21 Kasım 2023

Caught by My Sister in Law


This happened about 20 years ago. My wife (Amy) & I went to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to visit her older sister and her husband. They had a beautiful 4 bedroom condo right by the ocean. My S-I-L (Laura) was just 2 years older than me. She had dark black hair (full Italian), and a huge rack. She also was a heavy drinker and would just about say or do anything you can think of. My brother in law (Bob) was also a heavy drinker. But he usually just passed out by the end of the night.

It’s about a 9 1/2 hour drive from Pittsburgh to the Outer Banks. So usually I will wear pantyhose with a little support under my jeans to help stimulate my legs while I drive. I always love the feel of the nylon against my skin & cock. My wife is aware of my wearing, but not completely in touch with my full admiration of tights & pantyhose. There are even times I have gone out to gay clubs in short shorts and/or mini skirts, with high heels with a friend of mine. But that is another story to come later.

We arrived at Laura & Bob’s condo around 4:00 pm on Saturday afternoon. Of course they were well into the day of beer & wine. After we unpacked the car, we settled down to join them for drinks. Since Amy & I haven’t had much to eat during the drive, I wanted to go out and get some food. Bob & Laura were tipsy, so I offered to drive us to the restaurant. I have a great sense of humor, and Laura always liked being around me to better the mood. She was especially happy & having fun that night. I think it’s because we finally arrived, in addition, her and Bob were have martial issues. So to talk to other people was a nice change of pace.

We ended up at a nice seafood restaurant. Laura was sitting to my left, Amy to the right & Bob was across from me at the table. Throughout the dinner, Laura was obnoxiously laughing at all of my comments. The whole time gulping down wine after wine. Each time she started giggling, she would slap her right hand against either my arm or leg. I thought Sefaköy Escort nothing of this other than her big personality showing. The beer and wine was flowing the whole night. We left the restaurant around 10:00 to head back to the condo.

When we got in, Bob & Laura were totally smashed, and Amy was tired from the drive. I stayed up to catch up on some sports on ESPN. I figured since everyone went to bed, I would just throw some athletic shorts on and relax in front of the tv. I didn’t even consider taking off my pantyhose, thinking I would just sleep in them & change in the morning.

The effects of the beers from dinner were making me sleepy, within an hour I dosed off on the couch. I was awakened by a feeling of someone being on the couch with me. Laura had come downstairs and placed herself beside me. She was wearing a tight thin white tank top, so thin her D sized tits were fighting to get out. The nipples were hard and begging for attention. And she also had on very loose black cotton shorts. She had another wine in her hand and said “oh, sorry. Didn’t mean to wake you. Just couldn’t get to sleep myself, so I thought I would come down and relax on the sofa. Didn’t mean to bother you.”

“No problem.” I said. “The 9 hour drive just wears me out so much, and I usually take a while to fall asleep the first night after getting here. So decided to check in on how the Pirates did today against the Astros.” She slid closer to me. Putting a hand on my leg, she leaned over and whispered “I had a great time at dinner tonight. You make the environment around here much more brighter. Bob has been such a dick lately, that I can’t stand to be around him sometimes.”

“Thanks!” I said. She was still drunk & I don’t think she noticed my suntanned pantyhose yet, but she had her hand on my thigh near the top of the knee & was running it up towards my upper thigh. “I had a nice time also.” Taking a chance I complimented how hot she looked. And Sefaköy Escort Bayan how I always admire her long legs. “I know you do, I’ve caught you checking me out once in a while. I also eyed you. You have great legs for a man.” Right about then it hit her. “Oh my god, you have pantyhose on!” She started to giggle, and proceeded to rub her hand more firmly up and down my leg. I said, “I’m sorry. I hope you don’t feel awkward? I mainly wear them for support. But I do enjoy the feeling of the nylon against my skin.”

“No, I actually think the make your legs look awesome.” Now she was getting more aggressive. She pressed her chest against my shoulder, leaned in & gave me a light kiss on my cheek. While running her hand even more around my leg.

I turned and we melted our lips together. Our tongues dancing for a couple minutes. Do you wear underwear underneath?”

“No. Never. I figured they call them pantyhose for a reason. Panty & hose. So why ruin the feeling by having another layer.”

Her hand made its way up my leg. She reached the bottom of my shorts and slid her hand under the fabric. She found my crouch pressing against my nylon. I could feel the tips of her fingernails find my cock. As she slowly traced the outline of my penis, the sensation was amazing. I was getting extremely hard. Her breathing got heavier. Cupping my cock and balls in her palm, my control was being tested. I returned the favor by finding the waistband of her shorts and slowly worked them off her hips. She also was not wearing any underwear. Her pussy was completely smooth. My fingers found her moist clit. I gently squeezed her vagina. Her body just collapsed, the moaning intensified, her palm gathered my cock & hose. My shorts fell to the floor. I didn’t want to cum yet. I pulled her hand away. Eased my way down in front of her and dove headfirst between her legs. I caught the scent of her pussy. I needed to taste the sweet nectar oozing from her lips. She Escort Sefaköy wrapped her legs around my shoulders, placed her hands on my head, and pressed her pussy firmly against my mouth. After a few minutes, I stopped when I felt close to her cumming. I wanted to extend this night as long as possible. She begged me to fuck her. “I want it so bad. Stick your rod inside me!”

“Just not yet. I want you to do me a favor first.”


“I want your sexy lips on my cock. Give me a BJ through the hose.” This was the best time to ask for this. The liquor and mood were a perfect fit. She directed me to sit on the couch. She bent over and took my nylon covered cock in her left hand. She proceeded to lick her way from the bottom of my balls to the tip. Her right hand was exploring the rest of the hose from my ass to my legs. I always dreamt of what this would be like, but I never thought it would feels this great. Her tongue worked it way up and down, around and around. She was able to put most of me in her mouth. The nylon was tight. Within 2-3 minutes, I could feel the urge to blow my load. I needed her to stop for a second. I wanted this to last a lot long time, but my expectations far exceeded the reality.

We were going at it for a good hour. I was getting worried that either Amy or Bob would come down and ruin it all. “Laura, I’m ready to be inside you.”

She climbed on top of me. My pantyhose still up to my waist. Her top came off, and the D size breasts were even with my face. I started kissing, licking, lightly biting her tits. Working back and forth between each one. They were beautiful. I’ve seen them in swimsuit tops, but much nicer when they were free of restraints. She was grinding her pussy against my cock. My hose were saturated with her juices. I reached down and freed up my cock. She lowered herself on me. We were pumping together, up and down. For how horny we were, we still were able to go longer than expected. After about 15 minutes of the wide ride, I could feel her body trembling, my cock coming to attention. We came at the same time. When we were done, her body collapsed in my arms. It was time to call it a night. But this would not be the end of the vacation. More surprises for the week were still to come…

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