13 Kasım 2023

Carved by Angels Ch. 02



It was beautiful. Before him was an unbelievable creation, made by hands with the gentlest touch. It’s visage was so flawless with features so defined and yet so delicate, displaying some emotion of sorrow. Every curve was perfect. And lifeless. Dark brown flitted over the ice sculpture, painted lips in a taut frown. So beautiful, so perfect and it wasn’t real or alive. And cold, the damned creature was freezing. The air certainly is… Today was a freeze day, when Lewis worked on the piece with the temperature lower than usual; apparantly, ice sculptures didn’t require constant work in a freezer but rather turned out better in a range of heat and cold. Having donned many coats of his already many layers, Sajery disliked the fact he could still feel cold.

It was winter again, summer having passed a long time ago. Christmas was a couple months away, his relationship with Lews was gathering passion. Each morning, the human began a conversation, sometimes at dawn, sometimes later. Topics varied how his day was earlier, how today might be different, and how life was a gift. Having heard this subject far too often from the tender-hearted human, the demon had to endure an hour and a half of listening to the young one drivel on about this and that. Tired and irritable, Sajery noticed the creature waving to him through the thin glass and waved back without much enthusiasm, gaze returning on the lovely ice piece.

Sightless eyes were looking above, face tilted up with lips parting with a silent plea. Whether or not the human meant to give the angel such an expression, it was still lovely. Fingers reached up, brushing against his white cheek, testing it’s warmth beneath the makeup. The barest of trembles coursed through him, the curious thought of how it’d feel to be so cold, to fade away in such a short time, had his eyes sting with uncoming tears.

Kichay was now just as cold, his warmth robbed as his heart had been. However, Chay had yet to fade, still alive in a demon’s heart, in the deepest part of his soul where he longed for summer once more.


“Come on, baby, please?” A hand tugged on his gloved one, voice bordering whiny, “You always wear them…”

Chay had never asked why, never got too clingy or wanted touch so much – Sajery wondered if that was because of what the young creature had done with others, became shy and never spoke up. Far too late to learn about his lover now, the demon did not reply to Lews, tugging his hand out of the human’s grip. With flippant apology, Lews grabbed for his hand once more.

Sajery was to burn in the hottest corners and stay there for all eternity for his selfishness. The cold he felt now as he walked home with Lews, the memory of that sensation would surely taunt him on the day of arriving into everlasting flames and inferno. Everything lacked heat without the sun, his slow approach on love with Lews not curing his frozen state. Every kiss, touch, and word, no matter how sweet it was said, held no warmth. A barely audible gasp left his lips, pain growing in his heart – he was comparing again.

Truly bored, anxious to move on, Sajery had Lews come to bed early that night.

White locks brushed against on a pale peach chest, mouth working on a pert nipple. The human moaned low in his throat, head tilting back against the pillows as the demon nibbled gently. Tweaking the other nub, Sajery let his dark eyes close, giving into the natural response of savoring, and in shame. While he did not truly love this human but Kichay, it would not work. Love was the strongest force and with that power, great things could be done – his heart could not remain dormant any longer.

“S-Sajery, please.” His name breathed lightly, almost reverently, the demon met with lust-darkened green, lashes lowering at the reminiscent tender emotions Chay once looked at him with. The everpresent glare, softened minutely around Lews, eased more, his longing for warmth greater than his guilt for seeking it in another. Lowering his mouth, he licked at a nipple once more before shifting onto his knees, still hovering over his human. Slowly, he dragged his lips down Lew’s stomach, following the rising and falling of each breath, growing heavier as he travelled further down. Pausing, glancing at his human’s face for any protest, Sajery gave his first smile, the look of helpless pleasure on Lews face was just like how Kichay’s face moved at his touch.

This human was slender, just a few inches shorter and with short auburn hair, spiked with gold. Deep green eyes, lined with long lashes, and a smooth complexion, save a single thin scar trailing down from his right eye, curving down and to his ear across the cheek. Everywhere else, he was a light shade of peach, his skin as sweet as the summer ripened fruit. Aside from the annoying wake-up talks, and clingy tendancies, Lewis was quite attractive in personality and appearance.

