her stomach felt bloated from so much liquid, but she was paralyzed to do anything – even reach her own climax. Unable to get loose, her orgasm fleeing, terribly unfulfilled, blackness closed in around her – and her audience celebrated with a glass on wine.

Cleo didn’t know how long she’d been out when she suddenly awoke. She was on her stomach, lying on a padded platform, in a largely unfurnished room. The room had tile floors with drainage vents in the floor. It looked almost clinically clean. She attempted to move, but found small chains had been attached to the rings on her leather anklets, and to the ones on both wrists. She was helplessly spread-eagle, and something padded was lifting her up off the table, so that she was nearly kneeling. It must’ve been designed with that in mind, because when she rose all the way to her hands and knees, she found it much more comfortable. Besides that, there was a large, wet and sticky stain under her belly, caused by all the fluid leaking from her ass. The leather chastity-belt had been removed sometime while she slept. It was only then she remembered what had occurred in the library, her face flaming with the memory. My god, what have I done? She shuddered violently at the image it provoked, unconsciously clinching her tender, recently violated nether-rings, causing more fluid to run from it.

She took deep breaths, trying to regain control so she could reason through what had happened. She’d probably die here if she didn’t get control of her lusts. Surveying her surroundings, she wondered what they had in mind for her. She saw large TV screens on every wall and one on the ceiling, and had little doubt they had watched her being so obscene, probably even filming it. Nearly everywhere she looked were movies running, all of them, women being violated by huge men or other women with strap-ons, even animals. She cringed when she realized two of the films were of her depicting the events that’d only recently happened. On one wall, she had an ape’s huge cock buried deeply in the throat, pumping her head up and down on it. It was apparent to anyone who saw it that she was obviously enjoying her debasement. On another wall, she was being sodomized by the thick cock of a second animal – also appearing to be in total rapture. Then she realized the sounds coming from the films were the ones she’d made while that was happening. Her psychic nearly shattered by what was going on around her, she tried closing out the sounds, but it was of no use. She’d eventually have to get up and try to find a way out of here, but she knew she couldn’t as long as she had these small chains attached to her. Hypnotized, she was drawn back to the videos of her being defiled by the large animals . She looked away. There were more huge cocks everywhere, plummeting vaginas, shooting cum into the air, into open mouths, up a kneeling woman’s ass.

Cleo closed her eyes and moaned aloud, curling into a ball, her crotch burning like fire. Then she remembered how she’d been left high-and-dry in the library with the ape stuck in her ass. She groaned again, looking back at the screen, seeing that exact same thing on the large TV. Uncontrollable lust consumed her, and she tried rubbing her thighs together. It did no good – they were spread much too far apart. The pad beneath her stomach was positioned too far forward to allow her to push against it, so she just squirmed and tossed on the surface, crying out in her frustration. “Will somebody please fuck me?” she suddenly screamed. “Please, please, please . . .”

How long had it been since Mr. Kapp’s ungodly tool had violated her tender body as punishment for some small transgression, and Master Chapman had sent her into exile? Two days, a week – an eternity? She pressed her face against the padded platform, clinching her eyes tightly – finally screaming her muffled frustration.

Wolf watched his monitor, smoking quietly. Then, he said to the people behind him, “I think our pretty little blonde goddess is ready for her next phase of training.”

Half-conscious, Cleo heard a door open, then close quietly. Heels clicking loudly on the tile surface brought her all the way back, as someone came closer. Jade appeared in front of her, in a long evening gown slit to the waist. The four-inch heels she wore, gave her even more stature, nearly revealing her chocolate breasts in its low-cut cleavage. She was achingly beautiful. Her voice wasn’t beautiful, though. It sounded cold and cruel in the nearly empty room.

“My, my, we did have ourselves some fun, didn’t we, Sweetie?”

Cleo just stared back angrily, not answering. Jade said, “Did I hear you begging to be fucked, just now?”

Cleo still didn’t answer, so the black woman continued. “Well, I guess not. I’ll just be going then.” Jade turned to leave.

“Wait,” Cleo suddenly pleaded. “Don’t go, please. I need . . . something . . . so bad.”

“Something? I don’t know what that means, Sweetie.”

Cleo didn’t hesitate this time. “I need someone to fuck me – just FUCK me! Please!”

Jade laughed, and it sounded even crueler than earlier. Ralph, her old boss had told Wolf that, up until just to three months ago, the young, desperate blonde kneeling before her, had been your typical, spoiled little “nice” girl, married to your typical, spoiled “nice” guy, having a typical, spoiled married-life. It was clear that the girl she now observed before her, was a dick-starved, climax -addicted little sex-fiend. Jade absently wondered how such a change could occur in someone so young, in that relatively short period of time. Cleo had been completely turned around. She was a rare find indeed!

“Oh, rest assured you’ll be fucked, Sweetie – fucked right out of your pretty little mind,” Jade said. She moved around the platform, observing Cleo, as the chained girl tried following her with her eyes, finally losing her over her shoulder. Lowering her head, she stared at Jade between her spread legs, aware that droplets were forming on her pouty, shaved slit. Cleo groaned softly. “Please,” she muttered mindlessly.

She watched as Jade hiked her long dress and climbed onto the platform behind her, completely nude beneath the long dress. Her chocolate body smooth and graceful, her pink slit gleaming bright and moist through the hairy tuff between her long legs. “Oh Sweetie, you smell like ape cum. Have you been fucking apes?”

“Please Jade. I’ll do anything to you. Anything you want. Just please . . .”

