21 Kasım 2023

Catching Mom on Her Night Out


I looked twice, I had to double take but it was her, I was eh Mom? What!

She was standing in a nightclub with some guy like up against her, around her age their both mid-forties, but like I thought, what’s she doing here?

I didn’t usually come to reynards but three of us decided to go tonight and I could see it was her, but who was he? I just had to find out!

I made my way over to her, her dyed brown hair tied up as she wore an expensive purple blouse and tight black skirt with nylons and heels, not something you would generally see a 48-year-old woman dressed up in.

But then again, to be fair she is attractive for her age. She’s a little bit smaller than me, 5’5 to my 5’6 she slim from her gym workouts but like me she has a bustiness, something we both have, I’m 34d to her 34c.

Her eyes caught mine as I walked toward them, I could see her shocked surprise, and just as I made my way over to her she stepped toward me.

Hiya Sharon! She said loudly as she nervously hugged me and before I could say a word she turned to the guy and introduced me to Brad; as Sharon from work!

I stopped myself from laughing, rather than saying hello as my head spun! Here she was, out without my dad and this, well hunky man in a night club with her.

I smirked wide at her, trying not to laugh as I replied, I didn’t expect to see you here? I was just greeted with a reply of how they just decided to pop in.

My eyes were drifting toward him, like who the hell is this guy? That’s what I wanted to know!

She was trying to interrupt before Brad managed to smile a hello, his eyes glancing over me quickly as he asked how I was, immediately giving off an air of confidence.

I could see how uncomfortable she was, like here I was prying on this guy, whose telling me about their evening out and how they just decided to pop in for some fun.

My eyes widened as his hand slipped across her hip. I smirked at her…”so you’re a cheat? It ran through my head, dare I say it?”

He relaxed in her company, she was stuck-up, wound up tight as he made small talk before offering me a drink. A G&T sure why not? As she glared back at me.

I could see her disapprove to him about getting some drinks, but he wasn’t having it as he went to the bar, leaving us alone.

“Ok, get out of here, I’ll explain later but don’t mention this” my mother growled.

“ha!” I laughed, “You’re the bitch here! How long has this being going on?” I replied. She stared long and hard at me before admitted she was seeing him three months!

“Now, look leave us here, just go will you” she demanded, but I had no intention. This was fun to see how angry she was and well it wasn’t as if we were close or in fact really got on together.

She changed her tone when Brad arrived back with a G&T for me and a JD coke for her as he wrapped his arm around her hips, posing there with my mom, my married mom as if they were a long time couple!

Brad started to chat with me well, I wanted some info so, I chatted back, my mom biting her tongue to stop herself from interrupting.

Did I flirt? Well unintentionally! I shivered when I felt his hand slide across my hip and lower back.

My immediate reaction to see if she noticed, she didn’t seem to! He had stepped away from her at this stage.

I giggled and well, I didn’t disapprove, hell my mom was pissed off and that was all that mattered.

The giggling and the chatting continued, she appeared to relax in his presence as if I just accepted her new boyfriend, I tried not to jump when I felt his hand explore down back and lower for a second time.

My head told me to get out of there, when I continued to flirt, that was then my mom ask me to accompany her to the ladies.

“Ok! You’ve had your fun, get out of here and never speak about this!” she demanded as we made it to the ladies room.

All I could do was smile wide, and again she growled at me, her face furious. “You’ve had your fun, now leave me alone and go home.”

“Ha!” I laughed, “You’re the bitch in this one! I’m not the one having the affair!” I jumped back as I saw her ready to swing her right hand.

“Hey, do you really want to go there? Your cover will be blown.” I could see her anger growing. “If you’re a bitch, well then just be one! But don’t blow your cover!”

I turned and walked away as another two ladies entered the room. I could see her fuming as I walked out! Hey! She would be the big loser in this I reckoned and me, well it wasn’t me who was cheating.

I made my way back to Brad, watching him smile as he saw me return.

“Oh, she left you on your own some” I joked. “Immediately getting a flirty response, nah, I’m having a ball with you two girls” he smiled as he ran his hand down my back.

“So how long have you been seeing Diane?” I joked, “She was keeping you quiet!”

“About three months, Sharon” he replied, “It’s a little complicated at our age, we both have families but still fun to be out together” he smiled.