Both were easy to fall in love with, and to do so gaziantep escort again would tear what was left of his heart, his sanity. Kichay had only lain with him once and-

“-alright, sweetheart?” Concerned green caught his attention, running over his face, mottled with even more red under the white mask, “I-I, if you’d rather not, don’t worry about it.” White teeth flashed in a faint grin, “Would you rather have me do that t-to you?” His voice was trembling, as was his stomach, the demon starting massage the human’s sides. The willingness, although mite unsure, of Lews to have him farther than they had gone before, lit a spark somewhere in Sajery’s chest. Black lips moved in a small smile,

“No,” Fingers deftly undid the button to his human’s dark jeans, parting the zipper slowly with bated breath. Hips lifted up off the bed, shaking possibly at the effort or eagerness. Tugging carefully, Sajery exposed more and more pale skin and faltered for a moment before freeing the younger’s legs from the demin confines. The human eased back from him, slightly raising a knee as if it could shield his length from view, already straining from a nest of dark curls.

Lewis was beautiful to the eyes. The surface demon took in the pleased gasp his human gave, closed his eyes and laved the arousal’s head with his tongue. Hips rose off the bed, rocking up into his mouth while a voice pleaded him for an end. Every human he had loved had been vocal, perhaps it made it easier to imagine his lithe skater under his hands, moaning.

Yes, one of the hottest corners.

Lewis gave a wail, flung his head back while arching his lower body up into the demon’s waiting mouth. Giving a soft moan as release spurted, Sajery caressed the human’s inner thighs, trailing his fingers along the skin. “S-Sajery, mmm, Gods…”

Kissing with as much passion he could gather from his broken heart, Sajery made this one slow as he stroked the human back to attention. Dark eyes took in how auburn locks teased Lew’s hot, flushed cheeks, the few drops of sweat formed on his smooth brow. A faint sliver of warmth burrowed into his heart – a tiny scrap of kindling hoping to stoke a fire. Sajery was disgusted as he coaxed his human to move under him, their hips meeting a few times before he stopped.

“Saje, please! You always say we’re not ready, not there yet.” Trembling hands cupped his face, guiding him to meet lovely green eyes. But it was lapis blue eyes that had truly captured Sajery’s soul. “-when I said, I was still unsure? I-I’m sure now, baby. I love you, Sajery, please…Can we?”

“Roll over,” Sajery whispered, mirroring his human’s touch upon the cheek, stroking lightly. Tears began to form in his dark eyes, lashes fluttering in hopes to keep the droplets from falling. He took another kiss before settling back onto his knees as Lews did as he asked. He didn’t have to do anything more – he now had the human’s heart. There was nothing to keep him here in the room, or rush out to find his next victim.

He didn’t have to, but Sajery showed the human something of joy before he died.


With a groan of rapture, he tightened his grip on the human’s hips, gritting his teeth with a sharp hiss. The young creature writhed under him, one hand stroking at his length with little whimpers and breathless encouragements. Although he did not want to rush their passion, Lew’s pleas for more had him grant his request, his last one. Drawing back, Sajery took a shaky breath before snapping his hips forwards, rewarded with a pleasurable scream. Thrusting harder and faster, the demon bowed his head, white locks followed his movements, still managing to hide his tear-streaked face.

He gave a sharp cry of ecstasy as he spilled himself within the human. His hand aided in the human’s pleasure, and helped gather release moments afterwards. Lews gave a few, barely audible mumurs as he slumped back down against the bed, obviously worn out from their love-making. Cooing softly, Sajery rose up onto his knees, drawing up his jeans and buttoning them quickly, hiding his crimson legs. By the time he shuffled closer on his side to spoon the human, the young one was asleep.


Fingers carefully sifted through feathery auburn locks, lips pressing to the human’s temple with the softest of kisses. Sajery rested his cheek against Lewis’ crown, eyes staring at the dark sheets before averting to glance at their bedside clock. With only a few minutes left, the demon cradled his human closer, whispering apology after apology.

“He said it twice, those three little words.” Dark opened, narrowing ever so slightly, loosing all tenderness. Sitting up straighter, Sajery tugged Lewis closer, drew the sheets around him as if it could protect the young one somehow.

