20 Kasım 2023

Cheating Sister In-law



The little bedroom was wrecked, and so were the slick sweat covered bodies that were in an unceremonious heap on the small futon. Clothes belonging to two strangers were strewn about the room. My bra was draped haphazardly over a cheap blue lava lamp. My yoga pants had been wedged between the mattress and wall, right below a black light Pink Floyd poster. I looked around the room at the other pieces of stoner objet d’art and giggled to myself.

“What?” asked the cute naked stranger next to me, pulling me out of my post sexual haze.

I looked at him confused “hmmm?”

He laughed. His perfectly straight teeth went into a sexy grin. He propped his face on one hand and slid the other through his floppy brown curls. “What were you laughing at gorgeous?”

This guy was definitely adorable. What was his name again? Michael, Mike, Mitchell…?

“Oh nothing really, just thinking that pothead decor was pretty predictable.” I chuckled and shrugged my shoulder.

Smirking, he cocked an eyebrow. “Oh really now?”

“Really.” I countered. “If I go in the bathroom there will be some sort of mythical themed incense burner next to a Bob Marley poster, and if I looked in your clothes drawers I will find an old dirty hacky sack in Jamaican colors.”

“Hey now princess! You know you really shouldn’t go around stereotyping people.” He said, getting mock annoyed. “For your information, I keep my disc golf equipment in my dresser drawer. My Marley poster is in the kitchen, and as for my three headed dragon burner, well that shit is just plain bad ass.

I couldn’t help but giggle at his confession to my accusations. I bent over and pressed my swollen lips against his in a quick kiss.

“Besides.” He continued. “I didn’t hear you judging my taste level when you were smoking my weed.” He reached over and slid his hand slowly down my back, caressing my rounded plump ass. Trailing his fingers downward, he found my warm wet freshly used pussy. “And I certainly didn’t hear you mention it when my tongue was eating this sweet cunt of yours.” He whispered in my ear. My body bucked back to get more of the delicious friction.

“Oh fuck.” I moaned into the pillow below me.

“See, and then you were way too busy being pleasured by having my cock shoved up your tight puss.”

I couldn’t help but moan “Mmm…god, that feels so so good, please keep finger fucking my naughty little hole.”

“God what a fucking slut.” He took his other hand and started rubbing his growing cock. “I wanna use your pussy again and you’re gonna let me, whore.” He pulled his fingers out of my body and got up on his knees.

Soon my body was face down and my jiggly butt was arched up in the air. I could feel his hard-on poised and ready. The tip of it was getting covered in all my girly juices.

“Oh god yes.” I hissed as I felt him slam into me with one quick thrust. I could feel is muscled thighs slapping against my own.

“So…fucking…tight.” He growled as he wildly pumped in and out of me. His hands grabbed a fistful of my hair. “Mmm yeah you like it like this don’t you.”

“Yesssss, oh hell yes.” I held on to the edge of the pillow, letting him take whatever he wanted.

I could feel our mutual need come on fast and strong as we both cried out in satisfaction. I could feel his cock pull out and spray sticky hot cum all over my backside. My own orgasm ripped through me violently.

What the fuck was his name?

After what seemed like forever we both found our breaths and were able to sit up and share an already half smoked Marlboro. Afterwards I got up and started to collect my things. Even though we both could probably go another round, I knew I had a schedule to maintain.

I freed my pants, and pulled them on, while he found his boxers. I stuffed my breast back into my bra, and pulled my loose fitting tank back over my head and found my sneakers. I ran my fingers through my long thick hair and try to make myself presentable. I turn around to give him a smile.

“Well thank you for bursa escort all the fun, it was amazing.” I gave him a peck on the cheek.

As he walked me toward the door he asked the question they always ask. “So am I going to see you again?”

I shrugged. “We discussed this before we met, and we agreed it would be a one time thing.”

He rub the back of his head and smiled a little sheepishly “Well you can’t blame a guy for asking.” He nodded his head downwards and his eyes drifted to my side. “Are you not coming back because you didn’t like it, or does it have to do with that ring on your finger.”

My hands quickly come together as I twisted the diamond studded gold band, and I mentally cursed myself. I usually remembered to remove it before I hooked up with anyone.

“Does your husband know you go around and fuck strange men you’ve met online.”

“No and I intend to keep it that way.”

He breathed a heavy sigh. “The guy sure is lucky.”

I swallowed my contempt for that statement. If my husband was lucky, he didn’t show it. Couldn’t keep his dick up and was too embarrassed to talk to the doctor about it. Even if we got around to having sex, it had to be fast and quick so he wouldn’t lose his erection. It was always over before it began. I was always left frustrated and confused and somewhere along the way ended up looking for strangers to fill the void.

