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Chocolate for Father’s Day

Flashing Public

The student body president sat across from the pretty young girl as he fumbled with the papers in his hand. The charges were pretty damning in themselves. “Conduct unbecoming a student” the heading on the paper read. Now it was not necessarily unusual to have a student come before the board that had been accused misconduct. What made this unusual was the fact that the student sitting across from him was a female.

“So tell us Jessica, are there any truth to the charges being brought against you?” Dressed very conservatively in a neat black, knee length skirt and tight pink sweater, the young woman bowed her head and looked down as she sat there in an awkward silence. “Jessica?” the man asked again, “could you please answer the question?”

“Um,” she began, pausing for a second, “it’s not as simple as that,” she mumbled.

“Not as simple as what?” he asked.

“Well, the answer is yes and no.”

“Yes and no?” the man asked. “How could it be yes and no at the same time?”

“It’s just that nothing is ever as simple as it seems,” the young blonde said.

The lone female on the board spoke up. “Jessica, perhaps you should tell your story in your own words. Maybe that would give us a better understanding of what took place.”

“I’m not sure I could do that,” she said shyly. “It’s complicated. Very complicated.”

“We are used to complicated Jessica. Please continue.”

“Well, it all started on Saturday morning. I had looked forward to this day for several weeks and like most young girls, I was not only apprehensive about this day, but I was so excited that I could hardly contain myself.”

All noise in the large room had ceased as everyone listened to her begin her tale.

“The girl banging on the door was really getting on my nerves. “Damnit, hurry up you albino whore!” she yelled as I worked to get my looks just right.

“Wait your turn you black bitch!” I yelled back to her. The girl’s name was LaShonda and she was getting on my nerves. LaShonda you see, is my roommate as well as my best friend. “I’ll be done in a minute,” I said as I pushed the brush through my long blonde hair.

“Damnit Jessica! I need in there now! I’ve gotta’ go really bad!”

“Ok damnit!” I said as I slammed my brush down and unlocked the door. Almost knocking me out of the way, LaShonda made her way to the can and took care of her business.

“Damn girl,” she said as she eyed me. “You’re really getting dolled up for your daddy aren’t you?”

“Daddy always expects his little princess to look like a china doll,” I said sticking my tongue out at her.

“A china doll maybe. But not a china whore!” she said sticking her tongue back.

I glanced in the mirror. In my opinion I looked just right. A “china whore” she had said. Hell, I just wanted daddy to appreciate the beauty of his favorite little girl. “I don’t look like a ‘china whore’,” I told her. “Me thinks more Scandinavian whore,” I winked and turned so she could see my long slender legs and my tight little ass that was wrapped in the black leather mini skirt that I had borrowed from her.

“Whatever kind of whore you look like, you better get your lilly white ass moving because your dad will be here shortly.”

I glanced at my watch. She was right. Daddy was supposed to be here in about 15 minutes. And daddy was always on time. Throwing my goodies in the basket that was on the sink, I put a little cologne on my neck and between my breasts and hurried out of the bathroom.

I rushed around and did some last minute straightening as I waited for my father to show. I was so excited about this weekend my nerves felt like they were trying to burst through my skin. This was the weekend of the annual Father/Daughter banquet at the university. I hadn’t seen my favorite guy in the world since Christmas and I was really excited. Mother was supposed to come too, but she had to cancel at the last minute to stay home and run the family business. Most of the student body had gone home until the fall and I was so bored that this would probably be the highlight of my summer.

The family album was lying on the coffee table and everything was just right and I heard the “shave-and-a-haircut-two-bits” knock that my daddy always gave when he came to visit. “He’s here! He’s here!” I said as I ran to the bathroom and stuck my head through the door.

“Well don’t you think you ought to answer it you silly shit,” LaShonda said as she rolled her eyes back in her head.

I just shook my head, flipped her the bird and straightened my hair one last time and walked to the door. Turning the handle I saw the most handsome guy in the world standing there. “Daddy!” I yelled as I leaped into his arms.

The familiar hug that had greeted me every time he saw me hadn’t changed one bit. It felt great to have my father’s arms wrapped around me. He held me tightly for a moment and I kissed him on the cheek. “How’s my princess?” he asked as he released me.

“I’m great daddy! Come on in!” I took my dad by the hand and led him into the living room. His eyes roamed around the room and he smiled his bright smile. “Your place looks great!” he said.

“Thanks daddy! I was hoping that bursa eskort you’d like it.”

