6 Kasım 2023

Chef Pt. 2


As your stomach absorbs the moisture from the large volume of cum and juicy stuffing in your belly, you feel the urge to pee. Your bladder completely relaxed, the pressure builds against your loose urethral opening. You enjoy the indulgent feeling of relaxing your pussy to pee without the sensation ever ending. Chef is idly scratching his chin with one hand and fingering your open mouth with the other. He rubs his middle and index finger gently against the roof of your mouth, his knuckles grazing your tongue slightly. After a moment, he shifts his weight to the other foot, and switches to rubbing your gums under your upper lip. He is deciding what to do with you again. Perhaps the family could just enjoy you raw? In that case he must work on your presentation. You lie there staring at his forearm. You are in aw of how muscular it looks, how strong and sturdy the elbow and wrist are. You wish he would use his big arms to shove his whole hand into your mouth, then spread your lips and cheeks taut with one hand.

Chef retrieves a large shiny tray from the cupboard. Your breathing gets slow and heavy, as if you’re having a panic attack. Chef seems to sway and twist as he walks back towards you. The tray is on the floor. You are on the floor. You are on the tray. The drugs are wearing off. You are on the tray. You are food. The pain and nausea hits you from the stomach first; a sickly, nauseating, embarrassing ache. Suddenly you’re back in preschool for a second, unable to find the courage to ask to go to the bathroom. If only someone would just ask if you’re okay. Then you would tell them you hated this, that you didn’t like this feeling, and that you want to go home. But Chef has been so nice, taking care of all your slutty holes. There’s no need to bother him with this. Just sit on the tray and try to look polite. You arch your back as Chef fondles your butt cheeks. You like that he wants to touch you, so you wiggle your butt for him a little. He holds your butt still instead, then he pricks you with a large needle. Within a few seconds your mind clears slightly and you feel hot, so very hot. Your cheeks redden in a strong, painful blush. You can feel your ass swelling and your boobs growing. You can feel lots of juicy, bouncy fat building on your behind. You feel embarrassment and the blush becomes more painful. Chef has given you a ripening serum, like bonemeal but for little girls who aren’t busty enough to eat raw. The word “plump” bounces around in your groggy brain for a minute as something that you’d like to describe yourself as.

Chef goes back to his pantry and retrieves a small harness-looking thing. Chef is very creative. He’s going to prepare for the family a cute, kocaeli escort raw little piggy girl, with some added entertainment before the meal. The harness has three straps, with three clips; once it has been secured around your skinny neck, the first clip goes into your nostrils and pulls your nose up into a cute piggy snout. The other two of course go in your mouth and pull your lips wide open from the side, into a humiliating forced grin. Chef admires his work for a second before adjusting the position of your feet behind your head slightly. He pours red wine over your upward-facing belly and warm maple syrup over your cunt. Stepping back to look at you again, he has an idea. He picks up a large kitchen knife from the counter, then detaches the clips in your mouth. Smiling to himself, he puts the knife in your mouth and cuts slowly through your cheeks, slicing them open with a clean cut all the way to the back of your jaw. He repeats himself on your other cheek. The drugs almost completely worn off now, finally your face matches how you are feeling. The strict horror in your mind is reflected well in your gaping mouth, with your head propped up by your feet, your lower jaw rests comfortably against your neck and chest. You stare forward in space, immobilized, trying to deal with the pain as the blood from your cheeks mixes with the wine on your body. Chef giggles a little as he plays with your exposed tonsils. He can easily reach into you a finger the inside of your throat now. He uses this access to rub some salt and pepper into the walls of your windpipe. Finally satisfied with his creation, he wheels you off into the dining room.

Waiting in this large hall for you are a number of large gentlemen in very extravagant suits. But to your horror, already on the table, standing, bound at the wrists and ankles, watching as you are wheeled in, is your sister.

Her shaven cunt glistens in the light of the candle-lit chandelier, she looks more afraid than you have ever seen. As you near the table, you notice whip marks on her pretty young face, her chest and across her lower back. Your enhanced butt jiggles when the platter you’re on hits the table. At this point your little sister tries to shout; her mouth opens, but no sound comes out. Chef already had his way with her earlier. He cut out her tongue and voice chords. Now all she can do is open and shut her mouth in agony.

