13 Kasım 2023

Chase N’ Justice


Standard disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Warning: There are elements of non-consensual sex. The story takes place in Dixon County, South Carolina. Please, don’t try to look it up you’ll be disappointed, it doesn’t exist. If you are desperate, there are enough clues in the story to figure out which county I’m patterning it after. Any similarities with any persons living or dead are wholly coincidental… Batman and related characters are the property of DC Comics this story is not written for profit and not intended to infringe upon their copyright. Names of characters used solely for their pop culture reference in the realm of “fair use.”

A note from the author: I know it is a little longer than I normally write but, I’ve been spending some time in the spa (also known as the Hospital.) I didn’t want to upload to Literotica on the hospital’s WiFi, and they wouldn’t let me run my cellular devices in the room due to possible interference with the cardiac monitors. I think I’ve mentioned before hospitals are boring.

I ask you to be kind. I write to entertain myself. I share because Oz told me back in the day, I should try. Feedback is good and welcome, flame mail is not.

Izzy —

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I started off life with everyone thinking I was poor white trash. I never knew who my father was. According to the hints and whispers around the county my mom was a drug addled whore who died giving birth to me while overdosing. As a premature delivery, and heroin addicted baby, I spent the first 6 months of my life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

The rest of my childhood in foster care. I was a solid “B” (and occasional “A”) student in school. The marks qualified me to enroll in the Community College earning credits for both. Given the start I had in life, that was far better than anyone expected of me.

My name is Chase Jeffers. To most, it is a normal Dixon County September morning. Writers and poets would call it sultry. If we are bein’ polite we call it dewy. If not we called it fucking hot and humid. It is part of the joy of living in the low country. I have lived my whole life inside the borders of Dixon county. I have no desire to leave.

I woke today with an extra spring in my step. Last month Sheriff Daughtry and his wife hosted a double graduation party for me. On top of my high school diploma, I earned my associates in science. Sheriff Joe announced when I turned 18, I would start working as an administrative support person. It gave me a foot in the door until I was 21 and he could put me through the police academy. I don’t know what kind of position the Sheriff has lined up for me, but I am excited for the opportunity.

For years, I had a recurring fantasy about Sheriff Daughtry. He has been the strongest, most stable, male influence I’ve had in my life. He’s always been there for me. My fantasy was the standard orphan crap, that one day he would pull me aside and say that he was my real father. Most orphans had that kind of fantasy, but few actually admit it. Sheriff Joe and his wife only had one kid, Billy. He too was a cop following in the family line. Sheriff Joe used his personal influence to get a sister agency to hire him on. I don’t know all the details but I know he died, and it wasn’t an easy death.

A few people have their doubts about me ever being a cop. At 5′ 3″ my rail thin physique, that Deputy Nadali described as ‘Barney Fife like,’ is hardly imposing. I have pale skin that burns easily, dark brown shoulder length hair, and ice blue (almost grey) eyes. At a child safety day, one of the kids drew a picture of me. It was a stick figure with a big butt and a head.

For my 18 years I lived in four different foster homes with lots of foster siblings. Walker ‘Skip’ Justice was part best friend, part older brother. He is 8 years older than me. He watched over me, even after he aged out of the foster home. Walker was the reason I got into the Law Enforcement Explorer program at the Sheriff’s Office at 14. I joined so I could spend time with him. I had such a huge crush on him. I always knew I was gay, just never had the courage to act on my desires.

Walker came to my third foster home at 15, he had lost his folks to a failed armed robbery. He is a man on a mission, that no other kid on his watch should ever endure that level of loss. At 6′ 3″ and 265 pounds, he is a wall of massive muscle. Walker was a tanned, toned, blonde haired, brown eyed Adonis. The other deputies call him Batman. Because of my smaller size, and the fact I was always rooted to his side, the members of the Explorer post called me Robin. The deputies picked up on it and joined in.

He inherited his folk’s cabin outside Bonneau on Lake Moultrie. I had been living with Walker since graduation. My 4th foster family wanted me out after the ceremony. Walker let me move into one of the spare rooms until I turned 18. For about the 500th time, I was feeling guilty about not being able to pay my own way. “Walker, I could always get hired on gaziantep escort as a cadet out at Lieber Correctional. At least then I could start paying you a fair share of the bills. They are always looking for cadets out there. “

“Chase, I want you to add one word to that last sentence and swap that, ‘they are.’ ‘WHY’ are they always looking for cadets out there. For fuck sake boy, the guards would eat you alive! You’re cute, and thin, they would have a grand time with you on the night shift. Assuming the cons don’t just snap you in two, just for the fun of it.” I could tell he was tired. The poor guy’s night shift ended but he was told to drive me back in.