“Like it. I LOVE it!” he said, patting me on the back. That was just like him. My dad always knew exactly what to do or say to encourage me.

“Remember when this was taken pumpkin?” he asked looking at a picture that was taken my last year in high school. I remembered the picture well. It was one of my favorite pictures. It was a picture of me, standing next to my daddy. I had on a black nylon string bikini that barely covered anything. My 34c breasts were pulled up tight and the thin material barely covered my nipples. The crotch was a “v” shape that covered only the very minimum between my long slender legs. Strings tied the “v” to my hips and the back was just a narrow strip of material that went up the crack of my butt. I had really expected daddy to make me go change, but he was such a cool guy that he never said a word.

“Sure I do daddy. It was my 18th birthday. It was a great pool party daddy. I still remember it like it was yesterday.”

“Me too. I remember having to ask Tommy Johnson to leave because I didn’t like the way he was looking at you.”

“I always wondered why he left the party.” Daddy grinned his familiar wide grin that told me he was just teasing.

“Of course I was younger and thinner,” he said patting his stomach. It was true, daddy had put on a little weight over the last few years, but he had only gotten more distinguished looking. Sometimes it made me angry that women seemed to get older and men more distinguished.

“You look great daddy! I’ve seen the way your secretary looks at you when you come into the office.”

“You mean Mrs. Beasley?” Daddy asked.

“No. I mean that little brunette that was always flashing you thigh. You remember, the one that you hired when I was in high school.”

Daddy’s laughter boomed across the room. “Oh, she’s no longer with us. I guess your mother noticed the way she looked at me too.” That was just like mom. Although she tried to act like the prim and proper contractor’s wife, she still had a fire deep within her. I know this to be a fact because I’d heard her moans coming from their bedroom as they made love late at night.

Daddy sat himself down on the couch and relaxed. It was great to see him so at ease. “So how’re things at home?”

“Oh everything’s fine. Mom sends her regards and wanted me to tell you that she loves you and wishes she could be here.”

“Yeah, it’s a shame that she wasn’t able to be here.” The truth was that although I loved my mom with all my heart, I really would rather have my dad all to myself.

The rest of the conversation was just chitchat. You know, the “how’s so and so,” and boring talk about school and work. We were just about to get to the hometown gossip when we heard LaShonda come down the hall. “Hey Jessica,” she said. We turned around and there she was standing in the doorway. My daddy’s mouth almost fell open as he took in the site before him. LaShonda let out a fake shriek and acted like she was trying to hide the fact that she had entered the room in a very sheer pair of nylon panties and thin bra. Her dark, rich ebony skin stood out in contrast to the white material. “Oh god! I’m sorry!” she said as she attempted to cover herself and rushed to the bedroom. She was such a lying little bitch. She knew damn good and well my daddy was there.

Once again, the man stopped Jessica from elaborating. “So you are telling me that this roommate of yours, LaShonda knew that your daddy was there and she walked into the living room with nothing but a pair of panties and bra on?”

“That’s right,” she said. “My friend has never had any inhibitions about showing her body off. As you can see, she is quite beautiful.” LaShonda smiled and waved at her best friend.

The man cleared his throat. “Please go on,” he said.

Jessica took a sip of water. “So, like I said, we were all there in the living room, my father and myself who I was sure was probably totally embarrassed at seeing her like that. “Wow!” daddy said. “You didn’t tell me that you had such a hot roommate.” Fanning himself like he was on fire, he leaned back and laughed again. I slugged daddy on the arm and he fell over sideways, grabbing his arm and pretended that he was hurt. “Oh god!” he moaned and groaned. That was my cue to jump on him and pretend like I was beating him up like I did when I was a little girl. LaShonda entered the room in her robe this time and was apologizing all over the place and I pulled myself off of him. This time, she had covered herself in a robe, although it was a short white robe that really accentuated her black skin. Daddy stood up and introduced himself and, like he always had done when he met a pretty young woman, he took her hand and pressed his lips gently to the fingers. “Nice to meet you LaShonda.”

“It’s nice to meet you too,” she said, still trying to fake embarrassment.

“I think I’ll fix myself something to drink,” he said after a minute of silence.

“I’ll get it daddy!” I said.

“No, no. It’s ok. I know where the kitchen’s at.” Daddy walked to the kitchen and LaShonda sat down beside me. She put her had bursa escort bayan around my shoulder. “You didn’t tell me your daddy was such a looker Jessica!” she said. Another lie! She’s seen his picture every day since she moved in here.

“Whatever,” I said, crossing my arms and pouting, still a little pissed that she would flash him like that.

