21 Kasım 2023



Once I had locked the bathroom door I made my way to my Cousin Lin’s wash basket I was hooked on sniffing here panties. This was before thongs and g-strings came out and they were all either lacy or cotton panties which were still very small and sexy. I must of unloaded hundreds of times in her bathroom whilst sniffing her panties and chewing on her crusty gusset.

I had just turned Eighteen and Lin was Twenty Eight, she had a slim body and medium breasts and quite a fit body as she used to play netball on a regular basis.

I would always try to catch a peak down her blouses at or I would be sitting on the floor opposite her try to get a glimpse up her skirt to her panties. I managed a few stolen views when she fell asleep on the sofa a couple of times but not very often. One day as I was peeking up her skirt while she was asleep she woke up and caught me looking, she went mad kicking me really hard in the chest and telling me to fuck off! So I did not go around there for a while.

Saturday afternoon after she had come back from netball and had taken a bath was the best time to sniff her panties.

As soon as she had finished in the bathroom I would be up there and taking her navy blue cotton panties out of the wash basket and they would still be very warm and very sweaty from all the exertion of playing netball all morning.

I would bring them up to my nose and take a deep sniff whilst licking at the sweaty crotch. The strong pungent aroma and sliminess used to make my heart race and my cock very hard I would take my penis out and start to wank myself off. If I was really lucky there would be a pubic hair or two stuck to her panties and I would make sure I got it in my mouth.

This was exactly what I was doing one Saturday when all of a sudden I got a blow to the side of my head and my Cousin Lin calling me a fucking dirty little wanker and pervert. Teasing me about being a panty sniffer.

I was so embarrassed I pulled her panties of my face and tried to run out of the door but she would not let me. As Topkapı Escort I tried to get out I slipped over and ended up on the floor she immediately jumped on top of me and started to slap me around my head screaming abuse at me, her knees were on my arms so I could not wriggle free. She then grabbed her panties of the floor and proceeded to rub them in my facing telling me to sniff them now and calling me a perverted little cunt!!. I was getting scared now because she was like something possessed. Lin grabbed hold of my cock which was not hard and started to pull and tug on it saying that I cant get a girl I just have to wank over her dirty panties instead. I thought it could not get any worse but then my cock started to get hard with it being wrapped in Lin’s hand.

As soon as Lin realised this she started with another tirade of abuse calling me a sick bastard as I getting aroused over my own cousin grabbing my cock.

From the position Lin was in, straddling me with her legs open and her knees almost on my shoulders I could see right up her short denim skirt and onto her white cotton panties, her gusset was only about six inches away from my face and she caught me looking at it.

Lin said that I bet you would love to get your nose in this pair wouldn’t you, without thinking I just nodded and she just started to smirk and say but these are fresh and clean and that I only liked her dirty panties. She then shuffled forwards a bit and her pussy was now only about an inch away from my nose and I could smell the clean just washed fragrance of the washing powder.

My cock was by now fully erect and Lin asked me if I would like to carry on where I left off So I took my cock in my hand and started to pull my foreskin backwards and forwards whilst Lin was calling me a little panty sniffer and telling me she was gonna tell her friends. So when they saw me they could all tease me in public.

She then asked me if I would like to sniff her navy blue knickers that she had worn for netball, again I just nodded Topkapı Escort Bayan and she held them upto my nose and told me to sniff them. After a few seconds she asked me why I did this. I replied with that most boys do it even with their sister or mothers panties and that I bet that my cousin Robert, her brother used to sniff her panties and that it is an easy way to get close to a girls pussy without actually getting one and that the smell is exactly like when you go down on a girl.

Lin’s voice was now a lot calmer and she said that a few pairs of her panties had actually gone missing and had it been me I shook my head and said no I had never taken any I had only sniffed them. She asked how long had I been sniffing her panties and I said for a long time. She smiled quite broadly and said that I was a dirty little bugger but she was quite flattered that I liked to sniffer her panties and masturbate. What does my pussy smell of Lin asked.

When I then told her that I particularly liked to sniff her navy blue panties after she had been running around and they had become all hot, sweaty and sticky and that they smelt really strong, musky and pungent with her fluids and sweat.

All this time I had been slowly pulling my foreskin back and forth and still sniffing her panties. She then asked me if I would like to sniff the ones she was wearing I said that I would love to.

With that she again shuffled forwards further and my nose came into contact with her panty covered pussy, I could feel the softness of her labia against my nose along with the warmth emanating from her body.

Hows that Lin asked and I nodded, knowing that my nose would be pushed further into her labia and up and down it. A shudder ran through Lin’s body and I noticed a small damp spot forming around my nose and the very slight aroma of female sex juice.

Oh Fuck it Lin said and smiled again she the shuffled forwards again right onto my mouth and told me to have a good fucking sniff of that. With that she started to rock back Escort Topkapı and forth on my face with my nose rubbing from the entrance to her vagina upto her now erect clitoris. With one hand Lin leaned back and grabbed hold of my cock and started to wank it pulling on my foreskin faster and faster. With her other hand she grabbed hold of my head and really started to hump my face hard grinding her cunny down on my nose. Her panties were now quite wet with the fluid of her arousal and a mixture of my saliva.

I knew I was going to ejaculate very soon and Started to moan into her panties. Lin realised this and pulled her panties to one side and order me to lick her hole as I started to do this my face became saturated in her slimy female fuck juice, I slipped my tongue right up into her vagina as I started to ejaculate over her hand and sucking out the juices. As my spunking started to subside she took some of my spunk on her hand and started to stroke her clit with it saying that I had better be a fast swallower as when she cums she is a squirter and that there would be a lot of it. I doubled my speed of licking her hole, as she did with her flicking at her clit. I could tell by the frantic movements above my face and the lack of ability to breath or move that she was going to cum any second.

God and when she did it was like she was pissing in my mouth, it was gushing out, hot salty, creamy, tangy and very tasty indeed. I was swallowing as much as I could but there was still some running out of my mouth and down around my neck. She was making so much noise as well as thrashing around and cumming like a fountain. I was starting to find it very hard to breath with her full weight on my face and my tongue stuck up her pussy.

She started to get up off my face and said to me that whenever in the future I fancied a pair of panties to wank with she would always like to be inside them at the time but on no account will it ever go onto me fucking her or anything like that and it will only continue whilst she still gets off rubbing her pussy on my face. She then stood up, took her soaking wet panties off and handed them to me and said that I could have these as a souvenir and to sniff them on a regular basis. They did smell very aromatic and I did wank with them on many occasions until I got my next pair from Lin…

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