Jade crawled around in front of her, her hairy pussy just out of reach for Cleo’s hungry, out-stretched tongue. “I was gonna lick your cute little pussy and blow your mind, but you stink like ape spunk, Sweetie.” She moved slightly forward, spreading her long legs wide, her gaping labia, a scant millimeter from the tip of Cleo’s searching tongue. “Please, Jade . . . let me . . .” Cleo could smell the older woman’s dark musk, see her female excretions, almost taste her juices. It was over-loading her senses, nearly short-circuiting her entire sensory capabilities. “Please,” she muttered mindlessly, her tongue out-stretched, wiggling with desperation.

Jade’s deep, throaty laugh was one of pure delight. She knew now, that Cleo would gladly summit to anything she wanted, commit any depravity she demanded. She was Queen Bitch, and Cleo was her willing slave. The thought was absolutely – intoxicating. Sliding forward millimeter-by-millimeter, she watched the peep-show developing between her long, brown legs and Cleo’s hungry mouth – inching ever closer to the flicking tongue that was striving so desperately to satiate its hunger with her wetness. She continued, slowly moving forward until Cleo’s sucking mouth completely covered her gaping snatch. The sight of this beautiful young blonde doing that to her – the feeling of power it gave her – was so awesome it took her breath away.

As for Cleo, it was like receiving a shot of hard drugs – actually making her swoon – causing her to emit a soft, blubbery moan, as she ran her tongue up Jade’s dark crack all the way to her puckered asshole, and then back down again. It was though she hadn’t eaten in days, and this, the food she’d been craving. The black woman was already so wet that Cleo’s moans were causing tiny bubbles to escape from her soppy vagina. The pretty blonde didn’t care. In fact, she was washing her face in it, loving it – needing it. All too soon Jade stiffened, climaxing, flooding her working mouth with an unbelievable amount of pussy juice, convulsing over-and-over against the hot, flickering tongue, and screaming her lust as Cleo obediently serviced her. When she’d finished climaxing, Jade simply arose and walked away to leave the girl moaning in frustration on the lonely table-top, her face wet with spent pussy juice. Lying with her face flat against the table, Cleo watched Jade retreating, through the tunnel her legs formed, seeing her own cunt literally dripping from unfulfilled desire. She felt like she was losing her mind.

A few minutes later the door open and closed again, and a wrinkled old man stood before her, his limp cock hanging from his fly. He moved closer, his strong stench assaulting her nostrils. “Lick me girly and I might set you free.” He crackled lewdly.

Having little choice, and desperately wanting to flee this place, she held her breath and did as he asked, licking it all over, taking it entirely into her mouth and lolling it around her tongue. It tasted awful, stinging her tongue – and it remained soft. Once the worst was past, she tried harder, hoping the old man would ease her misery if she got it hard. Try as she might, that didn’t happen. He finally pulled it out of her working mouth, looked at her in disgust, and said, “Why can’t you get me hard, slut? You like those animals better?” Then he turned and walked to another door. He went through it only to return a moment later, leading the two giant apes she’s serviced earlier. They were both on short chains, grunting loudly as they sensed her, and Jade’s juices on her face. She gasped at them in terror. Both had raging hard-ons.

“They smell the black woman’s pussy juice all over your face, honey.” Chuckling lewdly, the old man attached each of the short chains to a ring in the floor, and try as they might the chains were far too short for the frustrated beasts to reach the platform holding her. Cleo sighed with momentary relief. The apes growled and bellowed their mating call, their cocks pointing accusingly straight at her. The old man walked up and tossed a key near one of her hands, grinning down at her.

“There’s the cocks you been pleading for, honey. Help yourself.” He crackled again, leaving her to fumble clumsily with the locks. Cleo finally got one hand free, and then the other. Then she released her ankles. Her legs were terribly weak, trembling as she stumbled toward the door. It was locked from the outside. There was no way out! She turned around-and-around in the room. On every wall, videos were still playing, showing people fucking in every position imaginable. She grasped her head between her hands, clutching it and moaning pitifully. Somewhere from behind the locked door, her unheard watchers laughed.

She decided she needed to try the other door, the one the old man led the animals through. Maybe there was another way out through there. The problem was, she would have to walk right between, and closely past, the two apes to get there. She knew from experience, what they’d do if they got their paws on her. Their cocks were even harder and more engorged than before, and on their ugly animal faces, she recognized the look of frustrated lust. It made her shiver.

Ain’t gonna happen again, fellows, she thought. I’m outta here.

As she inched between them sideways, she found their short chains allowed them to get no closer than about three or four-feet, apart, leaving a lane between them. If she were careful, she’d be okay. They waited, watching her closely to see what she was up to, until she was exactly between them, and then they both reached for her at the same time! Their fingers stopped, no more fourteen inches from her. She sighed deeply, and the apes glared at her with raw lust. She wondered if they had memories – if they were capable of remembering what she’d done to them earlier. Probably. Men never forgot something like that. She inched sideways again, her eyes drawn to the knobby, jerking cock only inches away. It was leaking a continuous stream of fluid, just as it had done earlier. All these beasts knew was that she was of the female species and had a place to put their extended cocks. They were ready to mate. Naked as she was, she was sure they could smell her excretions – also aware of just how wet she still was down there from Jade’s earlier manipulations. She paused, glancing down – licking her dry lips. God, she was so close she could smell their awesome cocks, remembering how they’d felt inside her – how they’d tasted. She shivered again, and this time it wasn’t with fear.