Of course I certainly was not going to whine about this to Marshall…Marcus?

“Well uh…if you ever change your mind you’ve got my number.”

“Yeah sure!” I said a little too brightly, knowing full well that I had erased his number as soon as I had found his apartment. “Well it’s been fun, a lot of fun really, but I really do have to go now.” My voice conveyed my disappointment. I really wanted to stay another hour and play.

He was kind enough to open the door for me. As I left, I felt naughty and wanted to leave him with a little tease. As I stepped out I turned my body to his and wrapped my arms around his neck I pulled his body so it was halfway out the door. I pressed my lips against his and swirled my tongue with his and started moaning. I slid my hands down the front of his stomach, until I found his boxer clad cock and played with it until it was good and hard again. Once I was satisfied at feeling my last stiff cock for a while, I broke away. “Think about me tonight.” I whispered.

“Jesus Christ, you really are a slut.” He groaned while he tried to adjust his dick in his shorts.

“Goodbye now.” I said with a wink and shut the door for him.

I stared at the closed door for a second and heaved a satisfied sigh. That encounter should get me through the next couple of months before the “itch” returned. The “itch” was getting harder and harder to not scratch. I had had four encounters in the last seven months. I didn’t know what to do. My husband, was good to me and we had made it work for ten years, but I craved more than his limp dick could provide me.

I turned to leave, and as I resolved to make it a whole three months without being a bad girl, I heard a familiar voice call to me from the opposite direction.


Oh shit, I knew that voice all too well. I’ve heard that voice for the past six months nearly everyday up until a week ago. What the hell was he doing here? I just kept walking hoping he would think I was somebody else.

“Shannon I know it’s you, and saw that lewd little display you put on with Mason.” He all but yelled.

Mason…that was his name…not important now.

What was important was getting away without being caught. I was almost able to disappear around the corner before the voice became loud and threatening.

“God damn it Shannon if you do not stop right this fucking instant and face me, I will call Jon and ask him why his wife is locking lips with a stranger.”

That stopped me dead in my tracks, I HAD been caught and had no choice but to face him. Quickly I needed to figure which angle to play that would do the most damage control. bursa escort I turned and smiled sweetly, hoping my adorable face would get me out of some of the trouble I knew I was in.

“Why Drake, funny meeting you here, and how is my favorite brother in-law?”


I had come out of my new apartment in need of a small favor from my new neighbor Mason. He was a pretty cool guy and had offered me help with setting up some new pieces of furniture. So far he was the only welcoming neighbor I had met.

As I walked down the walkway to his door, I was greeted by an interesting sight. I watched as a fine piece of ass clung to Masons half naked framed in the doorway. I looked from afar as she locked lips and rub her hand down his crotch and played with his manly bits.

Damn what a looker! As I got closer I could see she had nice big tits and a fat ass that would make any man cry. Her face…her face was familiar and the closer I got the more the whole package looked familiar.

Anger and lust started to swell in me as I identified the sexy piece of tail clinging to my neighbor. It was a body that kept me up nights for the last half year. It was body and a sweet face that I would picture as I tugged on my cock in the shower. It all belonged to a woman truly forbidden to me.

It was my brothers wife.

What the hell was I supposed to do? I knew I had to confront her. I watched as she closed the door and walk off.

I called her name, but she kept on walking. After calling her out wasn’t enough to make her stop, the only thing left was to threaten her. It was a bluff really. Thank god it was one she didn’t call. After the threat of calling my brother she stopped and decided to face me.

“Why Drake, funny meeting you here, and how is my favorite brother in-law?” Her face was nothing but smiles.

The thing about Shannon was her ability to smile and charm her way through almost any situation. It usually would have worked on me, but not today.

“Funny meeting me here huh?” I rolled my eyes. “This is where I moved to. You would have known this, if you hadn’t been too busy to help me and Jon move my stuff.”

She gave a pout as she looked around. “Well I will definitely help next time, and it looks like an alright place, but I really have to be going.”

As she turned to walk away I reached out and grabbed her wrist. “Oh no you don’t.” I pulled her body closer to mine. “I saw you coming out of that guy’s apartment.” My voice became gruff. “I saw your body pressed against him. I saw you kissing him, and I saw you rubbing your hand all over his dick.”

As recounted all I had seen, Shannon started to twist and try to pull away from me. This caused her boobs to jiggle and bounce. This whole scenario was starting to stir something below.

