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Caught Parking IV: Alex Moves In


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Caught Parking IV:
Alex Moves In

Later that afternoon, after she had made a tension, tear, and yelling filled phone call to her father, Alex and I gathered her personal belongings from her parent’s home. I helped her with the larger things, but Alex wanted to load her personal things her self. While Alex loaded her personal belongings into my pick-up truck, Mrs. Boyd and I sat sipping coffee at her kitchen table. We had a friendly chat about what was going on. Mrs. Boyd then said. “You will take good care of Alex, won’t you, Jim?”

“Yes, Mrs. Boyd. I will. I know it has only been a few days, but I have fallen in love with your daughter. I promise to take good care of her. She doesn’t know it yet, but if she still wants to, she will be able to go to college this fall.”

Mrs. Boyd then kissed my cheek, and said. “Jim, I’m glad Alex has found someone like you to care for her. She has had such a hard time during her teen years. By the way, how did you two meet? I mean no offense, but you are somewhat older than Alex.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle at Mrs. Boyd’s question. With a wide grin, I replied. “Mrs. Boyd, I’m thirty-years-old, and I met Alex while I was at work. The circumstances of that meeting are somewhat embarrassing for both of us. I think any more information than that should probably come from Alex. I am sure she will tell you someday.”

”OK, Jim. Just one more request, if you don’t mind. It appears as if we will be seeing a lot of each other in the future. My given name is June. Would you please call me June?”

“I’ll be happy to, June.” About that time, Alex had finished loading her things into my truck and came in to join her mother and me. “I’m ready to go, Jim.”

“All right, Honey.” I replied. June and I stood up from the table and I gave her my card. “June, here’s my, I mean our, phone number. Feel free to call anytime you like. We will be in touch. I promise we will let you know if there is anything new happening.

June then hugged both Alex and I. She kissed our cheeks and said. “May God bless you both.”

Alex and I then drove home. Alex was much happier on the way home. She giggled almost every time she said something about going to her new home. It seemed as if a large weight had been lifted from her shoulders. “I am so happy to be going home with you, Jim. I am looking forward to my new life as your girlfriend.”

“So am I, Baby. So am I.”

That night we had much more than hot sex. We made slow, gentle, and passionate love. We caressed and explored each other’s bodies with easy tenderness and care.

Over the next couple of months, Alex and I grew closer and our love for each other deepened.

Then on a Saturday evening we attended another dinner/dance at my civic club. Alex was absolutely stunning. Her hair was perfect with not a hair out of place. Her hazel eyes sparkled. Her loose fitting skirt came to just above her knees and waved in the breeze as she moved. Her blouse offered a tastefully brief but enticing glimpse of her cleavage. Though Alex seemed to exude sex appeal, she conducted herself like a lady all evening.

Throughout the night several of my friends asked me the same question. “When are you going to ask that girl to marry you?”

I just smiled in response.

As the evening came to an end and the band played their last song, I danced Alex toward the clubhouse podium. When the music ended, I escorted her up onto the small stage. Almost as if on cue, everyone within earshot stopped whatever they were doing and gave their undivided attention to Alex and me.

I took her hands and looked into Alex’s eyes. “Alex, you have been my girlfriend long enough. I think it’s time we changed our relationship.”

Poor Alex looked like a deer caught applauding, in the headlights of an oncoming truck. “Did I do something wrong, Jim?”

I then reached into my pocket and knelt in front of the most beautiful girl in the place.

Her mouth fell open.

I took her hand, looked up into her eyes, and said. “Alex Honey, you have done nothing wrong. As a matter of fact, you have done everything right. I hadn’t felt really alive since my wife died. When you came into my life, I began to live again. I can’t describe how it fills me with happiness to just be with you. I feel so full of life when you are near me.” I released her hand, opened the small jewelry box I had been carrying all night. With both hands, I held it up to her. “I want to share this happiness with you now and forever. Alex Boyd, will you marry me?”

Alex stood looking down at me and covered her gaping mouth with shaking hands. Tears filled her eyes. With still shaking hands, my beautiful girlfriend reached out and took the jewelry box and the diamond ring it held from me. With a voice just above a whisper, Alex replied. “Yes, I will.” Then she shouted while jumping in place. “YES JIM, I WILL MARRY YOU!”