Don’t do this, she told herself angrily. Just get out of here! Despite that, she felt her mouth watering as she weighed the possibilities. If she were very careful, maybe . . . No! Definitely not! Frozen in place, she stared, fascinated by the huge, jerking cock throbbing right in front of her. The past two day’s frustrations flooded over her – how these awful people had stopped her from achieving the slightest pleasure, humiliated her beyond comprehension. Now, here she was alone, no one to tell her no – nobody to stop her. Almost of their own volition, her knees simply lowered her to the floor barely out of reach, but right between the two animals. Her heart thundering in her chest, she could scarcely breath, leaning closer, careful lest she move too close. The throbbing cock was scant inches in front of her face now, its tip dripping juice onto the tile floor. Breathing through a half-open mouth, she licked her dry lips. The smaller ape was quieter now, watching expectantly. The other animal was bellowing, going nuts trying to reach her.

Her mouth watered non-stop now, as her pussy gushed down the insides of her legs. Whore, she thought. Slut. Cunt. Bitch. It did no good. Unable to breath, trembling violently, she inched closer, her tongue out, reaching until she finally touched the tip of it with her tongue. Her heart was threatening to burst from her chest now. Closing her eyes, almost delirious, she took more of it inside her mouth. Yes. Yes. She was instantly rewarded by a spurt of fluid that she recognized as pre-cum. Watery and thin, it shot to the back of her mouth, coating her throat, making it easier for the giant cock to slide downward. Yes. Yes. The big animal started moving in-and-out of her mouth as she worked him deeper into her throat. She felt drool on the back of her neck and for some reason, that excited her even more. Wrapping her fingers around the base of the turgid shaft, she discovered she had only a couple more inches to take. Pushing against his eager thrusts, it easily slipped all the way down her throat, entering her hungry gullet. She paused, just letting her throat muscles milk it.

That was too much for the big animal. By taking it all, she had moved too close and suddenly found the giant paws grasping the back of her head. Holding her in place, the big ape started fucking her face with a vengeance. Surprised, gagging, unable to breathe, she struggled, but it did no good. She finally settled down, her excitement returning. Breathing through her nose, she let him use her mouth like an animal’s cunt, fingering her own sopping-wet pussy. The smell from their activities was driving the other animal crazy, but she couldn’t help that. She needed release, any kind of release. Then the big cock grew even thicker, jerking wildly in her throat, and she knew he was going to cum. Her fingers worked like mad, trying to bring herself off at the same time. Then, thick gobs of gooey fluid shot against the back of her throat like a hose, coating her tongue, sticking to the roof of her mouth, leaking from around her clasping lips, running down her chin, dripping to the floor – and that’s when she finally hit the mountain’s summit. She came like a freight train, its force slamming through her again-and-again, rocking her body like a gigantic storm, killing her from the inside as she swallowed the beast’s thick cum down her milking throat – so much of it that she felt bloated. It was absolutely heaven – wonderful. It was . . . life itself.

Dazed, half-conscious, she heard the animal grunt as he pulled the slimy cock from her still-milking throat, more cum spilling down her chin. Then, he did something she didn’t expect. He pushed her away violently – causing her to fall backwards – right into the hands of the other waiting animal. She screamed as hairy paws wrapped around her hips, jerking her backwards and upwards, holding her in a vice-live grip as he mounted her from behind as if she were a female ape. The ape’s giant organ hammered against her swollen pussy-lips, urgently trying to enter. It was much too large.

“No,” she cried. “No!”

Swollen as she was though, she finally felt the large head painfully slipping inside her – immediately followed by six-inches of hardened meat. White-hot pain enveloped her and she screamed again, but the beast didn’t pause. He slammed another six inches in, it’s thickness brutally pushing her pussy walls aside, making way for the knobs and crooks that were to follow. Then she remembered. This was the bigger one. His cock had been much longer than the other one, thicker, with those huge knobs all over it. As this fear registered, the bull ape’s giant cock pulled out just a bit, but then slammed back inside with greater force. Two more times he did it, and the last, she felt his hairy belly against her back. But it had hit something inside her that was terribly painful, at her very core – and she now felt his hairy balls slapping against her ass-cheeks. He was all the way in.

Now completely inside of her, the ape started fucking with attitude – pounding her cunt like she was just another animal – savaging her young pussy like it had never been before – rapid jack-hammer thrusts that rocked her to her core. After only a minute of this she was pushing back to meet his thrusts, grunting with each effort, crying out her pleasure. The watchers were having a ball watching it! Wolf was getting a blow-job from Jade, and even the old man now had a boner. What fun!

Cleo was enraptured. She could feel every ridge, every knot, every vane of the big ape’s cock as it entered and exited her pussy-lips. She groaned deliriously, gyrating her hips, wanting more. She came again, even harder than the last time, but that still wasn’t enough. She pushed her ass backward, grunting, wanting it deeper, longer, more forcefully. Suddenly, the beast froze and came inside her just as hard as the other one had in her throat. Filling her belly with his fluid, its hot thick cream pumping deep inside her until it was running down her legs, soaking into her reproduction organs. She loved it, pushing back to receive more. He finally grunted and his softening organ flopped out of her clinging pussy, signaling that he was through. Then, he simply shoved her away – right back to the other ape, who picked her up and sit her on his rampant cock. He immediately began fucking her senseless, with powerful, jackhammer-like thrusts that bruised her soft ass-cheeks but brought her immeasurable pleasure. By now, she didn’t even care. She needed it. She hadn’t had nearly enough. Maybe, she’d never have “enough.”