“What about you Sharon? Kayaşehir Escort Any man or men in your life?”

I felt myself go flush red and I giggled, nah single girl at this time” I watched his face smile and eyes light up and then suddenly he leant forward and kissed me bang on the lips!

“I didn’t really resist, I just giggled, only to see my fuming mother approach, having obviously seen her boyfriend kiss her daughter.

“What! Are you?” she growled at Brad, he was quickly no his feet, immediately calming her down.

“It’s only a lil kiss, sure you know what it is” he calmly replied as he put his hands on her arms, trying to calm her down. She was angry, but not as furious as I believed she would be.

I made a move to go, but he put his hand on my shoulder and asked me to hang on as he continued to work at calming her down, and to my amassment she seemed to relax.

In no time we seemed to be chatting again, sitting at the table we were at, I saw his hand slide along her thigh as he gazed in her eyes, her comfortability reducing as time went on.

I admit it, I was enjoying the fun of it! She wasn’t happy and he, well he was charming, I jumped slightly when I felt his hand on my thigh. I didn’t jump when he made his second attempt.

I felt his hand move higher to hem of my dress, one quick glance, and I noticed his hand was along her thigh and moving higher.

My heart was racing, this was going places and I should really have got out of there! But she could have said stop as-well.

It wasn’t long before it kind of enviably happened and he asked us to go back to his apartment. It was going that way so I just went with it.

My legs felt like jelly as I entered his apartment, it was like, gawd what are you doing was running through my mind, but I just flopped down on a sofa and was handed a glass of wine.

She was way more relaxed than me, but I could sense the nervousness in her, first as she sat with her wine and then as I watch her light up a cigarette, I had never seen her smoke before, but she calmly sucked it in and blew it out as Brad joined her and offered one to me, I turned it down the first time, but took it on a second chance.

As we smoked and laughed, but not forgetting who she was, knowing how dangerous this all might be as we chatted and then the seedy jokes and innuendo started seeping from both their mouths.

“It’s not like every day, we get the hot chic home with us” he joked or “lots of space in this place for us tonight Sharon” he joked. Even she smirked at him, “it can be fun have two girls in a bed!”

All the sleazy talk and how relaxed the two of them where made me think that this was not the first time, they added a third to their fun.

It was then as the drink and smoking slowly continued that Brad produced and snorted a line of cocaine, asking me if I was ok with that?

I smiled, not expecting this turn in events and just smiling at her, waiting on her response.

My mouth nearly hit the floor when I saw her lean forward and snort two lines of coke, rubbing her nose to ensure it was completed.

Then Brad cut two lines on his little pod and pushed them over to me, I laughed as I leant down and snorted it up, more by instinctiveness then thought.

I giggled and laughed, realising I was doing coke with my mom!

Brad moved over to my mom and kissed her on the lips first then passionately kissing her with his tongue, rubbing her legs and then her big breasts. I just watched on for moments, before standing up half making my way away from them.

Brad though wasn’t letting me get away, walking over to me and grabbing me by the hips and giving me a real kiss! Tongue first no hesitation, which I reacted to. Positively.

Brad broke the kiss, leaving me a little bewildered from his passion as he moved back over to my mom and immediately started making out with her again.

He opened her blouse and kissed down her neck and across her chest kissing the bare skin then kissing across her bra as she started to moan in approval, with me just stunned by their actions.

Brad walked back over to me with a lust and confidence in his eye, I felt my feet stuck to the ground as he arrived and he immediately started making out with me again, my hands grabbing his head in a passionate kiss.

I felt his hands pulled down my dress as he started licking and kissing down my neck and chest and then onto my breasts.

I let out a moan as he licked and kissed my breasts, flicking my stiff nipple with his tongue as he whispered to me, do u like girls?

I shivered with the question, but struggled to reply, as he pulled me over toward her leaving me shy of her seat as he started making out with her again, lashing his tongue in her mouth and pulling her bra up to free her 34c breasts then moving down kissing and licking her tits.

Brad turned to me, pulling me closer and kissing me hot and sexy, lashing his tongue into mine as he kissed down my neck and chest and onto my breasts Kayaşehir Escort Bayan again.

He pulled her up closer to me and kissing her quickly and then quickly leaning down, kissing her breasts and then moving to mine, from breast to breast.

I groaned and giggled feeling the speed and hunger her worked at my breasts.