I then stood, took the ring from its box, and slipped it onto the third finger of her left hand.

After looking at the ring on her finger for several seconds, Alex threw herself at me and proceeded to smother me with kisses.

While applauding, our friends gathered closer around us to offer their good wishes.

They cleared away as the band played one more song just for Alex and me. Our friends cheered and applauded us as we held each other tight and danced alone. When the song ended, we made our way toward the door. Again, our friends surrounded us and continued to offer us their good wishes. They offered congratulations to me and jokingly, I hope, condolences to Alex.

When we finally reached our car it was a little past midnight. Alex laid a lip lock on me that was born of a hunger deep within her being. Before scooting over and putting on her seat belt, Alex whispered in my ear. “I love you so much, Jim. When we get home, I’m going to go wild and screw your brains out so you will never forget this night.” She grinned from ear to ear and said. “Oh yeah, I need to call Mom.”

“Alex Honey, izmit escort it’s after midnight. Do you really think you should call your mother at this time of night?” I asked.

“Hell yes! We promised to let her know if there was anything new didn’t we? Besides, the worst we can do is wake up my father. Who the hell cares?” Alex then dialed her mother’s number.

When June groggily answered, Alex turned her phone’s speaker on and excitedly yelled into the phone. “Mom, I’m getting married. Jim asked me to marry him tonight, and I said ‘Yes!’ Mom, I love him so much. I know I will make him a good wife.”

“Of course you will, Alex.” I could hear June Boyd yelling for joy through the speaker on Alex’s phone. I also overheard June yell at her husband. “Shut the hell up you asshole.” It appeared there had been some changes made in the Boyd household.

Alex continued. “Mom, I’ve got to go now. We’ll be home soon and I intend to screw Jim senseless. Be sure to tell Daddy that his daughter is going to be screwing her brains out tonight. We love you and will talk to you tomorrow. Bye.”

“Bye Alex. Try to take it easy on Jim. You will have a lifetime to wear him out.” I could hear June laughing as they hung-up.

As I pulled into the garage, Alex jumped out of the car and ran into the house. By the time I had secured the car and garage door and walked into the house, Alex was standing in the living room completely naked. She ran across the living room and leapt on me. Her arms clamped around my neck and her legs wrapped around my waist. She lavished kisses all over my face while I held her up by grabbing an ass cheek in each hand.

“Jim, will you hurry up and get out of those clothes. I want you! I want you pounding my pussy with that beautiful cock of yours. I want you in my throat. I want you to eat me while I suck you. Hurry Jim! I can’t wait any longer.”

Alex released her legs from around my waist and I let go of her ass. She lowered her self to the floor. As I unbuttoned my shirt, she loosened my belt and lowered my pants and shorts at the same time. While kneeling to pull my pants down, Alex kissed the head of my erect cock. I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my pants and underwear. My shirt soon joined them on the floor. Except for my socks, I stood naked before my fiancé.

Alex took my hand and we practically ran to our bedroom. Alex did her best to follow through with her promise to screw me senseless. She was one horny girl. She was nearly insatiable that night. We engaged in wild sex until almost dawn. Every time I softened after cumming, Alex would suck my cock until it hardened again.

Wow! What a night. She was right. I will never forget the night of our engagement.

The next morning I awoke to the aroma of fresh coffee brewing. As I gingerly staggered into the kitchen, Alex served me ham and eggs along with my coffee. We both laughed at how sore we were.

With a broad smile, Alex said. “I’m, so sore, I don’t know if I’ll be able to walk upright for a week. I think the next time we do something like that we should do it after we’re married and on a night we don’t need to get up the next morning.”

“Baby, I don’t know if I can ever do that again. I may not be able to get it up for days.” I joked with her.

Over the next two months Alex, June, and I planned our wedding. Or rather the women planned, and I agreed to whatever they wanted to do. Like most guys, I tend to feel that all a guy has to do at a wedding is show up at the appointed place and time and say ‘I do’.

Surprise, surprise! Alex’s father was not the preacher who would be officiating at our wedding. He had expressed a desire marry us, but Alex refused his request. Though he didn’t like it, he was beginning to accept the fact that Alex was no longer under his control. His only roll in the wedding would be to walk Alex down the aisle and give her away. Alex and her mother had selected a neighboring church to host our wedding and its pastor to marry us. The wedding would take place on the second weekend of July.

