21 Kasım 2023

Christmas Morning


On Christmas morning at 7am Tom had been awake for a bit and so decided to finally get up. Tom had recently turned twenty, home for the Christmas holidays after being away for over two years. Amy, his eighteen-year-old sister was also awake, sitting up in her own bed in her own reading a teen magazine. Their parents would most likely not be up for hours still. They had been at out at a Christmas Eve office party, and then up late getting all the presents ready for Christmas morning. Even though they were now in their late teens, Tom and Amy still got excited on Christmas morning, and Tom had missed the last couple of Christmas’ with his family.

Tom, in just the boxers he wore to bed, headed for the bathroom down the hall. As he headed past Amy’s room, he could see her light was on. On his way back from the bathroom he tapped lightly on her door.

“That you Tom?” Amy quietly asked.

“Yeah sis, you up? I saw your light on. Can I come in?”

Amy was sitting up in her old long nightshirt propped against the back wall, magazine in hand. She pulled the sheet up to her waist as he entered. The room was quite warm.

“They still haven’t fixed the heat in this room?” Tom remarked.

Her room was always overheated, something to do with having a strong vent in a small room. Because of that she slept in very light pajamas or light nightshirt.

“I’m used to it,” Amy scrunched her knees up to give Tom room to sit on the bed next to her. She put her magazine on her bed stand, and the sheet slipped down as she did.

Tom caught a glimpse of her panties as she propped her knees up, and almost blushed, feeling a little naughty seeing them. Then he noticed her dildo sitting on the bed stand feeling even more awkward. He turned, hiding his blush, as if looking at something else, feeling even weirder, not being able to help imagining her using it. He had found himself noticing Amy more then he had in the past anyway. When he had left home she was fifteen, quite pudgy, and was just just starting to develop. Now she had lost all that baby fat and had a quite shapely figure. Her breasts were a firm C cup. She had let her blonde wavy hair grow halfway down her back.

Amy had also realized that her dildo was sitting out, but also realized that doing anything about it now would only draw more attention to it. However, despite the slight awkwardness of the situation, it was nice to have her brother back. She realized she had missed him. Even though they had not been close for a long time, it seemed now that they were both older, they could relate again. Of course, he had become so worldly, at least in her eyes, having been on his own, traveling to foreign countries for over a year, and she was still in high school and had barely ever been out of state. Yet even she had matured, and not just physically. She had grown out of her baby ways, now a senior in high school. She was coming out of the timid shell she had been in, even if slowly. She finally felt she was good at something with her dance classes, giving her more self-confidence.

Tom recovered himself, “It’s still the same, we get up early, sit around waiting and they finally get up at like ten,” Tom laughed, “I guess things never change.” He patted her on the knee, then propped his own knees up folding his hands across them.

Instead of going to college, Tom had decided to “see the world.” Mom and dad would have preferred he had gone straight to college. While they did not try to stop him, they made it clear that if he was not going to college he was on my own financially. Tom had saved up a little money during high school. He had worked part time and got odd jobs after school and in the summers. He had always been pretty resourceful.

After high school he went down to Mexico and then Central America, working now and then tutoring English, or even doing physical labor on small farms, but mostly traveling, getting to see out-of-the-way places, having adventures. Unlike his dreams, none of them turned out to be romantic, or even sexual, but still he had an exciting time, and grew up in many ways, learning to be on his own, earn his own living, and find his way around the world.

Tom had always been kind of a do his own thing guy anyway. He got along with people easily, but was just as happy by himself. He did well enough in school, but was never part of a single clique. He played sports, and was considered one of the better soccer players, and was a starter on the basketball team, though not a star. He did well in classes, and the teachers liked him. While accepted among the “smart kids,” he did not just hang out with them. He smoked pot regularly and even did some other drugs on occasion; but was not really a stoner or druggie either, not with all the sports, schoolwork, and after school jobs. He was kind of on the periphery of a lot of groups.

Amy usually just had one or two close girl friends, but they changed every year or couple of years. Her current ones were away for vacation. She did well enough at school but had to work at it. Kağıthane Escort Having been overweight and on the shy side, she was on the outside of the cliques.