I had to let her go.

“Answer me Shannon, tell me why I saw what I saw.” I looked sternly into her sweet face waiting for any explanation.

Tears started to form in her eyes and her lips trembled as she opened her mouth to speak. “He…he is one of my clients and it just sort of happened.” She cried and continued. “It was a one time thing, I don’t know why I did it.” She grabbed on to my arm and looked up into my eyes with mascara stained cheeks. “Please Drake, I swear it just happened, I don’t know what came over me.” She pressed herself against my arm until it was sandwiched between her breast. “You’ve gotta believe me hun, I would never think about doing something like that. I don’t know what came over me.”

I wasn’t buying it. “A client huh?”

Shannon made her money as a personal yoga instructor. She was always traveling to the richer parts of the city, and from her stories most of her clients were wealthy or kept women or older retired couples looking to stay fit in their golden years. Mason lived in the same tiny apartments I did, and would rather spend his money on pot and videos games.

Her explanation wasn’t adding up.

“If this guy was a client, where is all your yoga equipment?”

“Huh?” bursa eskort She sniffed back some tears, obviously trying to buy time. “Oh well um…he prefers using his own mats and blocks.”

That guy wouldn’t know a yoga mat from a doormat or a yoga block from a brick, but I gave her credit for thinking on her feet. I really starting to become curious just how much was truth and how much was fiction. I knew Shannon was going to come up with plausible answers for all my questions. There was no way I was getting any straight answers from her.

Letting her slide for now was my only option.

“Drake won’t you please say something?” she was still hanging on to my arm, searching my face, desperately willing me to believe her. “I swear I…”

“I believe you.” Cutting her off. I looked at the shock on her face.

“Really?” Her tears magically started to dry up.

I pulled her toward me in a brotherly side hug. “Honey, people make mistakes, I know you love my brother.”

I also knew their sex life was on the fritz. After living with them for the past six months I had heard a couple of frustrated arguments on the subject. More than once I had heard the loud hum of Shannon’s viberator.

The image of her layed out spread eagle while she toyed away at her pussy, was enough to make my brain short circuit, causing me to take a nice long showers. I never once let on that I could hear her when we were home alone together.

I gave her a squeeze and turned her to face me. I brought each thumb to my mouth and licked them. I gently cradled her face and and ran my thumbs under her eyes, clearing away her mascara. “You must promise though, this is the only time it will or has happened?”

She looked up at me a flash of guilt swept across her face before she answered quietly. “I promise.” She looked down at her shoes like a child who was being admonished.

“Okay.” I whispered, hugging her close, letting her breasts settle against me and her body tensed. I rested my chin on her shoulder and ran my fingers lightly over her hair. “I won’t tell Jonathon.” With that I felt her relax a little in my arms.

“Thank you.” She sighed. She wrapped her arms around my waist and gave me a grateful little squeeze and then tried to break our embrace.

I kept her still. “No no, I’m not done yet.” I dug my fingers deeper into hair and grabbed a handful. Yanking her head back hard, I made her look at me. Her eyes were confused and a little angry, while she wriggled, trying to get me to ease up.

“Drake?” She whispered.

“Don’t ever let me catch you being a cheating whore again.” I gave another hard yank on those satin tresses to drive my point home “Your actions have consequences.” Another yank. “Do I make myself clear.”

Her brows were knitted together in pain and her hand clutched mine trying to pull me off.

“Answer me!” I said sternly. “Tell me you won’t do it again” I realised how forceful I was being and took a quick look around to make sure we weren’t being seen. She started hissing in pain, almost unable to speak. “Hurry and answer me, don’t make it worse.”

“Okay, okay.” She sobbed. “I promise, I promise…I won’t do it again.”

The stirring from below that I had felt moments ago had returned. My cock was getting hard. Violently controlling her this way was turning me on. It was shocking to my senses how much I was enjoying causing her pain. I had to let go again.

“Good girl.”

She backed away slowly, looking at me in a way I’d never quite seen. As I took her expression in, I noticed her face was flushed and her nipples were protruding through her shirt.

Was this lust?

“Go home now, Shannon.” I spoke darkley. “Go home and make Jon his favorite dinner, go and be a good Wife.”

I placed my arms around her shoulder and walked her the few feet to her car, without a word I opened the door and watched her get in.


I slammed the door before she could say my name. A plan was coming together. First things first…

I needed to go have a chat with my new pal Mason.


As I sat in my car and stared out the window at Drake walking away I could feel a wetness seep through the thin fabric of my pants. I was scared, confused…and?

“What the fuck just happened?”

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