“If only multiple proclaimations from a single human would work, it’d make your task much less hard.” A grin exposed pearly white fangs, “And much less fun to watch.” Wafting through the air like poison, a mirthless laugh sent shivers down Sajery’s spine. Fighting back a snarl, he inclined his head in greeting to the soul collector.

He was tall, with lightly-waved, blond hair that fell just below his ears; the parting was more to the left of his perfect face, bangs covering a claret eye. Dressed in immaculate robes of black, emblazioned with crimson designs and symbol texts from ages ago, the creature demanded a certain amount of respect Sajery did not want to give yet had no choice. “Adonis, you’ve never been this early to claim another soul.”

“Oh, little Kichay is dancing for me tonight, I do not want to miss his lovely performance. So, let us finish this quickly.” Well aware of the anger stirred within the demon, Adonis began whisk his hands in the air, a fingertip of fire drew a pattern now becoming common to form with this creature. The fool kissed the human, lips locking in a lingering kiss. Blond locks licked the air as he tilted his head back in a laugh.

“Always finding your heart until its too late… Poor, poor Sajery.” Thin brows furrowing in concentration and contempt, he casually activated the glowing symbols hovering in the air, “You’re so kind, Sajery. You didn’t even have to fuck the thing…” Quick wine-colored eyes saw sadness mar the demon’s mask of indifference. Smirking, Adonis completed his spell, “Whenever you’re ready, demon. Steal his heart and free his soul for me.”

The months he spent with the human lying asleep in his arms, worn out from their love-marking, suddenly rushed upon Sajery. The smiles, the laughing, the dreary hand-holding and maddening talks at dawn – all brought a fine mist to his eyes. His hold tightened around Lewis, absentmindidly stroking his soft locks once more.

“Sajery? Aren’t you going to do it? You’ve spent much time on this journey, will you stop now?”

With a held back sob, Sajery drove his clawed fingers into the human’s chest, shattering bone and slicing through flesh to grab the heart. With the smallest of whimpers, he held it for a split second before jerking his fist back, clutching the lump of tissue. Real hearts never looked like the ones on on Hallmark cards. Blood stained his hand, spurted through the large gaping hole in his human who never had the chance to open his eyes.

“O-oh Gods…”

He stared at his hand through tears that had gathered, revulsion and disgust rising within him. The blood was so warm… The crimson would soon soak into his skin, coloring it even more. And Lewis’s face was still peaceful, probably comforted with knowing he had found love. Perhaps the small smile on his lips was from the prospect of waking up in his arms after a night of passion.

With a sob, Sajery flung the heart at the soul collector, immediately hiding his face in bloody hands. Adonis chanted his incantation, the words now familiar to the demon, and closing the spell, Sajery felt the changes of light as white beams dissolved the human’s heart into nothingness.

A scream of agony tore through his throat, his knees giving away as his chest felt as if it were ripping in two. Catching his lower lip between his teeth, Sajery curled within himself, drawing his forearms into his stomach.

“You have another four to gain. Can you go through the pain four more times, Sajery? I can make your pain stop…” A sob escaped him, and with cheeks flushing in embarrassement, the demon turned his face away from the approaching Adonis. Another cry nearly escaped him, magic still rippling through his body, altering and making changes. “Are five more murders truly worth Kichay’s soul? You said before, time is endless – you can find another to love.” Fingers rested upon his head, starting to sift through his dyed locks; with a whimper, Sajery ducked away from the touch but Adonis followed. “If ever, you bring him back…Do you think he’ll love a killer like yourself? Would he live with the fact that in his ressurection, it took seven lives to let him breathe once more, see the sun?” A swirling of black and the soul collector vanished, leaving Sajery alone to weep.


With forearms and cheek resting against the sheets, legs kneeling with his ass in the air, Kichay did not respond to his fast pace. Black locks cascaded down a creamy, slim back displayed to the fullest before him, dancing along the sheets with the rocking motion he had the young one follow. Long fingers gripped at slim hips, holding them steady before tugging them back into his thrusts that gradually became faster and deeper.

A shaking breath left him, ripe with combined sadness and desire; both had him nuzzle his cheek against the human’s lower back with a soft moan. After a few moments, he raised himself and resumed his rocking. Within minutes, Adonis gave a groan as he released within the human he held up so carefully. It was pointless, but with delicate shudders, the soul collector shushed Kichay while withdrawing himself from the other’s pliant body. Turning the younger creature in his weak arms, Adonis tried to ignore the blank stare of Kichay’s blue eyes, the lack of emotion in his lovely face.