He paused and slapped my back, then continued, “I’m a Sergeant now, along with the bonus pay for being on the SWAT team, I can afford the utilities, taxes, and food till you get on your feet. All you are doing is filling an empty room. I can guarantee you this Chase, the rest of the deputies are going to be hitting the gym with you a lot. We need to know we can count on you, when you hit the road with us.”

I knew he was serious, though trying to pass it off as a joke. Most of the deputies were prior military. I tried to enlist but failed the physical due to my only having one kidney. He smiled and held my cheek, “That being said, we got to get some meat on those twigs you call bones. Where do ya wanna go for your birthday dinner Chase, money is no object. But we will have to wait till Friday when I go on break.”

I didn’t want to be more of a financial burden, I thought of a few cheap places. “How about Gilligan’s? I could really go for a fried green tomato & crab melt, and piece of peanut butter pie.”

His voice was dripping with disappointment, “No, I want you to pick a real honest to God sit down fancy place. Besides that, the Sheriff, Mayor, and their wives are taking you to there for lunch today. If you can’t pick a good place I will.”

I quickly replied, “How about that new sushi place on Dennis Blvd.” I really did like sushi and it did have table linens.

He was unimpressed, “Damn boy! You know what I call that sushi shit? …Bait! One more try.”

The pressure was on, I knew he was serious. “I like the Music Man’s.”

“Ok, Chase… You win.” I had an excited look on my face I couldn’t believe he agreed. “Yup, we are going down to Charleston Friday night, and I am picking.”

He saw the crestfallen look on my face, smiling he put his hand upon my shoulder. “I have had this planned for months. The guys are covering my on-call weekend so we can stay in Charleston. The reservations were a bitch to get during Pride Week. Dining at a club I know that you will be welcome at, followed by a suite at the Harbour Vista Inn.”

He cradled my face in his strong hands, “I have loved you for so long. You were only 7, when I was dumped into your foster home. It was you who snuck into my bed and held me so I could cry every night that first week. You made those three years in foster care tolerable. You have always shown love and compassion for everyone else. For the longest time I tried to think of you as just a baby brother. All that changed two years ago. I saw you helping the public with that same huge heart. I knew I needed to be in your life. I love you Chase.”

He pulled me close and kissed my neck, “When you came out last year, I thought I lost my chance. I was sure you’d have a beau in short order. I couldn’t act on my feelings while you were in the Explorers, and I was your advisor. That restriction is now gone, we are just co-workers. Chase, I want to be your first, and I want that first time to be perfect. Assuming you want me. Do you want me?”

All I could do was bobble my head yes. This was so much to process. I have fantasized about him for years. Thoughts of him caused some of my wildest wet dreams. He pressed his lips to mine. We hugged and kissed on each other before when I was little, but this was different it had a far different level of passion.

When we broke our kiss I was rock hard and his cock was starting to firm up straining his fly. “Oh Chase, this sucks, I am on nights you are on days. This is gonna be a long week. We better get going, the Sheriff wants me and my cruiser back in this morning. I think he is putting me in one of those fucking small Chargers. We got enough time to stop for breakfast if we hurry.”

I was grateful they were finally getting him out of car 12 41. It was always stalling out at the worst possible moments. I was laughing inside at the thought of him squeezing into, and riding around in the tiny cruiser.

* * * *

When we arrived at the station Walker was given the keys to his new cruiser. I could see under his calm demeanor he was doing a happy dance when he saw the new SUV. Of course someone from the motor pool already threw a frosted bat logo on the lower left back window.

The Sheriff addressed us in his gruff official tone. “Deputy Justice, I know you are back on nights tonight but, please swap your gear to your new unit, then turn over your keys for 12 41 to the new court runner so he can take it home.”

Initially, I thought it was odd. The last thing the county needed was a dedicated vehicle for the court runner. From the station you could throw a rock and hit the courthouse. Then I reminded myself of the distance to the County Magistrate office in Saint Stephen and suddenly it made sense.