Cleo lay on her side, watching one of the great apes dozing nearby. After she’d passed out from being over-fucked by both of them on that first day here, someone must’ve come while she was sleeping and released the two animals from their chains. Not that she’d have run away from them. She was past that. They owned her, now. She was their mate. Besides, she knew who she was. Ralph, her old boss had shown her that. These two beasts had also shown her. She’d once been a beautiful cheerleader, a nice girl who’d married a nice boy, destined to become a mother, successful business woman, or maybe just a homemaker. Once Ralph had gotten to her though he’d let out the real person trapped inside. He’d released the depraved, sex-starved slut hiding in there, cleverly pushing the buttons that turned on her desire for debasement, humiliation, and the pure joy of being used. He’d shown her who she was. She now understood that she was only a receptacle for male sperm, either animal or human – or woman, for that matter. It made no difference any longer. She knew who she was now. She was the filthy stranger with glassy eyes, in the mirror overhead.

After that first day when she’d been released from her chains, she’d been completely broken by the giant bull-apes that now owned her. She was their mate and they could use her anytime they wanted. Having no say in the matter once they’d been released, free to do whatever they wanted to her, she’d finally accepted it. One of them had only to bellow out his urge to mate, and she’d scamper over, immediately turning her butt up to be entered. When they were finished with her they simply walked away, leaving her lying in a pool of their spent ejaculations. They usually weren’t particular which hole they used. Neither was she – now. Sometimes one of them would appear in front of her waving his huge cock in her face, and she’d just open her mouth, swallowing it whole. She’d quickly learned that if she didn’t, they’d bite her until she did – so this way was easier. The mirror on the ceiling clearly showed her what she’d become. Her once luxurious blonde hair hung limp and stringy, matted with dried cum. Used repeatedly so frequently, she constantly leaked animal cum from all her orifices. Dried-sperm caked her face, even her once eloquent eyelashes. At first, she’d tried picking it off with her finger-nails so she could see. The mirror told her that her body was still good, even though she didn’t eat properly. The old man would come by daily and humiliate her with what he’d seen her do on the TV monitor, then he’d feed the apes. They would leave her the scrapes after eating all they wanted.

Right now one of the brutes was laying on his back, dozing, eye-lids half-closed. The other one was watching the big-screen, people who were constantly fucking – moaning and screaming, 24-7. Whether he could actually see the one-dimensional images, she didn’t know. Still, he watched it attentively. Maybe the sounds just excited him. She wondered what would happen to her once the great apes tired of her. They’d been at her almost constantly for the past two days, fucking her in every orifice dozens of times each. Every time they did, it had caused her to scream with ecstasy. Now for the first time, they’d left her completely alone for nearly six hours. Were they tired of her? Would they just break her neck now that they didn’t want her anymore, leaving her to lay here for someone to find later? Would anyone even miss her? She tried to find the humor in the fact that animals didn’t even want her now, but only tears came.

On one of the large screens, she saw the man named Wolf, who was a full head shorter than Jade, biting and sucking her large brown nipples, fingering her hairy cunt-lips. Cleo’s hand dropped unconsciously between her own long, tapered legs, cupping the puffy lips there. After so many poundings in the past two days, they were constantly swollen, her clit protruding over an inch. She’d touched her tender anus earlier. It was nothing more than a gaping, open hole, so wide she could entirely insert two fingers with no discomfort. She wondered vaguely if the condition was permanent. Until she’d run into the two large apes, the largest thing she’d ever had in her anus was Mr. Kapp’s mammoth penis. Chapman had told her that he’d hired Kapp to stretch all his girls for him so later he could fit his own enormous dong into their holes when they were finally ready. Remembering Kapp’s horse-like cock pounding away inside her anus, stretching it forever, she wondered just how big Chapman’s thing could possibly be. An unwanted shiver shot up her spine. It was sick, but just the thought of what Chapman’s cock must look like, was making her wet. Maybe she’d never have the chance to do it, but even if it tore her apart, caused her to hemorrhage inside and die, she knew she’d still want it. It would be the ultimate thrill – to die like that on such an enormous cock – her greatest pleasure yet. She vaguely wondered if he’d eventually send for her, or would just let the apes keep her until she was all used up.

The sights and sounds on the screens around her were finally getting to her again, so she quickly looked away. For a while she lay motionless, just staring at the dozing ape she thought of as Poppie – studying him. His large hairy sacs were resting comfortably between his thick legs, and she could see just the red tip of a penis poking through his thick, black belly-hair. Poppie looked satisfied. She nearly smiled, unaccountably feeling a little affectionate toward the big animal. I seem to have that affect on men, she thought. Without meaning to, she rolled onto her knees and moved closer. She’d found that the apes liked her to stay on her knees with her eyes averted, otherwise, they felt as if she was somehow challenging their authority.

Now that she was closer to the dozing Poppie, she could detect a faint odor from their earlier sex. It didn’t repel her any longer. Actually, she found that she kind of liked it. Trying not to awaken him, she dipped her head and wrapped her lips over the small reddish head of his dick, lolling her tongue softly around it – feeling it swell slightly as blood pumped into it. Of all the times they’d forced themselves on her, this was the first time she’d actually initiated any sex with either of them. She told herself that she was only doing this in order to survive, but deep in her heart, she knew. There was no lower level for her to fall. This was finally it.

Keeping her lips locked over the rapidly expanding head, she moved around until she was facing the animal’s feet, rolling her moist tongue around the head slowly, feeling it growing larger inside her moist mouth. Poppie’s toes were beginning to curl a little with each small suction her working mouth produced, and she smiled around the thickening hunk of meat. Yep, definitely a man. Suddenly, the cock was bumping against the back of her throat, seeking entry, but she still waited, not yet wanting to force it into the tight passageway of her throat – not just yet. Slowly, she turned her body until she was straddling Poppie’s thick hairy chest, sliding her ass closer to his ugly face. When she could feel his hot breath on her crotch she stopped moving backward, waiting. The tongue that touched her was the size of most human erections, but over twice as thick. It swiped her crack from asshole to clit, slathering it and both ass-cheeks, with a warm sticky wetness. It was so sudden, she nearly screamed around the thick spongy head in her mouth – and then she rewarded him by simply swallowing its entire length.

