21 Kasım 2023

Carrie, My Kid Sister Ch. 04

Beautiful Face

I was bored, watching TV alone. Carrie, my younger sister, was out again with a friend. We had frequented a local Mexican restaurant so much that we’d become friends with Carmen, one of the waitresses. Carrie and Carmen had invited me along, but I had politely refused. My sister thought it was because a few days earlier I’d lost a major contract for a photo shoot. I told her no, and the girls had left. It was about 1:30 AM when Carrie came home. I hadn’t realized it was so late. I heard Carmen’s car driving away as Carrie joined me in the living room.

“Are you waiting up for me, Matt?”

“Nope, just couldn’t sleep.” She tossed her purse onto a chair. She put one hand on her hip and raised an eyebrow. “I’m serious, Carrie, I was not waiting for you. You’re a big girl. That outfit proves that.” She looked hot. She wore a skimpy silver midriff with spaghetti straps and a very (and I mean very) tiny skirt.

“All the guys noticed at the club.”

“Bet they did.” Since we’d gotten closer sexually lately, I didn’t hesitate to check out her fit tummy and long toned legs. “I’m kind of noticing a lot, too.”

She giggled and sat down next to me. She kissed me on the cheek and took her shoes off. “So whatcha watching?”

I told her I had no idea. I was barely paying attention. She cuddled up to me and changed the channel. We’d done this a million times as kids, and as adults it still felt right.

“Love you, Matt.”

“Love you, too.”

We sat there for the rest of whatever movie she’d discovered. I found myself enjoying the moment, and she lay down, on her side, her head on my leg. “Mind if I take my skirt off?”

“Go right ahead.”

She pulled it off and tossed it with her purse. I checked out her fantastic legs up to her round ass. “Carrie Elizabeth, you wore thongs under that short of a skirt?”

She giggled again. “Damn right. Know what else?” I shook my head. “No bra, either. Me and Carmen decided to really get attention.”

I playfully sighed. “You little hussies.”

“So many looks. Got us all horny.” I was too busy looking at her exposed ass cheeks to worry about the guys in the club. “Hey, bro?”


“It comes to my attention I’m not the only horny one. Seeing as your cock is poking me in the head.”

I smiled and patted her rump. Carrie just sat up and removed her top. I reached out and cupped her breasts. Then I moved my fingers up the sides of them. I slowly slid my hand down her tits, Bahçelievler Escort making sure my fingers rubbed her nipples. She smiled as they became firmer.

“You need a hand job, Matt.”

“I do, huh?”

She nodded. “Yeah. You do.”

“But I’m enjoying myself now.”

“Oh, you’ll finish that later.”

We removed my shorts and underwear with ease. My cock bounced out. I was already hard and ready for her. Carrie stood up for long enough to slide her panties down her long legs. I curled my hand against her pussy. It was already warm. Her labia were already slightly swollen. She playfully pushed my hands away and sat on my legs. Slowly, so damn slowly, she wrapped her soft hands around my erection. God bless all that skin lotion she used!

My kid sister started a slow stroke. My dick was responding to her expert touch. When her hands slid up over my glans, they sent shivers through me. She looked directly into my eyes. “You like?”

I nodded. “Fuck yeah. A lot.”

She grinned a little. I’d seen that cute grin many times. “Good, because I’m going to make you come hard.”

I started caressing her legs. What soft, smooth skin she had. Carrie scooted closer, and I felt her hot pussy pressing into the base of my penis. I reached back and held her ass. I kneaded her buttocks as she sped up her jacking-off rhythm. I fondled every inch from her ass to her knees.

Her rhythm was quicker now. It made her tits jiggle a little. She was fucking me with her hands. I was in pure heaven when she started whispering, “Come for me. That’s it, baby, come for your sister.” I felt my jizz building.

I was so close. I grabbed her ass. I let out a long, loud moan. My cock erupted, and she pulled it closer. I shot streams of sticky cum onto her belly. Her lovely belly glistened. The rest of my cream flowed over her hands. She leaned forward and pressed her lips to mine. We opened our mouths, enjoying a slow, delicious kiss. All too soon she stood up. “I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere.” I watched her lovely butt as she left the room. She quickly returned with a towel, cleaning herself off. When she was done, she sat next to me.

I smiled. She giggled and asked why. Instead of answering, I quickly knelt on the floor in front of her. “Oh, baby, what do you have in mind?”