Once you’re in the middle of the table, with your sister standing next to you, Chef shuts the doors to the hall, and gestures menacingly to your sister. Clearly she has been given instructions, and is being blackmailed at your expense to carry them out. kocaeli escort bayan Your sister blushes bright red and begins to cry. Chef raises his hand at her and yells. She gathers herself for a second, then stands over your face , facing towards your head. She slowly squats down over you, her skinny butt cheeks doing their best not to let her collapse. With her delicate little cunt directly between what is left of your bleeding cheeks, she begins to pee directly into your exposed throat hole. At first she looks up at the ceiling and away from you, but Chef yells again and she returns her gaze to you, staring directly into your eyes as she empties her bladder into your gaping face. Some of it splashes onto your tongue, you realize they must have emptied her bladder then filled your little sister with vinegar. Her pee tastes like a summer salad. The men around the table lean in and laugh at your sister as she relieves herself into you. They prod at her little anus, which is clearly visible to them. They reach at her from behind and pinch and tug on her pussy lips as she spreads them in your face. One of them nudges her to try and throw her off balance; she has no choice but to grab onto your head while she pees.

Once she’s empty, she stands up and looks at Chef. Chef nods at her. Your cute little sister climbs over you and off you so that she’s kneeling in front of your big, juicy, spread ass. Jolts of pain run through you as she places her hands on your dislocated hips, she doesn’t seem to realize how broken you are down there. She spreads your butthole a little more, then, pressing her open lips around the soft entrance to your jam-packed rectum, she presses into your belly with her fist. The stuffing comes straight out. You feel like you’re relieving yourself into your little sister. She scoffs it down, mouthful by mouthful, each time grimacing a little as she forces it down her throat. You hate it, but some part of you enjoys your sister’s soft lips against your asshole, and the feeling of emptying your belly is pleasurable. You wish that instead of this, your sister’s soft pink asshole was pressed against yours, so that you could enjoy pushing out the flavorful stuffing directly from your ass to hers. You wonder if she would enjoy that.

Once the little cutey was nice and stuffed, maybe half of it in her, half in you still, she stands up again. Chef looks at her dead in the eyes and says: “choose. you or her”.

She made her choice hours ago. Too sweet and kind to watch her sister die, she steps off the table and presents herself in front of Chef. “First! We must tenderize the meat.” Chef lectures the men as he yahya kaptan escort paces back and forth behind you. He puts his hands on her shoulders and spins her around. You wince internally when he touches her. You watch a butler roll in a large metal contraption behind them both. It is clear to you what will happen, but not to your sister yet. In the back of your mind you wonder if any of this is really necessary. Your sister already looks so so delicious. You’d lick all of her if you could right now.

Chef applies some weight to her shoulders and bends her swiftly in half at the hips. He reaches around and forcefully spreads her cute anus as much as he can. She silently yelps as his strong hands almost tear her sphincter. “This is the perfect cavity to loosen her up”, he continues. He gives all the men a good look up her open hole. It is perfectly pristine and sits, gaping slightly between her wide, skinny hips. Once they have all had a good look, he shakes her cheeks quickly, gives you one last glance at up your sister’s bottom, then walks up over to the metal structure.

It is a large harness, designed to restrict the movement of every single one of her joints and support her weight from all over. He begins strapping her in; she complies limply. Once all the straps are tight and all the elastics are taut, he reveals the underside of the machine. It is clearly a very, very large buttplug. It is red rubber, with large, pointy metal bumps all over. The bumps are like shiny pyramids, some are large near the tip, with smaller ones around the base. The dildo looks like a giant dildo-shaped meat tenderizer. It is about half the size of your sister’s body and she is strapped in above it, her legs in the air, her asshole twitching over the tip.

Chef apologizes briefly to the men before starting up the petrol motor.

All the blood rushes to your sister’s head as the machine whirs to life. Out of the tip of the tenderizer gushes thick globes of transparent lube, it continues to run out from the tip over the tenderizer until it’s dripping with it from all sides. Chef pushes a button and the tenderizes moves upwards in a slow smooth mechanical motion. The tip of it meets with your sister’s asshole, wetting it and the surrounding skin with cold gooey lube. After a moment it continues upwards, for just a second your sister appears to enjoy the sensation of her soft anus expanding around the hard rubber nozzle. But it doesn’t stop there. First her face tenses in fear, then her mouth opens in white, white pain. Blood trickles down the tenderizer after it snaps her sphincter. The flesh in her rectum doesn’t stand a chance either. She faints from the pain of her asshole tearing almost immediately. But the pain brings her back to consciousness after just a moment. For some long moments this continues, she wavers in and out of consciousness, waking up with a silent scream then falling limp again, as the massive machinery perforates her slippery insides.

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