I too had arrangements to make. Without telling my bride or anyone else, I made air, car, and motel reservations for a two-week honeymoon. June and I secretly made plans for additional surprises for Alex upon our return. I gave her a key to my house so she could complete her part of the plan while Alex and I were on our honeymoon.

As expected, my only real wedding preparations included the rental of a tux for myself and my groomsmen and showing up at the church on time with my part of the wedding party. My friends from the civic club were more than happy to fill roles as my best man and groomsmen.

Finally, the fateful day in July arrived. My groomsmen and I arrived at the church with time to spare. We may have been a bit hung over due to the previous night’s bachelor party, but we were there, properly dressed, and on time. As we stood at the altar awaiting my bride’s appearance, my friends continued to quietly joke with me and harass me about how my beautifully young bride deserved better. They suggested a much younger man marry her. A couple of them volunteered for that duty. They also offered me their support in tending to Alex’s youthful needs. After all, they said. “You aren’t getting any younger. Besides, what are friends for?”

Then suddenly the bantering stopped when the first few notes of the Bridal March filled the church. All eyes turned toward the end of the center aisle where Alex and her father stood. Alex practically radiated beauty. Her dark brown hair surrounded her beautiful face, which was practically glowing. Not a hair was out of place. Her hazel eyes seemed to sparkle as she walked toward the altar and me. The neckline of her white bridal gown was cut just low enough to give a glimpse of the upper slopes of her breasts. The gown hugged her slender torso and flowed over her hips. The full skirt of her gown billowed out around her legs and hid them from view. For some reason, Alex reminded me of Barbee in a wedding dress. Of course, Barbee wasn’t nearly as beautiful as my Alex.

Even her father had a smile on his face as he walked my izmit escort bayan bride down the aisle and brought her to me. The smile somewhat faded as he and I made eye contact. He dutifully said his line giving his daughter away then quietly took his seat next to June.

Alex was shaking like a leaf in a storm when we held hands at the altar. The wedding went off without a hitch. To help sooth her nerves, I whispered in her ear. “Baby, you look good enough to eat.”

Alex giggled, squeezed my hand, and replied. She whispered in my ear. “Good! I’m not wearing panties and I’m already getting wet.”

Finally the preacher said to us. “I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride.” We enjoyed a tender and romantic kiss. When we broke the kiss, Alex giggled and whispered. “My pussy is soaking wet. I can’t wait to get you in bed.”

She giggled again as we turned to face our wedding guest and I softly replied. “You’re liable to be dripping from your toes before we get out of here tonight.” I teased her.

The reception did indeed last well into the night. Everyone, including Alex and I, had a great time. Finally, about midnight, speaking for Alex and myself, I expressed our thanks to our guests and explained why we had to leave. Alex had a shocked look on her face when I told our guest we had to get up early the next morning. We had to be at the airport to catch an early flight. Looking into her eyes, I informed Alex and our guests of our destination. “We will be honeymooning for the next two weeks on Oahu and Maui in Hawaii.”“TWO WEEKS IN HAWAII? REALLY?” Alex screamed. She then smothered me in kisses like she had the night I had proposed. “I’m going to. . . .”

I interrupted her. I whispered in her ear. “Whoa, Honey! I wouldn’t if I were you. Do you want to sit on a plane for over eight hours with little rest and a sore pussy that’s full of cum?” S

he blushed then giggled. “OK, Jim. Just wait until I get you to our room in Hawaii.”

We then made our way past our many friends who wished us well. We eventually escaped to our car and made it home.

Removing her wedding gown was a slow and careful process. Neither of us wanted to damage such a beautiful dress.

“Our daughter may want to wear it at her wedding some day.” Alex said with a dreamy look in her eyes. She then asked. “Jim, can I stop taking my birth control now? I want to give you a son or daughter as soon as I can.”

“Honey, why don’t you continue taking it until we get home? There’s no sense upsetting your system on our honeymoon.”

My wife and I made tender love that night. I ate her pussy to two gasping orgasms before bathing her cervix with a large load of cum.