Again, I said nothing. I kissed her belly, halfway between her chest and navel. I carefully kissed softly downward. I reveled in the Bahçelievler Escort Bayan feeling of my lips on my sister’s warm, delicate flesh. I looked up at her. She was watching me intently. When I made it to her pubes, she gasped quietly. I kept kissing… down… down… Then I kissed my way around her pussy. She had such a sweet aroma. I wanted to dive right in and taste her. But I didn’t yet. My lips were now on her inner thigh.

“God, Matt, please… please please please… Don’t make me wait!”

I normally would have, but I knew my kid sister wanted it badly. I used the tip of my tongue to spread open her moist labia, and then her inner labia got my tongue, too. She gasped sharply. I felt her hands on the back of my head. She didn’t push my head, but merely rubbed me. I set a rhythm licking her pussy up and down along her inner lips. She was breathing a little more heavily now. Carried tasted nothing like any other girl. It may been I was her brother, but her scent and flavor were driving me crazy.

Having watched her masturbate up close, I knew what to do next. I used my thumb and forefinger to very gently take her clit. Her whole body shivered. As I licked her wet hole, I softly pinched and released her clit at the same rhythm.

She was so horny it didn’t take her long. She started orgasming soon. I felt a rush of fluid greet my tongue, and she started making little whimpering noises as her body shook. Her hands didn’t move from my head as she came. When she had finished, I let go of her clit but kept licking slowly. Her breathing calmed much later.


I looked up. Her eyes and mouth were half closed. “Yeah, sis?”

“Baby… fuck me.”
I straightened up.

“Matt, sweetheart, we both know we want it. It’s OK.” I knew she was on birth control shots, but was this too far? We had already crossed the line… I knew I’d thought about it, but to actually do it? She put one hand behind my neck. She spoke softly, almost a whisper. “We both want to. Fuck me, sweetheart. I want you inside me. You want to bury your cock deep in me.”

I stood up. I helped her lay back on the couch with her head on the arm of it. Carrie opened her legs, and I moved in. I was a perfect fit. She used her fingers to spread her pussy open. Together we guided my dick to her pussy. The tip touched her dripping folds. We both paused. We weren’t rethinking it, just shocked at how it felt. Little did we know that Escort Bahçelievler as I slid into her, how much better it felt.

We both moaned as I slowly entered her… it was the most exquisite entry I’d ever experienced. My little sister had one amazing, hot pussy. She held my hips the whole way in. Finally I was in all the way! She wrapped her legs around me.

I looked into her eyes. “I love you, Carrie.”

“I love you, too.”

“You ready for this?”

“Been waiting most of my life for this.”

I slowly pulled my hips back, feeling my dick sliding out of her. Not really wanting to be out of my sister, I quickly pushed back in. I thought we’d both go insane. Her head jerked back and she groaned loudly. I gasped audibly. That’s when I knew what I had to do.

I started fucking my little sister.

My God, it was pure heaven! I was slipping out halfway, only to drive my cock back into her, pushing in as hard as I could. She was grabbing my ass, pulling me, telling me to fuck her. I looked at Carrie’s hot body under me. I was ramming into her, making her body move with each thrust. Her tits shook with each push, edging me on.

“I love you, Matt, more than anyone else.”

I kissed her hard, our lips pressing as hard as we could. “I love you, too, baby.”

We kept eye contact as we made love. Her slippery labia welcomed me in. Our panting and moaning were almost in sync. She put her hand on the back of my neck. “Matt… I can’t… Can’t hold off much longer. I gotta come, baby. I want you to come inside me. Come with me.”

I nodded and started fucking faster. She groaned. I could feel my semen building for her. She kept her hand on my neck. I felt our hips meeting, her soft skin slapping against mine. Carrie threw her head back and cried out. Her pussy started spasming. Her soft, wet cunt walls milked my cock. I fucked faster, wanting to come deep inside her.

And I did.

My cock erupted inside her. I yelled, feeling my spunk shooting into Carrie. I was fucking my sister wildly, my body out of control as I poured my love cream into her.

“Yes! That’s it, Matt, give it all to me!” I couldn’t stop fucking. Every inch of my body was tingling. Long after I’d finished coming, I kept fucking her. She came again, squirming underneath me.

Finally I ran out of energy. I rolled next to her. Pulling her over, I cradled her in my arms. Somehow my love for my kid sister made more sense now. We lay there for a long time. I rubbed her smooth back until I heard her sleeping. I feel asleep, too, soon after.

I feel asleep holding a woman I loved with all my heart.

Carrie and I would like to thank you all for your wonderful feedback. We hope you enjoy this story, too. There will be more to come if it’s well received!

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