Sucking, licking, and slobbering on each other’s genitals, they rode their personal waves of ecstasy, rushing toward completeness. Sniffing the air, the other ape had moved closer, but Cleo didn’t notice him. She was only interested in getting the thick cock she was sucking into her aching pussy, but the giant ape was holding her in a vice-like grip and she couldn’t swing around to get into position. She knew from his mindless thrusting into her moist, sucking cavity, that she wasn’t going anyplace until he’d shot his load down her throat. Something poked at her ass, and that’s when she realized that other ape was now behind her, wanting to get in on the act. Locking her lips around the thick spongy head she subtlety raised her ass, pushing backward. She felt the other ape’s hard cock as it missed its target several times, and she groaned in frustration around the large cock pulsing in her throat.

With Poppie’s thick tongue buried in her snatch and lathing her crack from end-to-end, there was only one other place left for his friend to go. She reached back, took the thick, probing cock in her small hand and guided it to the entrance of her twitching anus. The animal was so excited that he entered her with one desperately painful plunge. Two days ago it would’ve been next to impossible for him to have done that and the pain would probably have killed her. Now the thick cock just slipped in naturally. She groaned again, this time in desperate pleasure, pushing back against his hard, rapid thrusts. This was her life now. This is where she wanted to stay. She was home. The huge cock in her anus slid in and out easily, plunging all the way to its base to bang against her swollen colon. Without warning, Poppie began spurting into her throat and she nearly strangled on the amount he produced, swallowing rapidly to get it all as it shot from around her tightly clinched lips. It was so copious that it flowed from her nose, filling her mouth time-after-time as she swallowed frantically. She was drowning in his cum, but Poppie continued to hold her head in a vice-like grip and there was no place she go. If she didn’t swallow fast enough she knew she would choke to death on the giant ape’s sperm, and even that, excited her. Behind her, the other ape’s long thrusts had become much shorter, faster, more erratic – now, slamming into her with numbing force. As she felt him painting her bowels with nearly a pint of hot sperm, she also came – very hard – her orgasm repeatedly rocking her slender body with convulsion-after convulsion . . . until she was as limp as a damp rag . Once was not enough, though. The apes were worked up now and they wanted more. They weren’t nearly through with her yet and by the time they finally were, Cleo was back in a comatose state. The animals fucked her for hours as she initially urged them on with frantic cries and desperate gyrations. Later, when she had become a limp, an unresponsive toy in their giant paws, they still used her for a long time – to the delight of her TV audience.

Two days later, Wolf, Jade, and Chapman stood watching the image on Wolf’s giant TV Screen. They’d been sipping their drinks for several hours, Jade alternately licking and sucking their cocks while they smoked cigars and drank, watching Cleo and the big apes on the monitor. Every so often, one of them would quietly laugh at Cleo’s desperate pleadings or frantic gyrations to reach fulfillment, but other than that, the room was largely silent. Although Jade and Wolf were a married couple, Wolf didn’t mind seeing Jade attempt to stuff Chapman’s enormous black organ into her mouth. Only the head seemed to make it anyway, grotesquely stretching her working lips as she tried without success to swallow it. Chapman had great control and during all that time, hadn’t climaxed once. Jade kept trying though. Wolf had already cum twice down Jade’s chocolate throat and now, watching the apes at work on Cleo, was beginning to grow stiff again.

Ignoring Jade’s efforts, Chapman’s face showed no pleasure or emotion as he watched one of the giant apes causally grasp Cleo’s limp form under the arm-pits, lift her onto the head of his rampant penis – and then just drop her. Other than a soft pitiful moan, she didn’t react this time. Three or four times during the past few hours, she had loudly screamed out her pleasure as she reached orgasm, but it was clear that she was now used up. Placing his large paws under her bottom, t animal nonchalantly lifted her rag-doll body up-and-down on his knobby cock, appearing almost disinterested in what he was doing. He’d lift her up until the ball-like head was in danger of slipping free, and then drop her back onto his huge, hard cock – just repeating the action over-and-over. As for the girl, Chapman could tell she was nearly, if not completely, unconscious, for her glazed, unseeing eyes stared at nothing. This was the sixth, or seventh time, in just three hours, he’d witnessed one of the animals fuck her like this. Except for the few times she’d stiffened slightly, moaning a bit – the only indication that she’d climaxed – she had been like this. Totally unresponsive.

Chapman marveled at the size of these magnificent animal’s cocks. They were even more impressive than Mr. Kapp, and that is primarily why he liked to send some of the girls here to be conditioned. When they were finally allowed to return, they still may not entirely be ready for him, but he could work with that.

The giant ape was now growling, baring his teeth, slamming into the comatose girl harder and much faster. Bellowing with pleasure, he emptied his balls into her, pummeling her cunt in pent-up frenzy as finally, his sperm shot from around the tight seal of his cock, onto her thighs, running in small rivers down her legs – joining that from earlier couplings which was already drying. When he was finished, the ape simply shoved her off his belly to fall in a crumpled heap onto the sticky floor. She didn’t move or even look up as the big ape urinated only a foot from her face. The other ape approached now, the reddish head of his penis rapidly growing. He’d apparently been excited again, by the smell of their copulation. Chapman smiled now as her new sexual partner, still standing, lifted her limp frame and settled her onto his throbbing cock. He immediately began fucking her. From this angle, Chapman couldn’t tell which hole the animal had entered, but then, apparently at this point, neither could she. “Give her another day, then bring her back to me,” he said through his teeth. Stiffening, he grunted loudly, shooting a load of thick cum into Jade’s mouth – and all over her breasts. He waited until the spasm had completely passed, then said, “Clean her up first.”