I looked at my mom as her boyfriend kissed our tits repeatedly, never had I seen her in heat before and without thinking I kissed her!

She kissed back immediately, lashing her tongue against mine, licking at my tongue fast and sexy as I felt his hand squeeze and maul my butt.

Brad groaned “good girls” at us as he kissed me, then her and then us both in a 3-way kiss! The three of us making out as Brad removed her bra and blouse totally.

I immediately moved down licking her milf tits, only to return back up as she offered me cocaine off her nails, I quickly obliged sniffing the powder off her nails.

She locked her tongue into mine in a hot tasty kiss before moving down my chest and sucking hard on her daughter’s tit!

I felt Brad slip my dress down from behind, leaving me just in my thong and purring “thats it Diane” as she kissed and licked at my breasts.

I groaned hard and loud as I felt Brad grab between my legs, hearing my mom respond similarly moments later as we both kissed her boyfriend as he massaged our sex!

I had lost all control in the heat of it, I grabbed a glass of wine and poured it down her breasts hearing her shrill excitement as I leaned in and licked the wine from her right breast, feeling Brad do the same to her left.

I made a grab at Brad’s crotch while licking the wine, feeling his hard full erection in his pants as she opened his pants in response.

And out it popped it, his big hard tool, standing huge and tall and hard as a rock, I grabbed his tool in my hand and immediately started jerking it off, pulling his cock hard.

It was me who dived first, I dropped to my hunkers and slipped his hard penis in my mouth, my tongue sliding down his shaft.

I heard them kiss, my cheating mother passionately kissing him and pulling open his shirt as I worked on his erection.

She went at him though, like a hungry bitch, nudging me aside as she moved down and took him in his mouth, wanting her man!

He grabbed at my tits and mauled them as mom worked his cock, he moaned as he licked at my tits, kissing and licking at my rock hard nipples, I purred and moaned loud in response to egg him on.

He groaned come on girls and brought us into his bedroom, pushing me forward onto the bed, I smirked and shivered as he bent me forward, pulling down my thong!

I felt his tongue on my pussy, he knelt behind me and licked at my wet pussy!

I groaned in delight as she came around in front of me, grabbing me by the face and purring “now young lady!” before giving me a real deep hard kiss with her tongue!

My body felt on fire as I did a three-some with them and I could see my mom certainly knew how to handle a lady!

I felt her squeeze my breast as she went down and had took a real long suck on my nipple. “I moaned in her ear…”that’s soo fucking gay!” which only seemed to excite her.

I moaned as Brad stopped licking me and crawled onto the bed on top of her, immediately sliding it deep into her as they started fucking front of me.

The bed shook as they fucked and moaned, I leaned in to suck on her nipple as Brad moved and encouraged me to join in.

I heard her groan as I sensed her orgasm rise, her boyfriend fucking her married, cheating pussy.

I watched as she dragged her nails down his back and she groaned in orgasm.

Brad slide out of her and within moments was pushing me onto my back!

“No” she commanded, as I turned shocked, “use a rubber!” she ordered, he half begged but she opened the drawer beside the bed and tossed a condom at him!

Brad grabbed my pussy and rubbed my aroused clit before putting on the condom and driving it straight into me!

I screamed in excitement as his hard thick cock entered me, feeling my mom’s boyfriend on top of me, feeling his hips push in and out as she fucked me.

He held my arms over my head as unknown to him he fucked his girlfriend’s daughter!

I moaned as he fucked me hard, feeling him cum inside the condom as he collapsed on top of me.

He slipped off me; taking the condom off and tossing it away before sitting back on the bed. She immediately moving over to him, moving her head into his lap and taking him in her mouth.

I stroked my pussy as I watch her suck him, then I ran my hands over his chest from behind, racing my nails over him and hearing him, “grunt oh girls!” as I twisted his head to me and kissed him.

He fell onto his back and beckoned me on top of him. I raised a leg and dropped down onto his face, feeling his lips wraps around my pussy and suck as I watched her massage his penis in her mouth.

I screamed as my orgasm erupted through my body!

I Escort Kayaşehir watched on as my mom moved up higher, moving his cock between her tits and fucking his cock.

I never knew she was so sexual, such a slut as she fucked a man I know nothing about and she fucked him good.

