20 Kasım 2023



“Someone better be dead for you to call me this early.” I said, annoyed with being woken up so early by the phone.

“Well I might as well be.” even half asleep I could tell that it was Mandy’s voice. “Timmy, I have been in an accident and I need you to come home right away”.

“This better not be a joke.” still mad at being awake “Are you being serious?”

“Stop being an ass.” she said in her more serious voice “Come on, please I really need you”.


When I was 12 my mother died and since my dad could barely take care of himself, I moved in with my mothers cousin. She had two daughters. Mandy was six years younger and Emily was eight years younger then me. We grow up together and were very close as kids but we lived in a very small town that I felt suffocated in so I left when I was 19.

I tried to stay close with all of them but living 300 miles away made it tough and my visits became less frequent every year. Mandy stayed home after high school and fell into the same trap everyone there did of not ever leaving. Emily got a scholarship and went far away for college only to come back for her moms funeral the summer after her first year.

Mandy and I always had a playful kind of relationship that some times felt like how grade school kids acted when they liked each other more then friends. Even though I shouldn’t look at her this way but Mandy was a 5’8″ curvy blonde with large breasts and I always found her beautiful. I stood about six foot with black hair muscular build and always thought of myself as a ladies man but in a good way not the douchebag kind.


When I got to her hospital room she was sleeping still but I noticed that she had casts from mid bicep to hand on both arms. I talked to the doctor who told me she will be in those casts for the next three to six months depending on how well her bones heal. He also said she can go home tomorrow but will need someone to care for her pretty much 24/7.

She had woken up by the time I had came back from dealing with the doctors and all the paperwork. Fighting back the tears she told me about what had happened to her over the last few months. Apparently she had been on a downward spiral lately that she had been keeping from me on our monthly phone calls. Her boyfriend had cheated on her with one of her best friends and soon after she lost her job.

She was also getting evict from her house and had been drinking a lot lately. Luckily she wasn’t the one driving when the accident happen but it was a wake up call for her. She could barely speak by now “Tim, can you please help me out of this mess?”

“Of course I will but I can’t do it here.” I told her “If you really want my help you’re going to have to come with me to my place….I’m set up pretty well down there. I have a big house and you can have your own room with bathroom in it plus I mostly work from home so I can be there to help you.”

“I guess I don’t have much of a choice, do I?” she said “It’s not like I have much keeping me here anymore.”

The next day I packed up all her personal stuff as she already told me what she wanted to keep. I left all her furniture since my place had everything already then went and picked her up at the hospital. She was on pain meds so she slept the whole way there and even the whole time I unloaded her stuff. I finally woke her enough to guide her to her room before I put her into bed and left her phone by the bed in case she needs me.

It was after midnight when she texted me ‘need you’ and when I got there she had a very embarrassed look on her face. “What’s up?” I said.

“Well I could use another pain pill.” she said “But I have to pee first and….”

“You want me to help you with that?”

“Well I don’t really want you to but I doubt I can do it myself.” she said.

I helped her up before we went into the bathroom and she pulled her pants down then I helped her sit. I gave her some paper then went outside for a few minutes until she told me she was done. I pulled her up so she could pull her pants back up and help her back into bed. It was the same routine the next morning then I feed her before she went back to sleep.

It was several days before most of her soreness had gone away and she could almost get around by herself plus didn’t need my help with the bathroom anymore. During breakfast she kept giving me funny looks until I finally said “Ok what’s the deal?”

“I kind of need to take a shower or something but not sure how that’s going to work.” she said.

“Oh…well they gave me some waterproof tape and bags to cover your casts with.” I said “but I doubt you will be able to wash yourself so I guess I would have to do that for you”.

“Yeah well that’s the part I’m not sure about.” she said “Not only will I be naked but you’re going to have to touch me also”.

“Well you wouldn’t be bursa escort bayan the first girl I have taking a shower with.” I said with a sarcastic smile “Which are you afraid of more me seeing you naked or having to wash you?”