Cleo sat on her bed, staring idly at the wall. She was vaguely aware that Jade had brought her back to her old room earlier, bathed her, and then dressed her in a short, yellow summer dress, painting her finger and toe-nails a bright red.

“You sure look very pretty,” Jade had told her while shaving her pink, protruding pussy lips. The two huge animals’ repeated mauling had left them like that – her asshole too – although the swelling was receding a little since she’d been brought here last night. Jade had also washed and then brushed, her long blonde hair for almost an hour, restoring its luxurious waves and bright glow. It now shown with almost as much health as when she’d first arrived. As she’d worked to revive Cleo’s former level of beauty, Jade had constantly been after her to reveal how it’d felt being repeatedly raped by the large beasts. Never having experienced it for herself, Jade had sounded curious – and more than just a little excited by the idea. As Cleo grew more and more aware of her surroundings, she vaguely realized that Jade would answer her own curiosity – and probably soon, too. With that realization, a small, unwanted thrill worked its way upward from her crotch to her spine. Something deep inside her wandering mind wanted desperately to see Jade do just that. Whether it was excitement or revenge, she didn’t know.

Thirty minutes after Jade left her, the door opened again. It was the old man who’d fed the apes and had so aggravated her almost daily for the past week. “Here to pick-up your belongings, Sweetie,” he smirked evilly. “Jade said that I couldn’t mess you up, so don’t look forward to my fucking you today.” He grinned through a teeth-gapped mouth. “Besides, I probably wouldn’t match-up too well with those big apes that had you screaming and moaning all those days, huh?”

Cleo sat silently as though in a trance, starring at the far wall. The old man walked right up in front of her and stopped. Vaguely, she heard the unmistakable sound of his zipper, as he said, “But a little blow-job won’t mess you up too much, right? Especially, if you swallow all of it so it doesn’t get all over your pretty dress.”

He moved closer and reacting as she’d been programmed to do for all this time, Cleo just opened her mouth and took him inside. In a daze such as she was, she didn’t even move to help him achieve orgasm, just allowing the old man to fuck her face, grunting and hitting her opened throat with its length. He only lasted about a minute, shooting his watery load down her throat where it pooled with the remnants of all the others left over from the past week of abuse. When he was finished, the old man pulled out carefully so not to spoil her new dress, and said maliciously, “Clean it up, Sweetie.”

Obediently, Cleo licked the spent cum from his foul, shriveling cock.

When Jade returned and assisted her down the long stairway, they exited the front door to find Wolf standing there, and a long, black limousine waiting with the back door open. Jade helped her inside, closed the door, and they silently watched her ride away.

“The most beautiful one we ever had, and I didn’t even fuck her,” Wolf said quietly.

Jade laughed. “No, you were having too much fun watching those trained apes of yours, destroy her fine little ass!” She hugged the much smaller man, pressing his face against her chocolate breasts. “But Mama knows what her little guys wants. Chapman is sending tender, fifteen-year-old Amy, over later today – the one you’ve been lusting for. Kapp said she’s been acting up and even he can’t get her stretched large enough to fit onto Chapman’s gigantic cock.” She smiled, reaching down to grasp Wolf’s growing cock. “She is so slender and so petit. The apes have been alone for a complete day now, and both are walking around with huge boners. Watching them break-in this sweet little thing should be fun, don’t you think?”

One of the new girls, whom Cleo didn’t know, met her when she arrived back at Chapman’s sprawling residence, taking her directly to her old room. Vaguely, she noticed it was now decorated with large photos. She froze, as she realized they were pictures of Chapman trying to work his elongated organ into a girl – the pretty girl she knew as, Angel. The photos were arranged in precise order from left to right, showing the progress – and effects – of his forced penetration. She also saw that a large clock had been strategically placed behind the couple so a viewer could measure the time used for the girl’s impalement. Unable to avoid it, Cleo stared at the first photo – Chapman holding Angel under the arm-pits, her hairless opening poised right over the head of his enormous cock. In the next, he had lowered her until the head was pushing against her pussy lips – and from her strained features, it appeared she was in extreme pain. The time elapsed on the clock, was nine minutes. Moving to the next photo, Cleo saw that Chapman’s hardball-sized cock-head had now disappeared inside Angel’s small opening – and that, pain still radiated from her tense, lovely face. Photo number three, had Chapman’s cock a third buried inside an apparently squirming Angel, and by the fourth photo, it was half-way inside. Nearly fifteen minutes had elapsed on the clock behind them. Angel still seemed in intense pain. The next picture, a stop-action one, had apparently caught Chapman after he’d lifted her nearly off his cock and just as he’d removed his large hands – dropping her back. The surprise she’d registered at that precise moment instantly changed to agony in the next photo.

Half-way through the photos, Cleo did not notice the changes in her own reaction to the photos – that she was now breathing very deeply, through half-opened lips. Even with her experience with Mr. Wolf’s bull-apes, she could’ve never imagined a cock as large as the one she saw here – and couldn’t believe that somehow, the slender Angel was accommodating it. Okay sure, she was in severe pain and it wasn’t going easily for her, but, inch-by-inch, it was going in! The next picture showed Chapman’s cock nearly two-thirds of the way in, and Angel trying to hold herself away from it by placing her tiny pale hands against Chapman’s hairy black thighs. The only thing that belied her apparent discomfort, was the glistening wetness on her own thighs. Nearly twenty minutes had now expired on the clock in the background. Totally unaware of it, Cleo’s breathing had grown very ragged now, and she was excreting juices of her own as she unconsciously licked her dry lips while moving around the wall.