“Come on Jessica! Don’t be such an old fuddy-duddy!” LaShonda’s hand moved to the side of my face and she pulled me tight. The fragrance on the ebony skinned girl’s fingers was unmistakable. I grabbed her arm and pulled her hand up to my nose. “LaShonda!” I whispered loudly. “You’ve been rubbing your pussy and you just stuck it under my daddy’s nose!”

“I think HE stuck it under his nose sweetie!” she said as she pulled her hand back and started to giggle.

“How could you!?” My temper was getting the best of me. First she flashed her body at him and then she stuck her pussy scent under his nose. My god! My friend was coming on to my father! “Now listen LaShonda……..” I said before my father came back into the room interrupted us.

“You girl’s aren’t fighting are you? I’d hate to make you stand in the corner and take a ‘time out’. No, I’ve got a better idea, maybe a good spanking would do you both a world of good!” Once again, that impish little grin was spread across his face. Both of us girls giggled and then I knew that either he hadn’t noticed the smell on her hand or was just going to let it slide. Daddy sat back down on the couch next to me. LaShonda took the chair directly across from us.

“Don’t you have a date or something tonight,” I asked my friend, giving her that get-the-hell-out-of-Dodge look.

“As a matter of fact I don’t. I just thought I’d stay home tonight and relax. You didn’t have anything planned for the apartment did you Jessica?”

“Um, no. Daddy was just going to take me out to dinner tonight.”

LaShonda leaned back in the chair. As she did so, her robe pulled up slightly, causing the tops of her chocolate colored thighs to come into view. Daddy leaned back and did his best not to look. My father is such a gentleman. “Good,” she said, crossing her legs. As she moved one leg on top of the other, a flash of her white panty covered crotch flashed at us. I was becoming more incensed by the minute! “Jessi tells me that you’re a contractor,” she said, adjusting her pretty young body. She leaned back and uncrossed her legs, this time leaving them open, giving him a bird’s eye view of her privates.

“Yes. I’ve been in business on my own for a number of years.”

“That’s interesting. I was considering changing my major to structural engineering,” the lying little cunt said.

“That’s a good field,” my father told her.

“LaShonda, I think we need to talk.”

“I’m talking to your father Jessica. Can’t it wait?”

“NOW LaShonda!” I jumped up and walked into the hallway. LaShonda just kept smiling at daddy. “LaShonda, I really need to talk to you!” LaShonda looked at daddy, smiled and shrugged her shoulders as if she didn’t know what was going on and then stood up. As she did, her robe rode up and exposed the lower part of the cheeks of her ass. When we were out of sight, I took hold of LaShonda’s hair and pulled her into the bedroom, slamming the door.

“Ouch!” she moaned. “What’s so important that it can’t wait Jessica?”

“This is what’s so important LaShonda!” I pulled the tie that held her robe closed and her beautiful black body encased in the white underwear came into view. “You keep flashing that thing at my daddy!” I said, pointing at her pussy.

“Don’t be silly Jessica! I wouldn’t ever do such a thing!” LaShonda crossed her arms. “Besides, I didn’t force him to look!”

“You WHAT?” I asked incredulously. The nerve of her standing here lying to me. “You know EXACTLY what you are doing you fucking tease!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Jessica!” she said, turning her face from me. That was the end of my being nice to her. I took her by the hair and dragged her down onto the bed. I jumped on top of her and had both legs across her hips in a flash. “Ouch!” she moaned as I pulled on her kinky locks.

“Now listen to me LaShonda! I won’t have you coming onto my father! Now you stop it right now. Do you understand?”

“Ok! Ok! Let go of my hair Jessica!” she pleaded. I released her head and looked down at my friend. I have to admit that she was a gorgeous site. The white lingerie almost took on a glow, as it lay against her mahogany skin. Her large, almost black nipples seemed to jump through the thin bra.

“Now put on something a little more decent and come in and say bye to my dad so he won’t think there’s something wrong.”

“Ok Jessica. Damn! I didn’t think you were capable of going so ballistic!”

“You’re going to see ballistic if you pull that shit again girl!” I told her. I climbed from top of her and left her lying on the bed.

“Is everything ok pumpkin?” daddy asked when I got back in the room.

“Oh yeah. Everything’s fine. It’s just girl stuff daddy.” I bent down, kissed him on the cheek and looked at my watch. “It’s almost time for görükle escort us to be at the restaurant.”

“By golly, I do believe you’re right.” The sound of LaShonda entering the room made me cringe until I turned around and saw that she had put on a heavy floor length terri cloth robe.