When they were little, Amy and Tom had been close. They shared a room until Amy was eight and Tom ten. They played together and shared everything, often talking at night about their feelings and their days’ activities before falling asleep. Back then they didn’t think anything of being naked, changing in front of each other. They had their own bathroom, and didn’t bother to close the door or worry about using it together. However, by the time Tom was turning ten, he was starting to notice her nudity, even if she was a pudgy eight-year-old. He did not let on of course.

However, his parents were thinking the same thing about them sharing a room at that age, having saved up enough to move to a newer larger house. They moved to a roomy three bedroom, two-and-a-half bath modern home in a suburban development. Tom started middle school, and they no longer had their bedtime chats. Amy got more into girl things as Tom got into boy things, and while they still had to share a bathroom, it was not at the same time.

About a year and a half before Tom came home from his adventures, Amy took a dance class at school. She found she liked it, and soon got very involved in dance. She also started to pay attention to what she ate, as there was pressure to be in good shape. Within a few months she was going to dance class almost every afternoon, and often practicing on weekends too. She quickly lost weight, and her body toned up. And she also became aware of her body, learning to feel it, use it, be consciously in it. However, it was almost all girls in the dance classes, (and she suspected that most of the boys in dance were gay) and with being busy, not used to being pretty, and still naturally shy, she did not have any boyfriends or even dates.

Amy and Tom sat in silence for a while, not sure what to say, each was thinking their own thoughts. While they were no longer close, over the last week with Tom home, they had been spending a lot of time together. Tom wasn’t really interested in seeing his old friends, the few that might be in town, feeling like he had outgrown them. With Amy’s friends away, she was glad of his company. She felt proud of him, looked up to him and how easy life seemed for him, how adventurous he was, how independent he was.

“Want to go get some breakfast?” Tom asked.

“I don’t feel like getting out of bed yet.”

“Want me to leave?”

“No, stay, I didn’t mean it like that. It’s nice having you around again, Tom.”

“Thanks. It’s nice being here, a little weird after Central America. When we went to the mall last week, I was in major culture shock! But I’m getting used to it again. I’m thinking of staying around, getting a place, a part-time job and going to the community college. Don’t tell mom and dad yet, I want to wait until I’m sure what I’m doing.”

“I can understand that” she says, and they sat a bit longer.

“I have an idea, we can exchange our gifts now; I’ll go and bring them up here,” Tom blurted out.

“You don’t think mom and dad will be upset?”

“It’s our gifts, I mean, there are plenty of gifts left under that tree.”

He got up without another word and went to get the gifts.

His parents had given Tom money to buy gifts from them for Amy. Their parents were a bit self-absorbed. They took their professional jobs seriously, and had stayed passionate about each other. But it seemed it left little attention for their kids. They did show them affection, and treated them well, but mostly just left them alone. It did not surprise Tom that they were glad to have him buy the gifts and not think about it. He figured Amy probably got the gifts for him from them, too. They did see she needed new clothes with all the weight she had lost, and her figure developing, and were quite generous. But Tom also bought her something with his own money.

When at the mall, he had picked out a bunch of clothes from Macy’s, including a new nightgown that would be from him. It was lightweight, red in color, full length, with a little white lace at the collar, sleeves and hem. It looked feminine without being sexy. He had them wrap the gifts while he went to do other shopping, making sure to tell them to mark the one with the gown.

Tom returned with the two presents and sat back down.

“You open first,” she said.

He sat with it on his lap. He pulled the paper off the box, knowing from the size, shape and weight that it had to be clothes. Opening it he saw a light cotton sweater.

“Try it on,” she suggested.

Tom did so, getting up, pulling his tee shirt over his head, and I putting the sweater on. He faced her and asked, “What do you think?”

“It looks great on you. It’d probably look better with pants on, though,” she laughed.

Tom sat back down blushing. He took it off again though, as both it was too warm in her room for it, and it looked Kağıthane Escort Bayan goofy with him in just his boxers.

“Alright open up yours, and you have to try it on too for me, since I tried on your gift” he joked back.

“Sure,” she said.

She then carefully undid the wrapping on her present.

As she opened it, she told Tom to turn around so she could put it on, which of course he did.