In the following three pictures, it was plain that Angel’s pain and discomfort had changed into mind-blowing pleasure. Head thrown back, mouth open, eyes rolled upward in her head until only the whites shown, she was apparently now screaming in total rapture. The remaining photos were actually a portrait of a continuous, non-stop orgasm for the girl, and Cleo fought back a hateful wave of resentment – no. Envy! Forty minutes now shown on the clock. So long – so – delicious. Not intending it, Cleo’s hand had drifted toward her burning snatch as she fought back an urge to kneel before the picture, lick the huge, black cock she saw there. Moaning, her eyes flittered around the room. She could almost smell the couple’s sex act. She moaned again, just as a knock on her door startled her back into awareness.

“Y . . .yes,” she stammered.

“Mr. Chapman desires for you to join him for dinner, ma’am. It will be served in five minutes.” Clicking of heels, indicated the female voice was departing. Cleo hurried to the bathroom, splashed cold water onto her face and tried to calm her trembling. “Oh, don’t let me mess this up on the first day, and be sent back to Mr. Wolf,” she pleaded to herself.

Angle and a young black girl about seventeen years of age, were already there when she arrived at the dining table. The young black girl was obviously fighting an urge to squirm against the rotating cock that Cleo knew was inside her. Angel appeared much like Cleo had only hours earlier – namely, in an over-fucked daze. Combating a delicious shiver from forming in her deepest core, Cleo wondered just how long Mr. Chapman had used her with his gigantic cock. Hurrying to her place at the table, she eased herself onto the silicone four-inch cock protruding from the chair seat. When it went in easily, she knew she was still experiencing some of the wetness she’d experienced from looking at the pictures in her room.

“Welcome back, Cleo,” Chapman’s deep, booming voice welcomed her.

“Thank you, Master,” she said with down-cast eyes. “I’m glad to be back.”

“Please dine, everyone,” he said, but she knew from past meals here, that he was carefully watching to see if any of them showed the affect of the wiggling cocks inside them. It felt good to her, but after the apes, she now knew she could handle it. The black girl apparently couldn’t – suddenly moaning aloud as she pressed downward with her ass, beginning to squirm frantically against her seat. Almost instantly Knapp appeared, dressed in his black thong, nothing else. He tossed her over his shoulder and carried her away, screaming. Chapman acted as if he never even noticed.

“So Cleo, tell us about your week of vacation,” he said softly.

Oh no, please don’t make me tell that!

“Cleo?” he said again.

She cleared her throat once, and with her eyes still down-cast, said, “On my first day, I explored my new residence, Master. In the library I saw three holes in the wall, and . . . .” She spoke until she reached the point where she couldn’t remember any more, and then simply stopped speaking.

“That’s fine, Cleo. You can stop now. I saw everything anyway.”

Even as conditioned as she was, that revelation still shocked her. He had been there! Watching as she was being violated! Watching, as she responded in eagerness, sometimes desperation, to the giant beasts’ mating with her – and watching her own self-initiated, sex with them. Her face burned with shame even as her pussy gushed juices at the memory – barely able to catch herself before she groaned aloud. Her story had apparently had an impact on Angel too, for she uttered a soft moan, instantly biting her lip. It was too late. A heavy, broad-chest, black man in a thong that matched Mr’ Kapp’s, marched in and grabbed Angel as she protested loudly. He clamped her mouth with his thick hand, threw her over his shoulder, and carried her off, kicking and trying to scream.

“Ah, Cleo. It seems it’s just you and I again.”

“Yes Master.”

“Did you like the pictures I provided for your room?”

“Yes Master.

More softly now, “Did they excite you?”

She considered lying to him, but knew that was not an option, so she muttered. “Yes sir.”

“Still wet?

Again, she hesitated, but having little choice, said, “Yes Master. I am wet.”

“Does the small rubber cock excite you, Cleo?”

“No sir, not so much. It feels okay, but now . . . you know, after, uh . . . not so much.”

Chapman laughed his booming laugh, shaking the very walls. “That is good, then. You will need something much larger – something only a real man can give you. Am I right?”

What could she say? Whether from fear or simply the stored-up knowledge that it was bound to happen sooner or later, her heart was pounded so hard inside her chest that she could barely speak. “Yes Master, you are correct.”

She heard his chair scoot back from the table as he stood. From under her eyes-brows, she saw him stick out his huge hand – and her breath caught in her throat. “Come my little slut. It is time.”

Easing herself off the silicone cock, she stood on wobbly legs, her excited breath coming in small gulps. “Yes Sir” It was time.


She’d never been inside Chapman’s room and was astonished by the largeness and luxury of it. Without having to be told, Cleo followed him into another room that could only be described as a dungeon. Tables, chains, and large screen TVs were everywhere. On one of them, she was eagerly sucking the swollen cock of the big bull-ape, Poppie. Her debasement was now complete.

“Get undressed,” Chapman stated coldly.

She dropped her pretty yellow dress on the floor, hoping it wouldn’t get soiled. She liked that dress. In less time than it takes to tell, Chapman had shed his own clothing. At six-eight, over three hundred pounds, he was the largest man Cleo had ever known. Ink black skin, with a large belly and bulging thighs, he looked almost royal, standing there. Cleo dropped her eyes still farther, and saw what she’d feared – and anticipated. The large black, half-flaccid cock, hung half-way to his knees. She could see it pulse as the blood quickly rushed into it, making it grow even larger.