“A little of both.” she said “But I’ve been thinking about it all morning and thought that maybe if you were naked also it would be less uncomfortable.”

When we were done with breakfast we went into my bathroom since the shower was bigger then the one in hers. I pulled her shirt off so I could wrap her arms up to protect her casts and then started to shower. I went behind her to undo her bra and saw the tag that said 38DD and then slide her sweats down with her panties also. She went into the shower as I got undressed and told her that when she felt comfortable to turn around.

“You ok?” I said after a minute of her facing away still “Having second thoughts about this.”

“No I’m just embarrassed about you seeing me naked.” she said “I already feel like your staring at my butt.”

“Ok how about this.” I said “I’m naked also so when you turn around we both take a minute to check out each other then we will be even and hopefully more comfortable with it.”

Mandy has always been a curvy girl but in all the right places including her lovely bubble butt I was currently staring at. As she turn around I could see her jiggly DD breasts with light pink areolas and medium size nipples. She has a small belly that curved out perfectly before going down to her pelvic mound. In between her muscular legs she had a nice plump set of lips that I could tell she usually shaved as it was growing back out now.

As I stood there looking at her she was looking at my muscular body and when her eyes drifted down to my crotch I saw them get bigger. I looked down to notice that I had been getting hard and now my 8″ long thick cock was rock hard. She was frozen like a deer in headlights as her eyes were glued to my crotch then she said “Is that hard because of me?”

“Sorry it has a mind of it’s own.” I said “You should take it as a compliment to your beauty.”

“Whatever, I know I look like shit right now.” she said “You’re just a pervert.”

“You’re one to talk.” I said ” You haven’t stopped looking at my cock the whole time.”

“You do realized your cock is huge right?” she said “Do you shave your balls?”

“Kind of. I trim down there.” I said “It helps keep them cool.”

“Makes sense.” she said “I think I’m relaxed enough for this now.”

I had got some girl type shower gel for her so I put some on a washcloth and started soaping her up. I began with her shoulders then went down to her breasts and once I rubbed across her nipple she let out a moan. I tried not to aroused her too much as I knew rubbing her nipples might do but even touching them lightly got her to twitch. After her breasts were clean I moved to her stomach then up her sides under her arms then turn her to do the back. I worked my way down to her butt and gently slide the washcloth between her cheeks causing another moan as my finger rubbed her butthole.

Kneeling down as she turned around to face me I started washing her feet moving up her leg and found my face within inches of her pussy as I did. I could smell her juices as I ran my hands up her legs and stood up before I got to her vagina. Knowing that I was going to have to run my hand across her pussy she just looked at me then said “Just be gentle and do it quick.”

Once my hand touch her lips she got weak in the knees and almost fell over as I held onto her with my other hand. Even being gentle her reaction was one of almost having an orgasm as I washed her. But it was over quickly and I turned her towards the water to rinse off. Then I washed her hair and rinsed it thoroughly with the rest of her body.

I washed myself quickly as she stood there waiting then got towels to dry us both off. I wrapped her up in the towel then brushed her hair out. She told me to just get this long t-shirt she had to wear and I put it on her without anything under it. It went down to about mid-thigh just enough to cover her privates and we went to the living room to relax.

Over the next few weeks we got use to the routine of us having to shower together and me dressing her. She seem to be handling all of the changes and embarrassments well but there had been a few times I thought I heard her crying at night. It had been over two months since the accident when I was wondering around the house in the middle of the night, which is something I do often. Walking passed her room I heard her crying for sure this time and decided to check on her. Walking in I saw her curled up in a ball sobbing into the sheets and asked “You ok?”

“I don’t know.” she said “I’m worried about what’s going to happen to me when I’m better.”

“Why?” I said “I told you I would take care of you as long as you want me too.”

“I can’t do that to you.” she said “I don’t gorukle escort want to be a burden on you.”