Leaving my car in long term parking at the airport early the next morning, we were soon winging our way across the country and out over the Pacific. We landed on Oahu later that evening. That night we sipped some wine as we looked out over the Pacific from our Waikiki motel room. It had been a long day.

As we climbed into bed Alex snuggled up to me and began stroking my cock. She then whispered into my ear. “Jim, I want to give you my cherry tonight.”

I chuckled and said. “Alex honey, it’s a little late for that isn’t it? I think I took your cherry that first weekend you stayed with me.”

“Yes, you did. That was the first time for me to make love. You were also the first to get your beautiful cock into my throat. You even fucked my tits one night. Now, I want to give you my last cherry. I had made up my mind to give it to you while I was in the shower that day before my father pissed me off, and I smashed my cell phone on the floor. The way you soothed me, your caring thoughtfulness, the pretty things you brought me, and the dinner/dance you took me to, all convinced me I really wanted to give you my virginity that night. Now, I want to give my husband my last cherry. You have teased me there before. Jim, will you please take my last cherry? Will you put it in my butt tonight?”

“Alex honey, are you sure? It will probably hurt.”

“Yes, Jim. I’m sure. I know it will hurt. I still want you to fuck me in the ass.”

My beautiful bride then rolled over and got up on her knees with her head and chest resting on the bed. She wiggled her ass back and forth and giggled. “Here’s my cherry Jim. Take it if you want it. Please take my cherry ass now!”

I patted her ass and began stoking my finger through her wet slit. I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a tube of sunburn cream that was lying there. That particular brand has both lubricating and numbing properties. I put a generous gob of the cream directly on her tightly puckered asshole.

She jumped and giggled. “That’s cold.”

While I continued to finger her pussy and clit, I began pushing the index finger of my other hand slowly in and out of my bride’s ass. The cream was spread around and into her tightly clinched asshole. Slowly her sphincter began to relax. I removed my finger from her ass, applied another gob of cream, and reinserted my finger along with a second finger.

Alex moaned and pushed back against my fingers. She reached under her belly and started fingering her own pussy and clit freeing my hand that had been occupied with her pussy. After generously coating my cock with the sunburn cream, I removed my fingers from Alex’s ass and placed the head of my cock at the tightly wrinkled brown ring of her rear opening. “Get ready Baby. Here it comes.” I warned her. Placing my hands on her hips, I pulled her butt back and shoved my cock forward.

Alex’s tight sphincter resisted my entry for a few seconds more. Then, my cock’s well-lubricated head slipped past her sphincter and into her tight ass.

“Uummph!” Alex gasped and grunted but held her position.

With another thrust forward, I fed about half my cock into Alex’s virgin asshole.

“Oh!” Alex exclaimed. “It hurts a little but not that bad.”

With a firm grip on her hips, I gave her one more hard thrust. I buried my cock into my wife’s tight asshole.

“Aiiiieeeeee!” Alex cried out.

“Do you gebze escort bayan want me to quit, Honey? Hurting my wife is no way to start a marriage.”

“No!” Alex exclaimed. “It hurts, but I want you to fuck my ass. I want to give this last untouched piece of me to my new husband. Please Jim, fuck my ass like you mean it.”

“OK, Baby. If you’re sure that’s what you want.” Slowly I began stroking my cock in and out of my wife’s devirginated asshole. I gradually increased the speed and force of my thrusts.

In a short time, Alex was pushing back to meet my thrusts. She soon arched her back to give me a better angle into her ass and cried out. “FUCK ME JIM!”

I tightened my grip on her hips and began rapidly and repeatedly thrusting my cock deep into my wife’s tight hot asshole. She returned each of my hard thrusts with one of her own. Her tight ass soon had my balls ready to explode. With one final and deep plunge, I buried my cock in Alex’s asshole and pumped a load of cum deep into her bowels.

Alex, rapidly thrusting her hips back to take my cock deep into her ass, begged me to continue. “Oh God, Jim! Keep fucking my ass. I am going to cum!”

I kept slamming my cock as deep as I could into my bride’s now devirginated asshole. I was not going to leave my wife wanting on our honeymoon.