“I was tired of seeing you in that old faded and worn night shirt,” Tom chided her, as he heard her opening it.

She seemed kind of quiet. Tom was surprised she did not say something, even if just to be nice. It was unlike her to not either say something gracious or at least make a joke of it.

“Let me know when it’s on,” Tom said to break the silence.

Amy at first just saw it was a bright red nightgown and was going to exclaim something nice, but then as she lifted it she saw it was quite racy. There was a separate thongÑ-she had never worn a thong beforeÑ-and the top a low cut bodice and thin spaghetti straps, the built in cups were mostly opaque and just barely covered her nipples, with the top being a transparent lace. The gown, cinched below the breasts was see through, hanging mid-thigh.

She wasn’t sure if she should really put it on. “You want me to try this on?”

“Why not? I thought you needed a new nightgown?”


She slipped off her panties and nightshirt, quietly slipping on the panties. While she did trim her pubic hair, still some showed out the sides of the very skimpy thong. Her pubic hair was a light and downy blonde, so she figured it probably looked okay anyway. She then put the gown over her head, feeling a little silly and embarrassed, but like she wanted to call him on his bluff.

“You can turn around” she said, standing there.

Tom turned around, and there was his sister in a lacy red semi-transparent gown. He made out the red matching thong, barely covering her privates through the thin material. He could not help but notice the tops of her breasts exposed. This was definitely not what he had picked out! He gaped at her, in shock.

She stood there awkwardly.

“Wow, Amy, um, you are gorgeous! ÉbutÉ” He quickly interjected, “Éthat’s not what I picked out for you; they must have given me the wrong box at the store!”

“She gave him a skeptical look, not sure if she believed him.

“I mean it. I mean, like I thought we’d be opening this with mom and dad. Think I’d do that?”

“I guess not. I must look pretty silly in this,” She said hesitantly.

“You look stunning in that!” He assured her quickly and firmly. “I mean, wow! You could be one of the models!”

She walked to look in the mirror. She turned from side to side checking herself out. “I guess it does look nice.”

She giggled, “It’d be fun to actually wear this around as my nightgown.”

“Why don’t you?” Tom suggested, teasing, hoping, but knowing there was no way she would.

“If you wore a robe over it, you probably could.” he suggested.

“Yeah maybe with a robe over it. I guess they wouldn’t know, just our secret.” She giggled.

Tom wondered if she was just joking, guessing she probably was.

His eyes were going down her beautiful back, rear, and legs as she turned, having finished looking at herself in the mirror.

“Do you think boys think I’m sexy?” She suddenly asked, sitting back down by his side.

Pulling her hair back a little, his hands brushed her shoulders

“Of course. I mean, you looked in the mirror. Who wouldn’t think you’re sexy?”

“I guess, wearing this anyway,” she giggled.

“I kind of wish I had meant to buy it for you. But you know sis, you really do like beautiful these days. I mean you’ve lost so much weight, and filled outÑ-I mean, you know! With your dance and allÉ”

“I’m glad you got it, Tom, really. I mean if that hadn’t happened, who else should get me something like this!”

“Your boyfriend,” he smirked

“Like I’ve ever had one.”

“You’ve never had a boyfriend?” He assumed with her looks she would have boys all over, but reflecting on her shyness, he self image and her schedule, he figured maybe she really hadn’t.

Tom had never had a girlfriend either. He had dated a few times, but never made girls his priority, having focused on his own goals during high school. Then he was traveling, and not settled anywhere.

Amy leaned in to give Tom a thank you hug and kiss. He could feel the tips of her breasts against his chest, as she pressed her lips on his cheek, holding it there longer than he expected, and softer too.

“Thanks so much Tom, you make me feel good. I am glad we are close againÑ-we are aren’t we?”

They looked each other in the eyes for a while. He then suddenly pecked her on the lips lightly, and moved back, unsure what he was doing, but having felt compelled to do that. She kept looking him in the face; she moved toward him again, and did the same. They kept doing that for a several Escort Kağıthane minutesÑ-giving quick lip-to-lip kisses, neither of them saying anything, but looking at each other the whole time.