“Get over here, slut. Lick it,” his deep voice growled, and she hurried to obey. Remembering the huge apes’ cocks, she licked it thoroughly to make it wetter so she could get it inside her mouth. Chapman impatiently grabbed her by the ears and stuffed his thick cock-head inside with no regard for her discomfort. That was as far as it would go. She felt it bang against the back of her throat, but knew it’d rupture something before her small passage would allow its entry. Chapman seemed almost angry as he pushed her off his throbbing cock, grabbed her arm in a vice-like grip, and pulled her toward a padded platform, much like the one she’d used with the apes. He lay down on his back, pulling her onto his hairy belly, lifting her and holding her small, puffy entrance positioned directly over his engorged cock. Cleo was terrified now that she was here, her excitement having completely fled. Staring coldly into her frightened face, he slowly lowered her toward what she knew would be the most excruciating pain she’d ever felt. The spongy head rubbed against her moist opening, but Chapman didn’t stop. He kept pulling her downward, forcing the thick head against her puffy pussy lips. Fleetingly, Cleo remembered that very first day so long ago, when her old boss Ralph had done the same. She remembered how he’d forced it inside her, how she’d been eager to help him, and how she’d enjoyed his debasement. This was different. The thing she now felt against her small opening, was a weapon – and it would probably kill her. If not, she’d be ruined for life.

She felt Chapman’s hands loosening from her sides and panicked, knowing what lay in store for her. “Please, don’t,” she pleaded.

Chapman laughed loudly – and dropped her. It was the most pain she’d ever experienced. At first, she just hung-up on the mushroom head of his enormous cock, and then as it violently pushed past her swollen lips, sliding upward. The long shaft roughly forced the moist walls of her pussy aside, making room until she was stopped as it hit something deep inside her. As she knew it would be, it was absolutely excruciating. She screamed continuously until he finally slapped her face. He didn’t need to say anything. That was enough. She just sat there, quietly whimpering, pinned on his enormous cock, unable to move. Chapman didn’t seem in a big hurry, either, staring coldly into her face, studying her in an almost clinical manner.

The initial burst of pain finally subsided, but she was fearful to move lest it start again. There was a warmness spreading inside her soft belly and she vaguely wondered if he’d damaged something deep inside her, ruptured something important. He flexed his dong and she stifled another scream. He did it again, and this time it caused less pain. Sliding his enormous hands under her cheeks, he effortlessly lifted her until only the ball-like head was left inside her. “Please don’t drop me again,” she whimpered, her beautiful eyes pleading with him. “Please.”

He stared at her for several seconds, and then slowly lowered her back onto his cock. This time, it went in easier and she smiled down at him gratefully. Then he began a rhythm, lifting and lowering her on his cock. It didn’t take long. In just a couple of minutes, she was helping him, rotating her hips, squirming wetly around on his cock when she was all the way down. She reached down and felt beneath her, surprised that more of it, at least two-thirds was inside her. Inexplicably, this excited her more than anything she’d ever known in her life. Suddenly, she wanted it all! She wanted every inch of it stuffed inside her pussy, even if it killed her. Pushing up and away from his belly, she dropped herself back onto his cock, moaning softly.

“Kill me, kill me with your cock,” she pleaded.

“You want to die on my black cock?” he asked.

“Yes. Please do me. Make me die really good.”

She came so hard and unexpectedly that she passed out for a moment, but almost immediately, began climbing his cock again. Her orgasms were non-stop now and finally, Chapman couldn’t take it any longer, either. Grasping her hips, he savagely thrust upward as he slammed her down, straining now to reach his own orgasm. He stretched, ripped, and bludgeoned her inter-softness with his giant club, uncaring about her discomfort or pain. After so long of wanting this beautiful creature, now perched on his large belly, the only thing that mattered was his own fulfillment. Even the bull-apes hadn’t had the amount of fluid in their balls, as this neo-human beneath her. Spurt after spurt of rich, thick cum hit against her cervix, driving her insane, causing her to black-out momentarily. When she’d regained consciousness, she was now on her knees with Chapman behind her violently thrusting into her sloppy, swollen pussy with such fury that she imagined he was trying to destroy her. Smiling, she lowered her head to rest on her arms, and obediently lifted her ass to him. She was totally his now, to use, destroy, anything he wanted – and once it was over, she knew she’d still be begging for more. She felt his hairy groin against her soft ass now, and knew he was finally all the way inside her. Rationality told her it simply wouldn’t fit, that something would have been moved around or ruptured inside her for that to happen. She didn’t care, the terrible pain – and the wonderful pleasure he was causing – washed over her again and again. Then her next climax hit with the power of a runaway locomotive as she screamed and wiggled backward to him.

When she awoke later, Chapman held her limp form in place, still hammering into her. It instantly brought her to another heightened state of arousal. The wetness on her thighs told her he had already cum several times and there was nothing in his hammering to indicate he’d be stopping any time soon. If anything, his forceful thrusts into her open, unprotected body had grown even more violent. The vast warmness was spreading throughout her now, making her sleepy. She had cum so many times that she was light-headed from the effort – most of it was from the pleasure, but some from the pain Chapman was providing – and the knowledge that this was the largest thing she’d ever had inside her body. She felt something else tear horribly, deep within her, and smiled again. She loved it. Another orgasm was rapidly approaching. She could feel the head of his cock deep inside her belly, growing stronger. She caught her breath as her heart seemed to stop. Then it rapidly started hammering again within her chest, only to slow dangerously at her approaching climax. A flurry of heartbeats – a long pause – a few more rapid heart flutters and then, just before the largest climax of her young life arrived, it simply stopped beating altogether – never to beat again. Chapman kept pounding away at her unresponsive body for a long time, but poor, beautiful Cleo would never know.

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