The Sheriff continued, “The auxiliary decals and lenses won’t be in until Friday. Until then you’re going to be riding around in a marked cruiser. Please do not speed or use the blue lights. You are also gonna be the on call translator for the deputies. Having a take-home car will speed your response if they need you in a hurry.”

The sheriff told me I would be floating around to the different sections learning what I could. In addition to doing the admin runs to the courthouse and the various state, county, and municipal government offices. He also said he would use me as a translator like he had when I was an Explorer. “I also expect you to start bulking up a bit. For goodness sake son you’re thin as a razor blade.”

“Yes sir, thank you Sheriff. I am trying to get my weight up. I’m grateful for this opportunity you’re giving me. I know not many would risk so much on an 18 year old, and how tight your budget is. I’m grateful that you stretched it for my salary.”

The Sheriff interrupted my thought. “Son, your salary isn’t coming from my budget. You’re being paid for out of a special grant from one of our corporate citizens. A person who has high hopes that you’re going to go far. They have done this with the one proviso that they remain anonymous. I hope that’s not going to be a problem for you?”

“No sir. ” I replied

“Your work with the crime scene technicians on the Jonas case was exceptional. Even the prosecutor was impressed with your attention to detail, and how well you carried yourself on the stand. You’re going to be helping them out as well. I’m also going to get you used to radio work in dispatch. My goal is to make sure you make it through the academy with flying colors, and come back to us.”

“Sir, I am truly grateful. I will work as hard as I can to make you and the agency proud.”

“Chase, you already have. I wouldn’t stick my neck out if you hadn’t. Most of the kids in the Explorers come in and out of the program within a year or two tops. You stuck with it as a cadet for four years. I think you’ve learned as much as you can in that capacity. I just can’t punish you by continuing to use you as the cadet commander till you hit 21. You deserve the right to grow now. I hope you take advantage of that scholarship you won over at the College.”

* * * *

Becoming a civil servant carries with it incredible amounts of paperwork, hours of it. Still everywhere I turned everyone was wishing me a happy birthday or welcome aboard. I had always felt comfortable here, but now I felt like they are now family. To an orphan that is huge.

Deputy Eric Gonzalez came by admin with his partner Rocco the canine in tow. Rocco climbed into my lap and sat on me, licking my face. The beautiful malinois was tan, with the exception of an oval circle of black fur from the top of his eyes to the top of his chest. It extended out to his shoulders. Eric said, “Looking forward to having you in the kennels next week. The big one eight! Welcome to adulthood boy wonder!”

Cindy, the admin supervisor returned to her desk and handed me a wipe. She looked at us with disgust and said “Get that filthy beast out of here!” Then she smiled saying, “The dawg can stay.” Eric gave Cindy a playful peck on the cheek and me an agency K9 section ball cap with my name stitched on the back, then left with Rocco. Then Miss Cindy continued, “That furry deputy loves the stuffing out of you.”

I teasingly replied, “Which one…” She laughed. Rocco and I had been ‘fur’ever buddies ever since I helped him, as Eric rushed him to the vet. Rocco had run into a downed barbed wire fence during a search. I kept direct pressure on the wounds. Rocco lived to track again.

Walker came into personnel and handed me the keys to 12 41. “Before you take off in it, you should take a tour of the vehicle for safety. Know your vehicle from every angle. They’re going to keep the camera kit in the vehicle just in case it has to be converted back to a fleet vehicle. You will be pleased to know they yanked the prisoner cage out already.”

He handed me a wrapped package. I opened the gift, it was a tablet, cell phone and a linked Bluetooth watch. Everything had a little Robin logo on its screen. “Ditch that prepaid piece of crap. I set your cell phone up as a Wi-Fi hotspot so the camera can upload live to dispatch should a deputy or citizen ever have to ride with you. See you back at the house Chase, happy birthday.”

I’m not sure whether everyone turned away knowing what was coming or whether he waited for everyone to turn away before he kissed me goodbye. No tongue just pleasant lip on lip action. My very first lovers kiss in front of people, my toes damn near turned up in my boots. I gave a quiet whimper showing pleasure. Then he walked out as if it was nothing extreme.