“Oh God yes, Jim! I’m cuming!” She gasped. Alex mauled her tits with both hands as she shuddered through an orgasm. When her orgasm ebbed, her knees slid out from under her body and her hips fell to the bed. My cock stayed buried in her ass until it softened and I slipped it out.

“Oh God, Jim. I didn’t know it was possible to cum from getting fucked in my butt. Yeah it hurt, but we will have to do that again real soon.”

“Yes Baby. We will. I always thought you were a great piece of ass. Now, I have proof.” I patted her ass and told her. “Ass, pussy, or mouth you are a fantastic lover. Life with you will be a wonderful adventure.”

She giggled and we cuddled until falling asleep.

Over the next two weeks we did everything a tourist would do on Oahu and then Maui. When we weren’t being tourists, we were making love in our motel rooms. We avoided making love on the beach. That damned sand gets everywhere. By the time we boarded the plane to fly home, we were nearly as sore as we were the night I proposed to Alex. I had married a girl that loved to fuck. I was one lucky man.

When we landed, I retrieved my car from long-term parking and headed home with my new bride. I could barely stand not telling Alex about the next surprise I had planned for my new wife. All the way home I wanted to tell her what was next.

Her next surprise was right where it was supposed to be. My mother-in-law had used my keys to let the dealer into the garage. I lifted the garage door and there, instead of Alex’s old car, sat a new Ford Fusion.

“What’s that?” Alex shouted.

“Well Honey, it sort of looks like a car to me. What do you think it is?” I teased her.

Alex hit my right arm, and said. “This is going to be a fun marriage. You have a horny wife, and I have a horny smart ass for a husband. I know it’s a car. Whose is it, how did it get there, and where’s my car?”

“I think it’s yours. I guess someone thought you might need a nicer car to go back and forth.” Alex jumped out of my car and ran over to her new one. As she sat in the Fusion’s driver’s seat, tears rolled down her cheeks. “Thank you so much, Jim. I love it.” She then got a quizzical look on her face and asked.

“Back and forth? Back and forth to where?” Her excitement was practically bubbling out of her.

“My, my but you are full of questions aren’t you? I thought a new car might be a bit more dependable than your old one to take you back and forth to college. Your classes have been selected and you start in two weeks. We’ll run up there tomorrow to get your books and other required materials and pay any other fees for your first year. You tuition has already been paid. You do still want to go to college, don’t you?”

“Oh yes, Jim. I do so want to go to college. I want to be a CPA. Did you pick the classes for that area of study? How did you know what I needed?”

“You owe your mother a ‘thank you’ for helping me get you enrolled in college. She knew what you wanted to do, and your high school and college counselors helped pick your first classes. With your excellent high school grades, the college admissions officer was glad to have you. The matter of your registration being a little late didn’t seem to be so much of a problem when I paid your first year’s tuition in cash. Now, let’s get some rest. You have a big day tomorrow.”

“Oh Jim, thank you. I love you so much. I feel so lucky to have married you. I promise I’ll work hard and do my best in school. I want to make you and Mom proud of me.”

“I am already proud of you, Baby. I really am, and I’m sure your mother is too. I’m the lucky one. I am so grateful that such a wonderful, beautiful, and intelligent young girl like you would want to marry a guy like me who’s nearly twice your age. Besides, when you graduate with your degree in accounting you can help me manage our money. Now, let’s get to bed.”

“Our money?” As we walked to our bedroom, she continued to ask questions.

“Yes Baby. Our money. You are my wife now. So, you need to know about our finances. We have a bit more than I led you to believe. There are substantial accounts in some of the local banks. Plus, we have a sizeable stock portfolio. Soon, when you have your degree in accounting, you can help me manage those accounts so we can live well and show off my beautiful bride to the rest of the world.”

“By the way, if you will, I would like for you to continue your birth control until you graduate. College will be challenge enough without the added burden of children. When you have your degree I want to put in a request for a son and daughter in whatever order you choose.”

“It will be my pleasure, my husband.” Alex giggled. “In the mean time. . .” She began shedding her clothes.

We then headed off to bed. In spite of our soreness, I ate my wife’s pussy to several thrashing orgasms. In the mean time, she took my cock deep into her throat and swallowed two loads of cum, before we collapsed next to each other. We fell into the contented deep sleep of a happily married couple.

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