“Well, it’s been so nice to meet you sir,” she said as she extended her hand to my father.

“It’s been a pleasure to meet such a beautiful young woman LaShonda.” Once again daddy took her hand and put it up to his lips. This time he left it there a little longer and I swear that he took a deep breath of her fingers before he kissed it. The girl smiled at me and then turned and started to leave the room.

“By the way LaShonda,” my father said turning to her, “would you like to go out to dinner with us?”

LaShonda smiled. “I wouldn’t want to intrude sir,” she told him.

“Oh my no. We’d love to have you join us, wouldn’t we pumpkin?” Daddy looked at me with those eyes that almost begged me to say yes.

“Daddy!” I almost yelled.

“You don’t really mind do you Jessica?” he said, more of a statement than a question.

“We’d love to have you join us,” I said, my voice betraying my disappointment.

Daddy turned to her once again. “Well, what do you say girl,” he asked?

My eyes had narrowed down and made contact with her huge brown eyes that seemed to twinkle in victory. I shook my head in the negative and waited for her to say no. She smiled at me and then looked at daddy. “I’d love to join you then.” Of all underhanded tricks! I was furious to say the least! It’s not that I minded her being with me, it’s just that this was our special time, father and daughter time.

“Daddy, we need to get going, we’ll miss our reservations,” I told him impatiently.

“We still have a few minutes Jessica. Now don’t be so impatient!” Daddy had spoken and I obeyed and plopped my little ass in the overstuffed chair.

“You guys go on,” LaShonda said, “Just tell me where you’re going to be and I’ll catch up with you in a little while.”

“Ok daddy, let’s go,” I said, jumping to my feet.

Daddy wrote down the name of the restaurant and the address and handed it to her on his business card. LaShonda took it and ran her long fingers over the length of it. She smiled at daddy and winked at me. “Let’s go daddy!” I said once again and almost dragged him out the door.

The cab picked us up and we sat there in total silence as took us downtown to our destination. It was one of those cozy little neighborhood restaurants, I forget the name and the waiter sat us down. It was not very big, but it was a very nice place. In the front was a man who played songs from years past on the piano. I had heard some of them, although I couldn’t tell you what any of them were.

Daddy and I ordered drinks. “We’ve got another guest coming. It’ll be a few minutes,” he told the waiter. The man nodded and turned away and I looked at the menu. I had almost forgotten that our time was going to be intruded upon.

“You know,” daddy said, glaring at me, “you weren’t being very nice to your roommate back there!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about daddy,” I said as I buried my face in the menu.

“You know EXACTLY what I’m talking about Jessica!” he said, pulling the menu from my face. “Now when she gets here, I don’t want you pouting any more!”

“Yes daddy,” I said, trying to put on a sad face to make my daddy feel sorry for me.

“Ok. Now I want you to be the happy go lucky girl that I love. Not the hateful little spoiled brat!”

Perhaps he was right. Maybe I was overreacting a little. I mean, after all, LaShonda was all alone and her father wasn’t going to be able to be here today. I guess it was only right that I share mine with her. “I’m sorry daddy. I didn’t mean to be a little bitch,” I said softly.

“It’s ok Jessica.” Daddy patted my hand and grasped my fingers. “Let’s just enjoy ourselves and make the most of the time that we have. After all, time wasted can never be regained.”

Daddy smiled, and I smiled back. He was right of course, like he always was. The waiter brought us our drinks and the mood relaxed quite a bit as we sat there and chatted. All was almost right with the world again when I heard a familiar voice behind us.

“Hi guys,” LaShonda said in a chirpy voice.

“Well hello there young lady,” my daddy said, his voice taking on a whole different tone. Daddy stood up and he had the biggest smile I had ever seen. I turned around and it was obvious why he was smiling. I will never forget the sight of the black girl that stood before us. She was absolutely stunning! All eyes seemed to be on her as she stood by the table. Instead of the usual “fuck me” shorts and loose t-shirt that she usually wore around the campus, she had on a lavender dress that that went just above the knees and clung to her body like a glove. The dress, while modest, was strapless and it was obvious that her large breasts were pushed up with one of those special bra just for that type of dress. It was so tight, that I was surprised that she was even able to breathe. You could see almost every dimple in her body, including the ones on her butt cheeks, because it seemed to make her tight little rear end stand out as one of her best features. Her stockings were an opaque white that made her legs look more tan than black and they were accentuated at the bottom with a pair of black, 6 inch patent leather pumps.

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