Tom could see her nipples were erect, and his cock was starting to react. Their kisses got longer, and closer, and then they were really kissing. As they kissed they slowly lay down next to each other on the bed. They started to caress each other, kissing and touching. He let his hands lightly massage her back, her sides, so far avoiding her breasts to her privates. Amy meanwhile was doing the same.

“I want to see all of you.” Tom told her.

“You will be the first, you know.”

“You are beautiful, Amy.”

They stood again, as he removed the gown from her. He took his boxers offers well, his cock already at full attention.

For awhile he just looked at her, now in just the thong, seeing his naked beautiful sister howling his body to him. She removed the thong herself, gently pushing it down, and letting it slip off her feet.

“You know I love you Amy, but I want to make sure you really want to do this?”

“Yes, more than anything, Tom.”

“Amy, you will be my first too.”


“Yes, I know I seem likeÉ well, you knowÉ but I’ve never even had a girlfriend, much less sex.”

She had assumed he was experienced, seemingly so sure of himself, and he was handsome and well built. But it also made her happy to think she’d be his first too.\

“Amy, you really are very gorgeous!”

They lay down together again. He held her a little tighter giving her a gentle, slow, warm kiss; feelings were building in them both. Their hearts were beating fast, but feeling so good, so excited. He could feel her nipples against his bare chest, their bodies pulled close. She felt his hard cock pressed into her belly. Their hands caressed each other’s backs as they pulled closer. They continued to kiss passionately, each trying to suck on the other’s tongue.

Tom then pushed her on her back, and just started exploring her body. He got on his knees as he did so. He spent some time touching, asking her what she liked. He massaged her breasts, toyed with the nipples. It felt so amazing to have breasts he could play with, and breasts of a beautiful womanÑ-a beautiful woman who happened to be his sister, and someone he realized he really cared for and loved.

He then moved down, caressing her stomach, almost touching her pussy, and down her thighs and legs. He was extremely turned on, his erection harder than he ever remembered it. But he wanted to savor this, enjoy her body, to prolong this moment, this first time. He also wanted to make sure she was enjoying it and really wanted it. He spent his time, touching her everywhere. He touched her face, her chest. After he had moved down her body with is hands, on her stomach, then down her legs, looking over her body the whole time, He came back to her breasts, playing with them, kneading them some more. He kissed her here and there, lightly.

Finally, she asked to have a turn to explore him. He lay on his back, as she got up on her knees in turn. She similarly ran her hands up and down his body, first spending a lot of time just on his chest. She caressed it, kissed it. She watched how is cock responded to her touching him, as it twitched on occasion to her caresses. She gave him her own little kisses and she took her time, touching every part of him. She finally ran a hand lightly over his cock, and he could not help but let out a moan.

Tom then grabbed her shoulders and pulled her down on him. He rolled them over so he was on top of her, her legs opening for him, his cock pressed on her crotch. She took his hand and led it to her pussy. Wordlessly, he started to play with her pussy with his fingers, to stroke it, and work a finger inside. He could feel her getting wet as he move my finger in and out of her slit. She felt overwhelmed, it was so much better than she had imagined to have a lover, and her own brother at that.

“You’re not on birth control are you Amy?” he asked.

“Of course not! I mean no, I am not.”

“Um, well, I don’t have a condom”

“I want you in me anyway, I want you to be the first to take me. Are you willing to do that? My hymen is broken, don’t worry. I masturbate with a dildo,” she giggled breaking the tension a little bit.

“I know, I saw it,” he nervously giggled back “You are really sure about this?”

“Yes, I want us to do this Tom. I want to be yours. Will you make me yours Tom? If we do this you have to mean it, you know?”

“Yes, Amy, you will be mine.”

A soft moan escaped her mouth as they continued kissing, as she sucked his tongue, his right hand slid further up her parted thighs, rubbing right up to and around her pussy. She reacted to his ministrations opening her legs further.

As she felt his fingers enter her, she gasped, the kiss so passionate, her body ached wanting to be taken. Tom gently continued to rub her slit as he continued to kiss her. They were both moaning together now.

Amy broke the kiss to call out to Tom, “Please, bro, please take me.”

Never having expected to hear those words from his own sister, yet wanting her desperately, he moved his body over her, letting her take his cock and help guide it in.

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