Cindy chuckled after he left, “That man must have the bluest balls in the history of law enforcement.” Then she looked up at me, “Then there is you boy. Chase honey, you blush deeper than a sunburn. It looks good on you. Who is gonna break the bad news to Rocco? He is a jealous puppy you know.”

That is when the mayor’s and sheriff’s wife entered the personnel office. Dawn Dixon the mayor’s wife started singing, “Chase N’ Walker sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g. . . ” Clearly people saw, and didn’t care. It was as if they all had been waiting for it to happen as much as we were.

Kim, the sheriff’s wife, smacked her playfully on the arm. Then addressed me, “You two look so cute together. It’s about time. Cindy is he already for us? We have to get him his welcome aboard luncheon with the city fathers, as well as get him a piece of birthday cake.”

Cindy removed my new identification from the laminator and gave me my proximity card for the building’s doors. “He’s all yours girls. Happy birthday sweetheart, I’ll be along directly.” Then she kissed me on the cheek. I was about to climb into the back of the SUV with the wives when the Sheriff told me to take my duty vehicle and meet them at Gilligan’s.

I walked around car 12 41. When I got around back I saw it in the driver’s side back window. A frosted ‘R’ logo decal was stuck to the window where Walker’s batman sticker once was. Cindy came out and asked if she could bum a ride. She gave me a side hug when she saw the decal. Miss Cindy was kind of like the agency mama. Everyone talked to her when they had problems and she could get it sorted.

* * * *

The rest of the day after lunch was dominated with fittings and orientation to my new duties. I was actually fitted for a Kevlar vest. They issued me an ill-fitting older vest until the new one arrived. The Sheriff was quick to remind me I was to stay away from crime scenes until the real deputies could secure them. He did warn me translating on a domestic disturbance often came with risks and he wanted me ready.

Then Chief Deputy Pete Squire had me walk over to the bank to set up a checking account. The county went to mandatory direct deposit last year. I was met by Mr. Owen Jackson the bank manager and his son Nelson. For the past year Nelson has been my deputy commander of the Cadets, this year with the Sheriff’s approval, I handed him the leadership.

It was as if Nelson was always 1 step behind me through life. Because I was 1 month older, I was lucky and started school at 4. He was always there and kept the bullies off my back. In exchange I helped him with his studies. We were as close as a twig and branch.

Mr. Jackson shook my hand and brought me into his office. “I understand you need to set up a checking account Mr. Jeffers. Do you have any funds to open one?” Nelson smiled as I reached into my book bag, he knew what was coming.

I pulled out four large mouth mason jars with rusted lids. The jars contained my life’s savings. “Mr. Jackson, that’s $10,726.42 sir, to the penny. Is that enough to open an account?”

His mouth fell open, “For the love of God son, please tell me you haven’t been burying those in your back yard.” I replied no sir, and told him I hid them in my sock drawer. He slapped his forehead, “Angels and ministers of grace defend us! Do you know how dangerous it is to carry that much money around?!?” I nodded saying I had been in four foster homes in eighteen years. I learned to trust myself.

Nelson patted his dad’s shoulder, “He has the very first penny he ever earned.” The manager had an odd look on his face when he ask what I had been saving for.

I expected him to laugh as I told him the secret fantasy of every orphan. “It is gonna sound stupid Mr. Jackson. I dreamt of using it to find my surviving family, and bribing them to love me. I figured I had to have a daddy out there somewhere. As I got older, I realized that dream was stupid. If I had a daddy out there, one who gave a damn, certainly he should be looking for me.”

The manager asked me to call him Owen and asked if I had any new plans for the money. I told him, “I’m gonna save most of it but I have had my eye on a car that needs rebuilding over a Styles Salvage. Marty has a 55 Ford T-Bird with most of the original parts. What it needs is a new frame welded and TLC to bring it back to life. He offered a sweetheart of a deal for the pieces in exchange for a bit of barter.”

“I know the one! I have had my eye on it too. Had one just like it when I was dating Amy. If that upholstery could speak!” Nelson let out an “EWWW” to the thought of his folks having sex. Owen changed his tack, “So you are a tradesman/mechanic as well?”

I corrected him, “No sir, I am an artist. Large kinetic sculpture mostly. I like making inanimate things move. It is almost like sharing the breath of life in them. My third foster father taught me how to weld and work with metal.”

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