“Kichay…That was…” The soul stealer trailed off, knowing that praise would be a lie he could not bear to give, even if the human couldn’t hear him. Red wine eyes scanned over Kichay’s features for anything and found nothing. Not even a blink, surely the tiniest of acts that occur when one has life. What did I expect?… Adonis shushed the human once more as if his incomplete sentence had hurt the other, and placed a tender kiss on a brow without sweat.

Apologies and proclaimations were something organic beings said, remorse and regret felt by them too. While he was not human but a higher creation, Adonis had given them and felt all within his heart, if he had any. Lashes lowered, shielding glazed claret eyes that swam in emotions; with much care, he enfolded the smaller creature in his arms, guiding him to lie close. To literally use Kichay while knowing there was no way the soulless human could protest, turned his stomach. To treat the other like a toy, a puppet to pull on and take off once he was satisfied, was not right. Often, he had spoken apologies and waited with bated breath for a reply that would never come. An angry insult or quiet dismissal, it didn’t matter, both were a response that would’ve been welcome.

At some point, since Kichay had fallen into his dark kingdom, stood ready like every other bartered prize he’d kept, Adonis had grown to love the creature who captivated him so. A wry smile cracked through the collector’s pensive frown, Perhaps it started when I had first asked him to dance… Absentmindedly, he stroked the human’s locks as he remembered that one night of boredom that had turned into one of rapid interest. A mere snap of the fingers and order had captured his attention; without hesitation, Kichay had stepped from the other humans that stood in line against the walls of his throne room, and began to dance. His body had moved like silk, sinuous and inadvertantly seductive.

I still wonder…How you can still retain such grace even without a soul…A mind to keep your movements so smooth… Again, he wondered, doing so often whenever his mind was upon the human he cradled. Other humans that he offered to return, moved in a jerky fashion, the body unable to carry out a few steps in the time it took for Chay to. He was beautiful as well, with lush dark locks, a clean face, and eyes Adonis would give anything to see life shimmer in their blue depths.

It had been four years since Kichay had fallen into his world, loved enough that he could be offered to gain another soul. The demon, Sajery, had woken with a corpse in his arms, a hole in it’s chest where Adonis had ripped free the human’s heart, his soul. It was forbidden for a demon to love another, even one of it’s own kind. Every creature knew. The first proclaimation of love from Sajery should’ve meritted Kichay’s immediate death, but Adonis had waited, believing the demon would not continue the foolish relationship. Time had passed and still the demon had not abandoned his love and stubbornly continued to claim himself in love with the human. Seven times. Seven transgressions of the one law omnipresent in all three kingdoms and still Adonis did not administer his fatal hand to the human.

He had heard from his throne, two voices that had once spoke with tenderness and of promises. And then, amidst every other human and creature that uttered sound, Adonis heard the two voices he had listened to for nearly two years, cry out together in passion.

As interesting as the two’s relationship had sounded, he had no choice but to destroy what would have brought down all three kingdoms – the Heavens, the Rarth, and the Underworld. Within Kichay’s heart had been a stone, brought into creation from a love that never should’ve been.

And the one regret I have…. Claret eyes fell shut, brow softening minutely as he tightened his arms around Kichay, Is offering you back to your demon… Disgust made his lips twitch in a scowl; it had been his own greed that would bring him pain. The offer he had given to Sajery was seven souls for the seven proclaimations given to Chay, in return for the human’s soul. The demon had offered his very soul in exchange for the stone they had created as well – because Kichay and Sajery both contributed to the stone, without it, Kichay would never be complete – however, Adonis had laughed outright. The demon still took his seven for seven deal, and with the job half done, Kichay’s departure was steadily approaching.

“Kichay…” His whisper echoed around the dark bedroom, vanishing into silence he wished to be broken by an answer. No matter how many times he had tried to stop himself from feeling the warmth in his heart, he kept Chay close, even taking him into his bed. His greed and idiocy would have him experience a pain only humans should’ve felt. Turning his head minutely, Adonis pressed the softest of kisses on Kichay’s temple before resting his cheek against there, drawing them closer.

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