“You could never be a burden to me.” I said “I know you don’t understand what I actually do for work but five years ago I saved my company from losing millions of dollars from an employee trying to embezzle it and also was going to sell trade secrets to our biggest competitor. After that I got a big promotion and get huge bonuses every year so I am set up pretty well money wise and with next years bonus I can even pay off the house.”

“But I don’t have anything.” she said still crying a little bit “I lost my job, my house, most of my friends are back home, that drunk bitch destroyed my car..”

“Don’t worry about any of that stuff.” I told her “When you are able to drive again you can use one of my cars, I have six of them, as far as a job you can either find one here or just take care of the house and I will pay for everything as far as friends go I doubt any of them were that great of friends if they let all of this happen to you.”

“I guess.” she said “Tim…can I ask you to do something without it being weird?”


“Can you sleep in here and hold me tonight?” she said.

“Sure” I said as I laid next to her “The only way things can be weird between us is if we let it.”

The next morning I woke up as the big spoon still cuddled up to her but then I noticed that my morning pee hard on had slipped out of the boxers I was sleeping in. My arm was around her with my hand up her shirt grasping her breast. She was only wearing a t-shirt and it slide up to her ribcage. Somehow my cock had slide between her legs and she was grinding her very wet pussy lips on it.

I quietly laid there as she used me as a sex toy and grinded out her orgasm on my cock. When she was done she got up to go to the bathroom and came back to clean her juices off of my cock before laying back down like nothing happened. I wait for several minutes before I got up and left as she pretended to sleep.

The rest of the day went on as usual, breakfast then our shower before lunch. I decided to get her out of the house so we did some shopping followed by a nice dinner out before settling back in for the night. It must have been after midnight when she came into my room to climb into bed with me. Early the next morning she used me to get off again and after she cleaned me up she went back to her room.

This went on for several weeks until I finally said something about it which happen to be when we were in the shower “If I ask you something personal will you be honest with me?”

“Since you are soaping up my boobs right now I guess there isn’t much off limits between us anymore.” she said.

“Have you ever thought of me in a sexual way?” I asked.

“You know I had a huge crush on you when we were younger.” she said.

“That’s not what I asked.” knowing she was avoiding answering “by the way I’ve been awoke the last few mornings.”

“Oh my god.” her face got beet red “I thought you were sleeping I’m so sorry I didn’t…”

“It’s fine I get it.” cutting her off “I know things haven’t been great for you and your ex doing what he did….but why didn’t you just talk to me about it I could help you know.”

“Well I was embarrassed and plus we’re cousins.” she said “It’s wrong even what I did and..”

“You don’t know do you?” stopping her rambling.

“Know what?” she said.

“We aren’t really related.” I said “Both our grandfathers were best friends for most of their lives. They were so close that our moms would called the others parents Aunt and Uncle, so they just thought of each other as cousins. Our families were so close they just consider each other family but technically there is no blood relation between us.”

“Holy shit, how come no one ever told me this?” she said.

“I don’t know either I didn’t find out about it until I was moving away and your mom gave me all of the things she kept for me after my mom had passed.” I said “When I went thru the boxes I found my complete family history and your grandparents weren’t on it, I didn’t get a chance to ask your mom about it but I did have it checked out and we aren’t related in any way.”

“Wow this is such a relief to me.” she said leaving me with a puzzled look “I have been in love with you as long as I can remember……I always felt bad for having these feelings for my cousin but….if we’re not related I don’t have to feel bad anymore….and if….I don’t know…maybe…”

“I’ve always have a thing for you also.” I told her “I wasn’t sure you felt the same until a few days ago and…..” Just then she plant a big kiss on me and we wrapped our arms around each other kissing under the shower spray for awhile.

I would of loved to take her to bed after that but it had been three months already so she had doctor appointments to get to and we spent the rest of the day there. bursa merkez escort bayan Good news was that she got her casts removed since her arms were pretty much healed. She did have to wear a braces most of the time for awhile still but they were a lot softer then the casts and removable.