Brad pulled her up and kissed her, before pushing her over to me. We kissed hot and sexy, moving close together, I felt her bare breasts against mine as we kissed.

Brad slipped away and then came back, tossing cocaine at us. She quickly rubbed it on my tits before leaning down and snorting it up!

I squealed with excitement at her exoticness, how hot, horny and dirty she was.

Brad motion her down on me as he pushed his finger into her pussy and she moved my legs open, slowly licking my wet pussy.

Uh! I grunted! Feeling a woman’s tongue on my sex, nearly calling her name, but biting my tongue as Brad went down on her and she went down on me!

I purred and moaned as she licked at my wet pussy and I felt Brad lean over her and suck on my tit.

Brad motioned us together, moving us into a 69 position as he pulled my head toward her legs. I felt her lick at my pussy so I dived in and licked hers sex in return.

I lashed my tongue licking and sucking at her pussy as I felt her do the same, I moaned as my tongue entered and explored her vagina.

“Fucking sluts” I could hear from Brad and the sound of him jerking off!

I sucked and licked, finding her vulva and sucking it until an orgasm submerged me and I heard Brad moan and groan hard as he came, firing his spunk on my mom’s back and ass.

I purred loud as I rolled onto my back, the ecstasy racing through my body, knowing I had committed incest and shivering at the thoughts of it.

Brad and my mom moved off to clean up the mess they made, so I went out to get a drink, swigging some wine and then making my way into the kitchen to drink some water.

“Never tell anyone about this!” I turned to see my mom standing totally naked in front of me!

I bit my tongue and eventually smiled, before agreeing “with no! we can’t!”

“One night ok?” She told me.

Then we shared the most intense kiss right there in the kitchen! I felt her hard erect nipples against mine, two women making out in lust, she just happened to be my mom!

Nothing else seemed to matter, just the hot nature of wild sex with her and her boyfriend.

Brad beckoned us back into the sitting room as he mouthed, “We loved this remember Diane!” On the TV screen was porno as a black guy started to make out with two women in their forties.

We both giggled as we sat down either side of Brad, his hands quickly moving around both of us and to our bare breasts.

We giggled at the porn on screen, as his hand roamed and he spoke how the two of us had the tits for porn!

As the moaning on the TV got louder, Brad and Diane started to make out and I lent down, taking Brad’s stiff again cock in my mouth.

My tongue slide all over his hard wet cock, my lips slowly sucked and it didn’t seem long until his pre-cum leaked into my mouth.

I raised my head as I sucked down his cum and smirked, seeing my mom pissed off and turned on at the same time.

She led him back to the bedroom, I watched as she sat on the bed in-front of him and went down on the cock I had made spunk.

He moved onto her, lying on top before she rolled him onto his back and mounted him. I slide onto the bed beside them as I watched her tits bounce as she rode him cowgirl.

I smiled and watched them wickedly feeling dirtier than ever I watched her ride him with her hips as she leant back, her big breasts bouncing and wiggling.

Brad gripped her big tits and raised his pelvis before roaring “OOOHH FUCK” I heard them both groan as I watched him climax inside her.

She wasn’t done! Making her way over to me, kissing and licking at me, and kissing my tongue as she held my hands above my head with her right hand.

I giggled at her as she slide her hand down my chest and belly to my vagina, kissing me again and stroking my pussy.

I groaned and giggled before feeling her finger slide into me. Her finger sliding deeper, pressing deep inside as I moaned, feeling her work my clit as she finger fucked me.

Her nail scratched inside me as she leant down over me, still holding my hands together, she kissed and licked my right breast. Then she locked her tongue around my nipple and sucked hard and constant as if sucking for milk.

I groaned and grunted, trying to relax as she sucked my tit harder than any male or female lover I had previously, her finger deep inside me as she flicked my clitty with a free finger.

I felt her nibble at my breast as her finger screwed me, her mouth returning to mine as she passionately kissed me, my orgasm realising in total pleasure.

I moaned hard as my heart beat fast only to feel Brad pull me down the bed toward him, I looked up as he mounted me, pushing his hard again cock into my pussy.

His cock was strong and fat as he held my hips and fucked his younger lover, unknown to him, to be his girlfriend’s daughter.

I grabbed at his shoulders as we fucked, I bounced on his shaft as he fucked, his eyes wide with lust and coke as he fucked his other woman, driving it in.

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