She was wiped out from the cast removals and spent the rest of the night in bed. The next day was the first day I didn’t have to bathe or dress her so I spent most of the day working. That evening though I decided to do something special for her and had a present delivered. I had her answer the door telling her that it was for her and about an hour after she took it into her room she came out.

I had ordered a complete outfit for her which included a black form fitting dress with spaghetti straps that went down about mid-thigh. Under it was a black corset that gave her breasts lots of cleavage and had a build in garter belt to hold up the fishnet stockings. The outfit also came with a black lace thong and set of shoes with a small heel. The note in the package said to get ready for a night on the town so she had done up her hair and make up also.

I had put on my nice slacks and dress shirt while waiting for her. We went out for a fancy dinner and walk thru a nice park downtown then afterwards when we got home I lead her into my bedroom. We passionately kissed as we both ran our hands up and down each others bodies. When I started kissing her neck she pretty much melted in my arms as I guess that was a big turn on for her.

While doing that I reached behind her and unzipped her dress before letting it fall to the floor. I kissed down her collarbone to the tops of her breasts as she pulled the corset down enough for her nipples to be exposed. I spent several minutes kissing, licking and sucking on them driving her wild.

I sat her down on the bed before getting on my knees then I gently pushed her down so she was laying with her legs off the bed. I slowly pulled her panties off before starting to kiss up and down each one of her inner thighs. I had noticed that she had shaved her pussy as it was silky smooth and very wet from what I had been doing already. I teased her for awhile kissing all around her sex and thighs making her squirm around the bed.

Then I spread her legs far apart before gliding my tongue from her taint all the way up to her clit. She cooed loudly as I did that before going back for more. Each time I went further down and with in a few strokes I was licking from her puckering asshole all the way up to her clit stopping to gently suck on it.

By the time I began to push my tongue deep inside her folds she was dripping wet. Once I began to tongue fuck her she was moaning loudly and almost convulsing on the bed. When I started sucking on her clit she just lost it and was screaming out as a huge orgasm took over her body. She grabbed my head to push into her sex as she violently came all over my face soaking me with her juices.

When I finally came up for air my face was covered in her juices and she was just laying there trying to recover from what I think was the biggest orgasm she has ever had. I stripped off my clothes as she caught her breathe then I undid her corset all together leaving us both naked except for her stockings.

I crawled up the bed until I was on top of her and we kissed for a bit as I rubbed my rock hard cock against her pussy. I was about to enter her when she stopped me and rolled me onto my back. With a devilish look on her face she said it was my turn as she began to go down between my legs.

She began by kissing all around and up my cock before kissing back down it to my balls. From there she began to lick each one before gently sucking them into her mouth and circling them with her tongue as she gently sucked on them. Then she licked up and down my shaft until it was nicely lubed up with her saliva before parting her lips to take my bulbous tip inside her mouth.

She slowly bobbed up and down on just the mushroom head while circling it with her tongue at first. Then she began to take more and more of it into her mouth. Inch by inch she sucked my shaft in slightly gagging every once in awhile. She eventually worked all 8″ down her throat before swallowing several times on my head. Then she withdrew up to the tip before sliding her lips back down until I enter her throat again.

She slowly sucked my cock from tip to base several times before going back down to my balls. She repeated this for awhile before she started fucking her face more roughly with my cock. She also massaged my balls while she did this which was driving my orgasm up very quickly.

Noticing this she didn’t stop instead she went faster until I couldn’t hold back any longer and let go of my first shot straight down her throat. She pulled back to just my head and began stroking my cock to milk out every shot after that one. I began blasting the insides of her mouth with rope after rope of cum as she swallowed every drop of it as fast as I shot it.

After she milked every last drop of cum from my balls she crawl up to my face and gave me a huge kiss. We started making out again even though I could taste my own cum in her mouth but I’m sure she could taste hers in my mouth also.

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